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85 photos, patterns and schemes for sewing original beautiful

Children are the flowers of life, so I want to give them all the best. Every mother wants to dress her children well and stylishly. This can be done not only by buying things in the store, but also by tailoring wealthy.

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  • Festive costumes
  • Classic ideas
  • How to sew a costume from improvised materials?
  • Is it possible to make a suit out of paper?
  • Home costumes
  • Choosing the fabric and sewing process for a home costume
  • Easy tailoring of trousers for a girl
  • Conclusion
  • Photo of DIY costumes for a girl

Festive costumes

On the eve of the holidays, morning performances are held in kindergartens and schools. For a girl, the choice of costume is important. We will tell you how to sew a costume for a girl with your own hands — a minimum investment of time and money.

Classic ideas

Every girl dreams of looking like a princess and having a beautiful puffy dress. This dream is easy to realize without much effort.

First you need tulle in different shades (optional). Next, take measurements of the child’s waist, and cut the elastic to the required length.

The next step is to cut the ribbons from the tulle, at least 15 centimeters wide. Then just tie the cut ribbons to the elastic in a circle. The skirt is ready.

The upper part of the suit may consist of a cropped lace top or other material.

How to sew a suit from improvised materials?

The ability to sew is always useful. There is not always time to prepare for the holiday, and it is required to sew a costume for the girl in haste.

If the outfit is not bought for more money, this does not make it of poor quality. On the contrary, the child will stand out with an exclusive thing.

Take a closer look at household items, suddenly unnecessary ones are lying around, decorating and adding them, you get an interesting outfit.

These can be old grandmother’s scarves. With additional accessories, you get the image of a young gypsy.

If fantasy does not allow you to come up with something original, look at photos of do-it-yourself costumes for a girl on the Internet / magazines. Together with your daughter, choose and create a costume. They say that working together brings people together.

Is it possible to make a costume out of paper?

Baby costumes are easy to make from any material, and paper is no exception. Usually purchased costumes cost a lot of money. Of course, the child does not want to wear the same outfit to all events, so we came up with ideas for paper costumes for girls.

The entire outfit does not have to be paper. For example, a girl wants to become a sorceress from Harry Potter. We already have a silk cape, it remains to make a hat and a magic wand. Thick paper and cardboard are great for this option.

With a little effort, you can make both individual parts and a full-fledged costume. The paper used is different, but old newspapers will look unusual and original. There are entire master classes on the Internet dedicated to this topic.

Home suits

Women from a young age want to look good even at home. A home costume for a girl should have not only practicality, but also beauty.

A good addition to the costume is a bathrobe (put it on after a shower or in the cool season).

The choice of fabric and the process of tailoring a home suit

The most important criterion when choosing a fabric is practicality. The material should have a pleasant texture and be easy to wash, as children often get dirty. It is advisable to choose natural materials so that the skin breathes and there is no irritation from synthetics.

To sew a homemade costume for a girl, you will need:

  • fabric;
  • thread and needles;
  • ruler and scissors;
  • sewing machine.

The pattern is not required for tailoring if the costume does not have complex details. Usually the costumes are free-form, not restricting the movement of the child.

When choosing a complex model, it is better to use a pattern.

Easy sewing of trousers for girls

This method is easy and even a beginner can handle it.

Sewing steps:

  • take trousers that are perfect for a girl;
  • attach them to the fabric and outline the contours;
  • when cutting out, leave room for seams;
  • leave more space at the top for the belt;
  • after cutting out, you will get 4 pieces of fabric;
  • the last step is to sew 4 parts and pull the elastic into the belt. Ready.

The blouse is sewn according to the same principle. But if there are sleeves, a pattern will be required.


It turns out that it is easy to sew a costume for a child with your own hands. It does not require special knowledge and effort. If you wish, you can create an outfit that will outshine the purchased models, and your child will look irresistible.

Photo of costumes for girls with their own hands

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Kigurumi is the best home suit for the winter

The average person working on a 5/2 schedule spends at least 40 hours a week in home clothes.

What should a home suit look like? Comfortable, easy to wash, neat.

It is a bad habit to wear old clothes that you wore 2 years ago to go out at home. First, in most cases it will be uncomfortable. Secondly, it will look stale, inspire melancholy, laziness and bad thoughts.

Therefore, home kits should be bought separately, just like you buy separate clothes for work in the office and separately for sports training.

What is kigurumi?

We bring to your attention one of the most successful types of clothing for the home — kigurumi pajamas. Invented in the 90s in Japan among fans of manga and anime, kigurumi has gained great popularity around the world, including as home costumes. You can buy kigurumi in St. Petersburg on the website, for example

Kigurumi is a wide jumpsuit with a hood. If at home you prefer an active «rest» — cleaning, cooking, decluttering the apartment, playing with children — it will be very convenient for you to do these things in kigurumi. Of course, the jumpsuit does not sit like a second skin, but it covers the entire body, including the lower back.

However, Kigurumi is also suitable for supporters of passive home rest. After all, they are so comfortable to lie on the couch, watch TV shows, or sit on the windowsill with your favorite book …

Which is better — fleece or velsoft?

Kigurumi are made of hypoallergenic materials — fleece or velsoft (in cheaper models). We advise you to choose fleece models, as this fabric is better at wicking away heat and moisture. Velsoft products are more likely to sweat. And this is confirmed by reviews of real buyers on the Internet.

Fleece is soft and warm just like sheepskin. But at the same time, it is not so capricious — it does not lose shape, does not shed and dries in just 1-2 hours. Sheepskin wool is a little prickly, especially at first. Fleece Kigurumi keeps its soft texture even after frequent washes.

Fleece is easy to care for as the material is easy to wash. Light soiling on the cuffs can be removed manually using liquid or solid soap.

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