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175+ Beautiful And Unique Christian Baby Girl Names

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The majority of Western names in today’s modern world are connected to Christian cultures. In addition, Christian or Biblical names have been mentioned in the various books and literature of the Abrahamic religions. Therefore, if you are searching for Christian baby girl names, you have several options to choose from.

The Holy Bible consists of The Old Testament and The New Testament, mentioning characters with unique and meaningful names. These names have passed on from generation to generation, and even their spellings have changed over time. Christian culture has varied origins, including Hebrew, Islamic, or Middle Eastern.

Here, we have a list of Christian names for you to pick for your baby girl.

175+ Best Biblical Names For Girls With Meanings

1. Abijah

This is a unisex name, which means ‘My father is God’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 8:2



This is one of the most popular Christian names. Abigail means the ‘Cause of Joy’.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 25:1-42

3. Abihail

Abihail is a unisex Christian name, which means the ‘Father of Strength’.

Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 11:18

4. Abital

This is an unusual Biblical name which means ‘My father is Dew’.

Bible mention: 2 Samuel 3:4

5. Achsah

It means ‘Adorned’ or ‘Bursting the veil’. There are other references in the Bible, which also describe Achsah as ‘The woman who always wanted more’.

Bible mention: Joshua 15:16

6. Adah

Adah is a beautiful name, which means ‘Adornment’ or ‘Ornament’.

Bible mention: Genesis 4:19-23

7. Adriel

It means ‘The flock of God’

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 18:19

8. Adina

Adina means ‘Slender’ and ‘Delicate’. It is a unisex name, which is also the name of the chief of an army of Reubenites in the Bible.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 11:42

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This is a unisex name which was also the name of the Roman general who defeated the forces of Antony and Cleopatra. It is a Latin praenomen or a personal name, whose meaning is not known.

Bible mention: Acts 25:13

10. Ahinoam

Ahinoam means to the ‘Brother of pleasantness’ or ‘The pleasant relationship with a brother’.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 14:50

11. Anna

This name means ‘Favor’ or ‘Grace’. Anna is also the woman who became the first Christian Missionary.

Bible mention: Luke 2:36-38

12. Anah

This beautiful Biblical name means the ‘One who answers’ or the ‘One who sings’.

Bible mention: Genesis 36:2, 18, 25

13. Apphia

Apphia refers to something ‘Fruitful’ or ‘Productive’.

Bible mention: Philemon 1:2

14. Aquila

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This majestic name means ‘An Eagle’.

Bible mention: 1 Corinthians 16:19

15. Ariel

Ariel means ‘Altar,’ ‘Light,’ or ‘The Lion of God’. In the Bible, Ariel is also used to refer to the city of Jerusalem.

Bible mention: Isaiah 29:7

16. Ashtoreth

Inspired by Hebrew names, Ashtoreth means the ‘Goddess of love.’

Bible mention: Judges 2:13

17. Asenath

It means ‘Gift of the Sun god’. In the Bible, she is the wife of Joseph.

Bible mention: Genesis 41:45-50

18. Atarah

Atarah is a lovely name for your little girl, and means a ‘Crown’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 2:26

19. Athaliah

This refers to the ‘Time of the Lord’.

Bible mention: 2 Kings 8:26

20. Azubah

This Biblical name means ‘Forsaken’ or ‘Marooned.’

Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 20:31

21. Bashemath

Bashemath is a pleasant name for your daughter, as it means ‘Fragrant’ or ‘Perfumed.’

Bible mention: Genesis 28:9

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22. Bathsheba

This name means ‘Daughter of the Oath’.

Bible mention: 2 Samuel 11:1



This biblical name means ‘One who brings victory’.

Bible mention: Acts 25:13

24. Beulah

Beulah means ‘Married’ in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, it also refers to the land of Israel.

Bible mention: Isaiah 62:4

25. Bethel

Bethel refers to the ‘House of God’.

Bible mention: Genesis 12:8

26. Bethany

It means the ‘House of affliction’. In the Bible, Bethany refers to the village of Mother Mary and her sister Martha.

Bible mention: John 11:1

27. Bilhah

Bilhah refers to someone ‘who is wise in age but timid’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 5:1

28. Bithiah

Bithiah means the ‘Daughter of Jehovah’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 4:18

29. Candace

This name means ‘Pure’ and “Innocent’.

Bible mention: Acts 8:27

30. Carmel

Carmel is a beautiful biblical name, which means a ‘Garden’.

Bible mention: Joshua 15:55

31. Chloe

Chloe, in the Bible, means ‘Blooming’ or ‘Fertility’.

Bible mention: 1 Corinthians 1:10

32. Claudia

Claudia is a Christian baby girl’s name, which means ‘Lame’.

Bible mention: 2 Timothy 4:21

33. Clementia

This beautiful name means ‘Mildness’.

Bible mention: Philippians 4:3

34. Damaris

It means ‘a calf,’ which signifies a young girl.

Bible mention: Acts 17:34

35. Deborah

It is a feisty name for a Christian baby girl and means ‘Bee’. In the Bible, Deborah was a prophetess.

Bible mention: Hebrews 11:32-34

36. Delight

Delight is a lovely name, which means ‘Pleasure’ or ‘Youthful’.

Bible mention: Leviticus 26:31

37. Delilah

This sweet name means ‘To delight/ flirt/ seduce’’.

Bible mention: Judges 16:4-21

38. Diklah

This name means ‘A palm grove’.

Bible mention: Genesis 10:27

39. Dinah

Dinah is an elegant name, which means ‘Judged’ or the ‘God will judge’.

Bible mention: Genesis 34



Dorcas refers to a gazelle.

Bible mention: Acts 9:36-43

41. Dove

Dove is the bird of peace. This name sounds beautiful for a girl.

Bible mention: Genesis 8:8

42. Drusilla

It means ‘Dewy-eyed’ or ‘fruitful’.

Bible mention: Acts 24:10-27

43. Elisabeth

This beautiful name means ‘God is my Oath’ or someone who is ‘A worshiper of God’. It is also written as Elizabeth.

Bible mention: Luke 1:5-80


The name Elizabeth has variants in multiple languages, including Isabel (Spanish), Isabella (Italian), and Elizabetta (Romanian).

44. Elisha

Elisha means ‘God is Salvation’.

Bible mention: 1 Kings 19:19

45. Elisheba

Elisheba refers to a woman who believes the ‘God is her oath’.

Bible mention: Exodus 6:23

46. Ephrath

Ephrath refers to a ‘Fruitful land’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 2:19

47. Esther

It means a ‘Star’ and also signifies a ‘Star of Joy’ or a ‘Star of Hope’.

Bible mention: Esther 2:7

48. Eternity

This name refers to ‘An Unending time’ or ‘Infinity’.

Bible mention: Ecclesiastes 3:11

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49. Eunice

Eunice refers to the ‘One who conquers’ and implies a ‘happy victory’.

Bible mention: Acts 16:1-3

50. Euodias

This is a unique name, which means ‘A prosperous journey’. Euodia also means ‘Fragrance’.

Bible mention: Philippians 4:2

51. Eve

Eve means ‘Living’ and is also the name of Adam’s wife.

Bible mention: Genesis 2 and 3

52. Faith

Faith is a virtue name which refers to ‘Trust’ or ‘Belief’. It is derived from the Latin word fidere.

Bible mention: Genesis 5:22

53. Galilee

Galilee refers to a vast sea in the Bible. It means a ‘province’.

Bible mention: Joshua 12:3

54. Gabrielle/ Gabriella

This name is derived from the Hebrew name Gabriel, which means ‘God is my strength’.

Bible mention: Daniel 8:16

55. Gomer

It means ‘Complete’ in Hebrew. Gomer is the name of Prophet Hosea’s wife in the Old Testament.

Bible mention: Hosea 1:1-11

56. Grace

It is one of the virtue names, and means ‘Courteousness’ or ‘Politeness’. Grace is inspired by the Latin word gratia.

Bible mention: Psalm 45:2

57. Hadassah

It is synonymous with Esther, which means a ‘myrtle tree’.

Bible mention: Esther 2:7

58. Hagar

Inspired by Egyptian names, Hagar refers to ‘Flight’. As per the Book of Genesis, she is the mother of Ishmael.

Bible mention: Genesis 16

59. Haggith

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It is an interesting name, which means a ‘Festival’ or ‘Dancer’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 3:2

60. Hammoleketh/ Hammolecheth

Hammoleketh/ Hammolecheth refers to ‘A Queen’ or ‘A Regent.’

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 7:17

61. Hannah

Hannah means ‘Gracious’ or ‘Favor. ’ It also refers to ‘A Woman who personifies Ideal Motherhood.’

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 1

62. Hazelelponi

Hazelelponi is an interesting Christian name which means a ‘Facing the shade’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 4:3

63. Hephzibah

This Biblical name means ‘My delight is in her’ or ‘She is our delight’.

Bible mention: Isaiah 62:4

64. Herodias

This name is derived from Herod, a ruling family of Judaea.

Bible mention: Matthew 14:3-12

65. Hodesh

Hodesh means the ‘New Moon’. In the Bible, it is also the name of one of the wives of Shaharaim, a Benjamite.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 8:8

66. Hodiah

Hodiah is a Biblical name which refers to ‘The splendor of Jehovah’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 4:18

67. Hoglah

Hoglah refers to someone who is a ‘Patridge’ or ‘Dancing’.

Bible mention: Numbers 26:33

68. Hope

Hope is one of the three main Christian virtues, which makes it a beautiful virtue name for your child.

Bible mention: Ruth 1:12

69. Honey

This simple name refers to ‘Sweet’.

Bible mention: Genesis 43:11

70. Hosanna

This Christian name means a ‘Prayer’ or ‘Help’.

Bible mention: Matthew 21:9

Did you know?

The name ‘Hosanna’ also means ‘expression of praise or joy’ in English language. Hosanna is used both as a noun and a verb.

71. Huldah

It refers to a ‘mole’ or the ‘One who is covered’.

Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 34:22-33

72. Hushim

Hushim is a unisex name, which refers to ‘A person of silence’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 7:12

73. Iscah

It is an interesting Christian name, which means ‘To see’ or ‘She will look out’.

Bible mention: Genesis 11:29

74. Jael

Jael refers to ‘A mountain goat’. In the Old Testament, it is the name of the wife of Heber, who was a Kenite.

Bible mention: Judges 4:17-22

75. Jecholiah

This name signifies ‘Power’ and refers to someone ‘Who is powerful’.

Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 26:3

76. Jedida

This lovely Biblical name means the ‘Beloved’.

Bible mention: 2 Kings 22:1

77. Jehoaddan

It refers to a woman who believes in the ‘Pleasure of Jehovah.’

Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 25:1

78. Jehosheba

Jehosheba means ‘Jehovah is her oath’.

Bible mention: Chronicles 22:11

79. Jehodijah

Derived from Hodiah, this name means ‘The praise of the Lord’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 4:18

80. Jemimah

This pretty name means ‘A little dove’ or ‘Handsome’.

Bible mention: Job 42:14

81. Jerioth

In the Bible, Jerioth is the name of the wife of Caleb, the son of Hezron. It has various meanings, such as ‘Kettles,’ ‘Breaking Asunder,’ or ‘Tent Curtains’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 2:18

82. Jerusha

This Christian name means ‘Possession’ or ‘Inheritance’.

Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 27:1-6

83. Jewel

Jewel refers to a precious ornament or valuable stone.

Bible mention: Genesis 24:53

84. Jezebel

This name roughly translates to ‘Where is the prince’.

Bible mention: Revelation 2:18-29

85. Joanna

Joanna is a beautiful Christian name, which means ‘God is gracious’.

Bible mention: Luke 8:1-3

86. Jochebed

Jochebed means the ‘Glory of Jehovah’. In the Bible, it refers to the mother of Miriam, Aaron, and Moses.

Bible mention: Hebrews 11:23

87. Joy

Joy is a beautiful name that means ‘Rejoicing in happiness’.

Bible mention: Genesis 31:27

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88. Judah

Judah means ‘The praise of the Lord’.

Bible mention: Jeremiah 3:7

89. Judith

Judith is a Biblical name, which means ‘The praised one’.

Bible mention: Genesis 26:34

90. Julia

This pretty Christian name means the ‘One who is youthful’.

Bible mention: Romans 16:15

91. Junia

Junia refers to ‘Youth’ or ‘Belonging to Juno’.

Bible mention: Romans 16:7

92. Justice

Derived from Justus in the New Testament, this name means ‘Upright’ or ‘Righteous’.

Bible mention: Genesis 49:16

93. Keren-Happuch

It means the ‘Child of beauty’.

Bible mention: Job 1:2; 42:14

94. Keturah

Keturah means ‘Incense’ or ‘Fragrance’.

Bible mention: Genesis 25:1-6

95. Kezia

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Kezia refers to ‘Cassia tree’ or ‘Sweet-scented spice’. In the Bible, it is the name of the second daughter of Job.

Bible mention: Job 42:14

96. Leah

Leah refers to ‘A woman who is weary yet remains loyal’.

Bible mention: Genesis 29

97. Lois

Lois means ‘Holy’ or ‘Desirable’.

Bible mention: 2 Timothy 1:5

98. Lapidoth

This Biblical name means ‘Torch’.

Bible mention: Judges 4:4

99. Lo Ruhamah

This name means someone ‘Who is not pitied’ or ‘Who does not obtain mercy’.

Bible mention: Hosea 1:6



Derived from Lydus, Lydia means ‘The beautiful one’.

Bible mention: Philippians 1:1-10

101. Maachah

In the Bible, Maachah is the name of the daughter of Talmai. He is the king of the old native population of the Land of Geshur. It means ‘Oppression’.

Bible mention: 2 Samuel 3:3

102. Magdalene

Magdalene refers to a woman who came from Magdala, near the Sea of Galilee.

Bible mention: Matthew 27:61

103. Mahlah

This name in the Old Testament refers to one of the five fearless daughters of Zelophehad. It means ‘sickness’ or ‘song’.

Bible mention: Numbers 26:33

104. Mahalath

This name means a ‘Stringed instrument’. It is also the name of the daughter of Ishmael, the son of Hagar.

Bible mention: Genesis 28:9

105. Maralah

This Biblical name means ‘Trembling’ or ‘Earthquake’.

Bible mention: Joshua 19:11

106. Martha

Martha is the feminine form of ‘Master’. Hence, meaning the ‘Lady Master’.

Bible mention: Luke 10:38-41

107. Mary

Mary is Beloved’ or ‘Wished-for child’. She is the mother of Jesus.

Bible mention: Matthew 1

Quick fact

Mary has been the most popular female name in the US during the last century (1922-2021) (1).

108. Matred

Matred is a Biblical name, which means ‘The wand of government’.

Bible mention: Genesis 36:39

109. Mehetabel

This name refers to someone ‘Whom God makes happy’ or ‘Who is benefited by God’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 1:50

110. Merab

Merab means ‘Increase’ or ‘Abundant’.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 14:49

111. Mercy

This Biblical name means ‘Compassion’ or ‘Forgiveness’.

Bible mention: Genesis 43:14

112. Merry

It refers to a person who has a joyous or cheerful heart.

Bible mention: Job 21:12

113. Meshullemeth

Inspired by Meshullam, the name means a ‘Friend’. In the Old Testament, she is mentioned as one of the queens of Judah. Meshullemeth is the wife of King Manasseh and mother of King Amon.

Bible mention: 2 Kings 21:19

114. Michaiah

It refers to the ‘One who is like Jehovah’.

Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 13:2

115. Michal

Michal means a ‘Rivulet’ or ‘Stream’.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 14:49

116. Milcah

It means the ‘Counsel’ or the ‘Queen’.

Bible mention: Genesis 11:29

117. Miriam

Miriam is the Hebrew form of Mary. In another reference of the Bible, Miriam is the daughter of Ezra of the tribe of Judah.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 4:17

118. Myra

This name means a ‘Poetic invention’ or ‘Extraordinary’. It also refers to a town called Myra in the Bible.

Bible mention: Acts 27:5

119. Naamah

Naamah means ‘Sweetness’ or ‘Pleasantness’.

Bible mention: Genesis 4:22

120. Naarah

It means the ‘Girl, daughter or child of the Lord’.

Bible mention-1 Chronicles 4:5

121. Naomi

Naomi means ‘Pleasant’. As per the Old Testament, Naomi is the name of the mother-in-law of Ruth.

Bible mention: The Book of Ruth

122. Nehushta

Nehushta refers to something strong like the ‘One which is made of brass.’

Bible mention: 2 Kings 24:8

123. Neriah

Neriah means ‘The God is my lamp’.

Bible mention: Jeremiah 32:12

124. Noadiah

Noadiah refers to the ‘One to whom the Lord revealed Himself’.

Bible mention: Nehemiah 6:14

125. Noah

Noah means ‘Rest’ or ‘Comfort’. In The Old Testament, Noah built an Ark, which saved people and animals during the great flood. He was appreciated and received a rainbow as a gift from God.

Bible mention: Numbers 26:33

126. Oprah

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Oprah is a Biblical name, which means a ‘Fawn’. In Hebrew, the name is also spelled as Orpah.

Bible mention: Ruth 1

127. Peninnah

It means ‘Coral’, ‘A precious stone’ or a ‘Pearl’.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 1:2



Persis means a ‘Persian woman’.

Bible mention: Romans 16:12

129. Phanuel

It means ‘The face, vision, or the appearance of God’.

Bible mention: Luke 2:36

130. Phoebe

Phoebe means ‘Pure’ or ‘Radiant as the moon’.

Bible mention: Romans 16:1

131. Priscilla

It means someone who is ‘Classical’ or ‘Venerable’. In the New Testament, it refers to a female leader.

Bible mention: 2 Timothy 4:19

132. Puah

Puah refers to ‘The joy of parents’.

Bible mention: Exodus 1:15

133. Rachel

This name means ‘Ewe,’ i.e., a female sheep.

Bible mention: Matthew 2:18

134. Rahab

Rahab means the ‘Proud one’.

Bible mention: Joshua 2:1

135. Rebecca

Rebecca means ‘Captivating’.

Bible mention: Romans 9:6-16

136. Reumah

Reumah is a beautiful name, which means ‘Lofty’ or ‘Sublime’.

Bible mention: Genesis 22:24

137. Rhoda

This pretty name means a ‘Rose’ in the Bible. It also means a person ‘From Rhodes’.

Bible mention: Acts 12:1-19

138. Rose

This simple name refers to the flower Rose.

Bible mention: Genesis 7:18

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139. Rizpah

It means a ‘Hot precious stone’ or ‘Baking stone’.

Bible mention: 2 Samuel 3:7

140. Ruby

Ruby refers to ‘A precious stone’ or ‘A jewel.’

Bible mention: Revelation 4:3

141. Ruhamah

Ruhamah refers to someone who has ‘obtained mercy’.

Bible mention: Hosea 1:6

142. Ruth

Inspired by a Hebrew name, Ruth means a ‘Companion’ or ‘Friend’. It also means ‘A vision of beauty’.

Bible mention: Matthew 1:5

143. Salome

This name means ‘Peace’.

Bible mention: Mark 6:22-28

144. Sapphira

Sapphira refers to sapphire or a ‘Precious gem in deep blue color’.

Bible mention: Acts 5:1-11

145. Sarah

Sarah means ‘Princess’ and ‘Noblewoman’. In the Bible, she was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac.

Bible mention: 1 Peter 3:6

146. Sarai

In Hebrew, Sarai refers to ‘Lady’ or ‘Princess’. This was the original name of Sarah, in the Bible.

Bible mention: Genesis 11:29

147. Serah

Serah refers to the ‘Lady of scent,’ a ‘Song’ or ‘The morning star’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 7:30

148. Sharon

Sharon means ‘Plain’ or a ‘Flat area’. It also signifies the shrub of the rose of Sharon.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 5:16

149. Sheba

It is the nickname of Bathsheba. Sheba means an ‘Oath’.

Bible mention: 1 Kings 10

150. Shelomith

This name means ‘Peaceful’.

Bible mention: Leviticus 24:10-13

151. Shelah

Shelah means a ‘Petition’ or ‘Request’.

Bible mention: Genesis 10:24

152. Sherah

This name means a ‘Relationship’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 7:24

153. Shiloh

Shiloh signifies ‘Peace’ or ‘Abundance’.

Bible mention: Joshua 16:6

154. Shimeath

Shimeath means to a person ‘Who hears and obeys’. In some contexts of the Bible, this name also means ‘Fame’.

Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 24:26

155. Shiphrah

It means ’To improve’ or ‘Beautiful’.

Bible mention: Exodus 1:15

156. Shomer

Shomer is a unisex name, which means ‘The Keeper’.

Bible mention: 2 Kings 12:21

157. Shua

Shua is another unisex name and refers to ‘Riches’ or ‘Prosperity’.

Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 7:32

158. Shulammite

Derived from Hebrew, this name means ‘Peace’. It is believed to be the feminine form of Solomon.

Bible mention: Song of Songs 6:13

159. Susanna

This name means ‘A graceful lily’.

Bible mention: Luke 8:2

160. Syntyche

This interesting name means ‘Fortunate’.

Bible mention: Philippians 4:2

161. Tabitha

Tabitha refers to gazelle.

Bible mention: Acts 9:36



This name means ‘The head of the age’ or ‘Standard’.

Bible mention: 1 Kings 11:19

163. Talitha

Talitha means a ‘Child’ or ‘Little girl’.

Bible mention: Mark 5:41

164. Tamar/Tamara

Image: IStock

It means ‘A Palm tree’. This name signifies beauty and fruitfulness.

Bible mention: Genesis 14:7

165. Taphath

This name means a ‘Drop’. In the Bible, Taphath is also the name of one of the daughters of Solomon.

Bible mention: 1 Kings 4:11

166. Terah

It means ‘To Breathe’ or a ‘Scent’.

Bible mention: Genesis 11:24

167. Timnah

This name has an interesting reference, which means ‘Forbidding’ or ‘Restraint’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 1:39

168. Tirzah

Tirzah refers to ‘Pleasantness’ or ‘She is my delight’.

Bible mention: Numbers 26:33

169. Tryphena/ Tryphosa

It refers to the ‘One who is delicate’ or ‘Dainty’.

Bible mention: Romans 16:12



Vashti means ‘Beautiful’ or the ‘Best’.

Bible mention: Esther 1

171. Zebudah/ Zebidah

This name means ‘Bestowal’ or a ‘Gift’.

Bible mention: 2 Kings 23:36

172. Zemira

Zemira means the ‘One who is praised’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 7:8

173. Zeresh

Zeresh is another beautiful name, which means ‘Star of adoration’ or ‘Gold’.

Bible mention: Esther 5:10

174. Zeruah

Zeruah refers to a ‘Wasp’ or ‘Hornet’.

Bible mention: 1 Kings 11:26-40

175. Zeruiah

This name refers to the ‘Tribulation of the Lord’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 2:16

176. Zibiah

This name has various meanings, such as a ‘Doe’ or ‘Gazelle’.

Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 24:1

177. Zillah

In the Bible, Zillah is referred to someone who provides ‘Shade’ or a ‘Shadow of protection’.

Bible mention: Genesis 4:19-23

178. Zion

In the Bible, Zion refers to a ‘Monument’ or the ‘Highest point’.

Bible mention: 2 Samuel 5:7

179. Zipporah

Zipporah means a ‘Little bird’ or a ‘Sparrow’.

Bible mention: Exodus 2:21

1. How can I learn more about the meanings and origins of Christian girl names?

There are many books, and online resources, which can tell you the detail of a name, including its meaning, origin, history, popularity, and other similar names.

2. What are some Christian girl names suitable for twins or siblings?

Christian names, including Mary and Martha, James and John, Esther and Ruth, Peter, and Paul, are some examples of twin or sibling names.

3. How can I choose a Christian girl name that reflects my family’s values and beliefs?

When choosing a name for your baby girl, consider looking at the meaning and origin of a name, or choose a name from the Bible, to ensure that you have chosen a perfect name that reflects your faith and family values.

4. What are some Christian girl names that have a gender-neutral appeal to them?

Names, including Abijah, Abigail, Adriel, Dorcas, Elisha, Hagar, Jael, Joy, Judah, Milcah, Michal, Michaiah, Noah, Tamar, and Zion are some names that can be given for both girls and boys.

5. What Christian girl names have a musical or poetic quality to them?

Carol, Candice, Delight, Hope, Miriam, Zipporah, Mary, Mahlah, Serah, and Ruby are some Christian girl names with a musical or poetic quality.

6. How can I choose a Christian girl’s name that is easy to pronounce and spell?

If you wish to choose an easy-to-pronounce Christian girl name, you can look for short names like Ruth, Mary, Hope, Rose, Merry, Leah, and Grace. You can also look for usually popular Christian names with no regional or English variations, as they are much easier to spell and pronounce.

Christian girl names are picked from the Old Testament and the New Testament. Each Christian name is important in the Bible; hence, any name you choose would be a suitable and worthy title for your baby girl. We have listed the above Christian names along with their Biblical mentions. These names are trending, and hence, you need not worry if these names go outdated. To make your choice easier, we suggest you filter the names based on the verse of the Bible you like the most or based on its origin. Any name you choose will be an inspiration to your baby.


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Beautiful and Meaningful Biblical Girl Names

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is choosing a name for your baby! If you are pregnant or adopting and considering Biblical names for girls, you’ve come to the right place!

There are many baby girl names to choose from in the New and Old Testaments. These names include well-known Israelite prophetesses and places and those of disciples and first-century church missionaries. (My oldest daughter’s name is Samantha, the feminine form of the Hebrew prophet and judge Samuel’s name in the Old Testament.)

Old Testament Biblical Girl Names

Of course, the vast majority of names in the Old Testament have Hebrew origins. Many of them mean something about God. A few of them have meanings that relate to nature. And several of the names have meanings that are positive traits.

Want to give your daughter an Old Testament name with a meaning related to God? You might consider Abigail, which means “my Father is joyful,” or Samantha, which means “listener of God, God has heard, or name of God.”

Are you a nature lover? You might like Deborah, the name of the only female judge and general mentioned in the Bible, which means “bee;” Esther, which means “star;” Jemima, which means “dove;” Keziah, which means “cassia tree;” or Rachel, which means “ewe.

You also might consider Ada, which means “noble;” Delilah, which means “delicate;” Eden, which means “place of pleasure, delight;” Edna, which means “rejuvenation, delight;” Eve, which means “life;” Hannah, which means “grace;” Naomi or Noemi, which means “pleasantness or my delight;” Noa, which means “motion;” Ruth, which means “compassionate friend;” Sarah, which means “lady or princess;” or Shiloh, which means “tranquil.”

Or you might like Miriam, the earliest form of Mary, which means “wished-for child or drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved.”

Popular Old Testament Biblical Girl Names

Here are a few of the most popular Old Testament biblical girl names in alphabetical order:





















Naomi or Noemi





Samantha (derived from Samuel)



New Testament Biblical Girl Names

New Testament names are primarily Greek, Aramaic, or Latin (Roman) in origin, but a few are Hebrew. Like Old Testament names, many mean something about God. A few of them have meanings that relate to nature. And several of the names have meanings that are positive traits.

Want to give your daughter a New Testament name with a meaning related to God? You might consider Elizabeth, which means “pledged to God,” or Gabriella, which means “God is my strength.”

Greek or Roman mythology enthusiast? You might like Artemis or Diana, which means “divine.”

Do you love nature? You might like Ariel, which means “lion of God;” Bethany, which means “house of dates or house of figs;” Carmel, which means “garden;” Chloe, which means “young green shoot;” Maria, Marie, or Mary, which all mean “drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved;” Rhoda, which means “rose;” Susannah, which means “lily or rose;” or Tabitha, which means “gazelle or small deer.

Or you might like Anna, the Latin form of Hannah, which means “grace;” Candace, which means “shining or bright;” Lois, which means “most desirable;” Martha, which means “lady;” Phoebe, which means “radiant, shining one;” Sapphira, which means “beautiful;” or Selah, which means “praise.”

Popular New Testament Biblical Girl Names

Here are a few of the most popular New Testament biblical girl names in alphabetical order:












Gabriella (derived from Gabriel)





Magdalena (derived from Mary Magdalen)

Maria, Marie, or Mary









Whether you want old testament or new testament biblical girl names, there are many great ones to choose from. I hope you found a few of these names to add to your list!

Want more baby names? Check out the hottest baby names for 2022 or the coolest baby girl names for your daughter. (You’ll find a few Biblical baby names for girls, including Anna, Leah, Lydia, and Naomi, on these lists.)

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January 2022. Unique names for girls that everyone will love. Meaning: current school news.

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December 14, 2021

— Unique Baby Girl Names —

Giving your daughters unique baby girl names can be tricky. You want a name that will make her stand out, but not one that she will hate in a few years. Luckily, there are over 100 girl names that are unique and beautiful.

We looked at the US Social Security Administration’s list of popular names and compiled a list of less commonly used names.

Whether you bought all the baby name books at the local bookstore or bookmarked the pages, finding the right name for your daughter can be both exciting and challenging, and at times even overwhelming.

When you’re making a list of names, you might be wondering what are the best names for girls.

Check out this curated list of the most unique baby girl names as you can find the best name for your little one. special names.

115 unique baby girl names that everyone will love

See if you can find a pretty name that suits your little one.

1. Abigail

Hebrew, meaning «Father of Exaltation», with several variations.

2. Ada

Originally an abbreviation of Germanic names such as Adelaide and Adalin, with «Adal» meaning «noble». Adalin 0006

6. Adin

Arabic means «Obediant/Righteous» or Irish for «Little Fire».

7. Adele

An old German name meaning «noble/kind».

8. Adeline

Variant on Adaline

9. Adriana

Latin, which means «from Adria»

10. A linea

Old German, meaning «precious»; awakening; a sunbeam ‘

11. Alana

From Old German meaning «precious»; awakening ‘

12. Alexa

From Greek. Female form Alexandra

13. Alexandra

From Greek The female form of Alexander.

14. Alexis

Unisex name, although more common in boys, from the Greek for «protector».

15. Alice

From German «nobility».

16. Alina

Shortening of Adelina or Albina

17. Alyvia

Latin origin meaning «olive tree».

18. Aliyah

From Hebrew «heaven, noble.»

19. Alison

German for «nobility».

20. Alyssa

Flower name, derivative

21. Amara

From Nigeria, which means «grace, mercy, kindness.»

22. Amaya

Spanish, comes from the village of Amaya

23. Amber

Translucent fossil resin used in jewelry, original from Arabic .

24. Amelia

From the German word «amal», meaning «work» and suggesting hard work.

25. Amelie

Variation of Amelia

26. Amiya

Possibly derived from the Sanskrit word amaya, meaning «without deceit.»

27. Amy

Old French, «beloved»

28. Ana

Hebrew for «grace» or Spanish version of Anna


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29. Anastasia

Greek origin meaning «resurrection», but often associated with the daughter of the last Russian tsar.

30. Andrea

«Brave» in French or high form of Andrew

31. Angela

From the Latin «messenger of God»

32. Angelina

9000 2 Version of Angela

33. Anna

Latin version of Hebrew Hanna, which means «He (God) favored me.»

34. Annabelle

Combination of Latin Anna (grace) and French belle (beauty).

35. Arabella

From the Latin orabilis, meaning «yielding to prayer.»

36. Aria

Hebrew origin of the word «lion»

37. Ariana

Welsh origin, which means «silver»

900 05 38. Arianna

Variation on Ariana

39. Ariel

Hebrew origin, which means «Lion of God».

40. Ariella

Variation on Ariel

41. Arya

Sanskrit and Persian origin meaning «noble» but also popularized by Game of Thrones.

42. Ashley

Unisex name, originally for boys, English derivation from «Ash treeadow».

43. aspen

English origin from tree

44. Athena

Greek goddess of wisdom

45. Aubrey

From Old German meaning «elf or magical creature».

46. Aubrey

Aubrey variant

47. Audrey

English origin, noble power

900 05 48. Aurora

From the Latin word for dawn, also the Roman goddess of the sunrise

49. autumn

English, from the season

50. Ava

Uncertain origin, possibly from Eve (Hava) or Latin «advise», which means «bird».

51. Avery

Old English meaning «elf’s advice».

52. Ayla

In Hebrew it means «deer or gazelle».

53. Bailey

From Old English meaning «berry field» but also «bailiff»; city ​​fortification ‘

54. Bella

Italian origin meaning «beautiful», also a diminutive of Isabella.


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55. Blake

Old English origin, probably from «black, dark» — a nickname for a person with dark hair or skin.

56. Blakely

Alternate form of Blake

57. Bonnie

Scottish, «Beautiful»; charming’

58. Brianna

From the Celtic word «Strong»; She rises ‘

59. Briella

A modern American name from Gabriella, the Latinized feminine form of Gabriel.

60. Brielle

In Hebrew, «woman of God» or short for Gabrielle

61. Brooke

Old English and Old Germanic origin from the word «water/little trickle».

62. Brooklyn

Old English word for «little stream», but also from the New York area.

63. Kalli

Greek origin meaning «beautiful»

64. Camila

Spanish and Portuguese from Latin meaning «young ceremonial servant».

65. Camilla

Latin origin meaning «assistant to the priest». More beautiful and unique names 002 Greek origin meaning «pure»

68. Charlie

Home form , now used by itself

69. Charlotte

Feminine form of the male name Charlotte (Charles)

70. Chloe

From the Greek word for «flowering» or «fertility»

71. Claire

From the Latin adjective clarus meaning bright or clear.

72. Clara

Variant of Claire

73. Cora

Greek origin means «virgin»

74. Daisy 90 006

Old English origin, from flower

75. Dakota

Native American origin for «friend/ally», also from US states.

76. Daniela

Hebrew for ‘God is my judge’

77. Darcy

Irish and Gaelic origin of the word «dark»

9000 2 78.

Old French «from the alder grove» or, possibly Gaelic «angel from heaven»

79. Delilah

Hebrew origin, «languid, in love, seductive», Samson’s lover in the Bible.

80. Destiny

Destiny, derived from the Latin word destinare, but popular in modern America.

81. Diana

Roman goddess of the moon, hunting, forests and childbirth

82. Eden

From the biblical Garden of Eden, which means «delight».

83. Elaina

French origin meaning «bright, shining light».

84. Eleonora

From Greek as “bright, shining”.

85. Elena

Variation on Eleanor

86. Eliana

Latinized version of the Hebrew name Eliyan

87. Elise

— satisfaction.

88. Eliza

Jewish origin, short

89. Elizabeth

Jewish origin which means «swear before God»

90. Ella

Abbreviation of names, including Eleanor and Ellen

91. Ella

Variant of Ella, abbreviation of names, including Eleanor and Ellen

9000 2 92. Eloise

Uncertain, but possible ancient Germanic origin , «famous warrior»

93. Elsie

Shortening of Elizabeth, mostly Scottish

94. Elspeth

Originally Scottish version of Elizabeth

95. glowing embers

English, meaning «Spark, burning weak.»

96. Emery

Meaning of German origin ‘Brave; powerful’

97. Emilia

Variant of Emily

98. Emily

Latin origin, which means «Industrious»; striving ‘

99. Emma

Old French and Old Germanic, which means «Entire Emma»; universal ‘

100. Erin

Irish and Gaelic origin, from the poetic word «Ireland».

101. Esme

Old French for «respect/love» can also be short for «Esmeralda».

102. Esther

Persian origin for the bride; star ‘, also a beautiful Jewish heroine from the Bible

103. Eve

Hebrew origin, which means «life, animal».

104. Evangeline

From Latin and Greek means good news.

105. Evelyn

The girl’s name of English origin means «wanted child».

106. Evie

C Hebrew, originally a pet form of Eve

107. Faith

English origin from the word «faith or faith»

108. Fatima

Arabic origin with many variations, She is also the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.

109. Felicia

From the Latin adjective felix, which means happy.

110. Fiona

Scottish and Gaelic origin meaning «white, light».

111. Florence

Latin origin, “blooming, in bloom”, but also an Italian city

112. Freya


113. Gabriel

Hebrew, meaning «woman of God»; my strength is God »

114. Gemma

Latin origin meaning «precious stone».

115. genesis

Jewish origin, which means “origin, birth”; Book One of the Bible

Did you find the most unique name for your baby girl on our list? She will definitely stand out from the crowd with any of these names and will be unforgettable for everyone she meets.

Whether you have a list that you’re trying to narrow down or you’re completely overwhelmed by all the options, hosting a baby naming party can be a great way to pick the perfect unique baby name.

We hope you’ve found our list of unique girl names helpful. Try to invite your friends for more interesting content.

CSN Team.

Hebrew female names preserved from ancient times, almost all from the Bible

It is believed that a correctly chosen name affects the fate, character and characteristics of a child. How he will grow up, who he will become, depends on how he was called at birth. This rule is strictly followed by the Jewish peoples, very carefully studying the appearance, date of birth of a newborn girl.

When naming the baby, the elders and revered relatives together decide what name to give the girl. This ceremony takes place only on the first Saturday after her birth. On other days, you cannot name daughters. Almost all names come from the roots of the Old Testament. Many are of Christian origin and interpretation, some were borrowed from other peoples in ancient times.

Traditionally, Jewish parents name their daughters in honor of deceased relatives, especially famous and revered for outstanding abilities or deeds. It is believed that the wisdom of the deceased grandmother or the talent of the great-grandmother will pass through the spirits into the body of the newborn baby. Many Jews choose famous biblical names.

It is now customary to call girls by double hyphenated names. The first of them is originally Jewish, the second is taken from another country or culture. Having matured, the girl herself can decide which one to make the main one.

Many Jewish names have been passed on to other cultures through the Bible and Christianity. Often Russians call their daughters the same as Jewish girls without even knowing it. Therefore, most of the names from the list will be well known to you.


Abigail (Abigail) is the wife of King David. Also means «the joy of the father»
Avitel — wife of King David
Adi — treasure
Adina — tenderness
Amit — friendship, fidelity
Ariella — Lioness of God
Ashira — wealth
Atara, Ateret — crown
Abiva — spring
Adar — greatness


Bat-Ami — daughter of my people
Batia — daughter of God
Bracha — blessing


Gavriella (Gabriella) — Gd — my strength
Gal — wave
Gethen — vine
Gila — praise


Dahlia — flower
Danielle — Gd — my judge
Dana — judge
Deborah (Debra ) — predictor , which led a rebellion against the King of Canaan
Dina — Jacob’s daughter. Also means court 06

Carmella – grape
Kalanit – flower
Kinneret – lake


Leya — Jacob’s wife
Liora, Lior — I see the light
Levana — the light
Liat — I have you
Liraz — I have a secret
Liron — I have joy
Livna, Livnat — white


Michal — daughter of King Saul
Miriam — singer, dancer and sister of Moshe (Moses)
Mayan — spring, oasis
Malka — queen
Maya — water
Maytel — dew


Naomi — stepmother Ruth (Ruth)
Naama — pleasant
Nava — beautiful
Nirit, Nurit — flower


Ofra — doe 90 790 Ophira — gold
Ora — light
Orly — I see the light


Rachel — Jacob’s wife
Rivkah (Rebekah) — Isaac’s wife
Ruth (Ruth) — righteous, convert
Ranana — fresh
Raz — secret
Reut — friendship
Rina — joy


Sarah — Abraham’s wife
Sagit — exalted
Sivan — Jewish month


Hana — Shmuel’s mother


Shifra — girl, not subordinate ordered by Pharaoh to kill Jewish children
Shai — a gift
Shalva — calmness
Shaked — almond
Sharon — a place in Israel
Shir, Shira — a song
Shiran — a cheerful song
Shirley — I have a song
Shoshanna — a rose

E 900 03

Eden — paradise garden
Eliana — G-d answered.

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