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Cool Baby Boy Names | Cool Boy Names

If you’re expecting a baby boy, you’ll probably be looking for a cool boy name to make them stand out on the register when they’re older. There are so many cool and unique baby boy names to choose — from more unusual boy names, like Colt, to more popular names, like Leo — it can be hard to narrow it down to just one! Take a look at our pick of the best hipster and cool baby boy names to help give you some inspiration.

We’ve put together 47 of the best cool boy names with meanings for your baby.

  • Arlo — Spanish, meaning ‘barberry tree’.
  • Abel — Hebrew, meaning ‘breath’ or ‘breathing spirit’.
  • Axel — German and Scandinavian, a Germanised form of the Hebrew Absalom, meaning ‘father is peace’.
  • Aston — One of the four members of boyband JLS, Aston Merrygold.
  • Bear — The name Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne gave to their baby boy. We think it’s pretty original.
  • Brody — This Scottish baby boy name has gained popularity due to reality star Brody Jenner. It can also be spelt ‘Brodie’.
  • Cleo — Greek, meaning ‘glory’.
  • Cosmo — A gender-neutral name of Greek origin which means ‘beauty’ and ‘order’. It also makes us think of the stars.
  • Cyrus — A Persian name that means ‘sun’ and the perfect name to give your little ray of joy.
  • Drake — Of English origin and meaning ‘dragon’, could your little boy ask for a cooler name? Also popular due to Drake the Canadian rapper.
  • Dion — Greek, short form of Dionysius, the Greek god of wine.
  • Emanuele — The Italian variation of Emmanuel, Emanuele has great biblical meaning as the name given to the promised Messiah.
  • Elton — Old English, meaning ‘Ella’s town’.
  • Enzo — Italian, short for Lorenzo, meaning ‘laurel’.
  • Finn — Of Irish origin, this name means ‘fair’.
  • Grey — Although Grey sounds like a little quirky, it is definitely a cool alternative to more popular names.
  • Jett — This name is simple yet super cool, meaning ‘mineral’.
  • Javier — Spanish, meaning ‘bright’.
  • Keenan — This Gaelic name means ‘little ancient one’.
  • Kofi — Ghanian and means ‘born on Friday’.
  • Leo — cool, but also cute. This loveable name means ‘lion’ in Latin and is short for ‘Leon’ in German, meaning ‘brave people’ and ‘lion-hearted’.
  • Lennon —  This name has an Irish origin meaning ‘small cloak’.
  • Lincoln — Lincoln is a cool name for a little boy meaning ‘town by the pool’.
  • Malik — A popular Muslim baby name that means King. So, if you see a future ruler in your baby, this strong name is perfect.
  • Marcello — Meaning young warrior.
  • Moses — Hebrew, meaning ‘saviour’.
  • Neo — Latin, meaning ‘new’.
  • Noah — We think this strong name oozes confidence. It also means ‘peaceful’. 
  • Nolan — Gaelic, meaning ‘champion’.
  • Orlando — Also the name of Pirates of the Caribbean heartthrob Orlando Bloom.
  • Otis — German, meaning ‘wealth’.
  • Quinn — Gaelic, meaning ‘counsel’.
  • Rafferty — The name of actor Jude Law’s son, Rafferty Law. It can also be shortened to ‘Raff’ for short.
  • Roman — This Latin name is also the name mummy Lucy Mecklenburgh gave to her baby boy.
  • Rocco — Super cute and associated with a bunch of legendary boxers, this name is a win-win.
  • Roman — Latin, meaning ‘from Rome’.
  • Rex — Latin, meaning ‘king’.
  • Rémy — French, meaning ‘from Rheims’.
  • Stefan — It’s a great variation on the traditional Steven or Stephen.
  • Storm — English, from the word ‘storm’.
  • Tyson — As well as sounding cool, we think this name has a strong feel to it too, which is pretty fitting as it’s also the name of boxer Tyson Fury.
  • Winter — Old English, meaning ‘to be born in the winter’.
  • Xylander — Greek, meaning ‘man of the forest’.
  • Xeven — Slavic, meaning ‘lively’.
  • Yves — French, meaning ‘miniature archer’ or ‘small archer’.
  • Zaide — Yiddish, meaning ‘the elder ones’.
  • Zayn — Meaning beauty and grace, Zayn has burst into baby name popularity following the rise of One Direction superstar, Zayn Malik.

Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at the top 1,000 boy names of 2020 here for more ideas of popular baby boy names. Alternatively, there are a list of more cool and unusual baby boy names below.

101 Top Long Names for Boys That Are Uncommon and Trendy 2023

Just like everything else, baby names are subject to trends. And there are multiple factors that drive those trends, all at once.

Sometimes, certain names rise and fall in popularity, based on what’s going on in pop culture. (Karen, for example, is falling down in the ranks.) Sometimes, it’s a certain combination of letter sounds that get trendy. (Notice all the boy names now that end in -ias, like Silas, Elias and Tobias?) And, sometimes, it’s the length that goes in and out of fashion.

For a while, the four-letter name was dominant — and that trend seems to be holding strong, with Liam and Noah occupying the top two spots on the Social Security Administration’s list of the most popular baby boy names.

But if you peek at what names are on the rise, longer names might be coming back in vogue. If you’re looking for a name with substance to it, check out this list of long names for boys. It includes the top names in use now, along with up-and-coming trendy names, long names that are unique and unusual and long names that come with easy-to-swap nicknames, in case you change your mind. (Or, if you’re looking for more options, we have short boy names, long girl names and gender-neutral names, too.)

LWA/Dann Tardif//Getty Images

These are the most popular long names for boys.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) released its list of the most popular names for boys, and while there are lots of short names on the list, there are plenty long names (at least seven letters) to be found, too. Here are the current trendiest long names.

  • Alexander
  • Anthony
  • Benjamin
  • Bennett
  • Brayden
  • Cameron
  • Christian
  • Christopher
  • Dominic
  • Everett
  • Ezekiel
  • Gabriel
  • Giovanni
  • Grayson
  • Greyson
  • Harrison
  • Jameson
  • Jeremiah
  • Jonathan
  • Kingston
  • Leonardo
  • Lincoln
  • Lorenzo
  • Matthew
  • Maverick
  • Nathaniel
  • Nicholas
  • Santiago
  • Sebastian
  • Theodore
  • William

Youngoldman//Getty Images

These long names for boys are up-and-coming.

Along with the most popular names for boys, the SSA also tracks which names take the biggest leaps in popularity. While five- and four-letter names seem to dominate — the top climbers are Amiri, Eliam, Colter, Ozzy, Loyal and Kai — there are still some corkers to be found on the list.

  • Alastair
  • Alfonso
  • Ambrose
  • Augustine
  • Bellamy
  • Benedict
  • Braylon
  • Bridger
  • Callahan
  • Caspian
  • Cassian
  • Castiel
  • Cillian
  • Coleson
  • Evander
  • Everest
  • Forrest
  • Granger
  • Houston
  • Jericho
  • Jiraiya
  • Marcelo
  • Memphis
  • Mustafa
  • Niklaus
  • Nikolai
  • Shepherd
  • Stetson
  • Valentino
  • Yisroel

Xuanyu Han//Getty Images

These long names for boys are still pretty uncommon.

On the other end of the spectrum, these long names didn’t even make the top 1,000 on the SSA list. You’ll have them all to yourself.

  • Aloysius
  • Bartholomew
  • Chauncey
  • Constantine
  • Devereaux
  • Ellington
  • Feliciano
  • Giuseppe
  • Horatio
  • Ignatius
  • Jerusalem
  • Marcello
  • Michelangelo
  • Nicodemus
  • Octavius
  • Rayshawn
  • Roderick
  • Tennessee
  • Thelonious
  • Valerian

monkeybusinessimages//Getty Images

These long names for boys come with ready-made nicknames.

Not sure if you want to commit to a long name or a short name? Consider a long name that can easily be shortened to a nickname, and get the best of both worlds.

  • Abraham/Abe
  • Antonio/Tony
  • Augustus/Gus
  • Beckett/Beck
  • Broderick/Brody
  • Dashiell/Dash
  • Emmanuel/Manny
  • Finnegan/Finn
  • Francisco/Frank
  • Fredrick/Freddy
  • Jefferson/Jeff
  • Lawrence/Larry
  • Leonidas/Leo
  • Maximilian/Max
  • Montgomery/Monty
  • Obadiah/Obie
  • Remington/Remy
  • Thaddeus/Thad
  • Vincenzo/Vinny
  • Zachariah/Zack
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Cool and funny names

First names


A B B D L E W W I K L M H O R R S T U 9001 0 F X C H W E Yu I

It happens in life that one’s native name may seem ridiculous to some other person. Where do such names come from? This can be explained.

  1. Obsolete names of their native language — Zhdan, Boyan, Vlastelina, Shutiha.
  2. Names from other ethnic groups that do not sound funny in their native version, but in another language have nothing to do with names — Poppy, Laika, Koko, Hana.
  3. It often happens that foreign names and surnames are not translated literally, but are used «as is». So, the Russian surname Kuznetsov will not be translated as Smith (English equivalent), but will remain in the same sound. Sometimes a person finds a foreign version of his name, which often helps to avoid curiosities and funny incidents, for example, the girl Zona can be introduced in Russia as Sonya or Zoya.
  4. The name is a whole phrase or a sequence containing a set of letters and numbers (actual case: BOC rVF 260202).

Not only in our country, parents are fond of non-standard names. Some foreigners are much more inventive in this direction. An Indian couple named their child Two Kilograms of Rice. That is how much rice the parents received for the newborn from the state.

Unusual names and surnames were formed from various phrases. Each of them has its own meaning, and cool names as well. Names quite common for ancient times in our time often seem ridiculous or stupid.

Some people change their names for unusual phrases or sayings. Many of them are not perceived by ear as a name. One of the inhabitants of the United States of America appropriated the name One Nation Under God, which translates as «One nation under God.» The American believed that by his act he would increase the unity of Christians in the country.

Addictions of fanatical parents to certain music, brand of car or movie character are often directly reflected in the names of their children.

In 2002, one of the Moscow couples received a refusal from the registry office when registering a baby. Parents wanted to give their baby a name consisting of letters and numbers. It sounded like BOC rVF 260602. Such a strange name stands for — «Biological Object of a Human of the Voronin-Frolov family, born on June 26, 02.» This name is more reminiscent of a fantastic name from a work of fiction or fantasy, where the author comes up with completely impossible names for those concepts that do not yet exist.

Rare and unusual names

Funny Russian names

For modern Russians, the main sources of some funny and cool names are:

  • Soviet names — Traktor, Drezina, Himalaya, Democrat
  • Old Slavonic names — Borzun, Novozhyla, Zyuzya, Parkun
  • Christian, rarely used names — Akakiy, Evlampy, Christodula
  • Foreign names — Conchita, Daisuke
  • Fictional characters names — Blackcloak, Smaug, Monkey
  • Names formed from surnames or titles — Putin, Solnyshko, Luna

Every day there are more and more stupid and funny names in the world. During the October Revolution, names appeared that reflected the events taking place in the country. The slogan «Long live the first of May» was shortened in the name of Dazdraperma. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was captured in two names — Leninid and Vilor. The latter comes from the phrase «Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is the organizer of the revolution.» All these funny patriotic names reflect the love of the parents of their owners for the Motherland.

Some parents give their children strange, unusual, and sometimes just funny names. Freely refers to the choice of names in Russia, the people began after the revolution. So the funny Soviet names Pofistal and Perkosrak appeared. Pofistal is an abbreviation for the phrase «the winner of fascism, Joseph Stalin.» Perkosrak — «the first space rocket».

In modern society, the origin of unusual and cool names is also associated with real people and events. So parents from the Moscow region named their child in honor of a popular musical group and at the same time a well-known drug.

Football fans often give their children names associated with their favorite team. In 2008, after the semi-finals of Euro 2008, Gus Gorodnikov and Gus Khmelev were born.

Modern Russian names

Funny short and long names

There are more amazing names in the world. The most unusual of them belongs to an Indian named Brahmatr. The name of this person is considered the longest known in the world and consists of 1478 letters without spaces. It will take about 10 minutes to reproduce this name in oral speech. It reflects the names of famous people and various historical places. Even this name has competitors — one of the female names consists of 597 letters

And in the 12th century, the name Richard had a shortened form — Dick. In the 19th century, the word became slang, and to this day its use is considered offensive in European society. But among Russian-speaking people, the name Dick does not cause such associations.

The most ridiculous for the Russians will be the common short form of the name Robert — Bob. And for Europeans, it is as common as Misha or Vova for Russians.

Common short names

The funniest names

One French family surprised the public. All the children in it were called the names of the months — January, February, March and April. Although in the USA, writers and screenwriters often experiment with the names of the months, adding them as names for their heroes.

Cool and funny names are most common in India. Parents give their children names denoting the names of animals — Behemoth, Bear, etc. In the Indian state of Orissa, quite cool names are also gaining popularity: children are called “I love potatoes” or “Silver dollar”.

Even the most rare and unusual name for a girl is not necessarily funny. In female names, they mainly evaluate melodiousness and look less at the formal meaning, in addition, they are more often modified and transformed, achieving greater harmony.

But an unusual or strange male name has always been a challenge to established traditions. Any such name always attracts and arouses interest. It can also be a very bright, eye-catching name that the society will like and stay with it, such as Almaz, Ruby or Caesar.

But the other side of the coin can also await the owners of such names — ridicule, neglect, rejection, misunderstanding, very often precisely in connection with a change in the historical aspect, a change in time (Shcherba, Tusha, Titus, Bartholomew). And this, unfortunately, is also part of reality.

Funny names
April, aria, bath, will, Ennaf, Fun, Kikilia, Condorch, Malvina, Mercedes, Pavlina, Rachel, Frontin, Khan, Khan, Shushanikan, Yazdundokt
Funny male names , Electron

Growing up, children, of course, try to change their ridiculous name to something more traditional and harmonious. In recent years, fewer parents do not think about the future of a child who may have a funny or strange name (perhaps how to give traditions), so children are increasingly given modern and fashionable names.

Beautiful names
Female names
Male names

Interesting about names

Names of 2023
Girl name selection
Boy name selection

The most beautiful female names

National names
Tips for choosing a name
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How name affects fate?
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The funniest names and surnames on the planet — News, publications of Pervouralsk

Does your first or last name surprise or upset you? You are not alone. The most interesting thing is to find out what kind of personalities live in Russia. First of all, it is Russia itself. A female name given in honor of her birthday on June 12th. So the father from Nizhny Tagil called his daughter.

Next, we get acquainted with the lucky ones unknown to us in alphabetical order:

Dazdraperma — Long live the First of May!

Waterpezhekosma — «Valentina Tereshkova — the first female cosmonaut.»

Kukutsapol — Corn is the queen of the fields.

Pofistal — the winner of fascism Joseph Stalin.

Perkosrak — the first space rocket.

Trolebuzina — Trotsky, Lenin, Bukharin, Zinoviev.

Persostrat — the first Soviet stratospheric balloon

Dazdrasmygda — Long live the bond between town and country.

Vilorik — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, liberator of workers and peasants.

Niserha — Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev.

Krarmiya — Red Army.

Of the funny female names in Russia, you can find the following: Drosida, Duklida, Eutropia, Xanfipa, Kiriyakia, Mamelfa, Mastridia, Ripsimia, Siglitikia, Kazdoya, Kerkyra, Synclitikia, Snanduliya, Tekusisa, Epicharia, Epistimia, Traktorina.

The names of men are too ornate not to appreciate the scale. Evaluating: Themistocles, Theopent, Sisinius, Gorgonius, Amphilochius, Basilisk, Vata, Eupsychius, Exacustodian, Epaphrodite, Erasmus, Indis, Istukary, Login (!), Mamant, Nicostratus, Nyctopolis, Pausicaky, Pansophius, Pausilup, Pinyrite, Polychronius, Pugilius , Sosipater, Tiburty, Oksen, Savva, Nenasha.

In the suburbs, the girl was named Viagra, probably in honor of the group of the same name. After a successful quarter-final in 2008, the Guses were born in one Russian family, named after Khmelev and Hiddink.

Ukrainians are not far from the Russians. The number of strange names just rolls over: Sagdiana, Shahroz, Valencia, Olympias, Tikhmur (from the words «You are gloomy»), Islyam, Aladdin (that’s right, with two «Ls»), Krishna, Eden, Milan, Dobromysl, Bratislav.

Horse name

What are the names. Here are the names!! There is a place to roam irrepressible imagination!

Some were born under the names Nepizdit, Gnida, Shmal, Hoopoe, Baida, Svinar, Hemp, Pidorenko, Negr, Brui, Lokhov, Nepeypivo, Vagina, Bevz, Khokhlupoykina, Sasiskina, Khachapuri, Popkin, Kazyavkin, Gavnodedov.

There are also surnames: Zaderivolk, Plague, Syringe, Board, Khryukin, Brekhunov, Ubiev, Decrepit, Volkodav, Kovyryalov, Bloodletters, Trader, Sexual, Golenka, Piskun, Mozgoedov, Dobrobaba, Shelyukhina, Pidorich, Edokov, Zhirnov, Zhila, Neck, Head, Ass, Rzhach, Netudykhata, Zhopina, Umrikhina, Chmyr, Lokhovich, Radiboga, Fool, Snot, Nepeypivo, Srakin, Glukhoperd, Golovach, Goremykin, Myasoyedov, Bogomolov, Visloukhov, Balda, Psycho, Corpse, Chmyr, Dureiko, Duraleev, Durnopeiko, Pyanyugin.

If it seems to you that such surnames do not exist, look through the telephone directories of million-plus cities. You will meet a colorful set of surnames.

Funniest double surnames:

Honest-Khoroshko, Kill-Joyful, Bobrov-Bobrovsky, Rumyantsev-Zadunaysky, Davydov-Suboch, Dubrovsky-Eshke, Drinker-Nefedoy, Shura-Bura, Borets-Pervak, Buffalo-Kot, Zus-Syat, Shupa-Dubrova, Zasyad — Volkh, Evening-Shverubovich, Bit-Ivan, Essi-Esing, Engel-Mengel, Yablonkho-Radushkevich, Yashtold-Govorko.

Cool names among the peoples of the world

Romanians and Moldavians especially succeeded in creating funny surnames. Often there are such surnames as Arnaut (mercenary, soldier), Boshara (pumpkin), Berbeka (ram), Karaban (leg), Kokor (crane), Mosh (grandfather), Fanta (Goldfinch), Grivul (pockmarked), Surdul ( deaf), etc.

Tatars and those who descended from Tatars often have surnames: Badan (wind), Baysak (calm), Baknach (talker), Balaban (giant), Dunda (low, worthless), Magalyas (local), Chaus (servant , tax collector).

The French have surnames Galant (polite), Gal (an old name for the French), Granda (large), Grenadir (grenadier, soldier), Montresor (my treasure).

Almost 1 million Carlsons live in Sweden. This is a very common surname, almost like our Petrov.

In Russia and in the CIS countries there are surnames: Che, Us, Eh, Em.

Cossack surnames are very funny. And almost everything. Here are just some examples:

Vernydub and Gryzidub, Prudius and Krutius, Dobryden and Gulyayden, Nepeyvoda and Nepeypivo, Nebeybatko and Pomagaybatko, Killwolk and Killerbyla, Zasyad’volk and Karaybeda, Nesvyatipaska and Neeshmak, Matsyupa, Kutsan, Titsky — small in stature; Tovtukha, Khudyo, Slabukha, Motsny — fullness, physical strength; Loban, Gubach, Nosulya, Kapinos, Mordan, Crooked, Rotan, Putrid-tooth, Shcherbaha, Patibillaska, Pidkuymuha, Cherevukha, Puzach, Bryukhan, Tripuz, Crooked-sided, Drozhiruk, Nogal, Tsyban, Yellow-legged, Knee, Mute, Stutterer, Harkavy, Deaf, Blind, Cross-eyed, Gorban, Handsome, Khoroshko, Drawn, Bridun, Unclean, Koshlaty, Chubai, Bald, Strigun, Chernukha, Belyan, Ore, Sivak, Borodayko and Goloborodko, Quiet, Affectionate, Holy, Delicate, Honest, Sweet . ..

In 1890, German newspapers published a report about the Haitian king Suluk, who, without thinking twice, surrounded himself with titled persons, calling them dishes from the local restaurant menu. In his entourage appeared «Duke Lemonade», «Count von Kompot» and other «sweet» subordinates.

Artificial names

Often people invent names and surnames for themselves instead of those that do not suit them, this is typical of public people. Few people know that Ani Lorak (Karolina, on the contrary) called herself that, because she did not like her surname Kuek.

Larisa Dolina is Larisa Kudelman, Semyon Farada was Freidman, Natalya Koroleva was Natalka Poryvay, and Dima Bilan was Viktor Bilyk.

The wildest names on the planet

For example, in Honolulu, Hawaii, there is a girl whose name consists of 102 letters. Napu Amo Hala Ona She Aneka Vehi Vehi Ona Hivea Nena Vawa Keho Onka Kahe Hea Leke Ea Ona Nei Nana Nia Keko Oa Oga Wan Ika Vanao. In the school magazine, she was never recorded by her full name. In translation, her name means: «Many beautiful flowers of mountains and valleys begin to fill Hawaii in length and breadth with their fragrance.»

English words in names are a form of mockery of people. And there are parents who call their offspring that way.

Sheila Dikshit Sheila Dikshit is an Indian statesman from Delhi. The woman’s surname consists of two syllables — Dik (almost Dick, that is, member) and Shit (Shit).

Dick Finder is a doctor from America. His first and last name translates to «Member Seeker».

Perhaps we should finish with such names, although this is by no means the most exhaustive collection of examples.

Chip Munk is an insurance agent from the USA. If his name and surname are combined into one word, the word Chipmunk will turn out — Chipmunk.

One Nation Under God One Nation Under God — in translation it means «One Nation Under God» This name was taken by Steve Kreuscher in order to strengthen «Christian unity in the United States. »

I Hate Thomas Coo, a UK resident who had problems with Thomas Cook, changed her name to this phrase.

Briton Richard Smith was probably haunted by the laurels of the Indians. No, to be called «Hawkeye», he became Stormhammer Deathclaw FirebrandStormhammer Deathclaw Firebrand, which means «Thunderhammer Deathclaw Firebrand».

Only lazy people have not heard about the surname Assman in the states. «Ass Man» is a real surname.

In Canada, there is a surname Wacko, which means «crazy».

A family in Chicago named their children after diseases: Meningitis, Peritonitis, Appendicitis, Laryngitis, and Tonsillitis, while a family in Oklahoma named their twins Okla and Homa.

There is a family in Minnesota where the parents did the same: the twin girls are named Minnie and Sota. And another pair of parents did not bother at all. Children’s names are Her, Bee, Si (A, B, C).

A man from Tulsa named all four children Eugene Jeron Dupua, and he himself is named the same. In order not to be confused, the children are assigned serial numbers.

There is a guy in India whose name translates as «I love potatoes».

Boys named Elvis and Hitler live in Venezuela.

Bernd Ottovordemgentschenfelde is a German with the longest surname in the country.

Serpivo Eduard Yebtivich from the village of Tambey in the Yamal region and Sing Mao Khuevich from the town of Belukha in the Altai Territory live in Russia.

Facebook — An Egyptian newborn is honored to have such a fancy name. Her father decided to honor the girl with the honor of being the owner of a name that means the largest social network in the country. Thanks to Facebook, many mass protests have been organized. The Pope considered that this name is synonymous with freedom.

And the Israeli family did not bother at all and named their daughter Like.

Indeed, is there any point in fooling around with the choice of a name, putting «likes» on the network on pages with photos, if you can immediately tell the whole world I like Like (I like Like).

By alexxlab

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