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200 Baby Girl Names That Start With M

The stars have aligned, and the day is finally here – you’re pregnant! No matter how you got here, you can take a breath and finally celebrate the dark (or faint) positive pregnancy test you’ve finally received. You’ll need to make many big decisions during pregnancy, like choosing a baby name. If you’re looking for baby girl names that start with M, you’ve come to the right place!

It can be a stressful but enjoyable way to bond with your partner over the next few months. Are you struggling to start that baby name list? We’ve compiled 200 M girl names, and we hope a few of these pique your interest!

1. Mabel

2. Macee

3. Maci

4. Macie

5. Mack

6. Mackenna

7. Mackenzie

8. Macy

9. Madalyn

10. Madalynn

11. Maddison

12. Madeleine

13. Madeline

14. Madelle

15. Madelyn

16. Madilyn

17. Madina

18. Madison

19. Madisyn

20. Mae

21. Maeve

22. Mafalda

23. Mag

24. Magaly

25. Magdalena

26. Maggie

27. Magnolia

28. Mahogany

29. Maia

30. Maidie

31. Mailah

32. Maisee

33. Maisie

34. Maison

35. Maite

36. Majesty

37. Makayla

38. Makena

39. Malani

40. Malaya

41. Malayah

42. Malaysia

43. Maleah

44. Malia

45. Malina

46. Malinda

47. Maliyah

48. Mallory

49. Malvie

50. Manuela

51. Maple

52. Mara

53. Marcela

54. Marceline

55. Marcella

56. Maren

57. Marg

58. Margaret

59. Margarita

60. Margeaux

61. Margey

62. Margo

63. Margorie

64. Margot

65. Marguerite

66. Maria

67. Mariah

68. Marian

69. Mariana

70. Marianna

71. Maribel

72. Marie

73. Mariel

74. Mariella

75. Marielle

76. Marilda

77. Marilyn

78. Marin

79. Marina

80. Maris

81. Marisol

82. Marissa

83. Maritza

84. Marlee

85. Marleigh

86. Marlen

87. Marlena

88. Marlene

89. Marley

90. Marlie

91. Marlin

92. Marlo

93. Marlon

94. Marlow

95. Marlowe

96. Marquise

97. Mars

98. Marta

99. Martha

100. Marthy

101. Marvel

102. Marwa

103. Mary

104. Mary Jane

105. Maryam

106. Maryn

107. Matilda

108. Matsuka

109. Mattie

110. Maura

111. Mavis

112. Max

113. Maxime

114. Maxine

115. Maxwell

116. Maya

117. Mayah

118. Mayra

119. Mazie

120. McKay

121. Mckenna

122. Mckenzie

123. Mckinley

124. Meadow

125. Meaghan

126. Mecca

127. Medard

128. Meena

129. Meera

130. Megan

131. Meghan

132. Mei

133. Meilani

134. Meira

135. Melanie

136. Melany

137. Melia

138. Melina

139. Melissa

140. Melodie

141. Melody

142. Mer

143. Mercedes

144. Merci

145. Mercy

146. Meredith

147. Merida

148. Merritt

149. Mia

150. Miah

151. Micah

152. Micaiah

153. Michaela

154. Michelle

155. Mignonette

156. Mikaela

157. Mikayla

158. Mila

159. Milagros

160. Milan

161. Milani

162. Mildrid

163. Milena

164. Miley

165. Milla

166. Millicent

167. Millie

168. Milly

169. Mina

170. Mindy

171. Minerva

172. Minnie

173. Mira

174. Mirabelle

175. Miracle

176. Miranda

177. Miriam

178. Misha

179. Mitsue

180. Moira

181. Mollie

182. Molly

183. Mona

184. Monica

185. Monroe

186. Montana

187. Montserrat

188. Morgan

189. Moriah

190. Mulan

191. Murphy

192. Musetta

193. Mya

194. Myah

195. Myka

196. Myla

197. Mylah

198. Myra

199. Myrline

200. Myrtia

Did you find a few baby girl names that start with M to add to your list? Although searching for the perfect name might seem like an uphill battle, once you find that award-winning title, you will know deep down that it’s the one! Try not to stress and have fun with it. Give your partner a few vetos to use, and you’ll eventually agree on the perfect name.

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2642 Baby Girl Names That Start With M

When you’re choosing a name for your baby girl, it’s important for you to decode the moniker completely. The first letter, especially, can give an insight into the bearer’s approach to life and the overall personality. Below we discuss how names starting with the letter M can affect a baby girl’s destiny. M is an optimistic and happy letter with strong creative vibrations. Girls with this letter are hardworking, loyal, and sociable with high moral ethics and traditional values. So this letter will influence your baby daughter to be happy and cheerful and have a great love for hearth and home. The M girls have a great deal of self-confidence and are highly likely to achieve success in whatever they do. These work oriented people are cautious, and do not jump into anything impulsively. They think about things thoroughly and plan for everything beforehand. And their judgment is always based on their value system, not under anyone’s influence. These wonderful personality traits shouldn’t be the only reason to give your daughter a name with M. This letter is also parent to some beautiful baby girl names, such as Molly, Mabel, Melissa and more. You’ll find all these and many more hidden gems in MomJunction’s list below.

1. What is the Islamic name of a baby girl starting with M?

One of the Islamic names for a baby girl starting with the letter «M» is «Mariam» (Maryam). It is the Arabic version of the name Mary and holds great significance in Islam as the name of the mother of Prophet Jesus (Isa). Maha is an Arabic name for girls that means ‘oryx,’ representing the beauty of an antelope. Mira is another name that means ‘peaceful’ or ‘beautiful.’

2. What is the meaning of the name «Madison»?

Madison is a popular unisex name derived from an English surname meaning ‘son of Maud.’ Incidentally, Maud is a French and English feminine form of the name Matilda, which is derived from the Germanic name Mahthilt, implying ‘strength in battle.’

3. What are some baby girl names that start with the letter «M» and have a connection to pop culture or media?

One popular name is Mia, which gained recognition from the character Mia Thermopolis in the book series and film adaptation of «The Princess Diaries. » Another notable name is Matilda, inspired by the beloved character Matilda Wormwood from Roald Dahl’s novel and the subsequent film adaptation. Madonna is another name for a singer who is a highly influential and iconic pop singer known for her innovative music.

4. What are some baby girl names that start with the letter «M» and have a historical significance?

Marie is of French origin and has historical significance as the name of several important figures, including Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France. Margaret has historical significance as it has been borne by several queens and influential figures throughout history, such as Margaret of Anjou, who was Queen Consort of England in the 15th century (1). A timeless name with significant historical and religious importance, Mary is associated with figures including Mary, the mother of Jesus.

5. What are some baby girl names that start with the letter «M» and are becoming more popular in recent years?

Among the long list of possible names for baby girls, Mia meaning ‘moon,’ Mila meaning ‘miracles,’ Maya meaning ‘magic,’ and Millie meaning ‘gentle strength’ are names that are growing in their popularity over the years.

Names for girls with the letter M 2022 and their meanings, the most beautiful names for girls

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The letter «Mim» is one of the distinctive letters that gives the name a characteristic and gentle sound, and the names of girls with the letter «M» in 2022 from all over the world are especially beautiful.While waiting for the baby, you can choose a name with the letter «M», it corresponds to the modern era and is of particular importance.

Girls Names starting with M 2022

When looking for girl names starting with M 2022 website Echo of Cairo It gives you a lot of names from which you can choose, the most famous of which are the following:

  • King: This means that he enjoys transparency, purity and purity.
  • Mahira: This means a woman with an expensive dowry.
  • Madeleine: meaning sweet or summer fruit.
  • Mahitab: A female given name of Iranian origin meaning moonlight.
  • Mace: A girl’s name meaning a shy girl.
  • Mayas: female name meaning «oud and incense», fragrant.
  • Merzuka: A female name meaning wealth and riches.
  • Desirable: A girl’s name that means intent, purpose, or goal.
  • Mayasin: A girl’s name in Arabic, meaning a distant star.
  • Musk: The name of an Arab girl, and Musk is a famous and valuable Arabic perfume, characterized by a strong and beautiful fragrance and a rare presence.
  • Meral: A female name meaning «little deer».
  • Mansura: female name meaning «victorious».
  • Al-Mas: A girl’s name is of Arabic origin and its origin is diamond, brilliant and precious gemstone.
  • Malika: A female name meaning the owner of a property.
  • Maysa: A girl’s name which means rocking girl.
  • Mahdia.
  • Moniba: The girl’s name means heavy rain.
  • Mazuza: The meaning of the girl’s name has increased.
  • Muzna: A girl’s name, which means rain cloud.
  • Maisam: A female name meaning the female part of a flower.
  • Mayasin: a girl’s name, meaning a distant star.
  • Mahra: a woman with an expensive dowry.
  • Mate: A female name meaning «white honey».
  • Melia: means flower of paradise and is not an Arabic name.
  • Mahra: This is one of the Persian female names which also means a woman with a precious and precious dowry.
  • May: This is the name of an Arab girl with the letter M, which means «young woman».
  • Meisam: This means a woman with beautiful markings on her face.
  • Milia: one of the names of girls with the Arabic letter M, meaning flower of paradise.
  • Misir: Derived from al-Yusr, meaning «moderate woman».
  • Mayar: This is an Arabic name meaning the light of the moon.

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Foreign female names starting with the letter M

Some of the most famous names for girls beginning with the letter M 2022 Western are:

  • Matilda: A German girl’s name meaning «warrior in war. »
  • Myrna: This is a Scottish female name meaning «good, polite girl».
  • Marianne: A female given name of Anglo-Jewish origin.
  • Merihan: The girl’s name means «princess» in many languages ​​such as Persian and Turkish, and in other languages ​​the name means «moonlight».
  • Melinda: ambiguous Greek name, it can mean honey or bee, «Linda» means polite, noble and respectable.
  • Merella: Latin name for a girl, meaning quail.
  • Maria: This is a female name from Eastern and Latin Europe.

Beautiful meanings of the name Maryam

The name Maryam is considered one of the most famous girl names starting with the letter M, because in Arabic it means chastity, purity or beloved, but in Hebrew it means Abdullah, and Al-Abadun in in Syriac means the bitterness of the sea. .

There is disagreement about the origin of the name, but it is agreed that it originated in Greece, then passed into Hebrew, then into Persian, then into the Arab world, and in a name that gave its owner names derived from it:

Mimi — Marmar — Mimo — Remy — Momo — Mariamma — Maryam — Mimi — Marian — Remo — Remy It should be noted that it is mentioned in the Holy Quran about thirty-four times, and is considered the only female name in the Holy Quran.

There are many famous people who have been called by this name, for example, Maryam Said (Moroccan national media), Maryam Fakhreddin is an Egyptian actress who has about 240 works to her credit.

Characteristics of the bearer of the name Maria

  • The characteristic of the bearer of this name is that he likes to be neat and organized and does not like to sit in a cluttered place.
  • Full of energy and activity, especially in work and study.
  • An ambitious person of the highest rank.
  • Always look for ways to get higher scores.
  • She likes to try everything new and unusual.
  • You love being around everyone.

The meaning of the name Marva

The name Marwa is one of the well-known Arabic names in the Arab world. The name is taken from the word Marwa, a shiny white stone that is used to light a fire and also means courage and generosity.

The name of Marwa is a famous mountain in Mecca, the mother of the Prophet Ismail, Mrs. Hajar, was looking for water between the second mountain of As-Safa, and it should be noted that this name is mentioned in the Koran, especially in Sura Al-Baqarah.

Among famous people with this name is Marwa Abdel Moneim (Egyptian actress who participated in many performances, primarily in the series «Hadith Al-Sabah and Al-Masaa»).

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  • Mabila: derived from the word Bel, which means a beautiful girl.
  • Marnie: A female name meaning joy and happiness.
  • Marcela: A girl’s name starting with the letter M, meaning crazy, full of war and longing for her.
  • Resume

    • We have shown you girl names starting with M, Islamic girl names and famous girl names starting with M from which you can choose.
    • If you’re looking for a girl’s name that begins with the letter M, know the most beautiful of these names.
    • Marnan: It means the ringing of a bow, and this rare female name begins with the letter M.
    • Massarra: Arabic girl name meaning joy and happiness.
    • Mila: Girl’s name refers to a girl who walks the way she walks. It comes from an Arabic word meaning «inclined».
    • Maysa: name of a girl, meaning of Arabic origin.

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    M — inner strength, the ability to solve complex problems, curiosity and the desire to try everything on your own experience. The bearer of the name with this letter likes to plan for the future. He is a kind, caring person. Able to take into account other people’s interests. In love, he is ready to sacrifice himself.

    The letter «M» at the beginning of the name symbolizes peacefulness, friendliness.

    List of female names beginning with M

    We bring to your attention a list of names for girls with the letter M and their meanings:

    Mabina — clever
    Mavis — joy
    Mavluda — a girl
    Mavluda — a girl
    Mavra — dark-skinned, dark-skinned
    Magda — see Magdalena
    Magdalena — from Magdala
    Magdalena — from Magdala
    Magdolna — from Magdala
    Magusha — Mighty
    Madina — from the name of the city of Medina
    Madeleine — from Magdala
    Madhu — honey
    Mayga — tender
    Maida — small
    Miley — smile
    Maire — lovely
    Maya (ka) — Maternal
    Maya / Maya — goddess of spring
    Maya – May
    Makaria — prosperous
    Mackenzie — daughter of a wise leader
    Makosh — Mother of lot, cat, fate
    Makrina — skinny
    Mala — necklace
    Malanya — Small me
    Malati — jasmine
    Malgorzata — pearl. See Margarita
    Malika — angel
    Malika — queen, mistress Derived from the verb «ma-la-kya»
    Malin — from Magdala
    Malka — queen
    Malola — angelic tulip
    Malusha — Malaya
    Malvina — From mal — justice and wine — friend.
    Mana — Alluring
    Manda — Rounded
    Mane — Armenian goddess
    Manon — serene. See Maria
    Mansura — the winner
    Manuela — God is with us
    Manya — From the kind of mans I
    Mara — Mother of radiance
    Margana — Granting peace on the way
    Margaret — a pearl
    Margaret — a pearl
    Margaret — a pearl
    Margaret — a pearl
    Marie — a variant of Mary
    Maryam — serving God
    Marianne — sea
    Mary — serene
    Maril — serene 901 90 Marina — sea
    Marit — pearl
    Maria — serene
    Maria / Marya — bitter
    Marketa — pearl
    Marlene — Marie + Madeleine
    Marta — mistress
    Martina — dedicated to Mars
    Martina — on behalf of God Mars
    Marusya — Peaceful
    Martha — Calm
    Martha — mistress
    Maryna — sea
    Mary — Peaceful
    Maryam — pious
    Maryana — Full of peace
    Maryana — sea
    Maryatta — pearl
    Matilda — power + battle 90 190 Matilda — from macht — strength and hild — battle .
    Matilda — power + battle
    Matryona / Matrona — mistress, mother of the family, matushka
    Matrona — noble
    Mawlida — newborn
    Mahabbat — love
    Mahpur — velvet
    Mahfuza — guarded
    Maelis — Mary + Lisa (Elizabeth)
    Medea — Pleasant
    Medina — the holy city in Saudi Arabia
    Medusa — Sweet
    Meili — beautiful plum
    Meifeng — beautiful wind
    Melania / Melania — dark, swarthy
    Melania — dark
    Melek — angel
    Melisande — strong at work
    Melissa — industrious
    Melpomeni — to chant
    Men — moon
    Merna — offer
    Flicker — Flashing
    Merya — Knowing the measure
    Mechislava — Sword of glory
    Mzia — the sun
    Mi Suk — beautiful and chaste
    Mia — serene. See Maria
    Mielikki — beloved
    Mizuki — beautiful moon
    Mil(k)a — Dear
    Mila — dear
    Milagres — miracle
    Milada — kind
    Milana — She is sweet
    Milana / Milena / — dear
    Milana — dear
    Milan – dear
    Milda – goddess of love
    Milena – dear
    Milislava – Dear Glory
    Milica – dear
    Milica (old, Slavic) – sweet on the face
    Milovzora – Dear look
    Milolika — sweetheart
    Milonega — sweet and gentle
    Milorada — sweet and joyful
    Miloslava — dear glory
    Miloslava — dear + glory
    Milyausha — violet
    Minay — mole
    Minami — southern
    Minisivikve — island naya woman
    Minttu — mint
    Mingzhu – pearl
    Mira – Peaceful
    Mirdza – sparkling
    Mirela – delightful
    Miriana – She is peaceful
    Mirina – Otherworldly
    Myritritsa – Peaceful
    Mironega – Peaceful bliss
    Miroslava – Glorifying the world
    Miroslava — glorious in the world
    Myrrh — fragrant, fragrant
    Myrrh — myrtle tree
    Miriam — bitter water
    Miskogizhigokve — woman of the red sky
    Miskol — light, graceful
    Mitrodora (gr.

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