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293 Anglo Saxon Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Arlo Boy manly, strong
Avery Unisex Confirmation; they are an Elf ruler; a sage
Brandon Boy One who is a brave, vigilant person
Braxton Boy Settlement of the Brock
Bryce Boy A nobleman’s male child
Everett Boy somebody who is very brave like a wild boar.
Garrett Boy Derived from Gerald (rule of the spear) or Gerard (brave and strong as spear)
Graham Boy A Boy from the gray house. Gray is the sign of intelligence.
King Boy The name King means Royal Ruler
Reed Boy A person who lives in the red clearing in the woods
Aeldra Boy Lives at the Elder Tree; means Noble
Aelfric Boy Elf Ruler; King of Elves
Aelle Boy Name of Several Kings; one of many names after Elf
Aescwine Boy Spear Friend
Aethelbald Boy Noble and Bold; A King of Mercia
Aethelbert Boy Bright Nobility
Aethelfrith Boy Noble Peace
Aethelhard Boy Noble Strength
Aethelhere Boy Name of a King
Aethelstan Boy Noble Stone
Aethelwulf Boy Noble Wolf
Agilberht Boy Name of a Bishop
Aiekin Boy Oaken
Aldfrith Boy Name of a King
Aldhelm Boy Name of a Bishop
Alfric Boy Elf King; A Variant of name Aelfric
Almund Boy Noble Protection; Defender of the Temple
Atol Boy Someone who is hateful
Attwell Boy Lives by the Spring; Someone who lived by the stream
Atwater Boy From the Water Edge; Someone who lived by the River or Lake
Atwell Boy Lives by the Spring; Someone who lived by the stream
Averel Boy Old English — Boar like in Battle; A variant of Averill
Averell Boy Old English — Boar like in Battle; A variant of Averill
Averil Boy Old English — Boar like in Battle; A variant of Averill
Averill Boy Old English — Boar like in Battle; Derived from the elements ‘eofor’ meaning boar
Aylett Boy One who has noble and great personality
Baldwinn Boy A bold and beautiful person
Beorma Boy A name of a man who inhabited Bermingham. A name probably means fermented or frothy in Old English
Bordan Boy One who comes from the valley of bears
Borden Boy He lives in the valley of bears
Bradwin Boy A bearded friend
Bras Boy It is a surname
Bron Boy A dark or brown man
Cadman Boy One who is a soldier, a warrior
Cafnoth Boy An Anglo-Saxon male name
Ceatta Boy A name of the obscure Anglo-Saxon saint
Ceawlin Boy A name of the King
Cenhelm Boy A brave man who protects
Cenwalh Boy The name of a King
Ceolmund Boy The one who protects and pampers
Ceolweard Boy Name of a King; they are beloved
Ceolwulf Boy A beloved King
Cerdic Boy Name of King; the beloved one
Chadwik Boy They are warrior
Chadwyck Boy The dairy farm of Ceadda
Coelfrid Boy One who comes from the coal fields
Coenbehrt Boy A brave and bold advisor
Coenberg Boy A bold and brave one
Coenburg Boy He is bold like a fortress
Courtnay Unisex Lives in the court; Courtdweller
Covington Boy Habitational name from ‘Covinton’ in Lanarkshire and Old English form ‘Cofington’.
Crews Unisex A family which once had lived as dwellers at a cattlepen or a cattlefold
Crompton Boy Originated from the word «Crumpton» which implies bowed or malformed; Could be used to refer to a person from the winding farm
Croston Boy A farm or a settlement
Croydon Boy A Valley
Cuddie Boy The bright one
Cuin Boy A reasonable free man
Cusick Boy A harsh term
Cuthred Boy A counsel
Cuthwulf Boy Wolf; one filled with power
Cyneagils Boy The Royal Ruler
Cynefrid Boy The one who is kinglike and a noble being
Cynegils Boy Name of a born King
Cyneric Boy The one who has power
Cynerik Boy A royal and powerful person
Cynesige Boy The one who always wins
Cynewulf Boy An elegant royal King
Daegal Boy Night dweller
Dalston Boy the one from Dougal’s place
Dodson Boy A determined and pratical person by nature
Dunton Boy A settlement name; hill
Durwin Boy A good and dear friend
Durwyn Boy One who is the friend of a Deer
Dyke Boy Dike or ditch
Eadbehrt Boy Ead means ‘Blessed’ and behrt means ‘Bright’
Eadbert Boy Name of a King
Eadberth Unisex It means a blessed person.
Eadhelm Boy A friendly and social person.
Eadmaer Boy The one who comes from riches and greatness
Eadred Boy A rich, happy and eager person
Eadwacer Boy Heaven-watcher; A person who is of expressive nature.
Eadwig Boy It means a rich or prosperous person.
Ealdgyth Boy An old battle maid; the noble one
Ealhred Boy A hall or a big place
Ealhstan Boy They are stone hard and temple pure
Earconbert Boy One who has many qualities and personal insight
Earle Boy It means chief or nobleman.
Ecgbert Boy A sharp edge of a sword
Ecgfrith Boy A born leader; name of a king
Edburga Boy The great, guardian protector

Baby Names Origins: Anglo-Saxon Baby Names

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Name Meaning Origin
Aart Like an eagle. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Abeodan Announce. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Ablendan Blind. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Abrecan Storm. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Acca From Acca. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Ace Unity. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names, English Baby Names, Latin Baby Names, American Baby Names
Acennan Brings. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Acey Unity. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Acwel Kills. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Acwellen Kills. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Adamnan Name of an abbot. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names, Hebrew Baby Names, Irish Baby Names
Aedre Stream. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Aefentid Evening. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Aefre Forever. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Aelle Name of several kings. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Aerlene Elfin. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Aethelbald A king of Mercia. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Aethelbert Name of a king. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names, English Baby Names
Aethelflaed Sister of King Edward. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names
Aethelfrith Name of a king. Anglo-Saxon Baby Names

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Anglo-Saxon male names

Aglaeka — both a demon (villain) and a hero (warrior)
Aeglaeka — both a demon (villain) and a hero (warrior)
Aezelvalf — noble wolf
Aezelwalfing — son of Aezelvalf
Aezelbald — noble and brave
Aezelverd — noble guard
Aezelstan — noble stone
Aezelfrid — noble world
Aell — universal
Aella — universal
Aelred — wonderful adviser
Aelric — noble rule
Aelfwein — friend of the elves
Aelfveald — ruler of the elves
Aelfwerd — guarded by an elf
Aelfred — consulting with an elf
Aelfric — ruler of the elves
Aelfhair — army of elves
Aelfair — army of elves
Aesk — ash
Aetelbert — noble and bright
Aetelberht — noble and bright
Aetelmaer — noble and famous
Aetelred — wonderful adviser
Aetelrik — noble rule
Aetelhard — noble
Aiken — made of oak

Bardulf — bright, pure wolf
Bardoulf — bright, pure wolf
Bertolf — bright, pure wolf — the power of the wolf
Vibert — bright battle
Wilder — leader of the army
Wilherd — resolute
Winnstan — pleasure stone
Wine — friend
Wirtjorn — high lord or overlord

Garrick — strength of the spear
Godfrith — calmness of god

Daegberht — bright day
Daegmand — day guardian, protector
Drogo — ghost, phantom
Dhelverd — noble guardian

Idverd — protector of prosperity
Idvig — wealth, prosperity, and war at the same time
Idgar — noble, rich spearman
Idgard — a noble, rich spearman
Ildvain — an old friend
Ildred — an elder

Kinebeald — a magnificent, brilliant brave man
Kinebil — a magnificent, brilliant brave man
Kineward — royal calm
Kynefrid — royal calm
Kineward — magnificent, brilliant protector
Cuthbert — bright fame

Leofwein — beloved, dear friend
Leofric — beloved ruler

Odin — madness, inspiration, anger
O erik — ash
Osbeorn — bear god
Osbeorht — god’s light
Osveald — power of god
Oswin — god friend
Osmond — protector of god
Osmund — protector of god

Randwulf — wolf — protector

Selwyn — friend
Siverd — sea guard
Siguerd — victorious and defender
Sidda — battle
Sigeberht — bright winner
Sina — sharp
Sinhelm — brave defender
Sealsij — ship — winner
Sirdik — military head

Tiv — god
Tunor — thunder

Freoderik — peaceful ruler

Herebeorht — magnificent army
Hereward — military guard
Herueald — leader of the army
Hildebeorht — famous, bright battle
Chreodbeorht — famous
Hrothgar — famous spearman

Aiken — made of oak
Eikin — made of oak
Eikken — made of oak
Ekgberkt — bright, famous
Ekg bricht — bright, famous
Elverd — noble guard
Eoforwyn — boar’s friend
Eoforherd — strong as a boar
Erwig — eternal ruler
Esmand — God’s protection, grace
Esmond — God’s protection, grace

American names — List of US names with values ​​


>Origin of American names
American names arouse interest in their diversity, richness of meanings and origins associated with various peoples, religions, linguistic and historical processes. The United States of America is a multifaceted and multinational state, which consists of immigrants from different parts of the world. The Americans of the USA are a nation with a heterogeneous racial composition, and therefore the names in the USA are a motley mixture of the names of people from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The core of the American population is made up of descendants of immigrants from Great Britain, Germany, Ireland and other European countries. Not surprisingly, most male and female American names have Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Scottish and Irish roots. These, for example, include: Aiken, Alan, Robert, William, Aidan, Alana, Arlene, Esford, Marsh, Jesse, Logan, Mildred. The list of American names is international. A prominent place in it is occupied by the names of Jewish (Abigail, Abbott, Amos, Ariel), Spanish (Diego, Louis, Pilar, Alfredo, Anita), German (Albert, Arnold, Henry), Greek (Eleanor, Galena, Altia), French ( Amier, Ansel, Masi) origin.

Some names in America are associated with religion. Among the first colonists arriving here from Europe, there were many people who professed strict Protestantism. They made extensive use of Old Testament names: Sarah, Galeb, Samuel, Benjamin. In the 18th century, the religious name had not yet lost its popularity, but such secular names as Oliver, Molly, Lucy, Alice began to appear. In the 19th century, after the formation of the state, names associated with the names of the states spread — Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee. The top American names are supplemented by names given in honor of famous personalities — Washington, Columbus. Numerous migrants brought with them names of common European significance — Sophia, Henry, Clara, Emily, William, Albert. Recently, the descendants of immigrants from Africa and indigenous Indians are trying to revive their own national traditions when choosing a name.

Meaning of American names

American names and their meanings is a rather lengthy topic. Conventionally, all names, given their meaning, can be divided into several groups:

  • names that reflect the character or appearance of a person — Ethan (strong), Cameron (bent nose), Alain (handsome), Kevin (pretty), Amelie (hardworking), Hazy (unpredictable).
  • names associated with the names of animals, plants or natural phenomena — Bruce (forest), Woody (living in the forest), Lionel (lion), Pierce (rock, stone), Leslie (oak grove), Lillian (lily), Marilyn ( maritime).
  • names that mean belonging to a profession — Howard (guard), George (farmer), Wright (carpenter), Hunter (hunter), Brandon (prince), Marlon (little warrior).
  • religious names — Samuel (listening to God), Charity (charity), Mercy (compassion), Hope (hope), Tiffany (manifestation of God).

Such a classification is characteristic of almost all names and is not a feature of the American nomenclature. But some American parents are trying to choose the best, special name for the child, which will not only distinguish him from the crowd, but also predetermine an unusual fate. The most popular American names are not suitable for this, and then such rare names as Alden (old friend), Avonmore (name of a river in Ireland), Ivar (legendary Viking), Orla (golden princess) are used.

Popular American names

As you know, fashion is a capricious lady, including names. Lists of popular names in the United States are constantly changing, and names that were recently «on top of fame» can now be forgotten. For example, in the twentieth century, John and Mary met at every step, and children were often called by the names of Dorothy, Harold, Margaret, Edward, Joseph. In the first decade of the 21st century, popular names in the USA are Liam, William, Noah, Lucas, James, Mason, Emma, ​​Olivia, Charlotte, Mia. Now the most popular names in America are Jackson and Sophia.

Ten male popular names:

  1. Jackson
  2. Liam
  3. Noah
  4. Aiden
  5. Kayden
  6. Grayson
  7. Lucas
  8. Mason
  9. Oliver
  10. Elijah

Women are considered fashionable:

  1. Sharon (plain)
  2. Glen (Valley)
  3. Daisy (chamomile)
  4. Calla (calla flower)
  5. Camellia (camellia flower)
  6. Clover (clover)
  7. Dahlia (dahlia)
  8. Willoughby (Willow)
  9. Heather (vecresk)
  10. Leslie (oak grove).

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