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Boys Lie

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    Boys Lie is a celebration of all those who have been to hell and back. Are you a loyal?


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    Why do you boys love beautiful people?)))

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    Closed 6 years

    Lilya Uralskaya))

    Supreme Mentor (140334)


    We pay up to Rs.


    Keeper of Truth (373723)

    but I love ugly ones))))



    Keeper of Truth (294183)

    To admire you))

    Really…… The Same One?? ..,))

    Keeper of Truth (260045)

    I would say .. destroy …)


    Why do you love handsome boys? Some suffering from that love. Or not?))))

    why do you boys love beautiful people?)))

    Why do you… boys… love beautiful people…? (Yo!))+

    Why do you girls (boys) love beautiful things?

    why do you love handsome boys?..only troubles from them ++

    Why do you, boys, love beautiful… why do we stupid devastsa?)))

    Why do you love beautiful boys?

    Why do you love handsome boys?

    Why do you love beautiful boys?)))

    Why do you love beautiful boys?

    interpretation of dreams about a little boy

    Little boy in Miller’s dream book

    A boy in a dream is a harbinger of unexpected but good news or a surprise. The more beautiful the baby, the better the news or present will be. An unsympathetic baby indicates that the gift will disappoint you, it will not be what you expected.

    Games with a boy symbolize the onset of a new fruitful stage in life, associated with spiritual development and creative upsurge. In the financial sector, too, everything will be fine.

    The baby was a stranger in a dream, but did you consider it yours? There will be problems in your personal life. Your partner will deceive, and it will be so unexpected that you can seriously be disappointed in feelings and lose confidence in the opposite sex. Miller advises: to avoid this, initially do not open up completely to new acquaintances.

    A crying boy indicates that relatives (parents, spouses, children) really need care. Find strength in yourself and do not deprive anyone of your attention — the atmosphere in the family now depends on you.

    Separately, the psychologist explained the meaning of dreams about little boys for pregnant women. In the early stages, this image promises an easy pregnancy. If the events in a dream scared you, then your well-being will periodically let you down.

    Little boy in Vanga’s dream book

    The clairvoyant considered dreams about boys to be a hint on how to behave in the future. Remember all the details, everything that the heroes of the dream said and did.

    In general, a baby in a dream indicates the onset of a successful period in life. You will find answers to questions that have long haunted you, a friendly atmosphere will reign in the family, the workload will decrease, and the financial situation will stabilize. Everything that you plan will be realized. But remember: the main thing is to do everything with pure thoughts and not harm anyone, otherwise meanness will return many times over!

    If a person who sees a little boy in a dream is already aged, you need to prepare for the fact that others will perceive your ideas as childish. To be taken seriously, reconsider your proposals. Most likely, they really have some naive moments.

    A little boy in an Islamic dream book

    When a boy is born in a dream (doesn’t play a role, for you or for others) — this is a symbol of anxiety, trouble, loss of strength, fatigue from flattery.

    Was the baby healthy? Single people will finally meet their love, already married people will be happy in family life. Was the child sick? Get ready for problems.

    If you held a boy in your arms, then your property will increase.

    Little boy in Freud’s dream book

    The psychoanalyst advises girls who dream of a boy to pay attention to a fan who has appeared in their life. He may seem intrusive, but he has the most serious intentions, which is why he acts so aggressively.

    A playful baby says that you are bored with your sex life. Things are unlikely to come to a change of partner, but new sensations and diversity are urgently needed.

    If you were babysitting a little boy in a dream, this indicates your desire to settle down, stop experimenting and start a family.

    A baby in a dream indicates the onset of a successful period in life. Photo: pixabay.com

    Little boy in Loff’s dream book

    In real life, children really need care. So the appearance of a little boy in a dream suggests that some person or business needs your attention. First, figure out who or what you are talking about. Then you need to analyze whether you yourself feel responsible in this situation or it is being imposed on you from the outside. Then you will be able to understand how to behave, whether it is worth wasting your time and energy or answering with a polite refusal. In representatives of different sexes, such dreams can also be provoked by completely opposite things. If women speak the maternal instinct inherent in nature and the desire to give birth to a child, then in men it is the fear of fatherhood and all the responsibility that follows from it.

    Little boy in Nostradamus’s dream book

    For the predictor, how the boy looked in a dream and what he did played an important role.

    A healthy baby symbolizes happiness and fulfillment of desires, a sick or disabled child warns of a global environmental catastrophe.

    A joyful, smiling baby is a harbinger of a happy era in which love will triumph. A tearful or dirty, neglected boy indicates problems — from local dangers to large-scale epidemics.

    A little boy in Tsvetkov’s dream book

    Tsvetkov considers a little boy in a dream to be a very versatile symbol. It can mean disappointment if the child was red-haired; happy love if a blond boy is dreaming; or indicate missed opportunities if the baby was fast asleep. A pissing boy is a sign that you will be paid much less than promised, check this moment. The dream in which you save the child also speaks of financial problems.

    Esoteric dream book

    Esotericists give a fairly general interpretation of dreams about a little boy: this is a symbol of changes in life.

    By alexxlab

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