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Charlie: Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity, & Inspiration

Girl name origins & meanings

  • Italian : Valiant, strong, free
  • Spanish : Little and womanly; Variation of Charlotte or Caroline


Girl name variations

Boy name origins & meanings

  • Old English : Free man

What does Charlie mean and stand for?

The name Charlie is a diminutive of the English name Charles, meaning «free man.» It dates back to the Middle Ages when it was very popular in France due to the fame of Charles the Great, also known as Charlemagne.

Syllables: 2

Boy name variations

Family name origins & meanings

  • English : variant spelling of Charley.

Famous people with this first name

Famous people who gave their babies this name

What Does the Name Charlie Mean? 

The name Charlie is of English origin, meaning «free man. » Traditionally a boys name and diminutive of Charles, Charlie has become a popular gender-neutral name in the last decade. 

Charlie has long been a common name in the United States, and has grown in popularity in recent years. Once a boys nickname, Charlie has now gained momentum as a girls name, surpassing the number of boys named Charlie in 2015. For girls, Charlie works as a standalone name, or as a nickname of Charlotte. 

How Popular is the name Charlie? 

Charlie is the #122 most popular name in the United States, according to Social Security Administration data. It has become increasingly popular, rapidly jumping the ranks after entering the top 200 in 2016 and top 150 in 2018. It reached its peak in 2020, and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. 

However, it is the 17th most popular name on 

Popularity of the Name Charlie in the United States 

Charlie was searched for most often in the following states: 

  • Massachusetts 
  • New Hampshire 
  • Missouri 
  • Rhode Island
  • Montana

Famous People Named Charlie and Charlie in Pop Culture 

As a girls name, model Charlie Barker, actress Charlie Russel, and actress Charlie Hancock are notable namesakes. However, the name is much more popular amongst celebrity children, having been chosen by singer Chris Cheney, model Rebeca Romijn, actor Jeremy Sisto, actor Joshua Marrow, singer Nicolle Galyon, and actors Dave and Odette Annble. 

Charlie is also a popular name for entertainment characters, appearing in Good Luck, Charlie, Hereditary, Revolution, Degrassi, Supernatural, and Graceland

As a boys name, Charlie invokes images of Charlie Chaplin, Charlie Brown, and Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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  • Antonia 
  • Diane
  • Houston
  • Wyatt

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Charlie — Baby girl name meaning, origin, and popularity

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Charlie name popularity

Popularity over time

babies per million

Source: Social Security Administration & BabyCenter user data

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The meaning of the name, Popularity and information about it on

The meaning of the name Charlie for a person, the origin of the name, the fate and character of a person named Charlie.
Nationality, translation and correct spelling of the name Charlie. What colors, amulets, patron planets and zodiac signs fit the name Charlie?
You can read a detailed analysis and description of the name Charlie in this article absolutely free.


Charlie’s name has 5 letters. Such a number of letters in the name speaks of the humanitarian inclinations of a person. Such individuals highly appreciate and love art, it is pleasant to talk and spend time with them. Such people never evoke negative feelings in the interlocutor in communication, their human qualities inspire trust and pleasant feelings after communication. In relationships with representatives of the opposite sex, such people always build relationships on respect. The hidden meaning and meaning of the name Charlie can be found out after analyzing each letter.

Formula for calculating the number of the name: Charlie

  • Charlie. H + A + R + L + I
  • 7 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 1
  • Sum — 22 Next 2 + 2 = 4 , feel the passage of time, see an emergency in everything and are very worried about this. In making a decision, they are guided by logic, before answering a question, such people spend a lot of time thinking.
  • A — this letter is the strongest and brightest letter in the Latin alphabet. The carriers of this letter in their name strive to be leaders, often fight with themselves, love change. Strive to be at the top of comfort spiritually and physically.
  • R — endowed with self-confidence, courage, can withstand external influences, very enthusiastic individuals. Prone to unjustified risk, these are adventurous individuals who are prone to undeniable statements. They often take risks to achieve a goal, have the potential and desire to become leaders.
  • L — they have a subtle perception of beauty, a gentle nature, at the right time they can pick up the key to any person. Artistic and open, endowed with a creative mindset. Willing to share knowledge and experience. All the time in search of their true purpose, do not live life meaninglessly. They can be narcissistic, dissatisfied with other people.
  • and — people with this letter in their name are often sensual, romantic and sophisticated natures. Strive to find harmony with the outside world, good. They can be prone to asceticism and loneliness, in difficult situations they become practical. They do not know how to obey and are indifferent to gaining power.

General information about the name Charlie

The origin of the name is usually associated with the cultural characteristics of his people, and living conditions. Names appeared among certain peoples in connection with historical conditions, and as a rule they had practical application and meaning. In the past, people used to have 2 personal names, but in the modern world this is not accepted now.

History is silent when the names got their separate group. If we delve into the history of mankind, we learn that already in the 2-3 century BC. e. a certain philosopher Chrysippus in his writings mentioned names as a separate phenomenon. For a long time, people gave each other names and these names usually meant the type of activity of people, or emphasized their characteristic features.

Today people can come up with a name for themselves and wear it with pride. There are cultures in which there are two names of a person, one of which is secret, because, knowing the true name of a person, you can damage him, jinx him, etc. The ancients always believed that the name directly affects the fate of a person, as in the well-known saying “As you call a ship, so it will sail”, the name is of great importance in the fate of a person, in this article we will try to figure out which one.

Taurus is the sign of the zodiac. Taurus are by nature silent, keep a lot in themselves, can soberly reason and assess the situation, are intuitive, have great willpower. In a state of calm, they demonstrate gentleness and patience. Very quick-tempered if hurt to the quick. They do not like external pressure and are very touchy. They are sure that they are special, they know everything better than others and consider it their duty to explain to the interlocutor what is wrong. They differ from Aries in the ability to accept their wrong. After that, they will even thank him for opening his eyes to obvious things. Has a strong trust, monogamous, often mistaken and disappointed in people.

Cancer is a zodiac sign. In terms of sensitivity and susceptibility, Cancer surpasses all existing signs of the zodiac. It is under the auspices of the planet of secrets, experiences and doubts — the Moon, is subject to the elements of water. If you offend Cancer, it will be the biggest mistake in life. Cancer will tell you that he has forgiven, but for many, many years, at every suitable occasion, he will remember your own mistake. Fastidious to the extreme — even a crumb on the dining table can cause rabies. They try to maintain perfect cleanliness and accustom loved ones and those around them to this. The excuse about the creative mess of Cancer will not work, they will still clean up, even if they are not asked about it.

The Numerology of the name Charlie will help you to find out the character and distinctive qualities of a person with that name.
You can also learn about fate, success in your personal life and career, decipher the signs of fate and try to predict the future.
In numerology, the name Charlie is assigned the number — 4.
The motto of fours and this name in life is: «Every day is a new beginning.»

Influence on career and profession. In the numerological core, people with the number four are guided by external circumstances when choosing a profession. The profession of an architect, an organizer of concerts or events, a financier is suitable for them.

The role of the name Charlie in personal life. Four portends a relationship to a person that will be far from romance and complete understanding. A person with this number is hardworking, stress-resistant and patient. They need a partner nearby who can always cheer up and cheer up, make them believe in themselves again, but will also be patient. Personalities with the number 4 get along well in life with eights, ones and twos.

Charlie patron planet Uranus. People of this group are wayward and stubborn, have their own ideas about the world around them and the principles of life that they adhere to, rejecting generally accepted norms of behavior. Independence is their main quality. They are also kind to the environment, responsible and looking for similar comrades. They have many acquaintances and are always happy to communicate, hardworking, mobile, endowed with organizational skills. They have a good memory, but they are characterized by irritability and nervousness.

In Russian, this name is correct to write like this: Charlie
If we try to translate this name into English (transliteration), we get — charli

It is very important for you to stand out from the rest. But we do not advise you to use catchy decorations or flashy details. This does not mean that you should give up bright, cheerful colors and shades, just when drawing up a style of clothing, try to make everything look solid, correct and tasteful. Clothing should fit your figure and be made of quality fabrics. If you follow the described criteria, you will be able to inspire the trust and disposition of others. Use the same principles not only when choosing clothes, but also when arranging an apartment or workplace.

More than anything else, you crave to maintain your current status and stable position, seizing every opportunity to strengthen your own position. If you have to make a lot of efforts for this, you are ready for this and definitely will not back down. You think that the most important thing is to build a «fortress» that will withstand any trials due to its power and staffing. You calculate all your actions in advance to the smallest detail, ready to protect yourself and loved ones from any external factors. But often your principles and beliefs are not supported by others at all. You impose your opinion and views, offer to use your own solutions, limiting the freedom of choice. Be careful, many fortresses fell because one of the inhabitants decided to leave them and opened the gates to the besiegers. Remember that it is better to coordinate important decisions with those for whom they are made.

Marriage and creation of a family is a logical continuation of a relationship for you. Therefore, you greatly value reliability, honesty and trust in relationships with the opposite sex. You do not tolerate reticence, precarious position and uncertainty. You are ready to take care of your soulmate, regardless of the circumstances and external factors. And although your manifestations of feelings are not distinguished by tenderness, sentimentality and outward sophistication, there will always be a person who will appreciate your steps.

You are successful with people of the opposite sex, while appreciating self-confidence, strong character and external attractiveness, these are your main criteria. You will be annoyed by stupid or capricious partners. You love everything new and crave to create something beautiful and unusual for people, this is one of your features. Following this rule, you can reach considerable heights, receive love and admiration from those around you. You are sure that exactingness should be inherent only to you. You deeply value yourself and expect the same from others. You may react negatively to any guidance and advice on your own mistakes if you don’t feel accepted and loved in your life.

Origin of the name Charlie

What does the name Charlie mean?

The name Charlie is primarily a male given name of American origin, meaning «The Shape of Charles».

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Case Case question Name
Nominative Who? Charlie
Genitive No Who? Charlie
Dative Glad Who? Charlie
Accusative See Who? Charlie
Creative Satisfied Whom? Charlie
Prepositional Who am I thinking about? Charlie

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If you liked the meaning and description of the name Charlie? or you have friends with that name, describe in the comments — what is their fate, nationality and character. We are very interested in your opinion!
Do you know successful or famous people named Charlie? It will be interesting for us to discuss with you the meaning of the name Charlie in the comments under this article.

The name Charlie: the meaning of the name, origin, fate, character, nationality, translation, spelling

What does the name Charlie mean? What does the name Charlie mean? What does the name Charlie mean to a person? What is the meaning of the name Charlie, the origin, fate and nature of the carrier? What nationality is Charlie’s name? How is the name Charlie translated? What is the correct spelling of Charlie’s name? Compatibility with the name Charlie is a suitable color, amulets, patron planet and zodiac sign. You can read a complete description of the name Charlie and its detailed analysis online in this article for free.

Contents of the interpretation of the name

Analysis of the name Charlie

The name Charlie consists of 5 letters. The five letters of the name are an indicator of humanitarian inclinations. These people love and know how to appreciate art, they are pleasant and interesting interlocutors. Such a person will never cause the interlocutor to feel that he is dealing with a “dummy”, seeking to “splurge”. Therefore, relations with representatives of the opposite sex are always based primarily on mutual respect. By analyzing the meaning of each letter in the name Charlie, you can understand its secret meaning and hidden meaning.

  • W — consider themselves part of the world. Feel the flow of life. The tendency to see «extraordinary circumstances» in everything and worry about it. Consistency in decision-making, such people most often think for quite a long time before answering a question.
  • A is the strongest and brightest letter of the Cyrillic alphabet. Individuals with such letters in their names always strive for leadership. Often they compete with themselves. Indicates a desire to change something, to achieve the highest level of comfort in the physical manifestation and in the spiritual.
  • R — resist outside influences, self-confident, brave, enthusiastic individuals. Capable of taking unjustified risks, adventurous natures are prone to indisputable judgments. The ability to take risks for a goal. Desire and potential for leadership.
  • L — subtly perceive beauty. Softness of character, the ability to pick up the key to everyone at the right time. Possess artistry and artistic mindset. Willingness to share experience. They do not waste their lives senselessly, they are looking for the true purpose. In the worst case, narcissism, dissatisfaction with others.
  • and are romantic, refined and sensual natures. Kind, dream of harmony with the outside world. In a difficult situation, they show practicality. Sometimes they are prone to loneliness and asceticism. The inability to obey anyone at the same time indicates indifference to authority.
  • The meaning of the name Charlie in numerology

    Numerology of the name Charlie can suggest not only the main qualities and character of a person. But also determine his fate, show success in his personal life, give information about his career, decipher fateful signs and even predict the future. The number of the name Charlie in numerology is 4. The motto of the name of Charlie and fours in life is: “Comfort, stability and order!”

    • The patron planet for the name Charlie is Uranus.
    • The zodiac sign for the name Charlie is Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
    • Charlie Charm Stones — Ametrine, Red Ironstone, Danburite, Emerald, Glass, Mochi, Moonstone, Pumice, Clear Quartz, Black Sapphire, White Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Silver, Sodalite, Strombolite, Tiger’s Eye, Black tourmaline, zirconium.

    «Four» among the main numbers of the numerological chart is the unshakable stability of life position, stability and confidence in the future. This is a well-established life, strong family and friendly ties, a reliable, constant income and the invariable respect of others.
    The positive value of the number 4 for the name Charlie could be associated with purely masculine virtues, if thousands of women did not possess them. This is a high level of endurance, exceptional ability to work, methodicalness, adherence to principles and equanimity. They value order and practicality, stability and tranquility. Materialists «to the marrow of bones», fours do not like noisy gatherings and thrills. Their main concern is financial well-being, constancy of comfort. These are people with principles, they can be trusted with their secrets and not worry about their safety. Such people have few friends, but those that they have are loyal and proven comrades over the years.
    Four is material, has an innate talent for a designer and engineer, it is distinguished by creativity, but also by the desire for stability. The four named Charlie must be confident in the future, they work hard for the future. Those Fours who lack self-confidence can be overly sensitive and stubborn. The material side of life is important to the four, this is a man of action. Vulnerable and touchy. Four can separate the intellectual from the emotional. The Four make a difficult decision, hesitate for a long time and doubt, making a choice, they need silence. You can help the Four without making decisions for them. The four are fond of esotericism. A man named Charlie can achieve anything in life. The main thing is faith in your own strength. A child at heart, the Four knows how to be faithful, loves popularity, has acting talent. The Four is always looking for non-standard solutions. Sometimes it has pronounced healing abilities. The talent for commerce is pronounced. In family relationships, she is authoritarian and domineering because of her insecurity. You can please the Four named Charlie by giving her stability, confidence and limitations.

    • The influence of the name Charlie on the profession and career. The profession of people with a «four» in the numerological core is often determined by external circumstances. Suitable professions: architect, event organizer, financier.
    • The impact of the name Charlie on personal life. The number four promises a personal life, far from romance and castles in the air. Fours are very hardworking, stress-resistant and patient. The partner of such a person should be able to cheer him up, make him believe in himself, but at the same time be as patient as he is. For people with this number, eights, twos and ones are ideal.

    Charlie’s patron planet

    The number 4 for the name Charlie means the planet Uranus. Those belonging to this category are very stubborn and wayward. They have their own ideas about the world and life principles, which they follow, neglecting the generally accepted norms of behavior. The main quality of people named Charlie is independence. They are responsible, love nature and look for friends with similar qualities. Carriers named after Charlie have many friends and are always happy to chat with them. People of this type are mobile, sociable, hardworking. They have an excellent memory, but they are often irritable and nervous. Among other things, they have excellent organizational skills.

    Zodiac signs of the name Charlie

    The following zodiac signs are suitable for the name Charlie:

  • Zodiac sign Taurus for the name Charlie. By nature, Taurus Charlie is silent, keeps a lot in himself, knows how to think soberly, is intuitive and has powerful willpower. While Taurus with the name Charlie is calm, demonstrates gentleness, patience. If the owner of the name Charlie is hurt, Taurus easily explodes. He does not like pressure from outside, he is offended for a long time. Taurus named Charlie are absolutely sure that they are special, they know everything better than anyone and simply have to explain to you why you are wrong and in what aspects. The main difference between Taurus with the name Charlie and Aries is that they know how to admit they are wrong. Then they will even thank you that you opened their eyes to the truth. Taurus Charlie is monogamous and very trusting, so he is often deceived in people and even more often disappointed in them.
  • Virgo zodiac sign for the name Charlie. Hardworking and reliable representatives of the Virgo sign with a name for the name Charlie are endowed with a sober look at things, pedantry. Charlie Virgos are prone to system analysis, constantly criticize themselves and others, and try to keep everything under control. They maintain order in money, affairs and the house, they are practical and homely. In relationships, they are shy, very sincere and generous, they know how to sympathize and help people, they are not afraid of responsibility. Virgo women are calm and sensible keepers of the hearth. Ideal wives. But Virgo men — write wasted. The most boring and illogical creatures on the planet. Sex, food, sports — everything is on schedule, and being a minute late is punished by a long lecture on the meaning of life. They do not explain the reason for their behavior and are not going to: who are you in general to talk to you? They love it when they rush about and wipe their snot, and they just love to suffer in public to the point of insanity — “how poor and unhappy I am, have pity on me immediately.”
  • Zodiac sign Capricorn for the name Charlie. Capricorn Charlie knows how to use all the chances in life, is prone to leadership, loves to learn, develop, stand firmly on his feet and go to the goal. Capricorn with the name Charlie does not like to take risks, can become an inveterate pessimist and close due to self-doubt. Charlie does not really know how to rest, be lazy and relax, considering this time wasted. God forbid you come to Capricorns named Charlie for advice: you are provided with at least an hour of lectures. This is because Charlie’s Capricorns always know how to get out of any situation (or pretend to know), and they will tell you in detail, tediously and with examples where you are wrong and how to live on. Charlie devotes himself to work as much as possible, because Capricorn simply does not know how to sit on the fifth point evenly and do nothing. And if you have to, it starts to wither. Capricorn Charlie chooses a partner not with his heart, but first of all with his head, so he is incredibly happy in family life.
  • Color of Charlie’s name

    Green color of Charlie’s name. Named people wearing green are kind and warm-hearted, ready to give their last. The owners of the Charlie name are not afraid of changes in life, they easily take risks for the sake of material well-being. However, money rarely stays in their pocket — «green» people named Charlie love to have fun in a large and noisy crowd, treating everyone. Carriers of the name Charlie are very vulnerable and sensual, therefore they are often offended by family members, feeling misunderstood and unloved, however, they forgive as quickly as they are offended. The positive character traits of the name Charlie are kindness and optimism.

    By alexxlab

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