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Top 68 Girl Names That Mean Princess With Meanings

Choosing the right name for your little bundle of joy is sometimes challenging, yet a very exciting duty. The name needs to sound good as well as suit your little girl. The whole experience is overwhelming whether you are looking for a traditional or quirky name. Naturally, your little girl would be your precious little princess, and you would wish for a name meaning princess as well. Choosing this name can be tricky as the name also needs to sound unique. In this article, we have collected 68 names which mean princess and are perfect to choose a princess name from!

Every parent would want their little one to grow up with a flare of royalty, which is why many people would give their babies names that mean “princess” or “queen”. Fortunately, there are plenty of cute names you could choose from.

1. Adalinda

This name has an Old High German origin. The meaning of this unique name is “dragon princess.”



The Germanic meaning of this name is “noble.

3. Amira

This name has an Arabic origin. It was given when girls were born during the harvest season. Another variation of the name is “Ameerah”.

4. Aricia

The name has a feminine charm and is a very nice option because of its lovely tone. It has a Greek origin and it means “the princess of Athens”.

5. Azmik

This name has an Arabian origin. The meaning of the name is “princess” and is a very nice choice for your baby girl.

6. Adhisha 

The name is of Tamil origin and means ‘queen’.

7. Alexa 

The name Alexa means ‘defender of mankind’ but is also the name of a Princess from a Barbie movie. 

8. Alice 

The name is of German origin and means ‘noble’.

9. Alyssa 

The name is a variation of the name Alice and means ‘princess’.

10. Amiera 

The name is of Arabic and Hindi origin. It means ‘princess.

11. Anneliese 

The name is of German and Dutch origin. It means ‘princess’ and ‘graced with God’s bounty’.

12. Bano 

The name is popular in Persian-speaking countries and means ‘princess’.

13. Chelidonis 

This is the name of a Spartan princess who was also a warrior.

14. Cleopatra 

It is the name of a famous Egyptian queen. The name itself means ‘father’s glory’.

15. Camilla

The feminine version of the Roman Latin name, Camillus. According to mythology, this was the name of a warrior maiden. This is a popular name that means “princess warrior.

16. Candace

This is a female name that is derived from the bible. It has a Latin origin and it means “queen mother”.

17. Damita

This beautiful name has a Spanish origin. The meaning of the name is “baby princess” or “little lady”.

18. Damyanti

This is the name of a princess and the name means ‘beautiful’.

19. Deoch

The meaning of this wonderful name is “Mythical princess of Munster”. The name has a Celtic origin and is very popular in many places.

20. Diahann

This wonderful name has a French origin and is a very famous name. The meaning of the name is “divine.”

21. Diana

This name originated from ancient Roman mythology and was the name of the beautiful Roman goddess of the moon. It is one beautiful, rapturing name that means “moon princess.”

22. Eadlin

A very unique name with an Anglo-Saxon origin. The meaning of the name is “princess.”

23. Erendira

This name has a Spanish origin. The name became popular because it was the name of a princess.

24. Erica

This is the female version of name “Eric” and it has an Old Norse origin. The meaning of the name is “autocrat”, “sole ruler” or “ever powerful”, “Eternal ruler”. Other unique variations are “Ericka” or “Erika.

25. Fazaid

This unique name has an Arabic origin and the meaning of the name is “princess” or “love”. Other meanings include “bliss” or “happiness”.

26. Farsiris 

The name is of Persian origin and means ‘princess’.

27. Gormlaith 

The name is of Irish origin and means ‘blue princess’.

28. Gladys

The female version of the Welsh name “Gwaldus”, this name holds the meaning “royalty” or “princess”. The name is believed to come from a Latin name that means “small sword”.

29. Hannah

This is a very popular name in many parts of the world but it has a Hebrew origin. The meaning of the name is “grace” or “gracious” or even “grace of God”.

30. Iseult

The name has Irish and Welsh roots and the meaning of this uncommon name is “ice ruler.” The other meanings include “light-skinned” or “fair”.

31. Izella

The origin of the name is English-American, and the meaning of the name is “devoted princess”. This is a very nice option for your little princess.

32. Juno

With a Latin origin, the meaning of this name is “queen of the heavens.” This was the name of Roman Goddess of childbirth and marriage.

33. Jahzara

The name is of African origin and means ‘blessed princess’.

34. Kiana

A variant of the Irish Gaelic name “Kian.” The meaning of the name is “princess”. The other meaning is “divine.”

35. Maelie 

The name is of Breton origin and means ‘princess’.

36. Malika 

The name is of African origin and means ‘queen’ or ‘princess’.

37. Orla 

The name is of Celtic Irish origin and means ‘golden princess’.

38. Pari 

The name is of Kannada origin and means ‘princess’.

39. Putri 

The name is of Indonesian origin and means ‘princess’ or ‘daughter’.

40. Princy

This name has an Indian, Sanskrit origin and the meaning of the name is “a princess” or “a queen”. It basically means “Prince-like”.

41. Quille

This beautiful name has an English origin. The name means “The princess” or “the God of feminine powers”. The other meaning is “pop star”.

42. Rahni

This name has a Sanskrit origin. The name means “princess” and it is a popular name is many countries.

43. Raina

This is a very popular name with a Slavic root. The meaning of the name is “strong”, “peaceful”, or “queen”. It is derived from the word “Rai”, meaning “paradise”.

44. Regina

A very popular name amongst the English, it has a Latin origin and was used as a Christian name for many centuries. Meaning of the name is “A woman who is the queen”.

45. Revika

The name has a Sanskrit origin and the meaning of the name is “princess”. The other unique meaning of the name is “like a sunray”.

46. Rhianna

This is a Welsh name derived from “Rigantona”, an Old Celtic name with a meaning “great queen”. In Celtic mythology, this was the name of a goddess of moon and fertility.

47. Rani 

The name is of Hindi-Indian origin and means ‘queen’ or ‘princess.’

48. Raniesha 

The name is of Sikh or Punjabi origin and means ‘princess’.

49. Sabrina 

The name has roots in Celtic, English, Latin, and Italian cultures. It means ‘legendary princess’.

50. Saina 

The name is of Greek origin and means ‘princess’.

51. Serita 

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘princess’.

52. Shahzadi 

The name is of Muslim origin and means ‘princess’.

53. Sharai 

This unique name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘princess’.

54. Shari 

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘princess’ or ‘open plain’.

55. Soraya 

The name is of Persian origin and means ‘princess’. It is also a star cluster in the constellation of Taurus. 

56. Sadie

This is a name given to baby girls and it has a Hebrew origin. The meaning of the name is “princess.” The other meaning of the name is “A noblewoman”.

57. Sallie

This name has a Hebrew origin. It means “princess” and is a very nice option for your little one.

58. Sarah

A very powerful name with a Hebrew origin, the meaning of the name “Sarah” is “my princess”. It is a perfect option for your little princess. Another variation is “Sarai”.

59. Saranna

A very nice name for your little girl, the name has a Hebrew origin. The name is the combination of Sarah and Anna, which means “Princess” and “God has shown favour”.

60. Sera

A very nice name for your little girl, the name has a Hebrew origin and the meaning of this pretty name is “princess”.

61. Sharra

This name is the Anglicized variation of “Sari”, a Hungarian name. The meaning of the name is “Princess”. Another variation of the name is “Sarah”.

62. Suri

The meaning of the name is “princess” and it has a Hebrew origin. This name would be a very nice option for your little one.

63. Tia

This name has a Greek origin. In Greek, the name means “godly” or “Goddess”. In mythology, the name belonged to the mother of the sun and was the goddess of light.

64. Tiana

A very beautiful Slavic name for your little baby girl, the meaning of this name is “fairy queen” and is a very nice option.

65. Tzeitel

The name is of Yiddish origin and means ‘princess’.

66. Victoria

The name is the feminine variation of the popular Latin name “Victor.” The meaning of the name is “conqueror”. It has a Latin origin.

67. Yseult

With a German origin, this is a very beautiful name that means “princess”. The other meanings are “lady”, “fair”, or “fair lady”.

68. Zarouhi

The Armenian variation of the other popular name “Sarah”. The meaning of the name is “Princess”. This is a very unique option.

These female names meaning princess are sure to bring a touch of royalty into your little one’s lives. This is a collection of the most unusual and prettiest princess names and these baby girl names definitely have a regal charm.

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75 Royal Girl Names Perfect For Your Little Princess

Find Baby Names

If you’re expecting a little princess or queen, you may be looking for the perfect royal baby name for your little girl. If you dreamed of marrying Prince William (Lucky Kate Middleton!), you may already have some names from the House of Windsor on your list!

More: British Royal Names

Princess Charlotte has brought that classic name back into fashion, and what is more adorable than the name Eugenie, one of Prince Andrew’s daughters and the granddaughter to a queen no less!

If the current royal family is embroiled in too much scandal, you might want to look back to names like Victoria or Catherine, two of the greatest female rulers Europe has ever seen!

No matter what era you’re seeking a name from, we’ve compiled a list of 75 baby girl names perfect for your lady in waiting!

Royal Baby Girl Names from A-D

  1. Adela — German, noble, sincere, Adela of Normandy was the mother of King Stephen
  2. Aida — Ethiopian, princess
  3. Aiko — Japanese, beloved child, daughter of the Emperor of Japan
  4. Albertine — German, female version of Albert who was Queen Victoria’s husband
  5. Alexandra — Greek, feminine form of Alexander, defender of man
  6. Alice — German, noble, the first name of Princess Alice, Prince Philip’s mother
  7. Ameerha — Arabic, princess, treetop, proverb, the name of one of the Princesses of Saudi royal family
  8. Amelia — German, work, name of Lady Amelia Windsor, member of the British royal family
  9. Anastasia — Greek, resurrection. Famous, legendary daughter of the last Russian Tsar who was rumored to survive the family’s mass execution.
  10. Anna — Hebrew, grace, a variation of Hannah. Former princess and now Queen of the fictional Arendelle. Another version of the name is Anne, used quite frequently in British royal families. The name of Prince Charles’s sister
  11. Ariel — Hebrew, lion of God, name of the famous mermaid in the Disney adaptation of The Little Mermaid
  12. Arya — Sanskrit, noble, strong, Youngest daughter of the noble Stark family in Game of Thrones
  13. Athena — Greek, from Athens, the name of one of the princesses of Denmark
  14. Aurora — Latin, dawn, the first name of Sleeping Beauty
  15. Autumn — The fall season, first name of Princess Anne’s son’s wife
  16. Beatrice — Latin, she who brings happiness, blessed, one of Prince Andrew’s daughters
  17. Belle — French, beautiful, the name in the Disney classic of the smart and witty commoner turned princess
  18. Bernice — Greek she who brings victory, ruler of a Roman providence from 39 B. C. to 92 A.D.
  19. Birgitte — Celtic, a form of Bridget, name of the Duchess of Gloucester
  20. Camilla — Latin, young ceremonial attendant, first name of the Duchess of Cornwall
  21. Caroline — French, a feminine version of Charles which means free man
  22. Catherine — Greek, pure. The chosen name of Sophia Anhalt-Zerbst, who later became Catherine the Great of Russia. It is also the Duchess of Cambridge’s first name
  23. Charlene — French, another feminine version of Charles, wife of the Prince of Monaco
  24. Charlotte — French, a feminine version of Charles. The name of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s oldest daughter
  25. Daenerys — Literary name for the famous Mother of Dragons and princess of the Targaryn family in Game of Thrones
  26. Diana — Latin, Divine. Name of the iconic Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer, and first wife of Prince Charles

Royal Baby Girl Names from E-L

  1. Eleanor — English/French, name of the famous Queen of Aquitaine and Mother to Richard the Lionhearted
  2. Elizabeth — Hebrew, pledged to God. The name of two Queens of England; Elizabeth II who is the longest-reigning English monarch and Elizabeth I who ruled for 44 years from 1558-1603
  3. Elsa — German version of Elizabeth and the name of the highly popular and fictional Queen of Arendelle
  4. Emma — German, universal, name of the Queen of Hawaii in the mid 1800’s
  5. Estelle — French, star, the first name of the young princess of Sweden
  6. Eugenie — Greek, wellborn. The name of one of Elizabeth II’s granddaughters
  7. Fari — Wolof, The Queen
  8. Fiona — Scottish, white, fair, name of the fun princess from Shrek
  9. Gabriella — Italian, word of God, Lady Gabriella of Kent is a member of the British royal family
  10. Grace — English, virtue, the name of the famous Hollywood actress Grace Kelly turned Princess of Monaco
  11. Gwenyth — Welsh, name of an ancient Welsh kingdom
  12. Helen — Greek, light, name of the famous fictional Queen of Troy renowned for her beauty
  13. Helena — Greek, bright shining light, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s daughter
  14. Ingrid — Norwegian, fair beautiful, the name of the Prince of Norway’s daughter
  15. Isabella — Spanish/Italian version of Elizabeth, pledged to God. Name of the famous Queen of Spain who financed Christopher Columbus.
  16. Isla — Scottish, island, the name of one of Elizabeth II’s great-grandchildren
  17. Jane — English, God is gracious, common English royal name, Jane Seymour was the mother of Henry VIII’s only son
  18. Jasmine — Persian, gift from God, the name of the iconic princess from Disney’s Aladdin
  19. Josephine — French, feminine version of Joseph, Jehovah increases, the name of one of the Princesses of Denmark
  20. Kennedy — Irish, one of the royal monikers of Ireland’s tribal kings, also the last name of the famous American “royal” political family of JFK
  21. Kiko — Japanese, be happy, rejoicing child, a Crown Princess of Japan
  22. Lena — Derived from several languages, it means light, the name of one of Elizabeth II’s great-grandchildren
  23. Louise — French, female version of Louis, a popular French King name, a renowned warrior, the first name of Prince Edward’s daughter
  24. Lucia — Italian, light, name of the Duchess of Genoa

Royal Baby Girl Names from M-Z

  1. Mako — Japanese, sincerity, niece of Emperor Naruhito
  2. Malia — Kiswahili, queen
  3. Margaret — Greek, pearl, the name of Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister
  4. Marie — French, sea of bitterness, name of the infamous Queen of France Marie Antionnette
  5. Marit — Aramaic, pearl, name of the wife of the Crown Prince of Norway
  6. Mary — Hebrew/Egyptian, drop of the sea, beloved. Mary is a name used quite frequently among royals and Queens. It was the first name of King George VI’s wife and the mother of Elizabeth II
  7. Masako — Japanese, proper child, Empress of Japan
  8. Maud — German, battle-mighty, name of the one of the earliest queens of England, also the first name of a former Queen of Norway
  9. Meghan — Welsh, pearl. Love her or hate her, Meghan is the first name of Prince Harry’s wife, the Duchess of Sussex
  10. Mia — Italian, mine, bitter, name one of Elizabeth II’s great-granddaughters
  11. Noor — Arabic/Dutch — light, name of the former Queen of Jordan
  12. Olga — Russia, holy, one of the daughters of the last Tsar of Russia
  13. Oriaku — Nigerian, Princess
  14. Phillipa — Greek, feminine version of Philip. Philippa Gregory is one of the most famous authors of royal historical fiction.
  15. Rosalind — Latin, pretty rose, name of Princess Diana’s great-grandmother
  16. Rose — Latin, a flower, the middle name of Princess Margaret, also one of the great royal tudor families, the House of Roses
  17. Sarah — Hebrew, princess, first name of the Duke of York’s former wife
  18. Savannah — Spanish, flat, tropical grassland, the name of one of Elizabeth II’s great-grandchildren
  19. Sibylla — Greek, oracle, name of the Princess of Albany
  20. Sophie — French, wisdom, first name of the Countess of Wessex
  21. Tiana — Slavic, fairy queen, the name of the Disney heroine in The Princess and the Frog
  22. Victoria — Latin, victory. The name of the second longest-ruling Queen of England
  23. Xena — Greek, guest, the name of the fictional action hero Xena Princess Warrior
  24. Zara — Arabic, blooming flower, God remembers. The first name of Princess Anne’s daughter.
  25. Zauditu — Ethiopian, She is the crown

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25 noble names given to children in royal families


Kate, William and their children

Photos prince or princess, representatives of the dynasty are limited to three main rules. They need to choose a name that:

  1. continue the tradition of the royal family. For example, the heirs of the «blue bloods» are given a full name, which consists of three or four names: Prince of Wales — William Arthur Philip Louis. And in Denmark, since the 15th century, all boys claiming the throne are called Frederick or Christian;

  2. curtsey to older relatives, that is, name the child in their honor. The English Queen Victoria even asked her heirs to give her name to the girls. Then it was considered rare. And we can say that the popularity of the name Victoria in the 20th century began precisely with her. Now this name is given to the granddaughter of Elizabeth II — Eugenia Victoria Elena of York *;

  3. despite the restrictions, the name should be euphonious and fashionable.

First of all, international or biblical, those that are loved all over the world:

  • Elizabeth

  • Victoria

  • Anna

  • Mary

  • Sofia

  • Isabella

  • Alexandra

  • Nicholas

  • Edward

    9003 9

  • Philip

  • Amalia

  • Emma.

There are representatives of dynasties with more daring names for a conservative aristocratic society: they named their daughters Evgenia, Zara, Sonya, Lena.

We have selected some more beautiful options.

Princess Gabriella with Mom Charlene, Princess Monaco

Legion Media


This name is often found on the pages of the annals of European royal dynasties. We now associate him with the Princess of Wales, the 7-year-old daughter of William and Kate. By naming their girl by the full name of Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, the parents paid their respects to three significant people at once. Charlotte is the feminine form of the male given name Charles (Charles) or Karl (Old German origin from the word «man», «man») — in honor of her grandfather, King Charles III. Elizabeth is a dedication to my great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. And Diana is a tribute to Princess Diana, Charlotte’s grandmother.


This is the name of the 16-year-old heiress to the Spanish throne, the daughter of King Philip VI and his wife Leticia. The full name of the princess is Leonor de Todos los Santos de Bourbon y Orti. Translated from Greek, it means «mercy», «compassion». A beautiful female name is found in Europe in the forms of Eleanor, Eleanor, however, it can be called rare.


In one of the oldest European Grimaldi dynasties, 8-year-old Princess Gabriella Teresa Maria is growing up in Monaco. The name has Hebrew roots («God’s helper») and is considered popular all over the world, especially in Italy. By the way, in the neighboring kingdom lives 19-year-old Gabriel Belgian.


If you can rank the most favorite male names in the British royal family, then the first place will be Albert. Over the past 200 years, at least 10 people have worn it. And this is no accident — if you deal with the origin of the name, you can find a modified form of the ancient German word «noble». Everything converges.


One of the most beloved Scandinavian names, which was at different times in half a dozen members of the royal houses. And that is the name of the second child of the heir to the Swedish throne, Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, the Duke of Westergetland, Daniel. The 6-year-old heir has the title of Duke of Skåne.


The further a child is in the line of succession to the throne, the fewer rules can be followed when choosing a name. 9-year-old Athena is 10th on this list. The Princess is the youngest granddaughter of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. And everything is simple with the name — that was the name of the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and military strategy .


This is the name given to their middle daughter by King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Queen Consort Maxima. In addition to euphony, the name carries good energy — it means «protector» in translation from ancient Greek. It is rare in royal families.


And this is the name of the youngest daughter of the King of the Netherlands, 15-year-old Princess Ariana Wilhelmina Maxima Ines. Parents gave all their three daughters one of the names starting with the first letter of the alphabet. Ariana means «noble, from a good family.»


The 16-year-old prince is the grandson of Queen Margrethe II, second in line to the throne of Denmark after his father. The name means «Christian» and is very popular in Europe.

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