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Christian Boy Names Starting with W

If you are looking for the best possible Christian Boy name with W for your child then you can take advantage of our website.The vast collection of names is created to provide you assistance regarding the naming process of your newborn.The best part is that all names are characterized by their respective alphabets and you can also view their origin, lucky number, and other key details.

Weldon spring, stream Christian
William A form of wilhelm Christian
Wilson Son of will Christian
Wayne Wagon maker Christian
Wyatt hardywarrior Christian
Wesley Western meadow Christian
Winston Friendly town Christian
Wolf wolf Christian
Wesly A form of wesley Christian
Wael A form of wales Christian
Wallace foreigner, stranger, Christian
Willoughby willow Christian
Walton Walled town Christian
Wisdom wisdom Christian
Watson Son of walter Christian
Walt A short form of walter Christian
Wren wren Christian
Waylon Land by the road Christian
Westin A form of weston Christian
Werner A form of warner Christian
Wilbur Wall fortification; bright willows Christian
Willy will-helmet Christian
Wilf desirespeace Christian
Walden Wooded valley Christian
Wales From wales Christian
Woody lives in arow of houses by the wood Christian
Wilma will-helmet Christian
Wiley Willow meadow Christian
Will will-helmet Christian
Wake Awake, alert Christian

Names Records 1 To 30 (Total 102 Records)

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Naming a baby is a sacred as well as hectic responsibility for parents especially if names must start from a particular alphabet. Some parent worldwide selects an alphabet on the different basis to names their baby as Christian parents take any biblical alphabet to name their baby. To create ease for those looking for Christian boy names starting with W alphabet can take a peaceful breath as we have gathered here an amazing list of boy names starting with W. Names based on Good meaning or trending names from W alphabet is the main focus of this page as there must be a fusion of meaningful, modern and popular names. Parents would love this collection of Christian boy names starting with W.

We have come up with a fresh lift of Christian boy names starting with W comprised of the latest names for boys. A huge list of unique Christian boy names from the W letter is mentioned here with its meaning, origin, lucky number, and all the related information. Parents can now easily reach the modern boy names with W to select the best name for their little prince. Check out an updated list of Christian baby names starting with W here. Good meaning names starting with W along with all information are stated here.

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Ten Biblical Names NOT to Call Your Kids | by Dan Foster | Backyard Church

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Apr 2, 2022

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My wife and I argued long and hard when choosing names for our children. And fair enough.

It’s not something that you want to get wrong as parents. After all, your child is stuck with the name you choose for them — at least until they are legally old enough to change it…

Written by Dan Foster


·Editor for

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Name day in July 2023 according to the old and new style — UNIAN

The name day calendar for July will help you choose a happy name for your child so that the baby is protected by a guardian angel.

Who has a name day in July / photo

Name days in July are the days when the church honors saints and martyrs with certain names. It is believed that if you choose a name for a child from a name day for a birthday or baptism, then the saint, in whose honor the baby will be named, will protect him from troubles all his life. And adults on a name day can pray to their holy namesake.

On May 24, 2023, at the Bishops’ Council, the OCU approved the transition to the New Julian church calendar, which coincides with the modern one. After the transition, all church dates, including name days, will be celebrated 13 days earlier.

We publish all name days in July 2023 according to the old (Julian) and modern (New Julian) calendars.

Video of the day

When is the name day in July 2023 according to the Julian calendar

July 1 — Alexander, Vasily, Victor, Leonty, Sergey.

July 2 — Ivan, Jan, Maria.

July 3 — Andrei, Athanasius, Gleb, Dmitry, Ivan, Luka, Foma, Jan, Inna, Rimma.

July 4 — Alexey, Anton, Georgy, Egor, Ivan, Maxim, Nikita, Nikolai, Theodore, Fedor, Julian, Julius, Jan, Anastasia, Vasilisa.

July 5 — Vasily, Gabriel, Gennady, Grigory, Theodore, Fedor, Ulyana, Yuliana.

July 6 — Alexander, Alexei, Anton, Artem, German, Joseph, Mitrofan, Peter, Svyatoslav, Theodore, Fedor, Agrippina.

July 7 — Anton, Ivan, Nikita, Yakov, Jan.

July 8 — Vasily, David, Denis, Konstantin, Nikolai, Peter, Semyon, Theodore, Fedor, Efrosinya, Fevronia.

July 9 — Georgy, David, Denis, Egor, Ivan, Nil, Pavel, Tikhon, Jan.

July 10 — Alexander, Vladimir, Voldemar, Georgy, Yegor, Ivan, Luka, Martin, Peter, Samson, Jan, Ivanna, Yana.

July 11 — Vasily, German, Grigory, Ivan, Joseph, Pavel, Sergey, Jan. July 12 — Pavel, Peter, Simon.

July 13 — Andrei, Bartholomew, Ivan, Matvey, Mikhail, Peter, Simon, Stepan, Timofey, Philip, Foma, Yakov, Jan, Dinara.

July 14 — Alexey, Arkady, Vasily, Demyan, Ivan, Konstantin, Kuzma, Lev, Pavel, Peter, Jan, Angelina.

July 15 — Arseniy.

July 16 — Alexander, Anatoly, Anton, Vasily, Georgy, Demid, Yegor, Ivan, Konstantin, Mark, Mikhail, Rodion, Philip, Foma, Jan.

July 17 — Alexey, Andrey, Bogdan, Dmitry, Efim, Mark, Mikhail, Nikolai, Savva, Theodore, Fedor, Alexandra, Anastasia, Maria, Marta, Martha, Olga, Tatyana.

July 18 — Athanasius, Vasily, Sergei, Stepan, Agnia, Anna, Varvara, Elizaveta, Cyril, Lucia.

July 19 — Anatoly, Anton, Arkhip, Valentin, Vasily, Viktor, Gleb, Yefim, Innokenty, Lukyan, Theodore, Fedor, Lucia, Martha, Martha, Uliana, Juliana.

July 20 — Akaki, German, Lukyan, Ostap, Pavel, Sergey, Foma, Evdokia, Efrosinya.

July 21 — Alexander, Savva, Theodore, Fedor.

July 22 — Alexander, Andrey, Ivan, Kirill, Konstantin, Mikhail, Theodore, Fedor, Jan.

July 23 — Alexander, Anton, George, Daniel, Yegor, Leonty, Nestor, Peter, Stepan.

July 24 — Arkady, Hilarion, Leo, Alena, Elena, Ilona, ​​Olga.

July 25 — Arseny, Gabriel, Grigory, Efim, Ivan, Mikhail, Simon, Theodore, Fedor, Jan, Veronica, Maria.

July 26 — Anton, Gabriel, Stepan, Julian, Sarah.

July 27 — Ivan, Heraclius, Konstantin, Nikolai, Peter, Stepan, Theodore, Fedor, Jan.

July 28 — Vasily, Vladimir, Voldemar, Peter, Agrippina, Matrena.

July 29 — Ivan, Pavel, Peter, Theodore, Fedor, Yakov, Jan, Alevtina, Valentina, Julia, Matrena, Julia.

July 30 — Leonid, Veronica, Margarita, Marina.

July 31 — Athanasius, Emelyan, Ivan, Kuzma, Leonty, Stepan, Emil, Jan.

Name days in July 2023 according to the New Julian calendar

July 2, — Georgy, Egor, Hilarion, Rafael, Suzanne, Thekla.

July 3 — Alexander, Anton, Athanasius, Bogdan, Valentin, Vasily, Veniamin, Victor, Vladimir, Voldemar, Grigory, Ivan, Ignat, Lev, Mikhail, Nikolai, Pavel, Peter, Stepan, Taras, Jan, Valeria , Zinaida, Kaleria, Maria, Suzanne.

July 4, — Vasily, Konstantin, Pavel, Theodore, Fedor, Melania.

July 5, — Alexander, Alexei, Ivan, Kirill, Rafael, Jan, Marianna, Maria, Marta, Martha, Thekla.

July 6 — Alexander, Alexei, Vasily, Ivan, Makar, Nikolai, Pavel, Semyon, Timofey, Jan, Antonina.

7 July — Bartholomew, Maria.

July 8 — Andrey, Arseniy, Ivan, Peter, Stepan, Timofey, Julian, Jan, Anna.

9 July — Alexander, Andrey, Daniil, Dmitry, Ivan, Savva, Yakov, Jan, Akilina, Alexandra, Anna, Antonina, Pelageya.

July 10, — Alexander, Vladimir, Voldemar, Georgy, Yegor, Elisha, Joseph, Mstislav, Nikolai, Pavel, Seraphim.

July 11, — Grigory, Mikhail, Semyon, Theodore, Fedor.

July 12, — Konstantin, Mikhail, Peter, Tikhon.

July 13, — Joseph, Ismail, Kirill, Klim, Maxim, Nikita, Savely, Pelageya.

July 14 — Alexander, Vasily, Victor, Leonty, Sergey.

July 15 — Ivan, Jan, Maria.

July 16 — Andrei, Athanasius, Gleb, Dmitry, Ivan, Luka, Foma, Jan, Inna, Rimma.

July 17 — Alexey, Anton, Georgy, Egor, Ivan, Maxim, Nikita, Nikolai, Theodore, Fedor, Julian, Julius, Jan, Anastasia, Vasilisa.

July 18 — Vasily, Gavriil, Gennady, Grigory, Teodor, Fedor, Ulyana, Yuliana.

July 19 — Alexander, Alexei, Anton, Artem, German, Joseph, Mitrofan, Peter, Svyatoslav, Theodore, Fedor, Agrippina.

July 20 — Anton, Ivan, Nikita, Yakov, Yan.

July 21 — Vasily, David, Denis, Konstantin, Nikolai, Peter, Semyon, Theodore, Fedor, Efrosinya, Fevronia.

July 22 — George, David, Denis, Egor, Ivan, Nil, Pavel, Tikhon, Jan.

July 23 — Alexander, Vladimir, Voldemar, Georgy, Yegor, Ivan, Luka, Martin, Peter, Samson, Jan, Ivanna, Yana.

July 24 — Vasily, German, Grigory, Ivan, Joseph, Pavel, Sergey, Jan.

July 25 — Pavel, Peter, Simon.

July 26 — Andrei, Bartholomew, Ivan, Matvey, Mikhail, Peter, Simon, Stepan, Timofey, Philip, Foma, Yakov, Jan, Dinara.

July 27 — Alexey, Arkady, Vasily, Demyan, Ivan, Konstantin, Kuzma, Lev, Pavel, Peter, Jan, Angelina.

July 28 — Arseniy.

July 29 — Alexander, Anatoly, Anton, Vasily, Georgy, Demid, Yegor, Ivan, Konstantin, Mark, Mikhail, Rodion, Philip, Foma, Jan.

July 30 — Alexey, Andrey, Bogdan, Dmitry, Efim, Mark, Mikhail, Nikolai, Savva, Theodore, Fedor, Alexandra, Anastasia, Maria, Marta, Martha, Olga, Tatyana.

July 31 — Athanasius, Vasily, Sergei, Stepan, Agnia, Anna, Varvara, Elizabeth, Cyril, Lucy.

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24 amazing facts about the Bible that you probably didn’t know about

Who had the most wives, what is the Bible for sinners and why Mahershalalhashbaza is not the best name for a child .

The Bible is a book (more precisely, a collection of 39 sacred books) unlike any other. If only because work on it began 1600 years before the birth of Jesus Christ! It doesn’t matter who you are — an atheist or a believer, whether you know the texts from the Holy Scriptures by heart or rarely look into a book, the facts below will definitely surprise you.

We at have collected for you only interesting information about the Bible and biblical characters.

1. The Bible is often stolen


One of the famous facts: The Bible is the best selling book of all time. It is estimated that 25 million copies leave the shelves every year in the United States alone. What is most surprising is that the Bible is most often stolen! Apparently, some readers grab the book before they get to the ten commandments of God’s law.

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2. The Bible started the publishing industry


Although the word «Bible» comes from the Greek biblios («scrolls»), it was actually the first book to be printed in movable type (instead of handwritten). Presumably, Johannes Gutenberg completed the first printed copy in 1455 in Mainz, Germany. Almost 600 years later 49Copies of the Gutenberg Bible still exist, and less than half of them are complete. By the way, one of them is under lock and key in the Library of Congress in Washington.

3. Translation could be punished


A little-known biblical fact: not so long ago, translating the Bible into any language other than Latin could lead to more serious consequences than torture boiling water. John Wycliffe was not afraid and translated the Scriptures into English — this was in the XIV century. But 43 years after his death, the Roman Catholic Church dug up his corpse, burned it, and threw the ashes into a river to punish the translator for alleged sins. Another daredevil, William Tyndale, was burned at the stake for heresy in 1536. Ironically, there are 58 English versions of the Bible on sale today.

4. The Bible is the source of many modern phrases


After all, it was definitely worth waiting for the first official Bible in English and other languages. The influence (and beauty) of the King James Version, published in 1611, cannot be overestimated. As the late essayist (and notorious atheist) Christopher Hitchens once wrote, “The lucid prose of the King James Bible…continues to echo in our language.” Among the most famous phrases: “When I was a child, I spoke like a child; «Eat, drink and be merry»; «From strength to strength»; «No one orders him»; «Salt of the earth»; «Our Father who art in heaven.»

5. There is a Bible for sinners


What a small word can mean! In 1631, when English-language Bibles finally became legal, the publisher Robert Barker produced a version that was notable for the absence of the «not» from the seventh commandment. As a result, the commandment was: «Commit adultery.» About 1,000 copies of this Bible for Sinners (also known as the Adultery Bible, or the Wicked Bible) were circulated before anyone noticed the typo. We will never know how many people fulfilled the changed commandment. But what is known for sure is that 400 years later, 9such instances.


Even minor typos in early biblical texts cause delight among true collectors. Take, for example, «She Bible», dating from 1611. You would think that some time-traveling feminist took a holy book and changed the gender of God in it. It’s actually a typo in the Book of Ruth where it says «she entered the city» instead of «he». A few years ago, a copy of «She Bible» appeared in the parish church of St. Mary in the English county of Lancashire and was valued at more than 65 thousand dollars.

7. The Bible is part of US religious history


Sold at Sotheby’s in 2013 for over $14 million, the Massachusetts Psalm Book is considered one of the the most expensive books in the world — and that’s not even complete bible. This is a poetic English translation of the Psalms by leading Puritan ministers from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, published in 1640, the first book printed in what is now the United States. Each of the 47 pages is worth nearly $300,000! As an artifact of colonial America and religious history, it is virtually priceless.

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8. The smallest Bible has a size of 5×5 millimeters!


Now there is no excuse for believers to leave the holy book at home: all 1.2 million letters of the Old Testament were printed in nanoscale on the pages of a nano-Bible — an aluminum disc five by five millimeters . But because each letter is incredibly tiny — 600 nanometers — you need an electron microscope to read a book.

9. The largest weighs 496 kilograms


It would be difficult for Goliath himself to handle the largest copy of the Wainai Bible. This giant version of the King James Bible is located at Abilene Christian University in Texas. It weighs more than 496 kilograms, is 249 cm high and 110.5 cm wide. It took American carpenter and self-proclaimed priest Louis Wayne 2 years to print the text on huge pages using a homemade printing press.

10. Is the Bible a teen magazine?


Not all new editions of the Bible are as durable. In 2006, Christian publisher Thomas Nelson repackaged the New Testament in a «Blossom BibleZine» for young girls with the words: «With the latest teen magazines, scriptural wisdom, and great ‘big sister’ advice, the magazine will help you navigate topics such as school, friends, parents, beauty, your body and peer pressure. These years will not be easy, but by studying what God tells you, you can become a true believer.”

11. At 500, the biblical life is just beginning!


Either modern humans have been treated unfairly, or the biblical facts we so believe are wrong. .. The early biblical characters have incredibly long life spans! As you may know, Methuselah lived the longest, reaching the age of 969. But Adam, Seth, Noah and other characters, apparently, also crossed the threshold of 900 years. After the Flood, biblical lives dropped dramatically, but both Abraham and Isaac approached the 200-year mark! That’s not all: Joseph, for example, died at the age of 110.

12. Scenes from the Bible recreated from LEGO


The most bizarre version of the Holy Scriptures ever created can be considered the LEGO Bible. Artist Elba Sperling illustrated the book and website with biblical scenes faithfully reproduced in LEGO bricks. Given that not all biblical material is PG-rated, Spurling has the foresight to prepare a Lego Bible for kids, focusing on the stories of Noah’s Ark and Jonah and the Whale.

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Judas was red?


We will never know if this fact is one of the confirmed ones. The fact is that there are many images that show the apostle who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, with red hair. For example, Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. The «fiery» hair color is also mentioned in Shakespeare’s play «As You Like It»: «He even has hair of a fickle color. A little darker than Judas’.

However, nowhere in the text of the New Testament does anyone describe the color of the traitor’s hair. And what is the result of these false images? That’s right — the emergence of centuries of prejudice against people with red hair!

14. Who wrote the «orphan» psalms?


No, they are not about orphans. So sometimes called psalms without specifying the author. In addition to King David, to whom some of the most famous psalms are attributed, including the 23rd (“The Lord is my Shepherd; I will lack nothing”), and his successor Solomon, there were other authors, including Moses. But at least 18 psalms of the Old Testament and 17 of the New Testament are devoid of names and signatures.

15. Nominated for «The Coolest Biblical Heroine»

‘Judith and Holofernes,’ 1605, by Jan de Bray. (Public domain)

No doubt it must be Judith. A ruthless Jewish widow from Bethului who seduced Holofernes, the general of the invading Persian army, made him drink in his own tent and beheaded him with two blows of the sword. Then she put his head in a bag and brought it to her hometown to scare off the enemy. Can a modern spy do better? We think not.

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16. Nomination “The worst family member”


And here is a big competition! We have Abraham, who, at the command of God, was ready to sacrifice his only son; Cain, who killed his only brother; and Rebekah, who loved her second son Jacob so much that she deceived him so that he would receive his father’s blessing before her brother Esau.

But Joseph’s brothers become the winners in the nomination. When father Jacob gave Joseph a colorful cloak—a symbol of Joseph’s preference for his father—his jealous older brothers decided to kill Joseph and throw him into a pit. However, the older brother, Reuben, decided to secretly save the innocent, so, on the advice of Judas, Joseph was sold into slavery, informing his father that he had been eaten by a wild animal.

17. Nomination «Most Married Man»


Of all the polygamists in the Bible (and there are quite a few), King Solomon is the undisputed winner. On his account — 700 wives and 300 concubines! The question arises: how did he remember their names, not to mention the details? If he took turns visiting a new woman every night, it would be almost three years before each of them would see him again. The king must have spent more time with only a few of them: it is believed that the foreign wives encouraged Solomon to worship their gods, which led to the final fall and division of his kingdom.

18. What about animals?


In the Bible, many characters are shepherds, so it’s no surprise that sheep are the most frequently mentioned animal in Scripture (goats are second by a wide margin). However, other animals roam the pages of the Bible, and there are about 100 of them. Including those that have disappeared from the Middle East: hippos (Job 40: 15-25), crocodiles (Ezekiel 29: 3-6), hartebeests (Deuteronomy 14 :4), cheetahs (Habakkuk 1:8), bears (2 Kings 2:24) and lions (which are mentioned over 150 times). Only one animal never appears: the domestic cat.

19. Who was the first nudist?


Adam and Eve don’t count: they immediately grabbed fig leaves as soon as they realized they were naked. The prophet Isaiah is the first biblical character to undress on purpose. In obedience to the commandments of God, Isaiah wandered barefoot and completely naked for three years, warning of the impending threat from Ethiopia and Egypt. These days, such behavior is unlikely to strengthen the preacher’s authority, but it will certainly attract a crowd.

20. God is often portrayed on the big screen


It takes a lot of courage to portray God in movies, but many actors have taken on the challenge. Our absolute favorites are Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments, Graham Chapman in Monty Python and the Holy Grail and, of course, Morgan Freeman in the comedy Bruce Almighty.

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21. There is a divination called bibliomancy


The simplest form of divination is to ask a question, open a sacred book at random and find the answer. This divination is called bibliomancy, and naturally the Bible has been used for this practice countless times. Of course, bibliomancy is more about getting a biblical direction than a specific answer. And this should be remembered, especially if your Bible opens on the Revelation of John the Theologian.

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Many musicians are known for their strong religious beliefs — from a Christian singer Amy Grant to Irish band U2. According to The New Yorker, «Churches around the world are holding U2charists, services that replace traditional church music with U2 songs. The list of musicians who turn to sacred texts does not end there. Biblical references can be found in songs by Bob Marley («By the Rivers of Babylon»), Bruce Springsteen («Adam Raised a Cain»), Carole King («Where You Lead»), David Bowie («Lazarus») and Iron Butterfly (» In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida», which translates as «In the Garden of Eden»).

23. In addition to everything else, the Bible is the original dictionary of children’s names

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

Right if you have any doubts about the ongoing influence of the Bible on modern culture, look at the trends in the trends namespaces.

By alexxlab

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