Face to Face

Face to Face

Jillian Jeppsen, Pastor of Communication/Discipleship

I have a love hate relationship with social media. On one hand, it is so amazing to be able to peek into the moments that my friends and family are having. I feel like I can be a part of their life and share in their triumphs from the comfort of my living room.

My best friend from high school lives in San Diego, CA. Through Facebook I have been able to celebrate her girls’ journey playing softball, celebrate her new promotion at work, and congratulate her on buying her first home. I love being able to actually see pictures and videos of these special times in her life since I cant actually be there to cheer her and her family on in person.

I love when “memories” come up on my phone reminding me of everyday events that have happened in my life. Today a picture of my twins and granddaughter came up on my feed. It was nothing spectacular, just the girls playing dress up. But it is so fun to be reminded of these times together when were just doing life; being reminded without really even exerting much effort other than turning my phone on. I’m not gonna lie, that kind of convenience is addicting!

Then, there’s the other side of social media. The way it makes you feel connected to people without actually “being” with them. In today’s day and age, I can order groceries online and have them delivered straight to my front porch, which I can see from an app I put on my phone, and then tell the delivery man to leave my food there. I never have to leave my bedroom!  We all crave connection. It is what we’re built for.

God says in Galatians 6 that we are to “carry each others burdens.” But, as we become more technologically advanced, we find less and less reasons to leave the house let alone be together so that we can carry anything for one another. We convince ourselves “liking” a picture or responding with a funny emoji is the same thing as true connection.

Community happens when we are together, face to face with each other. We need to see facial expressions, feel the touch of a friend holding our hand and praying as we face a diagnosis, hear the squeals of delight as God brings a long awaited miracle to us.

Connection is where we get to really know each other. What we love, what fuels us, what angers us, what struggles we are facing. Intimacy and belonging happen when we have the space to share our hearts with one another and that doesn’t happen on social media.

True intimacy and belonging happen in those quiet, small moments with each other. So, get connected. Join a small group. Seek those around you that God has placed in your life. None of us can do this life alone. We all reach a place when its time to move. So, step into belonging. Step into connection. Its time to get to know each other. Those around you deserve to know you, who you are and how you tick. We need one another.