K baby girl names 2022: 120+ Cute, Unique, & Popular Girl Names Starting With K

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120+ Cute, Unique, & Popular Girl Names Starting With K

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Choosing Girl Names Starting With K

There are plenty of baby girl names to consider, and finding the right one can be overwhelming. Some of the top baby names start with K. It’s a letter worth considering, especially if you want trending names with exotic spellings or rare meanings.

We prepared this list of 120+ cute, popular, and unique namesthat start with K for baby girls to help you pick the best one for your little princess.

What Does Kyra Mean?

Kyra is a baby girl name of Greek origin that means “lady or female ruler.”

What Are Some Unique K Names For A Girl?

  1. Kahlia – Keeper of the keys
  2. Kaija – Life
  3. Karabo – South African name that means “answer”
  4. Kareemah – Arabic name meaning “generous”
  5. Karina – Scandinavian name that means “love”
  6. Katriana – An Eastern European version of Katherine, which means “pure”
  7. Katya – Russian version of Katherine
  8. Keilani – Hawaiian name that means “sky, heaven, glorious, or royal one”
  9. Kerenza – Cornish name meaning “love”
  10. Kerri – Dark and mysterious

What Are The Most Popular K Girl Names?

  1. Kamila – A version of “Camilla,” a name of Slavic origin that means “a young person who does religious work” or an Arabic name meaning “perfect”
  2. Kara – Latin name meaning “beloved” or Hebrew name meaning “to call”
  3. Kassidy – Irish name that means “clever” and “curly-haired”
  4. Katherine – Pure
  5. Katie – A modern version of Katherine
  6. Keisha – Great joy
  7. Kelly – Irish and Scottish name meaning “warrior”
  8. Klara – Latin name meaning “clear” and “bright”
  9. Kristen – Follower of Christ
  10. Kylie – Boomerang and graceful

Top Baby Girl Names Starting With K

  1. Kacie – Vigilant or watchful
  2. Kamala – Lotus flower
  3. Kamille – Latin name meaning “perfect” or “helper to the priest”
  4. Karly – Free man
  5. Kathryn – Pure
  6. Kayla – Slim and fair
  7. Kesia – Favorite
  8. Kiara – Light or clear
  9. Kristin – Consecrated to God
  10. Kyle – Narrow

What Are The Most Popular Unisex K Names?

These are popular boy names that are also ideal as girl names:

  1. Kadence – A variation of Cadence, which means “rhythm” and “flow”
  2. Kaedee – Flow and pure
  3. Kai – Hawaiian name that means “sea” or Japanese name that means “shell”
  4. Kaya – Home
  5. Kendall – English name meaning “valley on the River Kent”
  6. Kennedy – Gaelic name also spelled as “Kennedi,” which means “helmeted chief”
  7. Kenzie – Scottish name meaning “descendent of the handsome man”
  8. Kim – From the royal fortress meadow
  9. Kinley – Warrior
  10. Kody – Helpful

More Unique Baby Girl Names Beginning With K

  1. Karelyn – A version of “Caroline,” which means “free person”
  2. Kathleen – This popular namealso means “pure” or “far away”
  3. Katinka – Hungarian version of Katherine, a name that means “pure”
  4. Katiuska – Pure justice
  5. Kaylani – Majestic
  6. Kazia – Acacia tree
  7. Keeva – Irish name meaning “noble”
  8. Kelda – Spring or fountain
  9. Khrista – Follower of Christ
  10. Kiana – Divine

What’s A Good Middle Name That Starts With K?

Here are some first names that also make a great middle name for your little girl:

  1. Kadie – Greek name meaning “pure”
  2. Kaira – Friend
  3. Kalen – Gaelic name that means “fair”
  4. Kallie – Greek name meaning “most beautiful, fair”
  5. Karmen – Hebrew name that means “garden of God”
  6. Katelyn – Name with Greek origin; it means “each of the two” or “pure”
  7. Keren – Glorious dignity
  8. Khadijah – Arabic name which means “trustworthy” or “respected”
  9. Kiley – Australian name “returning” or “boomerang”
  10. Kirsten – Follower of Christ

English Baby Girl Names Beginning With K

  1. Kaisley – Enlightened
  2. Karlee – Feminine version of “Carl,” which means “free person”
  3. Karter – To transport with a cart
  4. Kaylee – Also spelled as “Kayleigh,” this name means “one who is like God”
  5. Kelsey – Victorious ship
  6. Keonna – English and Hawaiian girl name meaning “divine”
  7. Kimberly – Woodland or clearing
  8. Kinsleigh – Proud or overbearing
  9. Kinsley – Also spelled as “Kinslee,” this name means “King’s meadow” or “royal victory”
  10. Kristine – Follower of Christ

Greek Baby Girl Names Beginning With K

  1. Kahle – Lovely
  2. Kahlika – Rosebud
  3. Kaia – Earth
  4. Kaitlyn (Greek origin) – Pure
  5. Karisa – Beloved or very dear; it’s also a name after Charis, one of the three Greek goddesses of nature, human creativity, beauty, fertility, and charm who are collectively known as the Charites (Graces)
  6. Kassandra – Ancient Greek priestess who was wise and told the truth, but no one believed her
  7. Katianna – Flawless or neat
  8. Khloe – Flourishing just like a young, blooming plant; this name is another version of “Chloe,” which is the alternative name of the goddess Demeter used during the spring months because it’s related to new growth and sprouts
  9. Konstantina – Female version of “Constantine,” which means consistent and steady or reliable
  10. Kora – Maiden

Short & Four-Letter K Names For Girls

  1. Kade – Strong name meaning “sturdy”
  2. Kali – Powerful Hindu goddess and the master of time
  3. Kasi – Thorny tree
  4. Kate – Greek name meaning “each of the two” or “pure”
  5. Kaye – Greek name that means “rejoice”
  6. Keke – Hawaiian name that means “pure”
  7. Kiki – French, German, and Spanish name that means “new life or new beginning”
  8. Kimi – Japanese name meaning “beautiful, delightful, and joyful”
  9. Kira – Throne
  10. Kyla – Gaelic name meaning “slender” or “victorious”

Badass K Names For Girls

  1. Kaiya – Name with different meanings, including “the sea,” “eldest sister,” or “wealthy”
  2. Kamari – Arabic name meaning “moon” or “enemy of desire”
  3. Karla – Greek name meaning “woman of strength”
  4. Karol – Female version of “Karl,” which means “manly” or “warrior”
  5. Kasey – Vigilant or watchful
  6. Kashiefa – Arabic name which means “discoverer”
  7. Katlego – South-African Tswana name that means “success”
  8. Kaycee – Irish name that means “alert” and “watchful”
  9. Khaleesi – Queen; an invented name by George R. R. Martin used for “Game of Thrones
  10. Kyra – Greek name meaning “lady or female ruler”

Timeless K Names For Baby Girls

  1. Kalliope – Beautiful voice
  2. Kamden – Winding valley
  3. Kamilah – Young religious servant
  4. Karlotte – Old German name that means “free person”
  5. Katalina – Greek name that means “pure” or “each of the two”
  6. Kathyanne – Combination of “Kathy” (pure) and Anne (grace)
  7. Khandice – Another version of “Candice,” a name that means “clarity”
  8. Kharissa – “Grace” or “beloved”
  9. Kristina – Greek name that means “follower of Christ”
  10. Krystal – A version of “Crystal,” a Greek name that means “earth mineral stones”

Baby Girl Names Starting With Ke

  1. Keala – Hawaiian name that means “pathway”
  2. Kehlani – Polynesian name that means “sea heavens”
  3. Keily – Irish name meaning “graceful”
  4. Keira – Irish name for “little dark-haired one”
  5. Kendra – Name with English and Welsh origin that means “royal power” or “bold power”
  6. Kenley – English name that means “royal meadow”
  7. Kenna – American name that means “beautiful” or “champion”
  8. Kenya – Hebrew name that means “animal horn”
  9. Keva – Irish and Gaelic for “gentle, beautiful, and precious” girl
  10. Keziah – Spice tree

Some K Names To Consider That Might Be Outdated

  1. Kamryn – Crooked nose
  2. Karen – A name that receives some negative connotation in recent times, but this Ancient Greek name means “pure”
  3. Karma – What goes around comes around
  4. Kensington – English origin that means “the town of Cynsige’s people”
  5. Kerry – Irish name that refers to people of County Kerry

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July 21, 2023



Meaning:Bright, clear; Dark

Stemming from Irish and Italian roots, Kiara is a girl’s name that has starkly different meanings depending on its origin. In Italian, the name is considered a variant of the girl’s name Chiara, meaning “bright” or “clear. ” Kiara’s Irish iteration is Ciara, deriving from the old Irish word Cíar translating to “dark.” An etymology like night and day is sure to appeal to night owls and early bird parents alike. Kiara also made a splash in film as the protagonist of The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, adding to the name’s irresistible lovability among parents. Whatever your preferred definition of pretty Kiara, this name is sure to inspire baby to live their life according to the problem-free philosophy!

On This Page

  • Popularity Trend Chart
  • Related Baby Names Lists
  • Similar Names
  • Sibling Name Ideas
  • Parents Who Like the Name Kiara Also Like

Similar Names

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  • Kyrah
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  • Kaira
  • Keira
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  • Kara
  • Kyra
  • Kora
  • Cora
  • Kirra
  • Clara
  • Keren
  • Kieran
  • Carla
  • Karen
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  • Akira

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  • Layla
  • Charlotte
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  • Grace
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  • Sophia
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  • Chloe
  • Violet
  • Eliana

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Sibling Name Ideas

Are you looking for a sibling name for Kiara? Here are some great options:

  • Bedelia
  • Kaysie
  • Kiley
  • Meirna
  • Cailie
  • Finn
  • Tawnia
  • Tracey
  • Molly
  • Connor
  • Nola
  • Keiron
  • Tawnee
  • Devaney
  • Teagan
  • Deidre
  • Brennan

Not sure you have the perfect name? Search to add more baby names to your My Favorites list.

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Short, beautiful and unusual names for girls that bring happiness — how to choose a name for a child in 2022-2023 — October 10, 2022

Have you thought about the name of the future heiress for a long time?


In 2021, Muscovites most often called girls Sofia, Maria, Anna, Alice and Eva. It is said that this rating remains unchanged almost every year. Unusual names in 2021 were also in price, Apollonia, Marceline, Augustine, Zemfira, Lolita, Mary, Teresa, Malvina, Ariely, Medea, Electra and even the Muses live in the capital. Our colleagues from Wday.ru studied the shortest and most unusual names, which are also often called babies now.

The name Iya has Greek roots and means “violet”. There is a version that the name Iya is mistakenly translated as the name of a flower, and in this context this meaning appeared in the name after the name Iya was associated with the name Evdokia. This name was borne by one of the venerable martyrs — Saint Iya (Eudokia).

This is a very rare name, since it does not contain a single consonant letter, therefore, a huge energy lies in the character of its owner. Iya is constantly full of emotions and experiences that she cannot contain. This is a very irritable and proud person. Her feelings constantly require an outlet, so she can lose her temper over any little thing. Thanks to her wonderful sense of humor, she can show her intemperance in the form of a funny joke. With age, this emotionality may decrease, but only slightly. This circumstance greatly complicates the life of Iya.

The name Asya is a female name with different versions of origin. According to one of them, the name Asya is derived from the name Asta, which in turn is directly related to the name Astrid, and therefore, accordingly, is of Scandinavian origin. In this case, the name Asya will mean «divinely beautiful» or «passionate.» This form of the name has become more widespread outside the Scandinavian and German-speaking countries.

The girl Asya is a very humane person, she can be called an altruist, because Asya always tries to take care of someone, thinks about the interests of other people. She is capable of sudden inspirations and bursts of creativity, but Asya has to somehow get along with her dreams and aspirations with real opportunities, find the line between life for herself and life for the good of society. Asya’s lofty aspirations and ideals are poorly adapted to everyday reality, which gives her mental anguish and can shake her fragile nervous balance.

The name Zoya in ancient Greek means «life». This name corresponds to the biblical Eve and the ancient Slavic Zhiva. The name Zoya does not have a paired male name.

A woman with this name has a balanced and stable psyche, a strong will. Zoya does not demand too much from life, but accepts it as it is. She does not dream of changing the whole world, and also does not seek to accumulate wealth, as she is completely indifferent to this. Zoya takes any turn in her life for granted, drawing at least some lesson from every everyday situation. She does not like to move from place to place, to change the situation, because the impressions received during the move make her psychologically very tired.

In preparing the article, the editors used materials from the portal kakzovut.ru


The name Eve is the name of the progenitor of all mankind. It comes from the Hebrew name Hava, meaning «giving life», «life». In a modern context, it can be translated as «live», «mobile», «naughty».

A woman named Eve has a strong-willed character, which is complemented by the ability to control herself in any situation. She has such qualities as poise, restraint, perseverance and attentiveness. Eva has her own, different from others, view of everything that can happen in life, she always has her own opinion on various issues as a priority, which does not depend on what others may think. Such a woman has an increased level of intelligence. If any enterprise seems to her questionable in terms of morality or law, she will never get involved in it. A woman named Eva, as a rule, has a flexible and resourceful mind. Eve is reasonable: she trusts facts and logic more than her intuition. She tries to plan and build her own life and determine the values ​​​​in it.

One of the favorite names of Americans and Norwegians. Some sociologists attribute this to the fact that «Ada» is the name of a universal programming language. The name was not chosen by chance, that was the name of the English mathematician, Countess Lovelace, daughter of the poet Byron.

Ada is diligent, studies well at school, always achieves her goals. He does not like gossip and empty talk, so Ada often makes friends with boys. For this, she is disliked by the fair sex.

Leo Tolstoy probably did not know about this name. His Natasha Rostova is a typical Elya. Cheerful, cheerful, charming. She cannot be called the first beauty, but she has a perky spark and sincerity that captivate. Lives not by reason, but by feelings.

The most important thing for Eli is family. For the sake of loved ones, she is ready for anything. An ideal hostess and mother. It is hard to experience betrayal and lies. For Eli, there is nothing worse than disappointment in those people to whom she is attached. She is never indifferent, does not like calm people who live without emotions.

Many people think that Taya and Taisiya are the same name. But there is a separate name for Tai, which came to Russia from Great Britain. Taya is a real lady. Feminine, sensitive, tender, educated, intelligent. Even if Taya was born in a poor family, it will seem that this girl is blue-blooded.

Taya does not believe in miracles, so she creates her own fairy tale. She lives by the principle «if you want to be happy — be it.» She succeeds. Taya loves her family. She will never say a bad word about her husband and children (even if her husband is far from ideal). Taya is the woman for whom men are ready to change. Usually they say about such people «fatal».

Yuna’s name has several origins. According to one of them, the name Yuna is a derivative name from the name of Juvenaly, or rather a short reference to this male name. But over time, Yuna began to sound like a woman and turned into a feminine version of this name. The name Juvenal comes from the Roman cognomen «Juvenalis», which literally translates as «youthful, young», so the name Yuna means «young».

Little Yuna has a very difficult and stubborn character. Her parents have a hard time with her. From birth, Yuna will receive such qualities as generosity, kindness, intelligence, justice, modesty, sociability. The only downside is unpredictability. Yuna tends to do something first, and then think about her act. However, she does well in school. The girl is surprisingly easy to learn foreign languages, which in subsequent years can form the basis of her profession. Yuna does not lag behind in the exact sciences, giving preference to mathematics.

One of the meanings of this name is “generous”, “giving”. Hardworking, calm, modest, inquisitive, punctual. Faya in the team always becomes the soul of the company.

Outwardly inert and inactive, Faya is actually energetic and quick in her movements. She has some nervousness and suspiciousness, she is friendly and responsive. It’s hard for Faya to sit still, she needs to hurry somewhere, to help someone. This girl always wants to be the center of attention. This is a highly spiritual, sensual and peaceful woman. Nevertheless, she is capable of lying, which she always considers a “white lie”. Significant events in Faya’s life always cause a violent reaction in her, she is very sensitive and impulsive. Faya does not know how to restrain herself, control over emotions leads to an even greater outburst of them. This woman combines sincerity and independence, responsiveness and pride, but she will never harbor anger at the person who offended her.

The whole world should revolve around Leah. She does not hide her selfishness. The one who loves himself can love others. In marriage, he values ​​​​independence and freedom.

Housekeeping, cooking, handicrafts — all this is not for Leah. She loves beauty salons, traveling, parties. At the same time, Leah is always faithful to her husband. She is not capable of a double life. Leah will be happy with someone who will save her from the routine and give her vivid emotions. She herself is also able to give a truly sweet life.

Naming a child by a name, the meaning of which is interpreted as happy or lucky, of course, is an excellent start, but still it is not a guarantee of this very happiness. Parents can also do something for their child. For example, learn and apply the three-minute rule, which everyone who has children should know.

Psychologist Alex Roitblat explained how to properly hug and listen to a child so that after three minutes he would be absolutely happy and satisfied, and so every day.

The fact is that many adults have a habit of inserting irrelevant remarks into the story of relatives, friends or colleagues. At the same time, part of the story flies in one ear and immediately flies out the other. In the rule of the first three minutes, such a skill is superfluous. Learn to actively listen to the child, delving into everything that he says, remembering the key points. By the way, you can return to them a couple of days later, recalling what you were talking about. So children understand that they are really heard, and not just assent out of politeness. The main thing is not to interrupt the child in mid-sentence, do not start arguing, proving that he is wrong.

Just listen carefully for the first three minutes: boys and girls take on average that much time to talk about the events of the day. And after that, feel free to ask questions. Show the child the right direction so that he can correct what happened due to his fault. Or rejoice for his small victories.

Experts also shared 7 simple phrases that will help your child grow up successful. Sometimes it’s enough just to join the child’s experiences and say that you, too, are sad, scared and embarrassed. And the baby blossoms, because if mom or dad also feels this way, it means that he is not alone.

Recently, we collected 10 trendy and beautiful baby names whose meanings scare parents, and found out that everything is not so scary. Therefore, if you want to name your daughter Barbara, and your son Arthur, let’s discard prejudices (especially since they are very controversial) and go ahead. The editors also selected male and female names with the meaning of «luck» and «happiness» — the list turned out to be very euphonious.

  • children from a jar: the revelations of our reader — she gave birth at the age of 40 from a donor, but could not love her son;
  • personal experience: how my boyfriend became a second dad for my children — 5 life hacks for moms who fell in love;
  • definitely will not refuse: 10 unusual and simple recipes for healthy breakfasts for your child (and not only for him).

How to choose a name for a girl? Beautiful names for a girl, Russian names for a girl, rare names

How to choose a name for a girl? Perhaps you knew how to name a girl already at the moment when you first looked into each other’s eyes and realized that you wanted a child. But if the due date is already approaching, and you still cannot decide, then we will help you. In this collection you will find Russian names for girls, beautiful foreign names and rare names. It remains only to choose the one that will resonate in your heart.




Pregnancy and childbirth

Mystery of the name

Legion Media

20 great girl names with meaning plus tips on how to choose a name.

Contents of the article

How to choose a name for a girl?

  • The name should be harmonious: focus on the language of the country in which you live. If in doubt, you can consult with relatives and friends if the language of the country is their native language.
  • First name must be combined with patronymic and last name. Of course, no one will forbid the Ivanov family to name their daughter Kassandra, but Ksenia might be more appropriate.
  • You can give a name in honor of one of the older relatives or ancestors. Some believe that the name determines the fate — which means you should think about whether you want your daughter to repeat the fate of the late grandmother.
  • You can choose a name for a girl according to the character traits that you want to see in her — if you believe that the name determines the character. For example, the name Clara means «bright».

You can choose a name for your daughter from the list of popular names in 2022.

Russian name for a girl


The origin of this name is Roman, but it came to Rus’, like many other names from this list, with the Baptism of Rus’. That was the name of the great martyr, and in honor of her this name was taken first by nuns, and then by worldly women. For example, the builder of the Staro-Ladoga Holy Assumption Monastery, nun Kapitolina (1682), is known. This name was given to a Silver Age poetess, a princess, two actresses, one skater and one microbiologist.



According to one version, the meaning of the name Karina is “dear” or “dear”. If translated from Latin. If you choose a more modern Italian origin, then this name will mean «beloved.» According to one of the versions, Karina is an abbreviated name Ekaterina, which means “pure”, “immaculate”. Why not name your daughter in honor of the great Empress Catherine — or maybe in honor of her associate, educator Ekaterina Dashkova.


This is an East Slavic name that occurs with minor variations as a Ukrainian and Belarusian name. The name Carolina means «royal» or «royal». The most famous woman who bore the name Karolina is a 19th-century poetess who, in her youth, was in love with the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz. Then just a young, poor and unknown youth. The love was mutual, but tragic: the parents did not allow the marriage to take place, and both later became spouses of other people — but they carried their feelings through their whole lives. This love is reflected in the work of both Carolina and Adam.


This is a Russian name of Greek origin. The meaning of the name Cyrus can be «far-sighted», «similar to the sun», «lord», «lord». Cyrene was the name of the Thessalian nymph, with whom Apollo himself fell madly in love. Cyrene was fearless and pretty. When the god realized that he could not overcome his feelings, he came for advice to the centaur Chiron. A wise centaur, able to see the future, promised them happiness and prosperity. And so it happened: they went together to Libya, where their son was born. You can also name a girl after Kira Muratova or Keira Knightley — depending on who is closer to you.


The meaning of the Latin name Claudius is “crimp”. That was the name of the blacksmith Hephaestus, who forged weapons for many gods and heroes. Now this name cannot be called popular, although in the first half of the 20th century girls were often called that way, and many of them became famous.


The ancient Greek female name Xenia means «guest» or «foreigner». From this name came the names Oksana and Aksinya, which eventually became independent names. By the way, Xenia was the name of the famous warrior Xena, a series about which was shown in the 00s. Perhaps the most famous bearer of this name in modern Russia is Ksenia Sobchak: TV presenter, politician and journalist. Would you like to choose such a fate for your daughter?


According to one version, the meaning of the name Katerina is “forever pure”. Another meaning of the name Katerina refers to the goddess Hecate — “moon-faced”, “mysterious”, “endowed with mystical powers”. This name was worn by many European queens, princesses and empresses. If you believe that the name determines the character and fate, then perhaps Katerina will do something great.


The meaning of the name Casimir is “preaching peace”. This is a native Slavic name, unlike many borrowed from Greek and Latin. According to another version, the name Casimir, on the contrary, means «troublemaker», «troublemaker». In any case, this girl is definitely not destined to go unnoticed. The famous author of the Black Square, Malevich, bore the male version of this name.

Beautiful foreign names for a girl


In Rome, the name Camilla was given to the servants of the temple. But we prefer the origin of the name Camille from the German «chamomile» — in this version it became popular in Germany of the era of humanism. Another meaning of the name Camilla — «perfect», «mature» — comes from the Arabic language. The most famous woman in the modern world, a woman named Camilla, is British Queen Consort Camilla Parker-Bowles.


The name Carmen is of Spanish origin. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary: one of her names is Our Lady of Mount Carmel. But for us, the name Carmen does not mean quiet and modest Carmelites, but the burning passion of the gypsy Carmen, who was glorified by Georges Bizet. A girl named Carmen will hardly be able to live an ordinary life — the name will go ahead of her. This name was worn by many actresses, singers and dancers; this is the name of a French couturier and a Mexican writer.


The name Cassandra was a Greek soothsayer whom Apollo cursed when she did not reciprocate his love. So it is customary to call the one who brings bad news, because Cassandra predicted the death of Troy. This is a very beautiful name that will suit a woman with a strong charismatic character.


Clarissa is a French name; the meaning of the name is «clear», «bright». The name Clarissa (Clarice) was the daughter of the head of the Florentine Republic, aunt of Catherine de Medici, Queen of France. It is also the name of nuclear physicist Clarissa Phelps, the first African-American woman in this scientific field, who discovered a new element of the Periodic Table.


The meaning of the name Cleopatra is “father’s glory”. That was the name of the last queen of Egypt, a woman who knew how to combine government and raising four children, while remaining the most beautiful woman of her time. Everything is possible when you are a queen!


The meaning of the name Constance is «constant». A wonderful name that, perhaps, will give her daughter a penchant for mathematics. Joke! This name became popular in Europe in the 19th century; however, back in the 11th-12th centuries, noble Bretons and French women and even one queen bore this name. On the other hand, Constance was the name of a woman named Markevich, who fought for the independence of Ireland in 1916 year. In 1919 she became Minister of Labor in the Republic of Ireland.


The meaning of the name Cordelia is «cordial». This is a Roman name. The most famous Cordelia is the Queen of the Britons, «the twelfth legendary ruler of Britain», who sat on the throne for 5 years after the death of her father. She was immortalized by William Shakespeare in his tragedy «King Lear» — that was the name of the youngest, beloved, daughter of the king.


The meaning of the name Christina is “Christian”, “dedicated to Christ”. This is a Greek name that came to Rus’ along with baptism. But Christina gained real popularity during the USSR in its Russified version. For example, the Soviet pop star Alla Pugacheva named her daughter Kristina.

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The name Camellia comes from the name of the camellia flower. It is a flower with pinkish or red large flowers and fresh green, with a slight astringency, a smell similar to both the aroma of a peony and the aroma of a tea leaf. The name «camellia» was given to the Chinese flower «cha» by the scientist Carl Linnaeus — in honor of his dear colleague, the Romanian botanist. In the language of flowers in modern Japan, the camellia portends success in business, virtue, happiness, loyalty, devotion, good taste.

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