Christmas gift for nine year old girl: The 21 Best Gifts for 9-Year-Olds in 2023

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50+ Most Popular Presents for 9 Year Old Boys

Top Birthday Presents for 9 Year Old Boys – 2020 Top Gift Guide

This is my son Jeremy, he just turned nine!  With his help, we’ve put together this list of the most popular presents for 9 year old boys.  Christmas time is right around the corner and it’s always nice to have a shopping list or gift guide to help buy presents for nine year old boys, right? Of course it is.

One of the best ways to shop for a 9 yr old boy is to actually as a nine year old boy what they want!  I’ve got the inside scoop on the most popular presents for 9 year old boys because I have a nine year old son and I’m a toy blogger!  This is my blog and my kids and their toys are the center of it!

Great Presents for 9 Year Old Boys

At the top I like to start with my sons most favorite gifts and toys from his list.  These are the most popular picks that he wanted to make sure I knew were his absolute favorite presents!  Below this I will show you his top picks by category, like STEM toys, electronics, video games and action figures he thinks are awesome.  I’ve also got some of the most popular chapter books and educational toys as well (because I know parents and 9 yr old boys appreciate that).

The Electronic Claw GamePro Mini BBall HoopHarry Potter Hogwarts Seal ShirtK’NEX K-FORCE Battle BowPlatform Spinner SwingLocal Imprint Eat Sleep FortniteNat Geo Dinosaur Dig KitDoinkit DartsSport Squad Air Hockey

Such a Cool Gift Idea for 9 Year Old Boy!

Nine year old boys absolutely love Walkie Talkies and these ones here are perfect because of the range and how easy they are to use. They are not your cheap kiddy walkie talkies, these are real two-way radios that are perfect for 9 yr old adventurer. My son and his friends love to head out on a mission with their walkie talkies and Nerf guns. These walkie talkies will reach up to 23-miles in range and the sound is crystal clear. “Roger that! 10-4”  See all the Walkie Talkies HERE!


Walkie Talkies for Kids

Your 9 Year Old Will Love Creating a Comic Book!

My 9 year old boy loves to draw and this create-your-own comic book was a great gift to buy him.  He’s drawing pictures to go along with the really cool comic story that he’s made up in his head. There are 18-pages to create the comic story on and a guide to help the process along the way. At his age, it’s a lot of fun to come up with your own heroes, villains and story characters. Mail it off and get it professionally published so that everyone can see his masterpiece. It’s a cool gift because you’ll both want to hold on to it for a really long time and show people when they come over.

Lulu Jr. My Comic Book – Create Your Own Comic

Lego Figure Alarm Clocks – Great Presents for 9 Yr Old Boys

My 9 year old loves this Lego Batman alarm clock. The arms and legs move just like the real Lego Batman Minfig. VERY REALISTIC to the actual mini figures themselves. Getting up for school is not a problem now that he has an alarm clock and he loves that it lights up when you press down on the head and you can see the time.  The digital time is in large numbers so you can see it from a distance well. He stands about 11-inches tall, so pretty big mini fig (if that even makes sense).

LEGO Batman Alarm Clock

Fitness Tracker for Kids

This fitness tracker is great for kids, it’s priced decently for a good tracker that works. It tracks heart rate, sleep, steps, and location. It’s really rad and my son  really loved it.  It has all sorts of features for the price and there are a couple colors to choose from.  It charges from the side in any USB, you don’t need a cord, it just plugs straight into the USB. Very handy.

LETUFIT PLUS Fitness Tracker

Candy Claw Machines Make a Unique Gift Idea!

The Electronic Claw Game

Candy Claw Machines are one of the best gifts to buy a nine year old boy because it’s unique and fun. They may not have asked for one but it’s definitely a present they will love!

  • These candy claw machines are just like real thing.
  • Put the coin in and try to grab yourself a small prize.
  • Fits any small prizes like plushies and candies.

I don’t know many kids that can resist “The Claw” – adults for that matter too!


This Pokemon Handbook is My 9 Year Old’s Favorite Book!

From the second we gave this to my son, he could not take his nose out of it! It was absolutely one of his favorite gifts! The Pokemon Essential Handbook has over 700+ Pokemon descriptions, images and facts. The pages inside have full-color pictures of each of the different Pokemon along with all the information a trainer would need for battle. For the price, this was a really a great gift idea on my part because it’s definitely gotten good use!

Pokémon Deluxe Essential Handbook: The Need-to-Know Stats and Facts on Over 700 Pokémon

Tabletop Baseball is a Cool Gift Idea for Tween Boys

Super Stadium Baseball Game

My son loves his tabletop baseball game, it’s fun to play solo or with friends. It’s easy to set up and fun to play. What’s cool is it’s like a little mini replica of a real stadium, even down to the little details.  A great gift idea for a 9 yr old boy who loves baseball.

  • The magnetic infield makes it fun to pitch or hit the ball and see where it ends up.
  • Bat lefty or right-y and swing for the fences!
  • Keep track of balls, strikes and outs as well as team score.


MLB Mini Helmets for Baseball for 9 Year Old Baseball Fan

MLBMLB Deluxe Mini Helmet Standings Board

These little baseball helmets were a huge hit with our nine year old and his dad. They love to track the regular season and post season standings on the display board.

It’s made by Rawlings and includes all 30 team baseball helmets. My 9 year old loves to play with the little helmets and group them together by league and division. It’s a great way to learn about the game of baseball, my husband and son have had really enjoyed this gift.

There are also mini NFL football helmets too!



Robots are Totally Cool Presents for 9 Year Old Boys!

My 9 year old son loves robots!  Robotics have really taken off these last couple years and even become a bit mainstream because of the television show Robot Wars.  Even if you don’t see your 9 year old showing an interest in robots, get him one and see what I mean – it’s almost a gut instinct at this age to tinker and toy with electronics.  The Ozobot is probably the most exciting of all these robot toys for boys, although they each bring something unique to the table in terms of robotics and engineering.

Ozobot Bit 2.0 – Robot of the YearMiP RobotOWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot


Awesome S.T.E.M Toys for 9 Yr Old Boys!

S.T.E.M. toys combine science, technology, engineering and mathematics so that boys are entertained and educated at the same time.  These are some of our favorite STEM presents to buy a nine year old boy because they are geared towards that age.   Snap Circuits, Knex and Magformers are just three of my sons favorite picks!  He loves to build and figure out how things work!

Snap Circuits SC-300K’NEX Education – Intro to Structures: BridgesMagformers Rainbow 30 Piece Set


Metal Detectors are Good Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys

Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector

9 year old boys are natural treasure hunters and a junior metal detector makes the BEST gift – seriously! They can take this on walks around the neighborhood or on adventures hiking or on the beach. Having a metal detector that works is awesome, you can find real treasure!

This junior metal detector can find small objects like rings, coins and precious metals that size up to 5-inches deep. Larger objects it can detect up to 3-feet depending on the size.

The Junior metal detector is ergonomic and easy to carry. One of the coolest gift ideas that your nine year old may not have thought of but will totally love!


Outdoor Toys Make Good Presents for 9 Year Old Boys

My nine year old can be a bit of a computer / video game junkie if I don’t force him to go outside and play sometimes.  Although I know he really enjoys his electronics, high priority on my gift list is always outdoor toys for boys!  Get them outside as much as you can and these cool outdoor toys are going to be the lure.   If you have more than one boy in the house (or an overgrown child-like husband) – you may need to consider buying TWO of these outdoor toys for 9 year old boys!

Razor E100 Electric Scooter (Red)Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow KitBOOMco. Dual Defenders Blasters

An Awesome Outdoor Gift Idea for 9 Yr Old Boy

Super Spinner Swing (Green)

If you have a place to hang a tire swing super spinner – you have got to get one for your nine year old boy. It’s really easy to mount and the kids LOVE IT!

These are such fun in the backyard or on a patio area. They can hold two kids up to 150 lbs.

It’s safe, it’s fun and my nine year old boy absolutely loves it. Ride on your butt or your belly, it twists and it turns and it’s a ridiculously awesome fun time.

It’s better than a tire swing and it comes really highly-rated!


Science Sets are Cool Presents for Nine Year Old Boys

One of the things my son really enjoys is science at home.  Unlike text books, science kits make science come alive and at nine years old, boys are so curious in the way they explore that it’s a given that these make awesome gift ideas.   There are all kinds of science sets to explore in different areas from chemistry, biology and even technology is science – its only natural that these kits would make the best presents for nine year old boys because they are explorers at heart and exploring science is awesome!

4M Kitchen Science KitMakey Makey – An Invention Kit for Everyone4M Magnet Science Kit


Mars in My Room is a REALLY Cool Gift Idea for 9 Yr Old Boys

Uncle Milton – Mars in My Room

My son has always liked Uncle Milton toys, we have the Moon in my Room, the Fireworks Show in my Room and a couple others too. It’s a no-brainer that my 9 year boy wanted this Mars in My Room when he saw it.

Uncle Milton toys make the most awesome gifts for your boys and it gets them interested in space, weather and other sciences. Boys at this age naturally gravitate (pun intended) to gifts like these.

The Mars in My Room has a remote control so you can light it up at the touch of a button. Imagine, your very own red planet in the bedroom!


Can’t Go Wrong with Lego Sets for 9 Year Old Boys

My 9 year old loves to build with Lego, he loves the Minecraft and Super Heroes sets the most (right now).  Lego is one of those toys that is definitely going to grow with your boy because the older they get, the more complex and detailed the Lego sets get.  When they get older they care more about the set than the minifig in the set LOL

LEGO Minecraft the Snow HideoutLEGO Superheroes Batman: Man-Bat AttackLEGO Creator Treehouse

A Flippin’ Awesome Book for a 9 Yr Old Boy

Flippin’ Awesome: Water Bottle Flip Games, Tricks and Stunts for Everyone!

Do you have a bottle flipper in the house?

Do you find partially-filled, beaten up water bottles around?

If you know what I mean this book is for your boy.  It’s loaded with awesome tricks and moves to perfect those bottle flippin’ techniques.  There’s games to play with friends, tricks to perform against competitors and stunts to show off to everyone around!

I don’t get what’s so cool about it as a parent, but my boys love flipping bottles and they are constantly practicing on hard surface floors..

Cool Chapter Books for 9 Year Old Boys

I know that reading doesn’t always sound like the most exciting activity for a nine year old boy but chapter books do make good presents if you know the right ones to buy.  My nine year old loves to read funny chapter books with pictures in them – Bad Kitty, Diary of Wimpy Kid and even Ninja Farts are some of his favorites!

Bad Kitty’s Very Bad Boxed Set (#1)Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 1Fart Wars

The Minecraft Bible An Awesome Christmas Gift Idea

My son REALLY thinks his Minecraft Bible is awesome! Inside the stories are told using Minecraft images from the game. The Minecraft Bible is really a creative way to introduce bible stories to your young Minecraft fan without making it boring. Inside are full color pages loaded with images that tell the different new and old testament stories. This Minecraft bible takes things down to a level that my son can enjoy and remember. It’s really fascinating the detail it took to create the pages of this book. We bought ours at Barnes and Nobles but it’s cheaper on Amazon.

The Unofficial Holy Bible for Minecrafters: A Children’s Guide to the Old and New Testament

Games are Good Presents for 9 Year Old Boys

Games are a great way to spend some time together and they really teach kids a lot of valuable lessons in strategy as well as competition.  My son enjoys playing games with us as a family and he’s got a great attitude when he wins or loses – wish I could say the same thing for his dad.  The best games for nine year old boys are board games and card games. These are three of our favorites, they come very highly rated by other parents buyers too.

Googly Eyes GamePie Face GameBounce-Off Game

The Grossery Gang Toys are a Cool Gift for 9 Yr Old Boys!

“Your Shoppins’ Gotten Rotten” Made by the creators of Shopkins, these Grossery Gang characters are sure to make your 9 year old boy excited. With names like, “Snot and Pepper, Barf Bagel, Awful Waffle, Nasty Nacho and Mucky Buttercup” how can they resist? The Grossery Gang toys are popular for their putrid appearance. These gross little guys are fun to trade and collect!  They’re soft and squishy and cool. They come in Corny Chips, Sticky Soda Cans and Vile Vending Machines. There are also different play sets available that make them even more fun.


The Grossery Gang Putrid Power Season 3, Large PackGrossery Gang The Putrid Power S3 Muck Chuck Garbage TruckThe Grossery Gang S3 Mega Pack

Cool Presents for 9 Year Old Boys Under $10

These are some very cool, inexpensive gifts to buy nine year old boys.  Perhaps you want to stretch the dollar a little further this year, it’s understandable, no reason you have to have a crappy gift just because you only have ten bucks, right?!  Here are some cool Christmas presents for 9 year old boys under ten dollars.

Westminster Hand BoilerThink Fun Math Dice4M Crystal Mining Kit

Hottest Toy for 9 Year Old Boy RIGHT NOW!

Right now the Rubik’s cube is one of the HOTTEST TOYS for 9 year old boys. I know you’re probably like “Whaaa?” I had one of those!  Believe it or not this cube-shaped puzzle is really popular and all the cool boys want to solve one. My son is a master solver now and he spends so much time in his room practicing his speed and skill on his Rubik’s cube. For the price, you can’t beat this gift idea. The original 3 x 3 cube is the most popular although they are venturing off into other size cubes too.

Rubik’s Cube Game

Spinner Toys are Really Cool Toys for 9 Yr Old Boys

I got my son one of these spinners and he absolutely loves it and takes it everywhere with him. All the kids that see him with it take an interest right away to it. It’s a really popular toy amount tween and teen boys right now. These spinners have been known to reduce stress and anxiety and – double bonus, they keep kids sitting still for longer periods of time. There are literally a million of them to choose from and no one brand is more popular than another, but do look for one that looks solid. We got this spinner here, and it’s been good to us.

LED Fidget Spinner

We have all sorts of cool tween boy gift ideas on this blog to choose from.

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The 25 best gifts for kids who love Harry Potter

The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Don’t Waste Your Money may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer’s website.

Harry Potter still holds a magical spell over millions of fans. It’s hard to believe, but it has been 12 years since J.K. Rowling released “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” the final book of the boy wizard’s epic series. And it’s been 8 years since we last saw the Boy Who Lived in a movie on the big screen.

But Pottermania is still alive and well, and if there’s a Harry Potter fan in your life, you may be looking for the perfect gift for the child who can’t get enough of the world of Hogwarts and wizardry.

We have conjured up a list of 25 magical Harry Potter gifts that will leave your kids — or maybe even adults who are kids at heart — spellbound.

1. Mattel Games Uno Harry Potter Card Game

Everyone loves Uno, the card game of matching numbers and colors. Now, you can play with Harry, Hermoine, Ron and other characters in the Harry Potter Universe. The Sorting Hat even gets a new role in this special game of Uno. The Mattel Games Uno Harry Potter Card Game sells on Amazon for $8.95.


2. Funko Advent Calendar: Harry Potter

Countdown the days until Christmas with this fun Funko Advent Calendar featuring 24 mini vinyl figures from the Harry Potter series. You’ll want to pick this up early to enjoy every day leading up to the holiday! The Harry Potter Funko Advent Calendar sells on Amazon for $40.


3. Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Knit Scarf & Pom Beanie Set

You won’t have any problem getting your kids to wear their hat and scarf when you give them this set! Choose from any of the four Hogwarts’ houses — Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin — so your little wizard or witch can represent their house proudly. The Harry Potter Hogwarts Scarf & Pom Beanie Set sells on Amazon for $38.95.

4. Harry Potter Coloring Book

Let your children’s creativity soar with this fun coloring book. Bring color and life to all four Hogwarts house crests, dragons and even favorite scenes from the series. This Harry Potter Coloring Book sells on Amazon for $6.48.


5. Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Older children (and adults) will love this chess set that takes the iconic Wizard Chessboard from the series and puts it into their hands. Battle your wits with this magical game. The Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set sells on Amazon for $38.99.


6. Harry Potter Books 1-7 Special Edition Boxed Set

The world’s fanaticism with Harry Potter all started with the books. Now, your Potterhead can have all seven books in one deluxe set in paperback and with its own designer case. The Harry Potter Books 1-7 Special Edition Boxed Set sells on Amazon for $48.65.


7. Harry Potter Plush Stuffed Pillow Buddy

The fun inside the world of Harry Potter and his friends doesn’t have to stop at bedtime. Choose from one of these 17-inch Plush Stuffed Pillow Buddies, including Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione or Professor Snape. Each plush in the Harry Potter Plush Stuffed Pillow Buddy collection sells for $16.99.


8. Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Throw Blanket

Your favorite Potter fan will “solemnly swear I am up to no good” with this warm throw blanket. It measures 48-by-60 inches and is perfect on a bed or to curl up with on the couch while watching any of the Harry Potter movies. The Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Throw Blanket sells on Amazon for $28.40.


9. Harry Potter Clue Board Game

In this twist on the classic board game Clue, students are disappearing from Hogwarts Castle. Play as Harry, Ron, Hermoine, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood or Neville Longbottom to solve the mystery on a game board that moves rooms and reveals secret passages.


10. Harry Potter Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

Put the hard-to-catch golden snitch from the legendary Quidditch matches in your favorite Potter fan’s hands! This fidget spinner, though, has a rainbow of colors to enjoy as kids spin and play with the snitch. The Harry Potter Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner sells on Amazon for $10.95.


11. Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter Quickplay Edition

Test your Potter fan’s expertise with a fun game of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit! The Hogwarts Library in this game holds 600 questions to test the magical knowledge of players in an abbreviated version of the classic Trivial Pursuit game. The Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter Quickplay Edition sells on Amazon for $24.88.


12. Harry Potter Lexicon-GO! Word Game

What do you get when you cross a classic word game and the wizarding world of Harry Potter? Loads of fun with some magical twists. To win the game, spell out words and create crosswords with the Potter-themed tiles. The Harry Potter Lexicon-GO! Word Game sells on Amazon for $19.99 and is prime eligible.


13. HedBanz Harry Potter Party Game

Represent your choice of Hogwarts House’s with this hilarious game that will have players using their Harry Potter knowledge to earn chocolate frog tokens and guess which card they are wearing on their head. The Hedbanz Harry Potter Party Game sells on Amazon for $19.40.


14. Lego Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue

Build and re-create a favorite scene from “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” with this Lego set that includes Hagrid’s hut and pumpkin patch, plus Buckbeak, Hagrid, Harry, Ron, Hermoine, Minister of Magic and the Executioner figurines. The Lego Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue set sells on Amazon for $48.


15. Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Journal and Wand Pen

Potterheads can capture their magical thoughts and dreams with this marauder’s map-inspired journal. The 192-page faux-leather journal has plenty of room to draw, write or create whatever kids imagine. This set also includes a ballpoint pen designed as a replica of Harry’s wand. The Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Journal and Wand Pen sells on Amazon for $17. 99.


16. Harry Potter Kids Socks Collection

This officially licensed Harry Potter Socks Collection includes five pairs of fun low-cut socks in kids sizes. Designs include Hedwig the owl, Harry’s glasses and iconic scar, the Hogwarts Express, Harry’s Hogwarts letter and a tribute to Platform 9 3/4. The Harry Potter Kids Socks Collection sells on Amazon for $21.99.


17. Harry Potter Charm Necklace

This charm necklace gives fans a chance to show off their fandom in a lovely way. The gold-toned necklace comes with four charms you can interchange, including the Deathly Hallows symbol, a golden snitch, a lightning bolt and a Platform 9 3/4 sign. This Harry Potter Charm Necklace sells on Amazon for $12.99.


18. Harry Potter Hedwig Padded Slippers

Harry’s beloved and trusted animal companion Hedwig the owl can be close by and keep your feet warm with this adorable pair of slippers. These slippers come in sizes small through large (up to women’s sizes 10-12 and men’s sizes 9-11). The Harry Potter Hedwig Padded Slippers sell on Amazon for $19.99 to $26.95.


19. Harry Potter Youth Girls T-Shirt

Made by Disney, this Harry Potter tee for girls features a cute animated design of the terrific trio of Harry, Ron and Hermoine. It comes pre-shrunk, has side-ties and ruching and is available in youth sizes extra small to large. The Harry Potter Youth Girls T-Shirt sells on Amazon for $13.82 to $16.87.


20. ‘Harry Potter Origami’ Book

Imagine creating your own origami chocolate frog or playing a tabletop game of Quidditch. The “Harry Potter Origami” book has 15 paper-folding projects that Harry Potter fans won’t be able to wait to get their hands on. The “Harry Potter Origami” book sells on Amazon for $10.15.


21. Harry Potter Cookie Cutters

This Harry Potter Hogwarts House Cookie Cutter set from Williams-Sonoma comes with all four Hogwarts House crests. Kids will have a blast cutting out cookies from Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw — and then decorating them. This set sells on Amazon for $24.20.


22. Harry Potter Waterproof Stickers

Fans of the boy wizard and his friends can deck out their computers, skateboards, bike helmets or anything they’d like with this collection of waterproof stickers. These stickers combine cartoon images and movie images into one collection. These Harry Potter Waterproof Stickers sell on Etsy starting at $2.95 for 10.


23. Harry Potter Candy Collection

Even the candy in Harry Potter’s world is strange and magical, but we muggles can enjoy it, too. This collection of confections includes Gummy Candy Slugs, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans and a Chocolate Crispy Frog. The Harry Potter Candy Collection sells on Amazon for $11.50.


24. Golden Snitch Table Touch Lamp

Have a kid’s room that you’re transforming into a piece of Harry Potter’s world? Then this Golden Snitch Table Touch Lamp would be a perfect addition. The golden snitch floats inside the tall illuminated bell jar and will cast a magical glow into any room. The Golden Snitch Table Touch Lamp sells on Amazon for $29.98.


25. Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

This is something for the ultimate Harry Potter fan who doesn’t mind spending a little time building an incredible project. The Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle is the ultimate building set (6,020 pieces) and is an amazing replica of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It also comes with a collection of Lego characters including Harry and his friends, the founders of Hogwarts (Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw) and many others. The Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle is on Amazon for $399.95 and is Prime eligible.


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At one year old, the baby still does not understand the essence of the holiday. And gifts for a baby for the New Year are not much different from presents for other occasions.

What to give a five-year-old girl for the New Year

Sweets and a toy-symbol of the year — this is what is most often given to girls of 5 years old for the New Year. But this can only be a pleasant addition to the main gift, which should surprise and delight.

What to give a four-year-old girl for the New Year

What is usually given for winter holidays in the garden and at a party? Sweets, toys, New Year’s souvenirs. The child is waiting for miracles, fairy tales, the visit of Santa Claus. What can be a gift from this list?

Dobraya Yolka: Moscow firefighters made a New Year’s gift to a girl from a large family • NEWS • Moy Dom Moscow

Moscow firefighters fulfilled the New Year’s wish of a young resident of the SWAD. Nine-year-old Victoria is brought up in a large family, she loves animals very much and dreamed of getting a phone for the New Year. Good wizards came to the girl in a real fire truck to give her the coveted present, as well as tell her about the work of brave fire fighters .

Employees of the capital’s Fire and Rescue Center congratulated Victoria Alekseenko on the New Year as part of the Kind Christmas Tree charity event. Together with Dmitry Skorkin, Deputy Head of the Department of Civil Defense and Public Safety, they visited the participant of the action.

A team of fire and rescue squad No. 309 of the Fire and Rescue Center of Moscow came to visit a young Muscovite in a fire truck. The firefighters showed the girl special equipment, demonstrated equipment, equipment and told about their work.

Moscow firefighters, on duty, are constantly faced with extreme situations associated with a risk to life. It would seem that courageous heroes do not tend to experience excitement, but this time the valiant firefighters were a little embarrassed — they had to give a New Year’s miracle to one little girl who was waiting for the fulfillment of her most cherished desire on this holiday. A young Muscovite asked Santa Claus for a new phone with a good camera to take photos of nature and animals. In a large and friendly family, there are just two tailed models — dogs of the Corgi breed.

Vika’s pets are dogs Ugga and Lenya

According to Dmitry Skorkin, deputy head of the Department of Civil Defense and Public Safety, the head of the Department for Civil Defense, Emergency Situations and Fire Safety of Moscow Yuri Akimov removed the festive balloon with the wishes of Victoria Alekseenko from the Good Tree.

Dmitry Skorkin, Deputy Head of the Department of Civil Defense and Public Safety

“Our heroine loves to take pictures of nature and animals. Therefore, I wanted to receive a mobile phone with a good camera as a gift from Santa Claus. We decided on behalf of all our employees to realize the wish of the girl. Today, our valiant heroes came to visit Victoria to give her and her family sweet New Year’s gifts and the main surprise — a phone. We hope to see beautiful photos taken by the girl soon,” said Skorkin.

Victoria and her mother were very happy with such a warm welcome. They sincerely thanked the firefighters for the gift and wished them a Happy New Year.

As the girl’s mother Tatyana Ananyeva says, the baby is growing up in a large and friendly family. In addition to her parents, she has an older sister Anastasia, brothers Daniel and Matvey, a middle sister Ulyana and the smallest brother Kirill.

Victoria with her mother

“Vikulya was really looking forward to a New Year present. We were very lucky this time that it was the ball with Vicky’s name that was removed from the spruce branch. Last year, we also wanted to get in, but, unfortunately, we didn’t succeed, but this year we were lucky, ”Tatyana shares.

For the first time Ilham Aitov, a fireman of PSO No. 308, the senior shift on duty, tried himself as Santa Claus.

The man confessed that before presenting the surprise, he felt nervous, because it is not every day that such a responsible and pleasant mission falls — to give joy to children. The firefighter was very touched at the moment of presenting the gift, seeing the happy eyes of the child, the smiles on the faces of his mother, older sister and younger brother.

Ilham Aitov, fireman of combat crew No. 309, senior duty officer of shift

«Now in my personal piggy bank of memories there will be another wonderful moment — the memory of a small New Year’s miracle that my friends and I presented to the girl Victoria,» Aitov shared.

Thanks to the “Kind Christmas Tree” campaign, everyone can get a piece of care from caring people, feel the atmosphere of the holiday.

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