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Lavish Little Style Baby

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140 Likes, TikTok video from Lavish Little Style Baby (@lavishlittlestylebaby): «Whos due this summer? 💙 #fyp #llsbaby #llsbabyclothing #babyboydue #cominghomeoutfits #firstbabyboy #summerbaby #summerbabydue #pregnancyjourney». Baby boy summer coming home outfits original sound — Lavish Little Style Baby.


original sound — Lavish Little Style Baby



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52 Likes, TikTok video from hettysbabyboutique (@hettysbabyboutique): «Summer baby coming homr outfit 🥰 #newbaby #babygirl #newmommy #fyp». Summer baby coming home outfit 🥰 Getting Over You — Charlie Oriain.


Getting Over You — Charlie Oriain



Reply to @chelsieannx our newborn girls summer range 🌸 #summer #cominghomeoutfit #babyclothes

154 Likes, TikTok video from hettysbabyboutique (@hettysbabyboutique): «Reply to @chelsieannx our newborn girls summer range 🌸 #summer #cominghomeoutfit #babyclothes». Unforgettable x Peru — switchdisco.


Unforgettable x Peru — switchdisco


Lavish Little Style Baby

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83 Likes, TikTok video from Lavish Little Style Baby (@lavishlittlestylebaby): «Ive uploaded the loungesets, still need to upload these in other item options over the weekend #fyp #llsbaby #llsbabyclothing #cominghomeoutfits #summerbaby». Summer designs original sound — Lavish Little Style Baby.


original sound — Lavish Little Style Baby


Bella Boo’s Baby Boutique

New Baby Coming Home Outfit Ideas ❤️

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TikTok video from Bella Boo’s Baby Boutique (@bellaboosbaby): «New Baby Coming Home Outfit Ideas ❤️ Summer Sale NOW ON! #bellaboosbaby #childrenclothing #babyclothesideas #babyshop #babygirlsclothes #babyclothing». New Baby
Coming Home Outfit Ideas | Happy Dreamer — Michael Pearse & Thomas Lanyon Peters.


Happy Dreamer — Michael Pearse & Thomas Lanyon Peters


Franz Leonard

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57 Likes, TikTok video from Franz Leonard (@brunching_bride001): «Choosing baby girl’s going home outfit 🥰🌻 #31weekspregnant #girlmom #nesting #hospitalbag #outfitselect #tiktokmama». Golden — Jill Scott.


Golden — Jill Scott


Sweet Dreamers

Guide on how to dress baby for summer sleeping 🥵 *Room temperatures #mumsoftiktokuk #mumsoftiktok #dadsoftiktok #babysleeptipss #foru @ewanandfriends

94.9K Likes, 714 Comments. TikTok video from Sweet Dreamers (@ewanandfriends): «Guide on how to dress baby for summer sleeping 🥵 *Room temperatures #mumsoftiktokuk #mumsoftiktok #dadsoftiktok #babysleeptipss #foru @ewanandfriends». How to dress baby for summer sleeping | 21-23°C | 24-27 °C | … Summer
sleeping guide Canyons — Official Sound Studio.


Canyons — Official Sound Studio



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Baby Face — Official Sound Studio



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266 Likes, TikTok video from babyproducts01 (@babyproducts010): «children’s summer home clothes#tiktokshop #babyproduct #fyp #baby #goodthings #foryou». children’s summer home clothes Baby Face — Official Sound Studio.


Baby Face — Official Sound Studio

    10 Easy Summer Outfits You Probably Already Own

    I’m not cheap, but I like saving money. I’ll take public transport over Uber as often as possible. I make cooking my meals at home fun because of how much money I can save. And even though I’m a professional online shopper, I limit my spending on clothes. Whenever I buy something, I ask myself how often I’ll wear it. If that number is more than five, it’s coming home with me. I’m always looking at Pinterest to find an outfit I can easily copy. 

    To save myself (and you) some scrolling, I decided to compile my favorite easy summer outfits to copy in just one place so that we can make the most of our wardrobes. If you don’t already have one of the pieces mentioned, I highly suggest ordering it before summer reaches its peak because of how much use I guarantee you’ll get out of it. Below, find the 10 easy summer outfits I assure you should already be hanging in your closet.



    We likely all have a graphic T-shirt somewhere in our closet. Since mine is usually reserved for sleeping in and plane rides, I’m looking for new ways to wear it. Dressing it up with a nice pair of wide-leg trousers just might be the move.

    Shop the look:



    The double-layered look has been oozing into the fashion crowd since the most recent Miu Miu runway show. Style your favorite sweater with a white tank or tee peeking out to make it feel brand new.

    Shop the look:



    Nothing can get me to spend a chunk of change like a good tweed jacket, and you probably already own one.  To keep it from looking too grandmacore, choose an interesting pair of heels as Sofia Richie did.

    Shop the look:



    People are writing off denim shorts left and right, and I was once one of them until this look changed my mind. If you want to take a pair of denim shorts to a more elevated level, this is the ultimate inspiration.

    Shop the look:



    All-white outfits always prevail in my wardrobe, and this one is next on my list of looks to copy. But my white button-down shirt collection needs an upgrade, so I’ll be stocking up on a new one just in time for summer.

    Shop the look:



    Workout shorts inspired by the ’80s are cooler than ever before. Give your pair a preppy vibe by styling it with a striped button-down shirt.

    Shop the look:



    I never thought to wear a belt over my long sleeve shirt, so I’m convinced this is the most genius styling trick ever. Belts are having their moment right now, and I’m here for it.

    Shop the look:



    I wore a school uniform growing up, so this look sparks a lot of nostalgia for me. I’m throwing a sweater over everything these days.

    Shop the look:



    Lana Del Rey said it best: There’s nothing better than blue jeans and a white shirt. Whenever I’m fussing over my outfit for a casual day, I take myself back to this classic look.

    Shop the look:



    LBD officially stands for long black dress, at least according to me. The elegance of this look has me absolutely hooked.

    Shop the look:

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    What parents should know when they send their child to a children’s camp

    Moscow region



    The last school bell rang, and many parents are faced with the problem — where to put the child in the summer? One option is to send them to a children’s camp. But will he feel good, interesting, and most importantly, safe there? About how not to make a mistake with the choice of a place of rest for your child, «MK» was told by the director of the largest children’s health center near Moscow GAU SO MO «Lesnaya Polyana» Dmitry EREMEYTSEV.

    Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

    — The worst dream of a parent: the child ran away from the camp, got lost in the forest or became a victim of a maniac. How often does such a scenario come true?

    — That’s right, this is a movie script, but in practice this happens very rarely. In my memory, and I have been working in children’s camps for almost 10 years, the child escaped only once. Moreover, this was a pupil of an orphanage, it is these children who mainly practice escapes. The home child will not run anywhere. If he is offended or he feels bad without mom-dad, then he will put everyone at home on the ears, will complain on the phone, will force them to come to his camp. So parental fears that their boy or girl is being bullied and they don’t know about it are completely out of touch with reality.

    — Nevertheless, escapes still happen, what does the camp administration do in this case?

    — A child’s escape is an emergency! Therefore, all emergency services are immediately notified — from the Ministry of Emergency Situations to the police. We check where the fugitive came from, and along the entire route we notify that the child is missing, we send out his signs. But I would like to explain once again how the children’s camp works in terms of children’s safety. Firstly, during the day, the leaders count the children in the detachment several times, and if someone is missing, they immediately sound the alarm. Secondly, the territory of the camp is closed for the passage of strangers, there is video surveillance, a checkpoint, security, a child will not be able to just take it in and out, the safety standard of the children’s health institution is observed very strictly.

    — But they can offend a baby, how can one understand this from a distance? On the other hand, there are children who do not tolerate parting from home, everything will seem bad to them away from their mother — maybe they should not be sent to the camp at all?

    — Children who are left without parents for the first time may behave differently. Sometimes they get upset as soon as they get on the bus, and sometimes they realize that they were left without parents only after a few days. It will be right to explain to the child that you, as a parent, are always in touch. Children adapt faster than their mothers think. And the success of adaptation is the concern of the teaching staff.

    — Let’s say a child calls and asks to be taken home, complains that he feels bad in the camp, is bored, and so on — what should I do? Is it urgent to go to sort it out or should you ignore the complaints, say “do it yourself”?

    — A child is an emotional little person, and his judgments are largely built on momentary feelings, so you should not react to any complaint of a child, but in exceptional cases it is better to visit him. At least, I would not advise ignoring children’s complaints. Counselors and educators try to give the children maximum attention, but they still miss their parents. Sometimes childhood longing even leads to psychosomatic consequences. For example, a child misses his mother and begins to experience headaches and nausea. In such cases, it is better for parents to visit the child, communicate with him, but even such problems are not a reason to take him out of the camp.

    In fact, parents know their children best, they can tell even at a distance that something is wrong with their child. Once we had such a case. In the second detachment there was a lovely girl Yasya, for the first five days of the shift she behaved like everyone else, she was sociable, cheerful, and then she suddenly fell ill. Lying in bed, complaining now of the head, then of the stomach. She was transferred to the medical unit, the doctor examined her, found nothing. We call mom. And she replies: do not worry, it happens to her — it attracts attention. Then the counselor guessed to tell the girl that they were going to make her a model for a dress contest. Half an hour later, the child was absolutely healthy: she ran away from the infirmary and grabbed cotton wool and a bandage, she says — I want Snow White’s outfit.

    — You have not only the largest camp in the Moscow region, but also a special contingent — children from families in difficult life situations. How do you cope with this “republic of SHKID”?

    — Children are most often difficult when they lack the attention of adults and have nothing to do. Out of boredom and idleness, they are looking for adventures on their own heads. And we have no time for them to be bored: there is a regime in the camp, the whole day is scheduled by the minute, there are many activities for every taste. In fact, we have several camps, each has its own focus. In one, more emphasis is placed on patriotic education, the study of the country’s history. In the other — for creativity, it is located near the village of Tchaikovsky, even the place inspires. In the third, the main thing is sports. In just one shift, our center can take up to 900 children from the Moscow region.

    — Still, isn’t it dangerous to gather difficult teenagers together, especially in such numbers?

    — It is much more dangerous to leave them outside in the summer, unattended. That’s where they learn much faster all the vices of the adult world. And in our country, the “difficult” most often become the most reliable assistants to counselors and educators. Why does a child sometimes fail to develop relationships at school, because of which he quarrels with his parents? He demands to be recognized as an adult, as a person, to listen to his opinion, and so on. He does not tolerate pressure, strict instructions, which means that such a teenager has developed leadership qualities — our task is to use them for the benefit of the entire camp. You know, as a rule, such children become very attached to their counselors, they ask to leave them for the second shift, and then even after the end of the summer they keep in touch with us.

    — The pioneer camp of my childhood — these are wooden houses with outdoor amenities. It is hard to believe that now, when many have tasted the comfort of Western resorts, someone will agree to leave their child for a whole month.

    — I must say that modern children’s health camps have changed a lot in recent years. For example, this year alone, the size of the maintenance of a child has grown by almost one and a half times. It makes no sense to talk about any Spartan conditions. Of course, the collective games familiar to everyone from pioneer childhood remained — «Zarnitsa», «Merry Starts», but this is where the similarity, perhaps, ends. Believe me, we are equipped with everything that children may need for a comfortable life outside the city.

    — At home, many children spend all their free time at the computer, but when will they go to camp without a computer?

    — A child who cannot imagine his life without a computer should definitely be sent to a children’s camp. With the programs that exist today, and the abundance of activities, the child will have no time to remember his home habits.

    — Is it still possible for a child to take an iPhone and iPad with him?

    — I do not advise taking expensive gadgets, large amounts of money and jewelry with you — they can break or get lost. By the way, about computer addiction — often children consider themselves cool users, but they don’t really know anything about the technology itself. How it works, how it works. We had such a boy Semyon. He looked down on all our programs, like a kindergarten, the last century. And suddenly his counselor Igor, an engineer by education, managed to hurt the boy’s pride: he says what’s the point in pushing buttons, do better robotics. He carried away the guy, he signed up for a circle, and a couple of years later he became the winner at an international competition. And now he is preparing to enter a technical university.

    — What are the most common mistakes parents make when taking their child to camp?

    — They give him an insufficient amount of change of underwear, including socks, stockings, etc. , especially for younger students. The second problem is that children bring with them a huge amount of food, especially sweets. As a result, kids interrupt their appetite, refuse to eat rationally, in addition, they share sweets with each other, someone, perhaps, should not eat such food at all. In general, this is a problem for both educators and parents themselves.

    Packing everything needed for a child in a children’s camp is a whole science, but usually the camp administration offers so-called reminders for parents. This list includes a list of documents (for example, a medical certificate, compulsory medical insurance policy), necessary clothing.

    — You said that you should not take expensive things, how common is theft in the camps?

    — Things do go missing — it happens. However, children’s theft is different from an adult’s. This is not an attempt to appropriate the item you like, but rather, to borrow it without permission. Parents should warn their children not to leave things unattended, even if they are in a detachment among familiar children. Counselors, in turn, are particularly vigilant and remember who brought what with them, what they play and who has expensive equipment, usually the counselor offers to leave these items for storage under his control.

    — What are the most common illnesses for children in the camp?

    — Most often, oddly enough, children suffer from indigestion caused by an abundance of chocolates, sweets and fruits sent with them to the camp or brought on parental day. In second place are colds and very rare cases when emergencies occur, such as appendicitis.

    — How can parents tell if the camp they have chosen for their child is trustworthy?

    — First of all, you should pay attention to the constituent documents — license, regulations, contracts, acts of acceptance of work on opening a shift. The teaching staff also deserves special attention — it is important to know this in order to understand what kind of people will perform your duties. You can look at ratings of institutions on the Internet or ratings published by government agencies, as well as reviews of other parents whose children have already attended this camp. All this will give you the opportunity to assess how safe the child will be.



    Published in the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper No. 26820 dated May 28, 2015

    Newspaper headline:
    Alone not at home

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    What does a child need in kindergarten? Kindergarten Needed List

    Your little one is going to kindergarten. In addition to worrying about how he will get used to, whether they will offend him, you, as a parent, what will you feel, the question arises — what clothes are needed for kindergarten? Most importantly — the most simple and comfortable wardrobe. Daily walks, physical education, quiet time require changing clothes, which can take several hours. Do not complicate the child’s difficult period of addiction. He is learning to be independent, help him. Leave elegant dresses, jackets, shirts, sets of 5 things at home.

    Group wear.

    Choose natural and lightweight fabrics. Items must be true to size. Tight clothes are difficult to put on, too loose will hinder movement. In order not to lose, make them nominal. For example, removable tags, embroidery or special thermal labels that can be attached with an iron are suitable. Add a funny picture to the baby’s name and he will easily find his things.

    Whatever clothes you choose for kindergarten, it must meet the following criteria.

    • Top without fasteners.

    Knitted dresses, blouses, T-shirts that are removed over the head. Even one button, the baby will unfasten much longer or will be forced to ask for help from the teacher.

    • Elasticated bottom.

    These skirts and jeans are much easier to remove. Imagine how many times a day a child goes to the toilet. He should be comfortable undressing and dressing himself.

    • Short sleeve.

    Children do not sit still, they play, run, jump. It’s always hot in the garden. Therefore, warm clothes are needed only for a walk.

    • No synthetic material, which does not breathe.

    Natural fabrics (cotton, linen) perfectly pass air and moisture. In them, the baby will be much more comfortable.

    • Non-marking colors.

    Leave light and white items at home. Choose dark shades or colorful patterns. Stains from accidentally dropped food and dirty puddles on such clothes are almost invisible, and it is much easier to wash them off. At the end of the day, the baby will look as neat as in the morning.

    • Avoid a lot of parts that can easily come off, get caught and distract the child’s attention from activities.
    • 3-4 sets to match.

    An educator, and even more so a child, is unlikely to choose clothes by color. They usually wear whatever they can get their hands on.

    • Velcro shoes and sandals.

    The zipper is difficult to fasten, the laces can come undone at the wrong moment. Choose anatomically shaped shoes with soft soles, comfortable heels, and hypoallergenic materials. Baby spend 8-9 in ithours a day, it should keep the leg in the correct position and prevent flat feet.

    At the end of August — beginning of September, just before the new school year, there are sales of summer collections in most stores and on the Internet. You can save money and buy new clothes at a nice price. New shoes should not have a strong smell.

    For a boy, the best option for casual wear is a T-shirt with short or long sleeves, shorts, tights, socks. Tights are preferable to trousers, because they can be worn under trousers on the street.

    For kindergarten clothes, we advise the girl to choose a T-shirt, leggings, a knitted dress, matching or neutral socks. Leggings are easy to combine with any top, and the dress is easy to put on, if necessary, it can be tucked into pants.

    During quiet hours, children usually sleep in T-shirts and shorts, only shorts or pajamas. Pajamas should be without buttons and locks so that nothing interferes with the child during sleep. 2 sets will suffice.

    For a baby under 2 years old, diapers are necessary, especially for a walk. He can get carried away and forget to ask to go to the toilet.

    Be sure to put in the locker:

    • 2-3 ​​handkerchiefs,
    • comb to keep the child neat,
    • bag for dirty clothes.

    Never leave food or juice there.


    A separate uniform is required for sports activities. It allows the child to feel comfortable and adjusts to the lesson.

    Usually white T-shirt, black shorts or breeches, tracksuit. For girls, leggings can be additionally. On the feet are white or matching socks, Czech shoes, sneakers or sneakers.

    Check with the teacher in advance the color of the clothes, because each group may have its own color.

    If the nursery has a swimming pool, one-piece swimsuit for girls, swimming trunks for boys, bathrobe, rubber cap and flip flops may be needed.

    Sportswear must meet the following requirements:

    • tight-fitting, but loose, so that you can freely perform physical exercises,
    • well absorb sweat and breathable,
    • free of additional details such as ties, frills that will distract or cause injury,
    • the elastic should not be too tight on the stomach,
    • free of rough seams that can put pressure on the skin.

    Shoes are of great importance:

    • light, so as not to weigh down the foot and not give additional load,
    • made of natural fabric (leather, suede) for natural gas exchange, so that the foot does not sweat,
    • shock-absorbing, with an arch support, so the child’s joints will be protected from dislocations and sprains,
    • with a thick, elastic and non-slip sole,
    • match the size of the foot, do not squeeze the fingers.

    It is important to keep your sportswear clean. Socks and tights should be washed daily, T-shirts and shorts once a week. Dry your shoes and clothes well so they don’t get wet. It is very convenient to pick up dirty clothes on Friday, bring a clean and ironed uniform on Monday.

    Party wear.

    Matinees are held regularly in the kindergarten. This is a way to show what the kids have learned during the classes and a reason to finally put on beautiful dresses and suits.

    Smart clothes, like everyday clothes, should be comfortable and pleasant for the child.

    For boys — these are dark-colored trousers and jackets, white or light-colored shirts. You can complement the image with a vest to match, a bow tie or a tie. In nursery groups, instead of trousers, shorts no lower than the knees are allowed.

    A girl’s party dress should not be very long, with many details or on a corset. All this will interfere with movement and the baby will feel uncomfortable. Choose simple models that can be accessorized to a great advantage, such as bows or colored elastic bands.

    What is the best way to walk?

    Jackets, coats, parkas, choose a close-fitting style so that the baby is protected from wind, rain and snow. The material must «breathe» and have a water-repellent impregnation. Mandatory cuffs or elastic bands on the sleeves. Hood with zipper. Buttons and buttons can come unfastened at the most inopportune moment.

    Kindergarten outerwear is preferred over dark colors. Light will get dirty at the first walk. Overalls are very comfortable — they protect well from the weather, cover the lower back and are easy to dress. One set of outerwear will be enough.

    The ideal headdress is a hat-helmet. Easily removed, closes the throat and ears, without unnecessary details. If you still need a scarf, choose a short one, and preferably a snood or shirt-front. It is inconvenient to tie a long scarf, it clings to surrounding objects, you can pull it.

    Mittens or gloves with elastic bands, otherwise 100% will be lost. Sew the ends of the elastic bands to the base of the mittens and pull them through the jacket. Sometimes mittens or gloves are sold with carabiners to attach to clothing. But the carabiner can break and be difficult to fasten, especially in cold weather, so the elastic is still popular.

    Unlike outerwear, it is better to buy gloves from artificial fabrics. They are lightweight, dry quickly and keep you warm. Woolen products can get wet quickly and become heavy. It is better to have 2 pairs, in case of a replacement.

    Thermal underwear is very comfortable to wear under overalls. It is thin, breathable, perfectly retains heat. Unlike him, thick sweatshirts and pants are long and uncomfortable to put on, the baby can be clumsy in them, move badly.

    Choose shoes with Velcro. The laces and zippers are difficult for the child to unfasten or untie. The ideal option is wide boots or boots when you need minimal time to put them on.

By alexxlab

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