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Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with A — Christian Names

  • Name — AADAM

    Meaning — OF THE EARTH

  • Name — AADRIAN

    Meaning — A MAN FROM HADRIA

  • Name — AAIDAN

    Meaning — A FIERY YOUNG MAN

  • Name — AAIDEN

    Meaning — A FIERY YOUNG MAN

  • Name — AAIDYN

    Meaning — A FIERY YOUNG MAN

  • Name — AARIC

    Meaning — RULE WITH MERCY

  • Name — AARON

    Meaning — ENLIGHTENED

  • Name — AARON

    Meaning — SHINING LIGHT

  • Name — AARONN

    Meaning — ONE WHO IS EXALTED

  • Name — AARRON

    Meaning — ONE WHO IS EXALTED

  • Name — AAYDAN

    Meaning — A FIERY YOUNG MAN

  • Name — ABASALOM

    Meaning — SON OF KING DAVID

  • Name — ABBA

    Meaning — BORN ON A THURSDAY

  • Name — ABBOTT

    Meaning — FATHER

  • Name — ABDIEL

    Meaning — SERVENT OF GOD

  • Name — ABEL

    Meaning — BREATH

  • Name — ABIDA

    Meaning — WORSHIPPER

  • Name — ABNER

    Meaning — FATHER OF LIGHT

  • Name — ABNER


  • Name — ABRAHAM


  • Name — ABRAM

    Meaning — HIGH FATHER

  • Name — ABRAM

    Meaning — A FORM OF ABRAHAM

  • Name — ABRASHA

    Meaning — FATHER

  • Name — ABSOLOM

    Meaning — MY FATHER IS PEACE

  • Name — ACACIO


  • Name — ACKERLEY


  • Name — ACKLEY

    Meaning — A FORM OF ACKERLEY

  • Name — ACTON

    Meaning — OAK

  • Name — ADAM

    Meaning — MAN

  • Name — ADAM

    Meaning — THE FIRST MAN

  • Name — ADAMM

    Meaning — OF THE EARTH

  • Name — ADDAI

    Meaning — MAN OF GOD

  • Name — ADDAM

    Meaning — OF THE EARTH

  • Name — ADDAN

    Meaning — OF THE EARTH

  • Name — ADDEN

    Meaning — ONE WHO IS FIERY

  • Name — ADDISON

    Meaning — SON OF ADAM

  • Name — ADDO

    Meaning — HAPPY

  • Name — ADDONIS

    Meaning — IN MYTHOLOGY

  • Name — ADEN

    Meaning — HANDSOME

  • Name — ADENN

    Meaning — ONE WHO IS FIERY

  • Name — ADIBA

    Meaning — CULTURED

  • Name — ADLAI

    Meaning — MY WITNESS

  • Name — ADLAI

    Meaning — GOD IS JUST

  • Name — ADLER

    Meaning — EAGLE

  • Name — ADLEY

    Meaning — JUST

  • Name — ADLI

    Meaning — JUST

  • Name — ADMON

    Meaning — RED PEONY

  • Name — ADMON

    Meaning — RED PEONY FLOWER

  • Name — ADNEY

    Meaning — NOBLE’S ISLAND

  • Name — ADON

    Meaning — LORD

  • Name — ADONAI

    Meaning — MY LORD

  • Name — ADONNIS

    Meaning — IN MYTHOLOGY

  • Name — ADRIAAN

    Meaning — A MAN FROM HADRIA


    Meaning — THE DARK ONE

  • Name — ADRIANNO

    Meaning — DARK

  • Name — ADRIANO

    Meaning — FROM HADRIA

  • Name — AEDAN; AIDEN

    Meaning — BORN OF FIRE

  • Name — AHMAAD


  • Name — AIDANN

    Meaning — A FIERY YOUNG MAN

  • Name — AIDDAN

    Meaning — A FIERY YOUNG MAN

  • Name — AIDDEN

    Meaning — A FIERY YOUNG MAN

  • Name — AIDENN

    Meaning — A FIERY YOUNG MAN

  • Name — AIIDEN

    Meaning — A FIERY YOUNG MAN

  • Name — AIKEN

    Meaning — THE OAKEN

  • Name — AITAN


  • Name — ALAAN

    Meaning — HANDSOME

  • Name — ALANN

    Meaning — HANDSOME

  • Name — ALASTAIR

    Meaning — DEFENDER OF MEN

  • Name — ALBERN

    Meaning — OF NOBLE VALOR

  • Name — ALBERT

    Meaning — NOBLE

  • Name — ALBION

    Meaning — WHITE OR FAIR

  • Name — ALDEN

    Meaning — OLD

  • Name — ALDIS

    Meaning — FROM THE OLD HOUSE

  • Name — ALDRED

    Meaning — OLD

  • Name — ALDRICH

    Meaning — WISE COUNSELOR

  • Name — ALDWIN

    Meaning — OLD FRIEND


    Meaning — DEFENDING MEN


    Meaning — DEFENDING MEN

  • Name — ALEXANDER

    Meaning — DEFENDING MEN

  • Name — ALEXANDRO

    Meaning — DEFENDING MEN

  • Name — ALFORD

    Meaning — OLD RIVER FORD

  • Name — ALFRED


  • Name — ALGERNON

    Meaning — BEARDED

  • Name — ALIAN

    Meaning — TALL

  • Name — ALII

    Meaning — THE HIGHEST

  • Name — ALIJAH

    Meaning — THE LORD IS MY GOD

  • Name — ALLARD

    Meaning — NOBLE

  • Name — ALLISTER

    Meaning — A FORM OF ALISTAIR

  • Name — ALLONZO


  • Name — ALSTON


  • Name — ALTON

    Meaning — FROM THE OLD TOWN

  • Name — ALVAR

    Meaning — ARMY OF ELVES

  • Name — AMAL

    Meaning — HOPES

  • Name — AMBROSE

    Meaning — IMMORTAL

  • Name — AMERY

    Meaning — INDUSTRIOUS

  • Name — AMI

    Meaning — NECTAR

  • Name — AMIIR

    Meaning — PRINCE

  • Name — AMIRR

    Meaning — PRINCE

  • Name — AMMAN

    Meaning — PEACE

  • Name — AMOS

    Meaning — TROUBLED

  • Name — ANDDY

    Meaning — MANLY

  • Name — ANDER

    Meaning — DEFENDING MEN

  • Name — ANDERS

    Meaning — MAN

  • Name — ANDERSSON

    Meaning — SON OF ANDREW

  • Name — ANDREAS

    Meaning — MAN

  • Name — ANDREW

    Meaning — MAN

  • Name — ANDREW

    Meaning — A STRONG MAN

  • Name — ANG

    Meaning — MESSENGER

  • Name — ANGELLO

    Meaning — A MESSENGER OF GOD

  • Name — ANGUS


  • Name — ANGUS


  • Name — ANNDY

    Meaning — MANLY

  • Name — ANSON

    Meaning — ANNE’S SON

  • Name — ANTHONNY


  • Name — ANTHONY

    Meaning — PRICELESS

  • Name — ANTIONNE


  • Name — ANTOINNE


  • Name — ANTONNIO


  • Name — ANTONNY

    Meaning — PRICELESS

  • Name — ARAM

    Meaning — HIGHNESS

  • Name — ARCHER

    Meaning — BOWMAN

  • Name — ARCHIBALD

    Meaning — BOLD PRINCE

  • Name — ARDLEY

    Meaning — ARDENT MEADOW

  • Name — ARDON

    Meaning — BRONZE

  • Name — ARI

    Meaning — LION

  • Name — ARIEL

    Meaning — LIONESS OF GOD

  • Name — ARJAN

    Meaning — THE ARCHER

  • Name — ARKHIPPOS


  • Name — ARLEDGE


  • Name — ARLEN

    Meaning — PLEDGE

  • Name — ARLO

    Meaning — FORTIFIED HILL

  • Name — ARMANN

    Meaning — WISH

  • Name — ARMSTRONG

    Meaning — STRONG ARM

  • Name — ARNOLD

    Meaning — STRONG AS AN EAGLE

  • Name — ARNON

    Meaning — RUSHING STREAM

  • Name — ARNULFO

    Meaning — EAGLE AND WOLF

  • Name — ARON

    Meaning — TO SING

  • Name — AROON

    Meaning — TO SING

  • Name — ARRIC

    Meaning — RULER OF ALL

  • Name — ARSENIO

    Meaning — VIRILE

  • Name — ARTHUR

    Meaning — ROCK

  • Name — ARTHUR

    Meaning — CHAMPION

  • Name — ARTIS

    Meaning — A FORM OF ARTIS

  • Name — ARVEL

    Meaning — WEPT OVER

  • Name — ARVIN


  • Name — ARYAAN

    Meaning — OF THE ARYAN RACE

  • Name — ASHER

    Meaning — BLESSED

  • Name — ASHER

    Meaning — FORTUNATE

  • Name — ATLEY

    Meaning — MEADOW

  • Name — ATWATER


  • Name — ATWOOD

    Meaning — FOREST DWELLER

  • Name — AUBREY

    Meaning — RULER OF THE ELVES

  • Name — AUSTIN

    Meaning — HELPFUL

  • Name — AVERY

    Meaning — ELFIN RULER

  • Name — AVIDAN

    Meaning — GOD IS JUST

  • Name — AVITAL

    Meaning — FATHER OF DEW

  • Name — AVIV

    Meaning — SPRING

  • Name — AXEEL

    Meaning — SOURCE OF LIFE

  • Name — AXEL

    Meaning — DIVINE REWARD

  • Name — AXELL

    Meaning — SOURCE OF LIFE

  • Name — AXXEL

    Meaning — SOURCE OF LIFE

  • Name — AYDANN

    Meaning — A FIERY YOUNG MAN

  • Name — AYDDEN

    Meaning — A FIERY YOUNG MAN

  • Name — AYDEEN

    Meaning — A FIERY YOUNG MAN

  • Name — AYERS

    Meaning — HEIR TO A FORTUNE

  • Name — AYLMER

    Meaning — A FORM OF ELMER

  • Name — AYLWIN

    Meaning — NOBLE FRIENDS

  • Name — AZARIAH


  • Name — AZIZA


  • Name — AZRIEL

    Meaning — GOD IS MY HELPER

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Name Meaning Like
Aadam The First Prophet of Allah 🖤
Aadan Of the earth 🖤
Aaden Warmth of the Home, Fire, Flame 🖤
Aadrian A man from hadria 🖤
Aaiden A fiery young man 🖤
Aaidyn A fiery young man 🖤
Aaliyah Sunshine, Bright, High exalted 🖤
Aamani Spring Season, Vasanth Ritu 🖤
Aaran Exalted, On High 🖤
Aaric Rule with mercy 🖤
Aaron Exalted One, High Mountain 🖤
Aaronn One who is exalted 🖤
Aarron Exalted, On High 🖤
Abbie My Father is Light 🖤
Abbott Father 🖤
Abby Father, My Father is Light 🖤
Abe Father of a Multitude, Breath 🖤
Abel Breath, Highborn and Steadfast 🖤
Abell Exhalation of Breath 🖤
Abie Father of Many 🖤
Abijah The Lord is My Father 🖤
Abner Father of Light 🖤
Abott Father 🖤
Abraham Faultless 🖤
Abram Exalted Father 🖤
Absalom God the Father of Peace 🖤
Absalon Handsome Prince 🖤
Acelin Little Noble One 🖤
Achill Pain, Place Name 🖤
Acke The Father of Peace, God 🖤
Ackerlea Place Name, Oak Meadow 🖤
Ackerley Dweller at the Acre Meadow 🖤
Ackerly Place Name, Oak Meadow 🖤
Ackley Dwells at the Oak Tree Meadow 🖤
Acklie Place Name, Oak Meadow 🖤
Acton Place Name, Oak Tree Settlement 🖤
Adair Form of Edgar 🖤
Adam Red Earth, First Human Being 🖤
Adda Place 🖤
Addam Son of the Red Earth, Man, Earth 🖤
Addie Son of Adam 🖤
Addison Son of the Red Earth 🖤
Addo Happy, Ornament 🖤
Adeen Obedient, Submissive 🖤
Adie Noble, Kind, Adornment, Jewel 🖤
Adina Noble Minded, Slender, Delicate 🖤
Adlai My Witness, Refuge of God 🖤
Adler Eagle 🖤
Adley The Just, Judicious 🖤
Adli Juridical 🖤
Adney Lives on the Noble’s Island 🖤
Adolfo Noble Person, Noble Wolf 🖤
Adolph Noble Wolf 🖤
Adon Lord 🖤
Adonis Man Loved by Aphrodite 🖤
Adrian Dark One, Rich 🖤
Adriano Dark, Similar to Adrian 🖤
Adrien The Dark One 🖤
Adway One, United, Unique 🖤
Aedan Little Fire, Born of Fire 🖤

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“Are you there, God? It’s Me, Margaret: A Film About Girlhood, Growing Up and Religious Search

  • Forbes Woman

Still from the film “Are You Here, God? It’s me, Margaret” (Photo by DR) The movie “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret» is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by American writer Judy Bloom. In the center of the plot is an 11-year-old girl who discovers herself through religion. In addition to the classic problems of puberty, the filmmakers talk about the crisis of Christianity, which often becomes a stumbling block in the upbringing of American teenagers. Film critic Olya Smolina explains why “Are you here, God? It’s me, Margaret» — more of a dive into the era than a coming of age movie

It’s hard to believe that the famous novel by the writer Judy Bloom, published back in 1970, could only now reach the big screens. In due time, “Are you there, God? It’s Me, Margaret» was considered an extremely bold and even frank work: the author of the book asked young readers uncomfortable questions about God, raised the topics of menstruation and hormonal adjustment, and in places criticized conservative American upbringing. It is not surprising that some time after the start of sales, the book disappeared from school libraries and, in general, was devoted to a kind of anathema. Despite the sexual revolution 19In the 1960s, the still puritanical America of the 1980s (during the time of Conservative President Ronald Reagan) was not ready to have intimate conversations about soul and body with teenagers. Luckily, a few years later, “Are you there, God? It’s Me, Margaret» reappeared on the shelves of bookstores, and in 2010 it even made it to the top 100 best novels for teenagers according to Time magazine.

Still from the film Are You Here, God? It’s me, Margaret” (Photo DR)

Nevertheless, for 49 years, Judy Bloom turned down any proposal for a film adaptation of her work. Only Kelly Fremont, director of the teen comedy Nearly Seventeen, starring Hailee Steinfeld, was able to touch the writer’s heart. Released in late 2016, the film also told the story of a teenager. In the story, a high school student is trying to cope with a crisis in the family and the first school love. Nearly Seventeen, which was Frémont’s directorial debut, is an example of the coming-of-age genre, a film about growing up. He stood out from other similar films due to witty dialogues and the charisma of the main character. Apparently, Bloom, like Western critics, was imbued with Frémont’s first work and, as a result, that is why she sold her the film rights to her book.

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“Almost seventeen” and “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret» is related only to the genre. Otherwise, the pictures turned out to be completely different — to match the age period and the spirit of the times that influenced the heroines. 11-year-old Margaret (Abby Ryder Fortson) comes from a multi-religious family: her mother (Rachel McAdams) is a Christian and her father (Rough Diamonds director Benny Sefdie) is Jewish. And since the film takes place in the 1970s in the state of New Jersey, which is considered the center of ethnic and religious diversity, the situation in Margaret’s house periodically begins to heat up. The situation finally gets out of hand when the girl decides that the time has come for religious self-determination: she attends both the synagogue and the Catholic Church.

A still from the film “Are You Here, God? It’s me, Margaret” (Photo DR)

Every evening Margaret turns to God in a kind of prayer, childishly naive talking about cherished dreams, little secrets and heartfelt experiences. Like all girls her age, Margaret worries about the attention of boys, breasts that «do not grow at all», as well as the onset of menstruation, and with it — the long-awaited adulthood. In the second half of the last century (when the book was written), the stages of development of the female body were not discussed as openly as they are today, the issues of sex, menstruation and early pregnancy were completely tabooed. The younger generation drew information from a variety of sources: at best, they were boring educational films, at worst, Playboy magazines from my father’s collection. As a result, some issues of growing up were overgrown with strange and sometimes funny hoaxes: for example, girls in the film increase their breasts with the help of affirmations. However, some things have not changed so far: secret clubs, girls’ conversations, spin the bottle — all this is also becoming an integral part of Margaret’s life.

Alone in “Are You There, God? It’s me, Margaret» is a conflict in the family associated with religious prejudice. Margaret’s mother’s parents, staunch Christians, were against her marrying a Jew. And although the main character’s parents, belonging to different faiths, make the difficult decision not to discuss God in the process of her upbringing, the grandparents do everything possible to win the granddaughter over to their side. However, Margaret behaves like a typical teenager — she consciously distances herself from religion, perceiving it as something negative, creating tension and discomfort among her relatives. Her conversations with God are more like reflection: in an attempt to find answers to pressing questions, Margaret, in fact, turns to herself — a person who has just begun to form an individual voice. In her life paradigm, the concept of «God» loses its religious context, transforming into what is usually called «super-ego» in psychoanalysis, which is responsible for a person’s moral attitudes, his norms, ideals and conscience.

A still from the film “Are You Here, God? It’s me, Margaret” (Photo DR)

Visually, the film captures the aesthetics of the 1970s, from the soundtrack to the costumes, to the detailed streets and color reproduction. And there is charm in that. However, for all its merits as a coming-of-age film, Are You There God? It’s me, Margaret» works poorly: following the trodden paths of the genre, director Kelly Fremont does not offer anything new to the modern audience. The topics of hormonal changes are undeniably important, however, in principle, every second film in a genre that was largely created and popularized in culture for a friendly dialogue with a teenage audience that is not always able to open up to adults can boast of such theses.

By alexxlab

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