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Receive a Hello Baby Box with your NEW Babylist Registry

One of the exciting tasks to do during your pregnancy is setting up your baby registry. It’s an important and very helpful milestone that I personally really enjoyed when I was pregnant. It’s the time that you get to think about how you want your baby’s nursery to look, what color scheme you are going for, as well as do your research on brands that you feel are best for your family and baby.

You may have seen when I shared my baby registry experience. I used Babylist because I was very familiar with their company and had been recommending them for years to my clients when I did baby planning work.

If you don’t know what Babylist is, it’s a universal registry that lets families register for everything they need from any store. So, if you find something on Etsy that you like or something from a small boutique–no problem! With a press of a button you can easily add it to your Babylist baby registry for your family and friends to find. I really loved the ease and simplicity of it and especially loved that it didn’t restrict me to registering at just one or two stores. It lets you add things that money can’t buy. For example, home-cooked meals, postpartum doula care, newborn photography or babysitting help. They even have handy help & favor coupons. Basically, think of it as your new Pinterest board that you get to add everything that you and baby need. Pretty cool, right?! 

Well, I wanted all of you to know that Babylist has just recently come out with something new which is also really cool. Their new Hello Baby Box!

Starting this month–January 2018, Babylist offers a free Hello Baby Box to new, active and valid registry users who created a registry on or after December 26, 2017. How sweet! It’s a wonderful way for them to say “thank you,” as well as share some amazing product samples and offers to all of us from brands that they love and trust.

Each box is filled with goodies valued up to $160, including offers! And each month the content inside their Hello Baby Boxes will change so you never know what cool deals and samples you will get. 🙂 I just received mine so I wanted to share a peek at what was in mine!

Inside my Hello Baby Box I saw many brands that I am familiar with and love.

They had a Kiinde Breastfeeding Starter Pack as well as a 50% off Kiinde coupon inside. I already use and really like their breast milk warmer and bottle warmer. I’m excited to give this starter kit a try!

We already use Cetaphil Baby for our baby products so I was happy to see more samples in the Hello Baby Box. They will definitely be used since they’re our favorite!

I’m a big fan of all of the Fridababy products. If you mamas haven’t tried the Windi and your baby has gas, this product will seriously save the day. I haven’t tried their BreatheFrida yet (since it’s a brand new product) so I was thrilled to see a sample included and give it a try!

Lucy Darling has some of the cutest stickers, baby books, art prints and more. We actually have one of their baby books for our son! We’re definitely going to be adding these stickers to it. 🙂 They also give you a 10% off coupon!

The Pampers’ Mom-to-Be Registry Kit is great to get because it has a travel wipes pack, a diaper and a great booklet of coupons inside!

And the Milestone Baby Photo Cards are absolutely adorable. The sample in the box is too cute. And speaking of cute, this Cutest Baby Ever sticker from Sticky Bellies is perfect to stick on your baby for a precious photo. It also comes with a 20% off promo code!

I also found a Boob Ease Organic Nipple Balm sample and breastfeeding samples from Lansinoh. There were great offers too! There was coupons from tea collection, Tiny Tags, and for babysitting from urbansitter.

I can’t believe that Babylist is going to be sending these out to new, active and valid registry users who create a registry on their site.

Just FYI, I want you all to know that these Hello Baby Boxes are available at limited quantity, while supplies last. And they’re available for US residents only. So if you’re an expecting mama that is looking to create her baby registry start your Babylist registry today to be eligible for a free Hello Baby Box!

Read online «Investor», Pavel Astakhov — Litres, page 4

As soon as the eighth car slowed down near a strange man voting on the highway, whose clothes consisted of dirty burlap. The driver had already decided to refuse to take such a specific passenger to himself. He agreed to give him a ride only when he silently removed the ring from his finger and placed it on the dashboard.

Roman Oleinik

Roman Igorevich Oleinik, owner of a small furniture company in Moscow, looked at his watch. The beginning of the eleventh evening. He stroked the elastic gloves, straightening out the fine lines on his fingers. Over time, Roman got into the habit of not taking them off even at home. Bath and bed — only there he bared his hands.

Roman settled down in an easy chair, leisurely took a smoldering cigarette from the ashtray, inhaled deeply, exhaled and dispelled the light smoke with his hand. A tart, sweet smell of weed drifted through the living room. Then he turned the page of the book, which, judging by the frayed cover, he had flipped through more than once.

“Many mountain rivers flow into the deep sea. The reason is that the seas are located below the mountains. Therefore, they are able to rule over all streams. So the sage, wishing to be above people, becomes lower than them, and wishing to be in front, he becomes behind. Therefore, although his place is above people, they do not feel his weight, although his place is in front of them, they do not consider this an injustice, ”Roman read the famous saying of Lao Tzu and smiled.

The ancient Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism, of course, was a genius, although Roman would have been happy to argue with many of his statements. With a slight annoyance, he caught himself thinking that he could not concentrate on the lines, put the book aside, took a sip of fragrant thyme tea, and then took another puff. This time, the taste of grass seemed to him somehow insipid, colorless.

“Or the day passed in some special way,” Oleinik thought absently, glancing out the window.

Night covered the city with a velvety coal blanket, on which, like a diamond brooch attached, a single star twinkled.

He sighed.

The day passed as usual. Until lunch, he worked in his office, and then paid a visit to the bank. Roman noticed that Oleg was somewhat nervous today. Actually, this circumstance should not have bothered him. Everyone has their own problems.

And then, right at the exit, he collided head-on with Pavlov. That’s the way things are! I wonder what the master of Russian jurisprudence forgot in such a modest credit institution as Prime Bank? Really decided to use his services and open a deposit there?

Although an eminent lawyer with the same degree of probability could simply accompany that fragile, pretty lady with a restless face. Most likely, they just know each other. According to Roman, the woman did not give the impression of a person connected with Pavlov’s business relations. Yes, and it’s not a cheap pleasure to hire a lawyer of such rank as Artemy Andreevich.

Roman closed the work of the Chinese philosopher, placed it on a frosted glass coffee table, carefully put out his cigarette with weed, then got up and slowly walked into the living room. There, on a massive oak chest of drawers, stood a huge terrarium. Inside, among the decorative snags and bushes, one could see a large blue-black tarantula spider, like tar.

“Good night, my friend,” Roman said, smiled and flicked his finger on the glass.

The spider did not move, but Oleinik was not surprised. The bird-eater could sit in utter immobility for a whole week, especially when he was full.

«Perhaps it’s time to rest,» Roman thought, went to the bathroom, took a shower, turned off the light and went to bed.

At the beginning of the second night he was awakened by a phone call. The security guard on duty at the housing complex quickly reported that some guy had set fire to his Lexus, which was parked in a guarded parking lot.

Waking up, batting his eyes, barely waking up from his interrupted sleep, Roman began convulsively putting on his clothes.

“The car was set on fire! chimed in his brain. — Wow! Who needed it?

Seven minutes later he was already there. The extinguishing process was in full swing, but even standing at an impressive distance from the flaming Lexus, Roman had little doubt that there was, in fact, nothing to save there. The smoke poured out like a pillar of tar, the fire hissed angrily under the powerful pressure of the foam, until the last time it did not want to give up its positions.

Roman rubbed his hands and remarked out of place that the first thing he did when he jumped out of bed was to put on his gloves. It was like a reflex, like stepping around an open manhole on the sidewalk.

Finally everything was finished. Firefighters, exchanging phrases, began to disperse. Strong young men in heat-resistant uniforms indifferently slapped their boots on the muddy slurry, a medley of dirty water and foam, slowly rolling up sleeves with pressure hoses. The air smelled of burning and burnt rubber. Of course, they didn’t care about the burned-out car, nor did they care about its owner. They have done their job.

Roman stared at the blackened carcass of his car with a pounding heart. The Lexus burned out almost completely, turned into a smoking, twisted skeleton of some fantastic biorobot from a movie about the future. Burnt flakes were still fluttering in the air like lazy flies.

— Am I the only victim? — just in case, Roman asked and looked around, although it was clear that, except for his car, burned to the ground, not a single car was damaged.

The guard, a tall middle-aged man, nodded in the affirmative. He looked slightly guilty.

— Everything happened suddenly. At first there was some kind of pop, and when I went out, I saw fire, ”he explained, shifting the service radio from hand to hand. “Alarms started going off in the cars. I was here in a couple of minutes, but because of the smoke…

“God be with him, with the smoke,” Roman interrupted him. — I have no complaints against you. Have you looked at the security cameras yet?

— The shift supervisor does just that.

Roman nodded.

So, there is still a chance to find the intruders.

He stepped out of the parking lot, enjoying the night air.

“Just wonderful,” Oleinik muttered. — Now where? To the police?

Bad Neighborhood

It was already evening when Darya and her son came home.

“Wash your hands, Leshik,” said the mother. — We’ll have dinner soon.

She took off her shoes and went into the kitchen. Listening to the murmur of water in the bathroom, Daria suddenly thought that Artyom should have been warned about today’s visit to the bank. Still, he is a professional in such matters, but …

This is the most stupid “but”, because of which she, forgetting everything in the world, rushed to meet Oleg Gvozdev, the same loan officer of Prime Bank. Dasha wanted to make an additional deposit of a million. She borrowed six hundred thousand from a friend, borrowed another four hundred thousand from the working capital of her own travel agency. At some point, an inner voice tried to give her timid advice not to rush, but in Daria’s brain, like neon lights, the footage of Kirill’s last visit, as well as the cut tires of her Toyota, flashed every now and then.

She needs a separate apartment. Urgently. And this requires money. A lot, without delay, right now.

Only this bank, perhaps, could help her now. No matter how Artem persuaded her to close the deposit and withdraw the money, the desire to instantly get rich turned out to be stronger. She did not particularly delve into what kind of operations with deposits Oleg carried out, she saw the result, and this was more important than any arguments. Daria hurriedly, almost without looking, signed the documents that Gvozdev offered her, and handed him the money. The cashier was no longer there. He himself accepted a million from her and issued a receipt.

At the edge of her subconscious, she was aware that all this was happening somehow unnaturally, in some kind of feverish haste, but Oleg was so convincing that Dasha, without hesitation, left the money in the bank. In general, whatever one may say, she simply had no choice. The new contract was signed, the money was transferred to the bank.

“After all, there have not been any punctures with payments yet,” Darya reassured herself. “Everything will be as before, and in a couple of months I will make a good profit. If we add another five hundred thousand to that future amount — and I somehow get out, find the missing money — then it will already be possible to count on a two-room apartment. And I organize furniture and repairs using half of the cost of the current housing, which Kirill, my demented ex-husband, claims so stubbornly.

Darya took out a pot of mashed potatoes and chicken cutlets from the refrigerator, put a portion for her son and barely had time to put the plate into the microwave when the phone rang. She bent over her smartphone, on the screen of which was pulsating: «Artyom P. Advocate.»

“Leshik, sit down,” Darya said to her son, who appeared in the kitchen. “Just wait five minutes.

She took her smartphone and went out into the corridor.

“Good evening, Dasha,” the lawyer’s voice rang out on the phone. — Did you interfere?

— No, of course not. She coughed in embarrassment and said, “I was just remembering you.

— This flatters me. How is it going? Did you review the documents that I sent?

— Yes, I was in court this morning. The application was accepted, however, the date of consideration will be announced later.

— According to the rules, the court schedules a meeting within a month from the date of filing the application, — said Artem. — So it is necessary to check the documentation. Of course, it will take time, but it is better to do everything now than to swear every day.

«I’ll make you eat those scissors,» Darya suddenly remembered Kirill’s threat, and it was as if she was engulfed in a prickly cold.

The time for cursing is long gone.

– Dasha?

“Yes,” she realized.

“I just found out something about the bank you are a client of,” Pavlov said. — It is not in the register of the DIA — Deposit Insurance Agency.

— Really? And now what? the woman asked dully.

— This means that in the event of a bank failure, you can even lose the amount guaranteed in the event of an insured event, that is, one million four hundred thousand, — the lawyer explained. – It is surprising that a bank that promises its customers high interest rates does not participate in the DIA system. After all, as I understand it, you keep all your savings in the Prime Bank, which far exceed the sum insured. This is true?

Daria felt an unpleasant dryness in her mouth.

— You’re right. But, Artyom, it seems to me that it’s too early to draw any conclusions now, ”she was only able to say.

— There is an old saying: «Forewarned is forearmed,» said Artyom. “I really hope that I am playing it safe, but believe me, I would not have advised you so strongly to cut off all contacts with this bank if the warning signs were not so clear. They literally stick out, just like rabbit ears. I told you about this at the last meeting.

She had already opened her mouth to answer the lawyer, when suddenly there was some fuss at the door.

Daria shuddered and turned around.

“Hi, baby,” came a painfully familiar voice.

“I’ll call you back,” she forced out and ended the call.

With a sinking heart, Daria watched Kirill enter the apartment imposingly.

He held the door open, stepped aside and let two more men into the dwelling.

– Mom, who came there? Lesha asked from the kitchen.

“Son, I’m right now,” she said curtly, looking at the intruders with increasing anger.

— Why don’t you say hello? Kirill inquired and winked at her mockingly.

Unlike her, he was in a good mood, as if there had never been that fight when Daria held scissors to his neck.

She came close to them, gave them a hostile look. Daria saw a couple of Cyril’s companions for the first time. Both are unshaven, in sloppy clothes and dusty shoes. Each has a heavy backpack behind his back. From the late visitors came a persistent smell of sweat and not washed clothes for a long time.

“Get out,” Daria hissed. «Get out now or I’ll call the police!»

A contemptuous smirk played on Kirill’s face. He seemed to be waiting for those words.

“Call me,” the retired husband agreed easily. “I’m at home, baby. Half of the apartment is mine, and I want to have a cultural rest with my friends. Really guys? By the way, meet me. This is Misha, and this is Roma. They work as porters. Now they have a little vacation.

One of the strangers parted his mouth in a stupid smile, and Daria noted with disgust his damaged teeth, which, apparently, had not seen a dentist since childhood.

— Is the cut tire on the car your job? – hardly holding back, she asked.

Kirill feigned surprise.

– What are you talking about? he asked, starting to take off his shoes.

His example was immediately followed by the guests, and the odor of dirty socks was immediately added to the unpleasant smell.

— What wheels, my sun?

“Understood,” Daria drawled. “You don’t even have the conscience to admit that you slashed your tires. Good hero. Thank you for not shitting under the door.

“Let us into the room,” Kirill said calmly.

He smiled, but his eyes sparkled with undisguised malice.

— You can call anyone you want — the cops, the FSB, even the president. I’m at home.

Lesha appeared in the corridor.

“Hi, son,” Kirill said. — What are you standing? Would you like to say hello?

The boy shook his head, scowling at his father.

— Well, whatever. — Kirill spread his hands, put some kind of candy with a half-torn wrapper on a wooden shoe rack and said: — This is for you.

The boy didn’t even look at the candy. He approached his mother and clung to her, continuing to look at the uninvited guests with hostility.

“First, we will sit in the kitchen, and then we will settle down in the room,” Kirill announced. «You don’t mind, do you?» It’s all legal, baby.

Daria was so shocked that she couldn’t find an answer. She was tempted to grab onto the face of Kirill, that disgustingly grinning cattle, grab him by the hair, drag him out of the apartment and slam the door behind him. But at the same time, the woman understood that now, until the court resolved their problem, Kirill had exactly the same rights to this unfortunate kopeck piece as she did.

Meanwhile, Kirill waved his hand to his friends, who were already beginning to settle in the apartment, and all three went to the kitchen. There was the clinking of bottles and laughter.

— Will they live with us now? the son quietly asked his mother, who stood in complete stupor.

“No, of course not,” Darya squeezed herself out and stroked the boy’s thick hair.

The woman’s hands were trembling, and she made great efforts so that Lesha would not see her confusion.

— I’ll call you now. Go to yourself.

The boy slipped into the room and Daria grabbed the phone. Subconsciously, she understood that it was most likely pointless to call the police, but she simply could not and did not want to just sit and watch how strangers were in charge of her house.

The woman dialed 112, heard the voice of the duty officer and described the situation to him as convincingly as possible.

— Well, what do you want from me? the policeman asked wearily. — Are you being beaten? Raped?

— No. But when that happens, it will be too late!

The duty officer sighed and said:

— Dear, we have one murder, two robberies and two thefts in a day. Your precinct is not here now, he is on the road. Come to the office tomorrow. When you write an application in the form, then we will conduct an audit.

The conversation ended, and Daria mentally swore.

What to do? Make a scandal? In principle, it is possible, but now the advantage is clearly on the side of Cyril. During the conflict, he and his friends can beat her, or even rape her. She would rather cut off her hand than allow Leshka to contemplate the vile scenes of family squabbles. He had already seen enough of the nasty things that preceded not the easiest divorce.

The woman took a deep breath.

“Calm down and go to your mother,” an inner voice advised her. “Now you won’t do anything anyway.”

After some thought, she realized that this would be the best option. Spending the night in the company of this rabble was out of the question.

Lyoshka quickly understood everything and was ready in five minutes. Daria looked sadly at her son. Of course, for him this is something like an unexpected adventure. Just what happens next?!

She had already opened the door when Kirill appeared from the kitchen. The man’s eyes gleamed, his swollen face flushed. Daria realized that he had already thoroughly taken on his chest.

“The application for the division of the apartment is already in court,” she said dryly. “So it will all be over soon.

“Absolutely,” Kirill said. “I don’t give a fuck about your court. It can drag on for years, you understand? You won’t do anything if I slow everything down. From this day on, I turn on the counter. I need grandmothers. Now I need eight lyams. You still have a week left.

“You soulless scum,” Daria said coldly.

– You are far from being an angel either. Call me whatever you want. At least a pot. Just pay for the share, and then roll on all four sides. Cyril looked at the boy. — Bye, son! Take care of mom.

Darya picked up her bag with things, took Lyoshka by the hand, and they silently went out into the street.

– Mom, what are you doing? the boy asked, peering intently into her pale face.

— Nothing, son. Everything will be fine with you,” she said, but her voice trembled treacherously.

Don’t cry. Please!

“I’m not crying,” Darya answered, but tears shone in her eyes.

Only late at night did she remember that she hadn’t called Artyom back.

An unkind sign

At noon the next day, a snow-white Hummer slowly rolled into a cottage village located in the Istra district.

Jafar Zakirovich Abiyev, the owner of a building materials market near Moscow, got out of the car and just stood there for a few seconds, closing his eyes and breathing deeply. The irritating sticky stuffiness that covered the city like a hot haze was not felt at all in these places. A slight coolness blew from the icy river flowing nearby. The local air was filled with the smells of freshly cut grass, forest needles and, of course, the subtle, incomparable aroma of shish kebab roasting somewhere nearby.

Everything would be all right, except for a small hitch with the money that the Banker promised him for a week in a row. Promises are promises, but things, as the Russians say, are still there.

Jafar looked at his house, which towered in the distance in a massive bulk. He himself supervised the construction of this three-story handsome man made of white ceramic bricks. Jafar hated dark tones.

He specifically asked the driver to drop him off here, a hundred meters from the dwelling. The merchant did not want the children to hear this conversation, and even more so Samira, a beautiful young wife who is eight months pregnant.

— Olezha! he said when he heard the Banker’s voice. — Hello dear.

“Good afternoon to you too, Jafar,” he said carefully.

— You offend me, dear. I have always considered you a serious person to deal with. What date is today, do you remember?

— Of course, I didn’t forget. June twentieth.

– Do you remember what you promised me last week?

— I’m not complaining about my memory, Jafar.

A sigh escaped the Azerbaijani’s thick lips. Oleg’s voice sounded measured and calm, as if he had long prepared for an unpleasant conversation. This began to gradually drive the Azerbaijani out of himself.

“We’ve known each other for a long time,” Jafar said patiently. “I have always respected you for your intelligence and ability to solve problems that only you can do. I was proud of the fact that we work in one bundle, side by side. Now what do I see? Get down to business, Banker. I need money. Urgent, right now. Worst case, early tomorrow morning.

“Jafar, I’m doing my best,” said the Banker. “But not today. I’m afraid I won’t be able to tomorrow either. I explained the situation to you. Little depends on me.

Abiyev took a crumpled handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his sweaty neck. In moments of excitement and discontent, he always began to sweat profusely, even if it was cool around him.

— Banker, I trusted you, agreed to become the founder of the bank, took part in the creation of a branch. You have almost all my money, brother. You said that part of the funds can be transferred to some kind of investment fund. I believed you again, I didn’t even look at those papers that you slipped me. I had no doubt that you would not let me down. Yes, at first you pleased everyone with a good profit. I don’t know what business you did with our money, but the result was obvious. But then it suddenly became very sad. What is the result?! This morning I was in dire need of money. I tried to contact you, in response, silence, like in a coffin. I received the goods, I need to pay for it. My boys have to get paid to feed their families. Yes, and I will soon have an addition. And you are just now available. Do you hear me, Banker? You’re behaving badly, dear!

— Jafar, do you really think that I want to fool you? the Banker asked in a tired voice. “You have known me for a long time. Well, yes, there were temporary difficulties, I will solve everything in the coming days. I promise!

“For temporary difficulties, dear, you get bonuses,” Jafar reminded, and his round, loose face turned crimson instead of tanned. And mind you, it’s timely.

The banker let out a nervous laugh and said:

— Because no one else will carry out leftist schemes with your money, Jafar. When there is a bag of money on one side of the scale, and a grate and bunks with bedbugs on the other, few people will agree to risk their freedom. Do not be offended, but you yourself perfectly understand that I am right.

Jafar gritted his teeth. Few people dared to speak to him in such a tone.

He was about to explode, throw aside his ostentatious decency, but the Banker seemed to have a premonition of this and said:

– But I respect you. Therefore, I will share one news, although I was asked not to disclose this information. You know, banking secrecy and all that.

– Well?.. – Jafar drawled.

He couldn’t help noticing that the phrase «bank secrecy» was uttered with a touch of sarcasm, which pissed him off even more.

— Sergey Cheremesov, your friend, took his deposit from me. I was not ready for this, because I planned to transfer part of the amount to you, as I promised, — said the Banker. It happened at the beginning of last week. A request came from him, he hinted that he was planning some kind of major securities deal.

– Seryoga? Jafar asked, blinking in confusion. Why did he close the account? We just met the other day.

“Motivation of the client is not part of my scope of duties,” replied the Banker.

Judging by the tone of his voice, he was eager to end this unpleasant and protracted conversation as soon as possible.

— Ask him yourself.

What?! Why, due to the whim of one fool, hemorrhoids occur in another person, who is quite normal? – choking with indignation, shouted out Jafar.

— I don’t know, Jafar. I’m sorry I let you down. The money will come, just be patient.

The Azerbaijanian shook his head and said:

— No shit, Banker. No «be patient». I’m warning you…

He didn’t have time to finish, he heard Oleg’s abrupt phrase:

— Sorry, people come to me.

The conversation ended there.

Jafar distrustfully removed his hand with the phone from his ear. He looked at it with all-consuming hatred, as if this rectangular contraption stuffed with electronics was the culprit of all his troubles. If a look could burn, then the smartphone would surely have turned into a caked lump of smoking plastic.

— Stinky jackal! he cursed hoarsely. — I’ll choke!

The overweight Azerbaijani was completely bewildered, he experienced a range of the most diverse feelings — from confused helplessness to fury, burning out his insides.

— Well, Seryozha! he hissed, poking a sausage-thick finger at the foggy smartphone screen. – If this is true!..

His legs carried him towards the house. There was no point in confidential conversations anymore — Jafar was so angry.

– Hello! Seryozha? Did you know? he shouted, as soon as the familiar voice of his partner was heard in the receiver. One of our mutual friends told me interesting things here. Yes, Banker! Why didn’t you warn me when you decided to do such things with money?! You…” Suddenly Jafar fell silent, lowered his hand with the phone.

Bloodshot eyes were fixed on the two-meter-high steel gates of his household, on the matte-black surface of which the word «Die» was neatly written in huge red letters.

He, as if in a fog, stepped closer, extended his hand and touched the first letter. The nail tore off the rough crust of paint, and the pad of the finger dipped into the sticky mass of bright scarlet that had not yet hardened.

Yandex will have a new main page. What will change — Yandex Blog

Yandex Blog

August 23, 2022, 10:10

Yandex agreed to sell Zen and VK News services. This will entail several important changes. They will not happen right now, but after we close the deal — that is, within a few months.

Updated on 09/12/2022. We closed the deal for the sale of Zen and Novosti: VK became their owner. Now in place of yandex.ru there will be a portal dzen.ru, which belongs to VK. Our new main was ya.ru. This is the main entry point to Yandex services, such as Mail or Yandex ID personal account.

Zen and News will move to dzen.ru

This is a large media portal that will belong to VK. On dzen.ru, it will be possible to find out the news and follow your favorite bloggers. All your comments, likes, subscriptions and settings will be saved — the feed will look the way you are used to. Also, a search bar from Yandex will be placed on dzen.ru.

ya.ru will become the new main page of Yandex

Yandex will change the main page for the first time in its history. The new main page will live on ya.ru, and search will become its basis. Users will have access to universal search — to search for anything and anywhere, search verticals — to find, for example, pictures or products, and Alice — to quickly get answers. The new main page will continue to be the entry point to Yandex services, such as Mail. You can also access your Yandex ID personal account from here. You can see how it will look like right now — on new.ya.ru.

The old main page will cease to exist

In the future, when you open yandex.ru, you will not be taken to the Yandex main page, but to the dzen. ru portal. The main one will be available on ya.ru.

Yandex apps will continue to work

In the iOS app, everything will be the same as before, only without Zen and News. The Android application will change its name to Yandex Start and will function as a browser, with the ability to select a start page in the settings. Later, another application will be released for Android. It will be called Yandex with Alice. We will talk about it separately a little later.

Yandex Eda will merge with Delivery Club

The purchase of Delivery Club is part of the deal with VK. Yandex will retain the Delivery Club brand, and you will still be able to order food on the website and in apps. At the same time, the service will switch to a single technological platform with Yandex Food. What this means for users, restaurants and couriers, we told in a separate post.

As long as everything stays the same

Changes will only start happening after we close the deal.

By alexxlab

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