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Top 2022 baby names in PA: The most popular for boys, girls

The Social Security Administration recently released its list of the top baby names in the U.S. Here are the popular choices for parents in Pennsylvania.



Liam, Noah, Olivia and Charlotte have dominated Pennsylvania’s baby name leaderboards for years, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

Newly released data from the Social Security Administration shows Liam (No. 2 in 2021) was the most popular boys’ name in the Keystone State in 2022. Olivia, meanwhile, stayed at No. 1 for girls’ names for the second year in a row.

According to the agency’s records, Liam has finished in Pennsylvania’s No. 1 or No. 2 spot every year in the last decade, primarily swapping positions with Noah, which finished in second place in 2022. Olivia, which has finished in first place four times in the last decade, has primarily competed with Emma and Charlotte as the most popular girls’ names in Pennsylvania.

Locally, Theodore and Ellie were respectively the most popular boys’ and girls’ names at Mount Nittany Medical Center.

Liam and Olivia were the top boy and girl names across the entire country, the SSA reports. Liam has topped the U.S. boys’ name charts for six years in a row, while Olivia’s reign atop the girls’ name leaderboard has now lasted for four years.

These were the most popular names given to boys born in Pennsylvania in 2022, according to the SSA:

  1. Liam
  2. Noah
  3. Oliver
  4. Theodore
  5. Benjamin
  6. James
  7. Owen
  8. Lucas
  9. Henry
  10. Michael

These were the most popular names given to girls born in Pennsylvania in 2022, the SSA says:

  1. Olivia
  2. Charlotte
  3. Emma
  4. Sophia
  5. Amelia
  6. Ava
  7. Isabella
  8. Harper
  9. Evelyn
  10. Mia

The SSA tallies the nation’s most popular baby names by tracking applications for Social Security cards, which the agency has overseen for more than a century.

The SSA maintains several qualifications for including names in its annual release of the nation’s most popular baby names. Notably, the agency removes hyphens and spaces when tabulating name data, so “Julie-Anne,” “Julie Anne” and “Julieanne,” for example, are all counted as single entries. Additionally, different spellings of names that sound the same — Caitlyn and Katelynn, Sean and Shawn and so on — are considered separate names.

Matt DiSanto

Matt is a 2022 Penn State graduate. Before arriving at the Centre Daily Times, he served as Onward State’s managing editor and a general assignment reporter at

200 Most Popular Baby Names of 2022

It happens every year to kick-off Mother’s Day weekend: the Social Security Administration releases its top baby names list from the year prior. In what apparently takes 5+ months to tally, the latest SSA data shows the names parents in the U. S. chose to put on their babies’ birth certificates in 2022.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Top 10 names for both boys and girls in 2022 remained virtually the same as the 2021 lists, with only one shake-up—Luna snuck its way into the girls list at the #10 spot, while the name Harper was booted out of the Top 10 (down to #11). Meanwhile, Liam remained the #1 pick for boys (for 6 years running) and Olivia the #1 choice for girls (for the 4th year in a row).

Other changes within the Top 10: Ava fell down a couple spots, and Sophie and Isabella moved up a pinch. On the boys side, James and Henry moved up a little bit. Meanwhile, Elijah and Benjamin fell down (but still remained in the Top 10).

You can check out the Top 100 girls names and Top 100 boys names of 2022 below! If you want to go further and see the Top 2,000 names for 2022—or any other year after 1879—head over here! Plus, you can type in any name and see its rise and fall in popularity over the years.

To note: names rising rapidly in popularity amongst girls outside the Top 100 for 2022 include Wrenlee, Neriah, Arlet, and Georgina. And for boys: Dutton, Khaza, Chosen, and Eithan.

Names that lost popularity for girls in 2022 include Tatiana, Alaiya, Jaylene, and Aarna. Names that lost popularity for boys included Jacoby, Turner, Aydin, Juelz, and Elon.

Top 100 Girl Names For 2022:
1. Olivia

2. Emma

3. Charlotte

4. Amelia

5. Sophia

6. Isabella

7. Ava

8. Mia

9. Evelyn

10. Luna

11. Harper

12. Camila
13. Sofia
14. Scarlett
15. Elizabeth
16. Eleanor
17. Emily
18. Chloe
19. Mila
20. Violet
21. Penelope
22. Gianna
23. Aria
24. Abigail
25. Ella
26. Avery
27. Hazel
28. Nora
29. Layla
30. Lily
31. Aurora
32. Nova
33. Ellie
34. Madison
35. Grace
36. Isla
37. Willow
38. Zoe
39. Riley
40. Stella
41. Eliana
42. Ivy
43. Victoria
44. Emilia
45. Zoey
46. Naomi
47. Hannah
48. Lucy
49. Elena
50. Lillian
51. Maya
52. Leah
53. Paisley
54. Addison
55. Natalie
56. Valentina
57. Everly
58. Delilah
59. Leilani
60. Madelyn
61. Kinsley
62. Ruby
63. Sophie
64. Alice
65. Genesis
66. Claire
67. Audrey
68. Sadie
69. Aaliyah
70. Josephine
71. Autumn
72. Brooklyn
73. Quinn
74. Kennedy
75. Cora
76. Savannah
77. Caroline
78. Athena
79. Natalia
80. Hailey
81. Aubrey
82. Emery
83. Anna
84. Iris
85. Bella
86. Eloise
87. Skylar
88. Jade
89. Gabriella
90. Ariana
91. Maria
92. Adeline
93. Lydia
94. Sarah
95. Nevaeh
96. Serenity
97. Liliana
98. Ayla
99. Everleigh
100. Raelynn

Top 100 Boy Names For 2022:
1. Liam
2. Noah
3. Oliver
4. James
5. Elijah
6. William
7. Henry
8. Lucas
9. Benjamin
10. Theodore
11. Mateo
12. Levi
13. Sebastian
14. Daniel
15. Jack
16. Michael
17. Alexander
18. Owen
19. Asher
20. Samuel
21. Ethan
22. Leo
23. Jackson
24. Mason
25. Ezra
26. John
27. Hudson
28. Luca
29. Aiden
30. Joseph
31. David
32. Jacob
33. Logan
34. Luke
35. Julian
36. Gabriel
37. Grayson
38. Wyatt
39. Matthew
40. Maverick
41. Dylan
42. Isaac
43. Elias
44. Anthony
45. Thomas
46. Jayden
47. Carter
48. Santiago
49. Ezekiel
50. Charles
51. Josiah
52. Caleb
53. Cooper
54. Lincoln
55. Miles
56. Christopher
57. Nathan
58. Isaiah
59. Kai
60. Joshua
61. Andrew
62. Angel
63. Adrian
64. Cameron
65. Nolan
66. Waylon
67. Jaxon
68. Roman
69. Eli
70. Wesley
71. Aaron
72. Ian
73. Christian
74. Ryan
75. Leonardo
76. Brooks
77. Axel
78. Walker
79. Jonathan
80. Easton
81. Everett
82. Weston
83. Bennett
84. Robert
85. Jameson
86. Landon
87. Silas
88. Jose
89. Beau
90. Micah
91. Colton
92. Jordan
93. Jeremiah
94. Parker
95. Greyson
96. Rowan
97. Adam
98. Nicholas
99. Theo
100. Xavier

Want more trends beyond the most popular baby names of 2022? Check out the hottest baby names that are trending for 2023.

The most popular names for newborns in Israel

Photo: website archive

As in the past five years, most babies born in Israel in 2020 were named Mohammed . The most popular names in the Jewish sector were David (for boys) and Maya (for girls). Data leads on Tuesday, December 21, the Central Statistical Bureau. News writes about it.

The name Mohammed in 2020 was given to 2393 newborn boys (12.5% ​​of all babies born in a year in Israel). The name Maya outstripped Tamar, who had been at the top of the list for the past four years — but only «thanks to the help of the Arab sector», where girls are also called by this name. So, name Tamar received 1116 girls, which ensured superiority in the Jewish sector. But the name Maya was given to 1133 newborns — 1107 Jewish girls and 26 Arab, and this is already a victory in the «general standings».

The name Miriam (Maryam) also claimed the victory, which was received by 1129 girls (721 in the Jewish sector, 408 in the Arabic). In general, paired names like Yosef — Yusuf seriously improve the chances of being in the ranking.

The most popular names for Jewish girls

The name Maya was the undisputed leader until 2018, when Tamar replaced him. But the name Noah , which has been popular for a decade, is gradually falling out of fashion. Now girls are more often called Avigail .

This is what the rating of girls’ names looks like: 0034
4. Noah — 1034
5. Sarah — 1013
6. Ayala — 1000
7. Adel — 910
8. Yael — 882
9. Shira — 959
90 033 10. Esther — 779

Chana, Miriam, Rachel, Leah, Chaya, Thalia, Roni, Romi.

The name Tamar was especially popular in Ofikim and Haifa; Maya — Herzliya, Modiin, Kfar Saba, Ramat Gan, Hadera, Rishon LeZion, Holon, Raanan, Kiryat Ata, Rehovot, Rosh HaAyin, Yavne, Ashkelon, Petah Tikva. The name Avigal was most often chosen in Lod.

The name Noah was chosen in many cities, but nowhere was it dominant. Sara leads in Beitar Illit, Beit Shemesh and Bnei Brak. Adele — in Ramla, Bat Yam, Dimona, Nahariya, Beer Sheva, Ashdod, Netanya, Kiryat Gat. Among the rarest names are Ahava, Alta, Herut, Yaar, Alexandra, Dorin, Ortal, Kayla.

The most popular names for Jewish boys

As in previous years, most Jewish babies are named David, Lavi Ariel. As a rule, parents from the religious sector, where the birth rate is highest, call their sons Davids.

This is how the ranking of boys’ names looks like: 1. David — 1536
2. Lavi — 1297
3. Ariel — 1223
4. Yosef — 117 6
5. Noam — 1150
6. Uri — 1033
7. Raphael — 1018
8. Ari — 1001
9. Moshe — 958
10. Yehu yes — 928

name Daniel, which is now only in 15th place (909). Judging by the statistics, the hits of the end of the last century — Yigal, Eran, Yaron, Ram — are starting to gain popularity again.

Unusual names include Lear, Shil, Luka, Don and Tai.

The name David is the most common among newborns in Ofakim, Jerusalem, Netivot, Ashdod. The name Lavi is leading in the cities of Dimona, Sderot, Pardes Hanna, Beer Sheva, Ashkelon, Eilat, Kiryat Gat, Afula, Harish, Holon, Petah Tikva, Yavne. The name Ariel is preferred in the cities of Kiryat Bialik, Ness Ziona, Tirat Carmel, Givat Zeev, Modiin, Rehovot and Haifa, and Noam in Maale Adumim, Rishon Lezion, Bat Yam and Raanan.

The most popular names in the Arab sector

For boys, Mohammed is indisputably the leader — 12.5% ​​of newborns in the Arab sector received this name in 2020 (that is, one in eight babies).

The name Ahmad continues to increase in popularity, which is already in second place. Next come — Adam, Yusuf, Omar, Ali, Abed, Emir, Ibrahim, Mahmud. Christian Arabs have the most common names for sons — Shabel, Jude, Ilyas, George. The daughters have Maria, Mila, Taya, Lin and Juri.

Among the Druze, the most popular male name is Ian. Next come Jude, Suleiman and Amir. Newborn girls are most often given the names Juri, Li, Jasmine, Lor and Mila

In Lida, divorces have become less frequent, and the most popular baby name is Ksenia

06 August 2016

Have you noticed how many things happen during our lives? The years go by, the new becomes old, everything changes and then repeats again. And all this process is watched by those whom we call the chroniclers of human destinies. Who has not met with the work of these people! After all, it is to them that we go for obtaining a certificate of registration of birth, death, registration of marriage and its dissolution, establishing paternity, making corrections and additions to the civil status record and issuing repeated certificates. It is about the work of the registry office, or rather, about the work carried out in the first half of 2016, that we decided to tell. To do this, the journalist of «Lidskaya Gazeta» turned to the head of the department of registration of acts of civil status of the Lida district executive committee, Natalia Konstantinovna MALYSHKO.

During the first half of the current year, the registry office issued 5878 documents and certificates to citizens and answered 420 requests from state bodies and organizations. Compared to the same period last year, this is almost a thousand documents more.

According to Natalia Malyshko, this is due to the increase in the number of newborns — newly-made fathers and mothers apply to the registry office for a birth certificate. People also apply for certificates of a different kind: often those who register a marriage abroad, as well as unmarried mothers, often receive the necessary documents. In addition, the flow of applications in connection with obtaining repeated certificates has increased. This is primarily due to the fact that recently, in accordance with the proposals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, it is forbidden to accept laminated documents.

Among all the certificates and documents issued, the issuance of birth certificates is currently in the lead. In the period from January to July 2016, 1062 people from Lid were born. There are 152 babies on the territory of the Lida region. The largest number of births in Berezovka is 60 children. Many families have given birth to the second and third child. There are those who have a fourth baby. In the first half of this year, 62 more boys were born than little representatives of the weaker sex.

What a lovely name! And most importantly — rare

The most popular female names today are Ksenia (30), Sofia (24), Daria (23), Alexandra (16) and Valeria (15). Among the popular male names, Maxim (30), Alexander (29), Matvey (29), Artem (25), Kirill (25), Vladislav (23) are in the lead. Gaining momentum and familiar to hearing male names Mikhail, Ilya, Ivan, Zakhar, Semyon, Nikolai. Such female names as Dominika, Carolina, Yesenia, Anna, Maria, Love, Hope are also becoming popular. The rarest names that parents gave to girls were Alexia, Viloria, Zlatoslav, Lyon, Matveyana, Nerika. Amir, Vitovt, Vseslav, Mateusz, Eldar, Lukyan, Klimenty, Elisha, Dorofey — the most unique names for boys.

All at home again

During the first half of this year, 9 people found a house. By the way, for the whole of 2015, 17 children were adopted.

— Recently, the number of adopted children has been increasing, — says Natalia Malyshko. — Society is becoming more humane, and it pleases.

To the bay called «Family»

There are fewer marriage registrations this year. 324 couples from Lida sent a ship of love to the bay called «Family», together with the newly-made husbands and wives of the Lida region, this is only 375 pairs of newlyweds.

— Such a decline is typical not only for our region — it is observed on the whole territory of Belarus, — explains Natalia Konstantinovna. — In my opinion, the main reason is that today’s youth are children of the 90s, the birth rate was extremely low then. I can also name the reason that in our 21st century many practice cohabitation and are in no hurry to register relationships in the registry office. Hence the number of marriages.

– There were no field registrations this year. Most likely, this has a financial and organizational background, — explains Natalia Konstantinovna. — After all, when making a wedding outside the registry office, a place specially designed for official marriage, the newlyweds need to think through every little thing (how to deliver the registrar, who will serve the rings, where to accommodate guests), take into account all the nuances with musical accompaniment and weather conditions.

And in general, visiting marriages are practiced. Future wives and husbands do not skimp on fantasy and want to get married in an unusual place: on a lake, on a bridge and even on a catamaran. But not all of their wishes can be satisfied by the registry office employee. According to the decree of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus, the registrar can only go to architectural ensembles and historical monuments. In Lida, such places are the museum, the center of crafts and folk art, the Palace of Culture, the library, the Ice Palace.

But despite all these conventions, the most practical first get married in the registry office, and then arrange a holiday in the place they need on any other day convenient for them, turning to private individuals to help organize the wedding.

The word «divorce» is heard less frequently

— Divorce is carried out in the registry office and in court. Spouses who do not have common minor children, both agree to a divorce and do not have a property dispute, go through the divorce procedure with us, in the registry office.

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