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Sienna’s Tea Party 11th Birthday! – At Home With Natalie

Sienna was so excited about her eleventh birthday and asked for a tea party theme! She was inspired by my cousin’s bridal luncheon that we went to over the summer. It’s such a fancy and fun theme! Just like our Sienna! She was vert hands on with the party planning which made it even more fun for me. We thrifted most of the dishes and now Sienna has a special collection to treasure and remind her of turning 11. 🙂 My mom also loves collecting thrifted tea sets and Sienna was able to pick out some of her dishes and table linens to bring over for the party too. It all came together in a beautiful way and today I wanted to share more of the party details! There were three main areas we decorated for the tea party: the treat table, photo fun area and the tea table itself!
Let’s dive into the fun!

The Treat Table
I covered our kitchen island with yummy food for the birthday girl and her party guests to enjoy!
I hung up some pretty decor from Hobby Lobby.
Most of the dishes I had and pulled from our Dining room shelves, but my mom also let us use some of her pretty dishes and they really added so much sparkle to the set up!
I snagged some faux summer/spring flowers on clearance at Michaels and arranged them in vases from the Dollar Tree. I was loving the color combo and inspired by the colors in the dishes we had thrifted.

Most of the food was store-bought treats! I even got pre-cut fruit, cubed cheese and sliced apples to make it even easier!
The only things I made were the deviled eggs and the cucumber sandwiches. The Carmel sauce and apples were a favorite of the girls!

Sienna saw this cake at Publix and loved it!! She’s not really a cake person..but loves fruit and tarts….so this was a good option!
It really was so pretty on the table!

I tried to make the Jell-O Sienna wanted look a little prettier by putting it out on a tray. 😉

We put the fancy marshmallows in a pretty dish from my mom…
the girls had fun getting them out with the tongs. It’s the little things. haha.

Entry Decor
When you walked into the house we had a little sign up and a cute set up on the entry table.
I grabbed a framed baby photo of Sienna from her room and some of the tea cups!

The Tea Party Table
Sienna inherited MY LOVE for dishes and I couldn’t be more excited about it haha. Ben, not as much. ;)But It was SO FUN rounding up a bunch of dishes from thrift stores and Facebook Marketplace. We found some really pretty ones and all of them, mixed together, gave the prettiest eclectic look! We found flower pot placards at Hobby Lobby on clearance because it was from their Summer line. Grandma helped us out with linens and we layered up some of her pretty ones to cover the table. The table itself was one we built for our office. It’s just an IKEA countertop (8 ft) and hairpin legs from Lowe’s. I love using DIY’s/decor we already have to make a party come together! We moved our kitchen table out, and the long table in, so the girls could all sit at one table together by the party food. Every place setting had a glass dish (another Grandma find!) filled with strawberries and it gave the table such a pretty pop of color!
I had gotten the bouquets half off at Hobby Lobby and put them in vases from the Dollar Tree. We got tulle from Walmart and tied up the fabric napkins from Grandma’s house. I just love how it all came together!

Tea Party Activities
Inspired by my cousins’s bridal shower, Sienna wanted to do cute charms as party favors! We found a great charm set on Amazon and looked up the symbol behind each of them.
The girls passed around a tea cup full of the charms, and blindly chose one. Sienna read off her paper and told them what each meant! It was a fun little activity to do at the table. We MEANT to have them strung up on ribbon but…. ran out of time. 🙂 It was still a hit!

Sienna created a “how well do you know the birthday girl” game on Canva.com and I ordered some fancy diamond pens off Amazon. We got the BEST little bows, at Michaels, that come with twist ties on them..so you can just twist them right onto the pens…..bows already tied! This game got a bunch of giggles and everyone took home their fancy pen as one of the favors.

The girls were so cute pouring the “tea” (pink lemonade.) At first, they were so cautious about using the “fine china” but they all got comfortable soon enough and enjoyed the yummy treats. It made me happy seeing them experience a tea party all together – fun memories!

The Photo Booth Area
Sienna really wanted to have a fun space to take photos with her friends in her fancy dress and with fancy hats!
Our sunroom is a favorite spot for photos (Can’t beat the dreamy lighting!!) I strung up a variety of balloons onto balloon string and attached to either side of the wall (and one in the middle)
I got doilies from the Dollar Tree for another garland. I folded and taped them to balloon string. An easy backdrop!
We had ordered a few hats off Amazon and moved my mirror into the sunroom so that her friends could see themselves and try them on. Sienna’s dress and hat are from Amazon. The dress was amazing quality but it’s very long – luckily we also got a hoop skirt off Amazon that helped poof it out and up off the floor!
Sienna’s Dress- Size 8/9 year old.
Sienna’s fascinator hat with feathers.
The other hats come in a bunch of different colors to choose from:
Pink pillbox fascinator.
Pink floral fascinator.
The girls had fun with the pretty backdrop and we plan on printing out some of these photos for Sienna to have in her room or in an album!

Present Time!
We have a family tradition that you take a photo with the birthday kid before they open your present. And since moving into our new house, this chair has become the official chair for this haha.

to our sweet Sienna!

11 super-fun birthday party ideas and activities for school-agers

11 super-fun birthday party ideas and activities for school-agers — Today’s Parent

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school-age birthday party ideas

Make a pennant

Throw a basketball party and have your court stars make vintage pennants they can take home. All you need is stiffened felt, tacky glue, dowels, precut letters, glitter and any other decoration you desire. Get the instructions here

































































Photo: Roberto Caruso

Celebrate friendship

There’s nothing better than celebrating your birthday with friends, especially with these fun DIY friendship bracelets. Can you believe they’re made out of towels? Watch the how-to video here









Make mini hockey sticks

These cute mini hockey sticks are a fun and easy craft to make at your hockey party. Get the instructions here























































Let it glow! Stock up on glow sticks, stars and neon icing to create this awesome scene. Don’t forget the black light. Get more information at A Pumpkin & A Princess




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Throw a fiesta

This cactus bowling game is a crowd-pleaser, so start saving up green bottles now. (Ginger ale, aloe and sparkling water bottles work well.) Get the instructions here











































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Star Wars Yoda pops

Looking for a Star Wars recipe? These marshmallow pops are so cute and yummy, Yoda approve he would. Get the instructions here










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Minecraft pixel pickaxe

Build up this celebration starting at square one. We’ve got tons of ideas to keep crafty party-goers busy. Get the instructions here










😉 :p <3

Go offline with an emoji party. Use yellow paper plates, construction paper, permanent markers and large Popsicle sticks to make these funny-face masks. LOL. Get the instructions here










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Duct tape, a plastic zipper bag and a bit of creativity are the basic supplies for these incredible little pouches. At the end of the party, guests could tote home loot in them, too. Watch the how-to video here








Go green

Take party guests for a nature walk around the neighbourhood and have them collect sticks to make this easy DIY wind chime. Get the instructions here





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Nautical style birthday for a child: ideas, decoration

Nautical style birthday for a child is quite a versatile option. It is perfect for both boys and girls. A narrower theme for a girl’s holiday is a celebration in the style of the Little Mermaid or a fish, and a boy’s birthday can be organized in the style of a pirate party or sponge Bob. Let’s consider a broad topic, since it is the most universal and simple in terms of its implementation.

Contents of the article

  • 1 Color scheme
  • 2 Invitations
  • 3 Decorating the room
  • 4 Welcoming guests
  • 5 Image of the birthday boy
  • 6 Beech you and numbers
  • 7 Festive table
  • 8 Candy bar
  • 9 Cake
  • 10 Photo zone
  • 11 Entertainment
    • 11.1 Attach the tail
    • 11.2 Fishing
    • 11.3 The most accurate
    • 11.4 Creative activities 9000 8
    • 11.5 Looking for treasure

Color range

Of course, an underwater or beach holiday cannot do without blue — the color of waves. All its shades are appropriate — from blue to dark blue, turquoise colors. You can complement the range with green, white, red, purple. If you are going to equip a pirate ship, use paper or fabric with dark blue or black stripes for decoration.

Well, now more about what you can do for your birthday in a marine style with your own hands.

Invitation cards

Decorate the traditional version of a rectangular postcard with drawings of waves, algae, marine life.

Fish, turtles and seahorses can be drawn or cut out of colored cardboard and glued onto a postcard — then we get a three-dimensional detail that will look more interesting.

Well, and options for curly postcards — a shell, a duck, a whale or a mermaid’s tail.

Decorating the room

You can use paper boats strung on a thread as a garland for a holiday. Crabs, jellyfish, shells, which can be cut out of colored paper or cardboard according to a template, also look interesting.

Ordinary paper pom-poms turn into sea creatures by attaching fins, tails, heads and other details to them.

Chinese lanterns also transform well into the inhabitants of the depths. From such a paper lantern it is easy to make a fish or a jellyfish.

We complement traditional streamers with stars, algae, scales, or we make each detail in the shape of a shell or fish.

Balloons can also turn into a fish or a jellyfish, you just need to add paper tails and fins to them, draw eyes and mouth with a felt-tip pen or marker. And if there is not enough time or desire for creativity, stock up on ready-made foil balls in the form of a shark or an octopus.

You can also make funny octopuses out of balloons.

A fishing net on the wall, decorated with figurines of marine inhabitants, will complement the marine theme. This grid can also be used as a stand for birthday photos. Photos can also be placed in small round aquariums, supplementing them with shells, sand, pearls.

When the walls are decorated, you can think about decorating the ceiling. Corrugated paper strips imitate waves, create the illusion of being under water. An octopus made of a ball and paper strips also looks funny. Such a decorative handsome man will surely appeal to the kids.

Welcoming guests

A special nautical-style sign will help inform the guests about where the holiday will take place. Also, a path decorated with foil balls in the tone of the holiday can act as a guide.

In order for guests to also match the theme of the celebration, at the entrance we give them accessories — caps, hoops, bracelets. Bracelets with hoops are suitable for girls, and caps are a universal option, you can dress up all guests in them.

The image of the birthday boy

The boy’s outfit depends on the theme of the holiday. If you settled on a general marine theme, a sailor suit will do, and if your choice is a narrower theme of pirates or sponge Bob, then choose the appropriate suit. Sailor and pirate costumes can be found at the box office, and the role of SpongeBob’s outfit can be played by an ordinary yellow T-shirt with the image of a cartoon character.

The girl can be dressed up in a mermaid costume or just in a dress that matches the color scheme. Girls really like fluffy skirts and dresses, and a felt crown with pearls or a festive paper cap to match the dress will complement the look.

Letters and numbers

baby’s name or even a whole word in a marine theme :

Festive table

We decorate the table itself with shells, stars, mesh, burlap.

We also decorate disposable tableware. It will be interesting for kids to eat from a plate in the form of a turtle or crab.

Since the child’s birthday is planned in a marine style, seafood and fish dishes will be appropriate as treats. But the usual cutting or salad can also be decorated according to the theme of the celebration — lay out in the form of an anchor, decorate with octopus from pepper, toppers in the form of crabs. You can also remember the favorite dish of many — fried octopus sausages. Not very useful, but on a holiday you can)

Candy bar

We also arrange a sweet table in the theme of the sea. To do this, we choose blue-blue shades for the background and tablecloth, supplement it with a fishing net, paper figurines of fish, and serve sweets in small aquariums.

Images of lighthouses, boats, anchors, steering wheels can be used as toppers. We decorate the tubes with paper skates, stars, shells. There is an easier option — we glue small flags on the tubes.

And of course, at the sea festival, we can only have real water from the ocean as a drink) And we decorate the container for it with stickers with octopuses or crabs.

Fill cupcakes with sugar pearls, decorative stars or jelly candy turtles.

A cake can be decorated with a small paper sail, and ordinary macaroons are transformed into a shell with a pearl.

And even the usual and not quite festive crackers can be creatively served in buckets with spatulas, and white dragees are poured into a small aquarium and called pearls) painted with colored sugar icing.


A popular material for decorating cakes is mastic. You can make algae, shells, fish, scales from it — just such a cake decor is suitable for a sea-themed holiday.

Photo zone

The memory of the holiday is bright and beautiful photos, so we pay due attention to the organization of the photo zone. The easiest way to diversify your nautical-themed photos is to use nautical-style photo props — anchors, lifebuoys, scuba masks.

A more interesting, but also more difficult in terms of self-production option is a photo booth. You can depict a mermaid with a sailor or a seahorse on it, and the most original photo booth is in the shape of a shark’s mouth, with it you are provided with bright and unusual photos!

And here are some ideas for a nautical-themed photo zone:


A children’s holiday cannot do without games and contests. Here is a small selection of activities that will make a children’s nautical-themed birthday party fun.

Attach the tail

We draw a mermaid or a whale on a piece of Whatman paper, separately draw and cut out the tail. The task of the child is to try to attach the tail while blindfolded.


For this game you will need a children’s pool or a large basin of water, and a fisherman’s toy set with rods and fish on a magnet.

The most accurate

Props — a stand with fish and cut holes, as well as balls or balls. The essence of the game is to get the balls into the holes.

Creative activities

Types of calm, creative activities for children on the theme of the sea:

  • decoration of cardboard fish with pieces of foil, colored paper, beads, stones;
  • coloring shells with paints. Children can take such shells with them as a souvenir;
  • marine themed face painting. It is advisable to invite specialists who will professionally paint children’s faces.

Looking for treasure

For this fun, you will need a container of sand or foam, and the treasures themselves. The task of the children is to find the treasure.

Top 20 ideas on how to celebrate children’s birthday fun


© Cleo.Ru

The highlight of the party

Video of the day

First you need to come up with a theme for the party or a surprise for the birthday boy and all his guests. This will be the highlight that will make the holiday fun, bright and memorable:

Theme party. It can be a pirate, animal, magic party, a ball of monsters or ghosts. Costumes can be nominal, simple, it is enough to indicate belonging to any hero with a simple tie, headband, badge or patch, any wardrobe detail. The design of the room and the table in this case should be according to the chosen topic, but more on that later.

Face painting. Paints or pencils on the body are quite inexpensive. At the beginning of the party, all guests who come can apply themed makeup on their faces. Children will be delighted. But it is necessary to coordinate this issue with the parents of all guests in advance and obtain permission.

Piñata. This toy will appeal to everyone without exception. It is a large hollow papier-mâché toy that is filled with sweets. The piñata is hung up and smashed with sticks at a certain moment of the holiday. Sweets spill out of it, and everyone collects a handful. Very fun entertainment. Piñata is from Mexico. There it is made not only for children’s holidays. Mom can easily make it herself from paper and glue. It can be of any form. Traditionally, these are geometric shapes. Piñata can be decorated with colored paper, ribbons, tinsel, any applications. Its appearance can be correlated with the theme of the party.

Invitation of an animator, any hero loved by children. This could be a hired actor or any adult in the family dressed up in the appropriate costume.

Consider an unexpected change of events in the middle of the evening, such as a power outage. Under the new conditions, the children will again be interested in following your instructions, the evening will sparkle with new colors.


It is very important to be with the children throughout the evening, then the holiday will not get out of control, and turn out to be kind and cheerful.

Ideas for a festive table

Children’s birthday table should be special. If you serve ordinary dishes in a special way, then the mood of the holiday will become perky and cheerful. What can be offered from snacks and how to arrange:

Leave the menu as you are used to. These can be fruits, sweets, cakes, side dishes in the form of potatoes and meat dishes. Focus on fruits and sweets, let the children have a real holiday.

Fruit can be served on skewers, mixed into small containers and cut into pieces. You can organize a fondue for everyone with fruit and chocolate or other sauce.

Organize a candy bar for children. This is a small sweet table of portioned sweets. You can make personalized cakes or sweet sets with decor and a signature.

Set the table with disposable paper utensils featuring your favorite cartoon character or party theme.

Decorate not only the table, but also the chairs. To do this, you can use ribbons and artificial flowers.


Room decoration ideas

Room decoration ideas for a children’s party should be combined with the theme of the evening if you choose something special. If the holiday is organized in a free style, then the following options are suitable:

balls filled with gel. They will rise to the ceiling and the room will be transformed. Tie bright ribbons to them;

posters, inscriptions, flags, posters. You can make it yourself or buy it in a store. Such products are very cheap;

for girls, you can use feathers, boas or tulle to decorate the room for the holiday;

wall newspapers made by relatives and friends. This should be thought out and made in advance, telling everyone that the birthday man was not in the know. Use photos of the hero of the occasion and his friends, relatives;

use serpentine or rain to decorate the room. It can be hung on a thread under the ceiling, in the opening of doors and windows.


You can’t overdo it with decorations for a children’s party, however, try to make everything harmonize.

Entertainment and games

Probably, the main thing in a children’s holiday is games and entertainment. Here’s what you can offer the child and his guests:

Quests. Today, children are very fond of this entertainment. Of course, it is suitable for those who celebrate in a fairly large area or on the street, but you can come up with tasks for a small room. The game is thought out by adults in advance, tasks are written on cards and hidden during the game. There must be a prize at the end. It can be some thing, any treat or a surprise in the form of a cartoon, animator, funny game.

Master classes. Children will be happy to engage in craftsmanship or cooking together with an adult or an animator. You need to think about what kind of audience will gather at the holiday, and find out their interests, if possible. Girls may be interested in cooking. Make cookies or desserts together. You can sew or weave a doll or decoration. Boys will gladly make things out of dough or clay. Modeling will be interesting to a heterosexual audience. For this entertainment, you need to prepare in advance all the necessary ingredients and components. Choose simple ideas, because quick results are important for children.

Teach children how to jump with rubber bands. This is a game from our childhood, and modern girls and boys do not know it. Prepare an elastic band connected in a ring, remember the tricks.

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