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Top 100 Boy Names That Mean Warrior To Inspire You

Throughout history and across the globe, names for boys often focus on qualities like being brave, strong or a great defender.

Start your baby boy’s life by giving him a name that means «warrior» and encourage him to have strong will and courage. To help you select the best, strongest, most fearless name for your baby boy, we have compiled a list of baby names that mean «warrior», «strong»,»protector» or other powerful, warrior-related terms.

Whether you are an expectant parent or you have just given birth to your baby boy, you’ll want to check out this list of strong warrior names.

Traditional Boy Names Meaning Warrior

Why not pick a name that will help your child start their life with a strong, powerful identity? Picking a name for your baby boy is not easy, but we want to help make the process much simpler with our list of 100 baby boy names that mean «strong», «warrior» or similar.

1. Adir (Hebrew origin) means «powerful» or «mighty», a unique name for your baby boy.

2. Alexander (Greek origin) means «protector of mankind». One of the most popular boy names in the world.

3. Alfonso (German origin) name meaning «renowned warrior», or meaning «war-ready».

4. Andreas (Greek origin) means «solid and masculine», this boys’ name is strong.

5. Batair (Gaelic origin) means «strong warrior/fighter». This name meaning «warrior» is unique and engaging.

6. Cathal (Irish origin) name meaning «battle rule».

7. Carlo (Italian origin) means «man». Some say it is derived from the Germanic «hari» which means «warrior». It sounds simple yet contemporary.

8. Einar (Norwegian origin) means «fighter». You may know the name from the famous warrior Einar Eindridesson Thambarskelfir and Norwegian musician Einar Kvitrafn Selvik.

9. Ezekiel (Hebrew origin) means «God will fortify».

10. Finley or Finlay (Gaelic and Celtic origin) means «blond warrior».

11. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) means «God is my strong man». It is also the name of an archangel.

12. Griffin (Welsh origin) means «strong prince».

13. Helmer (Swedish origin) means «helmeted warrior».

14. Hercules (Greek and Latin origin) means «glory of Hera» or «warrior of God». In Greek legend, Hercules is the son of Zeus.

15. Igor (Nordic origin) means «brave fighter». Famous warrior Igor of Kiev was the ruler of the Kievan Rus.

16. Ivar (Icelandic origin) means «warrior» or «leader of the army». It is the name of the renowned warrior Ivar the Boneless, who was the son of Viking king and warrior Ragnar Lodbrok.

17. Kaiden (Celtic origin) means «warrior».

18. Liam (Irish origin)  means «protector of free will». A famous person bearing this name is singer Liam Payne.

19. Ludwig (German origin) means «famous battle».

20. Louis (French origin) name meaning «renowned warrior» or «fighter».

21. Marcus (Latin origin) name meaning «warlike».

22. Milo (German and Latin origin)  means «soldier», related to the Latin word «miles» — though some believe this name doesn’t come from Latin at all.

23. Nākoa (Hawaiian origin) name meaning «the warrior».

24. Ned (English origin) means «strong gatekeeper».

25. Owen (Welsh origin) name meaning «young warrior» or «noble».

26. Oz (Hebrew origin) means «strength» or «courage».

27. Patton (English origin) means «town’s fighter».

28. Quillon (Latin origin) means «crossed swords».

29. Ragnar (Danish origin) means «warrior» and «judgment».

30. Rinc (Anglo-Saxon origin)  means «strong fighter or protector».

31. Safdar (Persian origin) means «warrior».

32. Titus (Hebrew origin) means «protector of justice» or «fighter».

33. Vidar (Scandinavian origin) means «warrior of the woods».

34. Walt (German origin) means «ruler of the army».

35. Wyatt (English origin) means «strong warrior».

36. Xander (Greek origin) means «defender of man».

38. Zale (Greek origin) means «ocean-like strength».

Names Meaning Brave, Fearless, Soldier And Protector

A boy with a fearless and righteous name will grow up with strong self-belief. Check out our list of baby names for boys with meanings similar to warrior.

39. Arsenio (Spanish and Greek origin) name meaning «strong».

40. Barrett (Hebrew origin) means «bear-like strength», or «fighter».

41. Berk (Turkish origin) name mea «firm and strong», a great name for a baby boy.

42. Bernard (German origin) means «brave as a bear».

43. Chad (English origin) means «warlike» or «from the warrior’s town».

44. Conrad (German origin) means «a fearless, strong ruler and guide».

45. Dries (Dutch origin) means «man» or «champion». This unique name is short and sweet.

46. Eberado (German origin) means «daring».

47. Emeric (German origin) means «home ruler».

48. Everett (German origin) means «strong as a boar».

49. Farris (English origin) means «iron» or «man of vigor».

50. Farrell (Irish origin) means «man of valor».

51. Fenyang (Tswana origin) means «victor» or «conqueror».

52. Gideon (Hebrew origin) name meaning «man who cuts down» — perfect for a strong fighter.

53. Godric (English origin) name meaning «God’s power» or «mighty». You may recognize the name through Godric Gryffindor from the ‘Harry Potter’ series.

54. Griffith (Welsh origin) means «high lord».

55. Gunnar (German origin) means «soldier» or «attacker».

56. Gus (English origin) means «great».

57. Guy (French origin) means «pioneer». Famous name bearers are film director Guy Ritchie and actor Guy Pearce.

58. Hamza (Arabic origin) name meaning «brave» or «killer of lions».

59. Herbert (German origin) means «famous warrior».

60. Henrik (German origin) means «strong ruler».

61. Kalmin (Scandinavian origin) name meaning «strong» and «masculine».

62. Kendrick (English origin) means «intense force». This name can also be used as a last name.

63. Kenzo (Japanese origin) means «strong» and «healthy».

64. Kijani (Swahili origin) means «warrior».

65. Killian (Irish origin) means «little warrior».

66. Koa (Hawaiian origin) means «fearless warrior».

67. Leonard (German origin) means «lion quality». A famous name bearer is Leonardo Da Vinci, a polymath of the High Renaissance.

68. Lionel (Latin origin) means «lion». A famous name bearer is Lionel Richie.

69. Luther (German origin) name meaning «army of the people».

70. Makin (Arabic origin) name meaning «strong».

71. Magnus (Latin origin) means «prominent or majestic». A famous name bearer is Magnus Bane from the ‘Shadow Hunters’ book and television series.

72. Martin (Latin origin) means «warlike».

73. Murphy (Gaelic origin) name meaning «sea warrior».

74. Nero (Latin origin) name that means «strong» or «powerful».

75. Nolan (Gaelic origin) means «champion». This is also the last name of American director Christopher Nolan.

76. Ondrej (Slovakian origin) means «champion of men».

77. Orson (Latin origin) means «bear or bear cub». It is a great name for boys who are their parents’ little fighter.

78. Oswald (Anglo-Saxon origin) means «God’s ruler». It is also the name of characters that frequently appears in literature, like William Shakespeare’s play ‘King Lear’ and Geoffrey Chaucer’s poem ‘Canterbury Tales’.

79. Rex (Latin origin) means «king».

80. Ryder (English origin) means «horseman» or «mounted warrior».

81. Roger (German origin) means «famous spearman».

82. Takeo (Japanese origin) name meaning «strong like bamboo».

83. Thor (Scandinavian origin) means «thunder» or «strong». In Old Noorse mythology, Thor is the god associated with lightning, thunder, and storms. You may recognize the name from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s hammer-wielding character Thor.

84. Umberto (Italian origin) means «prestigious hero», a great name to choose for your boy.

85. Uzziah (Hebrew and Greek origin) means «Jehovah is my companion», or «the Lord is my strength». In the Hebrew Bible, he is the tenth King of the ancient Kingdom of Judah, and one of Amaziah’s sons.

Gender-Neutral Names Meaning Warrior

Names that mean «warrior» aren’t exclusively for boys — there are lots of gender-neutral names that mean something similar too. Find a warrior baby name meaning «strong» or «brave», whatever your child’s gender.

86. Billie (English origin) means «dedicated protector».

87. Diamond (English origin) means «tough to conquer» or «invincible».

88. Donal (Irish origin) means «ruler of the world».

89. Emery (French origin) means «brave» or «hard-working».

90. Max (Latin origin) means «the greatest».

91. Phoenix (Greek origin) the name of a mythical feathered bird, which is invincible and rises from its own ashes. Derived from the Greek for «dark red».

Modern Names Meaning Warrior

Warrior baby names need not always be traditional or classic. Check out our list of modern names that means «warrior» for your little boy.

92. Amaury (French and German origin) means «willpower».

93. Arnold (German origin) means «power of the eagle».

94. Denzel (Cornish origin) means «strong». A famous name bearer is Hollywood star Denzel Washington.

95. Dustin (Scottish origin) name meaning «brave warrior».

96. Duncan (German origin) means «man of the battle» or «fighter».

97. Enzo (Italian origin) means «champ or triumph». A famous name bearer is Lorenzo ‘Enzo’ St. John, a character from TV series ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

98. Ethan (Hebrew origin) means «solid» or «firm».

99. Quinlan (Gaelic origin) means «fit and strong».

100. Zuberi (Swahili origin) means «strong».

20 Amazing Japanese Boy Names Meaning Warrior

Looking for an exceptional Japanese boy name that means warrior? Here’s a list of Japanese boy names meaning warrior.

Japanese culture has a rich history of warriors and samurai, and as a result, there are many Japanese boy names that are associated with strength, bravery, and warrior-like qualities. 

If you’re looking for a name that embodies these traits, you’re in luck – there are plenty of Japanese names to choose from that fit the bill. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular Japanese boy names that mean warrior, along with their English translations.

Kaito (海斗) 

This popular name means “ocean warrior” and is a fitting choice for a boy who is strong and resilient, like the waves of the sea.

Haruki (陽輝) 

This name means “springtime warrior,” and is a great choice for a boy who is full of energy and vitality, like the rebirth of nature in the spring.

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Takeo (武雄) 

This name means “strong like bamboo” and is a great choice for a boy who is sturdy and unbreakable, like the tough and resilient bamboo plant.

Ryota (涼太) 

This name means “refreshing warrior” and is a great choice for a boy who is both calm and strong, like a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

Takeru (武) 

This name means “military” or “warrior” and is a popular choice for boys who are fearless and brave.

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Yukio (幸雄) 

This name means “fortunate hero” and is a great choice for a boy who is both lucky and strong, like a hero who always triumphs against the odds.

Hachiman (八幡) 

This name means “god of war” and is a powerful name for a boy who is both strong and strategic, like a great general leading his troops into battle.

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Masaru (勝) 

This name means “victory” and is a great choice for a boy who is competitive and determined to succeed, always striving for the win.

Michihiro (道広) 

This name means “broad path of the warrior” and is a fitting name for a boy who is on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement, like a warrior on a quest for enlightenment.

Yoshito (義人) 

This name means “righteous warrior” and is a great choice for a boy who is not only strong, but also honorable and just, always fighting for what is right.

Shigeru (茂) 

This name means “vigorous” or “strong,” and is a great choice for a boy who is full of energy and vitality, like a powerful warrior charging into battle.

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Mamoru (守) 

This name means “protector” and is a great choice for a boy who is both strong and loyal, like a warrior who would do anything to protect his loved ones.

Daiki (大輝) 

This name means “great radiance” and is a fitting name for a boy who is both bright and strong, like a powerful warrior shining with inner strength.

Tsuyoshi (剛) 

This name means “strong” or “powerful,” and is a great choice for a boy who is both physically and mentally tough, like a warrior who can endure any hardship.

Isamu (勇) 

This name means “courageous” or “brave,” and is a great choice for a boy who is fearless and bold, like a warrior who never backs down from a challenge.

Ryohei (涼平) 

This name means “cool and peaceful warrior” and is a great choice for a boy who is both calm and strong, like a warrior who can maintain his composure even in the heat of battle.

Tatsuo (竜夫) 

This name means “dragon warrior” and is a powerful name for a boy who is both fierce and strong, like a legendary dragon warrior from Japanese mythology.

Katsuhiko (勝彦) 

This name means “victorious boy” and is a great choice for a boy who is both competitive and determined to succeed, like a warrior who always emerges victorious.

Katsuhiro (勝浩) 

This name means “prosperous warrior” and is a fitting name for a boy who is both strong and successful, like a warrior who has achieved great prosperity through his skills and bravery.

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Masamune (政宗) 

This name means “righteous ruler” and is a great choice for a boy who is both strong and just, like a warrior who not only fights for his own honor, but also for the greater good of his people.

Additionally, it is worth noting that many of these names have various kanji characters that can be used to write them, each with different meanings and nuances.  

Therefore, it is important to choose the right combination of characters to convey the exact meaning and tone that you want for your child’s name.

It is also worth mentioning that some of these names, such as Takeru and Hachiman, have deep historical and cultural significance in Japan, and are associated with legendary warriors and deities. 

By choosing one of these names for your child, you are not only giving them a powerful and meaningful name, but also connecting them to a rich cultural heritage and history.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a name that embodies strength, bravery, and warrior-like qualities, a Japanese name may be a perfect choice. 

From Kaito to Yoshito, there are plenty of options to choose from that will give your child a fitting and meaningful name.

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Male names meaning WARRIOR (154 names in the list)

Names of the peoples of the world and their meanings » Baby names 2023

The article contains names meaning warrior for boys: 154 most beautiful male names meaning warrior with meaning (alphabetical list). In this list you will find rare and beautiful martial names for a man.

Successfully choose beautiful names meaning warrior for boys will help our list, which shows not only popular, but also rare names meaning warrior, but also their meanings.

In our catalog the most beautiful male names meaning warrior and the most popular names meaning warrior for boys. You can choose a male name and find out its meaning.

List of male names meaning warrior

Names starting with the letter A

Abilgazy — warrior, fighter, soldier

Abilmanap — warrior, fighter, soldier

Abiltai — warrior, fighter, soldier warrior or executioner

Abhivira — surrounded by heroes

Aglaeka — both a demon (villain) and a hero (warrior)

Agnar — a ruler with a sword

Agro — a hero

Aeglaeka — both a demon (villain) and a hero (warrior)

Aivars — a warrior; the keeper; defender

Aivis — warrior

Akchura — companion, guardian, warrior with a pure soul

Alaois — famous warrior

Alviz — famous warrior

Aliascar — exalted warrior

Alois — famous warrior 90 003

Aloysius — famous warrior

Aloysius — famous warrior

Alois — famous warrior

Alois — famous warrior

Aloysius — famous warrior

Alois — famous warrior

Alcinder — protector of man

Amat — warrior, daring

Anders — man, warrior

900 02 Andor — warrior

Andr — man, warrior

Andraz — man, warrior

Andras — man, warrior

Andrzej — man, warrior0003

Andris — human, warrior

Andrius — human, warrior

Andria — human, warrior

Andro — human, warrior

Andre — human, warrior

Ansgar — warrior

Antero — man, warrior

Antti — man, warrior

Aryan — noble warrior

Ariz — male warrior

Arman — warrior, warrior

Art — man-bear, warrior

Arti — man-bear, warrior

Askar — army, army, army, warrior

Asker — warrior, soldier

Askerkhan — warrior ruler

Names starting with the letter B

Bandi — warrior, courageous

Batair — strong warrior

Batal — hero, warrior, hero

Bahaadur — brave warrior

Bevan — young warrior

Bertrand — bright shield

Bichura — warrior of the prince, nobleman

Bomani — warrior

Bor — wrestler, warrior

Boyan — fearless, courageous, warrior

Busi — himself hooray warrior

Bushi — samurai, warrior

Bhaltair — strong fighter

Names starting with the letter B

Vahinak — solar warrior

Werner — protected warrior

Viggo — battle

Vidar — forest warrior

Vizer — forest warrior

Vitarr — forest warrior

Warrior — warrior, warlike

Vojislav — glorified in war, glorious warrior

Volderi — ruler of the army, warrior

Names starting with the letter G

Gavrel — man of God, warrior of God

Ghazi — Arab, warrior for the faith, warrior

Gazimagomed — warrior of Muhammad

9000 2 Galimkul — highly educated worker, warrior

Gannarr — military warrior

Harold — commander

Gaskar — army, army, warrior, soldier

Gachai — brave man, warrior, male

Gideon — mighty warrior

Herbert — brilliant warrior

Hermann — warrior or soldier

Hermann — warrior, combatant

Hero — hero, warrior

Gautier — strong ruler or army commander

Griffith — fierce leader

Humbert — famous warrior

Humbert — bright warrior

Gunari — soldier, warrior

Gunnar — warrior

Gunnar — soldier, warrior

Gunne — soldier, warrior

Guntis — warrior

Gunther — war

Names starting with D

Dunki — brown warrior

Dustin — valiant fighter

Jayvira — victorious warrior

Jalmari — helmet warrior

Jangovar — warrior

Gerald — warrior with spear

Gerald — warrior with spear

Jerry — Spear Warrior

Jimmu — Divine Warrior

Donnacha — Brown Warrior

Duncan — Dark Warrior

Names starting with K

Cadel — Battle

Callan — Battle

Karamvir — enthusiastic hero

Kijani — warrior

Clancy — descendant of a red-haired soldier

Koa — fearless warrior

Connery — warrior lord

Names starting with L

Liam — unwavering defender

Louis — famous warrior

Ludwig — famous warrior

Ludwig — famous warrior

Luther — warrior

Luther — German name for warrior

Names beginning with M

Malo — famous battle0003

Mordecai — warrior

Marco — warrior

Marcus — defender

Marcel — warrior

Martin — warrior

Marcello — young warrior

Murdoch — sea warrior 90 003

Murphy — Marine

Milo — Soldier

Names starting with the letter O, P

Owen — born in the nobility, young warrior

Patton — the city of fighters

Peyton — the property of a warrior

Names with the letter R, C

Ragnar — a warrior or court

Reiner — determined warrior or army advisor

Ritter — mounted warrior or knight

Sloan — warrior

Names beginning with U

Wyatt — little warrior

Umberto — bright warrior 9000 3

Walt — mighty warrior

Warner — defending army

Names starting with F, X

Finley — fair-haired warrior

Humphrey — peaceful warrior

Harbin — small bright warrior

Clovis — famous fighter

Names starting with the letter H, Sh

Chad — warlike

Chadwick — from the city of warriors

Shad — a fighting warrior

Names starting with the letter E

Evander — a warrior with a bow or a strong man

Einar — one warrior or battle leader

Aloy — famous warrior

Earl — warrior or nobleman

Names meaning warrior for boys

There are many reasons why parents want to give their sons male names meaning warrior. You may have struggled long and hard to become parents. Your child’s path may have been easy enough, but he had to fight hard when he was born. No matter why you want to give your son a warrior name with meaning: soldier, warrior, protector, we have over a hundred amazing names so you can find the one that is meant for your son.

Naming a boy with a warlike name, you raise his fighting, adventurous spirit. Thanks to a strong name, your son will be brave, bold, courageous. He will excel in sports, always achieve his goals and at the same time he will always remain noble and valiant. Our list contains the most beautiful and popular names meaning warrior for boys.

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There are several options you can choose from when naming your child. Some parents want to go with peaceful, graceful names. Other parents prefer to have names that honor their grandparents. You can also choose a name that means warrior, protector, survivor, or fighter. These names reflect the spirit and leadership of the past, adding extra backstory to your child’s name.

50 baby names that mean warrior, protector, survivor or fighter for boys

1. Andro

This adorable baby name means warrior and comes from Croatia.

2. Gerald

In German, this name refers to a warrior who fights with a spear. This is one of the most modern sounding names on this list.

3. Cayden

This cute baby name comes from Ireland and can be used for little girls or boys.

4. Edmond

This classic name comes from France. In French it means prosperous protector.

5. Edmundo

This is a classic English name that means «protector».

6. Amanpal

We love this Indian name. In India, this lyrical name means a person who protects the world.

7. Borenka

We love how strong this name sounds. He comes from Russia and has a melodic sound.

8. Dustin

You often hear Dustin in English-speaking countries such as England or the USA.

9. Fremont

Fremont is the name of a neighborhood in Seattle, but it’s also a somewhat common baby name. In German, this name means someone who defends freedom.

10. Cedric

Cedric is a Welsh name meaning warrior leader. No wonder JK Rowling chose to use this name for one of her characters in the Harry Potter series.

11. Elvi

Although this is an unusual name, we think it would be a great choice for a baby name. This name means elven warrior in English.

12. Einar

This unusual name comes from Norway and is said to mean a lone warrior.

13. Safdar

This unusual name actually comes from Africa right away. It is said to mean someone who will destroy the frontiers through fighting. Thus, this is a great name for a little warrior.

14. Adofo

This name came to us from Africa. In Ghanaian, this name is used for little warriors.

15. Batair

This lyrical name actually comes from Scotland. Long ago it meant a strong warrior.

16. Finnish

This popular Irish name means a handsome warrior.

17. Eumann

If you want a fancy name, this is a good one. This is a Scottish name for a strong warrior.

18. Barin

We think this Teutonic name is extremely exotic and beautiful.

19. Ludwik

This German name is a good choice if you like strong old-fashioned names.

20. Skoldolf

This name sounds like Skoldof. It comes from Iceland, where it means protector of the wolf.

21. Wyatt

Wyatt is such a sounding name, and has become more and more common in recent years. This warrior name is Anglo-Saxon and has been popular for centuries.

22. Griffith

In Welsh, this name means chief warrior.

23. Albern

This unusual name is actually a classic English name. They say what a noble warrior means.

24. Devante

This Spanish name means someone who fights in honor of those who have been wronged.

25. Aemon

This Irish name means wealthy protector.

26. Andrus

We love this exotic name. It comes to us from Estonia and means a warrior.

27. Reinhold

This Germanic name is the perfect choice. It means wise protector.

28. Igor

Igor may appear in scary stories, but he is actually from Scandinavia. These are Scandinavian names meaning heroic warrior.

29. Halon

This is an American name which means strong warrior.

30. Eloy

This Spanish name means famous warrior.

31. Chadd

Chadd is a simple English name that can also be spelled as Chad.

32. Clovis

Clovis is a Germanic name that is also the name of a popular warrior in history.

33. Duncan

This beautiful Gaelic name actually means a dark warrior with brown hair.

34. Alemana

This is one of the few Hawaiian names on this list and we think it’s quite beautiful and lyrical.

35. Borya

This Russian name has a strong, exotic sound.

36. Sigmund

Sigmund is a German name that actually means victorious defender. It so happened that this is the name of the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.

37. Imon

This is a lovely French name and is said to mean a prosperous protector.

38. Magnar

This Scandinavian name means a strong, cruel warrior. It sounds like a character from a history book.

39. Evan

This strong Irish name means young warrior.

40. Ansgar

We love this Irish name because of its strong, lyrical sound.

41. Alois

In German culture, this was the name of a famous warrior.

42. Ajax

This Greek name means warrior, but it was also the name of a famous warrior in Greek myths.

43. Anakin

Anakin comes from modern American culture, but that would also make a great name for your little warrior.

44. Dreng

Dreng is a beautiful English name.

45. Helushka

We love how exotic this American name is.

46. Kimble

In English, this is the classical name used for a warrior leader.

47. Blaz

Blaz looks like Blaze, but has a completely different meaning. In Germany, this strong name means unwavering protection.

48. Eno

This name came to us from Italy and means «protector».

49. Ray

Ray is a classic English name. While it may represent a ray of sunshine, it also signifies a wise protector.

50. Sanosuke

This Japanese name comes from mythology and is a smart, unusual name for a boy.

50 baby names that mean warrior, protector, survivor or fighter for girls somewhere today. This English name has a wonderful meaning of a warrior.

2. Boyana

This name was originally a male name Boyan. Now we think this feminine version would be a great choice for a little girl.

3. Alexa

Alexa comes from a Greek name that means someone who will protect mankind.

4. Lexi

This is another variation of the name Alexander and means the one who will protect humanity. This beautiful name comes from Greece.

5. Imelda

This name was a more popular name centuries ago, but this Spanish name would be an exotic choice for a modern girl.

6. Anne

Anne Frank was a survivor who hid from the Germans with her family during World War II. Although she was captured, her diary survived and is still read today.

7. Alois

Alois was once the name of a famous warrior in German culture. Although it was originally a name for boys, we think it would suit a girl as well.

8. Alesta

This is a beautiful Scottish name that is sure to grab everyone’s attention. This is the name for a protector.

9. Meredith

We love this Celtic name that comes from Celtic mythology. Long ago, this name meant protector of the sea.

10. Amintas

This Latin American name has such a lyrical, musical quality. This name is perfect if you want a name that means protector.

11. Cahira

Although we have never heard of a child named this, we think this Irish name would be a perfect choice for a girl.

12. Alessandra

This is the Italian variation of the name Alexander or Alexander. This means that the protector of mankind.

13. Delmira

This is a beautiful German name which is said to mean a noble protector. It would be a beautiful name for a girl.

14. Tesha

This is a beautiful Indian name that is popular in India but much less common in the rest of the world.

15. Louise

This name means a strong and valiant fighter. It also happens to be the name of the popular female novelist who wrote Little Women.

16. Hanna

During World War II, Hanna Senesh was part of the resistance movement and parachuted into the occupied territory. She was eventually caught and tortured, but she tried to protect her compatriots under torture. In the last minutes of the war, she was quickly executed by the Germans before the Allied forces could rescue her.

17. Eloise

Eloise is a beautiful name that comes to us from France.

18. Ritz

In German, this exotic beautiful name means a famous defender. We think it will be a great name for a girl.

19. Axelia

Axelia is an unusual name, but it is very beautiful. This Greek name is perfect for a protector.

20. Gertrude

You rarely hear this name today, but it was quite popular in the 1800s. This German name is said to mean adored warrior.

21. Clodovea

You will hardly ever hear another girl with that name. This Spanish name is sure to grab a lot of attention.

22. Victoria

Victory is a major triumph, but many also know the name Victoria because it was the name of one of England’s most popular queens. From Queen Victoria we get the name of the Victorian era.

23. Emlyn

This is an unusual name that is actually of English origin. It has long been said that this name means a brave and noble warrior.

24. Alastair

This is a Scottish name for a protector and was originally a boy’s name. Now we think it will become quite a popular name for girls as well.

25. Caden

Caden is the most popular name in the United States. This can be written in several different ways.

26. Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth was known as the Mother of God. She defeated the Spanish Armada and remains a popular queen to this day.

27. Zoya

This simple, beautiful name comes from a Greek name that means fighter.

28. Alex

Alexander and variations like Alex come from the name of Alexander the Great. Known as one of the world’s most talented conquerors, his name signified a man who would defend humanity.

29. Heilwig

This is a name that you are unlikely to hear today. This Old World Germanic name is a mixture of two words meaning health and battle.

30. Amazonia

The mythological Amazonian warriors were a group of female warriors known to be terrifying, ferocious and always victorious. This is the modern version of this name.

31. Louella

We love how feminine this French name sounds. It would be perfect for a girl.

32. Kendriya

In English, this name means royal protector.

33. Chris

Saint Christopher is considered the patron saint of travelers, so Chris would be a good name for a protector.

34. Ilma

This unusual German name means a determined defender.

35. Kaylee

This is a Scottish name that sounds quite modern, but it actually has a much longer history.

36. Dustin

In the United States, Dustin is a fairly popular name for boys. No wonder someone would make a feminine variation of this name.

37. Arminda

This is a Hispanic name said to mean protector of humanity.

38. Evin

This English name means a strong, female fighter.

39. Pocahontas

Pocahontas was the protector and leader of her tribe, but her name was also used as the main character in a popular Disney movie that is not entirely based on fact.


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