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20+ New Baby Gift Ideas Perfect for Any Newborn

Welcoming a little one into the world is easily one of the most precious events in life. Therefore, it’s important to celebrate their arrival as best as you can. And picking out the perfect baby gift is a tried and true way to do that. Whether you plan on passing down a family heirloom, finding something on their registry, or gifting them something unique, we want to help. That’s why we’ve made a list of our top picks for new baby gifts. Pick a section below to get started.

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Cute Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

Finding the right baby gifts largely depends on what the parents need or want. If they have a registry, it’s best to stick with that. But if they don’t or if you want to get them something extra, the following ideas are just for you:

1. DIY Baby Shower Gift Basket

This DIY baby gift basket is full of cute gifts and thoughtful baby supplies that both Mom and Baby will love. From stuffed animals, to handmade gift tags, to an ultrasound mug and tea kit for the new mom, it has everything. Check out our resource on DIY baby shower gift basket ideas for a full guide on how to put together this adorable basket. 

2. Personalized Story Book

Personalized story books are one of the most thoughtful and creative new baby gifts you can give. Craft a storybook that features the little one in the middle of the storyline. Then make sure to include a sweet message on the title page to remind the baby how much they’re loved. 

3. Custom Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are a classic new baby gift for a reason. They’re soft, warm, and represent all the comfort you want to give the little one. And these baby blankets can be customized with the baby’s name, photos, or special designs.

4. Night Light

Worried that the little one may need a little light to keep bad dreams at bay? If so, these custom night lights can be personalized with the baby’s name along with a cute design. They’re guaranteed to help keep baby feeling safe and secure all night long.

5. Personalized Teddy Bear

Everyone loves teddy bears, which makes them a popular new baby gift. Make your gift stand apart from the rest with these personalized teddy bears. Customize the bear’s shirt with the baby’s name or a sweet message for a lifelong friend they’ll love to snuggle.

6. Diapers

Struggling to find the perfect baby gift? Don’t worry, there’s one gift that we can promise the new mom will thank you for. No matter what, Mom can never have enough diapers. Pre-purchase a set of her choice brand and tie them together with a decorative ribbon.

7. Fox Name Plaque

A personalized name plaque helps turn the nursery room into a special place for Baby. Customize these one-of-a-kind plaques with the little one’s name along with photos or a cute nursery design. Mom will love this decorative addition. 

Newborn Baby Boy Gift Ideas

Looking for something to celebrate the arrival of a beautiful baby boy? These blue focused newborn gift ideas will do just the trick. Pick your favorite from the baby gifts for boys below or use them to inspire an idea all your own.

8. Blue Booties

Booties are one of the most classic baby symbols out there. And since babies outgrow their clothes so quickly, Mom can never have enough shoe options for the little one. Pick out a pair or two of your favorite blue booties for an adorable new baby gift.

9. Kids Framed Art Print

These framed art prints are as cute as can be. Choose from a variety of wall ready frames and designs to match the nursery’s theme. Whether you personalize the art print with a unique design, photos, or messages, this lasting print will help make the baby feel right at home. 

10. Boys Custom Placemat 

If babies aren’t one thing, it’s clean. Help Mom out by providing a mess friendly placemat. It’ll make clean up time after every meal so much easier, plus you can choose from a wide variety of designs and themes.

11. Blue Baby Box

This baby box is full of a few key baby supplies to help your loved one with her introduction to motherhood. With diapers, baby powder, blue wash clothes, and diapers, this box lets the growing family know how much you care for and support them.

12. Baby Boy Clothing

Just like the booties, babies will quickly grow out of baby clothing. To help the new parents avoid having to buy a whole new wardrobe every few months, it’s a great idea to supply a few different baby boy outfits in different sizes. That that he doesn’t fit into yet, he’ll eventually grow into.

New Baby Girl Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a specific selection of baby gifts for girls? If so, we have you covered with the gift list below. Pick anything from a pink baby clothing to a decorative step stool for a memorable present that both Mom and baby will love. 

13. Pink Bib

What’s better than providing the new baby with a cute pink bib? Giving her an extra pair or two. That way while one or more is in the wash, you know she’ll have an extra to use during meal times. Just make sure the mom takes plenty of pictures while she’s wearing it.

14. Personalized Frames

Few things, if any, are cuter than a newborn baby. And those precious photos derve a special frame to preserve them. Give the gift of a personalized frame to help highlight this important chapter of life with our selection of designs and sizes.

15. Decorative Step Stool

Even if the baby can’t use it for a few years to come, step stools make great decor staples for a nursery room. Personalize your step stool with the baby’s name and a cute design for something the mom will love to add to the nursery. 

16. Baby Girl Clothing

A few gifted dresses, pajamas, and rompers will help keep the little one dressed in her best, even as she starts to grow. Pick out the cutest designs (or ask the mom for her preference) and wrap them in a pink gift basket with ribbon.

17. Pink Booties

These pink baby booties are picture-perfect. Whether you decide to knit them yourself, order a custom pair, or pass down a pair that belongs to your family, Mom is sure to appreciate this baby gift.  

Grandparent Gift Ideas For New Baby

If you’re the lucky grandparent of the newborn, you’re probably feeling a little torn on what gifts to give them. You can’t wait to spoil them and want to make sure their first gift from you is extra special. We’re here to help. Check out the adorable gift ideas below.

18. Baby Photo Book

If you’re like most grandparents in the age of smartphones, you’ve probably already taken dozens (if not hundreds) of photos of the little one. Some of them might even include pregnancy photos before they were born. Showcase these in a meaningful way by creating a baby photo book. For specific ideas and advice make sure to visit our resource on baby photo book ideas.

19. Photo Cube

Photo cubes make for adorable baby room decorations. Create one or two with your favorite photos of the little one, along with their loving family members. Not only will this be a forever keepsake but it’ll look great in their nursery.  

20. Knit or Crochet Toys

If you’re a grandparent who’s known for being a whizz with the knitting needles, now is your time to shine. Knit or crochet a special toy, booties, or cap for the new baby. Even if they quickly grow out of whatever you make them, the family will be sure to hang onto this special gift for generations to come.  

21. Baby Canvas Print

Canvas prints are the best way to show off those beautiful newborn photos. These hand-stretched, gallery-wrapped edges look great for hanging with or without a frame. Just make sure that the photo you order is high enough quality for these stand out prints, and the parents will absolutely love it. 

22. Supplies Gift Card

When in doubt of what to gift your new grandchild, it’s always best to support the new parents. Giving them a gift card to a baby supplies store or online shop may help them feel a little less financially stressed as they start to settle in. They’ll be sure to thank you later.

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Unique Baby Gift Ideas: Memorable Presents for Little Ones

If someone in your life is having a baby, a special gift can make a difference in their busy days. We’ve gathered twenty unique baby gift ideas to fit any budget. Both parents and babies will adore these cool treats.

Unique Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

Letter Pillow

A soft cuddly pillow is always a good idea, and if it’s made in the shape of the initial letter of the baby’s name — it’s a definitely cool gift. Or you can go even beyond that and get pillows to make up the whole name!

Personalized Baby Blanket

Kids absolutely adore soft fuzzy blankets. A personalized baby blanket is another example of a cuddly gift that a little one will keep for a very long time.

Handprint Frame

The baby won’t be little for very long, so parents try to make the best of these lovely days. A handprint frame that typically comes with safe paints is a nice gift to preserve the early days forever.

Baby Keepsake Box

A keepsake box is a particularly sentimental gift. It enables new parents to keep memories tidy and organized. Today, you can be really spoiled with the choice: they come in different sizes and designs, and can combine drawers, vertical files, and mini envelopes.

First Year Baby Photo Frame

With a first year baby photo frame, parents will be able to store monthly milestone snaps of their child.

Commemorative Birth Pillow

Both parents and baby will be happy to receive such a special gift. You can order a pillow with the place, time and date of baby’s birth, parents’ names or other relevant information printed on it.

Personalized Name Puzzle

A wooden name puzzle is actually a multifunctional gift. It’s not just a toy: it’s a perfect thing to train small fingers. What is more, with a name puzzle, the baby will easily learn to read and write their name.

Unique Baby Gift Ideas: Stylish and Memorable

If new parents in your life are all about style and uniqueness, you’ll definitely impress them with these meaningful gifts. Here are our top stylish unique newborn baby gift ideas.

Personalized Star Map

A personalized star map is one of the truly unique baby gifts. It is a beautifully printed map of how the stars and constellations were arranged in the night sky based on a specific date and location. Parents will be on cloud nine to receive a map that shows how the sky looked the minute when their precious baby was born. You can also include the exact time and location where the baby was born, as well as add a meaningful quote, for instance, “Under this sky, a star was born”, or “Under these stars, our family became three.“

Vintage Style Wooden Toys

If your new parents are into vintage style, old-fashioned wooden toys will be a perfect treat for their baby. It can be a wooden animal pull or push along toy, a wooden balancing game, vintage stacking alphabet and number blocks, wooden jigsaw puzzle or stacking toy, and more.

Star Certificate

Without any doubt, naming a star is a totally unique baby gift. The thoughtful gift of naming a star after a newborn will impress the whole family, and the kid will love this fabulous gift when they grow up. When you buy the right to name a star, you get a certificate and detailed directions on how to find the star in the sky. Parents can take kids out for stargazing and find their own star together.

Matching T-Shirts

Baby and parents matching T-shirts are an excellent idea of a unique baby gift. The family will look so cool and stylish together!

Vinyl Record with Lullabies

If new parents in your life are happy owners of a vintage vinyl record player, they will appreciate a vinyl record with lullabies. An exceptionally stylish gift, right?

Practical Newborn Baby Gifts

Although there are many adorable unique baby gifts out there, first-time moms and dads also need practical things to make their daily life a little bit easier. If you are looking for something more practical for the baby and parents, here is a list of our useful baby gift ideas.

Baby Gift Box

You can create a gift box or basket and fill it with cute things of your choice. These may be baby clothes, baby bottles, rattles, teething toys, books, blankets, baby toiletries and more. Pick up a theme and pack your perfect gift by yourself. For instance, you can choose a princess theme or a good night theme.

Baby Bottles and Related Products

New mom and dad will love to get a couple of extra baby bottles. They are essential for feeding even breastfed babies, as breast milk can be stored in them for bottle-feeding at a later time. Plus, this enables other family members or caregivers to help out with feedings. Don’t forget to include a range of bottle nipple sizes to fit throughout a baby’s first year. Also, keep in mind that the parents might also need dish soap, dishwashing bottle brushes, bottle warmers, and bottle sterilizers.

Diapers and Wipes

It might sound strange, but yes, diapers and wipes are an excellent gift. Actually, they are rarely given as a present, but each and every parent will agree that there’s never enough of diapers and wipes, and they will be truly thankful for such a useful gift.

Diapering Related Products

New parents will be also glad to get some diapering-related products for their little one, like diaper creams, lotions or changing pads. To make the gift even more practical, you could use a diaper bag to pack all this stuff.

Baby Bath Products

Babies adore bathing, because being in the water reminds them of the serene days inside their mom’s tummy. A baby bath tub, bath seats and toys, baby bath circle, or bath products for little ones like natural bubble bath, body wash and shampoo all make really adorable gifts for new babies.


Beautiful babies are also messy, especially when they have their meals! Bibs are an excellent solution to capture food and help the little one’s top stay clean for a little bit longer. Choose a pack of three or buy a bigger bunch, and you can be sure that your present will be used every day.


Babies love to play! A new mom in your life will adore to get an early development and activity toy to play with her little one. The choice is great, so just check out your nearest toy store and you’ll definitely find the best baby gift.

Baby Monitor

Parents love watching their new baby, especially while they are sleeping. It goes without saying that parents can’t always keep an eye on babies: they need some sleep themselves. A baby monitor is truly one of the best baby gifts. Today, baby monitors are packed with multiple useful features. You can get a video baby monitor that is Wi-Fi enabled, so the parents can check in from anywhere using their phone. In addition, modern baby monitors have excellent night vision clarity and can monitor the room temperature and humidity for the maximum comfort of the new baby.

What to give a newborn? List of gift ideas for baby and mom

The arrival of a baby is a great joy not only for his parents, but for all family members. Relatives and friends immediately ask themselves the question: “What to give a newborn in his first days of life?” Usually a gift is intended not only for a child, but also for his parents, so the choice must be approached with special responsibility. The gift should be useful, so that the family uses it with joy and gratitude. He should help mom and dad raise their child and develop them every day. We tell you what kind of gift you can buy for a newborn girl or boy.

Even before discharge from the maternity hospital, the family stocks up on clothes for the baby. The relevance of this gift will not disappear anywhere in the future. In the first months of life, the child grows rapidly, so things have to be bought a lot and often. If you choose a gift from the list below, you will definitely guess. Sliders . This is the first clothes in the life of a newborn. Represents a jumpsuit with closed feet. The sliders are made of soft fabric, warm and support the diaper. Vest . Complements sliders. Needed from the first days of life. Bodysuit . Thanks to a convenient fastener between legs does not ride up. Outerwear . Suitable for the first walks on the street. The stores have a large selection of overalls, jackets and insulated pants for newborns. Booties, socks . At first, only socks are needed, but if the child begins to take the first steps, booties are indispensable. Cap and other hats . Light hats are worn even at home, and warm hats are needed for walking. Pajamas . Sleepwear often looks like a thin breathable bodysuit or vest. You can also choose a sleeping bag in which the baby will not be able to actively move and accidentally hurt himself in his sleep. Accessories. This category is multifunctional, including scratches and mittens. First, a newborn baby can easily scratch himself. In addition, with the help of scratches, children are much easier to wean from sucking their fingers. If this problem is not corrected in time, bite problems may occur in the future, and the risk of various infections will increase. Scratches and mittens will also come in handy for walking: in the first months of life, the child’s thermoregulation is just being formed, so accessories will keep warm and prevent freezing.

Also available as accessories:

  • bibs – keeps baby’s clothes clean while eating;
  • blankets — you can cover the baby at home or take it for a walk;
  • headbands — a stylish head accessory for little fashionistas;
  • comforter is a napkin toy that soothes the baby and creates a constant presence of the mother nearby.

The choice of clothes for newborns is great. You can choose a convenient price range, brand, read reviews. You should always remember that clothes, first of all, should be comfortable and safe. Therefore, when choosing clothes, pay attention to the following points:

  • Choose only natural and hypoallergenic fabrics — they are pleasant to the body, do not rub and do not cause discomfort to the baby;
  • Buy clothes for growth — the thing should be free, comfortable and not rubbing;
  • Check the size chart of the store to be sure of your purchase;
  • Do not buy a lot of things of the same size — the baby grows quickly and will not be able to wear the gift for a long time.

All ideas are easy to translate into reality. The iDO online store has clothes from 0 to 16 years old for all occasions. Go to the catalog and choose a gift for a newborn baby. Long sleeves, jumpsuits, bodysuits, pajamas, sandals and more. Comfortable and stylish clothes for both boys and girls. All products are sewn only from natural fabrics, so they are safe for the baby.

A gift for a newborn: toys

From the first weeks of life, the child begins to actively explore the world around him, so toys are indispensable. Toys as a gift for newborns are a great option that will be useful and in demand. As the first toys, you need to choose those that you can chew, shake and hold in your hands. Starting from 6 months, the child becomes interested in educational games, musical toys and any other new items. You can buy a toy for the future: the baby will grow up and will definitely play. We offer a list of interesting and educational toys that will make the process of playing exciting for the child. Mobile for crib . This is a toy in the form of a carousel, most often with animal figures. In an ordinary inexpensive toy, the figures are simply attached, while in electronic models they can rotate or make sounds when a button is pressed. The mobile should be the first toy of the newborn. With it, the child learns to focus attention, distinguish colors and shapes. Fitball . Many pregnant women do exercises on a fitball to prepare for childbirth and relieve tension from the spine. At the same time, already from the first month of the newborn, you can also connect to classes on the fitball. It is good for coordination and relaxes the muscles. Teethers . These are hypoallergenic toys made of various materials: wood, silicone, plastic. In the first year of life, the child begins to erupt teeth, which causes considerable discomfort. You can scratch your gums about these toys. Hanging toys . You can buy them at the store or make your own. Usually these are soft cubes or figures that have a special clip. Thanks to this, toys can be easily hung on the stroller or anywhere else in the house. It is better if they rustle or make different sounds. The child will be even more interesting. Mirror toy . A novelty in the world of toys. Children love to learn new things, and the reflection in the mirror will keep them busy for a long time. These toys have built-in soft mirrors that cannot be broken or damaged. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your child. White noise toys . Children can not always fall asleep in silence, but the sound of a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine calms well. Toys with white noise perform a similar function: nightlights, bed pendants. Interactive toys . Their task is to connect the child to interact with them. For example, the baby presses the mat, and the toy begins to make sounds or move. It will not be possible to use the gift immediately after birth, but closer to the first birthday, the toy will become indispensable. Slingobus . Many mothers have not heard of this toy, but it definitely needs attention. What it is: Beads of different sizes are strung on a tight cord. Silicone is often used, but no less common material is wood or acrylic. Beads can be chewed, touched, connected and disconnected. The toy concentrates the child’s attention well, so at this moment the mother can feed, bathe, trim the baby’s nails and do other cosmetic procedures. Rattle . Universal accessory for a child. Bright colors will delight the child. With the help of a set of rattles, the baby will learn to distinguish between shapes, identify soft and hard objects. Not all gifts are suitable for playing. In the first years of life, you need to carefully approach the choice of toys, because. The baby wants to taste everything. We tell you what you should not buy as a gift for newborns:

  1. Unreliable plastic toys. They are easy to break, so the child may accidentally swallow some part or just get upset.
  2. Soft toys. Outwardly, they look beautiful, but in reality they can cause allergic reactions in the baby. Large soft toys are rarely made of hypoallergenic materials; over time, dust settles on them, which the baby will inhale. Occasionally, you can find special toys for newborns with a special mark on the label.
  3. Toys not for age. If you expect your baby to be addicted to your toy in a couple of years, then this is a bad idea. New entertainments appear every day, and your child may simply not be interested in your gift.

If you don’t know what to give for the discharge of a newborn, baby development books or parenting education courses will always be useful. Young mothers and fathers will learn a lot of new things, learn to understand their child and hear useful advice from other parents or psychologists.

Gift for a newborn: cosmetic products (creams, powders, etc.)

Cosmetic products are perfect as a gift. Daily hygiene procedures require special tools. There is a large selection of children’s cosmetics, and we advise you to pay attention to the following categories of products. Baby soap . The mother of the baby will use this tool most often. Pediatricians believe that solid soap is the safest. in its composition there are no various additives that give the form of a gel or foam. With the help of soap, you can not only bathe a child, but also wash things, wash children’s dishes and toys. It runs out quickly, so it needs to be replenished regularly. Bath gel and foam . The advantage of this cosmetics is that it contains many components that soften the skin. Choose only gels without dangerous additives. So, the child will not have dermatological reactions and negative symptoms after getting into the eyes. Shampoo . No less important tool in a children’s cosmetic bag. Although there is not much hair on the head of a child, it is extremely important to cleanse the skin of sweat and dead cells. Moreover, together with the shampoo they do a head massage. Baby Cream . Baby diaper rash is a common problem. While the baby is lying, it is very important to treat his skin with oily creams so that irritation and dermatitis do not appear in the folds. Even diapers often rub between the legs, because of which the child cries and behaves restlessly. As an alternative, you can purchase oil-based creams — they are easy to massage the whole body with. Sending is one of the most needed gifts. It helps to remove excess moisture and prevent friction. It is applied to clean, dry skin. Caring mothers try to buy powder even before birth, because this remedy is used already in the first days of life. Wet wipes . They simplify the care of the baby, especially convenient to use on the street.

Baby cosmetics must meet the following criteria:
  1. No hazardous substances. The composition of cosmetics should include only hypoallergenic substances that cannot cause allergies. The NATRUE mark confirms that it contains only natural ingredients.
  2. Proven quality. Give preference only to trusted brands. Cosmetics should have full instructions with all the components of the composition. If not, then the manufacturers are hiding something.
  3. Quality certificate. Means for children must pass all tests proving the safety of their use.

If you want to give a big complete gift, collect your own cosmetic set or buy a ready-made one. Parents will be grateful, because all means will certainly be put into practice. Another option for a good discharge present is gifts for parents that will make it easier to care for a child. For example, electric swings. This is a small outdoor device in which the baby is placed. Automatic electric swings rock him, can make pleasant relaxing sounds. A side for a bed or an arena will also be useful. If the child starts to move, then there is a high risk of hitting the railing. Soft sides will protect the body and head of the baby from damage. Also pay attention to the bed linen in the crib, a cocoon for sleeping and an electronic baby monitor. Being in another room, the mother will always know what is happening with her child.

What gifts can you give for newborns? What is better to give- Overview + Video

The birth of a baby is the most wonderful event that can happen to a person. It is this holiday that I want to make special, to congratulate both the parents on the replenishment and the child on the birth. But, as a rule, gifts are given to parents.

True, many people are puzzled by what to give the parents of a newborn.

First, I would like to tell you about the gifts that you can always give. In this entire list there will be some pragmatism, which will make gifts very necessary and desirable.


  1. The best gifts for newborn babies
  2. Gifts to ask parents about
  3. What is better not to give a newborn?

The best gifts for newborn babies

  • Gift certificate for purchases in a children’s store. Since the age of modern technology does not stand still, the growth of a large number of children’s hypermarkets and online gift shops for parents of a newborn is noticeable. They can both order finished products and order a gift card for a certain amount, so that parents can choose everything they need.
  • Children’s or family photo session. This is a very interesting gift for young couples. When the baby is still quite a baby, such a photo session is carried out at home, but if the child is already a little older, then you can go out into the world, and into a feast, and into kind people! In any case, regardless of the location of the proposed photo shoot, this will be a very touching gift, and not at all stupid, as some people think! After all, after such an event, there will be beautiful pictures that will be viewed more than once and proudly shown to others.
  • Quality children’s clothing and footwear. There are several nuances in this area of ​​a gift for parents of a newborn. Firstly, it will be better if the clothes are for growth, because. small children grow very quickly, and he will put on blouses of the size in which he was born at most three times, after which she will become small. Secondly, consider the convenience of clothing, and you can judge from your own experience or from someone you know. Standard undershirts ride up and expose the child to the risk of getting sick, and the sliders go astray. If the child is not yet crawling, then high jumpers with straps or overalls will be ideal for him. The main thing is that the fastener should be on buttons (it will be worse if it is simple buttons or ties). And thirdly, there are a lot of clothes. As the experience of many mothers who gave little things as a gift to a newborn shows, they were very useful to them.
  • Gift «set of diapers». This category of gifts for newborns is becoming more and more popular. You can order to make a sculpture of diapers of the required size and then solemnly hand over this necessary item of hygiene for the baby. Very pragmatic, by the way.

The main thing is not to pierce with the choice of size. Even if they turn out to be a little more than necessary, do not worry: they will come in handy soon.

  • Fine silver rattle. Such a gift is also rapidly gaining popularity. This is both a very cute sign of attention to the parents of a newborn, and just a practical item. Such a melodic ringing is much better and more pleasant than the sound of a ball in a plastic rattle, which only adds to the headache for both the child and parents.
  • Hooded towel (corner). For the most part, this is more of a gift to the mother of a newborn, as she will be the one who will bathe the baby. By the way, the presence of a hood will greatly facilitate the task of swaddling a baby in a towel.
  • Hand and foot impression set. It costs decently, but what could be better than the memory of those times when your little one walked under the table on foot? Perhaps a set of casts is a gift from the category of unusual gifts for newborns.
  • Stroller number with child’s name. Not to say that this is a thing you can’t live without, but it is given as a gift, and it looks very, very nice.
  • Development mat. Such a gift will not come in handy right away, but children are not Benjamin Buttons without exception, they only get bigger and more mature over time, which means that the rug will come in handy very soon. The more functionality in such a rug, the better. At first, the child will simply lie not on the floor, but on the mat, and examine the toys. Over time, he will begin to reach for them and crawl. When the children get older, it will be more interesting for them to play with all kinds of rustlers, squeakers and other joys of life, which will prudently come with the rug. A small disadvantage of such a gift for a newborn will be that the mat is made of synthetics. Of course, it will be convenient to wash it, but the baby will sweat lying on it.
  • Large beautiful photo album. Not necessarily themed and for a newborn. Yes, of course, few people print photos now, but such a gift will encourage them to do so and thereby make your family tree in a photo album.
  • Baby blanket or blanket. This will be a practical gift for a newborn as unlike numbers for a stroller, it is used always and everywhere: at home, on the street, as insulation in a stroller. Can be cotton or fleece. Both options are convenient.
  • Set of children’s dishes. You won’t need it right away, but it will always be at hand. Very useful when adding artificial supplements during breastfeeding. The main factor is that such dishes can be sterilized and used in a microwave oven.
  • T-shirts for the whole family. You can give T-shirts for the whole family: mom, dad and baby. Here you will need to know the size of all family members, which is sometimes difficult. Another, simpler and cheaper option is to buy a cool bodysuit made of natural fabric for a child with some kind of funny inscription, something like «Unemployed and bald, I live with mother J.»
  • Books with fairy tales or simply encyclopedias. They will not come in handy right away either, but, like utensils for artificial feeding, they will come in handy and will always be at hand, which is very convenient. Try to choose really good, worthwhile books with colorful pictures and thick paper so that the playful child for whom the gift is intended does not inadvertently tear your gift.
  • Money. A gift that will never lose its relevance and will be suitable even as a gift for a newborn.

Gifts to be consulted with parents

  1. Swing/chaise longue. It is necessary to clarify whether it is worth giving this particular gift and whether there will be a place where to place such a bulky gift.
  2. Car seat. Everything here is the same as about the swing.
  3. Highchair. Take a look at the high chair with newborn position and ask if it’s worth giving as a gift. At such an early stage, not everyone wants to buy high chairs for their children.
  4. Baby monitor/video baby monitor. A very useful gift for parents of newborns, especially if the child has his own room from birth and his bed is in the nursery, and not in your bedroom.
  5. Automatic air humidifier. It is not necessary to have one in every home, but a humidifier combined with a house cleaner as a gift is a wonderful thing.
  6. Baby bedding set. Here you just need to guess with the mattress. According to the standard, this is 60×120, but there are other sizes.
  7. Cot bumpers. As in point 6, you need to know the parameters of the crib.
  8. Warmer + sterilizer for baby food. The thing is very useful, but not the fact that it will be used, because sometimes the child is kept on one breastfeeding.
  9. Blender and steamer for baby food. Ordinary slow cookers and blenders will do well with the preparation of baby food, but if presented as a gift, then it’s not bad at all.
  10. Infrared thermometer. A very useful thing for parents of a newborn. Some complain about the error, but this is only if the child’s body temperature is normal. If there really is a temperature, then he will show it, especially when the child reaches the 1st year mark, he is simply elusive, and mercury thermometers will only beat like that. This is where an infrared thermometer comes in handy, which takes a couple of minutes to measure!
  11. Baby scale. Everyone knows how important it is to watch your baby’s weight gain. Running to the hospital and taking risks, trying to weigh a child on your scales, is sometimes very exhausting for a young mother. That is why the weight will become a reliable assistant for a woman with a child. The main thing is that she does not completely go in cycles in this.
  12. Toys. For a newborn, toys are room for thought, but at the same time, not all toys (as well as clothes) are not suitable for everyone. If you like to give big soft toys, then choose something else, because according to the experience of many mothers, this is just an unnecessary dust collector, which has no place in the nursery at all. It is better to give a beautiful rubber duck for the bath — it is both inexpensive and very cute. J Another good option is to buy chewing toys, which are usually used during the teething period of a child.
  13. bath tub. It is better to give when they are not. Senseless cluttering of space will not benefit any apartment. The bath should be stable, spacious. An alternative for older children can be a bathing chair.
  14. Arena. If young parents have a place for a playpen, then this is a great gift for a newborn. It is better to choose something from new models and not to take domestic, round arenas, because they are unstable and take up a lot of space, because. they don’t go into any corner. It will be good if it has an extra leg in the center and special protection against folding.

What is better not to give a newborn?

And now let’s talk about those things that are better not to give at all. Why exactly, I will tell you about each thing in order. Well, the choice, of course, is yours.

  1. Sling. An inexperienced mother, if you buy a sling that is uncomfortable for her and the baby, may be disappointed in this type of carrying for the rest of her life. It is better to invite a specialist who will help you choose the right and convenient model. If you still really want to give a sling, then give a cotton scarf for the baby, sort of like a test. And if the mother likes it, she will be able to pick up a better and more expensive thing for the constant carrying of the child.
  2. Night light. It seems to be a good thing, but it simply may not fit into the interior.
  3. Stroller. A good gift, dear. But it may just be inconvenient for the baby’s parents. At least the same descent of the stroller from the 5th floor without an elevator is already very problematic. Still, this is not a towel to give.
  4. Cot. It would be a gift for the child’s parents, but I think that the parents themselves came up with the idea to buy a crib before birth + an issue with the interior, which is also decided only by the parents.
  5. Walkers. There is a categorical no here, because in this way you can push parents to push their child onto this bulky rolling plastic monster, and this will put unnecessary stress on the child’s unformed spine and perineum. As consequences, we see a weak back, a hump and crooked legs.
  6. Children’s cosmetics. Provide an opportunity to choose children’s cosmetics and, in general, all child care products for his mom and dad! After all, from what you give, an allergy can go, and you will undoubtedly be blamed.

By alexxlab

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