Most popular boy name 2022: Top baby names of 2022 (so far), including new No. 1 boy name

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Maryland’s most popular baby names in 2022 revealed

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BALTIMORE — The Social Security Administration released state-by-state breakdowns of the most popular baby names in 2022, and if you’re a Marylander who named your newborn Liam or Ava, they’re likely going to hear their names a lot in school.  

Those two names topped the list in Maryland. Last year, 421 newborn boys were named Liam, trailed far behind by 310 named Noah, and 239 named James.

Liam was also the nation’s most popular boy’s name in 2022 and has held that title for the last six years. 

Maryland’s top baby names of 2022

Social Security Administration

Olivia, which has held the national top spot for four years, missed Maryland’s mark by one baby. 

Ava won by a close shave, with 225 newborn girls presuming that name, compared to 224 for Olivia, and 222 for Charlotte.

Nationally there aren’t many changes to the top 10 — but one name made it for the first time. Luna has crept in at number 10, according to the Social Security Administration, which keeps tabs on names. 

The agency has been releasing lists of the top U.S. baby names since 1997. 

The agency reports there were 3,648,019 births in the U. S. in 2022. The name Liam was given to 20,456 babies — about 1.097% of the total births. Olivia was given to 16,573 babies — 0.9288% of total births. 

You can explore the full «top baby name list» and even look up the popularity of your own name through the years on the agency’s website,

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The Official 2022 List Of Top Baby Names Just Dropped

from amelia to zelda

There’s a brand new girl’s name in the top 10, and a popular television show is making baby name waves.

by Sarah Aswell

TwentySeven/E+/Getty Images

Forget Mother’s Day. Forget Christmas. It’s the best holiday of the year: The day that the Social Security Administration (SSA) releases all of the baby name information from the previous year! Happy SSA Baby Name Day!

There is so much data to wade through in the top 2022 baby name list, but don’t worry, the SSA pulled some highlights. Let’s get started.

First and foremost: Liam and Olivia still reign as top boy and girl name in the United States, respectively. It’s the sixth year that Liam is number one and the fourth year that Olivia is number one, and, yawn, honestly. Do you really want your son to be called “Liam K.” or whatever for the rest of their lives? Take it from a Sarah born in 1981, don’t do it!

Secondly, the top 10 names have stayed the same with one exciting new difference: the lovely name Luna is new on the list of girls names, coming in at number 10 and unseating Harper, which has sunk to 11. Twenty years ago, in 2003 Luna was barely in the top 1000, at position 890, but it’s been in the top 100 since 2016 and was in 11th place last year. Luna is the Roman goddess of the moon… and the name of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter.

The other top 10 baby names for girls (in order) are Emma, Charlotte, Amelia, Sophia, Isabella, Ava, Mia, Evelyn.

For boys’ names, the top 10 after Liam are Noah, Oliver, James, Elijah, William, Henry, Lucas, Benjamin and Theodore.

The 2022 baby name list is compiled each year based on applications for social security cards in the United States each year.

«Just like your name, Social Security is with you from day one. One of the first things parents do for their newborn is get them a Social Security number. That makes Social Security the ultimate source for the most popular baby names each year!» said Kilolo Kijakazi, Acting Commissioner of Social Security, in a video announcing the names.

Of course, the top ten names are not nearly as exciting as looking at some of the top movers and shakers — the names that are rising into popularity quickly.

The two single biggest leaps in popularity are due to television (remember when Game of Thrones names like Arya took huge jumps forward a few years back?). Dutton and Kayce are now in the top 1,000 thanks to the wildly popular show Yellowstone.

Dutton, the last name of the Montana rancher family, skyrocketed from nowhere to be the 835th most popular boy’s name. Kayce, the name of one of the show’s main characters, reached the top 1,000 for the first time ever, placing 587. It will be interesting to see if other names on the series, like Rip or Laramie, appear on the list in a year or two.

A few more boy names that are on the move? Chosen has appeared in the top 1000 for the first time ever, while Eithan, an alternate spelling of Ethan, has jumped from the 800s in years past to 500 this year. Khaza also jumped in popularity, according to the SSA.

On the girl’s side, Wrenlee is on the list for the first time, dropping in at 712. Arlet, which means Eagle, has also joined the list at 741. Neriah, which means lamp of god, Georgina, and Amiri also made large jumps.

To do your own digging, you can head to the SSA’s baby name website, which is tons of fun to play with. Check out your name, your kids’ names, your future kids’ names, and more here.

The most popular names for newborns in the Tomsk region in 2022 were Mikhail and Sofia




4032 boys and 3955 girls were born in our region from January to November 2022. A total of 7987 children were born. This was announced by the registry office of the Tomsk region.


Twins were born in 104 families. The birth of triplets in 11 months was registered in two families in our region.

“3076 newborns became firstborns, 2709 — second, 1417 — third, 466 — fourth, 157 — fifth, 75 — sixth, 28 — seventh, 10 — eighth, 2 — ninth, 7 — tenth children in the family. The 11th and 13th children were born in two families of residents of the Tomsk region, and the 12th child was born in one family of the Molchanovsky region.

In 2022, the name Sofia became the leader among female names. So named 230 newborn girls. The most popular male name is Artyom, which is how 210 boys were named in the Tomsk region.

Also, children were often called names: Alexander, Mikhail, Timofey, Maxim, Dmitry, Roman, Matvey, Ivan, Lev; Alice, Eva, Anna, Varvara, Victoria, Vasilisa, Maria, Anastasia and Xenia.

Among the rare names given to newborns in 2022 were Socrates, Aristarchus, Spartak, Henry, Donat, Zhora, Namig, Ramzan, Sultan, Theodore; Magdalene, Jasmine, Teresa, Almira, Asma, Cataleya, Nastasia, Rufina, Denmark and Juno.

Earlier, MK in Tomsk said that in 2022, the average per capita income of our region increased by 12.2%.




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The most popular female name in the world in history. TOP 6 current trends in 2022 when choosing a name


  1. The most popular female name in the world in history. TOP 6 current trends in 2022
    of the year when choosing a name
  2. The most popular male name in the world. TOP 100: list of the most popular male names in the world
  3. The most popular name in Ukraine. Features and origins
  4. The most popular male name in Russia. The most popular names for boys in Russia

The most popular female name in the world in history. TOP 6 current trends in 2022
of the year when choosing a name

Trend #1. Influence of the year of the Tiger

Many people are guided by the Chinese horoscope and the meanings that are concealed in
imagine his animal symbols. 2022 is the year of the Tiger, this is the year of strong and bright names,
close in meaning to «tiger». So, names with the meanings «lion», «tiger» and «lynx»,
as well as names corresponding in meaning to the characteristics and habits of this
animal (“strong”, “fast”, “dexterous”, etc.) will become relevant when choosing
name for children born this year. Names will be relevant for boys
Tigran, Alisher and Bars (meaning «tiger» in translation), Leo, Leon, Aslan, Ruslan,
Asad, Leonid, Haydar and Sher (meaning «lion»), as well as the name Fahad (interpreted as

There are significantly fewer female names
with similar meanings, since traditionally girls prefer other
quality, but the names Teresa, Leon, Ruslana, Ariana are also great.

Trend #2. Brevity

Most people don’t like having their names mangled and mispronounced.
Therefore, the possibility of using a short name prevails over
using the full name. As a result, there has been a trend
give the child a «short» name: Mia, Kira, Max, Mark, Adam, Leon, Anton,
David, Nika, Agatha and Ilya.

Trend #3. Relevance (or even

Various events taking place in
the world. Everyone remembers how many new Yurievs appeared in the USSR after Gagarin’s flight to
space. It seems that this trend has only intensified since then. A new cash desk is coming out
film — children appear with the name of its protagonist. The leader of the Forbes list is changing — the name of the lucky person appears in the registry office records. Sometimes it’s not just a tribute to fashion
— it is also the hope for an easy adaptation of the child’s name when translating to other

Trend #4. Europeanization

Many fathers and mothers in different countries are guided by Western culture, considering
himself a part of it and expecting that the life of the baby in the future will be with this culture
inextricably linked. Such parents prefer to name their children not
Slavic (or other national) names, but more «European»
options. The names Mark, David, Robert, Arthur, Diana, Mia, Nicole thoroughly
have strengthened their positions, and in the near future they are likely to
attract even more attention. As a result, for example, among
Slavic names in the top 30 ranking of the most popular were only
Miroslava, Milana, Daria, Yesenia, Vladimir and Vladislav.

Trend #5. Self-knowledge and

In the current world situation
some people intuitively began to change their names and surnames. A desire arises
name a child with a name programmed to bring good luck, career success and
business. Parents also want the name and surname to give stress resistance,
contributed to health and longevity.

Trend #6. Oriental

Mysteriousness, «brutality» of male and melodious female oriental names
captivates many hearts even far from their original homeland. Names Muhammad, Timur,
Umar, Safiya, Maryam, Amina are the champions in popularity among children whose
parents are not Muslims or residents of countries considered oriental.

Most Popular
male name in Russia over the past few years has been the name
Alexander. Moreover, experts say that in Russia there is a tendency to give
traditional names: Alexander, Alexey, Arseny, Vladimir, Bogdan, Andrey,
Mikhail, Dmitry, Matvey, Makar, Artyom, Ivan.

The most popular male name in the world. TOP-100: list of the most popular male names in the world

Finally you heard the coveted: «Congratulations! You have a boy.» And it doesn’t matter if it happened on a planned ultrasound or after childbirth — you need

Finally, you heard the cherished: “Congratulations! You have a boy.» And it doesn’t matter if it happened on a planned ultrasound or after childbirth — you need to give your boy a name.

It’s time to decide which male name is perfect for your baby! We want to make things easier for you. Here are the 100 most loved and popular names in the world. Perhaps one of them will suit your boy. Or perhaps you have already come up with a name in advance, then it remains to check whether it is on the list.

The most popular name in Ukraine. Features and origins

The etymology of old Ukrainian (pre-Christian) names can be easily traced. In this country, for children, they were chosen in accordance with family life circumstances. The most popular in Ukraine were, for example, the following options. The long-awaited child received the name Zhdan (from the word «wait»), the surprise child — Nezhdan («not» — a negative prefix + «wait»). The first son in the family was called Odinets (“one”), the third — Tretyak (“third”).

Old native names with a negative connotation were given to protect the child from evil and illness, for example, the common Gor has the meaning of «misfortune», and Zakhvorai — from zahvority — «get sick».

At the end of the 10th century, Christianity was adopted in the country, and female and male names from the Greek, Latin, Hebrew languages ​​replaced the Old Russian variants, although the latter were still in demand along with the new ones for a long period.

The list of beautiful modern Ukrainian names for children consists of the following groups.

  • Byzantine old Christian variants. The most popular: Ivan and Alexey, Peter and Fedor were in great demand in Ukraine, parents liked the female name Ekaterina. And today they are typical for this country.
  • Ancient, rare today Old Ukrainian names: Volodymyr, boys were often called Rostislav, girls Faith and Love, some variants came from the Scandinavians — Igor, Oleg, Olga.
  • Names that have already become popular, borrowed from the Western and South Slavic peoples: Wanda, I really liked the name Ruzhen, the girls were called Vlasta or Kvitoslava.
  • During the Soviet era (XX century), unusual names for this country appeared in Ukraine: the female name Volya, you could often meet a girl named Svoboda.
  • Funny options: Arnold, Eleanor.

in Russia. The most popular names for boys in Russia

The article contains popular names for boys: more than 80 of the most beautiful popular male names with meaning (alphabetical list). In this list you will find the most popular male names in Russia.

When choosing a name for their son, many parents take into account not only the meaning of a male name, but also its popularity. If you make the right choice, then the child in the future will be successful and happy.

The most popular name in Russia is Alexander. The meaning of the name from the ancient Greek language is «male protector». Alexanders are smart and witty, with strong intuition. As a rule, in childhood Alexandra boys are very popular and extremely inquisitive.

The second most popular name is the male name Artem. For two years, Artem has been on the list of «the most popular boy names in Russia.» This name in translation from ancient Greek means «intact». The owners of this name are calm, persistent and sometimes stubborn, but not conflict. Almost all Artems in adult life are friendly, sympathetic and very hardworking men.

When choosing the most popular male name in Russia, do not forget about the name Maxim, it is the third most popular. The male name Maxim means «greatest». Maxims are smart, well-read, with a rich inner world, they are always friendly.

Ivan, the good old Russian name is still in the first place in popularity.

By alexxlab

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