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Baby Girl Names

If you are expecting a baby, you have a lot to think about. One of the most important decisions you will make at this time is what you want to name your baby. After all, your baby will be stuck with her name for the rest of her life!

When naming a girl, you want to choose a name she will be happy with and one that suits her well. As children grow, their names are something that will identify them, and more so as years go on. Therefore, you need to think about what kind of name you want for your girl… cute and tomboy? Sweet and princess-like? Serious and sensible?

Whatever your tastes may be, our Baby Girl Name section can help you come up with the best name for your little one.

Some parents name their children after someone in their family. If this is the case, they may want to choose a name that begins with the same letter as the family member’s name does. We have articles that list girl’s baby names according to the letter of the alphabet they start with.

Others may want to give their babies a name that reflects their ethnic heritage. We have names that originate in countries like Scotland, Britain, and Ireland.

Some families might want to name their child a popular name while others would like a more unique one. We also list the most popular girls’ names so you can choose from them…or not!

Many baby names that parents choose for their baby girl seem to be subject to the whims of celebrities and popularity (those famous top ten lists).

For the most part, the top ten names used for naming girls have not been changed all that much for the last few years. Although some of them may have changed their placement on the list they still remain on the list.

When you are choosing a girl’s baby name it is important that the one you choose is one that both you and your partner like. Look at the way it sounds and looks as well as any connotations that may be attached to it. A great question to ask yourself when looking for a name for your baby girl is “Would I like this name if it was mine?”

Also when choosing a name for your daughter select one that has meaning to you. By doing this you are providing your child with a sense of belonging. You may want to select a name that fits your child (if they are dark haired then a name like Melain would be perfect as it means “black” or “dark”). However, if you choose to do this you may well have to wait until they have actually been born.

However, most parents will have chosen their baby’s name prior to its birth and usually, they find that when they see the baby for the first time the name they have chosen fits them perfectly. A great way of ensuring that the name you have chosen for your baby girl is right is by seeing how it sounds and how it looks written out (both fully and with initials). Often by playing around with different names for baby girls parents will find the one that they feel most comfortable with and sounds just right for the baby girl that they are expecting.

Your child’s name is so important. Hopefully, our articles will help you find a name you and your child will be happy with for the rest of her life!

Click on the links below for alphabetized lists of baby girl names and lists divided by year, personality, and more.

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Theater of Nations

Interview with Leah Akhedzhakova

At the end of last year, The Sovremennik hosted the premiere of The Gin Game based on the play by American playwright Donald Lee Coburn. The production by Galina Volchek is a benefit performance for two actors, Liya Akhedzhakova and Valentin Gaft, who tell the story of two elderly people meeting in a nursing home. Akhedzhakova is now playing not only in her native Sovremennik, but also in the Theater of Nations, for example, in Andrei Moguchiy’s play “Circo Ambulante”, which is important for the actress from a civil point of view. At the end of 2013, Liya Akhedzhakova received the Moscow Helsinki Group award in the nomination «For the protection of human rights through culture and art.»

Lenta. ru met with the People’s Artist of Russia and talked about the latest premiere, the new role of Alisa Freindlich, Khodorkovsky, the freedom of the artist in Russia and favorite directors — Moguchy, Krymov, Serebrennikov. Liya Akhedzhakova said that she considers the new “Hamlet” at the Theater of Nations to be an opposition performance, recalled how her civic views were formed, and also shared her opinion why the current Russian government is tightening the screws, and Ukraine wants to run away from us. Your last theatrical premiere is The Gin Game with Valentin Gaft in Sovremennik. When we agreed to meet, you said several times that the performance is difficult for you, difficult. Because you spend all your time on stage or emotionally?

Liya Akhedzhakova: No, because I generally work hard and for me any release of a performance is a very difficult thing. Especially before the premiere, I always have the feeling that nothing worked out, that I am to blame for everything, that everything needs to be redone. I have a lot of complaints about myself. Sometimes to the author. There were light releases, but rarely.

During rehearsals, does your attitude towards the piece change? Did you immediately, for example, like this play?

There was a period when I hated it, it seemed to me that the play was very primitive. And then a wonderful journalist from Novaya Gazeta, Elya Goryukhina, came to the performance — she looked and told me about the meanings inherent in this play, analyzed it. It became much easier for me. If only she had told me before! On the stage, we don’t know what message we are sending, what is the effect of our performance. We want a lot, but we don’t know what the viewer gets. And when she told me her perception, I changed my attitude towards the play. There is also great respect for Goryukhina, for her personality, worldview, experience, of course. The people in the room are different.

The theme of loneliness sounds in the performance, you involuntarily think about how you live and what you will come to. At the same time, your heroine Fonsia sometimes seems very correct — because of this, both comical and sad situations arise. How would you describe her?

Can’t describe. It’s like a centipede: if it starts thinking about which foot to walk with, it won’t move. There are things that are better left unsaid.

Valentin Gaft is your old theatrical partner, you had different periods of co-creation. How was the release of this performance?

We have known each other for a long time, we worked with him a lot, we played Difficult People together for a long time. For me, he is a very familiar partner, with whom relations have been well-coordinated many years ago. It’s easy for me with him, but, of course, there were some difficulties: when everyone pulls in their own direction and it is necessary to negotiate. I sometimes think: since I am a woman, then I have privileges. Alas!

You play with Volchek and at the same time go on stage in the performances of Serebrennikov and Mighty, directors of another generation. This is a different theatrical language, different topics — they speak more about the present day, about today’s country. What are you more interested in, where are you more comfortable?

Nursing home, loneliness, care is an eternal theme for me. And, of course, I feel very comfortable in my theater. I know the director Galina Borisovna, I worked with her many times, I know partners and everyone who makes this performance — starting with the barmaid Nadia. I am friends with Pasha Kaplevich (Kaplevich is the author of the scenography and costumes in the play — approx. «»), with all the workshops. But I’m also comfortable in the Theater of Nations. I’m already used to it, everyone there has become family. It so happened in my life that I find it hard to endure a new team, new people, it’s hard for me to fit into a new environment. But both in Sovremennik and in the Theater of Nations, there was an atmosphere where you don’t have to spend yourself on anything. Easy, this is my home. And the fact that, for example, Moguchy proposed a completely different theater is all the more interesting. A new director and a level like Andrey — at first it bothered me a little, I was afraid that I was behind or, even worse, out of shape. But painstaking work — very creative and interesting — did its job. This is an unforgettable time and theatrical happiness (Liya Akhedzhakova plays in the performance of the Mighty «Circo Ambulante» — approx. «»)!

You and Mighty, if I’m not mistaken, have a very interesting history of cooperation, accidental, one might say.

Yes, Zhenya Mironov asked me: “Who do you want to work with?” I answer: “You never know with whom I want? For example, I dream with the Mighty. I have been following his work for 20 years and then I watched Ivana in Alexandrinka — I was completely blown away by this performance, then by his Happiness. And Zhenya told me: «So, sit by the phone, I’ll call you now.» Seven minutes later he told me that I would work with Mighty. It was Zhenya who gave me such happiness. Our entire acting team thanked fate that it fell to us to work with Mighty. Fantastic luck, and he brought amazing theatrical magicians with him. One artist Isaev is worth something.

The play «Circo Ambulante» is very rich in content and visually. It seems that you can even get lost in it. But at the same time there is a real Leah Akhedzhakova. Did you play the role or were you yourself?

I don’t know what’s the matter, but now I watched “Alice” by the Mighty in the BDT, and there Alice (the main character is played by Alisa Freindlich — approx. «») — first of all, the Alice that we all know and adore — a symbol of Leningrad. I remember her from the first role, in my opinion, she brought Romeo and Juliet to Moscow. And the performance of the Mighty is dedicated to her — Alisa Freindlich. When he worked with me, he gave me the opportunity to be real and speak out. And he allowed Alice to confess, to come to the viewer not protected by any armor, not hidden behind the character.

It’s interesting that in «Circo Ambulante» you show your face, reveal yourself at the moment when you are wearing Don Quixote’s armor. You deliver a monologue about a tyrant that you could say at a rally.

Mighty wrote me this text together with Maxim Isaev. They gave me the opportunity to be myself, but in the body of this Mary, who is sinful and cleansed, leaving this life, which is betrayed and a traitor at the same time. Very close and understandable to me — hidden. How did he guess, how did he feel? How did he feel Alisa Freindlich? How he dressed her in the clothes of Alice in Wonderland, next to which there is a little girl Alice, and the girl calls her all the time. She constantly hears a voice. How do all these characters — and Humpty Dumpty, and the Hatter, and the Queen, and the Rabbit — how do they suddenly become a part of the life of not only that girl Alice, but also the actress Alice? Amazing, and so easy, without any special tricks. And the performance gives rise to great meanings: I was sitting in the hall and crying all the time, because all this echoes in me, the spectator. I myself am Alice, who is called by a little girl from Maykop, who is eternally guilty before her mother, with whom her Rabbit, her Humpty Dumpty, her world has grown old and will die.

What do you think Alice’s story is about?

This is a life lived by a person, his personal experiences, personal loneliness, personal insomnia and personal guilt in front of his mother, who no longer exists, personal sins that walk next to her in the guise of her partners from Wonderland. And the completely amazing monologue of the Rabbit — it turns out that Oleg Valerianovich Basilashvili actually delivered it. When the Mighty One came to him with a request to play the Rabbit, he refused, but his monologue remained in the play: «We so hoped that we would not crap, but we still crap.» There is a big monologue that carries a huge meaning — much wider than the performance and the humor inherent in it. And it becomes even scary, because it turns into a global metaphor for our faith in the future, our hope, our imaginary victory, our honesty and deceit.

Efros once said to me: don’t play a role, play a theme. I remember this for the rest of my life. The meanings that are born from the way the actor looks through the character and what kind of personality is confessed to us through the protection of the character are very important.

«Alice» — the first premiere of the Mighty in the BDT as the artistic director of the theater. Can we now say in what direction he will lead the theater?

It is impossible to predict. Is it possible to compare his performances «Happiness», «Ivans», «Between a dog and a wolf» and «Circo Ambulante»? These are all different things. Apparently, he lives some kind of very powerful inner artistic life. He is, of course, a very oppositional person, he has a strong civic feeling. He does not need to be charged anywhere, he himself is a generator of ideas, a generator of feelings, ideas, great love for the actor — this is what I felt and was very nourished by this, thanks to working with him, I believed in the destiny of the theater of the 21st century.

How important is the citizenship of the director you work with to you?

I love Dima Krymov’s theatre. And even a little I participate in his performance «A Midsummer Night’s Dream». Dima Krymov is absolutely close to me: we do not have a single point of disagreement. Moreover, he is also the son of Natasha Krymova and Efros. I wanted to see how he works, to be inside his composition. His performance went to a stunning Shakespeare festival in Scotland, and when we were asked sharp questions from the audience at a press conference, Dima answered the way I would answer. But much more balanced, sharper, brighter. Once he gave us, his actors, a lecture on scenography. I have never heard anything like this about the fine arts, it was a revelation of a great artist. The talent and language is amazing. So is Kirill Serebrennikov: it is very important for me that he is an intelligent, educated person. He has his own «theater», his discoveries, communication with him in the process of work nourishes, opens up some new horizons, not to mention the fact that we are like-minded people.

Do you also consider Yevgeny Mironov close to you in spirit and views?

Have you seen Hamlet? Amazingly, the performance turned out to be absolutely oppositional, and according to the direction of Lepage and the incredible technology of the 21st century, it is the future of the theater. But the main thing is the meaning. Denmark is a prison, there is no choice, to be or not to be. Not to be! His Hamlet lives in a society where friends denounce you, where your father is killed, where the sword is poisoned, where the glass you are given has poison, where you are tapped. You have to suspect even your beloved. How he plays Polonius! The huge listening device from the Soviet past, which Polonius uses, was invented by Zhenya. Serious things are formulated there, and, in particular, what a prison country is, and there is only one way out — a straitjacket and a cell.

«Caligula», «Hamlet» — Mironov works on such great material. In Hamlet, he alone plays all the roles and plays amazingly. He looks very young when he plays Hamlet, and old when he plays Polonius. He is incredibly tragic when he plays Ophelia; he is scary when he plays his mother, Gertrude. This is a performance of great civic courage and acting risk. Mironov is not only a brilliant actor, but also a smart organizer. Both the choice of material and the decision of the performance speak for themselves. And Zhenya leads his theater quite confidently, he understands the vector and does not fuss. He still has ahead, in my opinion, «Tartuffe», and Luc Bondi, and Bob Wilson, and Bogomolov. And young unknown talents next to the names of Lepage, Nyakroshus, Mighty, Serebrennikov …

Do you think an artist needs to be in dialogue with the authorities? And can it be considered free now?

No, our artist is not free. Either lie, servility, or, as it was in the ever-memorable years, metaphors, underground, partisanism. I know many opposition directors, people of great civic courage — Geta Yanovskaya and Kama Ginkas, for example. And I don’t know how many years there was no repair in my dear Youth Theatre, where I worked. And I do not think that they are given a lot of money for the theater. But they will never sing in chorus with Dmitry Kiselev about the unsuitability of their colleagues, with whom they differ in everything, and they will not go to Solovyov’s program to sing the same song with Prokhanov.

And their performances, by Tovstonogov’s students, are the very great tradition of the Russian theater, implicated in a deep understanding of the life of the human soul, an honest conversation with the audience about the most secret secrets of life. Personally, I can afford to say very sharp things. But the chiefs cannot, they are responsible for our salaries, for repairs, and yet they manage to be honest and not servility.

In February ITAR-TASS published an interview with Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky. He says the following phrase there: “It is gratifying that a century later, artists and musicians, writers and historians, the creative elite of society, take an active public position. Thanks to this factor, as well as to the constructive dialogue with the state authorities, 2014 was declared the year of culture in Russia by the president.”

I won’t comment. I don’t want to comment. Because I can hurt someone.

Returning to the conversation about freedom, at least about freedom on the stage, I would like to recall Serebrennikov. And in his «notions» and in working with actors, this freedom is very much felt. You played in his film and play — did he have any ideas, suggestions that you, for example, could not accept?

How can you not accept it? He will never go on experiments that will not be important to him, and he will never go against his conscience (this is to D. Kiselev and Bora Lyubimov). A smart director who is looking for new moves, sometimes even to his own detriment, but does not follow the beaten path — this is what I value in him. He always surprises. And ideologically we coincide with him. I read in his performances everything that is in the text, what is not in the text, what is beyond the text. Any of his messages reaches me and enriches me. If he fails, I will understand the root of his delusion, but I will also understand the vector.

I can’t say that it was easy for me to work in his Le Figaro, no. I did not like the role, but I really wanted to work with such partners, with such a director. I managed to play it only five years later. Nothing worked out at first, I couldn’t love this role, it annoyed me, and then it happened. Time…

Serebrennikov and Mighty, by the way, are very different. But they are still different — this is our theatrical culture. Galina Borisovna loves psychological theater, she is seriously engaged in it. Sometimes she can prompt in such a way that tears will shed both for the viewer and for me; she is also a wonderful teacher. She can lead me to a feeling, and how many times has she guided me to powerful living. She calls it «playing for an aortic rupture.» And I really like that I was brought up in Sovremennik to play for an “aortic rupture”, although this does not often work out. I know actors who have lived a wonderful life, all in awards, but never in their lives played for an “aortic rupture”, although they are loved by the public and all in orders.

It turns out that you were lucky and fate brought you in the profession with people close to you in terms of views. Did it happen otherwise?

Yes, Viktyuk is absolutely not close to me in spirit. We parted with him not as friends, but I don’t know who else has done so much for me. He put on four big, beautiful performances where I had my favorite roles. And he was at his best, and so was I. I have to say thanks to Viktyuk for helping me become an actress.

Now something has changed. And in my life, and in my theatrical destiny, and in the country, and in the theater. I feel that Circo Ambulante should be played, although it sometimes leaves the audience who got in the wrong place. Nevertheless, this performance has found its fans — they understand what they are getting into and are ready to unwind the complex fabric of the performance, to read the message of the author.

They leave because the performance is difficult. It seems that the message is obvious, but the story needs to be promoted.

This performance is for thinking people who are not indifferent, “who cares”. The channel «Rain» has this message. A simple message, but very true. Apparently, those who cut off the oxygen to the «Rain» are very annoying — dissent and true information. They are ready to listen to Kurginyan, Zhirinovsky, Mamontov… And how many more of them are singers of disinformation! They took advantage of the opportunity. Viktor Petrovich Astafiev began talking about the blockade of Leningrad a long time ago — why was the city doomed to starvation? Hitler was not going to conquer it, historians know this — there are documents, studies. Why not discuss, but excommunicate? And one must carefully read Granin — here she is the conscience of Leningrad.

Who has had a strong influence on shaping your views? Parents, friends?

I don’t know. Probably, when in Moscow people came to Red Square for our and your freedom, it all started from there. How we planted ourselves, the older brother, with our tanks — and how far they ran away from us as soon as the opportunity arose. All draped. As now the Maidan wants to get rid of us, and God forbid we will step on this rake again. Although there are no closer people than Ukraine and Russia, they are afraid of us. They remember the Holodomor and the Stalinist camps. And most importantly, I read one phrase from Dovlatov: Stalin — yes, he was a terrible bastard, but who wrote four million denunciations? This is what worries me the most. Who are these people who are being tortured in the pre-trial detention center? Who are these snipers who aim for the eye and the heart? And who voted for «golden toilet bowls», for thieves and swindlers? And who will they vote for?

Against the backdrop of the wave of protests that rose in Russia, did you have a feeling that something might change in the country? However, the subsequent laws testify otherwise.

Something has to happen for people to wake up. People have a fear that they will be imprisoned, arrested, the child will be taken away and something will be done to him, that they will not pay the mortgage. We are rapidly sliding into the past. And now, when there is the experience of the Maidan, the authorities, of course, are frightened. She will continue to tighten the screws. And after the verdict, the guys from Bolotnaya will again be afraid of violence, punishment, prison, a psychiatric hospital…

After his release, Mikhail Khodorkovsky said in one of his interviews that during the years of his imprisonment some people changed their attitude towards him. And what is critically important for him is how Liya Akhedzhakova treats him. Have you changed your attitude towards him?

No, it hasn’t changed. I never knew him, I didn’t know him or his family. I found out later, when he was already “well” and had been sitting for a long time. I ended up in the Korallovo Lyceum and met absolutely wonderful people and teachers, with his dad and mom. When there was a second trial, I went. Khamovniki court. Prosecutor Lakhtin. False Witnesses. Lie. An obvious lie. Behind bars are two strong, smart, handsome people. Behind bars are two leaders who have not been broken by prison. Two intellectuals speaking excellent Russian, fluent in words, problems, with excellent memory, able to prove the irrefutable. I choose those behind bars. I can say the same thing after attending the trial of the «boggers» — behind bars are smart, worthy, unbroken people, real intellectuals. What I cannot say about those who accused without listening to any evidence of the defense. The “victims” look very stupid. A shame. And the “thought” is struggling with smoking. And win.

A 13-year-old girl tried to commit suicide in Novosibirsk — her mother reported bullying at school — March 1, 2023

The girl’s mother wants to understand who is to blame for the fact that her daughter almost died


On the morning of February 8, in the Nizhnyaya Eltsovka microdistrict, a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl was found in the snow near a high-rise building. The girl tried to commit suicide and survived. She is still in the hospital. The NHS spoke with Olya’s mother (the name of the minor has been changed. — Note ed. ), who spoke about who made her child’s life unbearable during the last school year and how her daughter feels.

On Wednesday morning, February 8, 2023, 13-year-old Olya N. was going to school. The seventh-grader had spent the previous few days with her mother visiting relatives from the Altai Territory and was supposed to appear in class for the first time after a long weekend.

— She was packed: got up, went to the shower, washed her hair, dried her hair … got dressed. She put on makeup, put on glasses … dressed completely, the way she goes to school . .. — in detail, almost minute by minute, Daria N. describes the morning of her daughter — She had little time left, and I said: do not be late. She, apparently, was afraid that they would start scolding her again …

An inexplicable anxiety for her daughter overtook Daria almost immediately, and perhaps this was one of the factors that developed in an incredible set of circumstances, and also the quick arrival of doctors and just luck: after the suicide attempt, Olya not only survived, her was taken to the hospital and stabilized. And the mother, who did everything to make her daughter happy, healthy and socialized at school, suddenly realized that even this was not enough.

Olya studied well and led an active life, and when her child started having problems, her mother found a psychologist for her. But that wasn’t enough0005


The first six years at school Olya was an excellent student, says Daria. With the onset of puberty, the girl began to study a little worse and began to be late, but still remained successful and motivated. In the fall, she became the first at the school stage of the Olympiads in Russian, English and biology. This did not interfere with good relations with the class teacher, but the head teacher for educational work, as Daria says, regularly shamed and scolded the girl for showing up at school after the call for the lesson.

— It even happened that Olya came, there was still no call, she didn’t have time to reach the office, the head teacher for educational work stopped her and asked: “Well, what will you come up with this time [about your being late]?” As a result, she was late, but because of the head teacher.

— Was Olya afraid of her?

— Let’s just say there was no love.

Relations with other schoolchildren were also superimposed on problems with control by a strict teacher: the girl refused the high school student who was caring for her, and he first began to mock Olya himself, and then turned against her and his friends.

“They called her a trash can, a garbage dump, and… write “a lady of easy virtue”: it’s somehow creepy for me to pronounce all this,” the calm Daria is a little embarrassed until this moment.

At school No. 102, according to Darya N., the moral character of the students was monitored very strictly

psychologist (for a fee — the school one, according to her, did not work with the child), attended thematic parent-teacher meetings, where parents were taught what to do if their child is being bullied, but there was no specific decision on the specific fact of bullying.

When Olya was diagnosed with a mild depressive disorder on February 4 at her school medical examination, the responsible mother also registered her with a child psychiatrist, the closest date was February 23.

And a couple of days later, says Daria, the life safety teacher decided to study the social networks of schoolchildren and found a picture on Olya’s page where the girl’s face is hidden either by smoke or by steam. Nobody began to figure out what exactly the girl was doing: her mother was called in for a conversation. It is difficult to say whether this humiliating fact became the determining factor in the terrible choice that the seventh grader made. But already on the eighth day, an innocent remark about a possible delay frightened Olya so much that she almost ended her life.

Today the girl is still in the hospital, her mother is next to her almost around the clock.

“She is in a lot of pain,” Daria answers quietly when asked about her daughter’s health. She screams at night, can’t sleep.

Of the school staff, only the class teacher is regularly interested in Olya’s health: he asks his mother, chats with the child in a messenger. The director, according to Darya N., asked about the injured student only when the woman took the results of her daughter’s school psychological testing. The head teacher for educational work, again, according to my mother, did not ask this question.

Daria does not know how long Olya’s treatment and recovery will take.

School No. 102, where Olya N. studied, is located next to the house where the girl’s family lives, at Equatornaya, 5. The website of the educational institution indicates that it has two gyms, a stadium and a dance class. As part of psychological, pedagogical and social assistance, students and their parents are offered psychological and pedagogical counseling, correctional and developmental, compensatory and speech therapy classes with children. Some of the schoolchildren are members of the youth army — this extracurricular work, according to Daria N., is handled by the life safety teacher.

Director of the school — teacher of chemistry and biology Vlada Kurbatova. When asked by journalists about the position of the school regarding the emergency that happened to the seventh grader, she said that she could not tell anything about the incident with the child, but assured that the school was also looking into the incident:

— An internal investigation is being carried out, checks are being carried out, Vlada Kurbatova said by phone.

Head teacher for educational work Elena G. (her full name and surname are known to the editors) refused to answer questions in an extremely harsh manner, also referring to the child’s personal data.

Now Daria N. wants to understand who is to blame for the fact that her daughter almost died, and wants this guilty person to be punished. The woman works with lawyer and human rights activist Anna Tazheeva from Novosibirsk. In her opinion, in this story, the school made numerous violations.

The position of the Investigative Committee regarding the story of Olya remained unknown, however, according to the NGS, a pre-investigation check is underway


— Puberty is a difficult period in a person’s life that requires special attention. I believe that the school “squeezed” this girl with its control, so this tragedy happened,” the social activist said.

By alexxlab

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