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150 Modern and Trendy Baby Names

Are you looking for Trendy Baby Names?

Choosing a baby name is never ever easy. And the ‘trend’ of baby names does change from year to year. Do you go something traditional or modern? Do you have a unique name? Well we are covering all the trending baby names (that aren’t cringey’ trending at the moment.

Unisex, boys’ and girls’ names vary widely so we have narrowed down the most modern and trendy baby names to date.

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Modern and Hip Unisex Trendy Baby Names


An English Name meaning ‘elf’ or ‘counsel’, a very popular name in modern times with a humble ring too it. Avery is a great unisex name for boys and girls and is really quite popular in western society.


A German name meaning dignity or vulnerability, August is a sweet name that can be used for boys or girls, it can also be a shortened version of Augustus or Augustine.


A Hebrew name from the bible with the meaning of ‘delight’, a lovely name that derived from Edith. Eden is a popular European name in modern times now.

Baylor or Bayler or Bayla

A unisex name that is popular in western countries with a meaning of ‘Bell’. Baylor is a nice name with a slightly masculine tone but is still a lovely unisex name.


A name from middle English meaning maker and seller of candles, used as a more masculine name but does have a unisex tone too it. Chandler is used in western countries quite ofter for baby boy’s.

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A unique name meaning shoemaker from old French origin, Chaucer has a great ring to it for a boy or a girl and is a rare name to come across.


An old English name meaning ‘man’, Charlie is a sweet name and is great for a boy or girl, its can be a variant of Charles. Charlie is an extremely favoured name these days.


A Scottish name meaning ‘meadow’ or ‘dwelling’, a unique name with a sharp ring too it. Dallas is now a popular American boy’s name but is used worldwide.


From old French times, Dashiell has an unknown meaning but is a popular last French name. Dashiel is an extremely unique name but is defiantly suited for a unisex name.

Dawsyn or Dawson

Meaning ‘strong’ and ‘determined’, Dawsyn has a masculine ring to it but is still a popular unisex name. Used through western countries, Dawsyn is a practical and humble name.


A German name meaning ‘builder’, Decker is a unique name that has multiple variations such as; Decklan.


Meaning ‘child of beautiful shadows’, Draven is an old English name with a unique tone for a boy or a girl.


A biblical name meaning ‘beginning’ it can be shortened to ‘Gen’ or ‘Gene’ or could even be a shortened version of Gwenever.

Everly or Everley or Everleigh

Meaning the ‘grazing meadow’ or ‘field’, Everly is a popular first and last name in western countries, Everly is a really lovely and calm name.

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Frankie or Franky

A French name that means ‘free one’, Frankie is a light-hearted and sweet name that can be a shortened version of Francis.  It has become a trendy baby name since the release of the Cult TV Show ‘Wentworth’.


Meaning ‘port of arrival’ from old English times and is known to be a popular last name. Ellington has an upper class posh sound too it.


A biblical name derived from Judah meaning ‘praise’, a simple and lovely name Jude was very popular in the middle 1900’s and is now used moderately for boy and girls baby’s.


A Latin name meaning ‘upright’ or ‘righteous’ also known to be a biblical name, Justice is a name with a lovely meaning and has a unique sound too it


An old English name meaning ‘from the old cottage’ a unique sounding name that is great for boys and girls. Alcott is a strong-sounding name.


A Greek baby name that means ‘rising in the sky’ or ‘dawning’ also known as a mythological name. Orion is popular in boys names but there are baby girls named Orion moderately as well.

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As far as trendy baby names go – Henley is right up there as one of the most popular.  Henley is an English name meaning ‘high wood’ or ‘high clearing’, Henley is a classy name and is usually a more feminine name but can be a variant of Henry.  This is a fantastic baby name if you have a musical family!


Meaning ‘path’ or ‘from the meadow’, lane is a popular boys name but can become ‘Laney’ for a more feminine tone, Lane also has a lovely meaning.


An English name meaning ‘lives in the ruler’, Rigby is a cute and playful name found in mostly boys but has a gender fluent ring to it for both boys and girls.


Meaning ‘lover’ or ‘little blackbird’, Lennon is a Gaelic name with a great meaning, Lennon is a popular American boys name but is also gender fluent.


Originated from a Scottish name, Monroe means ‘the mouth of the Roe’. Monroe is a very suited name for the unisex category as both genders carry this name quite frequently.


An American name from the 1800s, Nouvel means ‘new’. A great meaning and a European ring to it, Nouvel is a fantastic unisex name.


Meaning ‘land’ or ‘powerful’, Landry is originated from England, a very unique name that is rare for both Genders but more so popular in European countries.


An Irish name meaning ‘wisdom’ or ‘intelligence’, Quinn is a lovely unisex name that is short and sweet, perfect for boys and girls.


Meaning ‘judgement’ or ‘decision’, originated from Celtic times, Reagan is a great unisex name with a strong meaning


From Middle English times, Reign means ‘kingdom’ or ‘royal office’. Reign is a great unisex name that is strong and powerful in its meaning.


A French name meaning ‘oarsmen’ or ‘oar’, a masculine name but can be used for baby girls, Remy has a sturdy meaning and playful tone to it.

Palin or Palen

A Celtic name meaning ‘lucky number’ or ‘luck’, Palin is a unique unisex name that is popular in most European countries.


An old Gaelic name meaning ‘eye’ or ‘suil’, also known to be derived from the Irish name O’sullivan. Sullivan can be shortened too Sull, Sully ect.


An English name meaning ‘brings joy’, Tatum is a masculine unisex name with a really lovely meaning and is found in a lot of native American baby names.

Trendy Baby Names for Boys


Meaning ‘tree town’ and originated from America used as a unisex name but also a great unisex name. Ashton can be shortened to Ash or Ashy but is a strong name for a baby boy.


A Dutch version of ‘Anna’ Anouk is a masculine name meaning ‘grace’. An extremely unique tone and a lovely meaning this is a great name for a baby boy.


An English name meaning ‘from the cottage’, also known as a biblical name. Byron is a timeless and practical name used throughout western countries for boys.


Meaning ‘wise’ or ‘old peace’, Alfie is a biblical name from old English times. Alfie is a light hearted and playful name with a grounded meaning.

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An old Roman name Atticus means ‘man of Attica’, Atticus is a masculine name that has been used for boys for centuries and is a very strong name.


An English name meaning ‘power’ or ‘fair ruler of the people’, Aubrey is a great unisex name as well. Masculine in its tone, Aubrey is a popular name in modern now for boys.


An English name meaning ‘sons of consolation’ or ‘son of comfort’, Barnaby is a playful boy’s name that can be shortened too Barny with a sensitive meaning.


Meaning ‘treasurer’, Casper is a name originated From the Old Testament and is becoming really quite popular in baby boys names as it does have a lovely tone to it.


Originated from Europe, Caspian means ‘the Caspian sea’, a noble and classy name that is used throughout a lot of European countries for boys.


A Scottish name meaning ‘baker’, Baxter is also a poplar English last name as well but is definitely a strong and sturdy name for a boy.


An Old English name meaning ‘bee cottage’, a unique and variable name with a sharp tone to it, it can also be shortened to  Beck.


Meaning ‘victorious’ or ‘fair-haired’, Bowie is originated from old English times. It is a playful name used through western countries.

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An English name meaning ‘from the dark town’, now a popular American name. Colton has a very masculine tone too it and is practical.


A Norse name meaning ‘Dwells at the shrine of the cross’, Crosby is an extremely unique name that is rare upon boys but has a calm and lovely sound too it.


Meaning of a French town dated before roman occupation, Dax is a popular French baby boy name. It can also be a variant of Daxton.


A Dutch name meaning ‘settler’, Bronx is a masculine and short name great for a baby boy. Bronx is a popular name throughout western countries in modern times now.


Meaning ‘Jehovah is God’, Elliot is a Greek baby boy’s name that is extremely popular in baby boys worldwide as it has a practical ring to it.


A Gaelic name meaning ‘descendent of the sea’ or ‘Muirgheasa’, a popular European last name but is found in western first names for boys.

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A Swedish boys name meaning ‘battle strong’, Gunner is a very masculine name with a strong and sturdy meaning.   It has become a trendy baby name because of the character ‘Gunner’ in the TV Show ‘Nashville’.


A French name that means, ‘Mountain belonging to the ruler’ or ‘steep mountain. Monty can be a variant of Montgomery.


An English baby name meaning ‘wise friend’ or ‘from the old manor’, Alden is a very unique name for a boy but has a great tone to it.


Meaning ‘precious stone’ or ‘glossy black’, Jett is a sturdy and masculine name originated from England. Jett can be a variant of Jetson.


A French name given too boys, Laurent means ‘from Laurentum’. It can also be a variant of Laurence, found in many western boys names. Laurant was a character in Twilight so has found a new audience!


A name originated from Germany, Magnus is a unique boy’s name meaning ‘great’. With a different and rare tone, Magnus is a lovely name for a boy.

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A Hebrew name meaning ‘who is like god’, a biblical name from the Old Testament. Micah is also a great unisex name but has a masculine tone to it.


An English baby boys name, Kendall mean’s ‘valley of the river kent’. Another Unisex name Kendall can be also shortened to Ken.


A middle English name meaning ‘pack’ or ‘load’, another popular last name turned into a first name., Jagger is a sharp and strong name for a baby boy.


An English name meaning ‘majestic’, Gus is a variation of Augustus or Augustine. Gus has a short and lovely meaning too it.


A popular Scottish name meaning ‘vigour’ or ‘force’, a very well-known Scottish first name that is now quite popular in European and western countries for boys.


Meaning ‘lucky’ or ‘successful’, Felix is a Latin name that also derives from the New Testament. Felix is a strong name that is very popular in modern times for boys.

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An English and Italian name, Cosmo means ‘decency’ and ‘beauty’.  A really beautiful meaning for a fantastic sounding boys name.


A popular English baby boys name meaning ‘Big Town’. Granville can be shortened to Gran and is a strong an classy name.


Meaning ‘long hill’, Langdon is a unique English boys name that is rare in modern times though is a great baby boys name.


A German name meaning ‘Lion’ or ‘Leo’, popularly shortened too ‘Leo’. Leopold is an extremely masculine name with a strong meaning and sharp tone.


An Old English name meaning ‘Glad’, ‘Pasture’ and ‘meadow’. A classy name with a kind meaning that is popular is European countries.


Meaning ‘from St. Denis’ or ‘Wide Island’, Sid is a popular western name originated from England. Sharp and sensible, Sid is a suited name for a baby boy.


A Scandinavian name meaning ‘Stern’, a popular tending name in modern times. Soren is a masculine name with a sturdy meaning.


A Hebrew baby boys name meaning ‘A hewer’ or ‘Famous bearer’. Gideon is a rising popular trendy name in western countries for boys.

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An English name meaning ‘Bear club’ or ‘Bear’, Orson is a strong boy’s name with a unique sound too it but has a lovely meaning too it.


An Old English name meaning ‘fair’ or ‘white’, also known to have some originality form a welsh background.


Meaning ‘Kings Field’ or ‘king’, originated from England, Kingston is now a popular unisex name. A very classy name for a baby boy.


A Welsh name meaning ‘pear tree’ or ‘son of Henry’, Perry is a lovely boys name with a playful ring to it and is becoming a very popular boys name.


A Greek Name meaning ‘God is given’ or ‘Famous Bearer’, Theodore is a kind name that can be shortened to ‘Theo’, with a sweet meaning too it.


Meaning ‘Bright’ or ‘Clear’, Sinclair is originated from Scotland and is a posh and proper name that can also be a unisex name for both genders.


A Celtic name meaning ‘Cuts Timber’, Sawyer is a popular baby boy’s name in modern times throughout many western countries.

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A Latin name meaning ‘the lord is good’ or ‘God is good’, Tobias can be shortened too ‘Toby’. An extremely popular name in modern times now as it is timeless.


A masculine Gaelic name meaning ‘Red King’ or ‘Red Haired’, it is a very popular name in Ireland. Rory has a unique sound and is a sweet name.


An English baby name meaning ‘flat topped hill’ or ‘steep-sided valley’. Sheldon is a popular boys name is western countries.


An Irish boys name meaning ‘son of the brown haired one’, Maguire is also a unisex name that has a masculine sound and meaning to it.


A Scottish boys name meaning ‘Heart’, ‘Mind’ and ‘Soul’. Hudson is a popular masculine name used throughout western countries.


Derived from a Welsh background, Maddox means ‘son of Madoc’ and is the name of a Welsh prince as well. Maddox is a strong and classy name.


A Latin name meaning ‘of the forest’ or ‘god of trees and forests’, Silas is also a biblical name with a unique tone to it though is very popular for boys.


Meaning ‘guide’, ‘wood’ and ‘wide’, Wyatt is an English baby boy’s name with a great, strong meaning and masculine tone.


A Latin name meaning ‘Sacred’ or ‘Holy’, Saint is a very well-known biblical name with a deep meaning and kind tone.


An Arabic name meaning ‘city of the moon’, Jericho is also a biblical name that is very popular in modern times as a western boys name.

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Reed or Reid

Meaning ‘Red Hair’ or ‘Red’, Reed was a name used as a nickname for red hair and is from old English times.  A sharp, short and practical name for a boy.


An English name from the bible meaning ‘behold’ or ‘a son’, Rueben is now a very popular boys name with a really lovely meaning and sound to it.

Greyson or Grayson

An English name meaning ‘Gray-haired’ or ‘son of gregory’, Greyson is a unique boys name that is very popular in western countries.


Originated from England, Easton meant ‘from the east town’, and is a popular surname. Easton has a nice tone too it and a strong meaning.


A Gaelic Name meaning ‘Handsome’ or ‘Good Looking Lad’, Cullen is a popular name for baby boys in western countries.

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Meaning ‘Peace’ Pax is a Latin name that is shortened from Paxton. Pax is a great practical name for baby boys.


An English name meaning ‘Knight’, Ryder is a popular western name used for baby boys. Ryder has a strong and masculine meaning.


Meaning ‘Wolf Power’ or ‘Wolf Ruler’, Ulric is from middle English times and is quite unique sounding. Used across western countries in modern times now.


A Greek name meaning ‘to defend’ or ‘warrior’, Zander is a very popular name in modern times and has a calm and lovely ring to it.


Meaning ‘God’s gracious gift’ or ‘Beautiful’, Zane is an English name that is strong, short and practical sounding great for a boys name.


A Hebrew baby name meaning ‘God Strengthens’ or ‘May God Strengthen’. A unique sounding name that is extremely popular for boys.

Modern and Hip Trendy Girls Names


A lovely baby girls name meaning ‘Wondrous’ or ‘Of Wonderous beauty’, Mirabelle comes from the middle ages and is Latin with a beautiful meaning.


A girly name meaning ‘fertility’ or ‘healing’, Anais is a French name and a version of the name Anna. Anais is a kind and soft name for a girl.


A Latin baby name meaning ‘Silver’, Ariana is also a variant of Ariadne. Ariana is a popular name among girls as it has a sweet and kind tone to it.


A feminine Latin name meaning ‘Golden’, Aurelia is a pretty and sweet girl’s name used across western countries and can be shortened too Aruel.


Originated form Greek, Cressida means ‘Gold’, a variant of Cressida is Chrysiida or Chrissyeetha. Cressida is a sharp and strong sounding name for a girl.


An English name meaning ‘Red Wine’, Claret is also a popular surname. With a classy and practical sound too it claret is a great name for baby girls.


Meaning ‘Hinny’, Bardot is a unique and rare girls name used throughout Europe. Bardot is another sharp name that can be shortened too Dot.


A Greek baby name meaning ‘the sound of the thunder’, Bronte is a lovely and popular girls name with a deep meaning and tone.


Meaning ‘Light’ or ‘the lady of light’, Lux is a sweet girl’s name originated from Spain. Unique and rare but very sweet in its meaning.


A Gothic name meaning ‘Red’, Crimson is a unique name to give to a girl but has a nice ring too it. Crimson is a name that has a strong and deep tone to it.


A girly name, Saskia means ‘A Saxon Woman’ or ‘Protector of mankind’, a variation of Saskia is Saxia. A very popular European girls name in modern times now.


Meaning ‘Running Water’, Tallulah is a Native American-originated name and is a really lovely name for a baby girl with a soft and sweet meaning to it.


A French baby name, Delphine is a variant of ‘Dolphin’ and is known to be the name of a French saint.  Delphine is a unique and lovely name.


An American baby name that is a derivative of Georgina, Georgia or Regina, Gigi is an extremely popular girl’s nickname with a playful and fun sound to it.


Meaning ‘Moon Goddess’ or ‘The moon’, Luna is a popular Latin name used in many western countries with a really lovely meaning and calming ring to it.


An English baby name, scarlett means ‘Red’ or ‘One who wears scarlett cloth’. Scarlett can also be shortened too Scar.

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From the middle ages, Greer means ‘water’ or ‘vigilant’, originated from Latin times.  Greer is a very unique and rare name but I found throughout European baby girl names.


A Gaelic baby name meaning ‘warrior’, Sloane is a popular girls name is modern times with a really strong and deep meaning, Sloane is a fantastic sturdy name for a girl.


A Latin girl’s name, Juno means ‘Young’ or ‘protector of women and marriage’. Juno has a wonderful meaning and a soft tone.


A Persian baby name meaning ‘star’ or ‘Myrtle leaf’ It is also a Latinised version of Ester. Hester is a unique and popular western name.


Meaning ‘Holly Tree’, ‘Evergreen whose stiff’ and ‘Glossy’, Hollyn is a name originated from old English times. Hollyn can also be a variant of Holly.


An English baby name meaning ‘Place of Safety’ or ‘Shelter’, a lovely and sweet girl’s name. Haven has a warm and practical tone.


An English descriptive word that can be used as a baby girls name, originated from English.  Loyal is a very unique girls name though has a deep meaning.


Meaning ‘Snow’, Neve is an Italian and Portuguese name that has a kind tone to it known to be used throughout European countries for girls.


An English name meaning ‘Goddess’, Lorelie is a unique name for a baby girl with a playful and kind sound, lorelie is a lovely baby girls name.


A Scottish baby name meaning ‘Pearl’ or ‘Child of light’, Masie is beautiful girls name with a warm and soft sound to it.


Meaning ‘Dry earth’, ‘Dry’ or ‘A flower name’, Azalea is a Latin originated name. A strong and unique name popular throughout western baby girls names.


A Roman name meaning ‘Dark’, ‘Black’ and ‘Dark Haired’ A popular girls name. Ciara is a beautiful name for a baby girl.


A Latin baby girls name meaning ‘To produce’ or ‘evergreen’, a unique and lovely name, Juniper has a cool and practical sound to it.


From Middle English times, Carter is a great unisex name meaning ‘To Protect’. A very strong girls name with a fantastic meaning.


Meaning ‘Forgiveness’, ‘compassion’ and ‘pity’, Mercy is originated from Latin times and is a unique name used throughout western countries.


A girly name meaning ‘From the forest’ originated form France.  Sylvie is a lovely and beautiful sounding name for a baby girl.


An English baby girls name meaning ‘stamen of this flower’, a lovely and beautiful name that is very popular in modern times now.


Meaning ‘Wise One’, Sage is an English baby name that is a popular baby girl’s name. Sage is a short and practical name with a great meaning.


A lovely French name meaning ‘The sun’ a popular European girl’s name. Soleil is a rare name though has a warm meaning to it.


From Tahiti, Turia is a sweet girls name meaning ‘Princess’ or ‘name of a princess’. A really lovely name for a baby girl.


Meaning ‘Strength is Battle’, Tilly is a short, playful and warm name originated from Germany, a variant of tilly is the name Matilda.


A Spanish originated name meaning ‘Star’, popular in western countries for baby girls. Stella is an extremely popular baby girls name in western countries.


Meaning ‘God heard’, ‘Listener’ or ‘Flower’, Samantha is a lovgely practical name that can be shortened to Sam or Sammy.


An Italian baby girls name meaning ‘Woman of God’ a variant of the Hebrew name Gabriel. A practical name that can also be shortened to Gabby.


An American name meaning ‘someone who plays the harp’, a popular name within western countries. Harper is a warm and playful name for a girl.


An English baby name meaning ‘Slender’, ‘Grace’ and ‘From the willow Trees’. With an absolutely beautiful meaning willow is a truly lovely name for a girl.


From roman originality, London is a lovely girls name used in European countries. London has a strong and practical tone too it great for a girl’s name.


A Welsh name meaning ‘Pure’, ‘White’, ‘Happiness’ and ‘Smooth’. Winnie has a playful tone and is very popular for a girly western country name.


Originated form welsh decent, Winifred means ‘blessed’ and ‘reconciled’. Winifred can also be shortened to the lovely name Winnie.


An English baby name meaning ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Protector of Man’. Kendra is a unique and popular baby name for girls that is rare and different in tone.


A Latin derived name meaning ‘Queen’ and is a variant of Regina.  Rayna is a very strong and beautiful name for a baby girl.


Bulgarian originality meaning ‘Violet’, a classy and lovely girl’s name. Violeta is a lovely name that can be shortened to violet.


meaning ‘resolute protection’, willa is a lovely short and sweet name used in western countries with a playful and warm tone to it.


A welsh name meaning ‘Ruler’, Wren is a common and popular name with a subtle tone.  Wren is found throughout western countries as a popular and practical baby girl’s name.

What’s Your Favourite Trendy Baby Names?

Watch Out For These Quietly Trending Boy Names

When picking out a baby name for a child, some parents really want to go against the grain and pick something that is out of the box, unique, and ensures that their kid won’t have their last name tagged onto their first for the entirety of their school career (and beyond!). While names like Henry, Oliver, James, Noah, and Liam have topped the baby name charts in the U.S. for literally years, those might actually be on their way out.

One TikTok creator (@dreambabynames) who has an entire account dedicated to baby names and posted a warning to parents that while some might be under the impression that they’re naming their baby boy something distinctive, they’re actually trending right along with every other parent.

She begins by prefacing that, of course, you can name your kid whatever you want and if trending alongside other kids is not an issue — go ahead and keep doing what you’re doing.

“This is not judgmental whatsoever,” she begins. “If you love a name and don’t care how high it ranks or whatever, use it, love it, enjoy it.”

However, if you do care, she warns that names like Knox, Cash, Atlas, and Theodore are about to be some of the most popular names for kids.

“A ton of people recommended Theodore for me for my baby. [They were like] like, ‘Yeah, I’ve just never met one.’ They’re coming. Theodore is like number one everywhere. Brace yourself,” she said.

Sure enough, Theodore has been rising up the ranks in recent years, shooting all the way up to the number 10 spot in 2021, from being down in the 3000s at the turn of the century.

She then lists several more boy names that she predicts will be trending soon, including Silas, Bode, Asher, Ellis, Ezra, Archie, Finn and Otis.

“Hearing those circling big time. I’m preparing myself to meet a ton that at the same age as the baby I’m about to have,” she says while remembering one of the most popular quietly trending boy names.

“August. August may be the biggest one. Everyone’s baby’s names are August right now. It’s wild.”

While August was only the 121st most popular baby name in 2021, it sure is ascending quickly. Just 10 years ago, it was in the 400s.

The names Maverick, Beau, Bear, and Apollo close out her list.

Her video soon went viral, garnering 3. 2 million views and over 250k likes, with over 15 thousand TikTok users commenting with their own thoughts on boy baby names.

“The line between dog names and little boy names gets blurrier each day,” one user wrote.

“The trend is being referred to officially as the “dog name trend” and I pee my pants every time I read it in an article,” the OP responded.

Another wrote, “As a dog daycare attendant, I have met a German Shepard with each of these names.”

Another joked, “Why do all these names sound like a love interest in a Colleen Hoover novel?”

Someone asked, “Where are all the Keiths and Garys?”

The OP wrote back, “Extinct species 🙏”

One of the most interesting aspects of this TikTok creator’s list is that the names she mentioned are not anywhere to be seen on the official website for the United States Social Security Administration where Liam, Noah, Oliver, Elijah, and James round out the the top five.

In a follow-up video, the OP details how she decides what kinds of names are quietly trending and basically advises parents to ignore all those baby name websites. “That data’s from 2021, we’re in 2023. That is old,” she begins.

“We’re talking about trending in the sense of not top 100, but names that are climbing in the charts and when we get these new stats year after year, this is going to check out,” she continues.

She explains that NICU nurses, labor and delivery nurses, and preschool teachers are all confirming her predictions on what kinds of names are on the up and up. “[They] are saying, ‘Yup, these names are all on point.’ A lot of people think I made them up,” she says.

She then goes through her entire process for choosing trending baby names that you don’t see on any sort of website. “First of all, I look at naming stats. Even though they’re outdated, even though they only go to 2021, I look at those, and I compare how they are charting and they have been for the past like three years,” she explains.

She then says that baby naming Facebook groups as well as baby due date groups with moms discussing baby names is a goldmine for predictions as well as her own personal baby name consultations that she holds for clients.

“I hear thousands of parents a week telling me their unique names that they’re having for their this year babies, and they’re very repetitive,” the TikToker goes on. “So I factor all of that in with articles I’m reading about current naming trends, all of this information to get these trending names and they check out.”

She also posted an entire video about baby girl names that you might not know are actually trending that you can watch here.

Top 100 popular male names of 2023 by rating


List of the 100 most popular names for boys by rating in 2023

  1. Alexander
  2. Dmitry
  3. Maxim
  4. Sergey
  5. Andrew
  6. Alexey
  7. Artyom
  8. Ilya
  9. Cyril
  10. Michael
  11. Nikita
  12. Matvey
  13. Roman
  14. Egor
  15. Arseniy
  16. Ivan
  17. Denis
  18. Eugene
  19. Daniel
  20. Timothy
  21. Vladislav
  22. Igor
  23. Vladimir
  24. Pavel
  25. Ruslan
  26. Mark
  27. Konstantin
  28. Timur
  29. Oleg
  30. Yaroslav
  31. Anton
  32. Nicholas
  33. Gleb
  34. Danil
  35. Savely
  36. Vadim
  37. Stepan
  38. Yuri
  39. Bogdan
  40. Arthur
  41. Semyon
  42. Makar
  43. Leo
  44. Victor
  45. Elisha
  46. Vitaly
  47. Vyacheslav
  48. Zahar
  49. Miron
  50. Damir
  51. George
  52. David
  53. Plato
  54. Anatoly
  55. Gregory
  56. Demid
  57. Danila
  58. Stanislav
  59. Vasily
  60. Fedor
  61. Rodion
  62. Leonid
  63. Odysseus
  64. Valery
  65. Svyatoslav
  66. Boris
  67. Edward
  68. Marat
  69. German
  70. Daniel
  71. Peter
  72. Amir
  73. Vsevolod
  74. Miroslav
  75. Gordey
  76. Artemy
  77. Emil
  78. Nazar
  79. Savva
  80. Jan
  81. Rustam
  82. Ignat
  83. Vlad
  84. Albert
  85. Tamerlane
  86. Aidar
  87. Robert
  88. Adele
  89. Marseille
  90. Ildar
  91. Samir
  92. Tikhon
  93. Ramil
  94. Rinat
  95. Radmir
  96. Philip
  97. Arsen
  98. Rostislav
  99. Svyatogor
  100. Jaromir

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If you are going to become parents, you have probably already chosen your favorite name for the future child for a long time. But when it comes time to name a son or daughter, parents still buy books with the meaning of names or look for information on the Internet. After all, they want to pick up a baby not just a beautiful and popular name, but also one that would promise a happy fate.

We do not undertake to make forecasts, however, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the “named” trends based on long-term statistics and fashion trends.

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For him

Over the past five years, the name Alexander has been one of the five most popular names for newborn boys in Russia. In addition, many parents are happy to choose the name Artem: it is also among the five most widely used today. Mikhail and Dmitry go right behind Sasha and Tema. The name Maxim closes the top five. The name Ivanov has a rather difficult situation — 100 years ago it was a classic, in Soviet times Ivanov decreased, and at 9In the 0s of the last century, the name became relevant again. Now it is in sixth place in the popularity rating.

Today, children are often called old names, and not always Russian. For example, in one Moscow family, the child was named Ellis. However, the parents did not know that this is nothing but the English version of the name Elisha. By the way, everything is fine with Elisei in the Russian version, this name has been very successful for the last three years, second only to four old male names — these are Dobrynya, Daniil, Mark and Matvey. The latter, by the way, have not only euphony, but also a certain historical charm. But the names of Nikolai, Grigory, Vladislav and Nikita are rarely called today.

According to statistics, the rating of the most popular male names in Russia today also includes the name Artur. It is well known all over the world, but we have never had many people with that name. There are many versions of the origin of this name, and each country has its own. According to the most famous, Celtic, Arthur means «bear». The Greeks have a similar meaning: they call the star Arcturus «guardian of the bear.» But from Latin, Arthur is translated as «strength» and «power.» In any case, it is believed that the influence of this name is very powerful and positive.

For her

According to Russian registry offices for 2021-22, parents now most often call girls Maria, Sofia, Anna and Alice. By the way, Maria and Anna hold the palm not only in Russia — these are the two most popular female names in the world. The original names are also in trend, among them are Appolinaria, Marcelina, Augustine, Zemfira, Lolita, Teresa, Malvina, Ariel, Miroslava, Carolina, Medea, Elektra and Muse. The last name, by the way, is primordially Russian, but long and firmly forgotten.

Simple but beautiful sounding names are also popular: Alina, Aglaya, Polina, Milana and Eva.

Over the past few years, more and more newborn girls are called Barbarians by their parents. This name has several meanings, the most common is «outlander, barbarian. » It came from the Romans and Greeks, who called all foreigners barbarians. After some time, this name was revived in Europe as Barbara, and in Russia as Barbara. That is, the American Barbie doll is essentially the same Varya. At the same time, according to the Indo-European version, the root «var» means «protection». And since the syllable «var» is repeated twice in the name, this gives, as it were, double protection. That is, you definitely shouldn’t worry about little Varenka.

The classical name Olga does not lose its positions, but Svetlana and Elena, widespread in the 70s of the last century, have firmly gone into the shadows. Old names are also gaining popularity — Yesenia, Daria, Avdotya and Lukerya.

Names from the past

One of the most popular names in pre-revolutionary Russia was Anastasia. Almost every tenth girl in the country was called Nastenka. However, by the end of the 20th century, the Nastyas were almost gone. But over the past 20 years in our country, this unfairly forgotten beautiful Russian name is increasingly remembered and given to their daughters. According to statistics, Anastasia is now in the top 10 most popular girl names.

But the name Galina has finally lost either its relevance, or the letter “G” — instead of it, girls are called Alina, which, however, can also be attributed to the revival of traditions. If you remember, that was the name of the princess in «The Queen of Spades» by A. Pushkin.

The name Lyudmila, which was at the peak of popularity throughout the Soviet period of our history, today has been replaced by the short Mila — this is how girls are often called these days.

Names such as Nina, Valentin, Gennady and Anatoly are also almost out of use. If in Soviet times they were widespread, today they are very rare. Infrequently, boys are called Vasily, and girls are Tamara and Claudius. The names Zoya, Natalya, Lydia, Pavel, Sergey and Zinaida also almost disappeared from everyday life, although they used to top the list of popular names.

And almost never these days boys are called Apollos and Timurs, although at the beginning of the 20th century this happened all the time. Timur today, for some reason, is more classified as an oriental name, and Apollo is associated exclusively with the ancient Greek god of light and the patron of the arts. Although, perhaps, there is some truth in this — it is believed that young men with the name Apollo are inclined towards fine arts, which confirms the name of the Russian poet of the 19th century, Apollon Maikov.

The most unusual names

Many newborns these days receive very unusual names, the statistics of which cannot be traced, because they simply are not kept. Among the male names in this respect, the names Mars and Milan are the most unpretentious and simple. There are many more questions to such names as Mauritius, Altai, Yenisei, Baron and Baikal. Some parents, when choosing a name for their babies, seem to be inspired by creative spheres and myths. They gave their children the names Leonardo, Holbein, Hamlet, Perseus, Iphigenia and Sophocles. One name was taken from Scandinavian myths — Thor.

One boy named Lavr-Kosmos and one named Mels are registered in Moscow. If the first name is a figment of the imagination of the parents, then the second is much more interesting — the name Mels was invented in the USSR during the first five-year plans, it is made up of the first letters of the surnames: K. Marx, F. Engels, V.I. Lenin and I.V. Stalin.

Unusual names do not give up their positions among girls. You can select Aurora, Athena, Adele, Arya, Michelle and Hera. One girl was named Kendall Nicole. There is a trend towards female names that are analogues of male ones — Arseny, Pavel, Vladimir.

Among the most unexpected names of newborn girls are Astra, Malina, Luna, Spring, Princess, Rainbow, Slavyana, Vega, Slava, Lyra and Cleopatra. In Moscow, two babies were named by their parents after the main character of the novel «Scarlet Sails» by A. Green — Assol. Well, the title of «The most unusual name» is probably claimed by Atlantis Primeiro Filho Da Familia. Translated from Spanish, this is a whole phrase: «Atlantis is the first child in our family.» Moreover, the girl’s parents have nothing to do with Spain.


Olga Mazur, psychologist:

– Psychological research shows that our name has a direct impact on our personal happiness. A popular name can make other people think you’re smart and attractive before they even see you for the first time. This is because people associate a particular name with a stereotypical image.

However, an unpopular name can have the opposite effect and affect, for example, employment prospects or meeting the opposite sex. However, there is a blessing in disguise — as a result, people with less attractive names tend to work harder to succeed in life. This does not mean that they know that they have unattractive names, just a person behaves in accordance with the attitude of others, often trying to overcome a negative impression.

In the last ten years, there has been a trend to choose unusual or fashionable names for their children. But whether these names will still be considered attractive when their owners grow up remains an open question.




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