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320+ Boy Names That Start With V (Popular & Exotic Choices)

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Boy names that start with V are strong and powerful monikers to consider.

For example, many V boy names have great meanings, such as “Victor,” which means “champion” or “conqueror.”

Many names starting with the letter V are also variants of popular names that start with W, such as “Vilhelm” (a form of “William,” a baby name that ranks #6 in the US in 2021). (1)

One of the prominent people with V names includes Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

You might even find V names in trending quizzes on social media because of their association with fantasy characters or actors who played them. For example, American actor Viggo Mortensen played Aragorn, the ranger who later became the king in “The Lord of the Rings.” 

In this article, we’ve listed 320+ boy names starting with V, including popular, exotic, and unique names you can choose for your baby.


Baby Boy Names That Start With V By Category

What Are Common Names For V For Boys?

  1. Val (Latin gender-neutral name) – Short boy name that means “healthy” and “strong”; it can be a nickname for other “Val-” names, like “Valerie” or “Valentine,” but is also a standalone name (e.g., actor Val Kilmer)
  2. Vaughn (Welsh) – “Little”
  3. Victor (French boy name) – “Champion,” “victor,” or “conqueror”
  4. Viggo (Norse) – Warrior name meaning “battle” or “fight”; after “The Lord of the Rings” actor Viggo Mortensen
  5. Vincent (Latin) – “To conquer”


Variations For The Popular V Name “Vincent”
  1. Vencentius
  2. Vic
  3. Vicencio
  4. Vicente
  5. Vikenti
  6. Vin
  7. Vince
  8. Vincens
  9. Vincente
  10. Vincentio
  11. Vincentius
  12. Vincents
  13. Vincenty
  14. Vincenz
  15. Vincenze
  16. Vincenzio
  17. Vincenzo
  18. Vincere
  19. Vincien
  20. Vincient
  21. Vincy
  22. Vinko
  23. Vinni
  24. Vinnie
  25. Vinny
  26. Vinzent
  27. Vinzenzio
  28. Vinzy
  29. Vissente
  30. Vyncent
  31. Vynz


What Are Some Unique V Names For Boys?

  1. Vance (Old English boy name) – “Marshland” 
  2. Varick (Icelandic) – “Sea drifter”
  3. Veríssimo (Portuguese) – “Very true”
  4. Vernon (Gaelic and Norman) – Tree name meaning “alder”
  5. Vesper (Latin androgynous name) – “Evening star”
  6. Victory (Latin) – “Win”
  7. Vidal (Latin) – “Lively”
  8. Vihaan (Indian) – “Morning”
  9. Vikram (Hindu) – “Glorious king”
  10. Vitalis (Roman) – “Life”
  11. Vitaly (Latin, Ukrainian, and Russian boy name) – “Life-giving”
  12. Vitas (Latin) – “Life” or “life-giving”
  13. Vittorio (Italian boy name) – “Victor” or “conqueror”
  14. Voronwë (Quenya, a language invented by J. R.R. Tolkien) – Unique elf name meaning “constant” or “steadfast”
  15. Vyom (Indian) – “Universe”


What Are The Best Names That Start With V For Boys?

  1. Valentino (Italian name) – “Strength” or “health”
  2. Valiant (English) – Classic boy name meaning “brave” and “strong”; also a prince name after the TV series character in “The Legend of Prince Valiant
  3. Vangelis (Latin and Greek boy name) – “Bringer of good news”
  4. Vatroslav (Croatian) – Name that means “fire” or “glory”
  5. Vilgot (Swedish) – “Goodwill”
  6. Virgil (Latin) – “Strong”
  7. Vital (Latin) – “Life-giving”; can be ideal as a middle name for boys
  8. Vito (Spanish) – Hispanic boy name meaning “life”


What Are Cool & Modern Boy Names That Start With V?

  1. Vahid (Persian) – “Unique”; variant of the Arabic boy name “Wahid”
  2. Valentin (Latin) – “Strong” or “healthy”
  3. Vali (Latin and Norse) – “Son of Odin” or “strong” as a short form of “Val-” names like “Valentin,” “Valentine,” or “Valerius” 
  4. Vane (Old English) – “Banner” 
  5. Vanni (Italian) – “God is gracious” as a variant of “Giovanni”
  6. Varys (Latin) – “Bow-legged”; after “Game of Thrones” character Lord Varys
  7. Vedant (Hindu) – “Ultimate wisdom”
  8. Vian (Old English) – “Full of life”
  9. Vic (Latin) – “Conqueror”; short form of “Victor”
  10. Vinal (Middle English) – Vine hall


Place Names For Boys That Start With V

  1. Vegas – A city in Nevada 
  2. Venice – A city in Italy


Adorable Boy Names That Start With V

  1. Vander (Greek name) – “Good man”; variant of “Evander”
  2. Vartan (Armenian) – Name that means “Rose”
  3. Vedansh (Hindi) – “Part of Veda (knowledge or wisdom)”
  4. Vedran (Croatian) – “Cheerful”
  5. Vetle (Norwegian name) – “Winter traveler” or “bear cub”
  6. Vida (Spanish unisex name) – “Life”
  7. Volkan (Turkish) – “Volcano”


Classic & Retro Boy Names That Start With V

  1. Vail
  2. Valen
  3. Valentine
  4. Valor
  5. Varrius
  6. Vasco
  7. Venture
  8. Verginius
  9. Vinton


Nature Names That Start With V For Boys

  1. Vachel (Old French name) – “Small cow”
  2. Valko (Bulgarian) – “Wolf”
  3. Vardan (Armenian) – “Rose”
  4. Varg (Old Norse) – “Wolf”
  5. Vasanta (Hindu and Sanskrit) – “Spring” or “brilliant”
  6. Velvel (Yiddish) – “Little wolf” 
  7. Vepkhia (Georgian) – “Tiger”
  8. Vesa (Finnish) – “Sprout” and “young tree” 
  9. Vespasian (Latin) – “Wasp” or “evening”
  10. Vester (Danish) – “Of the forest”
  11. Vide (Swedish) – “Willow”
  12. Voss (German name) – “Fox”
  13. Vulferam (German boy name) – “Wolf” or “raven”


Short Boy Names That Start With V

One-Syllable V Names For Boys
  1. Va
  2. Val
  3. Van
  4. Vash
  5. Vayk
  6. Ved
  7. Vedh
  8. Veit
  9. Vern
  10. Vick
  11. Vid
  12. Ville
  13. Vin
  14. Vinh
  15. Vinn
  16. Vint
  17. Vir
  18. Volf
  19. Von
  20. Vong
  21. Vonn
  22. Vox
  23. Vu
  24. Vue
  25. Vui
  26. Vuk
  27. Vyd


Two-Syllable V Names For Boys
  1. Vaast
  2. Vaclav
  3. Vaden
  4. Vadik
  5. Vadim
  6. Vahagn
  7. Vahan
  8. Vahit
  9. Väinö
  10. Vakha
  11. Vakhtang
  12. Valdas
  13. Valdis
  14. Valens
  15. Vallen
  16. Valya
  17. Vancho
  18. Varden
  19. Vasant
  20. Vasko
  21. Vaso
  22. Vassar
  23. Vasu
  24. Vaughan
  25. Vazha
  26. Vedad
  27. Vedanth
  28. Vedat
  29. Vedit
  30. Vega
  31. Vegard
  32. Veikko
  33. Vello
  34. Vencel
  35. Vendel
  36. Venec
  37. Vere
  38. Vergil
  39. Verner
  40. Verrell
  41. Verroll
  42. Vibius
  43. Vibol
  44. Vico
  45. Vidas
  46. Vidit
  47. Vidor
  48. Vidur
  49. Vihan
  50. Vijay
  51. Viktar
  52. Viktor
  53. Vilim
  54. Vilis
  55. Vilok
  56. Vinson
  57. Vipin
  58. Viraj
  59. Virlan
  60. Vitus
  61. Vivek
  62. Viyan
  63. Vojta
  64. Volker
  65. Volney
  66. Völund
  67. Vosgi
  68. Voski
  69. Vova
  70. Vragi
  71. Vulfgang
  72. Vyden


Long Boy Names That Start With V

  1. Vadimir
  2. Väinämöinen
  3. Vairaja
  4. Valdemar
  5. Valdemaras
  6. Valdimárr
  7. Valente
  8. Valentinianus
  9. Valentyn
  10. Valeray
  11. Valère
  12. Valeri
  13. Valeriano
  14. Valerianus
  15. Valerio
  16. Valerios
  17. Valerius
  18. Varghese
  19. Varocher
  20. Vasava
  21. Vasilica
  22. Vasilii
  23. Vasilos
  24. Vasily
  25. Vasudev
  26. Vasudeva
  27. Vasuman
  28. Vauquelin
  29. Vavrinec
  30. Vedanga
  31. Vedastus
  32. Vekeseheveho
  33. Velichko
  34. Velimir
  35. Vendelín
  36. Venkata
  37. Vercingetorix
  38. Veroslav
  39. Viator
  40. Vibianus
  41. Victorianus
  42. Victorinus
  43. Victorius
  44. Vidmantas
  45. Vijaya
  46. Viktoras
  47. Viliam
  48. Vinicio
  49. Viriato
  50. Vitezslav
  51. Vitomir
  52. Vladislav
  53. Vladmir
  54. Vlastimir
  55. Vojislav
  56. Voldemaras
  57. Volodya
  58. Vortigern
  59. Vulcanus
  60. Vydmantas
  61. Vygantas


Powerful & Strong Boy Names That Start With V

  1. Vadim (Russian name) – “Powerful ruler”
  2. Valerian (Roman) – “Strong”
  3. Varun (Hindu) – “Lord of the waters”
  4. Vasilios (ancient Greek name) – “King”
  5. Vasska (Slavic) – “Kingly” or “royal”
  6. Vasya (Russian boy name) – “King” 
  7. Veer (Punjabi, an Indian or Hindu language) – “Brave”
  8. Velibor (Slavic) – “Great battle”
  9. Viking (Old Norse) – “Pirate raider”
  10. Vladimir (Slavic and Russian) – “Famous ruler”
  11. Voitto (Finnish) – “Victory”
  12. Vojtech (Slovak) – “Warrior” and “joy”; variant of the Polish name “Wojciech”
  13. Vratislav (Slavic) – “Return to glory”


Legendary God & Warrior Names That Start With V

  1. Varad (Indian) – “God of fire”
  2. Varuna (Sanskrit) – “God of the night sky”
  3. Vayu (Sanskrit) – “God of air and wind”
  4. Vidar (Norse) – “Forest warrior”; son of Odin in Norse mythology
  5. Virat (Hindu) – “Supreme being” 
  6. Vishnu (Hindi) – “Protector”; one of the main Hindu gods
  7. Volos (Slavic) – “God of cattle, the underworld, the earth, and poetry”
  8. Vulcan (Latin and Italian boy name) – “Flash” or “volcano”; Roman god of fire


V Form Of Other Popular Boy Names

  1. Valter (Scandinavian and German boy name) – “Ruler of the army”; variant of “Walter”
  2. Varfolomey (Russian) – “Son of Talmai” as a variant of the biblical boy name “Bartholomew”
  3. Varlam (Georgian and Russian) – “Name of the hermit” or “town elder” as a variant of the Hebrew and Spanish boy name “Barlaam”
  4. Varnava (Russian) – “Son of encouragement” or “son of the prophet” as a variant of the biblical name “Barnabas” 
  5. Vasil (Bulgarian and Macedonian) – “King”; variant of the Greek boy name “Basil”
  6. Veeti (Finnish) – “Peaceful ruler”; variant of “Ferdinand” or “Fredrik”
  7. Veremund (Latin, Old High German, and Old Norse) – “Cautious protection”; variant of “Waramunt”
  8. Vilfred (Danish) – “Desiring peace”; variant of “Wilfred”
  9. Vilhelm (Scandinavian and Finnish) – “Resolute protector”; variant of “William”
  10. Vili (Hungarian and Finnish) – “Resolute protector”; variant of “Will” (short form of “William”)
  11. Villami (Latin and Polynesian) – “Resolute protector”; also means “William”


Exotic Boy Names That Start With V From Around The World

  1. Vahe (Armenian) – “Victor” 
  2. Vallis (Old French) – “Welshman
  3. Vamana (Sanskrit) – “Deserving praise”
  4. Vardaan (Hindi) – “Blessing”
  5. Vavrin (Czech) – “Laurel”
  6. Veasna (Khmer) – “Destiny” or “imagination”
  7. Veli (Finnish) – “Brother”
  8. Vered (Hebrew) – “Rose”
  9. Viên (Vietnamese name) – “Complete”
  10. Vieno (Finnish) – “Gentle” 
  11. Vilko (Slovene) – “Helmet protection”
  12. Villiard (Norman) – “Strong” and “hard”
  13. Viraaj (Sanskrit) – “King”
  14. Viraat (Sanskrit) – “Gigantic and enormous” or “leader”
  15. Viyaan (Hindi) – “Artist”
  16. Vlad (Slavic) – “Rule”
  17. Volya (Russian name) – “Freedom”
  18. Vraj (Indian) – “Lord Krishna’s place”
  19. Vüqar (Arabic boy name) – “Dignity”


  1. Vale
  2. Valéry
  3. Vanna
  4. Varian
  5. Ved
  6. Vi
  7. Viorel
  8. Viren
  9. Vireo
  10. Vivian


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(1) https://www.


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        The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008) —


        The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


        war drama historical UKUSA




        spectators | 110

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        1 hour 34 minutes


        Mark Herman


        John Boyne
        Mark Herman


        08/28/2008 (world)


        12500000 $


        Miramax, BBC Films, Heyday Films

        9000 6 other names

        Der Junge im gestreiften Pajama, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, El niño con el pijama de rayas, Cizgili Pijamali Ushaq, O Menino do Pijama Listrado, El niño con el pijama a rayas, Chlapec v pruhovaném pyzamu, Drengen i den stribede pyjamas, Poika raidallisessa pyjamassa, Le garçon au pajama raye , To agori piso apo to syrmatoplegma, Το αγόρι πίσω από το συρματόπλεγμα, Dječak u prugastoj pidžami, A csíkos pizsamás fiú, Ha’naar be’pyjamat ha’passim, Il bambino con il pigia ma a righe, Chłopiec w pasiastej piżamie, O Rapaz do Pijama Às Riscas, Baiatul in pijama vargata, Decak u prugastoj pidzami, Pojken i randig pyjamas, Decek v crtasti pizami, Çizgili Pijamali Çocuk, 穿条纹睡衣的男孩, 縞模様のパジャマの少年, Berniukas dryzuota pizama , Chlapec v pruhovanom pyžame, 穿條紋衣的男孩, Çizgili Pijamalı Çocuk, The boy in swarthy pajamas, Yo’l-yo’l pijamali bola

        Creators and actors

        About the film

        From the director

        Film in collections






        Creators and actors


        Mark Herman

        Asa Butterfield

        Jack Scanlon

        David Thewlis

        Vera Farmiga

        About the film

        Bruno is an eight-year-old German boy who lives carefree in Berlin during World War II. His father is a high-ranking Nazi official. After the appointment of the father to a new position, the family is forced to move. In the vicinity of the new house, Bruno discovers a strange farm with unusual people: they walk in pajamas, play numbers that are sewn to pajamas, and for some reason burn old clothes in large stoves, so black smoke often comes out of long chimneys.

        All members of the family, except for the father and daughter, who, at the age of 12, really liked the ideas of Nazism, are having a hard time next to a concentration camp, where prisoners are regularly exterminated with the help of Zyklon B gas.

        Only Bruno does not understand what is happening. He meets a Jewish boy named Shmul, who is quite well settled on this farm, as Bruno thinks (having accidentally watched a promotional film about life in the camps): he can walk and play wherever he wants in his striped pajamas. When the time comes for Bruno to leave, he decides to see his friend one last time. He comes to the camp fence and digs a tunnel under it to get to the camp. Shmul gives him a prison uniform, they go to the barracks to find their father, who allegedly disappeared at a new job. Immediately afterwards, they are driven to the gas chamber. Everyone thinks that they are driven into the shower, forced to undress. Bruno and Shmul perish along with the rest of the prisoners in the gas chamber.

        Directed by


        Purely Belter

        Petals of Hope

        Hope Springs

        To the sounds of brass

        Brassed Off


        little voice

        Film in collections


        War films based on real events

        150 films

        17 546

        Movies and series for all occasions from Dima Bychik

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        12 great movies no one wants to watch

        15. 02.2018







        description, content, interesting facts and much more about the film

        Film The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


          1 hour 34 min.





          Rus Eng

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          1 hour 34 min.





          Rus Eng

        Rating 9 0007


        Asa Butterfield

        Jack Scanlon

        David Thewlis

        Vera Farmiga

        Amber Beatty

        Sheila Hancock

        Richard Johnson

        Kara Horgan

        David Heyman

        Free movies

        Bruno and his family move to a new house. My father was promoted: now he is the commandant of a concentration camp. Bruno becomes friends with the ever-hungry Shmul, a Jewish peer, thinking that he lives on a strange farm.

        Eight-year-old Bruno is a German boy living in Berlin during World War II. His father, a Nazi official, gets a position in a new place, and the family moves. While dad is in the know, mom is improving life, and her sister is keenly interested in the ideas of anti-Semitism, Bruno eagerly explores the surroundings and, contrary to parental prohibition, goes far enough from home. War does not exist for him, the boy believes that there is some kind of farm behind the barbed wire, and sincerely wonders why the workers there are completely dressed in pajamas. Acquaintance and friendship with a Jew of the same age, always hungry Shmul, does not clarify the picture. Boys communicate, separated by a fence. What a tragedy this communication turned out to be for the Bruno family, you will find out if you watch the cult film «The Boy in the Striped Pajamas» in our online cinema.

        If you enjoy this movie, we recommend watching the equally exciting 2016 drama film The Founder, starring Michael Keaton and Nick Offerman. Enjoy watching!

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        I’ll be back

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        Residential there was one woman

        Dr. Zhivago

        Three bogatyrs and the Shamakhan queen

        High security parents

        Matchmakers 7

        Hello again!










        900 06 Farmiga











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        2 min.

        Trailer (English)

        2 min.

        Evie’s Choice

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        a small German boy, the son of a high -ranking Nazi officer, moves to a new place with his family after the appointment of his father to a special position. There, right next to the house, he sees an unusual farm in which for some reason all the people walk in pajamas with numbers. Still strange peasants often burn clothes in huge furnaces, from the pipes of which black fetid smoke rises.

        The daughter of an official, despite her young age, actively supports the idea of ​​the Nazis, but all other members of his family, including his wife, can hardly put up with life near a concentration camp, whose prisoners are destroyed in gas chambers.

        A boy who does not understand anything one day makes an acquaintance with his Jewish peer, who seems to be living happily on a «farm». Once he saw his father’s film about life in places where all the prisoners spend their time easily and cheerfully, playing football and even walking through cafes.

        When the mother of a little German cannot stand the moral burden and decides to leave, leaving her husband alone, he runs away from home and, after digging a hole under the prison fence, moves to his friend. Dressed in a robe, together with his friend, he goes in search of his father, who disappeared at a new job. Suddenly, the military starts to drive people into some kind of shower. Not realizing that a gas chamber is hidden behind the door, holding hands, the guys enter a terrible room, where they die along with other prisoners.

        Raised in the gun, German soldiers, led by their commander, search the camp, but as a result, the fugitive’s parents realize the price they paid for this war.


        Boy in striped pajamas

        General impression: War is like an echo of the past. During the years 41-45, approximately 5-6 million Jews died in concentration camps. The worst thing is that innocent people, including children, allegedly referred to the work.

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