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Top Baby Boy Names That Start With D

Picking a name for your baby is a fun part of becoming a parent, but with so many options out there, it can also be a challenge! If you’re looking for baby boy names that start with the letter D, we’ve put together a list of more than 100 options for you. Whether you love the sound these names make, have a D letter theme for your family, or just need some naming inspiration, we have popular, cute, cool, rare, and more options for your little baby boy!

Popular Baby Boy Names That Start With


Some parents enjoy using popular boy names for their babies, so we’ve rounded up the trendiest monikers that start with D. The 10 names below were the most popular boy names starting with D in the United States in 2020.

1. Daniel. As the most popular D letter name for boys, Daniel is a classic. The name originates from Hebrew and means “God is my judge.

2. David. Another Hebrew name, David means “beloved” or “uncle,” so you can take your pick in terms of meanings. Because it’s such a classic name, you’ll find many famous bearers, including legendary musician David Bowie.

3. Dylan. Although it’s a relatively new name in the United States, Dylan has Welsh origins and has been used in Europe for centuries. From the elements dy, meaning “great,” and llanw, meaning “tide,” your little Dylan is a “great tide.” You may recognize the name from the musician Bob Dylan.

4. Dominic. Not only is Dominic a popular D letter name for boys today, it’s also a historically popular name, originating from Latin. The name Dominicus means “of the Lord” and was originally given to children born on Sunday.

5. Declan. This Irish name became trendy in the United States starting in the late 1990s and has yet to wane. It’s a popular baby boy name starting with D, but it has unknown meanings and is simply an Anglicized version of the Irish moniker Deaglán.

6. Damian. This Greek name comes from Damianos, which means “to tame.” Saint Damian was a fourth-century martyr and the patron saint of physicians along with his twin brother, Cosmas.

7. Diego. Many believe this popular Spanish boys’ name is the shortened form of Santiago, but others suggest it derives from a Greek word meaning “teaching.” You may recognize the name from the famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

8. Dean. Originally a surname, Dean has two meanings: “valley” as a location surname and “dean” as an occupational surname. The Middle English word deen originates form the Latin word decanus, meaning “chief of ten.”

9. Dawson. As a surname, Dawson was quite literal, meaning the “son of Daw.” Daw is a medieval diminutive of the popular name David from above, which means “beloved” or “uncle.”

10. Dallas. Although this name could be in reference to the city of Dallas, it actually has deep roots. In Old English, it means “valley house” and in Scottish Gaelic, it means “meadow dwelling.”

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In the meantime, keep reading for more D names for boys.

Rare and Unique Baby Boy Names That Start With


If popular names for your baby boy aren’t your thing, consider a rare or unique option that starts with D. Unique baby names offer a bit of individuality that your little one can carry on throughout their life.

11. Dacre. This rare boy’s name was originally a surname used in the region of Cumbria in the United Kingdom. It means “trickling stream.”

12. Daley. Another rare boy’s name that starts with D, Daley means “assembly” in Gaelic. It originates form the Irish surname Ó Dálaigh.

13. Dante. As an Italian boy’s name , Dante is the shortened version of Durante, which means “enduring.” Although rare, Dante Alighieri, the Italian poet and author of the Divine Comedy, is a famous bearer of the name.

14. Darby. This unisex name would be a unique and uncommon baby boy name starting with D. It only made a slight appearance in the United States for boys in the 1970s and for girls in the late 1990s. In Old Norse, it means “deer town.”

15. Darden. As a rare baby boy name that starts with D, Darden has unknown origins and meaning. Many believe it’s an English surname, possibly originating from a place in the United Kingdom.

16. Darian. Another gender-neutral name , Darian is a version of the name Darren, which is either a rare Irish surname on its own or possibly originates from the name Darrell. Darrell is a French place name, used for those from the area of Airelle in France.

17. Darius. This unique name was used in both the Roman and Greek languages, but originally comes from the Persian name Dārayavahush, which means “possessing goodness.” A few of Persia’s ancient kings bore this name, including Darius the Great.

18. Dashiell. If you’re looking for an exceptionally rare boy name that starts with D, Dashiell could be it! Originally a surname, it’s believed to be the Anglicized version of the French name de Chiel.

19. Daxton. An elongated version of the name Dax, Daxton is quite rare, although it did gain some popularity in the United States in the 2010s. Dax is believed to be a place surname, possibly from the French town of Dax.

20. Deemer. From the Old English word demere, this is an exceptionally unique and uncommon boy’s name that starts with D. It was used as an occupational name meaning “judge.”

21. Deforest. If you’re looking for French boy names, this one originates from France. Deforest simply means “from the forest” and is a great alternative for related names, such as Forest or Forrest.

22. Delano. Another French name, Delano comes from the words de la Noye, meaning “wetland, swamp.” You may recognize it as the middle name of the former president Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

23. Delbert. Not only is this a rare and unique boy name that starts with D, but it also has an interesting meaning! Delbert is the short form of Adelbert, the Dutch variant of Albert, which means “noble and bright.” In the United States, Delbert was first given to people of Dutch ancestry in New York.

24. Delroy. As an alteration of Leroy, Delroy means “the king” as translated from the French words le and roi.

25. Denholm. From Old English, Denholm is a place name meaning “valley island.”

26. Denver. Although it’s the name of a city, like Dallas, Denver also has deeper roots. In Old English, it means “Dane ford,” as in a Danish river or stream. If you say the two aloud, you can hear the similarity of “Denver” and “Dane ford!”

27. Derren. As a unique spelling variant of the more popular name Darren, Derren also comes from Darrel and is a place name for someone from Airelle, France.

28. Devereux. This rare boys’ name starting with D originates from French, meaning “from Evreux.” Evreux is a town in the French region of Normandy.

29. Dezi. A diminutive of Desmond, Dezi comes from the Irish name Deasmhumhain, which means “Southern Munster,” a region in Ireland.

30. Digby. Another very rare boys’ name starting with D, Digby has a few unique meanings. It’s a place name derived from a small village in central England, but it also has two origins. It means “dyke, ditch” in Old English and “farm, town” in Old Norse.

31. Diggory. This rare name is most likely the Anglicized version of the French name Degaré, which means “lost one.” Sir Degaré was an important figure in a popular medieval poem. If you love to travel, you can put a spin on the meaning, as “lost” could be used for a curious person who is always on the move.

32. Donovan. Although it’s been in use for centuries, Donovan is still a unique name in the United States. It originates from an Irish surname meaning “descendant of Donndubhán.” The Irish elements that create the word Donndubhán translate to “dark brown.”

33. Dorian. Another historical name of popular origins, Dorian has made some waves in the United States, but remains unique. You may recognize the name from Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. Many believe the name originates from the Dorians, an ancient Greek tribe.

34. Driscoll. If you want an uncommon baby boy name starting with D and a unique meaning, Driscoll is a great option! It’s the Anglicized version of the Irish surname Ó Eidirsceóil, which means “descendant of the messenger.”

35. Drogo. This name comes from the Normans, possibly from the word dragen which means “to carry. ” Although, there are two other potential meanings: “ghost” from the Saxon word drog or “precious, dear” from the Slavic element dragu. This is certainly a unique and uncommon baby boy name !

36. Drummond. This Scottish place name is derived from the Gaelic word druim, meaning “ridge.”

37. Duddley. A variant spelling of the name Dudley, Duddley is an Old English place name meaning “Dudda’s clearing.” Although its meaning is quite rare, the name was popular with British nobles.

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you settle on the perfect baby name!

Cute and Cool Baby Boy Names That Start With


There are plenty of cute and cool baby names that start with D, and they’re a great option if you can’t decide between popular and unique, as they have both.

38. Dagwood. This cool baby boy name that starts with D means “luminous forest. ” Not only is it cute with a unique meaning, but it’s also quite rare. It’s a great option if you prefer slightly longer names for your baby.

39. Dalton. Meaning “village, town,” this place name comes from Old English—though, it had a popularity spike in the United States in the 1990s.

40. Damon. From Greek mythology, Damon comes from the word damazo, meaning “to tame.” According to legend, Damon was friends with Pythias and impressed the king with their loyalty to one another—a great attribute for your little one.

41. Dane. As a variant of Dean, the name Dane has three potential meanings. It either stands on its own to describe someone from Denmark, means “valley,” or is an occupational name for a dean, as it comes from the Latin word decanus, meaning “chief of ten.”

42. Daren. This cool-sounding boy name starting with D is a variant spelling of Darren, which comes from Darrell, meaning someone from Airelle, France.

43. Darwin. For boy names that start with D, it doesn’t get much cooler or cuter than the name Darwin, as in Charles Darwin, the famous naturalist. To make it even sweeter, the name originates from Old English elements deor and wine, together meaning “dear friend.”

44. Davey. As a diminutive of David, Davey makes a very cute nickname. As you may remember from above, David is a popular D name for boys meaning “beloved” or “uncle.”

45. Deacon. With such a cool-sounding name, you may find it surprising that Deacon comes from the Greek word diakonos, meaning “servant.” Serving family and friends is a cute meaning for your loyal and sweet little one!

46. Delmar. If you’re familiar with the Romance languages, you may be able to dissect the meaning of this name. It’s derived from the Norman French de la mare, meaning “from the sea.”

47. Denzel. Popularized by the American actor Denzel Washington, this name is a variant of Denzil, a noble name from Cornwall in the United Kingdom.

48. Derick. If you like Derek as a D name for boys but want to put a cool spin on it for your baby, consider the alternative spelling of Derick. Derek is actually the German form of Theodoric, meaning “ruler of the people.”

49. Desmond. Both cute and cool, Desmond is an Irish Gaelic name referring to someone from South Munster, a province in Ireland. You may remember this meaning from the name Dezi. Desmond is the perfect example of cute last names that make great first names!

50. Deshawn. To find the meaning of Deshawn, you’ll follow an interesting path (via Shawn and Sean) to the name John, a Hebrew moniker meaning “Yahweh is gracious” in reference to the Jewish god Yahweh.

51. Devlin. At its origins, Devlin means “unlucky,” but this cool-sounding name actually comes from Ireland and refers to those in the Doibhilin family.

52. Dewi. This cute baby boy name that starts with D has two potential meanings. It either refers to the shape-shifting Hindu goddess Devi or is the Welsh form of David, which, as you may remember, means “beloved” or “uncle.”

53. Dewayne. This variant of Duane originates from the Irish Gaelic name Dubhán, which means “dark black.”

54. Dexter. If you love the kids’ cartoon Dexter, you may like this cute name! Fittingly, Dexter is a Latin word meaning “skilled.”

55. Dillon. As a variant spelling of the popular boys’ name Dylan, this Welsh name means “great tide.”

56. Dolph. This name is short for Adolph, a Germanic name meaning “noble wolf.” It was the name of several Swedish kings.

57. Douglas. From the Gaelic words dubh and glais, Douglas means “dark river.” It was originally a place name in Scotland but has been used as a given name since the sixteenth century.

58. Drake. If you like the singer Drake, then you know why this name is so cool! It originates from two names: Draki in Old Norse and Draca in Old English, which both mean “dragon.

59. Drew. Short for Andrew, this boy name that starts with D oozes cool guy vibes. Plus, Andrew is a Greek name meaning “manly, masculine.”

60. Dusty. Popular in the 1980s, Dusty is a cute option for your little one! It’s a nickname for Dustin, which comes from the Old Norse moniker Torsten, meaning “Thor’s stone.” Could a name be any cuter and cooler at the same time?

61. Dutch. As a cute option, the name Dutch has an interesting origin story. It was once used for Americans with German descent, relating to the word deutsch, which simply means “German.”

Classic Baby Boy Names That Start With


Old-fashioned baby names remain tried and true and give your little one a slight air of sophistication.

62. Darrel. A few other male names starting with D on this list originate from Darrel, which denotes one from Airelle, France.

63. Dennis. A variant spelling of Denis, this name is mostly used in English, German, and Dutch languages. It’s the medieval French form of Dionysius, which originates from the Greek name Dios, a.k.a., Zeus. As the highest of the Greek Gods, Zeus means “sky” or “shine.”

64. Dustin. From the name Dusty above, you may remember that this old-fashioned Old Norse name means “Thor’s Stone.” Thor was a Norse god and his name means “thunder.”

65. Dave. Although David is one of the most popular baby boy names with the letter D, its nickname Dave is still quite old-fashioned. Again, David is a Welsh name meaning “beloved” or “uncle.”

66. Donald. In the United States, Donald hit its peak in the 1930s. This old-fashioned name comes from the Gaelic moniker Domhnall, meaning “ruler of the world.” Donald has many variations, such as Don, Donnie, and Donal (in Ireland).

67. Dempsey. This name is more commonly used as an Irish surname meaning “descendant of Díomasach,” but as a given name, Dempsey means “proud.

68. Dimitri. Although you’ll find variants of this name across Europe, Dimitri is an old-fashioned Russian moniker originating from the Greek name Demetrios. It’s the masculine version of Demeter, the Greek goddess whose name means “mother earth.” It’s also one of the cutest sounding D names for boys!

69. Dilbert. Despite being an old-fashioned baby boy name with the letter D, Dilbert has a sweet meaning. It comes from the German word beraht, meaning “bright” and was the title character of the popular comic by Scott Adams.

70. Denton. Another name meaning “valley, town” in Old English, Denton was once popular in the nineteenth century, but fizzled out in the 1940s.

71. Dewey. Most likely, Dewey is a variant of the Dewi. You may remember that Dewi is the Welsh form of David, which means “beloved” or “uncle.”

72. Dick. The short form of Richard, Dick had quite a long streak of popularity in the United States but lost its steam after the 1930s. Richard is a Germanic name meaning “brave ruler.”

73. Diedrick. The name Dick from above could also be short for Diedrick, the Dutch form of Theodoric meaning “ruler of the people.” Theodoric the Great was a king in the sixth century who eventually ruled Italy.

74. Doc. This old-fashioned name is simply short for doctor, often used as a nickname for someone with that title.

75. Doyle. This Irish surname actually comes from the name Dougal, which is Gaelic for “dark stranger.” Fittingly, the author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries bore this name (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle).

76. Dupree. As a variant spelling of the name Dupre, Dupree has French origins and means “from the meadow.”

Short Baby Boy Names That Start With


Sometimes, short and sweet is the way to go! If you’re looking for short baby names, there are plenty that start with the letter D.

77. Dale. A short classic, Dale had a long run as a popular men’s name that started with D. It was commonly used through the early 2000s and was a girl’s name in the mid-twentieth century. Dale is a place name for someone living in or near a dale or valley.

78. Dara. Although you might consider this to be a feminine name, Dara is a consistent baby boys’ name starting with D in Ireland. It means “son of oak.” Dara can also mean “star” in Sanskrit or “wealthy” in Persian.

79. Dash. Dash is the short form of Dashiell from above, which has an unknown meaning. In Albanian, however, Dash means “ram.”

80. Daud. Are you tired of the name David, yet? With so many other names relating to it, you can see why it’s so popular! Daud also originates from David, which, of course, means “beloved” or “uncle.”

81. Day. As a unisex name, Day simply means “to burn.” It’d be a great middle name for boys .

82. Dee. If you have Scottish heritage, you may like this (literal) D letter name for boys: Dee, named after the River Dee.

83. Dell. Similar to the name Dale, Dell is a place moniker given to someone living in or near a dell or valley.

84. Den. A short form of Dennis, this name eventually relates to the Greek god Zeus, the highest of all gods whose name means “sky” or “shine.”

85. Dene. A rare boy’s name starting with the letter D, Dene is related to Dean, so it has three potential meanings: “valley,” referring to someone from Denmark, or an occupational name for a dean.

86. Deon. Relating to the name Dion, which is short for the Greek name Dionysios, Deon means “sky” or “shine” as in the name Zeus.

87. Des. Another short form of the name Desmond, Des also refers to someone from the South Munster, the region in Ireland.

88. DJ. If you’d like this short name that starts with D for your baby boy, you have to get a little creative. DJ usually refers to someone with those initials for their first and middle names. So, DJ could refer to someone named Dennis John or Dustin Jacob, for example.

89. Dodge. Interestingly, Dodge is a medieval diminutive (Dogge) for the name Roger, a Germanic moniker meaning “famous spear.”

90. Dre. This name is short for Andre, which is the French and Portuguese form of Andrew, which means “manly, masculine.” You may relate this name to the famous rapper and music producer Dr. Dre.

91. Dru. The name Dru could either be a variant of Drew (short for Andrew, meaning “manly, masculine”) or short for Drummond, meaning “ridge” in Gaelic. Dru and Dre would make cute names for twins !

92. Duke. As a noble title, Duke comes from the Latin word dux, meaning “leader.”


D Names for Boys

English names offer some solid options, but perhaps you want an international name for your baby. Whether you have a specific heritage or want to honor a culture you love, the baby boy names below all start with the letter D and come from around the world.

93. Da. This Chinese name has several meanings, including “achieve,” “arrive,” “intelligent,” “big,” “great,” “vast,” or “high.” Because it’s a common word, its meaning depends on how it’s written, either as or . But as a given name, you can choose the meaning!

94. Daiki. Pronounced da-eek-yee, this Japanese name combines the two words dai and ki. Dai means “big, great” whereas ki has several meanings, including “brightness,” “tree,” and “value.” If you prefer the meaning “great tree,” it’s an excellent option for a nature-inspired baby name !

95. Dalibor. As a Slavic name found in the Balkans, Czechia, and Slovakia, Dalibor combines the words dali (meaning “distance”) and borti (meaning “to fight”). It’s a very popular D letter name for boys in Czechia.

96. Damocles. As an ancient Greek name, Damocles means “the people” and “glory.” As legend goes, Damocles was jealous of the king, so they switched roles for a day to learn about the shared perils of life.

97. Dana. Although Dana is a popular unisex name in English (usually given to a Danish person), you can find the name in other countries and languages, too. And in Persian, Dana means “wise.”

98. Datu. You’ll find the name Datu in Filipino and Tagalong languages, usually reserved for nobility, as it means “chief.”

99. Davit. Can you guess what this name means? Yep, another David, this time the Armenian and Georgian version of this popular moniker. It means “beloved” or “uncle.”

100. Deep. An alternative spelling of the name Dip (pronounced like deep), this name comes from India. It’s the masculine version of the name Dipa, which means “light” in Sanskrit.

101. Delshad. This name is another option if you’re looking for rare boy names that start with D, or one with a cute meaning. In Persian, Delshad means “happy heart” or “cheerful.”

102. Demir. As a name with a strong meaning, Demir is the Turkish word for “iron. ” You’ll find it in Bosnia and Turkey.

103. Detlef. If you’re a basketball fan, you may associate this name with the NBA All-Star Detlef Schrempf, who was born in West Germany. In German, the name means “people” and “heritage.”

104. Dharma. In Sanskrit, the name Dharma means “that which is established, law, duty, virtue.” It’s a wonderful D letter name if you’re looking for a strong or noble moniker for your boy.

105. Dieter. Another German name, Dieter means “warrior of the people.”

106. Dino. This cute Italian name is the short form of any names ending with -dino or -tino, such as Brandino, Martino, and Agostino.

107. Donal. Although this list already has Donald on it, the Irish version of the name is quite popular in Ireland. Donal or Dónal is the Anglicized version of Domhnall.

108. Doru. As a popular and traditional Romanian name, Doru comes from the word dor, which means “longing.

109. Dren. If you like the name Dre but want a different spelling (or have Balkan roots), consider the Albanian version, Dren, which comes from the word dre meaning “deer.”

110. Dumisani. Pronounced doo-mee-SAH-nee, this name comes from the Zulu language in Southern Africa and means “praise.” Its short form is simply Dumi.

The Bottom Line

Finding the perfect name for your baby can be a lot of fun! If you’re a fan of the letter D and want to feature it in your baby boy’s name, you’re in luck. Guy names that start with D are plentiful, whether popular, unique, cute, or cool. Keep the alphabet going and check out baby boy names that start E !

You can also find several D names for boys in some of our other baby-name lists! Check out biblical names or Hawaiian boy names for something a bit different.

In the end, whatever name you choose for your little one will be wonderful! Go with your gut and try to have fun with the process.

908 Baby Boy Names That Start with D

Find Baby Names

Find Baby Names

Name Letter

Are you looking for the perfect baby boy name that starts with D? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled the ultimate list of baby boy names beginning with D to make your baby name search easy and fun.

When considering what name to give your son, D names make strong and unique names for boys. Plus, names starting with D have never been more popular!

Discover rare D names for boys, the best options for boy middle names that start with D, and more! And if you love these boy names and want to explore the other letters of the alphabet, check out our complete list of boy names from A-Z.

Popular Boy Names That Start with D 

Some «D» names have become very popular baby name picks in the last few years. Here are the most popular boy names starting with D according to the latest data from the Social Security Administration. 

  1. Daniel — Daniel is from the Hebrew personal name Daniel «God is my judge», borne by a major prophet in the Bible.  Daniel is the #16 most popular boy name. 
  2. David — The name David is of Hebrew origin meaning «beloved.» David is the #30 most popular boy name. 
  3. Dylan — Dylan is a name of Welsh origin meaning «son of the sea.» Dylan is the #44 most popular boy name. 
  4. Dominic — The name Dominic is of Latin origin and means «belonging to the Lord.» Dominic is the #99 most popular boy name. 
  5. Declan — The name Declan is of Greek origin and means «messenger.» Declan is the #105 most popular boy name. 
  6. Damian — Damian is of Greek origin and means «to tame, subdue.» It is from the Greek name Damianos. Damian is the #113 most popular boy name. 
  7. Diego — The name Diego is of Spanish origin and means «supplanter.» It is believed to be derived from the name Santiago. Diego is the #126 most popular boy name. 
  8. Dean — Dean is of Old English origin and means «valley.» Dean is the #165 most popular boy name. 
  9. Dawson — The name Dawson is of English origin and means «son of David. » Dawson is the #207 most popular boy name. 
  10. Dallas — The name Dallas is of Irish origin and means «skilled.» Dallas is the #270 most popular boy name.

Unique and Rare Boy Names That Start with D 

If popular and trendy names aren’t for you, there are plenty of «D» names for boys that are uncommon and unique. Here are some of our favorite unique boy names starting with D. 

  1. Dakota — The name Dakota means «friend» and is of Sioux, Native American origin. It is a popular name for babies of any gender.
  2. Dai — Japanese name meaning «big; great.»
  3. Demetrius — Greek name meaning «lover of the earth.»
  4. Dion — African American name meaning «God of wine and revlry.»
  5. Divon — Irish name meaning «poet.»
  6. Domingo — Latin name meaning «the lord’s.»
  7. Dulphe — German name meaning «noble wolf.»
  8. Dwaine — Irish name meaning «wagon maker.»
  9. Dylon — Welsh name meaning «sea.» Dylon is a unique variation of the name Dylan.  
  10. Dyonisus — Greek name for the God of wine. 

Modern Boy Names That Start with D 

These trending baby boy names are modern name options for your baby boy. 

  1. Deacon — Deacon is a boy’s name of Greek origin, meaning «messenger.»
  2. Deandre — Deandre is a boy’s name of American origin meaning «Strong», additionally in English it means «Courageous» or «valiant man.»
  3. Dewayne — Dewayne is an African American name meaning «from the wagon maker.»

Cute Boy Names That Start with D 

These are some of the cutest boy names beginning with D. These boy names are perfect for an adorable baby. 

  1. Damyon — Greek name meaning «tamer.»
  2. Darcey — Irish name meaning «dark.»
  3. Davi — Hebrew name meaning «beloved.»
  4. Day — Japanese name meaning «great.»
  5. Deo — Greek name meaning «godlike.»
  6. Denby — Scandinavian name meaning «home of the Danes.»
  7. Deshi — Chinese name meaning «virtuous. «
  8. Digby — Old English name meaning «settlement near a ditch.» 
  9. Dustin — Old English name meaning «Dark stone.»
  10. Dusty — Old English name meaning «Dark stone.»

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A closed page on Vkontakte is not yet a victory over excessive curiosity. Let’s see what we can squeeze out of a closed profile.

The link to the profile was included in the missing cat notice. But information and photos are available only to friends

Even a closed profile does not hide everything: now the last name, date of birth and place of study are known. With this data, the detective goes to other social networks — probably, the profile will be opened somewhere.

So it is: in Odnoklassniki, the girl shows the composition of the family and colleagues From the colleague’s page, you can understand that the girl works in the tax office. Now the address of work and an approximate schedule are known — usually this is a five-day week from 9up to 18 I found a profile on Facebook, but it is not so informative: ███████ writes almost nothing about himself

How to confuse the tracks. Do not indicate on social networks which of your friends is a relative and which is a colleague. Even if there is a minimum of information on your page, this does not mean that friends will not blurt out too much.

How scammers use information from your social networks

If you decide to close your profile, it is better to do this in all social networks.

Examine page addresses

On Vkontakte, you can assign any free URL to your page instead of the numbers after the id. As a rule, this is not just a set of characters, but a nickname that is also used on other sites.

This address is visible both when the profile is open and when it is closed. Therefore, it is easy to copy it and look for pages where this nickname occurs. So an Internet detective will stumble upon forums where you seem to be anonymously discussing something, and if you’re lucky, then on your Instagram profile.

Letters instead of page number. We copy them Among the search results is a profile on Instagram A link to a profile on Vkontakte is provided, so Instagram appeared in the search results

Open Instagram will tell the whole world where and with whom you spend time, what equipment you have in your apartment and what you eat for dinner. By indirect signs, you can determine the level of income, and knowing where and when you work and who stays at home at this time, you can plan bad things in your apartment.

The same cat from the ad that helped to find out the girl’s first and last name. This means that the page was found correctly Thanks to the geolocation, the places where ███████ rests are known, and the hashtags will tell about the attitude to some event

How to confuse traces. Leave a standard address in the form of numbers on Vkontakte. Do not link social media profiles: let Facebook not link to Vkontakte, and Odnoklassniki to Instagram.

How not to donate your money through social networks

Who needs it

Using the phone number, to which the messenger is not even attached, we found out the name and surname, place of work and residence, family composition and names of colleagues, determined the approximate level of income. Without involving forces and structures that have more powers and opportunities, only thanks to open data that the girl herself left on the Internet.

A recruiter wants to know more about a person who is hesitant to invite you for an interview; a colleague who aims for your place and looks for compromising evidence; a bailiff who needs to collect a debt; an annoying admirer or an envious classmate. Even if the posts and photos don’t hurt your reputation, it can be frustrating that an outsider knows more about you than they should.

What to do? 07/05/19

How to punish phone scammers

Try to find yourself on the Internet by phone number — it may become obvious that it is time to close social networks, disable geolocation and delete old ads. Because this data can fall into the hands of scammers who try to:

  1. Get your card details.
  2. Write down how you say «yes».
  3. Rob your friends and colleagues.

7 signs that you have a fake vacancy in front of you —

How to understand from the text of the vacancy that the employer is hiding something from you on purpose.

The Ukrainian labor market is dynamic. Among the tempting and hot vacancies you can find «muddy» offers. Out of ignorance, you can get acquainted with not the most honest employers.

The site moderation service manually checks all employers who register on the site and blocks dozens of registrations every day. We have already accumulated a lot of experience in identifying fraudsters and we want to share it with you. Wherever you are looking for a job, draws your attention to 7 signs that the vacancy in front of you is a job with a negligent employer.

1. A large company hides its name

The job description contains the phrases “large international company” or “the company cooperates with large international companies”, but it is not clear which company it is. This is the first sign that the name of the company may turn off job seekers.

2. The type of activity of the company is not clear

When the type of activity sounds vague, without specifying a specific field of activity, for example, “a young dynamically developing company”, such a wording is alarming. If at the same time the description of the vacancy is short to obscene, you need to be on the alert.

3. The company hides its contacts

That is, it does not indicate any data so that you can find at least some information about it on the Internet or from friends — website, address. If the employer hides this data even after you have requested it, then either the company does not have a website / office, or there is a secret.

4. You need to pay for employment or an interview

Only recruitment agencies can theoretically take money for employment. In other cases, does not recommend paying the employer.

By the way, such requirements can be found in vacancies abroad. We have already written about how not to be deceived when applying for a job abroad, update this information for yourself.

5. They ask you to call back to paid numbers

Ardent scammers who, despite the constant blocking, still try to place their «offers». If you received a message asking you to call back the numbers with the code 070 or 090 — never call and tell us about such employers.

6. Blurred responsibilities and skills

Can be alarming:

  • Only vague requirements in a vacancy without specifics: activity, sense of humor, ability to keep up a conversation, desire to work.
  • Only a vague description of duties — running errands, working in the office, with documents, with people.
  • Flexible schedule, salary above the market average, bonus — travel abroad.

7. An ad in an unexpected place

If you find ads with similar content on poles, fences, bus stops, you are hardly looking for a serious employer.

We do our best to make the safest site. But if you still encounter a negligent employer through our website, feel free to complain to the support service. We wish you not to deal with problematic employers, find your favorite job and just enjoy life.

By alexxlab

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