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Top 5 First Birthday Party Themes – Ellie’s Party Supply

The first year went by in a blink and all of a sudden it is time to plan your baby’s first birthday. Whether this is your first baby or not, the first birthday is a milestone for you both and is worth celebrating. 

There will always be new and trendy themes to choose from, so it can be a hard decision, especially when your little one can’t tell you what they want yet. Do you go with a gender-neutral theme or one that is a classic girl or boy theme? You might already have an idea of what you (or your baby) may want and once you choose a theme, everything else will fall into place. 

This party isn’t just for your baby, it’s for the tribe that helped you get through the first year, so make it fun! You will have many birthdays ahead, so whichever personalized theme you choose, you will savor those special moments to the fullest.

Whether you’re planning a small or large party, our first birthday party themes below will help you find the perfect fit for your little one!

How to Pick a Birthday Theme

Picking a birthday theme for the first year can be a little cumbersome. You might feel an expectation to throw a big party from what you see on social media or maybe you’re just having a hard time deciding between all of the fun options.

So, here are a couple of ways to help make your decision easier.

When to Host the Birthday Party?

If your little one’s birthday doesn’t fall on a weekend, is around the holidays, or you just have too much going on, when do you host the party? You can do the weekend before or after if hosting a large gathering or if it will be a smaller crowd with immediate family and close friends, see if a weekday would work! 

Whether it be in the spring or fall, the season will play a part in which colors to coordinate. For example, a holiday birthday would be best for a  “Winter Onederland” party. Or a fall party, “Our Little Pumpkin Turns One”. You get the idea, there will definitely be a holiday-themed party to coordinate with the first birthday!

Along with the season comes the weather. This will also help determine your venue and how big your guest count will be.  

How to Pick the Perfect Theme?

While this may be your only chance to pick the theme, how do you pick the very best one? You might have one in mind, one that your little one already gravitates towards like a specific song, toy, cartoon, or food. 

An easy route would be picking one of the favored items. Or you can go with one that you will enjoy planning all of the party details for! The choice is yours the first year before they start making demands, so make it fun! 

Answering the above questions will help you pick out a theme that will be perfect for the occasion and will be one to remember.

The Top 5 First Birthday Party Themes  

Need more inspiration? Here are more top first birthday themes for 2022!

1. First Rodeo Theme

Yeehaw! It’s been one heck of a year and it’s time to celebrate your little country star! Create a country bohemian vibe with pampas grass and neutral hues or give your party the classic rodeo look with cow print accents. Your guests are sure to love this theme!

For a boho rodeo theme, this is the perfect opportunity to feature a teepee, picnic tables, vintage horse saddles, barrels, and more! The bohemian vibe definitely creates a dreamy backdrop for your little girl’s first rodeo.  

To go the more classic country route, you can incorporate cow print with whatever color palette you would like! Traditional red and black or try a cute dusty rose color. Other options would be shades of blue or pink with brown. 

The real showstopper for this party will be the activities! Hire a petting zoo that all cowboys and cowgirls will enjoy! 

Check out our custom options to create a personalized balloon kit for the First Rodeo Birthday theme.

2. First Fiesta Theme

Holy guacamole, someone is turning one! This timeless theme will have everyone ready to fiesta until it’s time to siesta! A bright and vibrant color palette is such a fun first birthday theme! 

Another great birthday theme that is gender neutral and allows you to decorate however you want! For instance, your vibrant colors could lean more on the pink side or the blue side. There is such a mix of colors that it will be easy to find the right decor for your fiesta! 

Taco ‘bout a party! The food is where everyone will feast their eyes! Have a taco bar with all of the perfect sides for the best buffet! Have a smash cake ready for the little one and play some mariachi music for the finest first fiesta!

For some first fiesta inspiration, check out this Fiesta party kit.

3. Wild One Theme

A WILD first year means that you have a Wild One to celebrate in your life! A wild one theme is very trendy and there are several options to explore. If your son or daughter is always exploring the wild world we live in, then this may be the perfect first birthday party theme for them!

For your wild one, you could do a safari, zoo, dinosaur, or a Wild Things-themed party. Each theme would be great for indoors or outdoors with so many ideas inspired by animals! 

This wild party would be great for your little boy or girl! Choose muted tones for fall or winter, for a woodland look, or have bright greens in the spring and summer! Make it even trendier with a boho setup! Matte balloons will make the perfect photo backdrop. Add some faux greenery and you will have a dramatic safari setup for your little adventurer. 

This birthday theme will be all about the decorations! Include fun tropical tableware and the perfect balloon backdrop for the perfect photos that your guests will absolutely love!

How about adding a touch of jungle to your cake? Check out this balloon cake kit here!

One thing is for sure, this party will be a wild good time. 

4. The Big ONE Theme

We’ve seen this birthday theme designed for fishing fans and for those that like to catch the big waves while surfing. However, the theme that we are loving at the moment is the Biggie Small Big One Birthday Theme. We are obsessed with all of the fun details that have been included in these parties!

This birthday theme is sicker than your average! There are so many great lyrics to incorporate throughout your party, from the invitations to the cake topper, your guests will appreciate each detail (depending if they are fans).

Because this is your kid’s first birthday, this party theme is directed more towards the other parents and adults that will be joining the celebration. So, make sure you have those dranks ready and design the best photo backdrop for this insta-worthy party! 

Your color palette will mostly consist of black, white, and gold. 

5. First Trip Around The Sun Theme

Take off in T minus… 3, 2, 1! Create an out-of-this-world birthday party for a first trip around the sun theme. Perfect for your little boy or girl! With so many stellar options, this is a perfect birthday party theme that may be on repeat for years ahead! 

A galaxy filled with the right decor, activities, and snacks will make all of your guests feel like astronauts. A space-themed party starts with a rocket launch and lands you in the stars! Immerse your guests into an exploration they won’t forget!

It’s time to rediscover all space-related items, from planets to aliens! Have all of your guests dress in their best cosmic outfits, hire a face painter, and don’t forget about the moon bounce! 

If you need some inspo, check out our How To Throw A Space Themed Birthday Party here. It includes some great ideas, everything from the Intergalactic Space Party invites to the Supernova Snacks.

And of course, you can’t forget about the Stellar Space Party supplies and decor! We’ve got you covered there too!

Other Notable Themes… 

  • One-der The Sea
  • Hole in One
  • One in a Melon
  • Onederland
  • The Groovy One
  • Fast One

What theme is your favorite? 

Some say the first year is the hardest. And that might depend if this is your first babe or not! But you and your baby made it through the year, and this adventure is worth celebrating! 

Planning the first birthday might be a little overwhelming, but we hope the top five first birthday party themes above gave you some inspiration. Cherish all the moments and make them memorable. 

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Happy Planning!

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Birthday Party Themes For GIRLS – A Complete Guide for You!

May 12, 2020
Baby Shower, Birthday Party Ideas, Party Ideas
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Whether it’s your princess’ first birthday, her sweet sixteen or somewhere in between, you got to hit the right chords and make it ah-dorable with the perfect party theme. While firsts are more for the parents than the kids, a specially curated party theme that’s kid-friendly and fun for the adults at the same time is the key! With countless party themes and ideas available, there is little you cannot do to please the birthday girl and make this day super special. From slumber parties, movie nights with the girl’s best-friends, Dora the explorer themes, Barbie dream house adventures, Unicorn or Llama party themes, to her favourite character out of the Disney world, it’s all about what she loves!

While planning a birthday party is in itself a huge task to finish, the first step is choosing the right birthday theme, and that comes with sitting with your little ones or your partners (if your little one is still too little to understand) and scouring through a list as long as it can get, while sometimes coming to no conclusion at all. To help you figure it out with ease and without letting down your precious ones’ wishes, we have curated a list of the top 6 most searched and trending birthday party themes on the internet under every age group, so you don’t have to crack your brains with endless choices!

Go on, start reading. .

For Event Planning Trends

If you need help, we are here to take care of A-Z of Birthday theme decorations and Event Planning for you at birthdays.venuelook.com and events.venuelook.com.


Perfect themes for your perfect little ones

Themes for First Birthday Party of Girls

Alice in Wonderland Theme
Pretty Pink Theme
Disney’s Minnie Mouse Theme
Princess Theme
Garden Fairies Theme
Fluttering Butterflies Theme

Birthday Themes for the Tender 2 year to Energetic 8-year-old Girls

Frozen’s Elsa Theme
Mermaid Theme
Ice-cream Theme
Teddy Tea Party Theme
Moana Theme
Dora The Explorer

Birthday Themes for Girls between 9 and 15 years

Slumber Party Theme
Hawaiian Party Theme
Art Inspired Theme
Einstein Inspired Theme
Super SHero Theme
Aladdin’s Jasmine Theme

Themes for Sweet 16 Birthday Party of Girls

Paris Theme
Beach Party Theme
Black and White Theme
Movie Night Theme
Spa Theme
Glow in the Dark Theme

Celebrating your baby girl’s first birthday

While your one-year-old princess is still too young to appreciate a themed birthday celebration, you can take this as an opportunity to also celebrate the little child in you. You can always choose something you feel your darling daughter would love to see when she grows up and thank you for it. Here are some themes that could be enjoyed by little sweethearts and adults alike.

1. Alice in Wonderland – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Let your little Alice go to Wonderland

(or should we say “One-derland”?)

The classic tale of Alice in Wonderland can never go wrong as a birthday theme. Dress your little one as Alice while the others could dress up as other characters. Set a centre table like they do in the story and host a fun tea party for the adults.

2. Pretty Pink – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Go Pretty Pink!

What better colour to decorate your whole house with, than the soothing shades of pink? Pink balloons with confetti, red and pink roses in every corner of the house, the little princess all dolled up in a beautiful pink shade and you’ll be good to go!

3. Disney’s Minnie Mouse – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Disney’s beloved Minnie Mouse

Minnie mouse ears, cake and cutlery with Minnie mouse and friends. Who doesn’t love this girly counterpart of Disney’s all famous Mickey Mouse? Dress your little doll in a Minnie Mouse costume and you and your guests won’t be able to resist from constantly adoring the little cutie.  Don’t forget the Minnie mouse customized invites and party favours!

4. Princess – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Princess theme for your Little Highness

Dress her up and treat her like the little princess she is. Get her props like a tiny wand and a throne and let her be the centre of extra attention! Sweet memories she’s definitely gonna thank you for when she grows up.

5. Garden Fairies – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Let the Garden Fairies enchant you

A fairy-tale-like set up with everyone dressed as Fairies in your backyard. Decorate your garden with fairy lights while you dress up your little one as the tiniest Queen Fairy that ever walked the earth. Amp up the theme with customized invites and party favours!


Butterflies – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Fluttering Butterflies Theme

Butterflies represent your little one’s heart filled with purity and joy. Glue on paper butterfly cut-outs all over the place has a customized rainbow cake made for your little one, each hue representing the emotions she brings into your life, each day. Rent or buy butterfly wings and let your little one know she can soar the skies! Incorporate Butterfly shaped invites and butterfly-shaped cupcakes to take the celebration up a notch.

The Tender 2s to Energetic 8s

So, your baby girl has crossed the cradle stage and is ready to have some real fun. This tender age is perfect to let them indulge in fairy-tales, and all those adorable stories with their happy ever-endings, no kid should know a world apart from this kind at this age. What day is more perfect than their birthday? Let them dress up as Frozen’s Elsa or Anna, or invite their friends over for a drive-in movie theatre-like experience in your backyard. Oh, and Legos and Play-doh make for amazing birthday themes too! Shop for props, cakes, cutlery and kits according to your theme, and let the fun begin!

1. Frozen’s Elsa – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Frozen’s Elsa Theme

This enchanting Disney story about the dainty, daring sisters is a magical one alright. Customized Frozen themed cake, props and a beautiful gown like Elsa’s and your princess’s birthday will be one out of the fairy tale. Remember to send out customized Frozen theme invites to make it even more exciting.

2. Mermaid – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Ready to have some (A)riel fun?

This little kind-hearted mermaid won everyone’s hearts when she was introduced to the world. She made us love mermaids.  If your little one is a fan of mermaids too, what better way to celebrate her birthday than letting her dress up as one? If you have a backyard, it could turn into a kid-friendly pool party!

3. Ice-cream – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Ice-cream parlour Theme

I scream you scream, everyone screams ice-creams. An ice-cream cake, Popsicle hats and everything cool, birthdays in the warm months call for an ice cream parlour themed birthday bash! Send out ice-cream shaped invites and party favours to make the celebration extra special.

4. Tea Party – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Teddy Tea Party Theme

An amazing combo, teddy bears and tiny tea parties. Let her be the little tea-party host for the day along with her Teddy bear guests (and some real ones). Let her leave you amazed at how sophisticated your party host is at her tea party. Pair it with some finger-licking sophisticated dishes and a teddy bear cake and it’s a bash she will thank you for years to come.

5. Moana – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Moana Movie Theme

The story of this daring adventure-lover makes for a great birthday theme too. Incorporating a sweet mix of backyard beach and Hawaiian fun could help you win your little one’s heart! Don’t forget to include Moana theme E-invites for an even more memorable birthday bash!


Dora The Explorer – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Dora the Explorer Theme

Our relentless explorer Dora, could make for the perfect birthday theme for your curious little one. You could include scavenger hunts all over the house with directions and sticky notes to make it even more thrilling! Add in Dora the Explorer themed party favours and E-invites for the perfect additional touch.

Now that she’s somewhere between 9 and 15…

Ah, almost the age where you are subjected to constant mood swings and the beginning of the teen rebellion. The time that makes you think, why do they even grow up, right? If you’re lucky enough to have her sitting in one place with you and peacefully decide on a theme, well, good for you. Let’s cut to the chase. It is all about making sure you communicate with her thoroughly to not leave a window of disappointment open. Here are the top 6 themes for your little grown-up.

1. Slumber or Pajama Party – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Slumber Party Theme

Invite your not so little one’s friends over for an exciting slumber party. It is a theme younger girls especially love. Think midnight gossips, makeup sessions and tween movie binges.

2. Hawaiian Party – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Hawaiian Birthday Party Theme

Cool, breezy outfits, alongside beach music and feels, Hawaii is a dream destination for many. Who said you couldn’t bring it home? Buy or rent Hawaiian dresses, along with the flower necklaces, wrist bands and what not! Serve cool drinks in coconut shells with little umbrellas and seafood dishes or decorate the place with pineapples and coconuts all over. With a little Hawaiian touch to the birthday party, your not so little one is going to have a bash!

3. Art Inspired – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

An Artsy Touch

If she is one with art, give her the chance to be in charge of the decor and invites and see the magic she brings to her celebration. It will be a  great way to foster her artistic side as well as letting her talents shine through to a crowd. Make her feel appreciated and applauded. But remember to make her prepare the decor well in advance. On a special day, you could arrange for exciting activities like painting contests or collage making.

4. Einstein Inspired – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

For your little Einstein

Appreciate your little one’s Science-y prowess by hosting a Science- themed party. Incorporate mind-boggling yet fun puzzles, a maze cake, yummy treats shaped like science apparatus. Let your Einstein feel celebrated for being a genius!

5. Super SHero – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme



Don’t miss this chance to show the birthday girl how super she is! Think masks, capes, Wonder Woman theme, cut-outs of words like “BAM!”, “WHAM!”  pasted all over the place like they do in the comics along with women-centric superhero movie screenings. Why should boys have all the superhero fun?

6. Aladdin’s Jasmine – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Aladdin’s Jasmine Theme


Disney’s beautiful princess Jasmine is a favourite among every age group. As a birthday theme, from her drool-worthy tresses to her Arabian dress, everything about her is perfect. Give your celebration a desert-like, Arabian touch with customized decor, a  genie bottle and the flying carpet. Throw in Desert inspired invites, cuisines, and party favours, and her perfect birthday party’s all set!

Birthday party themes for her sweet 16

Probably your last chance to be in charge, so make the most of it!


A sweet sixteen is hitting a milestone on the getting old tab. It is a coming-of-age celebration of sorts. While she is now shouldered with the responsibilities of being an almost adult, she should be entitled to equal amounts of fun too! A milestone should be celebrated with a once-in-a-lifetime kind of birthday theme. Hop on the theme- train to find out the top 6 birthday themes for her Sweet Sixteen!

1. Paris – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Did someone say Paris?


Make her feel like the queen that she is on her special day.   Bring the beautiful and romantic city of Paris to her birthday celebration! Hanging fairy lights, Eiffel Tower cut-outs, some beautiful  French music in the background and cafe-like menu options, did somebody say the best birthday ever? Moreover, you can include themed sweet 16 birthday invitations as the cherry on top.

2. Beach Party – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Beach Party Theme

If her birthday falls in the warmer months, nothing could shout sweet 16 more than a  pool-side party. Beach balls, her favourite bathing suit, water games, a summery cuisine and a couple of floaties, incorporate it all to double the fun!

3. Black and White – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Good old Black And White

The classic colour duo of Black and white amp up any decor. Think a black and white birthday cake or an oozing dark chocolate cream-filled cake. Who said Black and white were boring colours? Throw in some black and white balloons and decorate white lilies on the tables. It’s a party like none other.

4. Movie Night – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Backyard Movie Night with friends

For the teen movie-buff, nothing could be more special than a movie screening with friends in your backyard! Decorate the whole place with fairy lights and candles, for a fun touch. Serve old fashioned popcorn along with nachos, and Voila! There goes a budget-friendly yet super fun birthday night. Amp it up with fun board games and a movie trivia with exciting prizes to be won by the winners. Nobody says no to free gifts.

5. Spa – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Relaxing Spa theme

For an all-girl quiet bash, think cucumbers on eyes and healthy recipes on the plate, dim lighting, relaxing music in the background, foot baths, face-masks, DIY nails, DIY bath essentials and scented candles. Pamper the birthday girl every way possible.

6. Glow in the Dark – Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

Glow in the dark Theme

Dim lighting, a live DJ setting, glow in the dark props and black and white dress code that will later be covered with glow in the dark highlighters. It’s an uncanny theme that’s sure to set the party mood right!

If you need help, we are here to take care of A-Z of Birthday theme decorations and Event Planning for you at birthdays.venuelook.com and events.venuelook.com.

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contests and party games

Celebrating a teenager’s birthday is not an easy task for parents of 13-16 year olds. After all, these are no longer silly kids, but also not quite adult boys and girls.

In order for a child’s birthday to remain in the memory of the brightest event, it is advisable to prepare for it in advance. How best to celebrate a teenager’s birthday, we will share valuable tips in this article.

  • How to organize a birthday party for a teenager
  • Choosing a place to celebrate
  • Teenager birthday theme
  • How to decorate an apartment for a holiday
  • What to treat guests for a teenager’s birthday
  • Fun contests and games for a teenager’s birthday
  • Where can you go to celebrate a teenager’s birthday?

How to organize a birthday celebration for a teenager

When planning a holiday for a teenager, you need to know his preferences, what he enjoys, what gives him pleasure. Only then can preparation begin. All children are different, perhaps your child does not like noisy companies, and two or three friends are enough for him as guests. If you plan the event in advance, you can avoid many difficulties.


Decide on the amount you are willing to allocate for organizing the event. Distribute it in parts: for food, room decoration, gifts for competitions. Leave a small portion for unexpected expenses.


This moment is best discussed with the birthday person. It can be a cafe, a street playground or your own apartment. Based on this, the bulk of the budget will be formed. List of invitees. This is usually the responsibility of the birthday person. But you, as parents, must control and take into account the fact that friends of friends can come. Accordingly, calculate the additional costs.

Date and time

Select the best day for the holiday. Focus not only on a convenient time for yourself, but also so that all guests can come. If the number of guests is not large, then you can ask everyone if he is free that day. The best option is to distribute invitations in advance.

Do not turn down the help of relatives and friends if they are ready to help in the organization.

Download instructions «Planning a Birthday» JPG

Download instructions «Planning a Birthday» PDF

Choosing a place to celebrate

You can spend a teenager’s birthday both indoors and outdoors. The second option is great if you live in a private house, if the weather allows it. In addition, if a child really wants to spend his birthday in nature, but the family lives in an apartment, you can always rent an inexpensive gazebo in the park or settle on a cozy summer terrace in a cafe.

Home birthday is cozy in its own way, moreover, many teenagers are not averse to spending their long-awaited holiday within the walls of their favorite house or apartment. The main thing is that no one distracts or disturbs them during the celebration, therefore, when choosing a place in a house or apartment for a holiday, it is advisable to take care of the room where the parents will be without interfering with the party. If the music in the venue is loud, it is advisable to warn the neighbors about it.

If the party is to be held at home, the celebration can be held in the living room or in the hall. It is desirable that the room is spacious, and several zones can be organized in it. Girls, for example, are very fond of dancing, while boys often do not mind playing games. There must be a place for all these entertainments.

In addition, do not forget about the place for placing treats, as well as a recreation area.

The theme of celebrating a teenager’s birthday

Themed holidays are a trend of recent years. They think over the script, select costumes, even the treat on the table matters. What are the themes for the holiday?

American Party

It can be selected for any time period: Country, The Great Gatsby, Mid-Century America or Modern Time. It all depends on the preferences and age of the child. Certain music is selected, the room is decorated according to the chosen era, invitations are issued in the same style. It is worth paying attention to food: for example, cake with the Statue of Liberty, cupcakes with the American flag, burgers with fries and Coca-Cola.

Military style

More suitable for older children. Clothing, decoration of the venue will be in military style. This option will fit perfectly for the street: sports games and competitions require more space. The festive table implies simple treats, without frills. But they can also be decorated in the theme of a party: buy camouflage dishes, put soldiers and military equipment on the table with snacks.

Italian party

Of course, the basis of such a holiday will be food: pizza, pasta, Italian desserts, ice cream. Don’t forget about the decoration. Balloons, invitations, table setting should be in white-green-red colors.

Superhero Encounter

Perfect for teenagers who love superhero movies. Each guest comes dressed as their favorite character. It is advisable to know the roles in advance so that all the boys are not Spider-Man, but the girls are Catwoman. You can not be afraid for the design — a large scope of decor will not hurt the style. Garlands, balloons, stickers and pictures of superheroes can be placed everywhere.

Other party themes

Parents can invite the boys to have a cowboy-style party or an «Around the World Party» if the child and his friends are into travel. Teenage girls will surely enjoy a pajama-style party or a beauty salon-style party.

How to decorate an apartment for a holiday

Sometimes balloons and greeting posters are enough to create a festive atmosphere. If you have time and inspiration, you can make a collage of photos of the hero of the occasion and his friends. Also stock up on accessories: caps, bows and pipes will cheer up even big children.

You should also take into account the specifics of the holiday. For a bachelorette party or pajama party, decorate the room with flowers and soft toys, spread pillows of different sizes on the sofa, and cover the floor with warm blankets. In this case, it is better to dim the lighting as much as possible: a pair of sconces will be enough.

If you are going to have a disco and dynamic games, then you should take everything superfluous and fragile out of the room in advance: armchairs, whatnots, flowerpots, figurines, etc. In this case, a garland on the wall will fit in very harmoniously — it will visually fill the void, as well as will become an additional light music. Move the table with snacks to the corner so that the dancing youth does not inadvertently touch it.

If you are planning a themed party, you can’t do without extra expenses. However, for a party in the style of «Mafia» it is not necessary to buy a poker table, and «Hipsters» will do without a rare tape recorder.

Style is in the details, so pay more attention to accessories and colors. The atmosphere of Chicago in the 30s can be successfully recreated with a black and white combination of objects, and for a vampire party, a red and black palette is suitable. Several thematic photos on the wall will complete the picture.

What to treat guests on a teenager’s birthday

A teenager’s birthday can be perfectly celebrated at home. Only one condition: you don’t need to turn your birthday into a “eating room” with several changes of dishes.

We should dwell on the feast itself in more detail. So that the birthday boy and guests are not “lethargic” and literally tired of plentiful food, it is best to organize a buffet table or a buffet. Snacks on convenient skewers, various sandwiches, pies, cookies with surprises, and a lot of soft drinks should be served at such a table. The food is simple but satisfying. It is very good if there are a lot of fruits on the table. You can also cook one — but only really one — simple «signature» dish.

However, remember that teenagers have an excellent appetite, which means that the food on your «buffet» should not only be varied and beautiful — there should be just a lot of it.

And at the end of the feast — of course, a cake with candles, because no matter what teenagers say, in their hearts they are still the same little children who love sweets and surprises.

Note! When developing a menu, do not forget that teenagers are not interested in sitting at the table for a long time, decorously using cutlery. Most likely, a cheerful company will prefer to return to food several times between other things, or even settle down with pieces somewhere on the sofa or balcony. Do not cook dishes that can cool down, turn sour or stain furniture — this way you save your nerves and do not spoil the holiday.

Funny contests and games for a teenager’s birthday

How to make a home party interesting and original? To entertain children at home at a birthday party, it is recommended to prepare funny and interesting contests in advance, as well as consider holding a variety of games.

What to play at a party

Teenagers don’t like contests. This reminds them too much of their childhood, when such entertainment was arranged at kindergarten and school holidays. Therefore, it is not worth acting as a toastmaster, it is better to unobtrusively throw a couple of ideas to the guys.


The meaning of this entertainment is simple: prepare in advance cards with pictures of famous actors and singers. Each participant receives such a card, but does not show it to the others. He must, without words, explain to the guessers who is depicted on it.

Chubby Bunny

This simple game is very popular among foreign teenagers. It’s called Chubby Bunny.

To play, you will need several packs of marshmallows (or caramels). Each participant puts one marshmallow in their mouth and says the spell word «Chubby Bunny», then another marshmallow is sent into the mouth and so on. The winner is the one who holds all the marshmallows in his mouth and at the same time can pronounce the cherished phrase.

«Truth or heroism?»

During the period of mutual sympathy, not a single teenage party is complete without the good old games: «Truth or deed», «Word or challenge», «Kit-shove-meow», «Bottle bottle».

It is better to agree with the guys in advance so that the tasks are not too difficult and do not go beyond the law and decency.

You will need two sets of cards for Truth or Dare and Word or Dare games. Questions will be written on some cards, assignments on others. If the player chooses “truth”, then he draws a card from the pile of questions and tries to answer the question as honestly as possible. If he likes “action”, then, accordingly, a card is drawn from the pile with tasks.

During the game «Kit-sho-meow» one player stands with his back to the others. The host quietly points to any participant and asks: “Kiss?”. If the player answers: «Shoot!», then the leader points to the next one and asks the same question. When the player answers “meow”, he must turn around and complete the task proposed by the leader with the selected participant.

Game «Pantomime»

This game is known to many as «crocodile». One of the contestants receives a secret word. The task is to try to explain it to the other players using gestures and facial expressions. You can’t use speech or point at any objects here. Participants try to express their assumptions. And the leader shows with signs whether they are close to the truth. If things come to a standstill, then you can try to show the word in parts. The guesser takes the place of the leader.

Dance Karaoke Competition

For the competition, you need to prepare several videos with clockwork dances and display them on the big screen. The children take turns repeating the dance moves. The winner is chosen by the strength of the applause.

«Guess the personality» competition

The names of all guests are written on pieces of paper. Then they are distributed to the children. Each teenager describes the person he inherited. The rest guess who it is. It is advisable to focus on the character and behavior of a person, and not on appearance — it will be more difficult to guess.

Enchanted Artist Competition

The right to draw a beautiful picture is given to those who can and love to draw. The host reports that he bewitched the artists, they became motionless. The artists hold a felt-tip pen at their outstretched hand. Children from the team approach the artists and take turns moving a sheet of paper along the tip of the felt-tip pen. The winning team is the one whose drawing turns out to be original, interesting.

Competition «Where is the birthday boy here?»

Participants are given a set of children’s photos. Purpose: among them to find a photo of the hero of the occasion. Who did it faster, he wins.

Competition «Battle of Psychics»

Prepare a box with a lid. Any object is placed in it. Children stand around the box and try to guess what is inside. Whoever gets closer to the correct answer wins.

Dance Trouble Competition

Tie a balloon to each participant’s leg. Music sounds, children, dancing, try to burst the opponent’s ball and prevent their own from bursting. Whoever keeps their balloon wins.

Game «1-2-good afternoon»

Everyone plays in a chain. You need to count in order from one to infinity (as many as you get), but instead of numbers that end in three or are divisible by three, you need to say «good afternoon.» That is, the first one says “one”, the second — “two”, the third — “good afternoon”, the fourth — “four”, the fifth — “five”, the sixth — “good afternoon”, etc. The one who made a mistake is eliminated from the competition until one winner remains.

Special order game

Children are divided into 2-5 teams. In a few minutes, each team needs to come up with an original birthday greeting, but by special order. The congratulation should be exactly 10 words with the maximum number of any letter. The birthday boy invites the teams to draw a card with a letter. The team that manages to use the given letter in congratulations more times wins. For example, a card with the letter R. Congratulations: “Let me congratulate you cordially on the holiday, joy, a satchel of fives, reason, records!”

Tattoo Artist Competition

Participants will need felt-tip pens or markers (preferably water-based). Tattoo artists must come up with an author’s creative tattoo, depict it on a model (selected from guests who are not afraid to get dirty and are ready to wash off traces of the marker). And according to the results of voting, the guests choose the best master and give him a prize. By the way, photos after such a competition with the hero of the occasion and tattooed guests will be simply unforgettable.

Cool competition «In our area»

In this competition you need to show who is the most important person in the area. To do this, you need a mountain of seeds and a glass for each of the participants. At the signal of the host, everyone begins to “husk the seeds” in any convenient way. The competition stops after 1-2 minutes, and the jury determines which of the participants has more seed husks in a glass. The winner is a reward.

Wild Fantasy Competition

Prepare a few blanks in advance: on sheets of A3 or larger paper, draw any geometric shape, such as an oval or a square. Then call the participants, who will have to complete the picture on a certain topic in a certain time. The one whose imagination is better developed wins, and the “creations” can be hung in a conspicuous place, and then they will please everyone for a long time.

Game «Do you have a temperature, friend?»

Several teams are invited, issued by a fake thermometer under the arm. Players are not allowed to take the thermometer with their hands. You need to pass it to the next participant immediately under the arm with the words: “Do you have a temperature, friend?”. The team that completes the task quickly and does not break the rules wins.

“Balloons with a secret” competition

You need to prepare tasks written on pieces of paper in advance and place them in balloons, which then should be inflated and hung around the hall. So you decorate the hall, and towards the end of the holiday, you will also entertain the guests. Let the participants choose one or two balloons for themselves, burst them, read and complete tasks.

A list of funny fantasy tasks for teenagers:

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror and say joyfully 5 times: “How beautiful I look today!”
  2. Approach each participant, shake hands and say: “I am the king, it’s very nice!”
  3. Hide behind a table, chair, curtain, or anywhere else and say, «I’m fine!»
  4. Put your hand over your nose and say: “God! Yes, I have the best voice on this planet!”
  5. Quickly sentence any three tongue twisters.
  6. Shout loudly from the balcony: «Hello lunatics!»
  7. Become a mosquito and interfere with the next player to complete the task.
  8. Say hello to each player in a different way without repeating yourself.
  9. Lick a lemon and don’t wince.
  10. Say the tongue twister without hesitation: «In the bowels of the tundra, otters in leggings are digging into buckets of cedar kernels. »
  11. Give everyone a compliment.
  12. Call someone you know, or maybe a stranger, and ask to stay overnight.
  13. Draw a popular person for others to guess.
  14. Players name 7 words, choose a rhyme for each.
  15. Draw your self-portrait.
  16. Say your own name quickly backwards.
  17. Depict what you wanted to be as a child. Other participants must guess.
  18. Laugh so infectiously that others will laugh too.
  19. Read Pushkin’s poem in rap arrangement.
  20. Shout: «The moose has come!» and crawl under the table for 3 minutes.
  21. Run around the table in a black cloak and shout: «I am a horror flying on the wings of the night!»
  22. Ask someone for food, pretending to be a funny mongrel.
  23. Squat 7 times, naming different heroes of fairy tales for each squat.
  24. Sing any intro song to your favorite movie, series.
  25. Stroke your head and stomach at the same time, but in different directions.
  26. Close your eyes, spin around, stop and hug the nearest player, open your eyes and ask him out.
  27. Play «Gopnik» pantomime: squat down and «click seeds», you can demand change from nearby players.
  28. Play the cat from the cartoon «Shrek», ask others for at least three things.
  29. Declare your love to the player you chose with your eyes closed.
  30. Answer five questions from others honestly.

Download Secret Balloons Cards

Where can I go to celebrate a teenager’s birthday?

Celebrating a teenager’s birthday outside the home is both easier and more difficult than at home. On the one hand, you won’t need to cook anything, you won’t have to think about big cleaning after the holiday, it’s easier to organize entertainment, and in general you can invite hosts with a ready-made birthday script. But on the other hand, such an event, firstly, can be very difficult for the family budget, and secondly, it implies your responsibility for all minor guests whom you invite to the holiday.

If funds allow, and you are sure that there will be enough adults at the party to ensure that nothing happens to your teenager’s guests, you can choose from several options.

  1. A teenager’s birthday can be very fun to celebrate in the water park, rollerdrome, climbing wall or ride ATVs. The main advantage of such a celebration is that the birthday man and his guests have a place to “turn around”. You can run from the heart, jump, shout — break away from the soul.
  2. Just sitting in a cafe is a common but boring option for teenagers. Usually it is combined with a visit to a bowling alley, cinema or entertainment center.
  3. Many teenagers will surely like to play «shooters» — paintball, laser tag, quasar. You can please a teenage girl by arranging a professional photo shoot or shooting a “movie” in her honor — she can feel like a real singer, model or actress.
  4. Perhaps a teenager and his friends share some common hobby, for example, cycling. Then organizing a hike to some beautiful and unusual place is a great option.
  5. Another great option is a birthday party at an equestrian club. Usually there are sleigh rides or carriage rides, depending on the time of year, and you can always ride ponies and horses.
  6. If summer is outside, then you can celebrate a teenager’s birthday by having a picnic in the forest, on the lake, in the country. It is only important not to forget to grab another ball or badminton set along with snacks and barbecue.
  7. Holidays are very interesting, where teenagers are offered a live quest: participants must play a certain story and solve a whole series of riddles, while visiting several objects in the city. To organize a live quest, you need to contact special agencies, because the success of the event depends primarily on the professionalism of the hosts.
  8. And finally, you can always order a themed holiday show from the agency with professional hosts, which is held either in a cafe, or in a special club, or on a rented water bus.

Important! When deciding where exactly you will celebrate a teenager’s birthday, try not to repeat yourself. Even if your teenager and his friends really like, for example, bowling, he is unlikely to be pleased if he celebrates his holiday there several times in a row. Anyone on their birthday is formed into something new, but for teenagers this is not just joy — it is a need to enter «adult life» and get what «yesterday it was still impossible, but now it is already possible.»

Adolescents are often embarrassed by the presence of their parents. Take it easy. Remember: your presence at the event should be inconspicuous and delicate. After all, the main thing is if you hear after the holiday: “Mom, dad, it was cool!”

A teenager’s birthday is, first of all, not different chores, but a holiday with a capital letter. May this holiday become the most beloved and unforgettable for your teenager!

Oscar Party — Birthday — 128 answers

Lovely girls, girls, ladies. This post is over two years old! And I no longer have a script, and never had one. I just offered to share one of the contests. I’m sure that after some surfing the Internet you will be able to create your ideal scenario…

This year I turned 30 years old. And since this is an anniversary, I decided to arrange a holiday for myself (before that, I did such theme parties only on the occasion of the birthday of my husband and children). But I decided to celebrate two months after my birthday. There were several reasons for this: both religious (just fasting began on February 23), and I don’t like the end of February because of the weather (I hoped it would be real spring at the end of April), and I wanted to prepare thoroughly.

Next, I’ll write about my findings and ideas for decorating an Oscar-style party. If it is useful to someone, I will be glad.

1. A month before the celebration, I sent out such invitations to the guests. A designer at my work helped me with this, but someone can do this himself.

2. I ordered a brand wall print, against which we then took a photo. I printed it at my work, a banner sized 2.2×2.5m cost 950 rubles.

3. I bought 10 meters of red fabric (plain chintz) for the red carpet. 500r

4. On the site www.cool-editor.ru I made comic videos with the participation of each guest. I came up with nominations («Actress of the Year», «Actor of the Year», «Best Makeup», «Soloist of the Year», «Superhero», etc.), according to which each guest received his long-awaited Oscar after the video was shown! I printed out each nomination on a printer and pasted it on a separate envelope, in which there was a card with the name of the guest. After watching the video, a card with a name was taken out of the envelope and an Oscar was awarded))

5. Made Oscar figures out of soap and covered with gold acrylic paint. Soap mold + soap base 360 ​​rub. Acrylic paint 100r

Alternatively, you can bake cookies in the shape of Oscar figurines.

6. Ordered 30 goal balls. We order from a friend, 750r.

7. For the Make-up Artist of the Year competition, she prepared a presentation in which she made fragments of the faces of famous Russian and Hollywood actors. The guests guessed the actor/actress and received a small carved Oscar. At the end, whoever got the most correct answers received their reward. (who needs it, I can try to send it by mail).

8. You could also make a music competition. To do this, you need to collect musical cuts from famous films. And the guests would have to guess the name of the movie. But, unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time for this (((

9. I printed out the photos of the guests on A4 sheet in advance and pasted them on the seats in the “audience hall”. By the way, I made an impromptu red curtain and Ikeevskaya bedspread on the bed, which it just turned out to be the right color)))

And this is how it looks at the real Oscar ceremony.

And then the X-day has come. The red carpet and a reporter with a cameraman, whom my husband and girlfriend kindly agreed to play, were waiting for the guests at the entrance. The reporter asked the guests humorous questions about the birthday girl, and the operator filmed everything on camera. Later, at the end of the entertainment program, we reviewed the video of each guest and checked how accurately the guests answered the questions. Accordingly, the best received the «Psychic of the Year» award. For example, the questions were:

— In what year did the birthday girl go to first grade?

— What color is the birthday girl’s diploma of higher education?

— Model of the birthday girl’s first car?

After the solemn part (when all videos were watched and all awards were presented), there was a banquet. And from entertainment, we already traditionally have games: mafia, crocodile and poker (the strongest usually live to the last).

By alexxlab

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