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Christmas Toys — Mulberry Bush

Father Christmas Nesting Dolls

Traditional 7-piece wooden nesting dolls in a cheerful santa style!

Christmas Advent Calendar

A wonderful way to enjoy the countdown to Christmas, with a different piece of a Christmas  winter wonderland scene.  Behind each door is a wooden gift, with a special treat for December 24th to complete the play set.

Noah’s Ark Advent Calendar

A wonderful way to enjoy the countdown to Christmas, with a different bible story.  Behind each door is a wooden gift, with a special treat for December 24th to make up a Noah’s Ark Play set.

Eugy Puzzle — Reindeer

Build your own cute 3D model Reindeer from pre-cut, numbered card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.

Eugy Puzzle — Santa

Build your own 3D model Santa from pre-cut, numbered card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.

Eugy Snowman

Build your own 3D model Snowman from pre-cut, numbered card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.

3D Reindeer Personalised Stocking

The perfect stocking to leave out for Santa to deliver his presents 

Allow 10 days for delivery

See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.

3D Santa Personalised Stocking

The perfect stocking to leave out for Santa to deliver his presents 

Allow 10 days for delivery

See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.

Wooden Nativity Set

A delightful painted wooden Nativity Set, perfect for little ones to learn about the Nativity Story in a playful way and a great Christmas decoration.

Deluxe Starry Night Nativity Set

Gorgeous wooden nativity set with wooden scene/stand, characters and animals.  

Nativity Building Blocks

Create scenes from the nativity story using this set of 40 wooden building blocks and characters.

Personalised Christmas Activity Book

A personalised activity book with a Christmas theme and the child’s name on each page, including the cover – 28 activity pages.  Also includes a set of assorted Christmas stickers, some with the child’s name.  Activities include colouring, word search, letter to Santa.  Calming activity to keep children entertained at Christmas! Would be enjoyed by younger children with adult supervision. Max 12 characters length for name.  

Allow 14 days for delivery. See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.

Christmas Happy Families

A family card game with a festive twist, all families are Christmas related, with full instructions on the pack.  A game for two or more players.

Snowman Bowling

Ten painted wooden snowman skittles and two balls with handy cotton storage bag.

Christmas Snap!

A set of Christmas themed cards for playing snap or pairs.

Personalised Christmas Eve Box — Traditional

Create a magical new tradition with a personalised Christmas Eve box to fill with something special for Christmas Eve.


See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.

Personalised Christmas Eve Box — Festive

Create a magical new tradition with a personalised Christmas Eve box to fill with something special for Christmas Eve.

See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.

Penguin Bowling

Ten wooden penguin skittles and 2 wooden balls with a cotton storage bag.

Personalised Penguin Soft Toy

Soft plush Penguin can be personalised with any name up to 8 characters.

Allow 10 days for delivery
See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.

The Snowman Skittles

Beautiful set of painted wooden skittles with characters from the Snowman and the Snowdog.

Pull Back Christmas Car

Characterful Christmas themed pull-back cars, assorted styles, one supplied.

Personalised China Mug — Christmas

A personalised fine china mug with our exclusive Christmas design.


Allow 10 days for delivery

See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items

Placemat — Christmas

Christmas themed robust wipeable placemat personalised with your child’s name.

Allow 10 days for delivery
See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.

Santa Sleigh & Reindeer

Brightly painted wooden Santa on his sleigh being pulled by one of his red nosed reindeers. Presented on a piece of track with fixed buffer. Great as a stand-alone Christmas decoration.


Personalise this item with any name or message up to 23 characters for an additional £8.00. Personalisation will be engraved onto the track.

If adding personalisation allow 10 days for delivery. See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.

Christmas Train

Santa drives the Christmas themed wooden engine with three carriages. Cheerfully painted in Santa’s Christmas livery!

Personalised Hessian Christmas Sack

A spacious Personalised Christmas Sack, made from natural hessian with cotton lining and a pink and white striped cotton cuff, with a printed reindeer and wording.   Personalise with a name of up to 12 characters and this cherished keepsake will be used for years to come. 

Allow 10 days for delivery

See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.

Personalised Rudolph Cards

Twelve personalised cards, decorated with a cute Christmas reindeer, supplied with 12 envelopes.

Allow 14 days for delivery
See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.

Personalised Santa Cards

Twelve personalised cards, decorated with a cheerful Santa, supplied with 12 envelopes.

Allow 14 days for delivery
See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items.

Out of stock

Plasticine Advent Calendar

Traditional Christmas advent calendar filled with plasticine and instructions to build festive models every day.

Out of stock

Santa Popper

Squeeze Santa’s tummy and watch him fire soft foam balls (or are they sprouts?) up to 6 meters.

Out of stock

Starry Night Nativity Set

A beautifully made, painted wooden Fair Trade nativity set with a wooden stand.

Out of stock

Christmas Eve Box Game

Will Santa bring everything on your list this Christmas Eve?  Find out as you collect presents for your stocking in this matching and memory game.  There’s also a 20-piece festive family scene jigsaw puzzle to make.  Piece the puzzle together and try to find the presents from the item cards in a fun observation activity.  The perfect Christmas activity set for 2-4 players.

Out of stock

Christmas Placemat

Ho ho ho! Christmas starts here with a lovely festive scene wipe clean placemat

Out of stock

Origami Christmas Decorations

Fold quality paper into seasonal Christmas shapes to decorate your home.

ABC7 Chicago’s Samantha Chatman looks at Christmas toys for kids this holiday season

CHICAGO (WLS) — It’s now one week away from Black Friday.

And ABC7 Chicago’s Samantha Chatman is back with her toy box and gifts kids of all ages can enjoy.

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Toy expert Laurie Schacht is also back in Chicago with the hottest toys on the market.

AirTitans Jurassic World Massive Attack T-Rex

— This massive beast is stomping its way into the toy aisle!

— The prehistoric animal is more than 6-feet long and fully inflates in 20 seconds.

— It moves and attacks with 2.4 GHz full function controls.

— Includes more than a dozen sound effects including multiple T-rex stomps and roars.

— Trigger the attack mode that temporarily takes control away and gives the power back to the T-rex to thrash and stomp its way through.

— Features a rechargeable USB battery.

— Ages: 8+

— MSRP: $129.99

— Available: Walmart, Amazon

CoComelon Boo Boo Doll

— «I bumped my head!»

— Oh no, JJ is hurt!

— With the CoComelon Boo Boo JJ Plush, JJ will show kids where he’s hurt, whether it’s on his head, elbow, knee, or foot.

— These areas light up so that kids can quickly come to the rescue, Bandage Case in tow.

— The Bandage Case has three CoComelon-themed bandages.

— JJ reacts when he’s hurt and again when he’s healed.

— When JJ starts to cry, cure the boo boo by gently applying a bandage over the lit up area.

— Then, JJ will giggle or go «Wee» and say «Yay, my boo boo is gone!» among other fun phrases and sounds.

— Also plays a clip of «The Boo Boo Song» when kids press his belly.

— Ages: 12 MOS+

— MSRP: $34.99

— Available: Target

Monster Jam Monster Garage

— The mega-sized Monster Jam Garage playset that lets kids display and store up to 20 Monster Jam trucks.

— Included lights and sounds bring the action to playtime.

— Kids can practice tricks and stunts with attached jumps and stunts and use the five-level kid-powered ratcheting elevator to lift Monster Jam trucks to new spots.

— The playset Includes an exclusive 1:64 scale Monster Jam monster truck and lift handle for easy transportation.

— Ages: 3+

— MSRP: $49.99

— Available: Major Retailers

Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball

— Become a master of real magic and a true «Mixieologist» with the newest addition to the world of Magic Mixies.

— Featuring more than 80 lights, sounds, and reactions, kids have the power to create a Magic Mixie and summon it to the Crystal Ball.

— With a flick of the wrist, a wave of the interactive spellcasting wand and some very magic words, the Crystal Ball awakens and real mist is beckoned to fill the sphere.

— The wand’s lights interact with the Crystal Ball as kids continue the spell and create their Magic Mixie, to give it color, a voice, fortune telling powers, and more.

— With a final wave of the wand and the words «Magicus Mixus» the mist disappears and the Magic Mixie plush appears right before kids’ eyes.

— The magic and the fun continue with the Magic Mixie’s four modes of play: Fortune Telling, Spell, Game and Tickling. In Fortune Telling Mode, ask the Mixie a question and its forehead gems light up to reveal the answer.

— Kids can also make the Magic Mixie disappear and reappear again.

— And when play and the day is done, the Crystal Ball can be switched to Night Light Mode. What fortune awaits? The Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball predicts hours and hours of magical playtime fun.

— Ages: 5+

— MSRP: $84.99

— Available: Amazon, Target, and Walmart


— Move, mix, and create with RUKUSfx, a hand-held motion controlled music mixer.

— With four simple moves — punch, swipe, twist, and flick — creators can loop, mix, and remix customized music tracks sure to take performances to the next level.

— RUKUSfx lets users create original DJ-style mixes from 100 preloaded music tracks.

— Users can also upload and mix hit songs from their favorite music


— Use RUKUSfx’s built-in microphone to capture extra vocal tracks or sound effects and include them in kids’ own viral RUKUSfx remixes.

— Record performances and share with friends on social media!

— Flip the switch and access the 80 built-in sound effects.

— Also includes a built-in LED display that pulses and changes colors with every move.

— Perfect gift for tweens and teens.

— Ages: 8+

— MSRP: $49.99

— Available: Target, Walmart,

Mario Kart 24V Ride-on Racer

— This ride-on puts kids in the driver’s seat of their very own Mario Kart!

— Featuring 24 volts that propels the Mario Kart racer up-to eight miles per hour through three forward speeds and reverse.

— Includes oversized rear wheels so kids can drift just like the game.

— Complete with authentic in-game sounds such as engine sounds, Item Box effect, Superstar Mode, the main theme song from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and more!

— Features an adjustable seat and belt ensure a safe and comfortable fit.

— Ages: 3+

— MSRP: $399.99

— Available: Target, Walmart

Christmas toys as gifts for children for the New Year

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    Decorating the Christmas tree is the most important pre-holiday ritual for any family. Every little thing matters in it, and such a question as the selection of toys without children simply cannot be solved. Your own Christmas decorations help develop a sense of beauty and are great as a small present. With this, for example, you can come to visit friends. Sweet children’s New Year’s gifts can also be supplemented with toys.

    When choosing decorations for the Christmas tree as a gift, it is important to take into account the age of the children, their inclinations, hobbies. The main purpose of such a gift is to hang on a branch, but at the same time it is desirable that it be remembered for a long time and make a good impression and symbolize something. Babies up to 1.5–2 years old are still unable to appreciate the charm of such things; they should hardly be given Christmas tree accessories in their hands. Older children can examine and study toys, decide for themselves where to place them.

    For girls and boys up to 3-4 years old:

    1. bright, shiny, streamlined figurines, without sharp elements that could cause injury;
    2. toys representing favorite animals;
    3. balls or lanterns with pictures;
    4. transparent spheres with interesting figures inside.

    Children 5-7 years old may be interested in:

    1. toys in the form of magical characters;
    2. complex shape of snowflakes, stars;
    3. robots, boats, cars, houses, other thematic products.

    Schoolchildren can be presented with various souvenirs:

    1. miniature painted boxes in which you can put a treat or a note with wishes;
    2. handmade dolls;
    3. cones or other figures, of colored polymer glass;
    4. large balloons on which you can write a wish or plans for the coming year;
    5. hand-made miniature felt boots, shoes or mittens made of felt with little gifts inside.

    The scope for fantasy here is boundless. Children who love creative games are advised to buy a special kit for creating Christmas decorations with their own hands: from colored paper, cardboard, fabrics, glass beads, beads and other materials.

    Toddlers are encouraged to give accessories that are difficult to deform, break, tear, bite off and inadvertently swallow any part. Preference should be given to silicone, rubber, metal toys. Older children can be presented with items made of various polymers, textiles, fur, and ceramics. Caution must be observed with glass figurines. They are the most fragile and vulnerable, so they are not suitable for active study. It is better to admire them from afar, immediately putting them on the Christmas tree.

    DIY Christmas decorations — an article from the series «Children’s rest»

    «Mom, dad, when are we going to decorate the Christmas tree?» Parents hear this phrase long before the New Year, as soon as the first snow falls and the streets sparkle with colorful lights. And let there be more than a month before the main winter holiday — the mood of the guys is already New Year’s! To make this time fly by quickly, fun and usefully for them, start preparing right now, inventing and creating wonderful Christmas toys with your baby.

    Handmade jewelry will make the holiday even more long-awaited, and your home — cozy and maybe even magical. The child will develop fantasy and imagination, the ability to work with his hands, accuracy and perseverance. He will enjoy both the creative process and its results. After all, it’s so nice to decorate a beautiful Christmas tree with your own crafts, created with love and warmth. In addition, joint creativity will give you and your child precious moments of communication with your family.

    On New Year’s Eve, we all become a little bit children — we dream of a miracle and sincerely believe in a good fairy tale. This is the time of the brightest childhood memories: skiing from the snowy mountains, walks in the mysterious winter forest, Christmas trees, sweet gifts. .. Do you remember the annual competition for the longest and most beautiful garland? How you rejoiced at the victory and were upset when the first prize went to someone else! It was great to receive praise from parents and listen to their stories about how they themselves looked forward to the holiday and prepared for it as a child.

    You can’t live without traditions, so you can start your homework with good old lanterns and colored paper garlands. But the year is new, so that everything in it is new, inimitable and unique. Therefore, try to add some zest to traditional, familiar toys from childhood: for example, lanterns can be wrapped with tinsel at both ends, decorated with beads and beads; for the manufacture of a garland, you can take paper with a metallic effect, with a mother-of-pearl shine, and so on. One has only to start, as new ideas will begin to appear one after another!

    After a little creative «warm-up» you can make something completely new. We hope that this article will add some fresh ideas to your piggy bank of ideas and tell you what material is best for making Christmas tree decorations.

    The most popular and most affordable materials are, of course, paper and cardboard, which, thanks to their flexibility, can take almost any shape. For example, what wonderful snowflakes are obtained from a simple sheet of paper! You can simply cut them out, or you can create three-dimensional snowflakes using techniques origami and quilling . If the first method is well known to everyone, then the second one has come into fashion quite recently and has already managed to become very popular among children and adults. Quilling, or paper rolling, is the compilation of amazingly beautiful openwork applications from paper strips twisted into coils. If you paint such a toy, it will be hard to believe that it is made from the most ordinary paper. The finished craft can be hung on a twig or glued onto a blank for a New Year’s card.

    crafts made from natural materials will bring the aroma of winter and New Year to your home . Cones, acorns, coniferous twigs — all this can be found on a walk and turned into funny figures. And such natural toys for an artificial Christmas tree are especially good, which with them will look even more like a living tree.

    Christmas decorations made of fabric, such as soft fleece appliqués, also look great. Stuffed toys, sewn or knitted with your own hands, will delight you and your baby all year round: for the New Year, you can decorate the Christmas tree with them, and just play with them the rest of the time. Soft toys will turn out even more original and spectacular if you use materials and threads of various textures — boucle and smooth, with long and short pile, with sparkles — everything that you like in a needlework store. And if, together with the stuffing, put a little bit of winter spices — cinnamon, cloves — into such a toy — the room will be filled with a unique New Year’s aroma!

    Remember the popular expression: everything new is well-forgotten old. For example, from a box with buttons, different-sized and multi-colored, the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bmaking an unusual Christmas tree toy will look at you. Do not throw away burnt out light bulbs, because these are almost ready-made glass balls! Wrap the plinth with tinsel or golden thread, paint a thin transparent surface — and no one will even guess what this exquisite decoration is made of. The shape of the light bulb also resembles a snowman. Tie him a scarf and a hat, put a broom out of a toothpick in your hands — that’s a pot-bellied snowman! In addition, you will agree that these design solutions are very profitable: glass toys in stores are literally worth their weight in gold.

    Stained glass paints are ideal for painting glass. Drying, they form an elastic film that sticks to any smooth surface without glue. You can apply the pattern first on a transparent paper file, and then transfer it to the toy. You can paint the surface of the toy right away, and if next year you want to change the pattern, you can peel it off with a slight movement of your hand and apply a new one.

    Bright and cute Christmas decorations will be obtained from plastic stained glass . The contours of the drawings have already been applied to them, it remains to fill the colorless areas with stained glass paints and wait until they dry. Such decorations will look especially beautiful on a Christmas tree decorated with garlands: after drying, the paints become transparent and, in the light of New Year’s lights, fill the room with fabulous multi-colored highlights.

    In the same way you can decorate table decorations: vases, salad bowls, candlesticks, glasses. In order to return these items to their former appearance after the holiday, you can transfer the stained glass drawings to another glossy surface and even keep them there until the next New Year.

    If we are talking about a festive feast, let’s go to the kitchen. It turns out that here you can also pick up materials for original Christmas tree decorations — this is flour, sugar and other products that are needed to make . .. cookies! Bake it in the form of various New Year’s attributes: Christmas trees, stars, Santa Clauses and so on. Your little one will be happy to take part in this creative cooking by helping you cut out figures from dough with special cutters. And do not forget to make a larger hole in each figure before baking, so that later you can thread a loop through it. Ready-made cookies are real mini-coloring pages: with the help of multi-colored icing, edible beads and confectionery sprinkles, you can make figures bright, elegant, and at the same time more durable.

    If you and your little one have already turned all the suitable objects in the house into Christmas decorations, we offer you the special creative kits . Despite the fact that they already have all the necessary blanks, the fantasy will find where to roam: the crafts will need to be painted on their own, to think over their composition.

    Unusual decorations for the home and the Christmas tree are made using the BALLPAPIER technique. Each set includes special papier-mâché blanks — two symmetrical halves, from which you can easily and quickly create a beautiful three-dimensional toy. Just connect the halves with PVA glue and paint the figurine according to your own sketch. Due to the fact that these blanks are hollow inside, the toy is very light. And the fact that it is made from 100% eco-friendly materials is a real gift to nature. Speaking of gifts: a BALLPAPIER toy will be a great holiday surprise for your friends and loved ones!

    Colorful and light Christmas decorations can be made from thermal mosaics. Fold the multi-colored beads into the intended figure (this can be done on a special stencil), iron it with an iron — and the decoration can be hung up. Thermomosaic figurines will please the eye all year round: almost every set has a magnetic tape with which the toys will move from the Christmas tree to your refrigerator. And if you collect fairy-tale characters from these beads, you get a whole home theater. Children will delight their families with a wonderful New Year’s performance, and roles can be distributed among all family members.

    Just as easy to make and decorate Christmas decorations made of gypsum. In the «Bas-reliefs» sets you will find a dry gypsum mixture, molds and a brush with paints. All that is needed is to spread the mixed gypsum into molds, wait a few hours for drying, carefully remove the finished crafts and paint them according to the model on the box or to your taste.

    Bell is one of the symbols of the New Year. With the help of special painting kits you can paint two ceramic bells of different shapes with your own hands. The box contains ready-made white bells, watercolors with a brush and beads for voiced tongues.

    The art of creating beautiful and unique Christmas decorations is accessible even to the smallest craftsmen! If your three-year-old kid is happy to sculpt from plasticine, invite him to direct this activity into the New Year’s channel and make a few figures that will show off on the festive tree. For the durability of such toys for their manufacture, it is best to choose a soft and light mass for modeling, which tends to harden in air. Such are, for example, the world-famous Play-Doh clay and the «magic clay» AMOS.

    The great advantage of Play-Doh is the fact that it is made entirely from food grade materials. Of course, you shouldn’t eat it (and the child won’t, because this plasticine has a salty-bitter taste on purpose), but even if a piece is swallowed, it will not cause any consequences for the body.

    Modeling kits AMOS is an amazingly light and soft plasticine plus accessories for creating various fun knick-knacks — key chains, badges and spring toys. Due to the uniformity and plasticity of this material, even the smallest and finest details are well obtained from it. And if you mix two colors well, you can get many new shades.

    If plasticine and clay modeling is quite common, what about modeling with corn sticks? This is indeed possible if you have a Play Mais constructor. Made from cornstarch and food coloring, the multi-colored parts are easily attached to each other and take any shape if moistened with the most ordinary water. With the help of a special plastic knife, which is included in each set, these sticks can be cut into smaller pieces. And hanging such light toys on a Christmas tree is as easy as shelling pears!

    You can paint and decorate your new collection of Christmas decorations with paints from creative kits and more. There are paints that are suitable for almost any material — paper, plaster, ceramics, wood, modeling masses:

    • Acrylic paints. They are applied in a thin layer and dry quickly, giving the toy a bright shiny color.
    • Puffy paints. Suitable even for painting on fabric! Create a three-dimensional pattern on the surface of the craft. In order for the applied pattern to dry, it is necessary to subject it to heat treatment — iron it with an iron or blow it with a hot hair dryer.

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