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50+ Totally Awesome Christmas Presents for 6 Year Old Boys You MUST-SEE!

What Are The Best Christmas Presents For 6 Year Old Boys? See Tyler’s Top Gift Guide!

This is Tyler’s most awesome list of gift ideas for six-year-old boys his age. We’ve put together one of the best gift guides for a 6-year-old boy so anyone can buy one for this age. If you’re shopping for a 6-year-old son, grandson, or nephew – it’s not always easy to know what to buy and that’s why we put together the top products, toys, and electronics to help guide you.

This is one of my favorite ages because they are learning so much and coming into their own personalities. These presents are going to keep them engaged and entertained – Tyler’s got some amazing choices to show you.

Favorite Top Gifts for 6-Year-Old Boys

I like to start with a few of Tyler’s most favorite and then work down the page with other exciting gifts he knows a 6-year-old boy is going to love.  Shopping for Christmas or a 6th birthday?  That’s not a problem, you’re sure to find something in Tyler’s gift guide.

 HSP Nature Toys Root-Vue Farm Multicolor, 16 Inch Disney Pixar Lightyear Blast & Battle XL-15 Spaceship Jurassic World Dominion Super Colossal Atrociraptor Action Figure Hot Wheels T-Rex Rampage Track Set The Batman Toys Thor Love and Thunder Toys Steel Cage Wrestling Ring Wrestling Action Figures Electric Light Up Scooter

Best iPad for 6-Year-Old-Boys

Our 6-year-old son loves his iPad, he uses it every single day and it’s great for when we go places because it keeps him entertained. If you’re going to buy a 6-year-old boy an iPad, definitely invest in a good case and screen protector because they are kids! We purchased the iPad with the 10.2-inch screen, it’s worked out perfectly for him and it lasts longer than other cheaper devices that break and have serious lag time because they can’t handle the graphics of these modern games.

iPad 10.2-InchBoys iPad Protective CaseScreen Protector

Roblox Figures

These are probably some of the most popular toys on the shelves! These figures are practically sold out from every Walmart and Target we visit. The cool thing about these little figures is they come with a game code so that kids can take the character to the game!! They can play with them online and offline and they come with really cool little accessories that our 6-year-old enjoys.

Roblox Action CollectionRoblox Action CollectionRoblox Action Collectionn


Jurassic World Toys

Our 6-year-old loves playing with Dinosaurs and these Jurassic World toys are some of his favorites because they come with a scannable code that allows you to learn more information about the dinosaurs online. They’re great for educational and imaginative play. The nice thing is there’s more than just dinosaurs, they have vehicles, action figures, and playsets to go with the dinosaurs too!

Jurassic World Dominion Capture and Crush TruckJurassic World Dominion Super Colossal Atrociraptor​Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Roar Attack Ankylosaurus Bumpy


Dinosaur Collector Toy Box

This box is cool for keeping Jurassic World and other dinosaur toys in. Inside this collector, the box is an entire prehistoric scene to unfold and play with. It’s a nice storage tote for all their plastic dinosaurs and it’s a cool play set to lay out for when they want to play. This is a good one for travel because it can get packed up and taken with you on vacation. It’s one of our favorite hotel/travel toys because it keeps all the boys busy.

ZipBin 160 Dinosaur Collector Toy Box & Play set w/2 Dinosaurs


Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

My 6-year-old boy spends hours with this tracing pad. It comes with templates to use draw with and it’s great for tracing a lot of things. It’s really helped perfect his drawing skills at this age. It’s a good light box for the price and you can use regular white copier paper with it when the tracing paper runs out.

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

Flashing LED Light Up Gloves

These LED gloves are so much fun, especially for making up dance moves in the dark and just being silly.   These affordable gloves light up different colors in the fingers, the batteries are included.

heytech Led Gloves Light-up Party Supplies Gloves Multicolor for Christmas, Cool Fun Toys for 3-12 Year Old Kids


Walkie Talkies

Every 6 year old boy should have a set of walkie talkies and these here are the best ones for their age. They are really intuitive and easy to operate. They have great range and a ring to let the other end know to pick it up. These will be a huge hit with any 6 year old boy, high quality 2-way radios perfect for this age.

Walkie Talkies for Kids


Playing Restaurant

Playing restaurant is so much more fun with this seating set. What I like about it is all the details that went into it, right down to the jukebox. Watch how fast your 6 year old starts putting together his menu for this. It’s a good quality little table area set that will get a ton of imaginary use anywhere you put it.

Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Wooden Star Diner Restaurant Play SpaceLittle Tikes Real Wood Pizza Restaurant Wooden Play Kitchen Cook and Serve


Let’s Play Store

Playing store is one of my boys favorite imaginary things to do… when they’re not playing super heroes, they’re having a good time playing store or restaurant. They like scanning and bagging and stocking the shelves for customers to purchase from.  This wooden little store here has all the little details kids love and it’s easy to assemble and built to last.

Melissa & Doug Fresh Mart Grocery Store Play Food and Role Play Companion Set


Marble Race Toy

Marble race tracks are so much fun for 6-year-old boys to build and play with! There are so many ways to create the track and it really gets them thinking strategically.

Marble Run Set


Color Your Own Playhouse

These color your own play houses are great if you have an artistic type of 6 year old.   This will also keep them busy for a really long time because coloring it will take awhile.  Get yourself a good set of markers in a lot of colors, the fatter ones work best.  This is going to be one of those cool presents that they will get to play with and color!

Color a Playhouse



This is Spirograph Jr. and it’s made with younger kids in mind. Tyler can operate it all on his own, everything is held into place on it’s own making drawing simpler. It’s small, uses half sheets of paper and is great for at home or on the go use. This is the PERFECT travel companion, everyone is getting some one-of-a-kind artwork now!

Spirograph Art Sets



This is the best stencil set for boys age 6 because it has all sorts of shapes to trace including the alphabet, animals, cars, trucks, space stuff and more. It’s fun to trace shapes and it helps fine tune those motor skills and develop better skills in drawing.   There are over 370+ shapes to trace in this set alone!

Drawing Stencils Set for Kids


Build a Fort

There is nothing better than building a cool fort! These different playsets include the connector pieces to build different kinds of forts.  After it’s built, you can use sheets or blankets to drape over them to make it enclosed.  These are a lot of fun and take a lot of imagination to build.  It’s one of our top gifts for 6 year olds!

Make-A-Fort Explorer KitCrazy Forts! 69 Piece Buildable Kit


Hanging Swing

This swing is an easy set up and a good quality product that a 6 year old is going to love. It comes with everything you need to install it right away, no waiting, Tyler can lay across the whole thing himself or have his brothers on there with him. It can take up to 400 lbs of weight!

Spider Web Swing 40 inch for Tree Kids


Plasma Car

My 6 year old son loves to ride on this plasma car in the driveway and at the park. It’s a self propelled little car they can steer all over the place. Even the older kids dig this one. They will enjoy riding this thing for hours on end, it’s going to be their favorite. It also works inside if you have hard floors and some space like we do.

PlasmaCar The Original


Light-Up Scooter

This is the absolute best scooter for boys this age, it’s got all the big boy features they are looking for in a scooter. The wheels light up as they roll around on it. The wide base is perfect for maintaining balance. It runs so smoothly over uneven and bumpy surfaces. Great, great scooter for a 6-year-old boy who wants to ride with the big boys outside.

Jetson Electric Bike Jupiter Folding Kick Scooter, LED Light-Up, Adjustable Handle Bar, for Kids Ages 5+ , Black

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Best Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old Boy! • The Pinning Mama

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A list of gift ideas any 5 year old boy would love compiled by real moms of multiple boys!  From big gifts to small and affordable, this list has it all for little boys!  Whether you are looking for presents for Christmas or gifts for a birthday, we will cover all sorts, of toys, games, and educational activities your five year old will love.

Best Gifts for a 5 Year Old

These gift list posts have become some of my most popular posts here on the blog, but they are always bittersweet for me since they mean one of my babies is another year older!  I don’t write these as a child development professional, but just as a mom with kids who love to play, create, and explore.  I share things that I know my kids love and hopefully it will help you with gift ideas for the kids you love!

Today it is all about the boy that made me a mom turning five! 5 years old.  I have to repeat it to believe it is true sometimes.  I am bittersweetly looking forward to the independence this age brings and many of these ideas reflect my five year old’s ability to do more and more on his own! Many of the gift ideas here are a reflection of a 5 years old’s growing independence and curiosity with the world.

Lego Gift Ideas for 5 year Old

We will kick it off with one of his new loves.  We have been playing with all sorts of blocks since my boy was little, but he just recently graduated to the “real” small pieced Lego sets.  And let me tell you… he is obsessed!  We did his first set with him, working through it and showing him how to decipher the instruction booklet.  The next set he totally surprised us by doing it all on his own.  It was really amazing!  He enjoys the sets labeled for 5 year olds, but can also do the sets for older kids pretty easily too!  We have tried several different kinds over the past few months and found that we prefer the classic to the technic sets and for family that is buying at different price points there are sets available from just over $5 all the way to hundreds of dollars, so they are a good option for any budget.

  • LEGO City Fire Station 
  • LEGO City 4201 Loader and Tipper
  • Monster Truck Transporter
  • LEGO Creator Cargo Heliplane

Outdoor Play Gift Ideas

There is nothing better than getting your extremely wired-full of crazy amounts of energy 5 year old boy out of the house and playing, so all of these ideas are fun things to do outside!  If you haven’t gotten your 5 year old a bike yet, NOW is the time!  It is the perfect age to learn to ride, so getting one with detachable training wheels is a must.  Another fun on-the-go toy is a Razor scooter. It is a big boy version of the Radio Flyer scooter he has loved for years and perfect for zooming fast around the park.  Also, don’t forget the helmet!

Sports are just really becoming fun at this age as they can start to understand the rules and the concept of teamwork.  I love this rebounding soccer net because it bounces the ball right back to them when they kick it “in the goal.”  This tee is adjustable so that it can be used to practice batting both before and after their growth spurt and is much like the ones they use in little league!

The stomp rocket is just guaranteed hours of fun.  Trust me on that one!


  • Baseball tee
  • Kids Bikes with Removable Training Wheels
  • Razor A Kick Scooter – My little guy loves this one because you can make sparks!
  • Ultra Stomp Rocket Kit
  • Soccer Rebounder Goal
  • Soccer Ball
  • Razor Child Dino Helmet

Best Tech Gift Ideas for a Five Year Old

We decided it was the year of the tablet for us.  I think 5 is a really good age to start with a tablet.  It can teach responsibility as well as be an incentive for chores and good behavior, which is how we use ours.  We have owned a leap pad in the past and I REALLY prefer going for a real tablet and utilizing the kid mode on it.  It will end up costing about the same since the games for the Leap Pad are much more expensive, and I think it is just more intuitive for them since my little guy is already used to using my phone.  I love the kid settings on the Kindle Fire and it even comes with a 2 year kid proof warranty on the kid version.  You really can’t beat that!  If you are an Apple or Samsung Galaxy person, there are also great options with 7″ displays that are much more affordable and offer kid modes for monitoring and safety.  We ended up going with the Galaxy Tab and have been VERY happy! Whichever you pick, just don’t forget a great kid-proof case!

  • Alarm clock that helps kids tell time
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab with Kid Mode
  • iPad Mini
  • Fire HD Kids Edition – Amazon’s Tablet for Kids
  • Kids Smart watch– You can get just a smart watch or many of them can be added to your cell phone plan to allow you to track them by GPS or let them make emergency calls to approved numbers
  • Osmo Genius Kit for iPad

Creative Gift Ideas for a 5 year old

As your little one turns into a bigger one it is really important to keep those creative juices flowing!  They tend to love screen time, which can be great with all the educational apps, but there is nothing that replaces hands on creativity. Luckily there are some really fun options your five year old boy will LOVE!  The Hot Wheels Car making kit lets them really make their own cars!  How cool is that?!  And I don’t know what it is about Kinetic Sand my my son is obsessed!  He love playing with this stuff!  The Star Wars art set has also been a huge hit at our house.  He has really taken ownership of it and takes good care of all of his supplies inside. It has been perfect for doing his homework assignments too!

  • Kinetic Sand Sandbox Molds Deluxe Activity Set
  • Play-Doh Smashdown Hulk Featuring Marvel Can-Heads
  • Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset
  • Star Wars Tin Art Case Set
  • Marbleworks Marble Run Ultra Deluxe Set

Best Game Gifts for a 5 year old

Another really awesome thing at this age is that they can actually interact with you on a much higher level and do things like follow rules and understand sportsmanship.  This makes indoor games a lot of fun too.  Many of the classics I played as a kid are still around and will be loved by your kids too!

My son actually requested Rock ’em Sock ’em by name.  We have no idea where he saw it, but he HAD to have it, and has really enjoyed it ever since!  Board and card games are great for practicing numbers and counting!

  • Go Fish! Card Game
  • Classic Twister– This is best if there are siblings or lots of friends around to play
  • Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots Game
  • Chutes and Ladders Board Game
  • Uno Card Game – My son’s current favorite game. This also comes in a lot of character options if your little boy is into anything specific!

Best All Boy Gift Ideas

Boys will be boys.  Somehow they are wired to love cars, and dirt, and everything rough.  These are some of the things that are 100% boy that my little guy is SUPER in to these days.  The light saber uses motion technology to make sounds as it is moved pretty much won Christmas this year as his favorite toy of all time!  And if you are holding strong on “no pets,” an ant farm might be a really fun way to let him see how animals work, with no commitment from you!

  • Remote Control Car
  • Captain America Marvel Super Soldier Gear Stealthfire Shield Toy
  • Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Track Set
  • Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet
  • Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Color Change Lightsaber
  • Clear Gel Ant Farm
  • Zoomer Dino
  • Fort Building Kit

New 2018 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old

These are some new ideas for Christmas presents, including toys that are HOT right now for a 5 year old!  If you have more ideas, please leave them for me in the comments!

  • Dinosaur Fingerling Pets– Fingerlings came out in 2017 but were mostly nice and sweet animals. They were super hard to get. This year they came out with dinosaurs, dragons, and other more “boy” centric versions of their toys.
  • Fur Real Munchin Rex– Along those same lines this is an interactive
  • Harry Potter Lego sets– There were some new Harry Potter Lego sets released this year.  They are probably a little advanced for most 5 year olds, but would be a great activity to do with your kiddo if he loves Harry Potter!
  • Beyblades– These are basically a battling tops set.  My oldest son got them for Christmas when he was five and LOVED them for many years!
  • Giant Connect 4– If you are looking for a big gift idea, this giant connect 4 game is perfect for a 5 year old and so much fun for outdoor play even when it is cold outside!
  • Tree Swing– These swings have been a HUGE hit with my kids and grown with them as they age.  It is big enough to have a couple of little ones on together which makes it even more fun!
  • Pie Face Cannon– If your kids like to get messy, this is the newest addition to the Pie Face game family and sure to provide lots of fun and laughs.

Gifts for Older 5 year olds

If your little guy is on the older side of 5, many of the present ideas here still make a great gift. Toys like Legos, Beyblades, card games, and outdoor toys have a long lifespan for kids at this age. For more specific gift ideas, check out our list of the BEST Gifts for 6 Year Old Boy here!





A happy 5th year to your little guy!  I hope you found some great ideas here and are ready to cultivate your little-big guy’s imagination! Make sure to pin this for later, and check out some of our other gift lists if you have more kiddos!


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Christmas gifts for boyfriend |

It seems that before the holidays time goes by much faster, and in addition to all the festive worries, you still have to look for gifts for your loved ones. What to give a guy on the occasion of Christmas is one of the most disturbing questions, since this important person wants to surprise especially.

In order to make it easier to decide what kind of Christmas present your boyfriend will really like, we suggest you remember the beginning of your friendship. Think about what his quality or passion made the biggest impression on you. Although at the beginning of a relationship they all seem perfect, some traits still appeal more — and the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe best Christmas present for a guy depends on them!

Healthy lifestyle

Were you fascinated by his desire to eat healthy and play sports actively? So, your gift should further strengthen his motivation and desire to achieve high goals. Smartwatches, new exercise equipment, healthy kitchen appliances – these are just a few Christmas gift ideas for guys who stick to a routine and strive for a higher quality of life!


Does your chosen one easily cope with any household tasks and independently carry out repair work? Such an owner of golden hands will definitely like new tools or car care products. If you want your boyfriend’s Christmas gift to be valuable, talk to his closest friends. If the friend of your heart does not tell you about his projects, they will know exactly what appliances will be most useful to him today.

Sense of humor

When you are with him, you can’t stop laughing, but in the company of friends he is the brightest star of the party? So, you will have to look for an original Christmas present for the guy — it would be great if you managed to cheer him up. Give funny gifts — such a guy should like interesting glasses, a huge flask or shirts decorated with funny inscriptions.

Sharp mind

You can’t stop being surprised by his knowledge and would you be afraid to sit down at the chessboard with him? Then you should pay more attention to such gifts, which are a kind of challenge. A challenging puzzle, an interesting board game, or even an impressive LEGO set (yes, they are suitable for adults too), these and similar options are sure to surprise your boyfriend!

Stylish appearance

Fashionable clothes, charming accessories and a beautiful hairstyle attracted your attention the most when you saw him? Then it will definitely not be difficult for you to figure out what to give a guy for Christmas. A new watch, a roomy wallet, body care products, razors or enchanting perfumes will suit your lover. Still, this guy can be quite picky, so don’t over-experiment. Watch it carefully for a while to understand its taste.

Remarkable culinary skills

When eating the food he cooks, do you once again become convinced that men are the best cooks? Replenish his kitchen with new appliances! Great Christmas gifts for a guy can be popcorn machines or an electric grill, and if he likes to cook not only food, but also drinks, give him a semi-automatic coffee machine. Having it at home, the guy will be able to feel like a real bartender!

Excellent IT skills

Is he interested in all the latest in information technology and easily copes with any computer breakdowns? We will not surprise you if we say that a Christmas present for a guy should be looked for among IT goods. A new laptop, tablet, VR glasses that offer an incredible experience, or other computer add-ons — you can be sure that such a choice will make a great impression on the guy!

Love to travel

Are you united by the desire to explore new places, and one of his dreams is to travel around the world? In this case, a gift for a guy on the occasion of Christmas should be looked for among tourist and travel goods. A comfortable travel backpack, a pillow, a travel map — if you think carefully, you will come up with even more such ideas.


He is quite sensitive and sentimental and constantly finds new ways to show you his feelings? Holidays are a great way to respond to your beloved in the same way. Create a common collage of your photos, give warm gloves, a scarf and make a romantic surprise — such gifts for a guy at Christmas will make an indelible impression on him.

In this case, there will definitely be plenty to choose from, but do not forget that it is not only the gifts themselves that are important on the occasion of Christmas. The guy will be even more pleased if you take care of a beautiful present. Create your own traditions — organize a picnic in a beautiful place, visit all the Christmas trees … Then the holidays will be even more memorable! You will find even more valuable tips in the article — Ideas for Christmas gifts.

Will Smith and Jason Derulo gave a Christmas present to a 14-year-old child with cancer —

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  • Showbiz

12/15/2020 | 13:32

| Author:
Basmanova Yuliya

An admirable act: actor Will Smith and singer Jason Derulo pleased a 14-year-old teenager undergoing chemotherapy. The boy received not only positive emotions, but also a valuable gift.

Aiden was born and raised in Texas and is 14 years old. The boy has not seen his friends for more than six months. In the spring of 2020, the teenager was diagnosed with leukemia — from that moment on, Aiden’s whole life has been spent in the hospital. Actor Will Smith found out about the difficult situation of the boy, who, together with Jason Derulo, decided to please the child, reports

Positive emotions for Aiden

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Will and Jason were unable to visit the little patient in person — even if they had come to the hospital, they simply would not have been allowed into the oncology department.

However, the boy’s father found a way out — he invited the stars to contact his son via video link. The boy was very happy to see his idols — it turned out that he was a big fan of the joint show between Will and Jason.

By alexxlab

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