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Ad- baby names and what they mean, with 49 results. Ad- names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these girl names reached its apex in the year 2016 (ADOPTION OF 1.7%) and has remained as conventional to this day (ADOPTION 1.6%, ▼8.2%), but with names such as Adell falling out of fashion. The trendier names for newborns among these are Adeline (#78), Adaline (#234), Adalynn (#108), Addilyn (#359) and Adley (#620), while Adeleke (TOP 54%) and Adeleye (65%) are common Ad- surnames. Here is the list of Ad- names for boys.

Ada — Adelaide | Adelice — Aditi | Adiva — Adwowa

Ada — Adelaide

Ada1▼, var. Adie, Adiah, Adia, Adi1, Ade, Adey1, Addy1, Addie1▼, Addiah, Adda▼, Addi1, Adan1
From Old German word. «Noble.» Adan (TOP 8%), Addie (21%), Addy (8%), Ade (14%) and Adey (35%) exist commonly as last names.

From Hebrew word. «Adornment.» Arah is also a moderately common birth name. See also Auda.

Adair, var. Adayre, Adare, Adaire
Derivative of Old German element. «Wealthy spear.» Adair (compare Abair, Albair) is a common -air suffix surname.

Adalgisa, var. Adelvice, Adelgise, Adalgise
Based on Old German. «Noble, precious promise.» Uncommon. Adalgisa (compare Aloisa, Annalisa) has the common -isa suffix.

Adalia1, var. Addala1, Addal, Adalley, Adalie1, Adalee▲, Adali, Adala, Adal
Derived fr. Hebrew, Old German elements. «God is my refuge; noble one.» Adalia, Adalley, etc. became more popular in 2018, gaining on average +38 positions as baby names with Adalee gaining the most.

Adamaris▼, var. Adamari
From Latin. «To love.» Adoption of Adamaris and forms was widespread in 2006, but now, Adamaris has fallen out of fashion.

Adamina, var. Ademina, Ademeena, Addie2▼, Adaminna, Adameena, Adamine, Ada2
Derivative of Hebrew language. «Earth.» Usage of Ada and Addie as girls’ names has diminished since 1880-1889.

Root fr. Igbo element. «Beautiful child.» Unusual. Adamma is not found in the US Census. See also Adima.

Aden, Adan2
Forms of Aidan. Stems fr. Gaelic word. «Fire.» Adan and Aden are rarely used as girls’ names.

Stems fr. Hebrew language. «Earth.» Adana is not often adopted as a birth name. See also Adeana.

Derivative of Nigerian element. «Her father’s daughter.» Adanne and Adanza are creative variations. See also Adeana.

Adara, var. Adrah, Adra
Derivative of Arabic, Greek, Hebrew. «Virgin; beauty; noble.» Adrah is unique as a birth name among the versions of Adara.

Var. of Dawn. Root fr. Old English language. «The first appearance of light, daybreak.» Not in Top 2000. See also Adena.

Addie3▼, var. Addy2
Derived fr. Old German, Old English languages. «Noble; son of Adam.» Addie is recognizable (TOP 12%) as a feminine name, whereas Addy is scantly used.

Addison, var. Adyson▼, Adisson, Adison▼, Addyson▼, Addeson, Addisyn
Source fr. Old English word. «Son of Adam.» Addeson, Addisyn, etc. are barely found as feminine names.

Origin fr. Teutonic. «Noble cheer.» Uncommon as a birth name, but Addula is similar to the more common Adella. See also Addalla.

Derived fr. Hebrew language. «God is eternal.» Adoption of Adel was common 108 years ago. Gender-neutral name.

Adela1, var. Adelle1▼, Adellah, Adella1▼, Adell1▼, Adelia1▼, Adelita1, Adele1▼, Adalie2, Adalia2
Origin fr. Old German language. «Noble.» Adoption of Adela, Adalia, etc. as baby names in 2018 was 19.5% less than the previous year.

Adelyta, Adelyna, Adellyta, Adellyna, Adelina1▲, Adelita2, Adela2
Var. of Alida. Derivative of Latin language. «Small winged one.» Adela, Adelita, etc. became more trendy in 2018, gaining +9 positions as baby names with Adela rising the most.

Adelaide▲, var. Ady, Ado, Adi2, Adey2, Adelyn▲, Adelynn▲, Adelle2▼, Adella2▼, Adell2▼, Adeline▲, Adelis, Adelina2▲, Adelicia, Adelice, Adelheid, Adelia2▼, Adelei, Adele2▼, Adelajda, Adelaida, Adelais, Adelade, Adela3, Adel2, Addie4▼, Addy3, Addi2, Addey, Adde, Addala2, Addalla, Adalynn▲, Adalyn▲, Adaline▲, Adalheid, Adalin, Adalena, Adalayde, Adalaide, Ada3
Root fr. Old German language. «Noble kind.» Adelaide and variants became less trendy in 2018, falling on average -8 rankings as girls’ names with Adelia dropping the most.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ad- names for girls.

1. Ada — Adelaide
Ada▼ [Adi, Ade, Adie, Adia, Adey, Adiah, ..], Adah▼, Adair [Adare, Adayre, Adaire], Adalgisa [Adelvice, Adelgise, Adalgise], Adalia [Addal, Adali, Addala, Adalie, Adalee▲, Adalley, ..], Adamaris▼ [Adamari], Adamina [Addie▼, Ademina, Adamine, Ademeena, Adaminna, Adameena, ..], Adamma, Aidan [Aden, Adan], Adana, Adanna, Adara [Adra, Adrah], Dawn [Adawna], Addie▼ [Addy], Addison [Adyson▼, Adison▼, Adisson, Addyson▼, Addisyn, Addeson], Addula, Adel, Adela [Adell▼, Adelle▼, Adella▼, Adelia▼, Adellah, Adelita, . .], Alida [Adelyta, Adelyna, Adelita, Adelina▲, Adellyta, Adellyna, ..], Adelaide▲ [Ady, Ado, Adi, Adey, Adelyn▲, Adelynn▲, ..]

2. Adelice — Aditi

Alice [Adelisa, Adelice], Adelie, Adelinde [Adele▼, Adeline▲, Adelinda], Adeline▲ [Adline, Adella▼, Adilene▲, Adelynn▲, Adellah, Adelind, ..], Adelisa [Adaliz, Adeliza, Adalicia], Adelma, Adelpha [Adelfa], Edina [Adina, Adena], Adena [Adene, Adina, Adinah], Adeola [Adola], Adesina, Adhita, Adiba [Adibah, Adeeba], Adiella, Adila, Adima, Adin [Adina, Adeana], Adina [Adine, Adena, Adeen, Adinah, Adeena, Adeana], Adira [Adeera], Aditi

3. Adiva — Adwowa

Adiva [Adivah, Adeeva], Adlai [Adley▲], Adolpha [Adolfa, Adollfa], Adoncia, Adonia, Adora [Adore, Adoria, Adoree, Adoray, Adorae, Adorlee, ..], Adra [Adara], Adrienne▼ [Adrina, Adrien, Adriene, Adriena, Adrienna, Adrienah, . .], Ajua [Adwowa]


200+ Cool Girl Names that Start with D in English • 7ESL


Have you always loved girl names that start with D? The closer your baby’s due date comes, the more pressure it may feel about choosing a name perfect for them. With so many options, this task can seem overwhelming. Well, don’t worry about it because we’re here to help. Today we will share a list of beautiful girls’ names that start with D to help you choose the right name for your daughter.

D names are great because there are plenty of variants. You can add a D or De in front of most names to create a unique name. Or you can go with a beautifully classic D name as well. Whatever you decide, D names are a great option.

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Table of Contents


Trendy Girl Names that Start with D

Trendy D Girl Names with Meanings

  1. Destiny – A French name meaning one’s certain fortune or fate.
  2. Dorian – A Greek name derived from the name Dorus, meaning descendant of Dorus, from the sea, and from Doris.
  3. Dayana – A Roman and British name that is a variant of Diana, meaning valley, divine, heavenly, and church leader.
  4. Desiree – A French name meaning much desired.
  5. Dawn – A British name meaning the first appearance of daybreak or light.
  6. Dhanna – A Sanskrit name meaning wealthy.
  7. Dru – A Welsh name meaning warrior, man, loved one, and wise.
  8. Dua – An Arabic name meaning prayer or love.
  9. Devin – A Irish name meaning poet or bard.
  10. Denim – A French name meaning strong cloth.

List of Trendy Girl Names Starting with D

  1. Delilah
  2. Demi
  3. Dakota
  4. Daisy
  5. Daniella
  6. Della
  7. Delaney
  8. Dalia
  9. Daphne
  10. Danika
  11. Diana
  12. Divya
  13. Destiny
  14. Darcy
  15. Davina
  16. Delia
  17. Delta
  18. Dior
  19. Dream
  20. Drew

Popular Girl Names that Start with D

Popular D Girl Names with Meanings

  1. Dallas – A Scottish name meaning from the dales or the valley meadows.
  2. Delaney – An Irish name meaning dark challenger or from the alder grove.
  3. Demi – A French name meaning half or small.
  4. Daniella – A Hebrew name derived from the male name Daniel, meaning God is my judge.
  5. Darcy – An Irish name meaning dark-haired or descendant of the dark.
  6. Danica – A Slavic name meaning Venus or morning star.
  7. Dakotah – A Native American name meaning friend or ally.
  8. Drew – A Welsh name meaning wise.
  9. Dylan – A Welsh name meaning son of the sea.
  10. Dina – A Hebrew name meaning judgment.

List of Popular Girl Names Starting with D

  1. Daisy
  2. Danielle
  3. Destiny
  4. Dakota
  5. Delilah
  6. Diana
  7. Delia
  8. Dulce
  9. Dayana
  10. Daniella
  11. Devyn
  12. Delaney
  13. Demi
  14. Danica
  15. Dominique
  16. Desiree
  17. Daphne
  18. Danika
  19. Darlene

Cute Girl Names that Start with D

Cute D Girl Names with Meanings

  1. Dixie – A French name meaning tenth.
  2. Dottie – A Greek name that is a variant of the name Dorothy, meaning a gift of God.
  3. Docie – A Greek name meaning good thought.
  4. Delie – A Latin name that is a shortened form of Cordelia, meaning heart.
  5. Dulcia – A Latin name meaning sweet.
  6. Dwyn – A Welsh name meaning wave.
  7. Dacie – A Latin and Gaelic name meaning whiteness or clarity.
  8. Datia – A Hebrew name meaning belief in God.
  9. Dora – A Greek name that is the shortened form of Theodora, meaning gift.
  10. Duna – A Irish and Hungarian name meaning swarthy, dark, and Danube river.

List of Cute Girl Names Starting with D

  1. Delilah
  2. Dulce
  3. Daisy
  4. Darcie
  5. Daphne
  6. Darcy
  7. Daniella
  8. Della
  9. Delaney
  10. Delia
  11. Demi
  12. Dharma
  13. Dream
  14. Destin
  15. Devyn
  16. Drew
  17. Dua
  18. Dottie
  19. Darla
  20. Dove

Unique Girl Names that Start with D

Unique D Girl Names with Meanings

  1. Dior – A French name meaning golden.
  2. Deacon – A Greek name meaning messenger or helper.
  3. Divine – A Latin name meaning divine, heavenly, or of the Gods.
  4. Daylin – An American name meaning beautiful day.
  5. Diya – An Arabic and Indian name meaning glow, lamp, or light.
  6. Denali – A Native American name meaning the high one.
  7. Damaris – A Greek name meaning calf or gentle.
  8. Danae – A Greek name meaning mother of Perseus in Greek mythology.
  9. Duane – An Irish name meaning swarthy or dark.
  10. Deja – A French name meaning remembrance or already seen.

List of Unique Girl Names Starting with D

  1. Dariana
  2. Daxton
  3. Danique
  4. Delfina
  5. Diem
  6. Dillyn
  7. Diora
  8. Disha
  9. Denali
  10. Dezirae
  11. Divine
  12. Donatella
  13. Dulcinea
  14. Dusty
  15. Duyen
  16. Dorinda
  17. Dova
  18. Drusilla
  19. Dynasti
  20. Dymphna

Old-Fashioned D Names for Girls

Old-Fashioned D Girl Names with Meanings

  1. Delilah – A Hebrew name meaning delicate.
  2. Daisy – A British name meaning day’s eye.
  3. Diana – A Latin and Roman name meaning divine.
  4. Daphne – A Greek name meaning laurel tree.
  5. Dorothy – A Greek name meaning gift of God.
  6. Deborah – A Hebrew name meaning bee.
  7. Darla – A British name that is the shortened form of Darlene, meaning dearly beloved or darling.
  8. Donna – An Italian name derived from the male name Don, meaning lady or lady of the home.
  9. Desma – A Greek name meaning binding oath.
  10. Della – A German name meaning noble.

List of Old-Fashioned Girl Names Starting with D

  1. Daphne
  2. Darlene
  3. Deborah
  4. Daisy
  5. Delia
  6. Delphine
  7. Diana
  8. Diane
  9. Dolores
  10. Doris
  11. Dorothy
  12. Della
  13. Drucilla
  14. Dulcie
  15. Demetria
  16. Dorothea
  17. Dorthy
  18. Dolly
  19. Delores
  20. Diantha

Pretty Girl Names that Start with D

Pretty D Girl Names with Meanings

  1. Dominique – A French name of the Lord.
  2. Diamond – A British name meaning high value or brilliant.
  3. Dove – A British name meaning a bird symbolizing peace.
  4. Deangelis – An Italian name meaning angels.
  5. Deondra – A British name that is a variant of Deanna, meaning church leader or valley.
  6. Dreena – A Spanish name meaning manly and virile.
  7. Decima – A Latin name meaning the tenth girl.
  8. Deliza – A Latin and German name meaning pleasure, exalted, noble, and delight.
  9. Dedra – An Irish name meaning brokenhearted or sorrowful.
  10. Daveda – A Hebrew name meaning friend, favorite, beloved, and darling.

List of Pretty Girl Names Starting with D

  1. Danika
  2. Dara
  3. Daria
  4. Dahlia
  5. Daisy
  6. Darla
  7. Davina
  8. Denise
  9. Destiny
  10. Devyn
  11. Dayana
  12. Delaney
  13. Demi
  14. Diamond
  15. Diana
  16. Dominique
  17. Dora
  18. Divya
  19. Dixie
  20. Dove

Cool Girl Names Starting with D

  1. Daffodil
  2. Dagmar
  3. Dahliah
  4. Daiana
  5. Dailee
  6. Dabria
  7. Daeja
  8. Daenerys
  9. Dailyn
  10. Daimen
  11. Dakota
  12. Dalea
  13. Dalena
  14. Dalya
  15. Damani
  16. Damia
  17. Damilola
  18. Damira
  19. Danalee
  20. Danee
  21. Danessa
  22. Danette
  23. Danica
  24. Danika
  25. Danila
  26. Daleyza
  27. Dallie
  28. Dalma
  29. Danira
  30. Daniyah
  31. Danity
  32. Danitza
  33. Danizia
  34. Dannee
  35. Danyla
  36. Dara
  37. Dariana
  38. Darion
  39. Darla
  40. Darlene
  41. Darnell
  42. Darrah
  43. Darby
  44. Darcia
  45. Darcy
  46. Darsy
  47. Darva
  48. Darya
  49. Dashay
  50. Dashia
  51. Davia
  52. Davie
  53. Daya
  54. Dayami
  55. Dayanara
  56. Dayani
  57. Dayanna
  58. Dayanira
  59. Davinia
  60. Davita
  61. Davonna
  62. Davy
  63. Daylah
  64. Daylee
  65. Daylene
  66. Daylin
  67. Deana
  68. Deandra
  69. Deann
  70. Deanna
  71. Debby
  72. Daysha
  73. Daysi
  74. Daysie
  75. Dayzee
  76. Dea
  77. Debera
  78. Debra
  79. December
  80. Dee
  81. Deedee
  82. Deena
  83. Deepa
  84. Dehlia
  85. Deidra
  86. Deidre
  87. Delena
  88. Delia
  89. Delice
  90. Delight
  91. Delila
  92. Delilah
  93. Delina
  94. Deiondra
  95. Deja
  96. Delaina
  97. Delaney
  98. Delcia
  99. Delisa
  100. Dell
  101. Della
  102. Delle
  103. Delma
  104. Delmy
  105. Deloris
  106. Delphine
  107. Delta
  108. Dema
  109. Demelza
  110. Demi
  111. Demitra
  112. Denae
  113. Denisha
  114. Denisse
  115. Deniz
  116. Dennie
  117. Denny
  118. Denya
  119. Deon
  120. Denali
  121. Denelle
  122. Deni
  123. Denice
  124. Denise
  125. Deonna
  126. Dera
  127. Derica
  128. Derika
  129. Derora
  130. Deryn
  131. Desarae
  132. Despina
  133. Destiny
  134. Devan
  135. Desi
  136. Desirae
  137. Desire
  138. Desiree
  139. Devaney
  140. Devanie

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Last Updated on April 17, 2023

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Strong female names — complete list: names for girls that attract money and power .

ru numerologist Irina Liderman analyzed about 50 of the most popular female names and came to unusual conclusions. In her opinion, some of them have special powers. Women bearing these names are more likely than others to become leaders and can lead the crowd. Let’s look at an interesting list.

According to the expert, this name has a very powerful vibration. If you learn to use this flow, then the Marys can achieve great success in life.

— It is very important to develop in a spiritual and intellectual way, not to sit still, otherwise the best doors will become tight and the keys to them will be lost. This is a woman of amazing warmth — sympathetic, able to help everyone who turns to her, — comments Irina Liderman.

But the name Alice promises the absence of problems with money and the ability to easily earn large capitals. Such women cannot be stopped: leaving the “OS” will not be 100% environmentally friendly. This is a wonderful hostess, connoisseur of beauty and romance. She has a sense of proportion. By nature, Alice is cheerful, sociable and purposeful.

The name Olivia, which is now popular with parents, also has very strong vibrations, according to the numerologist. If you decide to name the girl in the Italian manner, this name will become a bulletproof shield for her and an assistant in any situation.

Olivia is very sociable, they communicate wonderfully with both men and women and easily exclude hypocrites from their society. Olivia’s activities may be related to science and technology.

But this name has an ambiguous energy. On the one hand, this is the strongest sign of power and money — if other aspects are positive. On the other hand, it can carry the karmic debt of the family.

For Elizabeth, work is an opportunity for self-affirmation and fulfillment. She can achieve a very high position if she is not disappointed with her choice. This girl has a tenacious, sharp mind and extraordinary thinking; in fact, she cannot be forced to do something — only to agree.

It is important for Margarita to be a healer of souls, she can become a prominent figure — also if she does not bear the karmic seals of the family.

— Margarita is very cunning, you can say that she is a great combinator in a skirt: she will come up with many different schemes on how to get what she wants. It is very important for her to find the best realization for herself. And always climbing to heights unattainable for others — this develops her and gives an incentive to move on, — says Irina Liderman.

Eva will become an excellent leader — no matter what she manages, all the processes around her will miraculously flow as they should. The expert warns: it is important for Evas not to behave arrogantly at the same time, then the space will literally shower them with gifts from head to toe.

Lada has a powerful energy that allows everyone around her to become better. Such women can become outstanding teachers in all fields. It is important for Lada to bring everything to the end, to set limits for herself that will keep her in balance. In marriage, money comes easily to her, but it is important to live without suppressing your partner.

We recently recorded a comic top of the most bitchy zodiac signs. Find yourself or your loved ones?

1st place: Scorpio woman

Damn seductive — a man immediately falls under her charm, not suspecting that this beauty can ever sting painfully. The idyll will end as soon as it begins, if the Scorpio woman feels doubts about his behavior. And the revenge of Scorpio in a female form is sometimes sophisticated and terrible.

2nd place: Leo Woman

The Leo Woman will gently move the king of beasts from the throne — she considers herself an exceptional person. For some time, a man will like to be under the power of a charming and strong-willed lover. And when he catches it, everything will go too far (evil laughter off-screen).

3rd place: Cancer woman

Usually eternal bachelors fall into the network of Cancers. But this is not their main project. The Cancer Woman is very ambitious, and her career is above all else. And she assigns her husband the role of a harmless domestic creature, wound up either for business or out of boredom.

4th place: Taurus woman

The Taurus woman is completely unpredictable in her actions and loves to confuse men. At the same time, she knows how to build a good boy out of herself, and men willingly believe her. A suffering and defenseless lady does not forget to figure out what benefits and resources her gentleman has and how best to use them. And if he decides that they are not enough, he will leave the place of romantic meetings or the common house without looking back, abruptly and decisively.

5th place: Gemini woman

She will shake the nerves and make her go bald ahead of time. The Gemini woman, according to the authoritative opinion of astrologers, lives according to the principle: from love to hate is one minute. She has never met the word “permanence” in her life and is not aware that such a concept exists.

By the way, if we talk about bad habits, Geminis are famous gossips and gossips. They quickly consume information, but rarely delve into it. They just pass it on «in secret to the whole world.» They fit well into new companies and quickly get used to places, but at the same time they often manifest themselves as slobs. We recently recorded 11 more toxic habits of the zodiac signs — check it out, does it sound like you?

It is believed that the sensibility of a name is influenced by the sequence of letters and combination of sounds. This theory says that the owners of names in which «ai», «eo», «ia» and other bundles of vowels are found are perceived by others as attractive, artistic and creative natures.

But if a woman’s name contains the letters «zh», «j», «nn», «ll», «mm» — this must be a very emotional nature. One «l», on the contrary, indicates softness. Open syllables in names that end in the letter «a» or «o» also increase the sexual charge of the name.

Perhaps the world’s largest study on this topic was organized by Laura Wattenberg, founder of the online platform Baby Name Wizard, which helps parents choose a name for their child. The experiment lasted for five whole years, during which time thousands of Internet users took part in it. According to the survey, men most often distinguish among others women with the names Scarlett, Nicolette, Natalia, Anais, Paulina, Alessandra, Chanel, Soraya, Adriana and Juliana.

Our country also has its own rating of the sexiest female names. For two and a half months, Russian sociologists asked men what names they find most attractive — the answers of 50,000 people were recorded. The leaders of the rating — Ekaterina , Anastasia and Victoria . The top ten sexiest female names, according to Russian men, also included: Maria , Elena , Natalia , Tatyana , Valentina , Ksenia and 900 84 Irina .

Family clinical psychologist and sexologist Inna Paustovskaya explains: people consider names that have strong associations to be sexy.

— Men often find cartoon characters and movies to be sexy. Sometimes a fairy-tale character seen in childhood sinks into the soul — and many project, look for the features of girls from the blue screen in real life. Since we are talking about Russian men, the well-known heroines of fairy tales are close to them: Nastenka, Alyonushki, the expert says. — We all know Elena the Beautiful, but the image of Alyonushka is even more close to men. For a Russian person, this is a meek and tender girl, whom you want to look after, take care of her. Therefore, when meeting Alena, a man tries to show his best qualities, the psychologist argues.

— Katerina — this is about «apple and pear trees bloomed, Katyusha came ashore.» In many generations, this name is associated with fidelity. Close, dear, patriotic and meaningful.

By alexxlab

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