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Best D Names for Boys

Boy names that start with D are plentiful, especially among uncommon names. If you’re looking for a same-letter namesake for your Uncle Derek or Grandpa Dean, you might surprised to see that there are only four currently in the Top 100: Daniel, David, Dylan, and Dominic.

But why limit yourself to these obvious choices when there are so many other more distinctive — even daring — possibilities?

Here are the Nameberry Picks of the 15 best boy names that start with the letter D.


This Texas city name is one of the most «All-American» place names for boys. While Dallas feels modern, the name has been in the Top 500 in the US since the late 1800s. Today Dallas sits at number 270, carrying a laid-back, cowboy vibe.


This Italian boy name closely associated with the great medieval Florentine poet Dante Alighieri — who’s so famous most people skip the last name — has a cool and international flair. Dante was originally derived from the Latin Durante, meaning «enduring». Today Dante sits at number 311 and has stayed fairly consistent in ranking over the last two decades, making him a great option for parents looking for a name that is familiar and has a solid history without being heard on every playground.


Boy names ending in the «-o» sound are in, and Darrow could be a great new addition to the list. An English name meaning «spear,» Darrow remains completely undiscovered in the US. Rhyming names Arrow and Sparrow are two of the coolest word names out there, and Darrow is a bold successor with an attractive sound and look.


We at Nameberry who love this name so much find it hard to believe that this dashing appellation still has not yet entered the US Top 1000. Long associated with detective writer Dashiell Hammett (born Samuel Dashiell, his mother’s maiden name), it popped into the spotlight when chosen for several celebrity children. Dashiell, called Dash, is also seen as the adorable animated boy in The Incredibles. Grab it while you can!


This sophisticated Irish name came into use in the late 1960s and has floated around the 300s in the rankings since. Beatles fans may think of references to Desmond in the song «Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da» — possibly used in tribute to reggae singer Desmond Dekker. Nickname options Dez and Desi give Desmond an extra cool factor.

Top D Names for Boys in the US

  • Heart1DanielChevron — Right
  • Heart2DavidChevron — Right
  • Heart3DylanChevron — Right
  • Heart4DominicChevron — Right
  • Heart5DeclanChevron — Right
  • Heart6DamianChevron — Right
  • Heart7DiegoChevron — Right
  • Heart8DeanChevron — Right
  • Heart9DawsonChevron — Right
  • Heart10DallasChevron — Right


Devin may be out of favor after his shining moments in the 90s, but Dev is fresh and cool. This mini name packs a punch. Dev is of Sanskrit origin and means «god.» Rising actor Dev Patel was in works such as Slumdog Millionaire and Lion, giving this intriguing name some attention.


The jazzy, ultra-cool Dexter, like most names with an «x,» has a lot of energy and dynamism. The name Dexter appears often in literature, music, and media, including jazz tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon, the protagonist in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Winter Dreams, children’s cartoon Dexter’s Lab, and the more recent TV series Dexter. Dexter is used frequently for good reason, yet is only at number 533 in the US popularity charts. Nickname Dex also fits in well with trending favorites like Max, Fox, Pax, Knox, and Jax.


The shortened form of Greek names like Dionysus stands nicely on its own. Famed Irish playwright Dion Boucicault was born Dionysus; in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, Dion is a Sicilian lord, and in the 1960s there was doo-wop’s Dion and the Belmonts. Today the sleek Dion is connected to singer Celine Dion.


This fun and rhythmic Irish surname, meaning «dark, brave one» is a great option for someone looking to move beyond Donovan and Donald. Irish surnames are in, with their energetic and dynamic sounds — think Sullivan, Finnegan, or Kennedy. Donnelly is an undiscovered option that checks all the boxes.


This name of an ancient Greek tribe comes from the same roots as Dorothy, meaning «gift.» Dorian was introduced as a first name by Oscar Wilde in his 1890 novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. While this particular Dorian was not the most admirable of characters, the appeal of the name itself has kept Dorian on the charts since the 1960s, currently at 567. Dorian also has a musical meaning, being one of the musical modes.

Unique Boy Names That Start with D

  • HeartDarcyChevron — Right
  • HeartDarioChevron — Right
  • HeartDelaneyChevron — Right
  • HeartDemitriusChevron — Right
  • HeartDempseyChevron — Right
  • HeartDeverauxChevron — Right
  • HeartDevlinChevron — Right
  • HeartDhruvChevron — Right
  • HeartDiorChevron — Right
  • HeartDuncanChevron — Right


Looking for Hebrew boy names with animal meanings? Dov — pronounced DAA-v — means bear, connoting strength, and was first popular in medieval Europe when animal names were in vogue. It is also a diminutive of David, which means beloved, and another of its meanings is «to whisper.»


While strongly tied to Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy, we believe Draco is ready to move past his wizarding days and enter the muggle world. Draco is a name nearly everyone has heard, and yet it seems no one is considering. The sounds are all there — The name Drake has had a resurgence in the last two decades, with rapper Drake being a leading artist of the 2000s. Draco also has the oh-so-fashionable -o ending so many parents are seeking today.


This off-beat musical and occupational choice is one that we think has a lot of potential. Drummer was introduced to the baby name lexicon after being chosen for a son by blogger No Big Dill, but remains an undiscovered gem today.


Dashing Duarte is the Portuguese variation of Edward, but has a completely different feel. Duarte is handsome and suave, and feels as though he came directly out of a romance novel. Duarte ranks as high as number 3 in Portugal, but does not make the charts in the US.


One of the coolest undiscovered nature names, Dune would fit right in with classmates Bay, River, and Ocean. The award-winning sci-fi books from the 1960s as well as the 2021 movie adaptation give this name an intergalactic edge as well.

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50 Boy Names Starting With “D” (2023)

by Henry Wood

A name is not a thing to be taken lightly. Despite the fact that names may be nothing more than some sounds and letters smashed together, they still have an intangible pull on us that can’t be ignored. Somehow names communicate so much more than it seems like they should be able to.

Boy names that begin with the letter D, for instance, have a solid, sturdy feeling to them. Names like Daniel, David, and Dean are strong, reliable names for boys who will become steadfast men. Maybe D baby boy names seem so solid because the uppercase letter D itself looks sturdy – almost shield-like.

But D names for boys aren’t relegated to just your typical names. Sometimes D names that are less common can help a young boy feel more special as he grows up. D boy names like Dante, DiAngelo, and Deaglan carry some of that “D name” reliability with them but with the addition of their own unique characteristics.

Trying to come up with the perfect name for your little bundle of joy is no small task. You want to expose yourself to as many possibilities as possible, but you also don’t want to drive yourself insane in the process. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you break everything down into manageable pieces.

Check out our list of incredibly delightful D names for boys below.


Meaning: Rejoice
Origin: African


Meaning: Friendly one
Origin: Sioux


Meaning: Skilled
Origin: Irish


Meaning: The settlement in the valley
Origin: English


Meaning: Fertility Goddess
Origin: Greek


Meaning: To tame, subdue
Origin: Greek


Meaning: To tame, subdue
Origin: Greek


Meaning: To tame, subdue
Origin: Greek


Meaning: From Denmark
Origin: English


Meaning: Of the angels
Origin: African/American


Meaning: God is my judge
Origin: Hebrew


Meaning: God is my judge
Origin: Hebrew


Meaning: Enduring
Origin: Latin


Meaning: Wealth, kingly
Origin: Latin


Meaning: Open, from Airelle
Origin: French


Meaning: Kingly or possess well
Origin: Italian


Meaning: Weath, kingly
Origin: Greek


Meaning: Little great one
Origin: Irish


Meaning: Dear friend
Origin: English


Meaning: From The Ash
Origin: English


Meaning: Beloved
Origin: Hebrew


Meaning: Beloved
Origin: American


Meaning: Beloved
Origin: Hebrew


Meaning: Son of David
Origin: Welsh


Meaning: Leader
Origin: French


Meaning: Warrior who conquers great obstacles
Origin: French


Meaning: Place with a dike
Origin: English


Meaning: Messenger, servant
Origin: Greek


Meaning: Church official
Origin: English


Meaning: Courageous, valiant man
Origin: English


Meaning: Man of prayer
Origin: Irish


Meaning: Follower of Demeter
Origin: Greek


Meaning: God of Nysa
Origin: Greek


Meaning: From Anvers
Origin: English


Meaning: The people’s ruler
Origin: English


Meaning: The people’s ruler
Origin: English


Meaning: One from south Munster
Origin: Irish


Meaning: Poet
Origin: Irish


Meaning: Defender
Origin: English


Meaning: Dyer, right-handed
Origin: Latin


Meaning: Pole star
Origin: Sanskrit


Meaning: Supplanter
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Love
Origin: Turkish


Meaning: Loyal
Origin: Irish


Meaning: Belonging to the lord
Origin: Latin


Meaning: Belonging to the lord
Origin: Latin


Meaning: Belonging to the lord
Origin: Latin


Meaning: Proud chief
Origin: Scottish


Meaning: Dark
Origin: Irish


Meaning: Gift
Origin: Hebrew

Popular boy names in Kosovo

Popular boy names in Kosovo

# Name Value
1 Altin Gold
2 Endrit
3 Erion
4 Lorik
5 Ensar
6 Leart
7 Dion fertility
8 Albion White
9 Valmir
10 Arian Originating from Adria (Venice) matt black, dark
11 Malti small fragrant flower
12 Melos Song
13 Taulant
14 Rinor
15 Rion Royal
16 Orges
17 Ardit
18 Enar fighter
19 Erblin
20 Meris
21 Troi Soldier
22 Ardi Heat.
23 Keon archer
24 Ylli stars
25 Kushtrim
26 Leonit
27 Drilon
28 Eron World
29 Anes
30 Agon
31 Donat Present
32 Aron enlightened
33 Priam King of Troy
34 Arton
35 Deon Noble
36 Diar
37 Dionis Dionysus, god of wine
38 Amar Long Life
39 Auron Power Mountain
40 Jetmir
41 Egzon
42 Rian slim cleaning
43 Elion
44 Ervis
45 Jorik Friends ever (boar)
46 Lauren known
47 Arber Seller’s Spices
48 Lorent
49 Kaon
50 Veselin Merry
51 Ardian Arising from Adria, matt black / dark
52 Blend
53 Faton
54 Arlind
55 Adonis Mister
56 Enis Friend
57 Dominik Mister
58 Donart
59 Enzo Sword
60 Leon lion
61 Leonard Left, hard
62 Dehran
63 Artilon
64 Eris fight
65 Mergim
66 Ilir
67 Gramos
68 Atdhe
69 Aulon
70 Andi Diminutive of Andrey: Brave; Manly. Known Channel: Prince Andrei.
71 Jon The Lord is good
72 Lis Dedicated to God
73 Arbenit
74 Valon
75 Fabian bonenverbouwer
76 Ard He who rules like Eagle
77 Roel famous in the country
78 Farouk true
79 Kastriot
80 Lorian God is my light
81 Blendi
82 Fatmir
83 Noel Birthday (of Christ)
84 Adhurim
85 Arion Melody
86 Fatos
87 Klevis
88 Nor
89 Aris Originating from Adria (in Venice) or matte black / dark or masculine / Dapper
90 Enes
91 Blerim bloom
92 Korab
93 Engjell Angel
94 Dior Refers to the golden DOr sense
95 Armend
96 Blin
97 Florent flowering, charming, in relation to
98 Agron
99 Bron Son black man
100 Florian bloom
101 Orik Old oak
102 Selman World
103 Florim
104 Akon Made Name
105 Senad
106 Arsim
107 Dar ornament
108 Artan Ursa Minor
109 Denis agriculture, fertility, nature and wine
110 Qendrim
111 Suad lucky
112 Rajan King
113 Astrit
114 Erlin
115 Reis giant
116 Atis
117 Ermal
118 Granite
119 Edison Edwards
120 Lior My light
121 Liri freedom
122 Riad meadows, gardens
123 Behram Mars planet
124 Liridon
125 Ansel Follower
126 Umed
127 Nart
128 Valdrin
129 Besian
130 Elvin Friend
131 Nil Victorious people
132 Ritter Knight.
133 Besmir
134 Euron
135 Kaan The Lord is merciful
136 Elvir
137 Nimet
138 Lorenc Laurels
139 Riyad and
140 Bini
141 Kaltrina
142 Elvis Omniscient
143 Noan
144 Vegim
145 Bleart
146 Fadil
147 Ema Grandma
148 Noar
149 Loreta bay laurel
150 Roi King

Popular girl names in Kosovo

# Name Value
1 Diellza
2 Erza
3 Leonita as strong or brave, strong by grace or brave among people
4 Rinesa
5 Kaltrina
6 Gresa
7 Elsa God swore
8 Edona
9 Marigona
10 Erona
11 Fjolla
12 Albiona White
13 Anjeza
14 Altina old, elderly, experienced
15 Anita Gracious, sweet and bitter, sad
16 Qendresa
17 Elda warrior
18 Mirjeta
19 Aurela
20 Blerina
21 Erisa
22 Doruntina
23 Dea God-given
24 Enea The ninth was born
25 Loresa
26 Fatjona
27 Arjeta
28 Rina clean or clean
29 Dalina
30 Olta
31 Gentiana
32 Rita slim cleaning
33 Djellza
34 Blinera
35 Elona
36 Liridona
37 Rona Scottish surname location
38 Mirlinda
39 Diona Mount Zeus
40 Tringa
41 Elmedina
42 Leonora Pity
43 Anila No start
44 Egzona
45 Bleona
46 Greta pearl
47 Enkela
48 Elisa God swore
49 Yllka Little Star
50 Fatlinda
51 Florentina blossom
52 Migena
53 Genta
54 Eron World
55 Sumeja
56 Jora Autumn rain
57 Arbesa
58 Arbnora
59 Adea
60 Enisa
61 Blerta green
62 Artina He who rules like Eagle
63 Artiola
64 Dorentina
65 Aulona
66 Eriona
67 Ilirjana
68 Dorina Gift of Yahweh
69 Erita
70 Anesa
71 Elza God swore
72 Antigona
73 Arbenita
74 Gerta spear
75 Lorena Variant of the name Laura or Laura. The name is associated with the symbolism of the laurel tree and the laurel wreath — a symbol of honor and victory.
76 Arbresha
77 Adelina Beauty
78 Ardiana
79 Donika
80 Arta gold
81 Argjira
82 Donita Gift
83 Brikena
84 Doresa
85 Leona thunder
86 Inara Illuminating, shiny
87 Eltina Noble
88 Lea lev
89 Jara Rockrose
90 Suela
91 Riona Royal.
92 Jonila The Lord is good
93 Mrika
94 Alketa
95 Almedina
96 Doa
97 Argjenda
98 Tuana
99 Selmedina
100 Klea
101 Lejla Dark as night, Layla
102 Lendita
103 Medina Prophet
104 Aurora Gold
105 Erjona
106 Alberina
107 Lirije
108 Suada conviction
109 Miranda the one to be admired
110 Betina Consecrated to the Lord
111 Vjosa
112 Ersa
113 Vlora City in Albania
114 Xheneta
115 Elira
116 Tiara
117 Adisa Te Reset / Clear
118 Ardita
119 Erzana
120 Esila
121 Era Lady
122 Argita
123 Eliza God swore
124 Erda
125 Agnesa Saint, without guilt, Rhine / chaste, lamb
126 Donjeta
127 Hugo thinking mind, wise
128 Majlinda
129 Elnora Eleonora variant
130 Altuna
131 Dorela
132 Njomza
133 Hyrije
134 Valbona
135 Valdete
136 Laurent Award Winner
137 Amra Durable
138 Valentina The sea worries once.

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