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278 Rustic Country Girl Names – Cenzerely Yours

Country Western Girl Names For Your Little Cowgirl

Looking for the perfect rustic country girl name for your little cowgirl? This list has tons of strong and beautiful names for girls inspired by all things wild west with country charm.

Country baby names are becoming popular nationwide so whether you’re a country girl yourself or just love all things country like country music, country songs, and sassy country music singers, this list is sure to give you some inspiration. You’ll find some of the more classic and common country names like Daisy, Eliza and Josie as well as more unique and modern ones like River and Forest. 

What Are Some Good Country Girl Names?

For this list of beautiful country girl names, I’ve looked to inspiration in country music and country singer girl names as well as some badass outlaw cowgirl names inspired by the wild wild west.

When you think of rustic country charm you think of a feeling of home, comfort, and beautiful open fields, prairies, and grassland, so many names are also nature-inspired. They invoke a sense of simple living on the countryside which I just love!

You’ll notice a lot of these cute country girl names are actually nicknames of more sophisticated girl names. These nicknames have become quite popular western girl names in their own right.

All these country baby names include origins and meanings to help make your decision a little bit easier so let’s hop in and explore!



Abigail (Abby)

Abigail – this cute Hebrew girl name means ‘my father’s joy’


Abilene – is a pretty Hebrew baby girl name that means ‘land of meadows’


Ada – is a strong baby girl name of German origin meaning ‘noble’


Adabelle – is a girl name of German and French origin meaning ‘noble and beautiful’

Addie (Adeline)

Addie – this cute rustic country girl name means ‘noble son of Adam’ and has Old German and Old English roots


Agnes – is a Greek girl name meaning ‘pure’ or ‘holy’


Alison – this English girl name means ‘son of the noble one’


Aliza – this cute Hebrew girl namemeans ‘joyful’


Amaryllis – this unique and uncommon country girl name means ‘fresh, sparkling’ and comes from Greek


Amber – is a cute girl name meaning ‘jewel’ and has French and Arabic roots


Amy – this classic country girl name means ‘beloved’ and has French and Latin roots


Andie – this Greek girl name means ‘brave and virility’


Angie – this short and cute girl name means ‘messenger of God’ and is of Greek origin


Annie – this sweet and cute English girl name means ‘gracious and merciful’


April – is a girl name with Latin origins meaning ‘to open’


Arizona – has Basque origins and means ‘good oak’

Ashleigh (Ashley)

Ashleigh – this country chic girl name means ‘ash meadow’ and comes from Old English


Aspen – is a cute modern girl name of American origin meaning ‘quaking tree’


Austin – although traditionally a boy name and state capital of Texas, this cute English name meaning ‘great and magnificent’ , is becoming more popular with girls


Autumn – this pretty season name comes from Latin and Old French and means ‘harvest time of plenty’


Avery – this cute whimsical girl name means ‘ruler of elves’ and is of English origin


Babs (Babette)

Babs – this short and cute girl name comes from Latin and means ‘foreign woman’


Bailey – this cute unisex baby name comes from Old English and can mean ‘berry clearing’ or ‘bailiff’


Barbara – this traditional girl name comes from Greek and means ‘foreign’


Beatrice – this pretty Italian girl name has Latin origins meaning ‘she who brings happiness’


Becca – this Hebrew girl name means ‘servant of God’


Becky – this short and cute western country girl name means ‘beautiful and desirable’ or ‘to bind, tie’ and comes from Hebrew


Belle – this classic French girl name means ‘beautiful’


Bernadette – is a French girl name meaning ‘brave bear’


Bessy – this English girl name means ‘my God is bountiful’


Bethany – this pretty biblical girl name means ‘house of figs’ or ‘house of welcome’


Betty – this English girl name has Hebrew origins and means ‘God is my oath’


Betsy – this English name comes from Hebrew and means ‘pledged to God’


Blake – this cute unisex country baby name means ‘dark, dark haired’ or ‘fair, pale’ and comes from Old English


Blythe – is another Old English baby girl name, this one means ‘cheerful or carefree’


Blossom – this Old English girl name means ‘to bloom’ or ‘ flower’


Billie – this adorable boyish girl name really has that country cowgirl charm, its of English origin and means ‘resolute protection’


Birdie – is a short and cute girl name of English origin meaning ‘little bird’


Bobbi – this contemporary girl name is derived from Latin and means ‘foreign woman’


Bonnie – has an old fashioned country girl name feel to it and means ‘pretty, attractive’ and has Scottish origins


Brailyn – is an American girl name meaning ‘broad hill waterfall’ as its a combination name


Brandy – this cute and unique Dutch girl name means ‘burnt wine’


Brook – this Old English girl name means ‘dweller by the small stream’



Cadence – this unisex baby name has Latin origins meaning ‘rhythm, beat’


Callie – this pretty girl name is of Greek origin and means ‘beautiful, lovely’


Candy – sounds like a country western girl name to me, it means ‘bright, sweet’ and is of American origin


Carlin – this adorable unisex baby name means ‘little champion’ and is of Irish origin


Carly – this cute and short girl name means ‘free man’ and has Latin roots


Cassidy – is totally an outlaw country baby name (think Butch Cassidy) that works for girls or boys, it means ‘curly haired’ and has Irish origins


Cassie – has a prairie girl name kind of feel to it and means ‘prophetess’ and is of Greek origin


Chantilly – is a French baby girl name meaning white’ or ‘fine lace’


Charlene – is a pretty Old German girl name that means ‘free man’

Charlie (Charlotte)

Charlie – this cute girl name means ‘free man’ and has French origins


Cheyenne – this modern country baby girl name means ‘unintelligible speaker’ and has Native American origins


Claire – this pretty and classic girl name means ‘bright, clear’ and has French origins


Clara – this English baby girl name has Latin roots meaning ‘clear and bright’


Clementine – is a cute French girl name with a true southern country feel, it means ‘merciful’


Clover – this unique girl name means ‘meadow flower’ and comes from Old English


Codie – this cute English girl name means ‘helpful’


Colleen – is a Gaelic girl name that means ‘girl or wench’


Connie – this cute English girl name means ‘steadfastness’ or ‘constancy’


Cora – this short and cute girl name has Greek roots and means ‘girl’ or ‘maiden’

Corrine (Cori)

Corrine – is the French version of the above Greek girl name meaning ‘maiden’


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Daisy – this cute nature girl name is of English origin and means ‘day’s eyes’


Dakota – this unique Native American girl name means ‘friendly one’ and has a cowgirl vibe to it


Dallas – isn’t just the largest city in Texas, it would also make a cute girl name! It means ‘from the Dales’ or ‘valley meadows’ and is of Scottish origin


Darla – this English girl name means ‘darling’ – how sweet! It sounds perfect for a southern belle


Darlene – is another variation of the above English girl name meaning ‘darling’


Delaney – is an uncommon Irish girl name that means ‘descendent of the dark challenger’


Dell – this unisex English baby name means ‘small valley’ or ‘meadow’


Didi – this short and strong girl name means ‘warrior of the people’ and is of German origin


Dixie – this cute old country girl name means ‘ten’ or ‘from the South’ and has French and English origins


Dolly – if you’re a lover of country music then this iconic country singer baby girl name could be perfect! It means ‘gift of God’ and is of English origin


Dorothy – this traditional girl name means ‘God’s gift’ and has Greek and English origins


Dottie – is another variation of the above English girl names meaning ‘gift of God’


Ella Mae

Ella Mae – this pretty country baby girl name means ‘beautiful fairy’ and is of English origin


Eileen – has Scottish and Irish roots and means ‘bright and shining one’


Eleanor – has English and French origins meaning ‘shining light’


Ellie – is another version of the above names and has Greek roots meaning ‘bright shining one’


Eliza – is an English girl name with Hebrew roots meaning ‘pledged to God’


Ember – this unique and uncommon girl name has English, German and French roots meaning ‘to burn’, ‘ashes’ or ‘to glow’


Emmy – is such a cool cowgirl name and has varying meanings and origins including ‘whole, universal’ (German), ‘industrious, hardworking’ (Latin)


Esther – this pretty and uncommon girl name comes from Old Persian meaning ‘star’


Etta – this old country western girl name means ‘estate ruler’ and is of English origin


Evie – this short and sweet Hebrew baby girl name means ‘life’



Faith – this popular English baby name means ‘to believe’ or ‘unwavering belief’


Fancy – this cute old fashioned girl name meaning ‘decorated’ and is of English origin


Fanny – this American girl name has French roots meaning ‘free man’


Fawn – this Old French girl name means ‘young deer’


Fay – this short and cute girl name comes from Old French and means ‘fairy’


Flora – is a cute nature girl name of Scottish origin meaning ‘flower’


Frankie – this cute unisex baby name means ‘free’ or ‘truthful’ and is of American origin


Franny – can mean ‘free man’ or ‘from France’ and is an English baby name with Latin origins


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Genevieve – is a French girl name with German and Celtic origins meaning ‘tribe woman’ or ‘woman of the race’


Gertie – this cute country style baby girl name means ‘strong spear’ and is of German origin


Georgia – this rustic country girl name means ’tiller of soil’ or ‘farmer’ and has Greek origins


Ginny – this cute baby girl name means ‘virgin’ and is of English origin


Gladys – is a Welsh baby name that means ‘princess’


Glenda – is a Welsh girl name that means ‘pure, clean, holy’


Goldie – this cute and unusual girl name means ‘made of gold’ and is of English origin


Gracie – this sweet baby girl name means ‘grace of God’ and is of English origin



Hadley – this cute baby name means ‘heather meadow’ and comes from Old English


Hailey – is an English girl name that means ‘hays meadow’


Hallie – is another short and cute English girl name, it means ‘hall meadow’


Hannah – this classic girl name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘grace’


Harley – this cute outlaw country baby name is derived from Old English and means ‘hare meadow’


Harlow – this English baby girl name means ‘rock hill’ or ‘army hill’


Harper – this super cute unisex baby name means ‘harp player’


Harriett – is a traditional girl name that comes from Old German and means ‘home ruler’


Hattie – this rare country girl name means ‘home ruler’ and is of German origin


Haven – this sweet English girl name means ‘safe place’


Hazel – this classic English girl name means ‘hazelnut tree’ or possibly ‘God sees’ if you’re looking at the Hebrew origin


Heather – this pretty girl name is a plant name that means ‘flowering evergreen plant’ or ‘moore’ and is derived from Middle English


Heidi – is a German baby girl name that means ‘nobility’


Henley – is an English baby name that means ‘high meadow’


Hillary – this pretty country girl name means ‘cheerful’ and is of Latin origin


Holly – is a girl name with English and Irish origins meaning ‘the clearing by the hollow’


Hope – this classic and traditional English girl name never goes out of style, it means ‘positive expectation’ or ‘desire of fulfilment’


Houston – this cute unisex name means ‘Hugh’s town’ or ‘settlement on the hill’ and comes from Old English and Irish origins



Ida – is a short and cute girl name of Old Norse origin that means ‘action’ or ‘deed’


Indiana – this state name could name a cute country girl name too, it means ‘land of Indians’ and is of Latin origin


Ivy – is an Old English nature girl name meaning ‘evergreen climbing plant’



Jacey – this cool American country girl name means ‘happy’


Jackie – this English girl name can mean ‘supplanter’ or ‘God is gracious’


Jacqueline – this pretty French girl name means ‘supplanter’ or ‘may God protect’


Jade – this pretty Spanish girl name means ‘stone of the side’


Jana – is a short and cute Hebrew baby girl name that means ‘God is gracious


Jane – this classic girl name means ‘God is gracious’ and is of English origin


Jessie – this cute country western cowgirl name means ‘He sees’ (Hebrew) or ‘wealthy’ (Scottish)


Jewel – is an Old French girl name meaning ‘delight’ or ‘play thing’ or ‘precious’ (Latin)


Jezebel – this old fashioned country girl name means ‘pure’ or ‘virginal’ and comes from Hebrew


Jill – is an English girl name that means ‘child of gods’ or ‘youthful’


Jo – this Hebrew baby name has Latin origins meaning ‘God is gracious’


Joanie – this cute and charming girl name means ‘God is gracious’ and is of Hebrew origin


Jocelyn – is an Old German girl name that means ‘member of the Gauts tribe’ or supplanter (Hebrew)


Jody – is an English girl name of Hebrew origin that means ‘Jehovah increases’


Johanna – this Hebrew baby girl name means ‘God is gracious’


Jolene – this pretty unique country girl name means ‘God will increase’ and is of Hebrew origin

Josephine (Joey)

Josephine – this classic French girl name means ‘Jehovah increases’


Josette – this pretty French girl name means ‘Jehovah increases’


Josie – is an American girl name with French roots that means ‘God will increase’


June – this old country western girl name means ‘young’ or ‘youthful’ and is of Latin origin


Juniper – this uncommon girl name means ‘young’ or ‘bearing juniper berries’ and is of Latin origin


Justine – is a girl name of Latin origin meaning ‘fair or upright’


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Kansas – this Native American name means ‘people of the south wind’


Kasey – is an English baby name that means ‘vigorous’ or ‘alert’


Katie – this short and cute English girl name has Greek origins and means ‘pure’

Kathy (Katherine)

Kathy – this girl name comes from the Greek Katherine and means ‘pure’


Kaylee – is an American girl name meaning ‘laurel’ or ‘crown’


Kendall – this English place name means ‘valley of the River Kent’


Kenzie – this cute unisex name sounds perfect for a little cowgirl, it is of Scottish origin and means ‘descendent of the handsome man’


Kimmy – is an English girl name that means ‘from the meadow of the royal fortress’


Kinsey – is an Old English girl name that means ‘king’s victory’


Kitt – this short and cute country girl name means ‘bearing Christ’ and is of Greek origin


Kitty – this old western girl name means ‘pure’ and is of English origin with Greek roots



Lacey – is an Old French baby girl name that means ‘from Lacy’


Lainey – is an Old French girl name that means ‘bright and shining light’


Lark – this cute and unusual girl name comes from Middle English and means ‘little songbird’


Laura – this pretty girl name comes from Latin and means ‘bay laurel plant’


Layla – this beautiful girl name has Egyptian and Arabic origins and means ‘dark beauty’ or ‘dark as night’


Leona – this strong and beautiful girl name means ‘lion’ and is of Latin origin


Leslie – is a Scottish girl name that means ‘garden of holly’


Lexi – this cute girl name is derived from the Greek name Alexander meaning ‘defender of man’


Libby – is an English girl name that means ‘God’s promise’


Liza – is a country rustic baby girl name means ‘God’s promise’ and is of English origin


Lorraine – is an Old French girl name that means ‘from Lorraine’ or ‘famous army’ (German)


Loretta – this pretty girl name means ‘bay laurel’ and is of English origin


Lottie – this cute French girl name means ‘little and womanly’


Lou – is your classic cute little country girl names, it means ‘famous warrior’ and is of French origin


Louisa – is a French girl name that means ‘famous warrior’


Lucille – this lovely French girl name means ‘light’


Lucinda – is a girl name of Latin origin meaning ‘light’


Lucy – this short and cute girl name has English and French origins and means ‘light’


Lydia – this Greek girl name means ‘noble’


Lyndy – if you’re looking for a country girl name that’s different this one is quite unique, it means ‘pretty’ and has Spansih origins


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Mabel – this cute and sweet girl name means ‘lovable’ and is of English origin


Mackenna – this Irish baby girl name means ‘son of the handsome one’


Mackenzie – is a Scottish baby name that means ‘born of fire’ or ‘child of the wise leader’


Maddie – this cute and uncommon girl name means ‘maiden’ or ‘woman from Magdala’ and has Hebrew and English origins


Mae – is a an English baby girl name meaning ‘pearl’ or ‘bitter’


Maggie – this cute baby girl name means ‘pearl’ and is of English origin


Magnolia – this cute southern country girl name means ‘Magnol’s flower’ and it has French and English roots


Mallory – is an Old French girl name that means ‘unhappy’ or ‘unlucky’


Mamie – if you want a cute unique country girl name, this one fits the bill, it means ‘star of the sea’ or ‘pearl (Greek) or ‘wished for child’ (Hebrew)


Margaret – this classic girl name is Greek and means ‘pearl’


Marion – is a French girl name that means ‘star of the sea’ or ‘wished for child’ (Hebrew)


Maisie – is a cute Scottish baby girl name that means ‘pearl’


Maribel – has Latin and French roots, it means ‘star of the sea +beautiful’


Mary – this traditional Hebrew girl name means ‘beloved’, ‘wished for child’ or ‘drop of the sea’


Matilda – is an English girl name with German origins that means ‘mighty in battle’


Maxine – is the female form of Max which has Latin origins that means ‘the greatest’


Meredith – this strong girl name is Welsh and it means ‘great ruler’


Mindy – has different meanings depending on origin, it can mean: ‘sweet’ (English), love (Old German), ‘gentle one, honey’ (Greek) or ‘bitter’ (Hebrew)


Miley – also has different meanings depending on its origin: ‘dear’ or ‘gracious’ (Slavic), ‘soldier’ (Latin), ‘smiley’ (American)


Millie – is a cute English baby girl name that means ‘mild of strength’ – perfect cowpoke name for a cute little cowgirl!


Minnie – this vintage country girl name means ‘of the mind’ or ‘intellect’ and has English and Hebrew origins


Missy – this cute girl name means ‘bee’ and is of American origin


Misty – is an English baby girl name and it means ‘mist’


Molly – this cute girl name has Irish and Hebrew roots and it means ‘star of the sea’ or ‘bitter’


Montana – this country western girl name means ‘mountain’ and comes from Latin



Nancy – is a girl name of Hebrew origin that means ‘grace’


Naomi – is a Hebrew baby girl name that means ‘pleasantness’


Nellie – has that rustic country girl name feel, it means ‘sun ray’ or ‘horn’ and is of English origin


Nevada – this state name could make quite a pretty girl name, it means ‘snow’ and is of Latin origin


Norah – this short and pretty girl name is of Irish origin and means ‘woman of honor’



Oakley – this wild west country girl name means ‘meadow of oak trees’ and comes from Old English


Olive – this English girl name means ‘olive tree’


Opal – is a pretty girl name that comes from Sanskrit and means ‘jewel’


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Paige – is an English baby name that stems from Medieval times and refers to a ‘helper’ or ‘assistant’ (knight in training)


Patsy – is an English baby girl name that means ‘noble’


Patty – is an English girl name meaning ‘patrician’ or ‘noble’

Pauline (Polly)

Pauline – is a French girl name that means ‘small’


Pearl – this old fashioned girl name means ‘precious bead of the sea’ (pearl) and is an English name


Penny – is such a cute English girl name, it means ‘weaver’


Peyton – is an Old English unisex baby name that means ‘fighting man’s estate’


Phoebe – is a cute and uncommon Greek girl name that means ‘bright’


Piper – this English occupational name means ‘flute player’


Pixie – is a Celtic baby girl name that means ‘fairy’ – how cute!


Poppy – sounds like an old fashioned country girl name, it means ‘red flower’ or ‘to swell’ and is an English name derived from Latin


Prairie – is a girl name of French origin meaning ‘meadow’ or ‘grassland’


Presley – this cute English baby name means ‘priest’s meadow’


Priscilla – is a girl name of Latin origin that means ‘ancient’


Prudence – is a girl name of Latin origin that means ‘caution’ or ‘discretion’



Raelynn – this beautiful country girl name means ‘ewe’ (Rae) and ‘lake or waterfall’ (Lynn) and is a modern invented American girl name


Ramona – is a Spanish girl name that means ‘wise protector’


Reba – this cute country singer baby girl name means ‘fourth born’ and is of Hebrew origin


Rebecca – is a classic girl name that means ‘to tie or bind’ or ‘captivating beauty’ and is of Hebrew origin


Reese – is a Welsh girl name that means ‘fiery’ or ‘ardent’


Riley – has Irish and English origins and it means ‘valiant and courageous’ or ‘wood clearing’


River – this modern country girl name that means ‘steam of water’ and is an English baby name


Rory – is a short and cute Irish girl name that means ‘red king’


Roseanne – this old fashioned girl name means ‘gracious rose’ and is of English origin


Ruby – is an English girl name with Latin origins that means ‘red’ refering to the color of the precious gem


Ruthie – is a sweet and cute Hebrew girl name that means ‘compassionate friend’



Sabrina – is a girl name Celtic origins and rotos in Latin and it means ‘From The River Severn’


Sadie – sounds like such a cute cowgirl name, it means ‘princess’ and is of Hebrew origin


Saffron – this pretty English name means ‘yellow flower’


Sage – is short girl name of Latin origin that means ‘wise’


Sarah – this sweet girl name comes from Hebrew and means ‘princess’


Sawyer – this unisex country baby name means ‘woodcutter’ and is of English origin


Sally – started off as a nickname for Sarah but has become used as a name in its own right, it means ‘little princess’ and is of Hebrew origin

Sammy (Samantha)

Sammy – is a cute boyish girl name that means ‘told by God’ and is of Hebrew origin


Sandy – this cute vintage girl name means ‘defender of man’ and comes from Greek


Savannah – is the perfect Georgia country girl name, it means ‘treeless plain’ and has Spanish roots


Scarlett – this English girl name means ‘red’ and has a really country western feel


Shania – is another cute tribute to country music girl names , it is of Native American origin and means ‘I’m on my way’


Shawna – has English and Irish roots and means ‘God is gracious’


Shelby – is an English place name meaning ‘willow grove’ or ‘willow town’


Shiloh – is a Hebrew baby name that means ‘His gift’ or ‘peaceful and tranquil’ – it’s also a place name for a critical battle in the American Civil War


Shirley – is a girl name of English origin meaning ‘bright meadow’


Sienna – this pretty Italian girl name means ‘orange-red’


Sierra – has that country cowgirl charm, it means ‘saw’ which describes the jagged peaks of a mountain and is of Spanish origin


Summer – is an English girl name that simply refers to the season of summer


Sunny – this English baby name means ‘happy, cheerful’ or ‘sunshine’


Suzannah – this old country baby name means ‘lily ‘ and is of Hebrew origin


Sylvia – is a lovely girl name that has Latin roots and means ‘forest’


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Tabitha (Tabby)

Tabitha – is a baby name with Greek and Hebrew origins meaning ‘gazelle’


Talia – is a pretty girl name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘gentle dew from heaven’


Tamara – this Hebrew baby girl name means ‘date palm tree’


Tammy – is a cute country girl name of Greek and Hebrew origin meaning ‘twin’ or ‘palm tree’


Tanya – is a cool Russian girl name that means ‘fairy queen’


Taylor – if you’re a Swiftie, you might love this country singer girl name that means ‘cutter of the cloth’ and is of English origin


Tegan – is a cute girl name of Irish and Welsh origin meaning ‘little poet’ or ‘fair’


Tess – this short and cute girl name means ‘to harvest’ or ‘to reap’ and is of English origin


Thelma – is an old fashioned Greek girl name meaning ‘will or volition’


Tillie – is a strong Old German girl name that means ‘mighty in battle’


Trish – is a girl name of English and Latin origin meaning ‘noble, patrician’


Trixie – this cute English girl name means ‘bringer of joy’


Trudy – is a girl name of German origin meaning ‘universal strength’

Tully (Tallulah) –

Tully – is a girl name of Native American origin meaning ‘leaping water’ or ‘peaceful’ (Irish)


Victoria (Vickey)

Victoria – is a strong and beautiful Latin girl name meaning ‘victorious’


Virginia – is a girl name of Latin origin meaning ‘virginal’ or ‘pure’



West – is an Old English place name meaning ‘from the west’


Willa – is an Old German girl name that means ‘will helmet’ or ‘protection’


Willow – is an English baby name that means ‘willow tree’ and is associated with being slender and graceful


Winnie – has Welsh, English and Native American origins and means ‘holy peacemaking, gentle friend, fair’


Wynona – is a Native American girl name that means ‘first born’

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Country Girl Name

Choosing a baby name is no easy feat, it has to be just right. So here are a few things to think about when trying to choose the perfect country baby name with some southern charm.


Consider baby’s initials when you’re naming, sometimes you end up with something unfortunate so it’s better to plan ahead.

Consider the first and middle name initials as well because sometimes those initials become the name itself like Donna Jo who’s fondly referred to as DJ.


If you’re having a tough time deciding on a name or you have a few you love and have trouble narrowing them down, consider looking into the name meaning.

There’s often multiple origins and meanings so there’s probably an alternative if you aren’t a huge fan of the meaning. If there’s a particular meaning you like, you can also search baby names meaning X and find names that way.

Family Names

You might also want to pay tribute to a family member or pass down a family name or initial so consider that too. It gives an extra special meaning to pass down special traditions.

Double names in the south often stem from family naming traditions and has a cute southern country charm about it. You might want to consider those too.


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I hope you were able to find some charming and sweet country girl names for little one. If you’re still looking, make sure to check out some of the other lists of unique and beautiful baby girl names.

Whichever one you and your partner choose will be the right one so try to enjoy the process along the way.

If you both land on a name you absolutely love, I would suggest you keep it to yourselves until the big day because hearing unpopular opinions from family and friends about your choice will just add more problems.

If you really do need a second opinion, ask a stranger whose opinion won’t matter much. There’s a bunch of mommy forums available for asking qustions of all kinds. That’s a great place to ask for opinions about potential baby names and connect with other moms as well.

I’d love to know which names were your favorite.

Leave me a comment below 🙂


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130 Most Popular Baby Girl Names 2021

The conventional wisdom around baby-naming used to be that the most popular baby boy names never changed, while the most popular baby girl names were more subject to whims and trends. With the exception of one year, Michael was the most popular boy’s name in the country from 1954 to 1998, for example, while the girls rotated through six number ones in the same period (Mary, Lisa, Jennifer, Jessica, Ashley and Emily).

Now, it seems as the rules governing the most popular baby names have flipped. The most popular baby girl names in the top spots are pretty steady, and the boys’ names shift every few years. If you’re looking for a traditional, up-and-coming, trendy or unique baby girl name, take a look at the current most popular choices — and the trends affecting what names are on the rise, affecting the baby names of 2021.

These baby girl names are hot, and getting hotter.

There really isn’t much variation among the top baby-girl names in the United States. According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), which keeps track of the most popular baby names, the same names have been swapping places in the top five going back to 2009.

You can see the full list of 100 most common names below, but the top ten are unchanged. The names have just swapped places, and the current champs are: Olivia, Emma, Ava, Charlotte and Sophia.

And while it seems like nothing will be able to knock those names out of the top spots, these are the ones that have the best shot. In addition to keeping track of the most popular names, the SSA tracks which names have the biggest jumps in popularity. These are the ones that are on deck to crack into the top 10 next year, based on what parents are actually naming their children. This year, the fastest climbers are:

  1. Avayah
  2. Denisse
  3. Jianna
  4. Capri
  5. Rosalia
  6. Denise
  7. Zhuri
  8. Haisley
  9. Novah
  10. Murphy

So Denisse/Denise are the big winners, taking up two of the top 10 spots. We’re also starting to see a shift away from all those names that end in the —a sound (like Emma and Olivia), and toward more varied name endings. Capri, Zhuri, Haisley and Murphy suggest we may be moving into the era of the -i or -y ending.

And the names that are losing popularity for girls? The names that had the biggest decreases in popularity were Yaritza, Marissa (I take offense), Annabella, Ariadne, Jayde, Miah, Beatrix, Tinley, Amiya, Maleah and Patricia. There are those names that end in -a, and they’re losing steam for now.

BabyCenter, Nameberry and find other up-and-comers.

BabyCenter keeps tabs on its users’ interest in baby names, and put out its own list of the most popular names on the site. There were a few more names that rose into the BabyCenter Top 10: Riley (a name of Irish origin that made it all the way up at No. 3!), Aria and Aaliyah. These names might be even more current than the SSA list, since the SSA waits until after the year is over to release its data. (Right now, the recent data is for 2020.)

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Baby-naming website Nameberry has its own list of the most-increased lookups among its users. For this year, Katara, Artis, Chantel, Teddy, Bunty, Ximena, Azula, Nimue and Marinette saw the biggest jumps. Recently trend had been for shorter, four-letter names — think Cora and Luna — but, for baby girls at least, we could see this circling back around again with some longer names slipping in.

Over at, the names Maeve, Freya and Adelaide made it onto the list of the top baby names of the year. Freya, the name of the Norse goddess of love, is part of a trend founder and CEO Jennifer Moss calls «Power Names,» along with names like Rogue and Maverick. «I believe that parents want to infuse strength into their children during these difficult times,» she says in a press release.

Politics comes to baby names.

Since the 2020 presidential election season dominated the airwaves and the internet at the end of last year, you’d think people would see baby-naming as an oasis away from politics, but the election has found a way to trickle down into baby-girl names. Nameberry and BabyCenter both say that interest in the name Kamala, as in vice president-elect Kamala Harris, has skyrocketed; it’s up 3,715% (!) on the former and 104% on the latter.

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Similarly, Jill and Liberty saw a big jump in BabyCenter lookups, with a 12% rise. The same thing happened last election: In 2017, there was a spike in baby girls named Melania, and it hit No. 933 on the SSA’s list of the most popular baby names. (It fell out of the top 1,000 again in 2018 and hasn’t made it back on since.)

And other names that have been in the news have seen a bump, too, like Breonna — as in Breonna Taylor — which is up 108% because of the name’s association with the racial justice movement, according to BabyCenter.

More popular names come from mythology and celebrity.

Nameberry has also seen an increase in names with a mythological bent, like Persephone, Cleo, Calliope and Athena, in addition to the aforementioned Freya. Myths have so many names to choose from, so they’re a good place to look for inspiration.

BabyCenter says the news is also a big influence on baby-names: By far, it saw the biggest increase in the name Kobe, after Kobe Bryant. But Gianna, the name of Bryant’s daughter, moved up more than 50 places on the BabyCenter list. Stormi, as in Kylie Jenner’s daughter, also jumped up another 221 places in rank on the SSA list.

And Nameberry notes that vintage nicknames for girls are still in: Billie, as in Billie Eilish, is both a newsmaker and a old-timey girls’ moniker, so that goes to the top of the list. But Nellie is also gaining steam there, as is Winnie, Millie (like Millie Bobby Brown), Maisie and Stevie.

Pop-Culture Names are on the wane.

While Kylo and Anakin both made the SSA list of fast-climbing names for boys, girl names last year have not been so pop-culture focused. Names like Khaleesi (the Game of Thrones Mother of Dragons), Meghan (as in Markle the one-time Duchess of Sussex) and Belle and Elsa (two favored Disney princesses) all actually decreased in popularity. And, of course, the meme-ified name Karen fell 171 places in rank, according to the SSA.

Parents of girls are looking for more gender-neutral names.

When BabyCenter reported on its top baby-naming trends of the year, it found that gender-neutral names are still on the rise. But beyond names that are used equally for boys and girls, like Dakota or Tatum, more girl parents are reaching for names that are traditionally more associated with boy names. The list includes Noah (up 35%), Ezra (up 32%), Kai (up 20%) and Grayson (up 19%). Perhaps soon, the site notes, we won’t have separate boy and girl lists at all.

These are the 100 most popular names for girls, according to the SSA.

This is the most recent data available, which is for 2020.

  1. Olivia
  2. Emma
  3. Ava
  4. Charlotte
  5. Sophia
  6. Amelia
  7. Isabella
  8. Mia
  9. Evelyn
  10. Harper
  11. Camila
  12. Gianna
  13. Abigail
  14. Luna
  15. Ella
  16. Elizabeth
  17. Sofia
  18. Emily
  19. Avery
  20. Mila
  21. Scarlett
  22. Eleanor
  23. Madison
  24. Layla
  25. Penelope
  26. Aria
  27. Chloe
  28. Grace
  29. Ellie
  30. Nora
  31. Hazel
  32. Zoey
  33. Riley
  34. Victoria
  35. Lily
  36. Aurora
  37. Violet
  38. Nova
  39. Hannah
  40. Emilia
  41. Zoe
  42. Stella
  43. Everly
  44. Isla
  45. Leah
  46. Lillian
  47. Addison
  48. Willow
  49. Lucy
  50. Paisley
  51. Natalie
  52. Naomi
  53. Eliana
  54. Brooklyn
  55. Elena
  56. Aubrey
  57. Claire
  58. Ivy
  59. Kinsley
  60. Audrey
  61. Maya
  62. Genesis
  63. Skylar
  64. Bella
  65. Aaliyah
  66. Madelyn
  67. Savannah
  68. Anna
  69. Delilah
  70. Serenity
  71. Caroline
  72. Kennedy
  73. Valentina
  74. Ruby
  75. Sophie
  76. Alice
  77. Gabriella
  78. Sadie
  79. Ariana
  80. Allison
  81. Hailey
  82. Autumn
  83. Nevaeh
  84. Natalia
  85. Quinn
  86. Josephine
  87. Sarah
  88. Cora
  89. Emery
  90. Samantha
  91. Piper
  92. Leilani
  93. Eva
  94. Everleigh
  95. Madeline
  96. Lydia
  97. Jade
  98. Peyton
  99. Brielle
  100. Adeline

Looking for more names? Find 1,000 baby girl names here.

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100 Best Magical Baby Names (Boys & Girls)

Choosing a name is a big responsibility. In recent years, many parents are looking for deeper meanings and searching in supernatural genres to find something unusual and fascinating.

If there’s anything pop culture has taught us, it’s that magic is all around us. Movies and books such as the Harry Potter series and Game of Thrones have sparked a new popular wave of magical baby names.

Settling on a name can take time — some parents are still debating when leaving the hospital. Hopefully, we’ll make it easier for you with this list of 100 magical baby names you can turn to for inspiration.

Table of Contents

  • 50 Magical Baby Boy Names
  • 50 Magical Baby Girl Names
  • Tips for Choosing a Baby Name
  • Final Thoughts

50 Magical Baby Boy Names

Here are 50 magical, whimsical and enchanting names for boys.

1. Aelfdene

Aelfdene, which is pronounced Ay-a-lef-den, stems from English roots and translates to “from the Elfin valley.”

Aelfdene is a rare choice and would make an excellent middle name. It has a magical, enigmatic sound, giving it that mystical aura.

2. Aladdin

Aladdin is an Arabic name for “height of religion.”

The story of Aladdin is an old Middle Eastern tale that will now forever be associated with the Disney franchise. This may take away some of its appeal as a suitable name. There are alternatives such as Aldin, which could be better suited for the U.S.

3. Alfred

Alfred is an English boy’s name and means “wise counselor.”

Although we might associate Alfred with a grandfather since the name was popular in the early 20th century in England, Wales, and Scandinavia particularly, it’s still high on the ranks.

Throughout history, Alfred was the name of kings, poets, inventors, and movie directors. Some famous namesakes include Alfred the Great, Alfred Hitchcock, Alfred Nobel, and legendary Gotham butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

4. Alvaro

Alvaro comes from Spanish and Germanic origins, and one translation means “cautious.”

Spanish-speaking countries borrowed the name from the Germanic language, where Alvaro translates to “army of elves.” However, it was the name of a well-known Spanish saint, Álvaro. The name peaked within the U.S. in 1985, where it ranked at number 456.

5. Alvin

Alvin is an English name for “noble friend” or “friend of the elves.

Alvin is a widely-used name, seen in sports, music, and even movies, thanks to Alvin and the Chipmunks. It’s a sturdy name with a whimsical, magical spell ring to it. It isn’t as popular in the U.S. as it is in European countries.

6. Ambrose

Ambrose means “immortal one” and comes from Latin.

Ambrose conveys a magical spirit and an upbeat sound. It was the name of an important doctor of the Christian church during the fourth century.

There is a character with the name in the magic-themed TV show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

7. Argus

Argus is Greek for “watchful guardian.”

According to Greek mythology, Argus was a creature with one hundred eyes. Argus is also a character in the Harry Potter series, Argus Filch.

8. Arion

Arion is a Greek mythology name, meaning “melodious.”

According to Greek legends, Arion was an immortal horse, which some believed had the power of speech. The legendary horse was of a divine breed and thought to be extremely swift. Arion sounds a lot like Aron, so it could be an alternative.

9. Aslan

Aslan is derived from Old Turkic and means “lion.”

The name found fame from the heroic lion in the C.S. Lewis series, Chronicles of Narnia, which relied heavily on the theme of magic. Before this, however, several old Turkish emperors during the Middle Ages received the name as a positive epithet.

10. Basil

Basil, pronounced BA-zil, comes from Greek roots for “regal.”

During the fourth century, Basil was the name of a bishop who founded the basics of the Greek Orthodox Church. Basil is also familiar due to actor Basil Rathbone who portrayed Sherlocke Holmes.

In the U.S., Basil reached a high ranking on the name charts during the 1970s. But its offbeat elan means it could rise again.

The plant basil, although pronounced differently, is often regarded as a magic herb for potions.

11. Bayard

Bayard means “russet-haired” and stems from English roots.

Bayard is pronounced bye-yard, and is an old name used for redheads. Bayard was also the name of a legendary French bay horse, featured in the Chanson de Geste. It was a magical horse that could alter its size to fit its rider.

12. Borak

Borak comes from Arabic roots and translates to “lightning.”

Borak is a common name for Muslim boys, and it has several meanings. The name stems from Al Borak, a legendary horse that is rumored to have carried the prophet, Muhammad, from the Earth to the seventh heaven.

13. Caspian

Caspian is of Iranian roots.

Caspian is the geographical name of the sea located between Asia and Europe.

In literature, Prince Caspian is a protagonist in The Chronicles of Narnia series. The name Caspian can easily work as a boy’s name in the U.S. — it has a fresh, but magical sound.

14. Cedric

Cedric means “bounty” and comes from Celtic origins.

With a long literary history, Sir Walter Scott first used Cedric in 1819, as the name for the noble character’s father in Ivanhoe. Cedric has had a few ups and downs since then, particularly following its use for the mama’s boy character in the Frances Hodgson Burnett book, Little Lord Fauntleroy. That changed again when the handsome wizard, Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, portrayed by Robert Pattinson, appeared.

15. Cleon

Cleon refers to “renowned” or “glorious” and comes from Greek.

It’s a rare yet distinctive name with a masculine sound. Shakespeare used the name, but the character was henpecked and weak. As a magical reference, Cleon is the name for mystical characters in several video games.

16. Cosmo

Cosmo comes from Greek and defines “order” or “beauty.”

It’s a boy’s name with an intergalactic vibe — many parents currently view it as a hip and creative baby name. Cosmo is also a fictional character from the children’s cartoon, The Fairly Odd Parents. Parents will recognize the name from Cosmo Kramer, one of the hilarious main characters on the television show Seinfeld.

17. Cullen

Cullen means “holly tree” and is of Irish origins.

Cullen has been an appealing surname for ages. Although it wasn’t until its appearance in The Twilight Saga that its popularity peaked. The name isn’t as favored as it was back in early 2010.

Famous namesakes include Cullen Jenkins, who was a defensive tackler for Philadelphia and the Green Bay Packers.

18. Draco

Draco is a Greek name for “dragon.”

Dragons are mystical creatures that often symbolize strength. The name Draco arrived on the charts following its use for a magical character in the Harry Potter series. It’s still a highly uncommon name in the U.S.

19. Dylan

Dylan translates to “son of the sea” and hails from Wales in the U.K.

Dylan, in Welsh mythology, was a legendary sea god who made the seas between England and Ireland cry when he died.

Famous bearers of the name are Dylan Thomas and Bob Dylan. There are also a few celebrity babies with the moniker. You may like the alternative spelling Dillon better.

20. Easton

Easton derives from English for “east-facing place.”

Easton is on our list because some believe it translates as “magical power” in Old English. Either way, it’s an interesting name for a modern-day boy as it has cool undertones. The name is also gender-neutral, as several celebrities have given it to their baby girls.

21. Edward

Edward means “wealthy guardian” and is English.

Must we say why this name is here? Well, it’s all thanks to the heartthrob vampire from the Twilight Saga, Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson.

The name has a magical feel to it, perhaps because of how long it has used for people in power. Edward has long been the name of royals and kings — parents today may find nicknames Ned or Ted more attractive.

22. Eric

Eric comes from old Norse and translates to “eternal ruler.”

Eric is forever a trendy name in Scandinavia, where “Erik” is often the favored spelling. It has migrated to the U.S. but hasn’t found the same success.

There are several mystical books, TV series, and movies, including The Little Mermaid and True Blood, where Eric appears. Actor Eric Bana is a famous namesake.

23. Finn

Finn has Irish origins and defines one who is “fair” or “white.”

The name contains a punch of energy and charm. According to Irish mythology, Finn MacCool was an intrepid warrior holding supernatural powers.

It’s no wonder the name is popular for television characters’ — two examples are Glee and The 100. A popular spelling alternative is Fynn.

24. Flynn

Flynn is another Irish name, but this means “son of the red-haired one.”

Much like Finn, Flynn has plenty of charm and energy flowing through it while being laid back and casual. Some of us will probably associate it with the Disney movie “Tangled,” where it belongs to the animated hero, Flynn Rider. Flynn was also the name of Noah Wyle’s character in the magical movies and television show, The Librarians.

Flynn made a debut in the top 1,000 names list in early 2011 and is currently a popular choice in Australia.

25. Gandalf

Gandalf stems from old Norse roots and refers to “wand elf.”

Gandalf probably isn’t a desirable first name for a modern-day baby boy, but it would make a quirky middle name. It’s most famous for its use in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings series for the grand wizard.

26. Gary

Gary means “spearman” and has an English heritage.

Gary has forever been on the charts, although not at the top, and it seems more parents prefer Gareth. Still, Gary deserves a spot on this list for its use in the series, Tinkerbell, which has been restoring some of its magic.

27. Gellert

Gellert means “ruler with the spear” or “spear strength” and is of Hungarian origins.

There is unlikely to be another Gellert in your child’s class at school. It’s the Hungarian version of Gerald, giving it both English and German heritage.

Gellert is probably most known from its use in the Harry Potter series, for the character Gellert Grindelwald, played by Johnny Depp.

28. Gil

Gil stems from Hebrew and Spanish roots and translates to “happiness.”

Gil is a dashing boy’s name with a magical flair to it. One of the mermen in the Nickelodeon series Bubble Guppies had the moniker. In the series, Gil is energetic and curious.

29. Hans

Hans has German roots and is a diminutive of Johannes, which translates to “God is gracious.”

Hans is forever associated with fairytales, both from the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s fables and now from Frozen. The name is popular in European countries, particularly in Scandinavia.

30. Hansel

Hansel is also a German name and means “God is gracious.”

Hansel is a derivative of Hans and is another fairytale name, most famous for its part in Hansel and Gretel. The name might be too “out there” for modern days, but it could work as a middle name.

31. Harry

Harry is another name representing Germany and means “estate ruler.”

Harry is a great choice, whether you’re into magic or royalty. The name will forever be associated with Harry Potter, the half-blood wizard, as well as the full-blood prince of England.

32. Harvey

The definition for Harvey is “battle worthy.” Harvey comes from the French name Harve, which migrated to England via the Normans.

The name Harvey has been tarnished in popular opinion because of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Still, following its use on the television show, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it gained back some popularity.

33. Jack

Jack is an English name and means “God is gracious.”

Jack is a derivation of John, which originated back in medieval England, where it went through a few transformations. It went from John to Johnkin, then Jankin to Jackin until it settled on Jack.

The name has always been popular and is famous from childhood stories and rhymes such as Jack and Jill and Jack Sprat, as well as magical tales like Jack and the Beanstalk.

34. James

James is of English roots and means “supplanter.”

James comes from the Hebrew name Jacob. It is a biblical name possessed by two apostles in the New Testament. The name has always been popular with royals as well as being a Harry Potter character, James Potter.

35. Jareth

Jareth means “bled of the jar.”

Jareth is a hybrid name, perfect for parents who can’t decide between Jared and Gareth. The name gets its magical connection from its use in the fantasy movie, Labyrinth, for the Goblin King. Jareth is a name we could easily see in the modern-day U.S.

36. Jiminy

Jiminy comes from English roots and means “supplanter.”

Jiminy is a derivative of James. It’s unique, and our most known reference is the Cricket who was Pinocchio’s conscience in the Disney movie.

37. Lucius

Lucius comes from Latin and has a simple meaning, “light.”

Lucius is an old, yet exotic name for a Roman clan that holds both religious and literary importance. The name was given to three popes and is in the Old Testament. Lucius is also the name of a Harry Potter character, Lucius Malfoy.

38. Magus

Magus comes from old English and means “sorcerer.”

Magus is truly a magical name — not only from its meaning but also the sound. Though it isn’t widespread in the U.S., it’s great for parents who dare to step out of the box. The name is a Scandinavian favorite, where trendy parents see it as a must-have.

39. Nicholas

Nicholas draws its roots from Greek and defines “people of victory.”

In Greek history, Nicholas stems from the name Nike, who was the goddess of victory, hence the meaning. Since then, Nicholas has held importance both in the New Testament and literature. One famous bearer is Saint Nicholas, who brings children gifts every year.

40. Oberon

Oberon is an English name that means “noble” or “bearlike.”

Oberon is from the French name Auberon, which means “elf ruler.” The name is in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where it belonged to the king of the fairies.

41. Peter

Peter is a Greek name, which translates to “rock.” Jesus gave the name to his Apostle, Simon, who became the first Pope.

One of the most notable literary associations is the magical boy who never grows up, Peter Pan. It’s the name of several other fictional characters, including Peter Rabbit and Peter Parker (Spider-Man).

42. Phillip

Phillip comes from Greek and means “lover of horses.”

Phillip is a renowned princely name used both in real-life and fairytales, as in Sleeping Beauty. Phillip isn’t as popular as its spelling variant Philip, with a single “L.”

43. Remus

Remus comes from Latin, though its meaning is unknown.

Remus was part of the legendary twin duo who founded Rome together with his brother Romulus. It’s a creative name with magical links to Harry Potter.

44. Reign

Reign is a name evolved from the English word for “rule over.”

Reign is gaining on the charts both for boys and girls, reaching No. 532 in 2018. It’s joining the trend of kingdom-ish names, including Lorde, Titan, and Saint. Reign has some magic to it, making it a good contender for this list.

45. Regin

Regin stems from old Norse and means “a mythical blacksmith.”

According to old Norse legends, Regin was a mythical blacksmith who was well-versed in the art of dark magic.

46. Seamus

Seamus is an Irish name and refers to a “supplanter.”

Seamus, pronounced shay-mus, is the Irish version of the English name James. The name has long been popular in Ireland but was made famous following its appearance in Harry Potter as the moniker of Harry’s friend, Seamus Finnigan.

47. Terence

Terence comes from Latin origins.

Terence, or Terry, is a name you’d often hear in old Irish neighborhoods in New York or Boston. Still, its history traces back a lot further than this, to the second century. The magic reference comes from a character in the series, Tinkerbell, where he’s a dust-talent sparrow man.

48. Triton

In ancient Greek mythology, Triton was the messenger of the sea and son of Neptune. Triton is a merman in many depictions, and many of us know the name from The Little Mermaid.

Parents looking for a unique, powerful name may like this magical pick.

49. Tyrion

Tyrion is an English literary name.

Tyrion is a relatively new name, made by author George R.R. Martin, the creator of the A Song of Ice and Fire series of books that included Game of Thrones. In the TV series, Tyrion is a dwarf, played by award-winning Peter Dinklage. Tyrion is the most intelligent character in the Game of Thrones universe.

50. Zephyr

Zephyr is derived from Greek and translates to “west wind.”

Zephyr was a mythological Greek god of the west wind. It’s a magical name that could easily work in today’s society. Sean Parker and Robby Benson both chose the name for their sons.

50 Magical Baby Girl Names

Here are 50 magical and mythical names for girls.

51. Alisa

Alisa is a Scottish name meaning “elf victory.”

It’s a magical alternative to the often overused Ashley or Ella. Some close relatives include Ailse, Elsha, Ailis, and Elshe.

52. Aislinn

Aislinn comes from Irish roots and translates to “dream.”

The evocative meaning makes it a suitable addition to our list. As an old Irish name, Aislinn has taken on various forms, such as Ashlyn or Ashlynn. The traditional spelling made the U.S. top 1,000 in 2015. One famous bearer is Canadian actress Aislinn Paul.

53. Althea

Althea means “with healing power” and comes from Greece.

Althea is a creative, poetic, and almost even ethereal name often used in ancient Greek myths and poetry. We now associate it with tennis player Althea Gibson, the first African American winner at Wimbledon. With this name comes the gorgeous nickname Thea, which some parents prefer as a first name.

54. Arabella

Arabella means “yielding to prayer” and is of Latin heritage.

Arabella was a common name given to girls born in the 12th century, following the birth of William the Lion’s granddaughter. The name has also appeared in Harry Potter.

55. Araminta

Araminta is an English girl’s name meaning “defender.”

This is a charming, if not enchanting, 18th-century name that is now gaining ground in the U.S. Several novel and play writers have used Araminta for the moniker of magical characters.

56. Arcadia

Arcadia means “region offering peace and contentment” and stems from Greek origin.

Arcadia is a heavenly name, generally used to describe an unspoiled paradise. It’s up there with Eden and Nevaeh (heaven, backward) and is excellent for parents who dare to be different. With Arcadia, there’s always the nickname Cady.

57. Ariadne

Ariadne has Greek roots and translates to “most holy.”

Ariadne was a Cretan goddess who ruled over fertility. According to Greek mythology, Ariadne was a daughter to Minus. She was known for giving the thread to Theseus, helping him escape the labyrinth.

58. Ariella

Ariella means “lion of God.”

Ariella is a useable variant of Ariel. The name is currently rising on the U.S. charts, where it entered the top 1,000 in 2008 and hasn’t left since. Ariella Kent is one version of Supergirl in DC Comics.

59. Astrid

Astrid is a Scandinavian name, which means “divinely beautiful.”

Astrid has a long history. It is from the name Ástrìör, which stems from old Norse elements. Astrid has been a name used for Scandinavian royals and famous writer Astrid Lindgren, creator of Pippi Longstocking.

60. Aurelia

Aurelia comes from Latin and means “the golden one.”

Aurelia is the feminine version of the name Aurelius, which was a surname in ancient Rome. Aurelia was the name of several early saints, and along with names like Aurora and Oriana, it’s making a comeback in the U.S.

61. Calliope

Calliope is a Greek name meaning “beautiful voice.

Calliope is another enchanting name, but with a profound meaning. In mythology, she was a muse who presided over epic poetry and eloquence. The name belongs to the instrument on a merry-go-round that makes the familiar fairground pipe music. It’s bold and creative, which is possibly why it entered the top 1,000 in 2016.

62. Calista

Calista is another Greek name with a meaning of “most beautiful.”

Calista was made famous by Calista Flockhart, who made way for its use in the English-speaking world. Besides this, the name is common in movies and video games, most notably the Japanese game, The Last Story. You can also spell it as Callista or Kallista.

63. Calypso

Calypso means “she who hides” and is of Greek origin.

Calypso is a hyper-rhythmic name with two notable references. According to Greek mythology, Calypso was an island nymph who stalled Odysseus when returning home. It’s also the name of a West Indian music genre.

64. Cassandra

Cassandra translates to “prophetess” and comes from ancient Greece.

Cassandra was a Trojan princess bestowed with the gift of prophecy. The only catch was that Apollo decreed that her visions never be believed. Still, the name has had a few notable bearers, Jane Austen’s mother, sister, and cousin were only three of them.

65. Cassia

Cassia is a Latin name for “cinnamon.”

Cassia relates to the cassia tree that produces yellow flowers and a spice similar to cinnamon. The name Cassia has ties to ancient Rome, and there is a Greek variant Kassia. We can’t help but fall in love with the magical sound, and it’s connection to Saint Kezziah, a feminist heroine.

66. Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia is a legendary Greek name.

Cassiopeia was the mythological mother who later became a constellation. It’s a challenging but magical name with a stellar reference. Its history isn’t long in the U.S., but with nickname possibilities of Cass or Cassie, we believe it could become a hit.

67. Celestia

Celestia comes from the Latin word for “heavenly.

Celestia puts an edgy spin on Celeste. It was a common name during the late 19th century. It was also the middle name of Caroline “Carrie” Ingalls in “Little House on the Prairie.”

68. Circe

Circe comes from the Greek word for “bird.”

In ancient Greek myth, Circe was the daughter of Helios, the sun god. She was a sorceress dwelling on the island of Aeaea and was notorious for turning men into animals. Circe is pronounced sur-se and is a concise but magical name for a baby girl.

69. Clio

Clio stems from Greek and means “glory.”

We can find several Greek mythological references to Clio. She was a muse for heroic poetry as well as a magical sea nymph.

70. Cybele

Cybele means “the mother of all gods,” and its foundations are from Greek mythology.

In Greek legends, Cybele was the magical goddess of health, fertility, and nature. Although it’s a beautiful name, it could easily be confused with Sybil.

71. Cynthia

Cynthia is of Greek beginnings and translates to “moon goddess” or “woman from Kynthos.

Cynthia is charming and shares many famous namesakes. It was almost overused during the 20th century, mostly due to the nickname Cindy.

72. Daphne

Daphne is a Greek name for “laurel tree” or “bay tree.”

Daphne was a nymph and daughter of Peneus, a river god. According to legends, Peneus saved her from Apollo by making her into a laurel tree. The name Daphne also has connections to Harry Potter, Scooby-Doo, and many other series.

73. Delilah

Delilah is a Hebrew name meaning “delight” or “to flirt.”

Delilah has a beguiling-temptress image due to its biblical association with the seductress of Samson. Delilah has recently shed this stigma and is slowly climbing up the popularity charts. It’s also a character in the book series, Shades of Magic, as well as a muse for several songs.

74. Eira

Eira comes from Welsh beginnings and means “snow.”

Eira is pronounced differently depending on who you ask. Some say ay-ra, while others say i-ra. It’s a beautiful name with a magical meaning, great for a baby girl born in winter.

75. Elysia

Elysia is Latin and means “from Elysium.”

Elysia is enchanting, and the meaning is beautiful. Elysium is the abode for the blessed after death — it’s a paradise in classic mythology.

76. Esme

Esme means “beloved,” “esteemed” or “emerald” and comes from French and Persian sources.

Esme is a short, but stunning name, which is gaining momentum following its use by several celebrities. Esme Cullen is a character in the Twilight Saga. There are alternative spellings, Esmé or Esmée.

77. Eulalie

Eulalie comes from France and means “sweetly speaking.”

Eulalie appears in a variety of movies and the books Gone With the Wind and The Music Man. Still, despite its magical sound, it’s somewhat unknown in the U.S. However, in France, it’s been sitting high on the ranks since the early 2000s.

78. Evadne

Evadne translates to “pleasing one” and has Greek foundations.

In ancient Greek myths, Evadne was one of Poseidon’s daughters. The name also appears in literature, such as Mary Shelley’s The Last Man, and in pop culture such as Wonder Woman. The “Ev” sound is quite trendy at the moment, making this name one to watch out for.

79. Evangeline

Evangeline is of Greek origin and is a derivation of “bearer of good news.”

Evangeline is a mouthful of romance and enchantment. This old name is making a major comeback, mostly due to its religious overtones. Evangeline has appeared in many movies, including the magical Nanny McPhee and The Princess and the Frog.

80. Evelina

Evelina is a Latin name.

Evelina was a common name during the Middle Ages but fell out of favor for Evelyn. Evelina is a magical name with an enchanting sound. A pop culture reference would be the book series by Fanny Burney called Evelina, which is about a magical water witch.

81. Faye

Faye is of English origin for “fairy.

You can also spell Faye without the “E” on the end, but about 300 girls born in 2014 kept it. The name has been absent from the top 1,000 for nearly 35 years, but it’s now finally making a comeback. Fay can work as a first, middle, or even last name, such as Morgan le Fay, who was a sorceress in Arthurian legends.

82. Fenella

Fenella is a Celtic name meaning “white-shouldered one.”

Fenella sounds like a complicated version of Fiona, which is probably why it’s almost unknown here. Fenella made its debut outside of Ireland with Sir Walter Scott’s novel, Peveril of the Peak.

83. Galatea

Galatea translates to “she who is milk-white” and comes from ancient Greece.

The name is from the material that the legendary sculptor, Pygmalion, used to carve his ideal woman, namely ivory. Pygmalion fell in love with his statue, and Aphrodite took pity on him and brought Galatea to life. The name isn’t common but has made an appearance in books and movies, including Harry Potter.

84. Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn means “white ring,” and it’s a Welsh name.

Gwendolyn is a somewhat old-fashioned name, but with the possibility of using Gwen as a nickname, it’s rising on the charts. It was the name of Merlin’s wife, according to Arthurian legends.

85. Hestia

Hestia comes from ancient Greece, where it means “hearth” or “fireside.”

Hestia was the Greek goddess of the home, chastity, and hearth. It’s been a dormant name for many years but may make a comeback thanks to the trend of reviving old-fashioned baby names.

86. Ingrid

Ingrid is an old Norse name for “fair” or “beautiful.”

Ingrid comes from Scandinavia, where it’s still a widely used name for baby girls. The first three letters refer to the Norse god of peace, prosperity, and fertility who’s the ancestor of the Swedish kings.

87. Iris

Iris stems from Greece, where it was synonymous with “rainbow.”

Iris has turned over a new leaf — as of 2018, it ranked No. 138 on the U.S. name charts. It’s also a name with a long history, originating from ancient Greece where it belonged to the goddess of the rainbow.

88. Kerensa

Kerensa is a Cornish name meaning “love.”

You can spell Kerensa with either an “S” or “Z.” Kerensa is such an exotic name — it wasn’t easy finding many references to it. But it seems to be a favorite among novelists. One example is The Legend of the Seventh Virgin, a tale in which women who broke their vows got turned to stone.

89. Keziah

Keziah has Hebrew roots and translates to “cassia tree.”

Keziah is an Old Testament nature name, which belonged to one of Job’s three daughters. Keziah is not on the top 1,000 list, so it’s quite unique. It’s made some appearances in various supernatural movies and novels, including I, Frankenstein and The Dreams in the Witch House.

90. Lavinia

Lavinia is a Latin name.

Lavinia is a Victorian-sounding name with enough charm to eventually become popular. The name dates back to classical mythology, where Lavinia was the wife of Aeneas, a Trojan hero. Lavinia has been in movies and books, including The Hunger Games, Downton Abbey, and Androcles and the Lion.

91. Lilith

Lilith is an Assyrian name meaning “ghost” or “night monster.”

With its dark meaning, it’s no wonder the name has appeared in films, TV series, and novels exploring the supernatural world. The name pops up in True Blood, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, as well as several video games.

92. Luna

Luna is an Italian girl’s name meaning “moon.”

In Roman legends, Luna was the moon goddess, often depicted as driving a chariot. Luna is both a celebrity baby name as well as a Harry Potter character, Luna Lovegood.

93. Maia

Maia comes from Greece and refers to “mother.”

Maia is a light, ethereal name with mystic and mythical overtones. In ancient Greece, Maia was a fair-haired daughter of Atlas, who became the mother of Zeus’s son Hermes. In ancient Rome, Maia represented Earth’s mother and the goddess of spring.

94. Noelani

Noelani is a Hawaiian name referring to “heavenly mist.”

With a magical meaning and a beautiful sound, Noelani would be a great pick for a Christmas baby.

95. Ophelia

Ophelia stems from Greece and translates to “help.”

It’s a beautiful name, but it’s hampered by Hamlet’s tragic heroine, which caused the name to remain dormant for years. In 2015, however, it reentered the charts and rose a staggering 400 spots. The name has made several appearances in movies and books like The Addam’s Family and The Royals.

96. Persephone

Persephone is a Greek name.

Persephone, pronounced per-sef-o-nee, was a daughter of Zeus who Hades kidnapped to become his queen. She was also the goddess of spring growth.

97. Reina

Reina is Spanish for “queen.”

Reina was an uncommon name in the U.S. until 2014 when it reentered the popularity charts. Today, Reina is a popular name in various video games, manga, and anime.

98. Saga

Saga is a Swedish word for “story.” but it can also mean “journey,” which is what life is.

Saga is in the top 30 of the most popular girls’ names in Sweden. Although it’s yet to enter the top 1,000 here, we have high hopes for this magical name.

99. Titania

Titania is a Greek name meaning “giant” or “great one.”

Titania was the name of the Shakespearean queen of the fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The name has a delicate and lacy charm.

100. Zelda

Zelda is a German name, which translates to “gray fighting maid.”

Zelda is a common witch name used in TV series and video games, including Legend of Zelda and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Tips for Choosing a Baby Name

It’s easy to get stuck when choosing a baby name. Here we’ve gathered some tips for you to use.

  • The sound: Sound is one of the key points of a name. You want one that flows well with your last name and possible middle name. Some prefer a long first with a short last, while others feel the opposite is better (1).
  • Well-aging name: Whatever name you pick must age well. Choosing a cute childish name such as Junior or Princess won’t look good on a resume later on. Find one that suits a baby and an adult.
  • Uniqueness: It’s always a good idea to steer away from the year’s most popular name. Otherwise, your child is likely to have several namesakes in their kindergarten class.
  • Say no to passing trends: Passing trends often bring us strange names that don’t make much sense. Many times these include unnecessary letters and may be better suited for a pony than a baby.
  • Mind the initials: Before you say yes to the name, check the initials. Will it be something embarrassing like Ashley Susanne Sanders, A.S.S.? Make sure you double-check for this.

Final Thoughts

Naming a baby is no easy task — perhaps you’ve always had a name in mind, but suddenly it doesn’t sound right? Or maybe you’re feeling utterly clueless about where to look. Either way, narrowing your search down to a specific category, such as magical baby names, is a great start.

Before you say yes to a name, see how it sounds with your last name. Choose one that ages well and isn’t the name of the year.

Try to avoid passing trends and always check the initials.

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Indian Boy Baby Names with letter C, Modern Unique Indian Boy Baby Names in C in Sanskrit

Cachari Moving quickly, a wrestler
Caha Desire, loving
Caitanya Consciousness
Caitra Absorbed in pleasure
Caitraratha The chariot of intelligence, the sun
Cakrapalita Lord of the discuss
Caksu Eye
Cakrasena Commander of the army
Cakrin With a discus, a king
Cakroddhata Moving the disc upwards, the supreme being
Caksisvara Lord of the eye
Capin Armed with a bow
Carver Sculpture
Ceeven The name came to a Guy from Dream
Chellan Precious
Chaanakya Name of Kautilya, the great scholar
Chaaruchandra Beautilful moon
Chaarudatt Born of beauty
Chaaruhaas With beautiful smile
Chaarun Peaceful
Chaga Attendant of shiva
Chahat Desire, Wish, Love, Affection
Chahel Good cheer
Chaital Consciousness, New Year
Chaitan Name of Kautilya, the great scholar
Chaidya Wise, Ruler, King of Chedi
Chaitya Place of worship, Of the mind, Spirit
Chaital Consciousness, New Year
Chaitanya Consciousness
Chaiyn Krishna
Chakor A bird enamoured of the moon
Chakradev Lord Vishnu
Chakradhar Lord Vishnu
Chakrapani Lord Vishnu
Chakravarthi King
Chakshu Eye
Chaman Garden
Chamanlal Garden
Champak A flower
Chanakya Son of chanaka
Chanchal Restless
Chanchareek Bee
Chandak The moon
Chandaka Charming
Chandan Sandalwood
Chandeedaas Name of saint
Chander Moon
Chandraabhaa Luster of moon light
Chandrabhan The moon
Chandrachur Lord Shiva
Chandrak Peacock feather
Chandrakanta The moon
Chandraketu Moon banner
Chandrakin Peacock
Chandrakiran Moonbeam
Chandrakirthi As famous as the moon
Chandrakishore The moon
Chandrakumar The moon
Chandramohan Attractive like the moon
Chandran The moon
Chandranath The moon
Chandraprakash Moonlight
Chandrpeed Name of shiva
Chandraraj Moonbeam
Chandrasen The warriors of moon
Chandrashekar Lord Shiva
Chandratha Nectar of the moon
Chandrodaya Moonrise
Chankit Shining Star
Chankya Great Political Man
Charagh Light, Lamp
Charak An ancient physician
Charan Feet
Charanjit One who has won over the lord
Charish Grace
Charith Character, Nature
Charit Dear, Histor
Charles Strong
Chaturvedi One Who Knows All The 4 Vedas
Charu Agreeable, charming, genteel
Charudatta Born with beauty
Charun One with beautiful eyes
Charusheel Good Character
Charuvardhana One who enhances beauty
Charuvindha Striving for beauty
Charvik Intelligent
Chakravartee A sovereign king
Chakrapaani Lord Vishnu
Chakri A wheel holder
Chakresh Name Of Lord Vishnu
Chakshan Beautiful eyes
Chatur Clever
Chaturbhuj Four armed
Chayana Moon
Chayanatha Lord of Chaya
Chatrapati An emperor
Chavrik Intelligent
Cheana Lord of luck
Chedi Leader, Charming, Wise
Cheliyan Rich, resourceful, prosperous
Chellamani Precious gem
Chellamuthu Precious pearl
Chellapan Precious
Chemmal Premier, best
Chemian Richer
Chervik Validation
Cherasya A clean and virtuous being
Chet Camp of the soldiers
Chetak Rana Pratap’s horse
Chetan Consciousness
Chetana Perceptive, consciousness
Chetanaanand Supreme joy
Chetty Mind
Chevatkodiyon Lord Murugan
Chezian Graceful
Chhandak The charioteer of Lord Buddha
Chhand Appearance, Pleasure, Delight
Chhabi Image, Picture
Chhavi Perception, Reflection
Chhavi Handsome, Beauty
Chidaakaash Absolute brahma
Chidambaram Home of Lord Shiva
Chidananda Lord Shiva
Chiman Curious
Chinja Son
Chinmay Blissful, supreme consciousness
Chinmayananda Blissful, supreme consciousness
Chinmaye Supreme consciousness, Name of Lord Ganesh
Chinna Small Boy
Chinnadurai Prince
Chintan Thought
Chintak Thinker
Chinthanaichelvan Intelligent, thoughtful
Chintya Worthy of thought
Chintu The Sun
Chinya Sing
Chirag Lamp
Chiranjeevi Immortal
Chiranjeev Immortal
Chirantan Immortal
Chirayu Immortal
Chiru Little
Chirush God
Chithayu Born of intellect
Chitrabhanu Fire
Chitragupta Secret picture
Chitral Of variegated colour
Chitrarath The sun
Chitrasen A king of Gandharvas
Chitresh Moon, wonderful lord
Chitta Mind
Chikku Sweet
Chirtrang With multicolored body
Chirtrang With multicolored body
Chitraksh Happiness
Chinmai Supreme consciousness
Chittaranjan Joy of inner mind
Chittesh Lord of the soul
Chithesh Lord of the soul
Cholan A South Indian dynasty
Choska Exact, Alert
Choyen Intelligent
Chudamani Crest jewel
Chunmay Supreme consciousness
Chudamani Name of a saint
Chyavan Name of a saint
Cidananda Ultimate bliss
Cidakasa Universal soul
Cidambara With a heart as vast as the sky
Ciddhatu Original soul
Citta Knowledge, consciousness
Ciman Curious
Cinmaya The supreme spirit
Cintan Thought, intellect
Cittin Thinker, intelligent, wise
Cole Prince of red roses
Coshel Perfect in Any Task
Cunanda Perception
Cuncu Renowned
Cunda Perceptor
Cunni A small ruby
Cupka The wooded sandpiper
Cyavana Moving
Cyril Borne by large number of Saint

57 Modern Girl Names That Start with C (with Meanings!)

By: Author Jessica Ashcroft

Posted on  — Last updated:

This post may contain affiliate links. Please visit my disclosure policy for more information.

Inside: Looking for baby girl names that start with C? Here are several modern ideas that are cute and trendy like Crosby, Chesney, and Cambry!

If you love C names for girls, this list has everything you need, including Charlotte which made the top 10 most popular names from 2019 according to the Social Security Administration.

Each of these names is also featured in my master list of baby names. And don’t forget girl names that start with A and girl names that start with B!

These are names that real moms are use and many are totally unique with special spellings and variations.

Keep scrolling for all 57 C names for girls!

C Names For Girls

  1. Caia – Latin origin, To rejoice
  2. Callie – Greek origin, Beautiful
  3. Callista – Greek origin, Most beautiful
  4. Cambria – Latin origin, Wales
  5. Cambry – American origin, From Wales
  6. Camdyn – English origin, From the valley of the camps
  7. Campbell – Scottish origin, Beautiful field
  8. Camrie/Camry – Japanese origin, Crown
  9. Camryn – American origin, Bent nose
  10. Capri – Italian origin, Italian island
  11. Cara – Italian origin, Dear one, Beloved
  12. Cariad – Welsh origin, Love, Darling
  13. Carita – Swedish origin, Dearness, Esteem, Love
  14. Carol – English origin, Free person or Song
  15. Caroline – Latin origin, Free or Beautiful woman
  16. Caron – Welsh origin, Loving, Kind
  17. Carter – English origin, Driver of a cart
  18. Carwen/Carwyn – Welsh origin, Blessed love
  19. Cecelia – Latin origin, Blind
  20. Celestine – Latin origin, Heavenly
  21. Celia – Latin origin, Heaven
  22. Chamberlee/Camberley – English origin, A town in Surrey, England
  23. Chandler – English origin, Candle maker
  24. Channing – English origin, From Cann, UK
  25. Chansey – English origin, Happy accident
  26. Charise – French origin, Dear one
  27. Charlee/Charleigh/Charlie/Charly – English origin, Free man
  28. Charlotte – French origin, Free
  29. Cher – French origin, Dear one
  30. Cherish – English origin, Care for, Honor, Love
  31. Chesney – English origin, Oak grove
  32. Chevy – English origin, Referring to Cheviot Hills on the Scottish border
  33. Cheyenne – Native American origin, Unintelligible speakers
  34. Chieko – Japanese origin, 1000 Blessing child
  35. Chloe – Greek origin, Verdant and blooming
  36. Cienna – Italian origin, Reddish brown
  37. Cilla – Swedish origin, Diminutive of Cecelia
  38. Claire – French origin, Illustrious, Enlightened
  39. Clara – Latin origin, Illustrious
  40. Clarabelle – English origin, Clara + Belle
  41. Clementine – English origin, Gentle, Merciful
  42. Colin – English origin, Diminutive form of Nicholas
  43. Collins – English origin, Family of Coilean
  44. Columba – Late Roman origin, Dove
  45. Connolly – Irish origin, Valiant
  46. Cooper – English origin, Barrel maker
  47. Cora – Greek origin, Heart, Maiden
  48. Coral – English origin, Reef formation
  49. Cosette – French origin, Little thing
  50. Cosima – Italian origin, Order
  51. Cove – English origin, Small coastal inlet
  52. Crosby – English origin, Settlement by the cross

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Your Turn

Which C names for girls are your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

264 Chic French Girl names: Pretty & Unique with meanings

Find inspiration with the ultimate list of French girl names and their meanings. Get a local’s insight into popular names in France, as well as beautifully unique and rare French names, to find that perfect moniker for your baby girl.

(As an Amazon affiliate, we may earn commissions on certain purchases. Please note, information provided is for entertainment purposes. See our disclosure policy for details.)

Expecting a baby and looking for French girl names that are popular, pretty, and unique, and that also works in English? Easy Peasy. Until you put it into practice, that is.

You want to find a name that is not too common, love the meaning, but have something that is still beautiful and chic. A name that both parents like, and that all the grandparents can pronounce.

Expecting a baby in France may be somewhat different that what you might expect, but the worries of parents all over the world are the same. You are picking a name that is for life. Your kid may end up hating you, so the pressure is on! (Don’t worry, we cover French boy names as well, and I’ve also put together a list of gender-neutral French names to give even more ideas. )

It isn’t easy, so I’ve broken the names down into categories to provide some context as to popularity, uniqueness, vintage names and more, rather than just dump all the names together. And with that, here is my list of the top French girl names with their meanings. Allons-y!

I. Classic French Names

Now if you are looking for classic French names, you may be surprised by how many names you already know.

French and English are closely intertwined. Centuries of war and intermarriage between France and England will do that!

So there are a lot of classic girl names that have already infiltrated anglophone culture. Some classic French females names are:

  • Adrienne, Adriene – from city of Hadria,
    • Famous people with the name: Adrienne de La Fayette (wife of Marquis La Fayette).
  • Audrey – noble,
    • Famous people with the name: Audrey Tatou (French actress).
  • Annette – gracious and merciful,
    • Famous people with the name: Annette Poivre (French actress), Annette Funicello (actress).
  • Antoinette – praiseworthy,
    • Famous people with the name: Marie-Antoinette (Queen of France).
  • Avril – the month of April in French,
    • Famous people with the name: Avril Lavigne (French-Canadian singer).
  • Béatrice – she who makes me happy,
    • Famous people with the name: Princess Beatrice of the U.K., Béatrice Martin aka Coeur de Pirate (Quebecois singer).
  • Brigitte – the high one, strength,
    • Famous people with the name: Brigitte Bardot (French actress).
  • Céline – heavenly,
    • Famous people with the name: Céline Dion (French-Canadian singer), Céline (French fashion house).
  • Chloé – blooming,
    • Famous people with the name: Chloé (French fashion house).
  • Chantal – old Occitane word cantal, meaning “stone.” Also from the French word “chanter” meaning “to sing”.
    • Famous people with the name: Chantal Kreviazuk (French-Canadian singer).
  • Charlotte – female version of Charles, French origin meaning “free man” or small.
    • Famous people with the name: Charlotte Gainsbourg (French actress and singer), Princess Charlotte of the U.K.
  • Danielle – God is my judge,
    • Famous people with the name: Danielle Mitterrand (name of former French first lady).
  • Denise – dedicated to the wine God Dionysius,
    • Famous people with the name: Denise Pascale (French model)
  • Gabrielle – able-bodied one of God,
    • Famous Names: Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel (French fashion designer).
  • Gisele – bright pledge,
    • Famous people with the name: Gisèle Vienne (French artist), Gisèle Bündchen (model).
  • Isabelle – my God,
    • Famous people with the name: Isabelle Huppert (French actress).
  • Jacqueline – the one who comes after,
    • Famous people with the name: Jacqueline Kennedy (Former U.S. first lady).
  • Jeanne – God Is Gracious,
    • Famous people with the name: Jeanne d’Arc (French icon and saint).
  • Joséphine – God Will Increase,
    • Famous people with the name: Josephine Bonaparte (wife of Napoleon).
  • Juliette – From the Latin name Julius, or “son of Jove”,
    • Famous people with the name: Juliette Binoche (French actress).
  • Léa – delicate,
    • Famous people with the name: Léa Sedoux (French actress).
  • Louise – from several French kings named Louis,
    • Famous Names: Louise Bourgoin (French actress).
  • Marion – diminutive of Marie, wished-for child,
    • Famous people with the name: Marion Cotillard (French actress).
  • Monique – alone,
    • Famous people with the name: Monique Lhuillier (fashion house).
  • Renée – renaissance,
    • Famous people with the name: Renée Simonot (French actress), Renée Zellweger (actress).
  • Simone – God has heard,
    • Famous people with the name: Simone de Beauvoir (French writer and philosopher).
  • Sylvie – spirit of the wood,
    • Famous people with the name: Sylvie Vartan (French singer).
  • Valérie – strong, valiant,
    • Famous people with the name: Valérie Pécresse (French politician).
  • Vivienne – from the French verb “vivre”, meaning “to live”.
    • Famous people with the name: Vivienne Westwood.

One thing to keep in mind however is that a name might be French but is actually completely out-of-style in France.

For example, I loved the name “Simone”, but for my French husband, it was the name of someone over the age of 70. I thought it was just him until we checked a French popularity site (link in French) which said the average age of the name-bearer was 87 years old.

Equally out-of-style is “Gisèle”, which stopped being popular in France and flatlined around 1975, before the (Brazilian) supermodel Gisèle Bündchen was even born.

Everything old does become new again, so don’t let that stop you from giving the name you fall in love with!

II. Popular Girls Names in France

If you are looking for names that are a bit more au courant, here is my curated list of top popular baby girl names in France today, that French parents tend to lean towards.

Now, there are French names that just won’t be pronounced properly by English Speakers: eg. Manon. I love this name, but I can imagine it being said with an English accent: Man-on. As opposed to the French: Ma-no(n), with the last “n” being almost silent.

  • Manon – wished for child

I’ve tried to leave these sorts of names off of my list. If you do manage to find a name that is pronounceable, you then have to check that it doesn’t actually mean something else. These names sound French, but there’s a problem:

  • Madeline – a type of cake that all young kids eat in France after school
  • Brie – a type of soft cheese from the French region of Seine-et-Marne

I’ve also left out the names of my own friends and family since I’m obviously biased! And with that, here are some of the most popular French girl names that are very au courant in France.

  • Adeline – nobility
  • Aliénor – light, torch
  • Aline – beautiful, shining
  • Alize – noble one
  • Amandine – much-loved
  • Amélie – hardworking
  • Anaïs – grace
  • Apolline – strength, named after the Greek God Apollo
  • Astrid – Godly, strength
  • Aurore – golden, Goddess of dawn
  • Camille – serving at the alter
  • Capucine – a cloak with deep collar
  • Célestine – Heavenly
  • Clarisse – shining and gentle
  • Claudette – enclosure
  • Clémence – Merciful
  • Cléméntine – gentle
  • Clothilde – famous in Battle
  • Colette – people of victory
  • Corinne – beautiful maiden
  • Cosette – victorious, small and tiny
  • Delphine – from the Greek Delphi or Dolphin
  • Edwige – female warrior
  • Éléonore – named after Aliénor of Aquitaine
  • Élise – My God is abundance
  • Elodie – might, strength
  • Emeline – hardworking
  • Esmée – beloved, esteemed
  • Fabienne – bean grower
  • Faustine – fortunate one
  • Floriane – Flowering
  • Frédérique – Peaceful Ruler
  • Géraldine – One who rules with a spear
  • Héloïse – healthy
  • Huguette – Bright In Mind And Spirit
  • Inès – Pure or Holy
  • Joelle – God be willing
  • Josette – God will increase
  • Laetitia – joy, happiness
  • Laure – victorious
  • Léna – she that allures
  • Léonie – lion, force and courage
  • Lilou – lily
  • Lisette – God Is My Oath, diminutive of Elisabeth
  • Lucie – light, illumination
  • Maëlle – Chief, Leader
  • Maëlys – chief
  • Margaux – pearl
  • Margot – pearl
  • Marlène – combination of Mary And Magdalene
  • Marguerite – Daisy or Pearl
  • Mathilde – might, strength
  • Muriel – sea
  • Nadège – hope
  • Ninette – grace, diminutive of Anne
  • Noémie – pleasant and lovely
  • Odette – rich and wealthy
  • Ocèane – ocean
  • Pauline – little or younger
  • Rochelle – like a rock
  • Romane – a Roman
  • Salomé – peace, tranquil
  • Sidonie – from ancient Phoenician city of Sidon
  • Sybille – seer, oracle
  • Théa – Goddess

☞ READ MORE: Top French Nursery Rhymes for your little one

Now, if you are not French, but live in France, there are certain popular Anglosaxon-American names that you should stay away from.

For example, you should stay away from names that begin with an “H”. Names like Hailey or Heather don’t quite work, since French people have trouble pronouncing the “H”. You will end up with Ea-ley or Ea-zther, and not what you were actually intending.

III. Unique, Unusual, and Rare names

In France, all names have to be approved by the local town hall of the city that the parents live in, so it should be noted French people cannot get too creative. Indeed, it wasn’t until 1966 that French names could stray from being religious, and not until 1993 that baby names could be a bit more “unique”, as long as they were not offensive.

For names that are a bit more unique and avant-garde, but still classically French, I have put together the following list. These names don’t make the top 100 lists in France (as in they are not over-used), but are still much loved.

Some of the loveliest unique French girl names with meaning are:

  • Abrielle – diminutive of Gabrielle
  • Adélie – noble
  • Aelis – of noble line
  • Aeryn – after “aire” meaning air
  • Aimée – beloved
  • Alexine – from Alexandra, meaning to protect
  • Armeline – bear
  • Astrée – daughter of Zéus
  • Audette – a bird
  • Aveline – hazelnut
  • Belle – beautiful
  • Bijou – jewel
  • Blanche – white
  • Cerise – cherry
  • Césarine – female version of César
  • Clarette – clear and bright
  • Cypriélle – origin of Cyprus
  • Elayne – light (variation of Elaine or Elena)
  • Elvie – a variation of Sainte Elvire
  • Emeraude – from Esmerelda, meaning courageous
  • Eolia – masters the wind
  • Eulalie – sweet-spoken
  • Fae – from the french word “fée” meaning fairy
  • Félia – female version of Felix, meaning cat or happy
  • Fleurine – little flower
  • Gaella – from the Old French tribes the Gauls
  • Garcelle – little spear
  • Imaé – actual
  • Linaëlle – Breton name (from Brittany), after Saint Lin
  • Livie – name of a famous Roman family; jealous
  • Louve – female wolf
  • Lune – Moon
  • Merveille – marvellous
  • Nadeleine – ray of hope
  • Nausica – from the french word “navire” meaning a ship
  • Neige – snow
  • Neva – radiance
  • Odile – wealthy, fortunate
  • Olympe – olympian
  • Paulette – humble, diminutive of Pauline
  • Perla – Pearl
  • Pomme – apple
  • Samuelle – from Samuel meaning “name of God”
  • Solange – solemn or religious
  • Teodora – gift from God
  • Thara – abundance and fortune
  • Theoline – one who sings
  • Yolanthe – strong
  • Zélie – solemn

For fun, you can check out my top names for cats and dogs as well, lots of unique names there. But I must admit, I’m not sure you will want to name your baby that!

IV. Chic and Pretty Names

In browsing baby girl names lists published in France, I noted that there are several names that are quite chic and pretty which have been gaining in popularity, but are not as common:

  • Aida – noble
  • Anaëlle – grace
  • Anouk – gracious
  • Auriane – golden
  • Automne – autumn or fall
  • Axelle – of peace
  • Délia – honest
  • Désirée – desired one
  • Dominique – mistress
  • Elaine – bright light
  • Eléa – God is of light
  • Elena – heat
  • Elie – God is great
  • Eliette – God is great
  • Emie – God is with us
  • Enora – honored
  • Esther – name of Jewish saint
  • Ève – source of life
  • Fayette – After French soldier Lafayette who played a large role in the American and French Revolutions
  • Fossette – dimple
  • Francine – from France
  • Garance – a type of flower
  • Harmonie – harmony
  • Imène – Believer
  • Janelle – God gives grace
  • Karine – loved
  • Kenza – warmth
  • Louann – light
  • Lylou – structured and efficient
  • Mae – head, chief
  • Maeva – welcome
  • Maïa – drop of sea
  • Morgana – brilliant
  • Maïwenn – loved
  • Manel – God is with us
  • Michelle – who is like God
  • Naëlle – God has given
  • Nélia – stroke of sun
  • Noëlie – day of birth (from Noel, meaning Christmas in French)
  • Raphaëlle – fighter
  • Rosette – small rose
  • Satine – satin
  • Sirine – content
  • Solène – solemn
  • Violette – from the Latin word “viola”


Vintage and Old-fashioned Names

As I mentioned above, until 1966, French baby names for boys and girls, had to be religious. Typically, the baby was named according to the Saints’ day calendar, which had the name of whichever saint was associated with the particular name that the baby was born.

Since the laws around baby-naming have loosened up, some of these vintage names fell out of style, before finding popularity again.

Even today, you will find most traditionally French names on the saint’s calendar, where parents and family members will remember to wish the person “bonne fête du prénom” meaning “happy name day”.

Some vintage and old-fashioned female French names that you will hear around Paris are:

  • Abigaïl – my joy is with God
  • Adélaide – noble
  • Agathe – good, brave
  • Albertine – celebrated, brilliant
  • Alida – noble, old
  • Annonciade – announcing
  • Bérénice – one who brings victory
  • Bernadette – brave like a bear
  • Bernadine – brave like a bear
  • Berthe – brilliant, illustrious
  • Bettine – variation of Elisabeth
  • Blandine – mild
  • Blondine – fair-haired
  • Brunella – brown-haired
  • Candide – white
  • Cécile – blind
  • Céleste – heavenly
  • Charlène – petit, feminine
  • Christelle – follower of Christ
  • Coraline – coral
  • Dolorés – from french word douleur meaning pain
  • Eglantine – from the flower, a type of wild rose
  • Elénore – light
  • Eliane – sun, God
  • Estelle – meaning “star”. A variation is the Provence name “Estérelle”. (A Provençal legend tells that the mountainous massif Estérel, between the towns of Fréjus and Cannes, was once the home of a fairy called Estérelle, who gave it its name.)
  • Fanny – version of Frances, Françoise, meaning “freeman”
  • Félice – corsican name meaning “great happiness”
  • Françoise – female version of François meaning “freeman”
  • Geneviève – young woman (named after Saint Genevieve of Paris)
  • Georgette – agricultor
  • Gertrude – loyal
  • Hélène – warmth
  • Honorine – honor
  • Hortense – one who comes from the garden
  • Ingrid – the beauty
  • Jacinthe – hyacinthe flower
  • Justyne – true, just
  • Laurence – from the masculine “Laurent”, meaning winner
  • Liliane – from the royal flower, the lys
  • Lorraine – warrior maiden, place in France
  • Lourdes – the pilgrim town of Lourdes in France
  • Lucile – light
  • Lyonnette – little lion
  • Mabel – lovely
  • Manon – bitter
  • Marceline – God of war
  • Marthe – the mistress of the home
  • Martine – small mars, warrior
  • Maxine – the biggest
  • Maud, Maude – strong in war
  • Mélanie – dark, the color black
  • Mélisande – named after the mermaid Mélusine
  • Mirabelle – a great beauty
  • Mireille – miracle
  • Modeste – modest
  • Nicolette – people’s victory
  • Ninon – grace
  • Octavie – of eight
  • Olive – olive
  • Ombeline – bright spirit
  • Philomène – loved one
  • Pierrette – female version of Pierre, meaning stone
  • Sophie – wisdom
  • Thérèse – summer
  • Tiphane – appearance of the Lord on earth
  • Véronique – who brings victory, variation of the name Bérénice
  • Yvonne – celtic and breton name, meaning shrub


Hyphenated and Compound Names

Hyphenated or compound names (prénoms composé) are quite popular in France, going back generations. The names are usually Christian, where most common one is “Marie” added to the baby name after the Virgin Mary, or Anne after the Virgin Mary’s mother Saint Anne.

Even boys in France may have Marie added to it, such as Jean-Marie. Common French compound and hyphenated girl names that you will hear around France are:

  • Anne-Sophie – Anne-Sophie Lapix (French journalist)
  • Anne-Laure – Anne-Laure Bondoux (French writer)
  • Lily-Rose – Daughter of French musician Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp
  • Marie-Antoinette – Former Queen of France
  • Marie-Claire – Marie Claire magazine
  • Marie-Claude – Marie-Claude Pietragalla (French dancer and choreographer)
  • Marie-France – Marie-France Pisier (actress and director)
  • Marie-Joelle – Marie-Joëlle Guillaume (French journalist and writer)
  • Marie-Lou – Marie Lou (Marilu) Henner (American actress)
  • Marie-Thérèse -Daughter of Marie-Antoinette, Princess of France

A lot of people use double-names in France, though you do have to be very precise as to whether there is a hyphen in the middle or not. One French man named Jean-Marie got into trouble when applying for a marriage license, when his town’s officiant rejected his paperwork because of hyphens applied or not-applied indiscriminately!

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So have you figured out the perfect name for your baby? For some more fun, you can download a free printable of baby-related French-English flashcards below.

If you enjoyed that article you may like to read more about what having a baby in France is like. A bientôt!

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116 unique Norwegian girl names

Choosing a name for your child can be fun, exciting… and really, really hard.

If you’re one of the lucky few who chose your favorite name shortly after you found out they were pregnant, then we’re more than a little jealous.

It’s actually not unusual to feel completely overwhelmed when trying to pick the perfect name for your baby. With thousands and thousands of names to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. There are more names written for girls than for boys, and while we love the fact that there are so many options, the sheer number of girl name choices can make choosing a short list even more difficult.

To make things easier, think about the types of names you like. Maybe you like traditional girl names, or maybe you prefer more modern girl names. Maybe you like pretty girl names, or maybe you like strong girl names. Maybe you like girl names that start with a certain letter. Maybe you like unusual names for girls.

Maybe you like girl names that represent a certain heritage, culture or place. Maybe you want to give your baby girl a unique name, and maybe you want the name to reflect Norwegian origins or love for Norway. If so, then keep reading. In fact, even if you haven’t thought of looking at Norwegian names for girls before, read on. You might just fall in love with one of the Norwegian girl names detailed below.

Traditional Norwegian girl names

Traditional Norwegian girl names are usually derived from the Old Norse language spoken in Norway and other parts of Scandinavia between the seventh and fifteenth centuries. There is no shortage of beautiful Norwegian names for girls, and many of the female Norwegian names have wonderful meanings.

Agoth : Meaning «kind-hearted». Norwegian origin.

Alvilde: Meaning «shine». Old Norse origin.

Anniken: Meaning «merciful». Norwegian and Jewish origin.

Ashild: Meaning «God fights». Old Norse origin.

Aslaug : Meaning «God». Old Norse origin.

Asta: Meaning «starry» or «love». Old Norse and Greek origin.

Atlas: Meaning «wild». Old Norse origin.

Audhilda: Means «wealth» or «state». Old Norse origin.

Berglöt: Meaning «protection» or «light». Old Norse origin.

Dagny : Meaning «a new day has begun». Old Norse origin.

Dagrun: Meaning «day» or «secret». Old Norse origin.

Asa: Meaning «glowing embers». Old Norse origin.

Freya: Means «lady» or «noblewoman». Old Norse origin.

Gerd: Meaning «closed». Old Norse origin.

Groa: Meaning «gardener». Old Norse origin.

Heidrun: Meaning «bright» or «clear». Old Norse origin.

Hild: Meaning «battle». Old Norse origin.

Idunn: Meaning «active in love». Old Norse origin.

Yngvlid: Meaning «dedicated to the ancestors» or «battle». Old Norse origin.

Jorunn : Meaning «love of horses». Old Norse origin.

Kin: Meaning «follower of Christ». Norwegian origin.

Liss : Meaning «God’s promise». Norwegian origin.

Liv: Meaning «protection». Old Norse origin.

Magnhild : Meaning «strong». Old Norse origin.

March: Meaning «lady». Norwegian origin.

Matea: Meaning «gift from God». Norwegian and Jewish origin.

Nanna: Meaning «courageous». Old Norse origin.

Olaug: Meaning «ancestor». Old Norse origin.

Ragnhild: Meaning «to advise in battle». Old Norse origin.

Reidun: Meaning «cute in the nest». Old Norse origin.

Rune: Meaning «secret tradition». Norwegian origin.

Sigrid: Meaning «victory». Old Norse origin.

Sissel: Meaning «without sight». Old Norse origin.

Sol: Meaning «sun». Old Norse origin.

Sign: Meaning «last victory». Norwegian origin.

Solveig: Meaning «strong house» or «daughter of the sun». Old Norse origin.

Verdandi: Meaning «becomes» or «happens». Old Norse origin.

Norse female names from Norse mythology

Many Norwegian female names can be traced back to Norse mythology, with Viking goddesses being especially popular in Norway.

Astrild : Astrild was the Norse goddess of love. Old Norse origin.

Bestla : Bestla was a Norse goddess and mother of the gods Odin, Vili and Ve. Old Norse origin.

Embla: Embla was the first woman in Norse mythology. Old Norse origin.

Laga: Laga was the Scandinavian goddess of wells and springs. Old Norse origin.

Saga: Saga was the Norse goddess of poetry and history. Old Norse origin.

Siv: Siv was the Scandinavian goddess of fertility and agriculture. Old Norse origin.

Norwegian names for girls from nature

Norway is well known for the beauty of its natural landscape, so it goes without saying that many Norwegian female names come from nature.

Earl: Meaning «wagtail». Scandinavian origin.

Linnaeus : Meaning «linden tree». Scandinavian origin.

Olivia: Meaning «olive». Latin origin.

Viola: Meaning «purple flower». Mixed origin.

Popular Norwegian names for girls

In 2020, the most popular names for girls in Norway include:

Ada : Meaning «graceful and noble». German origin.

Agnes : Meaning «pure» and «sacred». Greek origin.

Amelia: Means «work» or «industrious». German origin.

Bergdis : Meaning «protection of the spirit». Norwegian origin.

Celine : Meaning «heavenly». French origin.

Dina: Meaning «from the valley». Greek and Jewish origin.

Ella : Meaning «magic maiden», «light». Anglo-Greek origin.

Elli: Means «sympathy» or «compassion». Greek origin.

Elina: Meaning «light» or «torch». Greek and French origin.

Emma: Meaning «universal» or «one piece». German origin.

Emily: Means «full» or «ambitious.» Latin origin.

Felicia : means «happy» or «happy things». Latin origin.

Frida: Meaning «peace». Old Norse and German origin.

Greta: Meaning “pearl. Norwegian and Danish origin

Hailey: Meaning «hero». Scandinavian origin.

Hannah: Meaning «favourable». Scandinavian and German origin.

Ingrid: Meaning «beautiful». Old Norse origin.

Karina: Meaning «favourable». Scandinavian, Greek and Russian origin.

Leoni: Meaning «lioness» or «brave». French and German descent.

Malia: Meaning «princess». Celtic origin.

Mia: Meaning «my». Scandinavian origin.

Maya: Meaning «water», «illusion» or «beloved». Mixed origin.

Noel: Meaning «born on Christmas». Latin origin.

Nora: Meaning «honor». Mixed origin.

Ottilie: Meaning «wealth». German origin.

Selma : Meaning «safe». German origin.

Sophie: Meaning «wisdom». Greek origin.

Zara: Meaning «radiant». Arabic and Jewish origin.

Zoe: Meaning «life». The name is of Greek origin.

Cute Norwegian Girl Names

Norwegian girl names cover every category imaginable, so it’s no wonder you’ll find plenty of cute Norwegian girl names.

Anin: Meaning «grace»: or «favor». Spanish origin.

Anya : Meaning «merciful». Scandinavian origin.

Birgit: Meaning «powerful» or «strong». Scandinavian and German origin.

Elin: Meaning «light» or «beautiful». Scandinavian origin.

More: Meaning «rebellious» or «God’s promise.» Mixed origin.

Hello: Meaning «divine woman». Old Norse and Scandinavian origin.

Juni: Meaning «born in June». Norwegian-Swedish origin.

Lilly: Meaning «abundance». Scandinavian origin.

Solvi: Meaning «from the house of power». Old Norse origin.

Teresa: Meaning «harvest». Scandinavian origin.

Beautiful Norwegian names for girls

Like Norway itself, many popular Norwegian female names are incredibly beautiful.

Abellona: Meaning «goddess of the sun». Norwegian origin.

Andrin: Means «brave» or «strong». Greek origin.

Astrid: Meaning «divine beauty» or «divine power». Having a Scandinavian origin, this name was popular among the royal family of Norway.

Benedict: Meaning «blessed». Latin origin.

Beret: Meaning «glorious» or «bright». Norwegian origin.

Bodilla: Meaning «fighting woman». Old Norse origin.

Dordi : Meaning «gift from God». Old Norse origin.

Estrit : Meaning «beautiful goddess». Old Norse origin.

Gimle: Meaning «new heaven». Old Norse origin.

Kjelfried: Meaning «beautiful». Old Norse origin.

Lovis: Meaning «famous fighter». Norwegian origin.

Lulla: Meaning «a legendary female warrior». Norwegian and Danish origin.

Agnetha: Means «holy» or «pure». Scandinavian origin.

Andrea: Meaning «brave». Greek origin.

Anina : Meaning «mercy» or «favour». German origin.

Ase: Meaning «healer». Jewish origin.

Asvoriah: Meaning «divine wisdom». German origin.

ODI: Means «new prosperity». Norwegian origin.

Bertina: Meaning «clever maiden» or «bright and shining». German origin.

Bifrost: Meaning «bridge from earth to heaven» or «shimmering path». Old Norse origin.

Cornelia: Meaning «horn». Latin origin.

Erica: Meaning «ruler». Old Norse origin.

Heidi: Means «noble» or «graceful». German origin.

Inger: Meaning «beautiful goddess». Old Norse origin.

Carolina: Meaning «free woman». German origin.

Malin: Meaning «high tower» or «woman of Magdela». Scandinavian, Finnish and Swedish origin.

Matilda: Means «strength» or «power in battle». Norwegian and German descent.

Mette : Meaning «pearl». Norwegian and Scandinavian origin.

Toril: Meaning «Thor’s Battle» or «Thunder Battle». Old Norse origin.

Unnr : Meaning «to love» or «to wave». Old Norse origin.

January 2022 Strong Black Girls Names You’ll Definitely Like Current School News

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by TMLT Editions
December 14, 2021

— Black girl names —

Black girl names have their origins all over the world. Some popular names for black boys and girls are of ancient Greek, Hebrew, or Arabic origin. Other common black names originated on American soil in the black community.

Newly created black names are often combinations of different name elements, spellings, or entirely original names.

Here are some of the most popular and unique Black baby names for girls along with their meaning, origin and other interesting information.

Cute and Unique African Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Read on to follow the list of popular cute and unique African Baby Girl Names.

1. Ada

The Hebrew name Ada means «beautiful ornament». According to the Old Testament, the wives of Lamech and Esau were called Ada.

2. Aliya

One of the most popular names in the country, Aliya is just amazing! The name of Arabic origin Aliya is also known. among Africans.

It means «ascension». It is also the female version of the name Ali. Variants of the name include Alia, Alia, and Alya.

3. Audre

An English name, Audre is a sweet name that means «noble power».

If you’ve read or heard of Audra Lorde, who grew up battling cancer and extreme myopia, you can agree that Meaning is the perfect definition of her name!

4. Aliya

The name of German origin Adalia means «noble». This pretty name suits your princess well and you can choose Leah’s nickname to match it.

5. Adelaide

This means «nobility». This name is known all over the world! Adelaide was the name of a German princess who married British King William IV in 1830 and was known as «the good Queen Adelaide».


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6. Aliss

The historical name Alyssa comes from the German name Adalheidis, which means «noble and kind». Make sure you have the correct pronunciation, in this case it’s «a-li-s».

7. Aurelia

Aurelia is a Latin name that everyone will love! It means «golden» and comes from the name Aurelius. This female name is extremely popular in many countries!

8. Amber

A name of Arabic origin, amber is called a precious stone! Amber is a rather feminine name common in Arab and African countries. Amber jewelry has a warm honey hue.

9. Bolanle

One of the most popular traditional African female names, Bolanle means «one who finds wealth at home».

He has an eccentric pronunciation and is said to naturally attract wealth! So, you can call her Bolanle and you never know she could be the talisman for your life!

10. Bethany

A name of Hebrew origin, Bethany means ‘a place near Jerusalem where Jesus visited Mary, Martha and Lazarus.

11. Binta

A divine name that belongs to both Africa and Arabia! Binta means «with God» and is perfect for parents looking for a spiritual name for their daughter!

Any girl would be lucky to have this name, as it is rare to find, and she will always be endowed with divinity!

12. Biza

Girls in Africa are loved and adored, and this name is proof of that! A name of African origin, Bisa means «very beloved». You can name your daughter Biza and she can attract a lot of love, care and blessings for life!

13. Billy

This is a name of English origin which is a diminutive of the Dutch origin Wilhelmina or Wilma. Billy is a short and sweet name that can be called by both boys and girls. Billy’s name means «resolute defense».

14. Brianna

An Irish name, Brianna means «strong, virtuous and noble.» Bree would fit that name!

15. Candace

A rather famous name in America and Africa, Candice means «pure and innocent». This beautiful feminine name is perfect for your little angel.

In the ancient African kingdom of Kush, the title of kandake was given to a queen or queen mother. It came from Candice’s name!

16. Cassandra

The name of Greek origin, Cassandra means «the unnoticed prophetess». The name is considered very important in Greek history. Cassandra is the name of a Trojan prophetess, daughter of King Priam. Cassandra’s prediction about the fall of Troy went unheeded!

17. Charlotte

Name of French origin, Charlotte is the feminine version of Charlotte or Charles. It means «free will», this name originated in the 14th century! The charming nickname of Lottie, Charlie or Carlota would suit Charlotte.

18 Ciara

Ciara is a name of Irish Gaelic origin, which is the feminine version of Ciaran. It means «dark-haired or black-haired». Other variations of this name are Kira, Kira, and Kira.

19. Dakota

An American baby name that is popular all over the world! Dakota means «friend or ally».

20. Daniel

A name of Jewish origin, Daniel is the female version of Daniel. It means «God is my judge».

21. Delilah

Hebrew baby name, Delilah — simply the most beautiful names of all time!

This means «amorous or delightful. » Keep this in mind while choosing names!

22. Dominique

The French baby name Dominique means «lord or one who belongs to God.»

23. Elaine

If you are looking for something cute, short and unique then Elaine is the perfect name for you! Elaine is the old French version of the popular name Helen; it means «bright and shining light».

24. Edwina

The female version of the name Edwin, Edwina means «rich friend». This is an old English name that was known in Victorian times.

25. Eloise

An English name that originated in France, Eloise means «healthy and wise.»

26. Yeshe

This name was the first common name among Swahili speakers.

Eshe means «life and energy», both of which reflect positivity, zeal and enthusiasm for life! One of the best options for female African names, it shows that your little one will never have enough zeal and energy in life!

27. Frida

Again, the celebrity-inspired name was once quite common in Germany! The famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was named after the beautiful meaning of the word «peaceful».

28. Fudge

Rare African name! Faja means «thank you!» This is one of those powerful black girl names that everyone loves

29. Faiola

Faiola is one of the cutest baby names for girls — «he who walks with honor.» This name is of African origin and is perfect for your princess if you want her to lead a decent life with dignity and self-respect.


➣ with the best wishes, messages and quotes for children’s Day of Children

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➣ Congratulations on the Day of thanksgiving, wishes and quotes 9000 9000 30. Gabriel 900.

Gabriel is a Hebrew name which is the feminine version of the name Gabriel. It means «woman of the god».

31. Gemma

A classic Italian name known in many countries. Gemma means «jewel».

32. Hailey

A nonchalant name that means «meadow or open glade.»

33. Hannah

Hebrew name meaning «grace or mercy.» Someone else might also write it as Hannah.

34. Hyacinth

Hyacinth is a beautiful female name of Greek origin. This is the name of a beautiful purple flower!

35. Indigo

Do you often feel lost in the deep blue of her eyes? Then why not name it after the beautiful indigo color! This is one of those powerful black girl names that everyone loves

36. Isis

A name of Egyptian origin, Isis was a name derived from the goddess Isis of the Egyptian pantheon.

37. Jemila

Somalia is not bad, and this beautiful name is definitely not! Jamila is a name born in Somalia and among Swahili speaking people. It means beautiful, Jemila is also known in Arab and other African countries.

38. Jendayi

Being thankful and thankful for everything you have is the perfect sign of humility! Jendai is a Zimbabwean origin name meaning «grateful and grateful».

A name with a beautiful meaning, you should consider this name if you want to instill the values ​​of modesty in your daughter! This name will remind her that she must be the same again and again!

39. Hasentha

Jacinta is a name of Greek origin which is another name for the dark purple flower.

40. Jovita

Name of Latin origin which means «happy». Other name variations are Jasmine, Halena and Jacinta.

41. Khalifa

An ideal name for parents who are looking for a pious and spiritual name for their daughter. One of the most beautiful names Arabic and African in origin Caliph means «holy and chaste.»

The essence of this name will definitely illuminate her life one way or another!

42. Keandra

A name of Gaelic origin, Kendra means «strong strength».

43. Kadisha

A beautiful and unique name that means «a person with an expressive and sociable nature.»

44. Kalinda

The Sanskrit name Kalinda means the sun. The name is of great importance in Hindu mythology!

45. Keisha

Ancient African name meaning «great joy».

46. Kylie

Name of Gaelic origin meaning «beautiful or graceful».

47. Laila

Derived from the Persian name Leila, Leila means «dark beauty»!

48. Leal

Leal is one of the cutest baby names for black girls. It is a name of African origin which means «faithful».

You can start by naming your daughter Leal if you want to teach her to be faithful and loyal, which is an essential ingredient in any relationship! This is one of those powerful black girl names that everyone loves

49. Lysha

Name of Hebrew origin, which means «happy and delightful person.»

50. Lara

Lara is a rare name of Latin origin that is pronounced «lar-a».

51. Makeba

Makeba — unique and rare names for girls. This is an Ethiopian name which means «greatness». The famous bearer of the name is the infamous singer Miriam Makeba from South Africa! Another variant of the name is Makeda.

52. Maya

Maya is a mythological name of Greek origin! It means «illusion», it is a very common name in many countries including India!

You will be surprised to know that this short and simple-looking name has a very varied history.

53. Michel

The Hebrew name Michael became Michel. This is a French translation of the Hebrew name, which means «just like a god.»

One of the most famous bearers of this name is US First Lady Michelle Obama, who is considered one of the most influential women of the 21st century.

54. Malika

The name of Arabic origin, Malika is popular among black people all over the world! Malika means «queen».

55. Mandisa

A name of African origin, Mandisa means «sweetness». A delicately feminine name with a sweet pronunciation, Mandisa is perfect for little girls who are sweeter than honey!

56. Nina

One of the most beautiful names for girls, which means “priceless”. Definitely the perfect name for your little bundle of joy!

57. Nzinga

This unique name comes from the continent of Central Africa! It is said that a unique and beautiful name has different meanings, but what fits the best is «beautiful».

A well-known bearer of this name is Queen Nzinga Mbandi, who fought against the Portuguese colonizers in South West Africa.

58. Nichel

A name of African origin which means «victorious girl». Like Michelle, Nichelle is a cute female name that has a deep meaning!

59. Nakeisha

The slightly unconventional name Nakeisha is of African origin. This uniquely beautiful name means «her life».

60. Both

A name of purely African origin, which we are sure you have not even heard of! Oba means «river goddess».

61. Phylicia

Name of Latin origin, Phylicia means «lucky». We always say that we are lucky that you are our daughter, but the fact is that your daughter is also lucky, equally or even more so, with parents like you! So why not name it after this noble idea!

62. Paulina

The female version of the name Paul, Paulina means «small» in Latin.

63. Patriciana

Name of Latin origin, which means «noble». Patricia is another variant of the name!

64. Kviesha

A unique African name that means «beloved».


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➣ Popular Twin Names for Your Adorable Newborns

65. Quenesia

Unique Jamaican girl name which means «life». This is one of those powerful black girl names that everyone loves.

66. Ruby

A name of Latin origin that means «dark red gem». We know that your god has sent an angel — a priceless pearl for you, so why not name it after this gem, which is rare and beautiful!

67. Ramla

The origin of the name is still unclear as it is claimed to be of both Egyptian and African origin! A name suggestive of holiness and piety, Ramla means prophetess.

68. Serena

Name of Latin origin, the meaning of which is the same as the name: «serene and calm.» You also enjoy naming your daughter after the famous and greatest athlete of all time, Serena Williams!

69. Shanise

Shaneys is a name of African origin that is quite rare! Shanis means «gift of God», exactly what your daughter does!

70. Shakana

Quite a unique and worthy name, Shakana means «the truth of life». Give her that name and you will never know that she can be a guiding light for many!

71. Sakina

Muslim baby name which means «calm and pious».

72. Sierra

A Spanish name that represents strength and solidity.

73. Taisha

Name of Arabic origin, which means «alive and well». It’s one of those powerful black girl names that everyone loves

74. Taleisha

A completely unheard-of name of Jamaican origin meaning «blooming life.»

75. Thalia

Name of Hebrew origin, pronounced «ta-hleea».

76. Trissa

Latin American name which means «noble patrician».

77. Tony

Gone are the days when parents called their tiny girl by the long name Antonia! So, Antonia’s short and sweet form is Tony! The best thing about Tony’s name is that it means «priceless», which your daughter surely is to you.

78. Tori

Tori means «winner or winner». It is a diminutive of Victoria.

79. Tiffany

Latin baby name which means ‘manifestation of god’.

80. Ursula

Again, a name of Latin origin, which means «little bear».

81. Valeriya

A strong female name meaning «brave and strong».

82. Viera

Name of Russian origin, which means «truth». This is one of those powerful black girl names that everyone loves

83. Vanesia

Name of Greek origin meaning «butterfly».

84. Alto

Again, the Latin name Viola is a variant of the name Violet or beautiful purple flowers! The meaning of the name itself is Violet.

85. Winnie

Once upon a time Winnifred was a popular name, but now he has been replaced by a short and cute Winnie!

Winnie means «holy peacemaker or gentle friend.»

Winnie Mandela is the name of Nelson Mandela’s second wife, who stood the test of time and waited 27 long years for her husband to get out of prison!

86. Wilma

Name of German origin, which means «strong will».

87. Wendalin

Again, a name of German origin, which means «wandering woman».

88. Winona

A unique and unconventional name that means «firstborn». This is one of those powerful black girl names that everyone loves

89. Xia

Ancient Greek name meaning «hospitable».

90. Xaviera

In Basque, Xaviera means «new home».

91. Yalonda

Ancient Greek name meaning ‘beautiful purple flower’.

92. Yakira

The name in Hebrew means “precious”.

93. Yana

Again, a Hebrew name that means «merciful.»

94. Yafit

Cool Hebrew name that means «worthy woman.»

95. Zahara

A name of African origin which means «flower».

96. Green

An ancient Greek name that means «shine».

97. Zuri

A name of Afro-Swahili origin which means «beautiful».

98. Zarene

The Persian name means «golden vessel».

99. Xena

A traditional African name meaning «friendly or hospitable». This is one of those powerful black girl names that everyone loves

100. Zora

We couldn’t find a better name to complete this naming guide! Zora is a name of Serbo-Croatian origin, rare and beautiful.! It means «dawn».

Those names were useful, weren’t they? Please share it with your friends and loved ones.

CSN Team.

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How to affectionately call a girl: affectionate names for a girl

Beautiful and affectionate names for your girlfriend have always been considered a good way to the heart of a loved one. They express the love and unique bond between the couple. But in order to call them your girlfriend, you need to choose suitable names, and not offensive nicknames. From the 100 names on this list, you will learn how to affectionately call a girl so that she will be pleased to respond to this appeal.

How original, unusual and tender to call your beloved wife or woman you like with an affectionate word? Under what situations is it possible to call these names, and when is it better not to do this? You will also find answers to these questions in this article.

Read the entire list and choose an affectionate name that will be praise and compliment to your beloved girl or woman. And remember that all women want a little romance and tender feelings.

Tips on when and how to call a girl an affectionate word

  1. Move away from formulaic boring names, such as: baby, baby doll, sweetie.
  2. Think about naming your beloved not only affectionately and beautifully, but coolly and tenderly.
  3. Call it without a primitive.
  4. To make the name sound real when choosing to address your soul mate? Choose words that match her personality. For example, if she has a beautiful voice, then you can call a singer, sweet-voiced.
  5. A unique name can be found if you think of a unique variation of her real name. The main thing is to try to pick up those names that other people do not use when referring to her.
  6. Call your woman affectionate names every important date for her. This will make her feel special.
  7. Do not overdo it with affectionate appeals to your beloved. Everything should be in moderation.
  8. Use affectionate and pretty names at the right time and in the right mood. It works best in romantic moments.
  9. No matter how affectionate the name may be, make sure that your chosen one approves of it. Remember etiquette. Not all women like it when a man refers to her with an intimate name in front of his friends or family.
  10. Only use romantic, intimate names when you are alone and in appropriate settings.

How can you call a girl affectionately and cute

  1. Butterfly is a cute name to call your beautiful girlfriend.
  2. Cinderella — to the one who has any work on fire in her hands. (I advise you to read 70 phrases and words of praise for women with which you can praise them).
  3. Doll — for the lady you think is as cute as a doll.
  4. Beauty is a cute and playful name for a girl.
  5. Button is a nice nickname for a cute little girl.
  6. umnyashka / umnyashka — an affectionate appeal to a smart, wise representative of the weaker sex.
  7. Oriental Princess refers to a sensual, sultry, mysterious and sexy girl.
  8. My baby is an appeal to someone to whom you want to show your care and love.
  9. Rosette — so sweetly called a girl with character.
  10. Dove, dove — refers to a lady whose relationship you consider pure and holy to you.
  11. Duckling is a funny, cute nickname for a playful friend.
  12. My little star is an affectionate name for the one who is the brightest in a man’s life.
  13. Snowflake — refers to a fragile, graceful girl and something even unique (since no two snowflakes are the same).
  14. Caramel — for a true lover.
  15. Lilly is a gentle girl with a good-natured nature.

How to call your beloved girl affectionately

  1. Beloved — refers to the one who is deeply loved and about which all your thoughts, feelings.
  2. Blue-eyed/Brown-eyed/Green-eyed is a cute name for a loved one with dreamy blue eyes or other appropriate eye color.
  3. My angel is a gentle appeal to someone you love very much.
  4. My Queen is about a girl who has power over a man’s heart, influencing his mind and soul.
  5. Sleeping Beauty is a sweet name for a gentle girl who loves to sleep.
  6. Beloved fashionista is an appropriate name for a fashion lover.
  7. Funny / mischievous / frolic — this is how they address the one who loves to arrange all sorts of adventures for her beloved man.
  8. Dobrotunya/dobrotulechka — an appeal to a kind, sympathetic lady.
  9. Sweet-lipped — the next option is how to affectionately call a girl. It refers to ladies whose kisses give pleasure to a man.
  10. My Barbie is a gentle term for a pretty young lady.
  11. Heartbreaker — to the one that captivated a man’s heart.
  12. Goddess — for a strikingly beautiful girl.
  13. Lady of my heart — for the most important girl in your life.
  14. Beauty — to a lady of beautiful appearance, who always knows how to look beautiful, elegant.
  15. Precious — an appeal to someone whom you consider to be an invaluable find, a kind of jewel.

These 10 tips will help you conquer a girl with your qualities and charisma.

How to affectionately call a girl you like

  1. Laughing — suitable for very cheerful girls who love to laugh contagiously from the heart.
  2. Zolotko — this is how they refer to the one with whom the relationship is considered precious.
  3. Naughty / naughty — refers to a girl who loves to break all sorts of rules and is ready to experiment.
  4. Peach — a tender, sweet and attractive girl in a relationship.
  5. Petal is a bright, full of life girl with a soft heart.
  6. Precious is a great way to refer to a girl who means so much to you.
  7. Candy — to the one that you consider a super treat for yourself.
  8. Reed — to a fragile, slender girl.
  9. Cutie — an appeal to a pretty, pretty girl, with whom it is always pleasant to be together.
  10. Berry is an affectionate name for a seductive and sweet friend.
  11. Canary is a girl with an excellent voice.
  12. Cherry — refers to a girl who is soft by nature.
  13. Charming is an affectionate name for a girl who inspires love.
  14. Dewdrop — an appeal to the one whose grooming always refreshes you. (Read about what a well-groomed woman looks like and what are her rules?)
  15. Goldilocks is an affectionate name for a sociable girl with red hair.

How to call a girl affectionately and in an original way

  1. My Chardonnay is a girl whose value is much higher than rubies.
  2. The melody of my soul is about the one who makes your heart sing, whose attention plays sweet music to your ears and eyes.
  3. My petal is about a lady with a bright, lively personality who gives vitality to your soul.
  4. Bird of paradise — this is how they refer to a lady with whom a man feels like in paradise. With her behavior and attitude, she arranges a comfortable stay with her.
  5. Delicious my girl — when kisses of a loved one leave a pleasant feeling. When the sweetheart looks very appetizing.
  6. Intoxicating with her beauty — another original version of how to affectionately call your beloved girl? So they say about a lady who can make a man lose his head.
  7. My sakura — the following appeal is how to call a girl affectionately unusual. It will suit a morally pure, gentle, graceful female representative.
  8. Sweet candy — about a lady who can inflame men’s feelings at any time.
  9. My hummingbird — refers to a nimble, fast girl, whose actions are often spontaneous.
  10. Sweet Bird is about a girl with a beautiful melodious voice who loves to sing.
  11. My fireworks is an appropriately funny name for an energetic girl.
  12. Pearl — we are talking about a unique and special girl.
  13. My peanut is a cute name for a tiny but insanely attractive girl.
  14. Tartlet is a sweet appeal to a girl who knows how to cook deliciously.
  15. My Fluffy is an elegant girl whose beauty is unparalleled and very easy to be with.

15 names of how to affectionately call a wife, a woman

  1. A bee is a good appeal to a wife, whose work does not go unnoticed by her husband.
  2. The love of my life is your only romantic soulmate, with whom you feel complete in every way.
  3. Oil on my heart — an affectionate appeal to your beloved, the relationship with which you consider a blessing for yourself.
  4. My happiness refers to a woman who makes your heart sing and be joyful wherever you remember her.
  5. The joy of my heart is a woman who brings happiness to a man and brings a smile to his face.
  6. Kitty — an appeal to a woman, beautiful, sensual with a graceful gait or playful like a kitten.
  7. Mamulechka is about a loving wife who treats her man with maternal care.
  8. My best half is an appeal to my wife, life partner. To the one with whom a man intends to spend his life.
  9. My ideal is an appeal to the beloved woman, who is so perfect for a man that he does not want to change anything in her. He considers her shortcomings as some advantages. (We recommend that you find out what qualities a man considers his wife to be ideal for?)
  10. Temptress — an appeal to a woman whose charms her husband cannot resist.
  11. Passionate — for a sensual, sexy, exciting, seductive and enthusiastic woman.
  12. Hostess is another name for how to affectionately call a woman, and is intended for someone who knows how to keep the house clean.
  13. My treasure is a great reminder of the position of the woman you love in your life.
  14. Tigress is a breathtakingly aggressive woman who stands up for her family.
  15. A sorceress/sorceress is about a woman who truly changed the world of a man who shocked him in every way.

How to sign a girl on the phone or write in contacts

  1. Aristocrat is a good name to call a girl with good manners.
  2. Brilliant — to show that for you it is the most valuable.
  3. Donut — sweet and ruddy like a donut. (This nickname should not be called an overweight girl, if she herself does not mind, as this may offend her).
  4. The Captivator is about a lady who contains beauty, dignity, attractiveness and feminine charm all in one.
  5. Samba is an incredible temperamental girl.
  6. Athena — refers to an intelligent, insightful representative of the fair sex.
  7. Smiley is a cheerful and optimistic person.
  8. Belchenok is a playful and sociable young lady.
  9. Strawberry is a sweet and sweet friend.
  10. Sugar is a sweet, alluring and seductive lady.
  11. Bambi — for a beautiful and stylish lady.
  12. Trouble is a cheerful and mischievous friend.
  13. Chic — chic, cool, which exudes positive emotions.
  14. Cutie is a beautiful name for a friend whose charms are so amazing.
  15. Diva is a cute nickname for a girl who acts like a goddess.

How funny to call a girl

  1. Rolly Polly is a girl with a taste for adventure.
  2. Tum-Tooms is a girl with whom it is always very pleasant and nice.
  3. Xoxo is a nickname representing hugs and kisses.
  4. Ding Dong (ding-ding) — suitable for a girl always busy with gossip. So you can call it funny without being trite.
  5. Trickster (deceiver) is a funny name for a girl who likes to play tricks on others.
  6. Goofy — for a funny, playful and cheerful girlfriend, besides, this affectionate name is not offensive.
  7. Lala is an adventurous woman.
  8. Tigrotta (Tigrotta) — in Italian means «Little Tiger».
  9. Farfallina is Italian for «Little Butterfly».
  10. Miley Smiley — suitable for someone who always smiles.

How can you call a girl beautiful and unusual

  1. Premika is an Indian nickname for a girl who is crazy about you and vice versa.
  2. Mamacita is a Mexican word for an attractive, hot, a bit wild and unpredictable girl.
  3. Amado (Amado) — in Portuguese means «beloved».
  4. Angelito (Angelito) — literally means «cherub». So in Spanish affectionately called beloved ladies, who are considered angelic creatures.
  5. Bullo ragazza — «bully girl» in Italian. Refers to a girl by the nature of «daredevil».
  6. Cariño — Literally means «honey» or «weasel» in Spanish. This is the name of an affectionate relationship girl, with whom it is akin to something sweet, pleasant.
  7. Mi Chiquita ((Mi) Chiquita) — means «little girl» — a gentle appeal to his beloved.
  8. Mon Papillon — «my butterfly» in French.
  9. Ma fee (French for «my fairy»).
  10. Doro (δώρο) — literally translated from Greek as “gift”. If you think the girl is really a gift for yourself, then this affectionate treatment suits her.
  11. Tyovatai is an interesting variant of how to call a girl affectionately and coolly. This appeal in Tamil to a beloved woman means «my fairy.»
  12. My sirenka (moja syrenka) is Polish for “mermaid”.
  13. My trojandochka — in Ukrainian «my rose».
  14. Benim balık (Turkish for «my fish»).
  15. Moeto color — «my flower» in Bulgarian.
  16. Atiku means «heart» in Javanese.
  17. Kou mana (koʻu mana) is Hawaiian for «my miracle».
  18. Aisai means «beloved wife» in Japanese.
  19. Mia suno — «my sun» in Esperanto.
  20. Bombom — which means «chocolate piece» in Galician.

How to affectionately call a girl in English

  1. Apple of My Eye is a charming name for the girl you love more than anything in the world.
  2. Babe is a fun way to say «baby».
  3. Baby Boo is a sweet way to refer to your girlfriend, especially in the early stages of your relationship.
  4. Baby Doll — when she’s so adorable you can’t do without her.
  5. Sugar Lips (sugar lips) — about a girl whose kisses make a man’s heart do somersaults.
  6. Cuddles (cutie) is an affectionate and romantic nickname that your girlfriend will love.
  7. Sun Beam (beam of the sun) — a nice name to write to his beloved, which is able to brighten or brighten a man’s gloomy day.
  8. Superstar (superstar) — about a successful or famous woman.
  9. Charming girl (charming girl) — an extremely attractive lady with good manners. (We recommend reading what needs to be done to become especially attractive to men?)
  10. Pin up Girl (cool girl) — a mischievous appeal to your girlfriend if she likes to make fun.
  11. Ducky is an affectionate name for your girlfriend.
  12. Funny girl (funny girl) — for a cheerful and funny girl.
  13. Smiley — a girl who makes you smile. She brings with her a pleasant atmosphere, friendship and happiness.
  14. Pretty Princess (sweet princess) — about a lady of refined, elegant and unpretentious beauty
  15. Kissy Face (kiss face) — this is how they say about someone whose face is so beautiful that a man wants to shower him with kisses.

How to affectionately call a girl by name

  1. Katya — Katyusenka, Katyunchik, Dear Kat.
  2. Nastya — Nastenok, Nastik, Nastya.
  3. Anna — Anechika, Anyutka, Anusya.
  4. Dasha — Dashutka, Daryushka, Dashunya.
  5. Marina — Marisha, Marinushka, Marunya.
  6. Valeria — Lerchik, Lerusik, Lerunechka.
  7. Lena — Lenusik, Lenchik, Elenushka.
  8. Julia — Yulyushka, Yulyashek, Yulchik.
  9. Alina — Alinchik, Alinushka, Alinusechka.
  10. Alexandra — Sashutka, Sanyushka, Sashunka.

How to choose the right name for a girl and what to avoid

Affectionate adjectives are another option for affectionate words to call a girl. Adjectives will help you verbally express all the variety of your feelings for the lady of your heart. For example, «desired, divine, the best, incomparable.»

No need to form a rhyme with her name so as not to offend by chance.

Be careful when using female names. This is especially true for women and girls who are dissatisfied with the shape of their body or other shortcomings in appearance. For example, «redhead, plump.» This can offend and cause tears, and the woman will begin to feel insecure in the presence of a man.

Try to make an affectionate address or name express a compliment and your admiration for the virtues of a lady of the heart. (We recommend reading the list of 100 compliments that a man can say to the woman he loves).

Pay attention to the intonation or tone in which you say affectionate names to the girl. All women well feel and distinguish the purpose of the spoken words. By intonation and tone of voice, they understand:

  • A man affectionately calls a woman because he himself likes to call her that or not?
  • Addresses her affectionately just to impress or not?

If you speak sincerely from the heart, then the appeals will turn out to be frank and especially affectionate.


Most of us have affectionate names for a loved one. They symbolize love and affection for him. But these names should be appropriate, emphasizing dignity, and not embarrassing.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of names, how you can affectionately call your beloved girl, in order to distinguish her beautifully from among all other women.

So feel free to use these names. To paraphrase Shakespeare, a rose under any other name will smell just as sweet as your beloved woman with beautiful and affectionate names.

Share in the comments, what else can you add to this list of affectionate or intimate addresses to name your favorite? After all, how many good girls have so many affectionate names.

Try to call your beloved girl by different affectionate names as often as possible.

See how girls share their favorite cute names.

90 names how to affectionately call your girlfriend

  • Relationships

Calling your beloved by tender and affectionate names will never go out of fashion. But sometimes it’s hard to come up with something unique or original to make the name fit a girl. If you are also thinking about how to affectionately name your girlfriend, but nothing comes to mind, then here is a list of names that will help you choose the right address.

This list will help you avoid the most common mistakes. Because finding the perfect name for your girlfriend is not as easy as it seems. You need to find the right balance — affectionate, but not patronizing, romantic, but not vulgar, loving, but not sentimental. And appeals like: “kitten, fish, baby” are already outdated, beaten and cause soreness.

Therefore, in the above list of affectionate nicknames and addresses, you can pick up a cute name for a girl (woman) that will make her feel special. In addition, it will not be the address that every second man calls his woman.

(I advise you to read 90 beautiful names that you can affectionately call your beloved guy).

How can you affectionately call your beloved girl

  1. My love. Reaching out to the one you love.
  2. The only one — so they say to a soul mate, life partner.
  3. My queen. This is the name of a girl who has taken possession of a man’s heart and has a strong influence on him.
  4. You are my whole world. Appeal to the one who for a man is everything he needs in life.
  5. Burning, hot. A special way of affectionately calling a girl who is temperamental and enthusiastic by nature.
  6. My baby/baby. Suitable for a small, petite and pretty girl who wants to be protected and cherished.
  7. Diamond. Refers to the girl whom a man considers most precious to himself.
  8. My lady. For an attractive and well-mannered girl.
  9. Princess. An affectionate appeal to a refined and elegant girl.
  10. Sleeping beauty. When you like to watch the sweet, sleeping face of your beloved. Her childish serenity during sleep is one of the most touching moments for you and a good option for how you can affectionately call a girl.
  11. My iron lady. Refers to a strong, independent woman.
  12. Treasure. For a woman who is considered a found jewel, the best find.
  13. Lioness. Such an appeal is suitable for a woman who is ready to fight for her man.
  14. Love of my life. That’s what they say to the one woman they truly love.
  15. My orchid. A suitable affectionate appeal to a girl whom the guy considers special, like an exotic flower: tender, beautiful. (But whether he wants to care or not, you can find out from these 100 questions for a guy to understand his intentions).

To please a girl, call her my orchid.

How to affectionately sign your girlfriend on the phone

  1. Favorite doll. That’s what they say to a girl who’s as pretty as a doll.
  2. Kitten. If the girl is as playful, cheerful as a kitten. It’s always a pleasure to watch her.
  3. Little Mermaid. An affectionate name for a girl who loves water and the ocean.
  4. Dancer. Refers to a girl who loves to dance, have fun.
  5. Goldfish. She fulfills your desires like a goldfish.
  6. Honey. She has a sweet personality and a kind heart, so often remind her of this with such an affectionate and gentle treatment.
  7. My little angel. For girls who do not have unresolved troubles.
  8. Little lady. For a girl of small stature, but who, in her manners, looks like a lady.
  9. Beauty. This is an “evergreen” affectionate name, that is, always relevant and pleasant for women. (I advise you to read some tips on how a girl can become more beautiful and well-groomed than usual?)
  10. Toroptyshka. So you can call a girl who is always in a hurry.
  11. Tender sun. She is the light of your life and the warmth of your world.
  12. Fantastic. About a girl who is too good to be true.
  13. Cinderella. This woman is the princess of your heart, she is hardworking and kind.
  14. Blue-eyed/brown-eyed/green-eyed. Refers to a girl whose bright and beautiful eyes deserve an appropriate affectionate name.
  15. Charming. If your girlfriend is cute, charming, then be sure to emphasize this.
  16. Peach. Bright and attractively juicy woman.
  17. Venus. With this appeal, let your beloved understand that you associate her with love, tenderness and kindness.
  18. Rosette. An affectionate name for a girl, precious, beautiful and tender like a rose.
  19. Dove. Your wife is as beautiful and innocent as a dove.
  20. Tigress. Your girlfriend is graceful and full of strength.
  21. Butterfly. A gentle appeal to a fragile and tender girl.

Butterfly is an affectionate name for a girl

How can you call a girl affectionately and nicely

  1. Laughter. If a woman’s laughter is so contagious that it’s simply impossible to remain serious in her presence.
  2. Girl of heavenly beauty. The appearance of the girl is so good that it can be compared with the beauty of heaven. (To tell your beloved about your feelings, read these beautiful, affectionate words and phrases for a girl).
  3. Temptress. So you can call your beloved wife during flirting.
  4. Enigma/mysterious. This is a suitable name for a girl who every time appears before you from a new side.
  5. Daisy. If it is gentle in nature, like a flower.
  6. Mischievous. Appeal to a cheerful perky girl.
  7. Wizard. Does your chosen one have golden hands? Then this cute name suits her.
  8. Cherry. This affectionate name is perfect for a girl that a guy wants to take care of tenderly.
  9. Titmouse. A cute name to call your funny and playful girlfriend.
  10. Cutie. This is the most pleasant nickname for a girlfriend.
  11. Caramel. Is your chosen one as sweet and pleasant as candy? This is another fun option on how to call a girl affectionately and cool.
  12. Intoxicating. Refers to a woman whose love intoxicates you.
  13. Dragonfly. She is carefree, playful and nimble.
  14. My cool girl. So you can call a woman who is able to pull herself together in any situation.
  15. Sincere. Appeal to the one who has an honest and caring heart. You are always calm, comfortable and good with her.
  16. Snowflake. Your girlfriend is as pure as snow and just as delicate. (Learn about what is best to write to a girl in the comments under the photo?).
  17. Freckle. When a woman has freckles that adorn her so cute.
  18. Light of my life. An appeal to a girl with whom a man’s life became brighter.
  19. Firefly. Refers to the one who truly illuminates the life of a man.
  20. Shy. This name speaks for itself.
  21. Canary. An affectionate name for a girl with a beautiful voice who loves to sing.
  22. Pearl. She is innocent and precious to you.

Zhemchuzhina is an affectionate name for a beautiful and beloved woman

How can you call a girl beautiful and unusual

  1. Angel eyes. An appeal to that in beauty, whose eyes you drown.
  2. My tropical girl. An affectionate appeal to an exotically beautiful girl with a beautiful tan.
  3. Pirozhenko. Relations with her are as sweet as a delicious cake.
  4. My nugget. Your girlfriend is beautiful and sweet with her natural beauty.
  5. Spice of my soul. Because her love is fragrant and spicy, she makes you drunk.
  6. A drop of dew. So you can originally call your beloved girl, relationships and communication with which are refreshing, like morning dew.
  7. Juliet. This is the perfect romantic name for a loved one. After all, you are her Romeo.
  8. The thief of my heart. Refers to the woman who «stole» your heart. (Affectionate appeal to a girl, can be enhanced with a beautiful quote about women, read and choose the appropriate quote).
  9. Fireworks. Relations with her are filled with excitement and many bright moments.
  10. My sakura. So they say about a tender and fragile girl with a romantic look.
  11. Hummingbird. For a nimble, spontaneous, and fast girl.
  12. My lotus. A name for a girl whose beauty is majestic and pure.
  13. Moon. For a girl who loves to dream.
  14. Emoticon refers to a woman who likes to smile a lot.
  15. Ballerina. Such an affectionate word can be called a graceful and light girl, like a ballerina.
  16. Melody of my soul. A woman will be pleased to hear that she touches your heart.
  17. My diamond. Appealing to a girl who is pure perfection for you. It is in your eyes, rivaling the most beautiful jewels in the world.

A beloved woman is always a diamond for a man in love.

How to call a girl affectionately and in an original way

Some of the names are best used so that the meaning of what was said was not understood by an outsider, but it was clear to your beloved girl. For this, a name in a foreign language is best suited.

  1. Inamorata. An affectionate term in Italian for the woman you love.
  2. Chico. Gentle appeal in Spanish to your girlfriend.
  3. Cuore mio is my heart. (Italian)
  4. Bonita is attractive. (Spanish)
  5. Nene is a baby. (Spanish)
  6. Hermoso — beautiful. (Spanish)
  7. Doro is a gift. (Greek)
  8. Loo Loo. An English reference to a cool, cheerful and pleasant girl who can tame anyone with her temper.
  9. Amelie. In Arabic, it means «my hope», used to describe a beloved woman.
  10. Esha — desired (Indian).
  11. Jiya — Beloved (Indian).
  12. Alamea — precious (Hawaiian).
  13. Lilly. Name for a beautiful and tender, like a lily, girl.
  14. Bambina. So sexy girl.
  15. Lala. Musical cute nickname for girls.

Mistakes to avoid when addressing a girl

Do you want to make her feel special and unique? Then you need to know what affectionate words you can call a girl so that she likes it and does not offend. See what mistakes to avoid when choosing the right nickname for a girl.

  1. Do not call your girlfriend only cat-puppy names. Try to be original, because not all girls like the names of their cats and dogs.
  2. If you’ve just started dating, be careful when you contact her. Avoid calling «sweet, darling, baby, baby.»
  3. Avoid calls that emphasize her shortcomings or complexes. For example, «chubby, plump» — obviously will not be good and affectionate names for a girl who is overweight.
  4. Don’t embarrass the girl. For example, paying attention to some features of the body, the figure of a girl in front of her parents, friends or relatives.
  5. Don’t stick to a name that she can’t stand on principle.

How to choose affectionate names for your girlfriend

Try not just to choose a name, but to find an affectionate address, behind which there is some kind of good story.

If she likes abbreviated names, then use variations of her personal name.

The secret to affectionately naming a girl you like is to pick her a name that describes her personality well. Think about questions that will help you choose the right name:

  • Is she calm or flighty?
  • Shy or not?
  • Playful or serious?
  • Soft or rough?
  • Kind or vindictive?
  • Is she tall or short?
  • Beautiful or just attractive?
  • Does she have big fingers or small ones?
  • Blue eyes or brown?
  • Is the bust small or not?

Consider interests and hobbies. This is a great source of affectionate names for your girlfriend. For example, if she loves to cook, you can call her «wonderful cook.» Think:

  • What does she like to do?
  • What hobbies does she have?
  • What kind of sports do you like?
  • What films does she like?

Final Thoughts on Affectionate Names for Your Girlfriend

A lot of what you choose as a cute nickname for your girlfriend should depend on your relationship. How long have you been dating, what kind of personality does your girlfriend have, and how seriously do you take her. All this you need to consider when coming up with the perfect affectionate name.

If you’re dating for a short period of time, some names may seem overly meaningful. And if you have been dating for a long time, then an inappropriate name from the list may seem too simple and ordinary. In any case, you will need the appropriate appeal to her.

For this purpose, this list of cute and romantic names of how you can affectionately call your beloved girl, girlfriend, woman, which will bring a smile to her face and help you express your tenderness for her, was compiled.

And finally, remember one important thought: Affectionate and tender names are always the best way to the heart of any woman.

I suggest watching a video with motor girls and their advice on how to call your beloved?

Polischuk Oksana

Oksana is a positive thinker and independent writer. Likes to write inspiring articles about relationships with the opposite sex. She researches a lot of literature on self-improvement, family, relationships, health and other aspects of life. Therefore, I am happy to share my knowledge with my readers. You can write to her by mail: [email protected]

what to consider when choosing a creative name for a writer, musician, artist — n’RIS

Many creative people, starting their careers, think about how to come up with a pseudonym. There is an opinion that a pseudonym is needed to hide your real name and surname. However, this is not quite true. In the modern world, a pseudonym is often used to make your personal brand more resonant and memorable, and also allows you to stand out among your peers.

What other reasons could there be for choosing a pseudonym?

  • Desire to replace a too long original name with a shorter one. So Agrippina Dontsova became Daria Dontsova, and Edson Arantes do Nascimento became Pele’s football player.
  • The need to hide origin or nationality, for example, as in the case of Fanny Girshevna Feldman, whom we all know under the pseudonym Faina Georgievna Ranevskaya.
  • The desire to stand out with a «speaking» pseudonym. Zinaida Gippius signed her critical articles with the pseudonym Anton Krainy, and the proletarian poet Yefim Pridvorov became Demyan Bedny.
  • In cases where there is already a person with the same name in the selected niche. It is unlikely that anyone will want to perform under the name Alexander Ivanov, if such a singer is already on the stage.

Stand in line
with the most famous authors and copyright holders in the world

Register a name or pseudonym in the international ISNI registry

Secrets of harmonious and memorable names

A pseudonym is like a middle name, it will accompany you all your life, so you need to make a choice approach with full responsibility. How to choose a pseudonym so that it is unique, sonorous and interesting? Try following a few simple rules:

  1. Nickname should be memorable and easy to read and pronounce;
  2. It must be associated with your activity;
  3. The pseudonym must be clear to the target audience — so Ivan the Terrible would be a strange choice for the author of children’s books.

There is one more phonetic rule. It is not necessary to follow it, but it is precisely such pseudonyms that are easiest to hear and remember:

4. The emphasis in the surname (pseudonym) should be on the same letter as in the estate.

For example: Lena Lenina, Oleg GoRelov, Sergey SosEdov, etc.

5. In aliases, you can use a repeating syllable — LARion LARin, OLEG OLeinik, etc.

You can also come up with a pseudonym from the name and surname. So Anton Pavlovich Chekhov wrote under the pseudonym Antosha Chekhonte. You can use anagrams of a personal name, like M.A. Aldanov, whose real name is Landau.

How to come up with a pseudonym, taking into account the type of creative activity

When choosing a pseudonym, it is important to consider what creative path its owner has to go through. Let’s turn to history to understand how to come up with a pseudonym for different categories of creative professions.

How to come up with a pseudonym for a writer?

Literary pseudonyms are quite common. Under a fictitious name, those who do not want to reveal their own are hiding, who seek to stand out from a number of fellow writers, attract attention to themselves, or broadcast a certain message to the reader with a pseudonym.

Often men take female pseudonyms and women take male ones to better identify with the genre in which they write. So action movies, science fiction, horror are more associated with a male author. Whereas romance novels, literature for teenage girls, and children’s books are written by women.

An author may take a foreign pseudonym if he writes about foreign life and tries to tell about it from the position of a local resident.

Often literary pseudonyms are used when changing roles or in order to separate projects of one writer from different genres from each other.

Collective pseudonyms are not uncommon in the literature. So Ukrainian authors Dmitry Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhensky write under the pseudonym Henry Lion Oldie, and Soviet writers Vasily Aksenov, Ovid Gorchakov and Grigory Pozhenyan joined their creative efforts under the fictitious name Grivadiy Gorpozhaks.

How to come up with a creative pseudonym for a singer or musician?

Varenag Aznauryan, an Armenian chansonnier, always knew that the world stage was shining for him, so at the dawn of his career, the musician took on the sonorous pseudonym Charles Aznavour. Of course, if you aspire to world fame, your pseudonym must be understandable and easy to read by native speakers of other languages.

Quite a common occurrence in music are pseudonyms consisting of only one name: Lolita (Lolita Milyavskaya), Valeria (Alla Perfilova), Timati (Timur Yunusov).

Many musicians took pseudonyms for themselves to hide their own names that were not too harmonious: thus Alexander Vyguzov became Alexander Malinin, Alexander Minkov became Alexander Marshal, and Svetlana Bezukh became Alisa Mon.

Long names and surnames are not very welcome in the music industry. The shorter the name, the easier it is to remember. Therefore, Grigory Lepservidze became Grigory Leps, Robert Allen Zimmerman became Bob Dylan, and Gordon Sumner became Sting.

How to come up with a pseudonym for an artist?

Renaissance artists became so famous that we recognize them by their name alone: ​​Michelangelo (Buonarroti), Raphael (Santi), Titian (Vecellio) and others.

Due to great love, diminutive suffixes were used for the names of some painters. For example, Giorgione (little Giorgio) is Giorgio Barbarelli de Catelfranco; Donatello (little Donato) — Donato di Nicolò di Betto Bardi.

A number of artistic pseudonyms indicated the place of birth or life of the artist. Voronese is Paolo Cagliari from Verona; Perugino is Pietro Vannucci from Perugia, and Correggio is Antonio Allegri from the village of Correggio near Modena.

Collective pseudonyms are also known among artists, for example, the common pseudonym of three artists Kupriyanov, Krylov and Sokolov — Kukryniksy.

Common mistakes when choosing a nickname

  • Nickname too long

We have already mentioned that the shorter the name, the easier it is to remember, so if your nickname has 10 or more letters, this is a reason to think about replacing it with something shorter.

  • Nickname is difficult to read and remember

Often, in the pursuit of uniqueness, creative personalities complicate their pseudonyms. Someone gets away with it, and someone’s name is simply not able to be remembered by fans.

  • Alias ​​already exists

Having come up with a nickname, always check it for uniqueness. Follow the link “Check ISNI” in the corresponding section on our website and make sure that no one has registered it before you. It happens that the alias was not registered, but is used. To be sure, check the pseudonym in the search engines.

  • Alias ​​binds to a specific characteristic

There is no guarantee that a person under the pseudonym Thin will remain thin all his life. A similar story happened with the Ivanushki group, all the soloists of which have long been adult Ivans. The name Nyusha is suitable for a young girl, but, you see, it is rather problematic to imagine a 40-50-year-old performer under such a pseudonym.

How to protect your creative name

To protect your right to a pseudonym, n’RIS recommends that you register it with the ISNI International Name Registry. You can do this directly on our website online. Registering a name with ISNI will identify you with a pseudonym, verify and confirm its uniqueness, distinguish you from competitors, and also give you the opportunity to transfer rights to a pseudonym to third parties if you decide, for example, to sell it.

The main opportunity for registering a pseudonym as a trademark is the possibility of prohibiting its use by other persons. In addition, this will add the opportunity not only to receive compensation for moral damage, but also compensation for violation of exclusive rights. True, for this you need to be an individual entrepreneur, and the procedure itself is much more expensive and longer than registering a pseudonym with ISNI. In addition, you will need to prove that the pseudonym is associated with you.

Register name
or a pseudonym in the ISNI registry

Go to your personal account and register
a name or a creative pseudonym in the international registry


How to name a cat «girl» — what nickname to give a cat

01.01. there is a cat. Our four-legged companions become practically family members for us. So, they must get a name! Even if they correct us and say that animals are not given names, but nicknames, for many owners the name of their pet is almost as important as their own.


  • What names are given to cats?
  • Examples of nicknames for a female cat

    • Names indicating color
    • Mythological and historical names
    • Names of people
    • Hobbies of owners
  • How do cats perceive their name?
  • Alphabetical names

What names are given to cats?

We put a lot more into choosing a cat name than just being able to call it when you need it. The name we have chosen (or is it still a nickname?) Can indicate the features of a cat, whether it is snow-white Bianca or restless Dizzy, or it can tell a lot about ourselves. Cats are often named after the heroines of favorite works (Scarlett, Consuelo, Arwen, Khaleesi, Hermione), our hobbies are refracted in their names (for example, Bobbin may turn out to be a needlewoman’s cat, and Vignette may belong to a calligrapher) …

A name can reveal our aesthetic preferences, resurrect important events in our lives, reflect our character. Some, giving their pet a name, try to choose the most traditional (for example, Russian) option, while others, on the contrary, are looking for something rare and exotic; some want the name to be funny, funny — while others tend to strict classics … Obviously, we are all people of a different warehouse!

The main recommendation is not to go beyond the reasonable, so as not to get into a difficult situation when you have to explain the name of your pet to friends or a veterinarian. Whatever you are guided by, it is better that the name evokes positive associations.

It is necessary to mention the names of purebred animals. Even these aristocratic names, often complex and long, are called simply nicknames in pedigrees. Sometimes a thoroughbred cat is not called «officially» at home: an abbreviation or even a specially invented completely different, «home» name can be used.

So Cleopatra «for relatives and friends» may well become, for example, Klepoy, Cassiopeia — Kasey , and so on.

Often the nickname includes the name of the kennel in the main or slightly modified form. This is called the kennel affix and it is one of its unique identifying traits. The cattery registers its name in the international database, specifying exactly how the affix will look like: whether it completely matches the name of the cattery, whether it is placed before or after the name of the animal.

Let’s say you buy a kitten from a cattery called Magic Pride. In the pedigree in the column «Nickname» may appear: « Alevtina from the Magic Pride» or «Alevtin’s Magic Pride». Also, with an affix and always the same, the nicknames of all other «graduates» of this cattery will be built.

Names of purebred animals born in the same litter always begin with the same letter. The littermates of the alleged Alevtina can become Ariadna, Abigail , Aristarchus, Ajax and so on — but all of them will be called only with the letter «A». And who Alevtina herself will become when she gets into your family — perhaps Aley, Lina or even Lyovushka — it’s up to you!

If you saved a kitten from the street, took it from friends or from a shelter, then, of course, he does not have a pedigree. Then you are not limited in choosing a name by almost nothing. If your kitten is a “girl”, that is, a female, you can probably give her a beautiful name yourself or using our recommendations. If you have a “boy”, that is, a cat, then a separate article is devoted to names for cats.

Examples of names for a female cat

Color names

Color is one of the most striking characteristics of an animal, both literally and figuratively. Why not name a cat simply by its color?

A beautiful white cat can become Bianca, Belyanka, Squirrel, Snowflake, Snow White, Snezhana, Winter, Severina, Blanche, Blondie — or, finally, just White .

The traditional name for black cats is Bagheera . True, not everyone knows that the black panther from the books about Mowgli, according to the author’s intention, was … a male. The translation made her a female, perhaps because her name ended in a vowel sound, which in Russian is associated with the feminine gender. So Bagheera became (a) for the Russian-speaking readers of Kipling the embodiment of femininity and grace. Other options for black cats are Night (and Night), Ninja, Blackie, Shadow, Panther .

According to popular belief, tricolor cats bring happiness to the house. It is difficult for them to find a name that describes in one word their wonderful black-red-white color, but you can focus on their positive energy. And do not rush to give a tricolor cat a “female” name: yes, this color is linked to the female sex, but very rarely, as a result of genetic anomalies, cats can also be born tricolor! So determine the sex of the kitten carefully!

Tabby (striped or spotted) cats may be given a name to describe the pattern. It is immediately clear that Leo or Pardi is a cat with spots like a leopard, Tigra or Mackerel is the owner of tiger stripes, but, for example, a marble cat (with a pattern of circles and irregularly shaped spots) to choose a name “by color” is already more difficult. You will have to start from the shape of the spots or from the main color.

By the way, red cats always have a tabby pattern. Cheerful red color can be associated, for example, with the sun, honey, fire, light, amber, autumn foliage and, of course, with the bright skin of a fox. Variants of nicknames for a red cat — Sunny, Honey, Ginger, Chanterelle, Kitsune (fairy fox from Japanese mythology), Foxy, Sparkle, Autumn, Amber (Amber) and so on…

Mythological and historical names

What beautiful name can be given to a cat if you do not want to be limited to indicating its color or other features (breed, long or short hair, eye color, temperament)? Turn to mythological or historical themes! What culture do you like best?

Ancient Egypt? Remember the Cat Goddess Bastet , about lioness goddesses Sekhmet and Tefnut or about the great queens of antiquity — Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, Cleopatra

Ancient Greece and Rome? Here the scope for creativity is limitless. Who do you associate your cat with? With the characters of the Iliad and the Odyssey ( Cassandra, Circe, Calypso, Nausicaa )? Or does she replace your muse during creative activities — who is she then: Clio, Melpomene, Terpsichore ? Or maybe you do not agree for her to anything less than the name of the goddess ( Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite, Hera, Hestia, Demeter )? (In the Roman pantheon the goddesses were named Diana, Minerva, Venus, Juno, Vesta, Ceres a.)

Western Europe? And here the material is rich: from the legends of King Arthur ( Guinevere, Morgan ) to the eventful history ( Eleanor, Beatrice, Berta, Margo ) … You can choose any famous lady — real or legendary. By the way, the very word Lady can also become a noble and concise name for a cat.

Oriental cultures? Here we will not even dare to give advice: there is so much variety of options!

Names of people

Cats are also called «human» names — often foreign, although Arisha, Glasha, Dasha, Lusha, Masha, Sonya, Tasya, Yana hold the championship. Also popular are, for example, English and French names.

English: Agnes, Irene, Iris, Amanda, Becky, Betty, Bonnie, Violet, Wendy, Vicki, Gladys, Gloria, Grace, Dana, Diana, Daisy, Jasmine, Justice, Jade, Jackie (both male and female), Janice, Jenny, Jessie, Ginger (male and female), Joe (male and female), Julie( i), Junior (suitable for both female and male), Doris, Eva, Kylie, Camille, Kelly, Clara, Cora, Laura, Leslie, Linda, Melanie, Melody, Monica, Mary, Naomi, Nora (Eleanor ), Olivia, Penny, Priscilla, Rebecca, Regina, Ruth, Sarah, Sylvia, Cynthia, Sue/Susie/Susan, Sadie, Whitney, Ursula, Fanny, Phoebe, Hannah, Harper, Holly, Shelley, Sharon, Elizabeth, Alice, Alison, Emily, Annie, Esme, Esther … The list can be supplemented as you wish!

Francophone (in all non-inflected French names the stress will fall on the last syllable): Adele, Alice(a), Anais, Andrea, Henriette(a), Agnes, Ariel, Babette(a), Belle, Vanessa, Vivian(a ), Gabrielle (suitable for both female and male), Josephine (a), Julie, Justine (a), Zizi, Zoe, Isabelle, Clemence, Claire, Chloe (Chloe), Louise (a), Lucy, Madeleine, Marie, Mart(a), Mathilde(a), Melisse(a), Michel (suitable for both female and male), Nathalie, Nicole, Noemie, Aurélie, Pascal (suitable for both female and male), Rene (suitable for both female and male), Rosalie, Rosemary, Celine (a), Sophie, Stephanie (me) , Suzanne (a), Therese (a), Florence, Chantal, Charlotte (a), Evelyn (a ) . .. and many, many others.

Hobbies of owners

Books and films inspire even parents when choosing a name for a baby — and we don’t even have to talk about pet owners! Do you want the cat to bear the name of the heroine of your favorite book (perhaps the one you liked as a child)?

And the characters of Star Wars ( Leia, Amidala, Rey ), Game of Thrones ( Daenerys, Arya, Sansa) and other internationally famous movie sagas have already given names to a considerable number of animals, but do not lose popularity.
You can always emphasize your own individuality by naming your cat with a name that speaks of your interests.

Do you play music? Perhaps near you Note, Scale, Coda, Reprise, Sonata ?..

Do you draw? You can name your pet after your favorite artist or associate her name with the creative process: Pastel, Watercolor, Palette, Sepia, Grisaille

Traveling? Try giving your cat the name of a distant island, country, or place of interest that you would like to visit.

Gardeners do not even have to think: how many names of beautiful flowers! Rose, Azalea, Begonia, Hydrangea ?.. Which do you like best?

We hope that our list will help you choose the best name for your cat that you will say with pride! Or maybe, inspired by this list, you will come up with a rare or even completely unique, nowhere else found name worthy only of your pet!

How do cats perceive their name?

Will a cat respond to its name? It would seem that the answer is obvious: of course, because cats are very smart! Any cat owner can tell about the amazing abilities of their pet. But what do scientific studies say about cats’ ability to respond to a name?

There is a popular recommendation to choose a short nickname for a cat (of one or two syllables), and in such a way that it must contain hissing or whistling sounds (s, sh, c, h). It is believed that such sounds resemble the squeak of rodents and with their help it is easiest to attract the attention of a small predator. But whether this is true or not has not yet been verified by research. Will the owner of Sasha or Chess have an advantage over the owner of Lorelei or Adelaide when they have to call their pets? Even if not, do Lorelei and Adelaide need shortened forms of names (like Laura and Ada), or are they able to master long words as well? Science is yet to find out.

Science in general, until recently, paid much less attention to cats (and, in particular, their ability to build communication with humans) than to dogs. But now cats are increasingly interested in scientists.

Not so long ago, a group of researchers from Japan published the results of a work devoted to the ability of cats to recognize their name (Atsuko Saito, Kazutaka Shinozuka, Yuki Ito, Toshikazu Hasegawa. “Domestic cats (Felis catus) discriminate their names from other words”, 2019).
Two years earlier, the same researchers proved that cats distinguish the voice of the owner from the voices of other people and recognize human intonations. So what have they now learned about name recognition?

Cats recognize their name regardless of whether its owner or a stranger pronounces it. If you have several cats, then each of them knows not only their own name, but also the names of their relatives, and domestic cats in such cases react to their name differently than to “strangers”, and cats kept in a cat cafe react to one’s own and «strangers» alike.

What do cats do when they hear their name among other words we say? No, they are not in a hurry to our call — otherwise they still would not be cats. To the surprise of the researchers, the animals, hearing their nickname, “more often showed orientational reactions than communicative ones,” that is, they most often limited themselves to turning their ears or heads in the direction from which they were called. Communicative reactions (vocalization or tail movements) were registered in a minority of the participants in the experiment.

In the same study, scientists tried to answer the question of how cats remember their nickname.

By alexxlab

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