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Baby Girl Names That Start With V

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is selecting a baby name for your bundle of joy! If you’re expecting a daughter and looking for names that start with the letter “V,” you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of baby girl names that start with V.

Are you a fan of purple hues? You might like Viola, Violet, Violeta, Violett, Violetta, or Violette, which all mean – you guessed it – “purple.”

You might like the classic Latin names Vivian, Viviana, Viviane, Vivanna, Vivianne, Vivien, or Vivienne, which all mean “lively.” Or you might consider the Latin name Vita or Spanish name Vida, which both mean “life.”

Expecting a daughter in February? You might like Valentina or Valentine, which both mean “strong or healthy.”

Do you or your partner have any Italian roots? Try the Italian place name Venice or Verona.

If you want a fresh, more unusual baby girl name, you might opt for Velveteen, which means “soft fabric,” or the French place name Versailles.

Most Popular V Girl Names

These are the 100 most popular baby girl names that start with “V” right now:

1. Vaani

2. Vada

3. Vaeda

4. Vaida

5. Vail

6. Vaishnavi

7. Valarie

8. Vale

9. Valen

10. Valencia

11. Valentina

12. Valentine

13. Valeria

14. Valerie

15. Valery

16. Valeska

17. Valkyrie

18. Valley

19. Valorie

20. Vana

21. Vanellope

22. Vanesa

23. Vanessa

24. Vani

25. Vania

26. Vanity

27. Vanna

28. Vanya

29. Varnika

30. Varsha

31. Vashti

32. Vasiliki

33. Vasilisa

34. Vaughn

35. Vaya

36. Vayda

37. Vayla

38. Veda

39. Vedha

40. Vedika

41. Veeksha

42. Veera

43. Vega

44. Vela

45. Vella

46. Venba

47. Venezia

48. Venice

49. Venus

50. Vera

51. Verena

52. Verity

53. Verna

54. Verona

55. Veronica

56. Veronika

57. Vesper

58. Veyda

59. Via

60. Viana

61. Vianey

62. Vianna

63. Vianney

64. Vibha

65. Vicky

66. Victoria

67. Victory

68. Vida

69. Vidalia

70. Videl

71. Vienna

72. Viera

73. Viha

74. Vihana

75. Viktoria

76. Vilma

77. Viola

78. Violet

79. Violeta

80. Violett

81. Violetta

82. Violette

83. Virginia

84. Viridiana

85. Vita

86. Vittoria

87. Vivi

88. Vivia

89. Vivian

90. Viviana

91. Viviane

92. Viviann

93. Vivianna

94. Vivianne

95. Vivica

96. Vivien

97. Vivienne

98. Vrinda

99. Vung

100. Vy

Uncommon V Girl Names

Looking for something a little more uncommon for your baby girl? Here’s a list of 100 unique baby girl names that start with a “V”:

1. Vaiana

2. Vaila

3. Val

4. Vala

5. Valaida

6. Valasca

7. Valda

8. Valenciana

9. Valentia

10. Valetta

11. Valhala

12. Valhalla

13. Vali

14. Valkyrja

15. Vallea

16. Valletta

17. Valo

18. Valor

19. Vanda

20. Vanille

21. Vanina

22. Vanita

23. Vanja

24. Varda

25. Varinia

26. Varo

27. Varuni

28. Varvara

29. Varya

30. Vasilia

31. Vava

32. Vedette

33. Veerle

34. Vegas

35. Veil

36. Velda

37. Velma

38. Velocity

39. Velouté

40. Velta

41. Velvet

42. Velveteen

43. Vendela

44. Vendetta

45. Venetia

46. Venilia

47. Venla

48. Ventura

49. Venusa

50. Verbena

51. Verdad

52. Verde

53. Verdi

54. Vered

55. Veridian

56. Veridiana

57. Verily

58. Verina

59. Veritas

60. Verlinda

61. Vermilion

62. Verna

63. Vernon

64. Veronia

65. Veronique

66. Versailles

67. Verse

68. Vertina

69. Veruca

70. Verve

71. Veryan

72. Vesa

73. Vesna

74. Vespera

75. Vesta

76. Vetiver

77. Vevina

78. Vianne

79. Viatrix

80. Vica

81. Vicenza

82. Victoire

83. Vidya

84. Vieira

85. Vienne

86. Vigdis

87. Vigee

88. Vigga

89. Vika

90. Viktorie

91. Viktorija

92.  Viktoría

93. Vilina

94. Vilja

95. Villa

96. Villette

97. Vina

98. Vincentia

99. Virge

100. Viveca

What’s your favorite (or least favorite) name from this list? Have you or your friends and family chosen any of these “V” names for your daughters?

Check out our other baby name lists if you are still on the baby name hunt. Try the coolest girl names, badass girl names, southern girl names, or rare girl names for inspiration. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby-to-be!

Baby Girl Names That Start With V

From Vada to Vyvyan and everything in between, hundreds of baby girl names starting with the letter V along with the meanings and origin of each name.

Baby Naming Tip – If you’re looking for an unusual name, look into names from other countries such as India, China or the Philippines. Also consider baby girl names that come from mythology, the bible, literary, and film inspiration.

Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with V

First we’ll start with the most popular baby girl names from 2018. They were:

  • Victoria 
  • Violet 
  • Valentina 
  • Vivian 
  • Valeria 
  • Valerie 
  • Vanessa 
  • Vera 
  • Vivienne 
  • Veronica 
  • Viviana
  • Virginia
  • Vienna 
  • Veda 
  • Violeta 
  • Vada 
  • Valery
  • Violette
  • Viola 
  • Vivianna

Victoria was the most popular baby girl name starting with V in 2018.   This should come as no surprise as Victoria has been the most common baby girl name starting with V as far back as 2009. What a run!

Here’s how the top three names have looked over the past decade:

Victoria wasn’t just popular for V girl names in 2018. Overall it was the number 21 most popular name among all baby girl names in 2018. Here’s how it looked when compared to all baby girls born in 2018.

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While Victoria was a popular choice in 2018, you can see it was only about 95% as popular a baby girl name as Camila.   Just for fun, let’s take a look at the most popular baby girl names beginning with V throughout history.

Now let’s look into what girl’s names lost and gained popularity in 2018, again only for names starting with V.

As you can see, Vivien fell out of favor by 3 slots

Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With V

While it’s fun to see what lots of other people are naming their babies, many people prefer to find baby names that are more uncommon. To that end, below is the some of the more unique baby girl names starting with V.

  • Vivien
  • Vayda
  • Vida
  • Vivianne
  • Valencia
  • Violetta 
  • Venus
  • Verity 
  • Viktoria
  • Veronika
  • Valkyrie
  • Violett
  • Vania 
  • Vaida
  • Victory
  • Vianney 
  • Vail
  • Vanna
  • Vega
  • Vianna

Overall, Vivien was the 1212th most popular girl name in 2018 with 194 babies. That means there were 37x more Victorias than Viviens last year. That makes it a very unique name!

If you don’t have your name in mind yet, don’t worry! Below we present a list of literally every baby girl name — including middle names — starting with V, the name’s meaning and origin. Good luck and have a wonderful day.

Vada through Vallerie

  • Vada  
  • VaIda Teutonic — A ruler, a battle heroine.
  • Vaisakhi Hindu
  • Vaishali Hindu
  • Val   — Strength, valour.
  • Vala Teutonic — The chosen one.
  • Valarie   — Strength, valour.
  • Valborg Swedish — a powerful mountain
  • Valda Old Norse — spirited warrior
  • Valeda   — Strong and healthy. Used in Russia and Eastern Europe.
  • Valencia   — Bravery.
  • Valentina Latin — Strong and healthy. Used in Russia and Eastern Europe.
  • Valentine Latin — Strong, healthy. The name of a 3rd-century saint. A boy or girl’s name.
  • Valeria   — Strength, valour.
  • Valerie French — Strong.
  • Valeska Polish — glorious ruler
  • Valgerdr Scandinavian
  • Valimai Welsh — A mayflower.
  • Valisa wild one — Vall, Vallie
  • Vallerie   — To be strong.

Valletta through Vasanta

  • Valletta   — The capital of Malta.
  • Valma   — The chosen one.
  • Valonia Latin — From the valley.
  • Valora Latin — Brave.
  • Vanda Aboriginal/Teutonic — Aboriginal: A sandhill. Teutonic: A Slavonic woman, or a wanderer.
  • Vandana Hindu
  • Vandita Hindu
  • Vanessa   — A name invented by the 18th-century poet and writer Jonathan Swift.
  • Vania Russian — God?s gift
  • Vanja Scandinavian — The feminine form of Vanya, also a Russian Diminutive of Ivan. Eastern European form of John.
  • Vanjan Hindu
  • Vanka Russian — Grace, or favoured by God. Form of Anne.
  • Vanni Italian — Grace, or favoured by God. Form of Anne.
  • Vanora Celtic — A white wave. A form of Guinevere.
  • Varanese Italian
  • Varda Hebrew — A rose.
  • Varsha Hindu — rain
  • Varuni Hindu — a goddess
  • Varvara Russian — The foreigner or stranger. Russian form of Barbara.
  • Vasanta Hindu — spring

Vasanti through Venus

  • Vasanti Sanskrit — Spring.
  • Vasavi Hindu — mentaldaughter of the Pitrs
  • Vashti Persian — The beautiful one.
  • Vasiliki Greek — basil
  • Vasudhara Hindu
  • Vasuki Hindu
  • Vasumati Hindu — apsara of unequalled splendour
  • Veda Sanskrit — Wisdom and knowledge.
  • Vedette Italian/Old French — A sentinel.
  • Veena Hindu
  • Vega Arabic — A falling star.
  • Velda   — The chosen one.
  • Veleda Teutonic — Inspired wisdom.
  • Velika Slavonic — The great one.
  • Velma   — A modern English name which is particularly popular in the USA.
  • Velvet English — Soft as velvet.
  • Vendela Scandinavian
  • Venetia Latin — A lady of Venice.
  • Ventura Spanish — Good luck, happiness.
  • Venus Latin — Beautiful. After the Roman goddess of beauty and love.

Vera through Vevina

  • Vera Latin/Russian — Latin: True. Russian: Faith.
  • Verbena Latin — A sacred bough or plant.
  • Verda Latin — Fresh.
  • Verena Swiss — The name of a 3rd-century saint.
  • Verity Latin/Old French — Truth.
  • Verla   — Latin: True. Russian: Faith.
  • Verna Latin — Springlike, fresh. The feminine form of Vernon. Also see Laverne.
  • Verona Latin — After the Italian city. Also a variation of Veronica.
  • Veronica Latin — A true likeness or image.
  • Verran Cornish — The short one.
  • Verrin Old French
  • Verushka Czech — Latin: True. Russian: Faith. A common name in Russia, which became used in the English-speaking world in the early 20th century.
  • Vesna Slavonic — Spring.
  • Vesper Latin — evening
  • Vespera Latin — An evening star.
  • Vesta Latin — A guardian of the sacred fire. After the Roman goddess of the hearth.
  • Vevay Welsh — white wave
  • Vevette   — A woman of the people.
  • Vevila Irish Gaelic — The melodious one.
  • Vevina   — Sweet lady.

Vibhuti through Vinita

  • Vibhuti Hindu
  • Vicki   — Victory, the victorious one.
  • Vicky   — Victory, the victorious one.
  • Victoria Latin — Victory, the victorious one.
  • Vida Hebrew — The beloved one. Short form of Davida, the feminine version of David.
  • Vidonia Portuguese — A vine branch.
  • Vidya Sanskrit — Knowledge. A boy or girl’s name.
  • Vienna Latin — from wine country
  • Viera Czech — Latin True. Russian faith. A common name in Russia, which became used in the English-speaking world in the early 20th century.
  • Vigilia Latin — Alert, vigilant.
  • Vikki   — Victory, the victorious one.
  • Vikriti Hindu
  • Vilhelmina   — The resolute protector. A feminine form of William.
  • Vilma   — A modern English name which is particularly popular in the USA.
  • Vimala Sanskrit — Pure.
  • Vina Spanish — From the vineyard.
  • Vinata Hindu — humble, mother of Garuda
  • Vinaya Hindu — good behaviour
  • Vincentia Latin — The conqueror. The feminine form of Vincent.
  • Vinita Hindu — Vineeta

Vinvella through Voleta

  • Vinvella French
  • Viola   — A name made famous by the Shakespearian play Twelfth Night. Also see Violet.
  • Violenta   — From Shakespeare’s play All’s Well that Ends Well.
  • Violet Latin — From the name of the flower. Also see Iolanthe and Yolanda.
  • Virgilia Latin — A staff bearer.
  • Virginia Latin — Maidenly, pure.
  • Virida Latin — Green.
  • Viridis Latin — youthful and blooming
  • Virini Hindu
  • Visala Hindu — celestial Apsara
  • Vita Latin — Life.
  • Vitoria Spanish — Victory, the victorious one.
  • Vittoria Italian — Victory, the victorious one.
  • Viveka Scandinavian — Lively.
  • Vivian Latin — Gracious in life or lively. A boy or girl’s name.
  • Viviana Italian — Lovely.
  • Vivien Latin — Full of life, vital. Also see Vyvyan.
  • Vivienne   — Life.
  • Volante Latin — The flying one.
  • Voleta Greek — veiled one

Voletta through Vyvyan

  • Voletta Greek/Old French — Veiled.
  • Volumnia   — From Shakespeare’s play Coriolanus.
  • Vonni   — From the name Veronica and Yvonne. Veronica – A true likeness or image. Yvonne – French: An archer. Greek: The wood of the Yew tree.
  • Vonnie   — From the name Veronica and Yvonne. Veronica – A true likeness or image. Yvonne – French: An archer. Greek: The wood of the Yew tree.
  • Vonny   — From the name Veronica and Yvonne. Veronica – A true likeness or image. Yvonne – French: An archer. Greek: The wood of the Yew tree.
  • Vrinda Hindu — virtue and strength
  • Vyvyan Cornish — From an old surname. A boy or girl’s name.

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Discover girl names that start with V| The Story Shack

Coming up with a name for your little one can be tricky: trust me, I’ve been there! To help you a little, below you will find a list of the most popular girl names that start with V, according to the US Social Security Administration. I wish you good luck in choosing a name for the girl, and if suddenly you do not find a suitable option here, you can always look at The Story Shack’s extensive list of real name generators.

Discover the selection of popular names for girls starting on V.

  • VADA
  • VAIL
  • VALET 9000 Valen 9000 Valen 9000 Valen 9000 Valen 9000 Valen 9000 Valen 9000 Valent
  • Valeria
  • Valeria
  • Valerie
  • Valery
  • Valeska
  • Valkyrie
  • Valley
  • 0047

    • Vanellope
    • Vanesa
    • Vanessa
    • Vani
    • Vania
    • Vanity
    • Vanna
    • Vanya
    • Varnika
    • Varsha
    • Vashti
    • Vasiliki
    • Vasilisa
    • Vaughn
    • Vaya
    • Vayda
    • Vayla
    • Veda
    • Vedha
    • Vedika
    • Veeksha
    • Veera0007 Venba
    • Venezia
    • Venice
    • Venus
    • Vera
    • Verena
    • Verity
    • Verna
    • Verona
    • Veronica
    • Veronika
    • Vesper
    • Veyda
    • Via
    • Viana
    • Vianey
    • Vianna
    • Vianney
    • Vibha
    • Vicky
    • Victoria
    • Victory
    • Vida
    • Vidalia
    • Videl
    • Vienna
    • Viera
    • Viha
    • Vihana
    • Viktoria
    • Vilma
    • Viola
    • Violet
    • Violeta
    • Violett
    • Violetta
    • Violette
    • Virginia
    • Viridiana
    • Vita
    • Vittoria
    • Vivi
    • Vivia
    • Vivian
    • Viviana
    • Viviane
    • Viviann
    • Vivianna
    • Vivianne
    • Vivica
    • Vivien
    • Vivienne
    • Vrinda
    • Vung
    • VY

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