Essential Gifts

Essential Gifts

We want to live life as a family at Westside Sisters! Join us for a 3 week course where you will learn more about our body, connect to your purpose and have the opportunity to become a member of Westside Sisters!

Session 1- Connecting to Westside Sisters: We Believe, We Are, Living by a Word from The Lord

Session 2- Connecting to Your Call: Where do essential gifts come from?, What are essential gifts?, What are your essential gifts?

Session 3- Connecting to a Team: The Team Culture at Westside Sisters, Joining a Westside Sisters Team, Membership


Find Your Fit – If you aren’t sure how to plug in to the church or in what ways God has gifted you, we want to help. Take the online Spiritual Gifts Test and find out how God has gifted you. Even if you’ve taken a spiritual gifts test before, we encourage you to try it again, as God often brings up new gifts or new ways of understanding ourselves over time. It only takes a few minutes and, after you finish the online test, we’d love to talk to you about how your unique gifts fit into our family at Westside Sisters.

Spiritual Gifts Test for Adults

Spiritual Gifts Test for Youth