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Baby Boy Coming Home Outfit Summer

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  • Responsibilities of a godfather at the baptism of a child

    A godfather is able to make an invaluable contribution to the spiritual upbringing of a godson/goddaughter, helping parents instill in their child love for God, explain the meaning of worship, and teach the basics of the Orthodox faith. After all, it is spiritual mentoring that is the main task of the receiver.

    How to prepare a godfather for the rite of baptism in the Orthodox Church

    Do not rush to abandon this honorable mission if you feel a lack of knowledge about Christianity and church rules. You have an amazing opportunity to fix everything. Inspired by an important role, you can fill the gaps in knowledge with the help of religious literature, temple visits, conversations with a priest and become an example of virtue and obedience to the Lord for your godchild.

    Precisely with the aim of conveying to future godparents their significance in the life of godchildren, most churches practice obligatory categorical conversations for godparents, which are prepared at the stage of preparation for the sacrament.


    How to pass an interview

    The number of classes is determined by the level of churching of the recipients. After the first conversation, the priest decides how many classes will be needed.

    • If the future godparents regularly visit the church, go to confession, take communion, then one or two meetings can be enough.
    • If knowledge and understanding are not enough, then there can be three to five conversations.

    During the interview, the recipients are not only told the order of the rite and their duties are voiced. The priest conveys the main meaning of the adoption of the Christian faith. After the first meeting, the godparents are given the task of learning the basic Orthodox prayers (if they do not know them), and also begin to study the text of the Gospel.

    Fasting, confession and communion

    At the preparation stage, it is also necessary to visit the temple a few days before the sacrament, confess and take communion. Just before baptism, it is supposed to observe a three-day fast, which implies the exclusion of animal products from the diet. In addition, it is necessary to refrain from entertainment events, intimacy and foul language. On the day of baptism, the godfather, like the godmother, is forbidden to eat until the end of the rite, because sometimes after the sacrament the priest gives communion to the newly baptized and godparents.

    What prayers a godfather needs to know

    Godfathers should definitely learn the main prayer of the rite «Symbol of Faith». It is pronounced immediately after the words of renunciation of the devil and combination with Christ. Recipients must read and understand the meaning of prayer, which is a set of basic provisions of the Orthodox faith.

    The list of significant prayers also includes: «Our Father», «Virgin Mother of God, rejoice», «King of Heaven».

    How to dress your godfather for christening

    At the rite of baptism, the godfather, like the godmother, must wear a consecrated pectoral cross. Appearance is supposed to be modest, not attracting attention. It is not recommended to enter the temple in sportswear, shorts, T-shirt. On a hot summer day, it is better to choose light trousers and a short-sleeved shirt.

    What you need to buy for baptism

    The duties of the godfather include buying a pectoral cross and a chain or a gaitan to it. He also needs to purchase an icon of the Guardian Angel and a nominal icon with the image of a saint, whose name the godson will be named.

    The godfather should visit the church where the ceremony will take place in advance and clarify the details of the organization:

    • Is it possible to take photographs;
    • There will be mass or individual baptism, how long will it last;
    • Will there be communion on the day of baptism or will it be necessary to commune the godson in a week;
    • What you need to bring to the temple in addition to baptismal clothes, icons and crosses;
    • When you can bless the purchased cross.

    A donation to the needs of the temple is also the responsibility of the godfather. The amount of payment for the rite can be known in advance. Candles are purchased on the day of the sacrament according to the number of invited guests.


    Functions and duties of the godfather during the Sacrament

    Godparents renounce the devil and are combined with Christ instead of the godson, then the main stage of baptism begins — immersion in the font, symbolizing death and rebirth from water and the Holy Spirit.

    At the christening of a boy

    At the baptism of the boy, the godfather takes him from the font. Together with the godmother, he wipes the baby with a baptismal towel and helps dress him in a white shirt, the color of which denotes the purity and sinlessness of the newly baptized soul. The godfather holds a baby up to a year in his arms. Children over two years old can stand in front of the receiver.

    At the baptism of a girl

    The godmother takes the girl from the font. The task of the godfather at this time is to be constantly nearby, to help undress / dress the baby, to say prayers.

    What are the duties of a godfather after baptism

    Turning to God in daily prayer, the godfather should mention the name of his godson and ask him for health and well-being. When visiting the temple, you need to write notes with the name of the child, order a magpie about health.

    The godfather has a special meaning for a boy. He should become for him an example of masculinity, piety, mercy. It is very important to take a grown-up baby with you to church, to teach to pray, to honor Orthodox laws. It is good when exactly the godfather will bring the child to the first confession and communion. It is necessary to visit the temple together on major church holidays, as well as on Angel Day, put candles for health, and say a prayer to the heavenly patron.

    At baptism or during the first year of life, the godson should be presented with a children’s Bible, so that as he grows up, the baby gets acquainted with the life of Christ. For a birthday, Angel Day, Christmas and other holidays, it will be right to purchase gifts with a spiritual meaning.

    Communication of the godson/goddaughter with the godfather should not be interrupted throughout life. Relationships built on trust will allow an adult child to turn to a sponsor for advice or support in a difficult life situation. The godfather, in turn, must be ready to come to the aid of his godson or daughter.

    Photos courtesy of Zoya Vanyukova.


    Parenting Rules


    Dear parents!

    In our kindergarten, we care about your children, their safety and development.

    Therefore, we ask you to follow some rules that will help make attending kindergarten a pleasant experience for your child.


    *** Don’t forget that there is a monthly payment for keeping a child in kindergarten in a preschool institution. We ask you to pay the receipt on time, , by the 20th day of of each month, according to the contract.

    Read about payment here

    *** politely address each other, therefore, the teachers of the group, regardless of their age, must be addressed to you, by name and patronymic, and teach your children this.

    Their «aunts» do not work in our kindergarten!

    *** Reception of children is carried out from 7.30 to 8.45 daily, except weekends and holidays.

    Timely entry to kindergarten is a necessary condition for the correct organization of the educational process.

    *** If you bring your child after the start of any regimen or activity, please undress him and wait with him in the locker room until the next break.

    *** In the morning, parents must hand over the child personally to the teacher , and in the evening, be sure to go to the teacher and say that you are picking up the child from the kindergarten.

    *** About the need to bring or pick up a child at odd hours , please notify the teacher in advance. If your child is taken from the kindergarten by relatives or acquaintances, then you must write an application and sign it with the head.

    *** If the child is unable to come to kindergarten due to illness or other good reason, please inform the teacher before 9 am by contact phone, and in case of coming to kindergarten after illness or vacation — the day before by 12 pm .

    *** A child who has not attended kindergarten for more than 3 days must have a certificate from a doctor.

    Parents, remember! You must bring a healthy child!

    An untreated child will not only get sick himself, but will also infect healthy children!

    And if «snot» and coughing do not frighten you as a mother, then another mother may have her own opinion, different from yours.

    *** Before you take your child to kindergarten, check whether he is dressed correctly , whether his suit is appropriate for the season and air temperature. In properly selected clothes, the child moves freely, gets tired less. Make sure that the child’s clothing is not too large and at the same time does not hinder the child’s movements. Pay special attention to shoes . It should be light, warm and fit exactly to the size of the foot. Check buckles and laces. They must be such that the child can use them independently. In group room not allowed wearing shoes without backs (flip-flops).

    Dear parents! Slippers leave for the house. Children, of course, feel at home here, but let shoes be “not slippers” .

    Requirements for the appearance of children

    • Neat appearance, fully buttoned clothing and shoes;
    • Washed face;
    • Clean nose, hands, trimmed nails;
    • Hair cut and carefully combed; for girls, the hairstyle is fixed with elastic bands, bows, etc.
    • Clean underwear;
    • Availability of sufficient handkerchiefs. The handkerchief is necessary for the child both indoors and on a walk. Make convenient pockets on your clothes for storing it.

    To create comfortable conditions for a child to stay in kindergarten, you need:

    • In closet there should be T-shirts, panties, spare tights, socks, a change of clothes in case of an «accident» while eating. Children … are an independent people. Be sure to check the neatness of things, do not forget to take your pajamas and sportswear to the laundry, well, we don’t even mention the daily change of clothes. Clothing for staying in a group. It is not allowed to wear the same pair of jeans, trousers both for a walk and in the premises of the kindergarten.
    • Two bags for storing clean and used linen.
    • Comb (regardless of hair length).
    • Sportswear and shoes with rubber soles for physical education.
    • Linen, clothes and other things can be marked.
    • It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to bring sharp, piercing, cutting objects (scissors, knives, knitting needles, pins, nails, wire, mirror, glass bottles, bubbles, metal toys, swords, sabers, lighters, etc. ) to preschool institution .

    The presence of such objects is dangerous not only for your child, but also for other children attending the group. Therefore, be sure to check your child’s pockets before leaving for kindergarten.

    We strongly do not recommend that your child wear gold and silver jewelry.

    We also ask not to give chewing gum, sweets, cookies and any food, vitamins, pills and other medicines, cosmetics and computer games and any valuable toy that you feel sorry for.

    If you consider it necessary to give your child some treats with you, then please limit yourself to a few caramels in candy wrappers and warn the teacher about this.

    • In a group, children are not allowed to beat and offend each other; take things from the teacher’s table without permission, even your own, take personal things without permission, including toys of other children brought from home; spoil and break the results of the work of other children. Children are not allowed to «strike back», as well as to attack each other. This requirement is dictated by the safety of the child.
    • Do not forget to pay attention to the child’s man-made work (drawings, crafts), praise the child.

    Parents can attend classes at any time by notifying the teacher conducting it a day in advance. Replacement shoes are not required, but remember about shoe covers!

    General issues are discussed at parent meetings, not because there is nothing to say about everyone, but only because of ethical considerations.

    • Disputes and conflict situations must be resolved in the absence of children. If you could not resolve any issue with the teacher of the group, contact the head.

    In the presence of a child one should not discuss preschool teachers with relatives or acquaintances.

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