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The best name for a boy by value

As soon as a child is born, the newly-made parents begin to be interested in his height and weight. The second most popular question is: “What was your name?” Why is it important for people to know a name? Because it defines a person who he is from a psychological point of view.

Choosing a name by month of birth

To give the best name in the world for a boy, some parents associate it with the month of birth. Some of the rare and famous male names are May and Augustine (as in Valery Leontiev’s song). Sonorous and original, they at the same time speak of softness and nobility. If you don’t want the name to directly indicate when the son was born, then there is a special directory of names by month and day of birth.

It may happen that the name you like will be very far from the date of the birth of the heir. This should not be an obstacle to choice.

If you look back in the past, then in those days the best Russian names for boys were very melodic in sound and intricate in pronunciation. For example, Eremey, Leonty, Mikhey, Julian, Rostislav, Sevastyan, Maximilian, Gury. Believing parents most often check the date of birth with the calendar, and also pay attention to which saint patronizes on this day. It is believed among the people that he can become an intercessor for a newborn boy throughout his life.

Consonance with the surname and patronymic

An important fact to which special attention is drawn: how the name and patronymic will sound, even more important — together with the surname. Since high hopes are pinned on the boy, he is seen as an heir, a future support — everything together should sound respectable, businesslike. After all, many parents see their growing son as a big boss and owner of their own lives, a successor.

For this reason, the best name for a boy in meaning and sound should immediately tell those around him whose son he is. In our modern life, you can find various variations and even pivot tables, according to which it is proposed to choose the right pair: first name and patronymic. The main thing in this matter is that the combination is not funny and ridiculous, but harmonious. Also, definitely don’t look for a first name that ends with the same letter as the middle name. It would be best if the name and patronymic do not begin with the same consonant or vowel. Examples are: Alexander Mikhailovich, Pavel Anatolyevich, Roman Pavlovich.

Name according to the sign of the zodiac

Knowing the month of birth, parents can link the choice of the best name for the boy according to the value of the sign of the zodiac. Based on the characteristics and description of personal qualities, with the help of a horoscope, suitable options are selected. It is believed that the weaknesses of the zodiac patron can be balanced with the help of the meaning of the name, since a person gains more confidence in his strengths and significance when he hears him when he is addressed.

Astrologers can also advise you to pay attention to the combination with several suitable zodiac signs, if none of the considered ones fit a particular child. In any case, the determining factor will be personal sympathy for a particular name.

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Choosing by character

Every parent wants to see their child as the embodiment of strength of mind and character. Therefore, the best name for a boy according to the characteristic is selected based on the qualities that I would like to see in him. One of the most popular requirements for the character of the heir is the presence of masculinity, fortitude, dexterity and luck in him. Modern mothers and fathers attach particular importance to the consonance of the name, the presence of solid consonants in it, which (by their definition) should also speak of the strength of the inner personality of the growing heir.

Another point that determines that the chosen name is the best for the boy — it must be positive. So, according to some, we can say that the son will develop not only a strong side, but also a soft one, prone to sympathy, love and empathy. To determine how the chosen name is suitable for these parameters, it is enough to simply pronounce it in a diminutive form: Andrei-Andryushenka, Dmitry-Dimulya, Lev-Levushka.

The rarest name

Recently, parents are trying to distinguish their child from his peers, believing that the best name in the world for boys should be rare, unusual and sonorous. In pursuit of originality, many people forget about how a child with a rare name will have to go through life in the future. Moreover, it is worth considering what patronymic name his child will receive in the future. In the modern Russian multinational society, children are usually treated with rare names. It seems that nothing surprises anyone anymore. For example, Gleb, Plato, Miron, Tikhon, Innocent, Benjamin, Zakhar, Luka.

Parents often borrow foreign names for their children, which are rare among us. Rare may be a name for a child, borrowed from representatives of another nationality.

Choosing a name according to the religion

People of different religions and faiths peacefully coexist in a multinational Russian country. This also affects the choice of name. It is considered rare in such families to call a child a simple Russian name. If you need to choose the best name for a Muslim boy, then parents are more likely to pay attention to its meaning. For example, the name Mustafa, very soft, but strong in meaning, means «chosen one», Selim — «healthy», Shakur — «grateful». According to the saying of Muhammad, the name must be good, since after death the soul is determined by how a person was named at birth.

It is considered a good sign to name a son by the name of angels or prophets, for example, Ibrahim, Yasin, Ahmad and others. They are called upon to protect the child and patronize him in all endeavors and deeds. However, one should not blindly believe that a name can predetermine fate and influence a person. The meaning of even the best Muslim name for a boy may not coincide with his actions in the future. This is already influenced by upbringing, environment and the presence of certain life principles that come with time. Therefore, it will be possible to determine how good the name will be for its owner only after a while.

Name after someone

It happens that the best name for a boy is borrowed from his grandfather or father. Often there are Alexander Alexandrovich, Nikolai Nikolaevich, Mikhail Mikhailovich. In this way, some perpetuated the memory of the departed person. On the one hand, this is very touching, on the other hand, it is necessary to think about the fact that there is a theory about the transition of a departed soul to a newborn child through a name. And there is confirmation of this, noting the actions and words of the child as he grows up, parents can notice the habits of a relative who once passed away.

The main thing in this case is that this person leads a positive lifestyle, distinguished by noble deeds and good deeds. However, no one can predetermine how the name of a relative will affect the boy in his future life. Time will tell.

The most popular name (regardless of the year)

Trying to choose the best name for a boy, parents are ready to study a lot of literature, ask advice from all their friends and relatives, or, on the contrary, decide without consulting anyone. In any case, they prepare thoroughly for such an important event, for example, they study the statistics of the most popular ones and choose one. From year to year, among the most used are: Maxim, Alexander, Nikita, Daniel, Kirill, Artem, Yegor, Andrey, Roman, Sergey, Alexei, Denis, Ilya, Ivan.

Among the rare names you can find a lot of good and very sonorous ones. At the same time, they will not cut the ear, serve as a subject of ridicule from their peers. These include the following names: Leo, Georg, Damian, Yevsey, Julian, Daniel, Oscar, Ruslan, Adam.

If there are two sons

When choosing the best name for boys (for example, if twins or twins were born), a mother may not be tormented between two different ones. This is undoubtedly a plus, but you should not make them very similar to each other or double in value. It is advisable to choose those that have similar endings, letters or complement each other. For example, it can be such combinations as Mikhail and Daniel, Nikolai and Alexei, Vyacheslav and Yaroslav, Roman and Ivan.

One option is for parents to ask their children who are still in the womb about their preference for the best name for boys. When communicating with them, you can try to ask a question about what name they like best. Some pregnant women note that children informed them of their preference with jolts in the abdomen. It is worth noting that many future parents use this method, and it finds its positive response in a certain environment.

Double name

Double names borrowed from foreigners began to occur in Russia as well. We are not talking about families of other nationalities. Thus, parents with Russian roots want to highlight their child. More and more it began to look like a tribute to fashion, especially among those who aspire to be like the stars of show business. As for the child himself, in particular the growing boy, it can be noted that such children grow up somewhat egocentric. From an early age, they are instilled with special significance (more often for the merits that the child has yet to acquire).

Few people know why foreigners call their children this way. One of the versions is as follows: when the child grows up, he himself will choose the name he likes. In Russian society, female pair names are more common. It is difficult to imagine a boy who will then give his name to a child in the form of a double patronymic. And the process of pronunciation of such a name is quite complicated, therefore it is extremely rarely used in Russia.

Most Popular

To be on trend, parents can give their son one of the popular names of the year. You can even ask the employees of the local registry office for a similar list. This method of analysis is also proposed to be used when searching for an answer to the question of what is the best name for a boy that you can choose so that it does not occur too often. From year to year, a certain constancy can be traced in terms of the popularity of the following male names: Andrey, Artem, Denis, Evgeny, Maxim, Mikhail, Pavel, Nikolai, Kirill.

Borrowed from abroad

In large metropolitan areas and million-plus cities, you can meet a large number of not only visiting foreigners, but also local residents who give their newborn boys foreign names. Most often this occurs in couples where one of the parents is of a different nationality, religion or language. These include any name that sounds unusual for Russian hearing: Arnold, David, Mark, Rudolph, Caesar, Edmond, Michael, Damian and others. They are rare and speak of parents’ foreign roots. The most extreme case that justifies parents who decide to give such a name is the desire to highlight the child and make it more noticeable.

According to the time of year

There is another way to choose a name until the parents have decided and are in search — according to the season when he should be born. There are four of them in total, and it is customary to distinguish them according to personality characteristics. Starting from the very first, winter, a brief description of the boy’s future personality can be given: he is strong-willed and purposeful, with good health and hard work.

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