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Name Help: To V or Not to V?

Baby Name Help is a series at Appellation Mountain. Every Saturday, one reader’s name questions will be discussed.

We’re relying on thoughtful comments from the community to help expectant parents narrow down their name decisions. Thank you in advance for sharing your insight!

Melanie and her husband are expecting baby number four soon – her due date is January 30th!

Their first three children all have names with the letter ‘v’ in the middle: Olivia, Nova, and River.

She writes:

Don’t really want to continue with the ‘middle V’ as it was accidental but almost feel like we should. We are altogether stuck!

They’re looking for boy and girl names.

Read on for my answer, and please share your suggestions, too!

Hi Melanie –

First, thanks for writing, and congratulations on baby #4!

The heart of your question is this: Do you have to continue the ‘v’ theme, with an ever-dwindling pool of names?

The answer is no.

No, you simply do not.  No family should ever feel pressure to continue with a name theme just because they’ve stumbled into one.  Or even if they’ve intentionally chosen one.

Well … maybe if you’re Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, and you’re adopting twins, and the cameras are rolling, and your 19 older kids are debating the merits of Julie and Jethro … then maybe you’re stuck.

But for the rest of us, there’s no rule saying that a theme has to continue.

I’m guessing that you don’t have another V in the middle name that you love.  If you were all about Vivienne or Donovan or Elvis, it wouldn’t be a thought. And since the pool of possible V in the middle names isn’t huge, chances are that you’ve considered them all.

So how do you go about naming a kiddo without a V in the middle name?

  • Choose your favorite name, regardless of the letters involved.  Do you have a few candidates that are just perfect, except for that V in the middle? I’m guessing the answer is no, because again, if you loved a particular name, you might not be feeling quite so stuck.
  • Think about the theme differently.  The V in the middle leapt out at me, but it isn’t the only shared characteristic of your three children’s names.  They’re also nature names – at least subtle ones. Olivia refers to olives, Nova to stars, and River is well, you know.  Naming baby #4 Willow or Orion emphasizes something that your kids’ names have in common – but has nothing to do with the letter V.
  • Or, think about your theme differently another way.  You might not love any V-in-the-middle names, but are there X or Z names that you love? I know sibsets like Ava and Axel – subtly linked by their high value Scrabble letters.  Naming a son Felix or a daughter Zinnia gives them names that share a certain style with their siblings’ names, but it isn’t the letter V.

Let’s get some feedback on this precise point – to V or not to V – from the AppMtn community before we go any farther.

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Okay, now let’s see if we can pull together a shortlist of possibilities for baby #4.

Let’s start with one list I feel compelled to make, even though you’ve almost certainly considered all of them: the V-in-the-middle names you won’t be using.  On the off chance that something does leap from this list to the top of your possibilities, let me assure you this: no one can insist you continue a theme, but no one can insist you drop one, either.  Even if you’re planning on a big family, you wouldn’t run out of baby names with V in the middle.

Now let’s bid a fond farewell to Eva and Davis, Sylvie and Jovan, and move on to other possibilities.


Let’s start with some possibilities for a girl:

  • Willow – Like River, this is a nature name that’s gone mainstream.  It’s clearly feminine, but that ‘o’ ending makes this name feel modern. And I like the way Willow’s ‘o’ ties to big sister Olivia.
  • Wren – An avian name on the rise. Wren has the same first sound as River, but a different initial. It’s much shorter than Olivia, but I’m not convinced that’s an issue.
  • Celeste – Another celestial option, this time a rather lady-like one.
  • Ciel, Cielo, Cielle – The modern cousin to Celeste.  Ciel is sky in French; Cielo in Spanish.  Cielle is a respelling that makes it more name-like in English, as it resembles other modern favorites like Brielle and Arielle.
  • Iris – There are oodles of flower names, of course.  Iris is nearly as traditional as Lily and Rose, but less expected.  Possible bonus? Iris was a messenger goddess in Greek myth, the personification of the rainbow.
  • Luna – The moon, and a Harry Potter heroine, too.  Olivia, Nova, River, Luna. I think this one stands up well to the V in the middle sound of your older children’s names.

Now some options for a boy:

  • Orion – Hunter is a popular choice for boys. Orion is the hunter of the night sky, a familiar constellation from Greek myth.
  • Rowan – A tree name, one of the more mainstream choices.  (Though if you’d like to consider the more obscure, there’s always Cedar, Oak, and Elm.)  Could work equally well for a daughter.
  • Sage – Like Rowan, this is a unisex possibility. And like Wren, on the short side compared to Olivia.  But Sage has a strong sound and two meanings – the herb, and wisdom.
  • Jasper – A mineral and gemstone, as well as one of the Cullen vampire family members in the Twilight series. Jasper shares an ending with River, and also fits in the category of boys’ names on the rise – but not yet wildly popular.
  • Forest, Forrest – There’s something slightly preppy about Forrest, especially when spelled with the double r.  Olivia, Nova, River, Forrest – it’s distinctive without being too different.
  • Leo – A vintage choice with a bright, modern sound, and ties to the king of the jungle. Olivia, Nova, River, and Leo.

Once again, girls first:

  • Zinnia – It’s a nature name, as well as zippy Z choice for a girl. I’ve met a Zinnia – she’s about six now – and it wears well.  Olivia, Nova, River, and Zinnia.
  • Zora – From a Slavic word meaning dawn, so again, this fits on both lists.  I also thought of suggesting Aurora.
  • Eliza – It’s a more traditional choice for a daughter, closer to Olivia than Nova – but with such a strong sound, this one works.  Olivia, Nova, River, and Eliza.
  • Alix – Alix looks like an attempt to make a feminine form of Alex, but it isn’t – it’s the medieval French form of Alice.

And now, boy name possibilities:

  • Axel – A Scandinavian import with a lot of rock ‘n’ roll style. Olivia, Nova, River, and Axel.
  • Huxley – A surname name with a literary vibe, but also the kind of modern discovery that never seems to get a negative reaction.  Potentially shortens to Huck – which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your affection for Mark Twain stories and, of course, potential rhyming issues.  (I’m a fan.)
  • Felix – Friendly, happy Felix is more vintage than modern nature name, but he would not be out of place: Olivia, Nova, River, and Felix.
  • Hendrix – I’m not sure how you feel about surname names, or names with ties to rock ‘n’ roll – Hendrix is both, of course. But if you’re worried that Felix is too old school, Hendrix has the same x-ending, and a more modern vibe.
  • Max, Maxwell, Maxim, Maxfield – Or any of the other many, many Max names. Max itself might feel too brief, and I’ll admit I’m most of fond of the artistic and rare Maxfield with your older kids’ names: Olivia, Nova, River, and Maxfield.  But Maxwell is the more popular choice.
  • Ezra – I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a z name here, too! Ezra might feel a little too literary and bookish, but I think that strong ‘z’ sound holds up well to the ‘v’s you’ve already used: Olivia, Nova, River, and Ezra.

What do you think of the possibilities I’ve suggested for baby #4?  What would you add to the list?  And should they really stick with V in the middle names, or do you agree that it’s time to move on?

Christian baby boy names starting with «V»

Baby Names

People with names beginning with “V” are considered to be unique souls that are often comfortable at taking risks. These are confident individuals with strong analytical skills.


New Delhi: When a newborn is welcomed into a family, it brings the crucial element of naming the child with the best suitable identity. A name is not just a title or a word; it’s a trademark that the infant carries for his or her entire life. A name is a recognition of the particular human holding the capability of resembling the personality of the person. Similarly, the first alphabet of the name also plays a very crucial role as it often reflects the power and spirit imbibing the individual.

People with names beginning with “V” are considered to be unique souls that are often comfortable at taking risks. These are confident individuals with strong analytical skills. They have a charismatic personality, making them friendly souls. They are highly enthusiastic and energetic, who often easily gain public attention.

  1. Valters – A warrior
  2. Varkey – Boisterous
  3. Valentim – Someone who is strong
  4. Vance – Brash
  5. Valerijs – Valiant
  6. Varghese – Someone who is connected with earth
  7. Van – God is gracious
  8. Vasilii – Someone who leads
  9. Vekoslav – Eternal glory
  10. Vicente – The winner
  11. Vaughan – Small
  12. Velimir – Someone with great peace
  13. Vasilica – The King
  14. Vasyklo – Honest
  15. Vincenzu – Conquer
  16. Vincent – Victorious
  17. Vinca – Someone who is exalted
  18. Vinko – Someone with leadership skills
  19. Vilis – Determined
  20. Vinny – Calvin
  21. Vail – Valley
  22. Valentino – Healthy
  23. Vinson – The winning attitude
  24. Valiant – Brave
  25. Vaha – An open sea
  26. Vadik- The Ruler
  27. Valario – Lovable
  28. Vance – Thresher
  29. Vick – Victor
  30. Vaschel – Little ash tree
  31. Vern – Youthful
  32. Varda – Rose
  33. Vidor – Cheerful
  34. Vin – Conquering
  35. Vincent – To occupy
  36. Vit – Life
  37. Vihan – Intelligent
  38. Vinit – Someone who is Polite
  39. Vito – Someone who gives life
  40. Virgilio – Staff bearer
  41. Vjeko – Glory
  42. Vova – Ruler of the world
  43. Vector – The Hero
  44. Veston – Church town
  45. Vinnie – The sword friend
  46. Villard – Bright
  47. Viniston – Pleasant stone
  48. Vaughan – Little
  49. Vevian – The love of God
  50. Vivan – Full of life



What names will bring happiness and victory to children born in 2023

For many families, 2023 will be special — and will give them the happiness of becoming parents. Astrologers are sure that the name chosen in accordance with the horoscope enhances the positive qualities of a person. We advise future mothers and fathers to familiarize themselves with the list of names that are considered especially suitable for children born in the year of the Black Water Rabbit.



Birth of children

female names

male names


Jonnelle Yankovich/Unsplash

2023 is the year of the Rabbit. This sign is considered one of the softest, kindest and most creative in the Eastern calendar. People born in the year of the Rabbit are prone to philosophizing, introspection and the search for harmony in everything around them.

Due to the situation in the world, astrologers notice a special demand for names associated with victory, success and hope for the best. This trend continues in 2023. As well as the fashion for historical names that were common in past centuries.

List of names for 2023 for boys

  • Alexander «protector of people» , and in an older interpretation — «protective person» . This name is still considered one of the most sought after and is suitable for bright and purposeful people who are successful both in work and in their personal lives
  • Ivan «pardoned by God» . This name is considered the most Russian. In recent decades, it has lost its popularity — but now it has become in demand again. The name Ivan characterizes a highly moral, family man who steadfastly goes through all life’s trials without losing faith in his strength and positive attitude
  • Felix «happy, prosperous» . It is believed that this name gives a man the talent to be prudent. Such people are courteous, sociable and know how to benefit in everything — both in work and in personal life
  • Matvey «God’s man» . This ancient Russian time is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason: it is believed that it brings wealth. Matthew is a derivative of Matthew. This name was borne by one of the apostles of Jesus Christ — who is commonly called the patron saint of financial professions
  • Oleg «saint, lucky» . Another ancient name, to which the interest of young parents has re-emerged. Oleg does not strive for leadership, but is considered an intellectual and a homely owner

Are you preparing to become a mother in 2023?

Names for girls born in 2023

  • Sofia «wise» . For several years now, this name has been considered the most popular in the world. It has many derivatives that allow the name to sound special. It is believed that the name Sofia gives girls the gift of sociability. They can excel in professions that involve communication with other people
  • Varvara — despite the fact that the meaning of the name is translated as «stranger» , it is considered one of the most Russian, and therefore is experiencing a new wave of popularity. The name Barbara is considered strong and capable of teaching a girl to achieve any goals she sets
  • Anna «God’s mercy» . This gentle name is fraught with a powerful potential, fraught with devotion to your beloved work, compassion and philanthropy. Anna often helps everyone around. They also make excellent teachers and doctors
  • Alice «noble» . This name perfectly describes a sophisticated intellectual young lady who at first glance seems very quiet and sweet. She does not strive for great success and most often prefers a family. But if he still wants to achieve something in the profession, then he chooses some male business and brilliantly masters it
  • Victoria «winner» . A self-willed, stubborn woman, who can even be called fatal. Yes, it has many disadvantages. But a bonus to them is an inexplicable ability to turn everything in their favor and emerge as a real winner from a situation

what children were called in Abkhazia in 2017 -1022835562.html

What’s in my name: what were the names of children in Abkhazia in 2017

What’s in my name to you: what were the names of children in Abkhazia in 2017

About what names for newborns were popular in 2017 in Abkhazia, why children are called names that are unusual for perception, how they are trying to promote … 01/03/2018, Sputnik Abkhazia


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https://cdnn1. :3317:1958_1920x0_80_0_0_53d167aa11


Sputnik Abkhazia

[email protected]


MIA «Rosiya Segodnya»


Sputnik Abkhazia

[email protected]


MIA „Rosiya Segodnya“



Sputnik Abkhazia

[email protected]


MIA „Rosiya Segodnya“







https://cdnn1.img. putnik Abkhazia

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MIA «Rosiya Segodnya»

Sputnik Abkhazia

news, society

news, society

Amra Amichba, Sputnik

Sanel and Bagrat from Sukhumi

list. When they come and they say that the newborn child is a girl, we immediately know that this is another Sanel. I don’t know how to characterize it, “the disease of the year”, or something.”

In Abkhazia

Traditions and modernity: why there are fewer marriages and children in Abkhazia

An employee of the registry office said that, for example, last year there were a lot of Sarii, along with Samira, Alexander was the leader among male names.

Among the frequently encountered names in 2017 were Maria, Emir, Eric, Mira, Adele, Nestor, Anabel, Nikita, Sofia, Ruslan, David, Elizabeth, Osman, Danat.

For the first time in her 23-year practice, Naala Shadaniya registered a newborn girl this year with the most unusual name — Neya.

As the father of the child who came to issue the birth certificate said, the name was chosen by the mother. She watched some foreign film and wanted to call it that.

Shadania, to the best of his ability and powers, tries to dissuade parents from «exotic» names and suggests that Abkhazians give their children Abkhazian names. According to her, they somehow hesitate to give advice to other nationalities, since they know their national names better.

«If the Abkhazians, we try, to persuade, we cannot pressure, but we advise, we express our opinion, we suggest. We listened many times. Especially men listen more. They call their wives and discuss options. Twice they called Naala thanks to me, for sure I can say,” the inspector of the registry office noted. “One parent wanted the name Luka, although a Christian name, but not an Abkhazian. As a result, they decided with the mother of the newborn to name Bagrat.”

The annual total for the number of newborns will be summed up after the New Year holidays, and for the first nine months of 2017, 400 birth certificates were issued in the capital’s registry office. Boys — 220, girls — 180.

«There are those who came here to work, gave birth to children. Among them there are citizens from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. But they have such problems, it would be better if they did not give birth to us. When issuing certificates there are no problems, we process it like at the place of birth. When they leave, there are no obstacles on the Russian side either. Problems arise in their homeland. For example, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan do not recognize Abkhazia. They cannot enter their homeland, the legitimacy of our documents is not recognized at their border. I know for sure, because when several people received certificates from us, then they turned to us — how to cancel it. Then they begin to translate certificates through their embassies. This is a very long, tedious, complicated process, «explained the senior inspector of the Sukhum registry office.

In Abkhazia

Happy replenishment: how was New Year’s Eve in the maternity hospitals of Abkhazia

Adelia and Leon of the Sukhumi district

In the Sukhumi district, according to the head of the regional registry office Juliet Bigvava, a relatively small number of birth certificates were total 76. She explained the fact that many who have a residence permit in Russia go to give birth there in order to obtain maternity capital.

Among the popular names of girls there are different variations of the name Adele — Adelia, Adeline, Alia, Adele, there is even one Aurelia.

«Of the Abkhaz names, the names of boys remain popular — Leon, Nart, Nestor, Danat, Astan. Girls — Leon and Vladislav. Konstantin and Gregory are popular among Armenians and Russians. Of the historical names of Russians, Gleb is also found,» Juliet Bigvava listed.

Last year, 112 newborns were registered in the Sukhumi region.

Such different New Athos

“I looked through the records, I’m sitting, laughing to myself, not a single repeated name, so I can’t say which is the most popular. 13-14 children are registered annually,” said Angela Bartsits, head of the registry office of the city of Novy Afon

In New Athos this year were: Esmeralda, Leo, Solomon, Salome, Leah, Malika, Milania, Gudisa, Illaria.

Last year more children were born in the city — 22. Annel, Danat, Kemal, Deya, Sanel, Nestor, Sandro, Hibla, Sana and Kan were popular.

Sofia and David from Pitsunda

The most popular names among newborns in Pitsunda are Sofia and David.

According to the head of the Pitsunda registry office, Kristina Khagush, according to statistics, there are always more girls.

Over the years, Kristina had to register two unusual names — Barbara and Dominika.

«It happens that the name does not at all correspond to the patronymic or surname, dissonant. I try to say that this will cause difficulties for the child in the future. Dominika Akhraevna. How do you hear it, is it normal? Naturally, not very, and there are many of them,» explains Christina Bartsits.

Arina and David Gulrypsh

Inspector of the Gulrypsh registry office Eka Kamkiya, after reviewing the journal entries, said that the names Arina and David were most common among newborns.

There are also many girls named Samira, she specified.

In total, as of December 15, 2017, 178 children were born in the Gulrypsh district. 87 girls and 91 boys.

In Abkhazia

A cash gift for a third: a successful demographic experiment in Abkhazia

Georgy and Ninogalsky

«In Gal, I can answer right away, without thinking at all. sewed to answer the question of the head of the registry office of the Galsky district Nino Ashuba.

A total of 92 children were born as of December 1, 2017. According to Ashub, there is a decline compared to 2016.

Among the names that surprised the head of the registry office were the Megrelian names Keso and Taso, they are called both boys and girls.

Danat and Illaria Gudauta

From January to December 1, 326 children were born in the Gudauta region.

«Indigenous Abkhazian names are extremely rarely given in the Gudauta region,» said Saida Tarkil, head of the regional registry office. «Nart, Khadjarat — I don’t remember them. Amra also didn’t happen this year at all. Naala happens. The name Gor is common among Armenians.»

Among the popular names, Tarkil named boys Danat, Esnat, Erast and Alexander, and girls Illaria and Nicole.

«For example, over the past two months, 11 girls have been registered with the name Sanel. I understand that women in labor are in the maternity hospital and consult with each other. Two girls are Bel. I don’t know where parents get such names,» Saida Tarkil is surprised .

Samira and Damir from Ochamchira

This year in the Ochamchira region there are few identical names, everyone has different names. According to the head of the regional registry office, Lali Bzhaniya, not even ten are the same.

«The most recurring ones are Samira and Damir,» she said.

Lali Bzhaniya has been working at the registry office since 1993 and recalls that immediately after World War II, Vladislav was the most common among male names.

In Abkhazia

The first president: on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the birth of Vladislav Ardzinba

«This, of course, is connected with the first president of Abkhazia, Vladislav Ardzinba,» Bzhaniya noted. «After the war, female names from Brazilian TV series were also popular. We they even began to tell their parents, let’s give our national Abkhaz names.»

In total, 241 newborns were born in the Ochamchira district in 11 months of 2017 — 131 boys, 110 girls.

«I remember the beautiful name of Miroslav, that was the name of the Abkhaz girl, and the parents are very pleasant,» she recalled.

Eva and the only Renes

Newborn girls in the Gagra district are often called Eva, said Aleftina Bartsits, senior inspector of the regional registry office.

«All different names, not repeated. 163 children were born. By the end of November, 84 boys were born, 76 girls,» she cited the statistics.

The most unusual name the inspector registered was Renes.

«This year there was only one name, Renes. Mother wanted it that way, father said,» Bartsits explained.

The inspector of the registry office of the Gagra district was surprised to say that sometimes parents insist on recording abbreviated, diminutive names on the certificate.

«For example, they came to draw up a certificate for the newborn Dima. We say, let’s write the full name, because the children will later toil with the patronymic. He will have Dimovichi children. It’s better to call Dmitry, but at home you can call Dima. They say: «What Will you call my son?» «Parents say that’s what we want. They don’t listen to advice,» said Aleftina Bartsits.

Alan and Saida Tkuarchal

In the Tkuarchal region, as an example to other regions of the republic, Abkhaz names are common. This was stated by the head of the regional office of the registry office Inna Cherkezia.

In Abkhazia

«New Year’s Fairy Tale» for little Tkuarchalians

«Abkhaz names are mostly popular with us now. I myself also play a role, I advise, there are those who listen. Alan, Leon, Sandro, Ainar — among boys, among girls — Saida and Saria are popular. There are also Naala, Astanda. In mixed marriages, when one of the parents is Abkhaz, the children are given Abkhaz names.

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