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Morgan Pregnancy/Postpartum Robe & Matching Swaddle Set & Dad T-Shirt

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Navy Stripe Pregnancy/Postpartum Robe & Matching Swaddle & Dad T Shirt

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Serra Pregnancy/Postpartum Robe & Navy Swaddle & Dad T Shirt

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Audrey Pregnancy/Postpartum Robe & Charcoal Swaddle Set & Dad T Shirt

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Willow Pregnancy/Postpartum Robe & Matching Swaddle & Dad T Shirt

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Jade Pregnancy/Postpartum Robe & Matching Swaddle & Dad T Shirt

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Elise Pregnancy/Postpartum Robe & Matching Swaddle & Dad T Shirt

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Navy Pregnancy/Postpartum Robe & Rainbow Swaddle & Dad T Shirt

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Blue Gingham Pregnancy/Postpartum Robe & Matching Swaddle & Dad T Shirt

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Brooklyn Pregnancy/Postpartum Robe & Taupe Swaddle & Dad T Shirt

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Peta Murgatroyd, Maksim Chmerkovskiy welcome baby No.


June 19, 2023 |

Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s rainbow baby has arrived!

The “Dancing With the Stars” pros’ second child, a baby boy, was born on Sunday.

“Happy Father’s Day to me! #MadeInPeta,” Chmerkovskiy captioned a sweet hospital snap with the infant.

The dancers became parents in January 2017 when they welcomed son Shai, now 6.

Peta Murgatroyd has given birth to her and Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s second baby.maksimc/InstagramThe couple’s second child is another baby boy.Instagram

Five years later, Murgatroyd, 36, revealed she and Chmerkovskiy, 43, had been struggling to give Shai a sibling.

She detailed the three miscarriages she suffered in two years during a June 2022 interview with People, going on to share the “embarrass[ment]” and “shame” she experienced.

“I never thought that two healthy, athletic people could be in a predicament like this,” Chmerkovskiy added. “It’s a lot to process.”

Murgatroyd debuted her bump in January. petamurgatroyd/InstagramMurgatroyd suffered multiple miscarriages prior to her rainbow baby.petamurgatroyD/Instagram

The couple, who have been married since July 2017, subsequently began documenting their in vitro fertilization journey on social media.

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Murgatroyd underwent an egg retrieval procedure in June 2022, followed by an embryo transfer two months later.

Although the latter did not work and Murgatroyd planned to “take a little break” from IVF, she revealed in January that baby No. 2 was on the way.

Murgatroyd and Chmerkovskiy conceived after one failed round of IVF.petamurgatroyd/Instagram

“After 2 years of constant struggle and heartache … we have a healthy bun in the oven,” the then-expectant star gushed via Instagram at the time. “It was a shock to all of us and we found out right before I was going in for my second round of IV.

“This news has brought extraordinary bliss to our family and we have so much to be grateful for 🙏🏻,” she concluded. “Coming June 2023.”

Murgatroyd continued showing her baby bump progress, revealing their baby boy’s sex three months later.

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Treating with laughter: residents of the Shelekhovsky district master hospital clowning

From the outside it seems that everyone can master the work of a hospital clown. It’s so easy to put on a costume, joke, give the kids a smile and play with them. However, in reality, this is hard work that requires great dedication, strength and patience. In this article, we will tell you why the residents of the Big Meadow decided to become clowns, and how little patients treat them in hospitals.

Evgenia Titova is the artistic director of the Baklashinsky House of Culture, and she becomes a cheerful clowness when she changes into a colorful costume and goes to the hospital. Good deeds do not need a reason, so Evgenia considers it her duty, at least for a while, to distract the child from the hospital way of life and return him back to the world of childhood, games and laughter.
Evgeniya’s daughter Anna Titova, teacher and organizer of school No. 8 in Bolshoy Lug, also helps children feel strong and overcome pain. It was she who suggested to her mother in 2017 to test a new direction for the region — clown therapy.

The first volunteers to join the ranks of the hospital clowns were active students of IrGUPS, then other caring citizens joined in. And for the past three years, multi-clowns, as the volunteer animators called themselves, have been visiting their little patients, delighting them with performances.

The first meeting with the kids took place in the Irkutsk Regional Oncology Center on the eve of the New Year. Fairy-tale characters appeared in the children’s wards — Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, who prepared a special gift for the children — the game «Magic Snowball». The luminous ball, fulfilling cherished desires, delighted more than one child’s heart, and the hospital clowns managed not only to color the gray everyday life of little patients, but also to instill in them faith in New Year’s miracles.

— It was so nice when the doctors supported us and praised us. It turned out that we were pioneers, before that only philanthropists came to the hospital,” said Evgenia Titova. “Seeing smiles on the faces of children is a real joy for our friendly team. Therefore, I wanted to cover not only medical institutions, but also orphanages. The next performance took place in the Angarsk Regional Specialized Orphanage.

In total, the team of hospital clowns carried out seven trips, and since March last year, due to the pandemic, the activity had to be interrupted. However, the volunteers decided not to lose their knack and began to participate in various online workshops for animators and make props. Soon they hope to resume work and expand the geography of hospitals. The plans are to establish cooperation with the Shelekhov district hospital.

To become a hospital clown, you need to do a lot of work on yourself, have pedagogical knowledge and have acting skills. Multi-clowns are strictly forbidden to mention diseases and show pity for patients. And before visiting the ward, it is important to find out from the medical staff the characteristics of children in order to choose the right program and include them in your game.

A team of volunteer animators visits not only medical institutions, but also goes to the homes of little patients who, due to serious illnesses, spend almost all their time within four walls. Clowns work for free, and they try not to refuse those who turn to them. The only obstacle to traveling performances is the lack of transport, but sponsors also help with it.

The clowns start the performance with an introduction, then offer the child to take a “pill” for a cheerful mood. Further, the props, individual for each child, are used — these are toys for the development of memory, attention, motor skills and more. Be sure to process it before each visit to the hospital, and the presence of a sanction book is already an unspoken rule of every animator.

Hospital clowns have different themes, for example, on the eve of Cosmonautics Day, they dress up as aliens, and the hospital ward turns into a place of fantastic military actions, as in the Star Wars media franchise of the same name. However, the bright and charismatic clowness remains the favorite character of the kids. Last year, the multi-clowns made their own doctor’s costume — a white coat with patches, a hospital cap and a mask with a face. Now he is waiting in the wings to appear before the guys.

– We become friends for children, so they share their deepest dreams with us. Most, of course, want to get well. For example, one boy who has problems with his legs spoke about his desire to go in for athletics. The main thing here is to support him and explain that he can become a participant in the Paralympic Games, — says Evgenia Titova. — In general, the main task of any hospital clown is to change the atmosphere in the ward and try to solve the difficulties that the child faces while in the hospital.

Now Evgenia and her daughter are looking for like-minded people — caring, sincere and open people of any creative profession (and not only), who love children and have the strength and time to help little patients.



Evgenia Titova and her daughter have been hospital clowns for several years now. Now they are looking for volunteers who want to join their team. Phone 8904 112 55 55.

Medical Center «Ecomedservice»

Currently, online registration is not available on the site, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.
You can make an appointment by calling 160 or +375 (17) 249-74-74

Annual programs

If you are looking for a highly qualified doctor who uses only new modern equipment in his work, welcome to the medical center » Ecomedservice! We have been providing a wide range of medical services for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases for over 26 years. To make an appointment, call 160 or use the online appointment form.


When visiting our center, we recommend wearing a mask!

The safety and care of each patient is one of the main priorities of our center. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are doing everything possible to ensure your safety when visiting Ecomedservice:

  • We have divided the flow of patients. For patients with signs of acute respiratory viral infections, a separate entrance to the building was organized and an autonomous reception area was allocated with the constant functioning of bactericidal air recirculators;
  • If necessary, non-contact thermometry is carried out at the reception on the ground floor and disposable masks are issued;
  • We regularly carry out disinfection of surfaces, wet cleaning, quartzization of medical rooms and non-medical premises of the center;
  • We installed antiseptic and detergent dispensers on each floor of the center;
  • We provided doctors with the necessary personal protective equipment (disposable suits/gowns, masks, caps, goggles, protective face shields, gloves) for safe contact with patients;
  • We have equipped doctors’ offices with pulse oximeters, electronic thermometers, cardiographs for rapid diagnosis of respiratory diseases;
  • We monitor the health of all our employees and take their temperature before being allowed to work.

Dear patients! When contacting the medical center, you must provide a passport or other identification document.

Our services

Ecomedservice Medical Center provides a wide range of services. Modern equipment and professional specialists allow you to pass almost any type of examination.




Fecal tests

Urine tests

Allergy tests

Autoimmune disease tests

9 0002 Tests for hormones

Tests for blood type and Rh factor

Tests for infectious diseases

Tests for parasitic infections

Blood clotting tests



Biochemical tests







Pediatric dentistry




Immunological studies

Dental implants





Speech therapist





Microbiological research




Complete blood count


Tumor markers

Orthodontic dentistry

Orthopedic dentistry


Teeth whitening




Food intolerances


Hepatitis Vaccination

Influenza Vaccination

Infection Vaccination

Vaccination against cervical cancer

Vaccination against Rh incompatibility





X-ray diagnostics of teeth

90 082 C




Therapeutic dentistry

3D tomography


Diagnostic ultrasound

Abdominal ultrasound

BCA ultrasound

Breast ultrasound

Bladder ultrasound

Ultrasound of the pelvic organs

Ultrasound of the scrotum (testicles)

Ultrasound of the liver

Ultrasound of the kidneys

Ultrasound of the prostate

Ultrasound during pregnancy

Ultrasound of the heart

900 02 Joint ultrasound

Thyroid ultrasound








Surgical dentistry

Holter ECG




Ultrasound cleaning




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December 1, 2022 — World AIDS Day

Annually On December 1, preventive events are held throughout the world as part of the World Campaign against HIV infection, timed to coincide with World AIDS Day.

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