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246 Likes, TikTok video from Babbico (@babbicostore): «Our waffle romper is just 😍😍 www. #babyhospitalbag #babyhospitaloutfit #neutralbabyoutfits #neutralbabyoutfit #neutralbabyboutique #onlinebabyboutique #babyboutique #duejune2023 #duejuly2023 #summerbaby #tiktokbabyclothes». Leaving the hospital outfit inspo for your baby ❤️ Lazy Sunday — Official Sound Studio.


Lazy Sunday — Official Sound Studio



Buy your baby the same outfit in different sizes then watch them grow into them 🥺👶🏻

215 Likes, TikTok video from j.a (@joyce.arizala): «Buy your baby the same outfit in different sizes then watch them grow into them 🥺👶🏻». Surprising my husband
with our daughter wearing her newborn ‘leaving the hospital outfit’ | He says this is his favourite outfit on her because he picked it out and he was the first person to ever dress her
| Wait for it… | … beauty of pixar — nilsodinson.


beauty of pixar — nilsodinson


Jessica Teague

cut me off, but they’re on my LTK 🙂 wearing medium in both! #38weekspregnant #postpartumoutfits #babycominghomeoutfit #postpartumoutfit

5. 1K Likes, 58 Comments. TikTok video from Jessica Teague (@jessicalteague): «cut me off, but they’re on my LTK 🙂 wearing medium in both! #38weekspregnant #postpartumoutfits #babycominghomeoutfit #postpartumoutfit». original sound — Jessica Teague.


original sound — Jessica Teague


Francisco Escobar

On my way to pick up my babygirl first outfit to leave hospital like a champ 👼🏻✨she was six days in the NICU 🧊 #babygirl #newbornbaby #firstoutfit #princesita #mywarrior #myangel #iceprincess #gaia

16. 7K Likes, 40 Comments. TikTok video from Francisco Escobar (@franciscoescobarofficial): «On my way to pick up my babygirl first outfit to leave hospital like a champ 👼🏻✨she was six days in the NICU 🧊 #babygirl #newbornbaby #firstoutfit #princesita #mywarrior #myangel #iceprincess #gaia». Until I Found You — Stephen Sanchez.


Until I Found You — Stephen Sanchez


Maria Reyes

Leaving the hospital. 💗 #newborn #fyp #babiesoftiktok #outfitcheck

47 Likes, TikTok video from Maria Reyes (@mariareyes595): «Leaving the hospital. 💗 #newborn #fyp #babiesoftiktok #outfitcheck». ily (i love you baby) — Surf Mesa.


ily (i love you baby) — Surf Mesa


Karina 🤎

Going home outfit for our baby, ofcourse dad picked a padres outfit🫶🏼🤎 #goinghomefromthehospital #babygoinghome #laborndelivery #padresbabies #sandiegopadres #sdpadres #babybaseball

10. 4K Likes, 74 Comments. TikTok video from Karina 🤎 (@karinaamejiaa): «Going home outfit for our baby, ofcourse dad picked a padres outfit🫶🏼🤎 #goinghomefromthehospital #babygoinghome #laborndelivery #padresbabies #sandiegopadres #sdpadres #babybaseball». To Our Daughter (Lullaby) — My Best Friend Jacob.


To Our Daughter (Lullaby) — My Best Friend Jacob



Leaving the hospital but make it extra cute! 🐯 these bodysuits can be personalsied too ♥️ #babbico #cominghome #cominghomeoutfit #cominghomeoutfits #personalisedbabyclothes #cutebabyoutfits #cutebabyoutfit #momtobesoon #mumtobesoon #duedateapproaching #duejune2023 #duejuly2022 #dueaugust2023

TikTok video from Babbico (@babbicostore): «Leaving the hospital but make it extra cute! 🐯 these bodysuits can be personalsied too ♥️ #babbico #cominghome #cominghomeoutfit #cominghomeoutfits #personalisedbabyclothes #cutebabyoutfits #cutebabyoutfit #momtobesoon #mumtobesoon #duedateapproaching #duejune2023 #duejuly2022 #dueaugust2023». The cutest little coming home outfit 🐯 original sound — alayna.


original sound — alayna



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450 Likes, TikTok video from Babbico (@babbicostore): «The cutest personalised leaving the hospital outfit we ever did see 🥲😍 www. #cominghomeoutfit #cominghomeoutfits #babygirloutfit #personalisedbabyclothes #personalisednewborngift #welcometotheworldbaby #duejune2023 #duejuly2023 #babygirlduesoon #girlmomtobe #cutebabyclothes #pregnanttok #35weekspregnant #36weekspregnant». Imagine this as your
baby girls coming home outfit 💗 original sound — overlays.


original sound — overlays



probably way too big but still adorable 🤍✨ #cominghomeoutfits #babyscominghome #babyhospitaloutfits #mommycontent #mamatobe #mommytobe2022 #momtoks2022 #momcontent2022 #21weekspregnant❤️

222 Likes, TikTok video from Celeste (@celangelica): «probably way too big but still adorable 🤍✨ #cominghomeoutfits #babyscominghome #babyhospitaloutfits #mommycontent #mamatobe #mommytobe2022 #momtoks2022 #momcontent2022 #21weekspregnant❤️». baby’s coming home
from the hospital outfitunboxing baby’s coming home from
the hospital outfit Chill Vibes — Tollan Kim.


Chill Vibes — Tollan Kim

    Grandma Upset That Her Daughter Didn’t Dress Her New Baby In The Clothes She Made When Leaving The Hospital

    After an excited grandmother spent months hand making an outfit for her newest grandbaby, she could not help but feel hurt after the baby was not dressed in the outfit as she left the hospital for the first time.

    The grandmother was told that she was just “jealous” and making her granddaughter’s birth all about her. Now, she is wondering if she is in the wrong.

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    The grandmother handmade an outfit for her newborn grandchild after her daughter asked her to.

    Sharing her story to the subreddit, r/AmITheA–hole, the woman revealed that she was open to all “outside opinions” and “judgment” regarding the situation. According to her, she is a mother of four and grandmother of five.

    After the birth of her first grandchild, she began a tradition that stuck with the family. “For all of my grandchildren, I made knitted clothes and hats for them to come out of the maternity ward,” she wrote. “It started with my first grandchild and all the ones that followed, my kids asked me to do it.”

    The woman adds that it is customary in her country for newborn clothes to be a certain color, representing good health, peace, and protection.

    Photo: New Africa / Shutterstock

    “I don’t do it professionally and I work, so it’s something I do in my spare time and it takes months because I do it with all the love and care,” she shared. While the woman says that she never forces her children to accept the clothes for their new babies, they usually ask her to make them when they find out they are expecting.

    When her eldest daughter, Pam, found out she was pregnant with her first child, she asked her mother to make an outfit for her newest grandbaby to leave the hospital in.

    “It was one of the prettiest jobs I’ve ever done and finished within seven months of her pregnancy,” the woman wrote. Her granddaughter was born two months later.

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    The baby was dressed in a different outfit bought by her other grandparents.

    However, as her daughter and her new little family were preparing to leave the hospital, the woman discovered that her granddaughter was wearing a different outfit than the one she made for her to go home in. Instead, she was wearing an outfit from a high-end brand that her other grandparents bought for her.

    The grandmother admits that she was “heartbroken,” and vented to one of her sons about the situation. “The word spread among my children until it reached Pam in the form of a scolding for someone else,” she wrote.

    Photo: Ruslan Huzau / Shutterstock

    Pam confronted her mother, believing that she was acting unreasonably. “She called me angrily saying that she didn’t believe I was jealous over clothes that her daughter could wear at any time, and that I decided to make this moment about me and not celebrate my granddaughter’s life,” the woman shared.

    “I’m just heartbroken that I’ve been making something so lovingly for months for a specific moment and not been told at any point that she wouldn’t use it,” she added. She is especially hurt considering that she not only spent months making the outfit for her granddaughter but also that she has been by her daughter’s side since the birth of their daughter helping out since her daughter is still recovering from her C-section.

    Some Redditors validated the grandmother’s feelings and believed that her daughter was being inconsiderate.

    “Don’t ask someone to spend hours of their time making something for you, only to not use it. That’s just s****y behavior,” one user commented.

    “It’s extremely selfish to ask someone to make something handmade that takes ages of effort, refuse to use it, choose a capitalistic designer brand instead, and then get angry that you’re upset that your handmade item wasn’t used,” another user wrote.

    However, other users pointed out that the baby’s mother may have had her reasons for not dressing her baby in the outfit her grandmother made for her to wear home.

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    “Handknits can be tough to get onto babies,” one user shared. “A gift is not supposed to be an obligation.”

    “Maybe she thought her mother would understand her situation, and she could risk your hurt feelings more than her in-laws, for fear of mistreatment,” another user noted.

    Hopefully, the mother and daughter can work through their disagreement together for the sake of her granddaughter, who is clearly loved by both of them.

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    Rules for admission and discharge | OBUZ «1st City Clinical Hospital»

    Admission of a patient

    1. Patients in need of qualified examination and inpatient treatment are hospitalized in the hospital of OBUZ 1 of the City Clinical Hospital on the direction of doctors from outpatient clinics, emergency and emergency medical care, as well as patients on vital indications without referral to medical institutions.
    2. In case of a planned hospitalization of a patient, the polyclinic sends an outpatient card or an extract from it to the hospital indicating the dates and results of the latest examinations and consultations of specialists.

    Patients delivered to OBUZ 1 City Clinical Hospital are hospitalized directly through the admission infectious diseases department to the infectious diseases departments or receivers of the surgical, therapeutic departments.

    1. The OBUZ 1 City Clinical Hospital hospitalizes patients who need qualified examination and inpatient treatment on the referral of doctors from outpatient clinics, emergency and emergency medical care, as well as patients for health reasons without referral to medical institutions.
    2. In case of planned hospitalization of a patient, the polyclinic sends an outpatient card or an extract from it to the hospital, indicating the dates and results of the latest examinations and consultations of specialists.

    Patients delivered to OBUZ 1 City Clinical Hospital are hospitalized directly through the admission infectious diseases department to the infectious diseases departments or receivers of the surgical, therapeutic departments.

    1. The patient is admitted to the hospital by the doctor of the infectious diseases department, the head of the surgical, therapeutic department, and the doctor on duty. The doctor on duty is obliged to ensure a timely examination of the incoming patient, to familiarize himself with the medical documentation and, if there are medical indications, to hospitalize him in the appropriate department of the hospital.
    2. In case of refusal to admit a patient, the doctor on duty provides him with the necessary medical assistance and makes an entry in a special journal about the reasons for refusing hospitalization and the measures taken (what assistance was provided, sent to another hospital or home, etc. ).
    3. In cases where the patient refuses to be hospitalized if there are indications, the patient’s refusal to be admitted to hospital is made in writing (in the approved form).
    4. Patients arriving during the working hours of department doctors, in addition to the emergency room doctor, are examined by doctors of the respective departments, who establish a diagnosis, prescribe the necessary medical and diagnostic measures, which is recorded in the medical history. At other times, these activities are performed by the doctor on duty of the infectious diseases department or surgical, therapeutic departments.
    5. In the admission department, a medical history is filled out for each hospitalized patient, information about him/her is entered in the patient admission register, as well as in the alphabetical register.
    6. If the patient is taken to the hospital in an unconscious state, then after providing him with the necessary medical care, the passport part of the medical history for him should be filled out according to relatives or persons accompanying him. At the same time, the duty staff of the admission department must carefully compare the available data with those documents that are with the patient.
    7. If there are no documents and it is impossible to obtain information about the patient who is in an unconscious state, his admission is recorded in a special journal with a description of the patient’s external signs. Information about the unknown received reported to the police.
    8. The question of the need for sanitation of the patient is decided by the doctor on duty. Sanitary treatment of the patient is carried out under the guidance of the nurse on duty of the admission department of the hospital.
    9. When a patient is hospitalized, the staff on duty: b) transports the patient, taking into account his state of health (on his own or on a stretcher), accompanies the patient to the appropriate department by the duty nurse of the admission department, who personally transfers him to the nurse on duty of the department;
    10. c) after hospitalization of an infectious patient, the room of the infectious box must be disinfected.
    11. a) ensures compliance with the principles of the medical and protective regime; timely hospitalization of him on a bed;
    1. The doctor on duty of the admission department or hospital during the hours of absence of the doctors of the department organizes monitoring of the condition of severe and newly admitted patients and providing them with emergency medical care.
    2. All documents and valuables of patients must be deposited with the head nurse of the department.
    3. When an infectious patient is admitted to the hospital, an emergency notice is drawn up for him, which is sent no later than 12 hours to the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Ivanovo Region. Patients’ belongings, staff clothing, and the hospital’s reception room are subject to disinfection.
    4. The hospital administration is obliged to immediately notify relatives in the following cases:

    a) if a child or adolescent under 16 years of age is admitted to the hospital without relatives;

    b) if the patient was brought to the hospital by an ambulance or emergency medical service due to an accident or sudden illness outside the home;

    c) if a patient is admitted to the hospital in a life-threatening unconscious state;

    d) if the patient needs to be transferred to another medical institution;

    e) in case of death of the patient.

    Discharge of the patient

    1. Discharge of the patient is carried out by the attending physician in agreement with the head of the hospital inpatient department in the following cases:

    a) recovery of the patient;
    b) improved health status;
    in the absence of indications for further treatment in a hospital;
    d) the need to transfer the patient to another hospital or welfare institution.

    1. Discharge of the patient before treatment, both at the request of the patient himself and his relatives, can be carried out in agreement with the head of the department with the corresponding execution by the patient of a written refusal of medical intervention.
    1. Discharge of a patient for violations of the rules of the hospital or refusal to provide treatment is possible only if this does not threaten the patient’s life.

    Conditions that pose an immediate threat to life or require urgent medical intervention are defined in the order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia dated 01. 11.04 No. 179 «On approval of the procedure for providing emergency medical care.» These include severe conditions in case of accidents, injuries, poisoning, childbirth, emergency conditions during pregnancy and other conditions of the disease requiring urgent medical intervention.

    A doctor has no right to discharge a patient suffering from a disease that threatens the health of other citizens.

    The list of socially significant and environmentally dangerous diseases was approved by Government Decree No. 715 dated 01.12.04. malignant neoplasms, diabetes mellitus, mental and behavioral disorders, diseases characterized by high blood pressure.

    A group of diseases that pose a danger to others are: a disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). viral fevers transmitted by arthropods, viral hemorrhagic fevers, helminthiases, hepatitis B and C, diphtheria, sexually transmitted infections, leprosy, malaria, pediculosis, acariasis and other infections, glanders, melioidosis, anthrax, tuberculosis, cholera, plague.

    Violation of the hospital’s internal regulations must be supported by evidence. This may be, for example, an act on the examination of a patient for alcohol or drug intoxication, where it is necessary to list the external signs of intoxication (in such cases, as a rule, an act is also drawn up on the refusal of the patient to sign familiarization with the act, a doctor’s memorandum). Non-compliance with the internal regulations of the hospital should also be noted in the medical documentation (medical history). It is also important to involve witnesses of disruption of the routine, both by medical personnel and by patients.

    An extract must be made in agreement with the relevant official — the head of the department, the head physician, his deputy for the medical unit, the responsible doctor on duty of the medical institution. When discharging a patient, the attending physician must explain the procedure for further self-treatment, give recommendations on outpatient medical procedures at the polyclinic at the place of residence and report the reasons for discharge from the hospital.

    1. The attending physician is obliged to prepare the patient for discharge in advance, make the necessary follow-up examinations, consult with the appropriate specialist, conduct a final conversation with the patient and give him the necessary medical and preventive advice regarding the regime of work and rest, diet.
    2. The head nurse of the hospital department is responsible for preparing the patient’s clothing and related documentation.
    3. Dressing the patient and meeting with relatives before discharge is recommended to be carried out in a special room at the reception or other premises of the department.
    4. For each patient who is discharged or transferred from a hospital to another medical institution, a “Card of a retired patient” must be filled out, which, together with the medical history, is transferred to the medical statistics office. In addition, an epicrisis is entered into the outpatient card or an extract from the medical history is drawn up, which should be sent directly to the clinic. When a patient is transferred from one medical institution to another, an extract from the medical history is sent simultaneously with him. Things, documents and valuables of the patient upon discharge can be issued personally to the patient or his relative upon presentation of a power of attorney and passport, and in the case of transfer, they must be transferred to the appropriate medical institution.

    Discharge clothes for newborns, in which the child will be comfortable

    That joyful and unforgettable day has come for parents and relatives ─ the discharge of the baby and mother from the maternity hospital. On this special day, everyone around admires the baby. After all, he is the hero of this day! Parents carefully approach the solution of the question — what clothes for discharge for newborns will be the best, since it is imperative to capture on video or photo «the first appearance of the baby in the world.» Each season has its own clothing.


    1. Complete set options
    2. What kind of newborn clothes should I take?
    3. For boys:
    4. For girls:
    5. For twins:
    6. Blankets, covers and their features
    7. Selection rules
    8. Video
    9. Photo

    90 134 Variants of ready-made kits

    Buying clothes for a newborn in the maternity hospital gives parents pleasure. Many get lost in the assortment of children’s things. What clothes should be prepared for discharge and what are the requirements for it? The main thing is to pay attention to the quality of the material — it should be only natural.

    All manufacturers are trying to decorate their products more interesting. To do this, use lace, which is made of artificial threads. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the fact that the lace does not come into contact with the child’s body, does not irritate him, does not scratch and does not give the child discomfort. Clothes for girls and boys differ in color. It is customary for princesses to buy things in pink, and for princes — blue. And if parents do not know the gender of the baby, then you can buy a universal set for a newborn.

    Children’s textiles are gentle, soft and safe. Manufacturers use cotton and bamboo for children’s products, which are very pleasant to the touch.

    Some families stick to old traditions, so they don’t buy anything in advance. But if you recall the history, then in Rus’ they prepared in advance a dowry for a woman in labor and a child. When a woman went to give birth, she needed clothes for a newborn, which needlewomen knitted, spun, sewed and crocheted. Today there is no such need. For babies, elegant clothes can be bought in one day at any children’s store. The main thing is to know what to buy for the hospital, and not to buy too much. Mom-to-be should go with a «worry bag» where they are folded:

    • document confirming the identity of the woman in labor;
    • medical policy;
    • exchange card;
    • certificate.

    A woman in labor will feel more comfortable if she takes the universal set with her. Manufacturers offer two types of kits.

    • Standard. The set contains cosmetic and hygienic items for body care of a young mother and child. There is a pacifier, essential oil for the newborn and a razor for the mother.
    • Comfort. In addition to items from the «Standard» set, there are diapers, a baby bottle, a wound healing product, antibacterial slippers and even Masaru Ibuka’s parenting encyclopedia on how to raise children.

    Today mothers can choose their own maternity hospital. Each clinic has its own rules. Therefore, upon admission, each woman in labor is introduced to them and a pleasant preparation for the appearance of the baby begins. Depending on the season and room temperature, not only cotton, knitted sets, but also velor products are selected. Therefore, the list in summer will be different from winter. But the basic list is still there:

    • diapers — printed, knitted;
    • undershirts — chintz, flannelette;
    • cap;
    • cap;
    • diaper;
    • outdoor overalls or blanket;
    • ribbons, color depends on the sex of the child.

    You need to understand that when buying clothes for newborns, the same size can vary greatly. This depends on the manufacturer.

    DiapersUndershirtsCap CapDiapersBlanketRibbons

    What clothes for a newborn should I take?


    • Milk. The set for the newborn boy is made of cotton fiber. A beautiful set consists of a jumpsuit with a butterfly, a hat and mittens-scratches. The jumpsuit has a convenient button fastener that runs through the entire product, from the neckline to the heels. The placket-clasp is decorated around the perimeter with lace. The round collar is decorated with a butterfly, and on the chest there is a pocket. The hat has thin drawstrings. In this kit, the child can be picked up from the hospital in spring or summer. The set is designed for a newborn boy 50-56 cm in size with a product length of 39, 5 cm. Sleeve length to cuff 14.5 cm, shoulder width 5 cm, cap volume 36 cm.
    • Blue velor blouse set. The set is intended for discharge of a child from the maternity hospital in autumn. It consists of a cotton jumpsuit. There are cuffs on the legs, lace is inserted into the seam. A convenient fastener runs along the entire length of the product. The cap and scratches are sewn with a seam on the outside. Blouse made of textured velor material, decorated with lace along the shoulder line. The kit is designed for babies from 0 to 3 months ─ 56-62 cm.
    • Choupette 206.43 with cap. The set is made from 100% natural fiber. Consists of a jumpsuit with a vest and a hat. The overalls are unbuttoned in the middle by convenient buttons. The front is decorated with an imitation vest, which is decorated with a tie with the brand of the product. It is attached to the top button of the vest. There is a comfortable ergonomic cotton cap with a branded monogram. Clothes for discharge are designed for children from 0 to 3 months and are designed for a height of 50-62 cm.
    • Royal. The set consists of 4 items. For their manufacture, manufacturers used soft and hypoallergenic materials with a crown print. The set includes a jumpsuit with a convenient side button closure, a hat, a plaid blanket that supports a soft bow with a wide elastic band. The set is intended for discharge of the baby from the maternity hospital in spring and summer cool weather. The set is suitable for height 52-58 cm with a product length of 39.5-42 cm. Sleeve length to cuff 14.5-15.5 cm shoulder width 5-6 cm, and cap volume 36-38 cm.

    The sizes in the kits are for a child with an average body size. For large children, more than 3 kg, size 50 is not worth buying.

    Milk With blue velor blouseChoupette 206.43 with a hat Royal


    • Argo Elegance pink. Clothes for discharge for a newborn girl is a set of 7 pink items:
      • knitted blanket 90×90 cm;
      • lace slip;
      • lace caps, elegant;
      • lace belt;
      • overalls;
      • undershirts;
      • caps.

    Demi-season set is made of natural material (cotton 100%). The fastener-buttons in the jumpsuit runs along the middle of the product. A soft blanket with a safe synthetic winterizer creates a cozy nest for the baby. It does not irritate the body and passes air well.

    • Peach. The clothes are made of cotton knitted fabric. The set is given a zest by a bodysuit with a skirt, as well as a cap, sliders, and a hat. The set is designed for princesses from 0 to 3 months for height 56-62 cm.
    • Michelle. When discharged from the hospital in summer weather, the kit on the baby will charm all relatives and friends. It includes:
      • hat embroidered with ribbons and beads;
      • bodysuit with lace cotton skirt with pink ribbon bow;
      • pants with embroidery on socks.

    A set of clothes for discharge from the maternity hospital for newborns is made of natural interlock fabric, natural 100% cotton. The tapes used for decoration are absolutely safe and hypoallergenic. Their color is not lost with a large number of washes. The clothes are designed for the height of the baby 56-62 cm.

    • Lady Pink Lucky Child. The set is designed for the spring/summer period. It includes:
      • bodysuit;
      • overalls;
      • sliders;
      • anti-scratches;
      • cap;
      • vest;
      • blouse;
      • booties;
      • cap.

    Clothes made of interlock, 100% cotton. Sleeves, the front of the sliders, overalls, blouses are decorated with embroidery.

    • PAPITTO. The kit is intended for discharge for a girl from the maternity hospital. Consists of two items:
      • dressy jumpsuit with turn-down collar;
      • bonnet decorated with a wide lace ribbon.

    Sleeve cuffs gathered. The bottom of the sleeves and the collar are trimmed with a satin white ribbon.

    Argo ElegancePeachMichelleLady Lucky ChildPAPITTO

    For twins:

    • Happy bear Tulipse. This series of sets is presented in different colors for twins ─ a girl and a boy. For a girl, a delicate apricot color, and for a boy, light blue. Each clothing set is a set of 5 items:
      • sliders — velor;
      • blouse — velor;
      • cap — velor;
      • bodysuit ─ 100% cotton.

    They are completed with 90×90 cm blankets and bows in two colors — blue and milky.

    • Sonya. Two sets for newborn girls and boys. They differ in color. White clothes are decorated with ribbons and embroidery in blue and pink tones. The set includes:
      • cap;
      • vest;
      • sliders.

    Complementing the 90×90 cm bedspread with Velcro belt. For the manufacture of products, manufacturers used natural material ─ 100% cotton, interlock singing.

    • Maria+Brilliant Baby. Winter set for twin girls, ivory color. Each set includes:
      • Velor overalls with a hood, insulated with synthetic winterizer inside, there is a knitted lining;
      • cap.
    • My bear cub. This is a designer version of spring / summer clothes for the discharge of twin boys from the maternity hospital. It includes:
      • overalls;
      • cap;
      • envelope.

    Products are made of interlock, 100% printed cotton, thin isosoft.

    Happy bear TulipseSonyaMaria+Brilliant BabyMy bear cub

    Blankets, envelopes and their features

    A blanket or an envelope is, undoubtedly, the necessary accessories during the discharge of the baby from the maternity hospital. How not to make a mistake in choosing a product, because today textile manufacturers present a lot of options on the market? Distinguish by types:


    • cotton;
    • fleece;
    • natural wool;
    • acrylic;
    • microfiber;
    • in mixed materials.


    • transformers;
    • bags;
    • overalls.

    CottonFleeceNatural woolAcrylicMicrofiberTransformerBagsOveralls

    Today envelope design solutions have become in demand. They have an aesthetic, elegant, unusual look:

    • Aliexpress. The envelope includes the main part and decor, which is an application, rivets and a cape. It is made from European cotton;
    • Classic. Designers for princes made an envelope in the form of a tuxedo with a butterfly, and for princesses they came up with it in the form of an elegant dress;
    • Asterisk. This summer envelope model is suitable for boys. The space theme is presented on the outside of the envelope. The product is fastened with a beautiful bow on an elastic band, trimmed with a fabric with a children’s print, as in the inside of the envelope;
    • Milano Stars. The envelope is intended for discharge from the hospital and further use up to 6-7 months. For its manufacture, they took raincoat fabric. The inner part is sewn of blue fabric with stars. The product is decorated with embroidery of 3 stars. The material passes air well, the insulation is not allergenic;
    • Hedgehog. The envelope is decorated with a red apple. There are zippers on the sides. And imitation needles are inserted around the entire perimeter of the envelope. The color of the product is cocoa with milk, and the “needles” are brown.

    When you are discharged from the hospital, a blanket or an envelope will solve many functions. On cool evenings, they will come in handy for walking, and in the stroller, the blanket will serve as a blanket during daytime sleep. You can make a blanket with your own hands: knit or crochet. It can be tight or openwork. With the growing up of the child, it is used for games at home or at their summer cottage. And children’s envelopes protect children from the sun’s heat in summer, from the cold in winter. Children are comfortably accommodated in them, and parents are left to admire their babies.

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    Selection Rules

    In order not to harm the health of their child, parents pay great attention to finding useful information on this topic. To do this, they use the advice of experienced mothers, pediatricians, and other specialists when choosing clothes for babies.

    Clothing recommendation for newborns:

    • Clothing for newborns must be sewn with outside seams. The baby’s body will be protected from scuffs and other damage;
    • Do not buy clothes with a zipper. On buttons and buttons, it will be softer;
    • Products should be purchased only from natural fabrics;
    • Winter clothing should be 1-2 sizes larger than underwear ─ undershirts, bodysuits or overalls;
    • For winter things, the filler must be from materials that do not cause allergies and create warmth;
    • Pay attention to fasteners in winter clothes.

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