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The 9 Baby Shower Essentials – Living Textiles Co

A friend or a relative is having a baby real soon, and there’s a lot to do. There is baby stuff to be bought, a nursery to be set up, and – oh yeah – a baby shower to be planned! If the responsibility of pulling off the perfect baby shoulder falls on your shoulders, worry no more as we are here to help!

The great thing about baby showers is that they can be as casual as carefree as you want it to be. But of course, looking into the details of planning a baby shower helps a lot to make sure that everyone – especially the expectant mom – has a great time.

When to Start Planning the Baby Shower

If the expectant mother is in on the planning, it is best to let her decide on the date of the baby shower. Consider that she may be very busy doing pregnant-things; after all, nesting, shopping, and checkups do take a lot of time!

But if you are planning a surprise baby shower, wait until the third trimester. The discomforts of the earlier months are probably already gone, and the discomforts that come during the eighth or ninth month aren’t there yet.

It is during this time that the expecting couple probably knows the baby’s gender already, which makes it easier for the guests to scout for unique baby shower gift ideas. Otherwise, if they are not considering knowing the baby’s gender prior to birth, then it’s wise to tell the guests to start looking for gender-neutral baby gifts. 

So when do you start planning the baby shower? Do it at least a month and a half before the set date to allow for more flexibility and adjustments. This will also give the guests time to clear the calendar for the party.

If you are ready to plan, let’s go over the baby shower essentials you need to keep in mind!

9 Baby Shower Essentials for Perfect Party

A baby shower is truly a joyous event, a celebration of life! As the host of your loved one’s upcoming baby shower, it is normal to feel a little overwhelmed with this responsibility. Knowing the baby shower essentials will definitely help you plan the perfect party. Here are 9 things to keep in mind when planning a baby shower.

1.    Choose a planning team. Delegate tasks!

If planning a baby shower seems to be a lot of work, that’s because it can be. So don’t do it on your own! Get your own team of responsible, trustworthy pals to help you with the tasks. Think of it as having your own bridesmaids – but for a baby shower.

2.    Choose the final date and venue.

The first choice of venue will probably be the expectant mother’s home as this might be the most comfortable location for her. But you can also consider other options, whether indoor or outdoor. Just make sure that the venue is convenient, especially for the pregnant guest of honor.

3.    Come up with a baby shower theme.

It is important to come up with a baby shower theme as early as possible as it will make the planning process a lot easier. Your theme can revolve around the expectant parents’ nursery theme if they already have one. For practical reasons, it is also helpful to have a theme that uses gender-neutral designs and colors.

4.    Send invitations.

You should come up with a list of guests as early as possible, too, as you will need to send invitations at least a month and a half prior to the party. Make sure that your invitations contain all the important details: from the date and the venue to the theme and the program.

5.    Share unique baby shower gift ideas.

As the date is nearing, it will be helpful to share baby shower gift ideas with the other guests. From age-appropriate newborn baby toys to soft baby blankets, the guests will certainly appreciate all of the ideas! While you can share ideas from a particular gift registry, you can also suggest gender-neutral and useful baby items.

6.    Pick the decorations.

It can be a lot of fun picking the baby shower decorations! But, since you are going to be spending money on décor anyway, it is more practical to choose decorations that the expecting family can use. Decorate the venue with adorable newborn baby toys and the most charming soft baby blankets that can also double as baby shower gifts.

7.    Set the menu.

Baby showers are typically laidback parties that don’t require an elaborate menu, but at the end of the day, it’s all up to you! Do remember to take note of the expectant mom’s dietary restrictions, if there are any, to make sure she enjoys the food at her baby shower.

8.    Plan the party activities and the baby shower games.

No baby shower is ever complete without activities and several baby shower games! To make sure everyone will have fun, you can mix simple activities, like giving the expectant mom pieces of advice, and exciting baby shower games such as baby food guessing game and baby trivia.

9.    Prepare thank you cards and party favors.

Finally, don’t forget to thank the guests for coming! Preparing simple thank you cards and party favors shows them you appreciate the time and effort they spared for the celebration. And for the pregnant guest of honor, you may prepare a special gift that is meant for her (not for the baby this time)!


Planning a baby shower can be fun and exciting even if it is a bit challenging! Now that you know the 9 baby shower essentials to keep in mind, you are definitely going to be the best baby shower planner in town.  

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How To Create & What To Include

Create a baby shower gift registry as a great way to list important items you need when a baby is born. A baby gift registry helps people to know what to buy for a newborn baby and avoids unwanted items or duplicate presents. Family and friends can give useful, practical gifts and, more importantly, what a newborn needs or parent wants. With a wishlist of baby essentials, if the mum-to-be has a specific or expensive item in mind, guests can contribute to gift a joint present rather than buying lots of smaller unnecessary products.

Baby essentials a new mum really needs

Newborns do not need fluffy blankets or teddy bears, whereas there is a long list of essentials a new mum wants.

New parents will usually have already chosen the larger baby equipment they want for their newborn. They might have already test-driven pushchairs or prams and made a decision on which car seat to buy, for example. That said, expectant parents often appreciate contributions for baby items with a higher price tag, depending on budget. A baby shower gift registry can offer a way to collect donations towards the same item, such as a designer change bag.

Whether a newborn baby is bottle-fed or breastfeeding, there is still a baby feeding wishlist. Breastmilk can be expressed with a pump and stored in bags of bottles ready for a baby’s feed. Otherwise, bottles will need to be made up with formula milk.

Other baby supplies that tend to run out include nappies, wipes and barrier creams. Whilst these everyday supplies don’t sound like an exciting present, it’s all very helpful, especially as maternity pay kicks in and disposable cash may be less. A baby shower registry helps friends and family gift the newborn essentials ready for the new arrival.

How to create a baby shower gift registry

It’s never too early to set up a baby gift registry. The baby shower might be much later in pregnancy, but you can begin to prepare at any point.

To make it easy to organise the items you’re looking at, start your wish list early in your pregnancy to remember what you’re looking at. A well-planned baby gift registry gives your friends and family plenty of time to choose a present they know you really want.

Choose from a range of retailers, on and offline. If you’d like a specific item, colour or size, add as many details as possible, along with a direct link to the product. Simply ask gifters to mark it as purchased so that you don’t receive it twice. Our tip is to keep it to the gifts you really want to receive. A long unmanageable gift registry can be tricky for friends and family to navigate, and they may decide to choose something else completely. A shorter, more focused list is easier to buy from.

What to include in a baby gift registry

If you’re a first-time parent, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Other parents or friends with children are full of advice on items they found useful for their baby. You can also look at reviews and forums for baby products with recommendations.

Consider all budgets; some people like to choose lots of little gifts, while others may shop big or prefer to contribute cash. Include essential items such as nappies, wipes, and baby clothes in various sizes; stocks go down quickly, and babies grow fast. Hampers of smaller essential items come in handy later down the line, and people like to think they are being helpful.

Likewise, think ahead to a few months later. Toys, highchairs, weaning, or seasonal equipment can all be useful presents as the baby gets older. Add non-monetary items such as babysitting or home-cooked meals. Gifts of kindness are invaluable to new parents amidst the chaos of a new baby.

If you’re still stuck on what you might need for your new baby, include gift cards on your registry. Gift cards for a retailer with a wide variety of products give you the flexibility to purchase items as needed.

Must-haves for a baby shower gift list checklist

We’ve broken down the essentials a new mum needs for a baby in the fourth trimester.

  • Baby equipment: Car seat, travel system or pram, cot or crib, change bag, baby monitor, and nappy changing table or mat.
  • Baby feeding: Baby feeding bottles, breast pump, milk bags, muslins, bibs, steriliser, bottle brush, drying rack, flask, nipple pads and shields.
  • Baby supplies: Nappies, barrier creams, nappy bags, formula, wipes, cotton wool.
  • Baby sleeping: Swaddles, cellular blankets, white noise simulator, room thermometer.
  • Practical presents: Thermometer, dummies, safety scissors, bath water thermometer, sunshade.
  • Clothing: Vests, sleepsuits, socks, wool hat, sunhat, cardigans, mittens.
  • Gifts for mum: Brownies or chocolates, baby milestone book, newborn photoshoot, keepsake, experience voucher or some pick-me-up toiletries.

Remember, your baby shower registry isn’t rude or cheeky; it’s designed to help you organise the items you need for your new arrival. Take the time to create a gift list that reflects how you’d like to care for your baby. Begin your free newborn baby wishlist today.

What do you need to move? List of essentials for moving

You need to prepare for moving to a new house no less seriously than for a hiking trip, keep a lot of information in your head, because there will be no time to correct it. We want to share an experience that will simplify the process of preparing and packing personal belongings. First of all, make a list of the most important items in your opinion and collect them separately from others.

During a lifetime, a large number of things accumulate in one place in the house. A comfortable life requires a lot of various furniture, dishes, textiles, clothes, books, appliances, plants in pots and vases… Figurines, children’s crafts, framed family photos — oh, how many little things dear to the heart create comfort and a feeling of home… But right after When you move, you will need things that can provide a little bit of comfort for a while while you unpack boxes and settle in a new place.

Essential items should be packed in separate boxes. You will greatly facilitate your life if you sign these boxes in as much detail and clearly as possible. You can even allocate a marker of a different color (for example, red) for them. It will be necessary to load these boxes into transport in the last place, so that when unloading in a new apartment, they will be the first to get and unpack them.

So, the things of the very first necessity.

1. Food and drink for the first time

In Hollywood movies, happy lovers move into a new home with just a bottle of champagne and two glasses. In life, you will not be full with one glass of sparkling wine. You can be sure that during the move, the appetite will play out serious. Therefore, be sure to collect a small supply of products that are not demanding on storage conditions (moving is a long process, not all products will remain fresh outside the refrigerator). Do not forget water, tea and coffee, a kettle or a thermos of hot water. A plate and a cup for each family member, forks, spoons, a knife, napkins or paper towels — do not hide it far, collect it in a separate box. You can also order delivery of products to a new address.

2. Clothes and shoes for the first time

Save your time and set aside a couple of sets of clothes and shoes in advance, in which you can go to work. By the way, shirts, blouses, suits and coats can be packed in special wardrobe boxes. The design of such boxes allows you to transport (and, if necessary, store) clothes directly on hangers. In addition to work clothes, you will need to collect home clothes and shoes, underwear for all family members. Pack an iron and a clothes brush with your clothes, so you can quickly put your clothes in order.

3. Towels, hygiene products, hair dryer

It is not necessary to put all the accessories from the bathroom and toilet in the box with essentials. You can limit yourself to the bare essentials: toothpaste and toothbrushes, shower gel, shampoo, hair combs, hair dryer, a few towels, a couple of toilet paper rolls.

4. Bed linen, blankets, pillows

You can definitely use them on the day of the move. The bed (or beds) will be assembled and you will be able to sleep in comfort.

5. Baby clothes

If you have children, then you are well aware of how many things your offspring need. Just like adults, children will need clothing for the first time, bed linen and hygiene products. If the child is small, then he will need diapers, bottles. Schoolchildren will need to collect textbooks and workbooks. And be sure to have age-appropriate toys so that the child has something to do while the adults unpack.

6. First aid kit

Be sure to bring medicines that your family members need (for example, your parents need medicines to control blood pressure, and your husband needs medicines to care for contact lenses). In this first aid kit, you need to provide adhesive plasters, painkillers, iodine or similar antiseptics, food poisoning drugs.

7. Tool kit

Screw a shelf, attach a router or other equipment to the wall, hang a chandelier, cornices, paintings, photographs, hooks in the bathroom — small household work will be enough. Collect the necessary set of tools (screwdriver or screwdriver with interchangeable nozzles, hammer, pliers, pliers, wrench) and a small supply of fasteners. You will definitely need several rolls of tape when you need to collect, pack and take out used packaging, garbage, cardboard sheets.

8. Household chemicals

During the arrangement at the new place, there will be a big cleaning. Think about what you need to clean up and collect a small supply of cleaning products, sponges, rags, a mop or broom, garbage bags. A vacuum cleaner may also come in handy. And we strongly recommend that girls grab a pair of thick rubber gloves. Not everyone likes to use them, but hands need to be protected and protected.

9. Stuff for animals

Do you have a cat, dog, hamster or other pets? You need to collect the essentials for them: tray, filler, food, bowls, collars, beds, cages, toys, etc.

10. Chargers for phones and tablets

Perhaps comments are unnecessary here. This item includes wires and adapters for all computer equipment that you may need immediately after moving. The main thing is not to forget to pack them together with the rest of the essentials.

11. Stationery knife or scissors

You will need a cutting tool when you start opening the boxes. Therefore, do not pack the knife with any other things so that it can be easily obtained in case of emergency.

We have compiled this list based on our many years of experience. Of course, you can add to it according to your needs, but in no case reduce it. And most importantly, do not worry, because all the main concerns for packing your property, assembling and disassembling furniture, transporting and loading personal belongings, will be taken over by professional specialists if you order a turnkey move from the Delicate Moving company. Let your arrangement in a new place be easy!

Voronezh City Hall has published a detailed list of things needed for refugees from Kharkov




Photo: press service of the mayor’s office

IDPs from the Kharkiv region, who were forced and hastily left their homes, are in need of basic necessities. On September 11, refugees were placed in children’s camps with heated buildings «Blue Screen» and «Kirovets». Despite the support of the region and the municipality, which organize the living conditions for citizens, all caring Voronezh residents can take part in the collection of humanitarian aid.

What is needed to support people who managed to grab only documents and a couple of things with them

For children: 20 pieces of baby puree; 7 packs of baby diapers; diapers 3, 5 and 6 sizes; 25 bottles of baby shampoo; 30 pieces of baby shower gel; 50 pieces of baby cream; 10 powders; 3 pots; tights; constructor for children aged three years.

Women’s clothing: hats, underwear up to size 50; T-shirts up to size 50; bras 1-3 sizes; nightgowns 48-54 sizes; socks; sweater warm 50, 52 and 56 sizes; autumn jacket 50 and 54 sizes; warm trousers size 54; three winter jackets size 56; warm bathrobe size 46; sports suit size 48.

Women’s shoes: boots size 38; winter boots size 32; indoor slippers — 2 pairs of size 36 and 4 pairs of size 38; winter shoes — 2 pairs of size 38 and 7 pairs of size 39; flip flops size 38 and 39; winter boots size 41; sneakers in different sizes.

Men’s clothing: hats, T-shirts; men’s pants sizes; warm sweater 44, 52, 56 sizes; autumn jacket 50, 54 sizes; underwear; sweatshirt size 52; shirt size 52; tracksuits in different sizes.

Men’s shoes: 4 pairs of winter boots in size 44; 10 pairs of sneakers up to size 44; 10 pairs of winter shoes in different sizes; 2 pairs of flip flops in sizes 41 and 43; 5 pairs of slippers size 43; shoes size 38.

Personal hygiene items: 126 towels; 100 kg of washing powder; 90 pieces of hand cream; 100 pieces of toothbrushes; 100 bottles of shower gels; 300 shampoos; 100 washcloths; 50 combs; 57 tubes of toothpaste; 23 laundry soaps; 48 intimate hygiene gels; 110 personal care products for women; 140 razors; 142 pieces of shaving foam; 50 aftershave; 140 packs of wet wipes.

School supplies: 36 school backpacks; 20 pencil cases; footballs, basketballs, volleyballs; general notebooks; pens, pencils; 100 squared notebooks; 100 notebook covers; 57 diaries.

Other: 30 travel bags; 5 mobile phones; 10 teapots; 30 extensions; 30 packs of sponges for washing dishes; 50 raincoats; sewing kits for minor repairs.

Essential items can be brought to humanitarian aid collection points, who work in all areas of the city.

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