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Best Toys For 9-Month-Olds 2023

The best toys for 9-month-olds are entertaining but also developmentally appropriate and safe given that they put everything in their mouths at this age. It doesn’t take as much to entertain a 9-month-old as it does say, a 6-year-old child. Your car keys and the dog’s water bowl might be quite interesting to these newly mobile babies. That’s why it’s so important to choose the best toys for them that aren’t just entertaining but that are also safe and support their development. Some of the best toys for 9-month-olds are the Fat Brain Toys InnyBin, Wish Bone Mini Flip and the Skip Hop Follow-Me Bee Crawl Toy

The best toys for 9-month-olds let them explore new sensations, from movement to music to water … [+] play.

Illustration: Forbes / Photos: Retailers

I’ve spent years testing and reviewing toys, and as a mom to twin boys who will turn 9 months old in just a few days, I’m quite literally examining and shopping many of these toys right now. In addition to my experience, I spoke to four baby experts: a pediatric occupational therapist, a pediatric physical therapist and two pediatricians.

“The best toys are the ones that engage a baby’s creativity and build the skills that they are learning,” said Dr. Melissa St. Germain, vice president and medical director of Children’s Physicians and Urgent Care at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska. You can hear more about the experts I spoke to and their toy recommendations throughout this article.

While you’re looking for the best gifts for 9-month-olds, you may want to check out some of our other toy guides featured below these picks, or read about more of our baby and toddler favorites, including the best diaper bags, toddler beds and convertible car seats.

  • Best Educational Toys For 9-Month-Olds: Fisher-Price Hide And Peek Pop-Up, Night Sounds, Creative Minds Basket Of Babies, Lovevery Hide And Find Drop Box
  • Best Wooden Toys For 9-Month-Olds: Wish Bone Mini Flip, Hape Pull-Along Wooden Frog, KiwiCo Atom Bead Maze
  • Best Music Toys For 9-Month-Olds: Playskool Chase And Go Ball Popper, Baby Einstein Magic Touch Wooden Drum, Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube
  • Best Sensory Toys For 9-Month-Olds: Infantino Press And Stay Sensory Blocks, Edushape Sensory Ball, Little Tikes Swing, Veggie Baby Finger Paints
  • Best Bath Toys For 9-Month-Olds: Fat Brain Toys PipSquigz, Green Toys Submarine, Green Sprouts Floating Boats
  • Best Developmental Toys For 9-Month-Olds: Fat Brain Toys InnyBin, Skip Hop Follow-Me Bee Crawl Toy, Melissa & Doug Pull-Back Vehicle Set

Best Educational Toys For 9-Month-Olds


Fisher-Price Hide And Peek Pop-Up

Most 9-month-olds aren’t learning about traditional educational topics just yet. Instead, they’re exploring their world and learning things like object permanence and cause and effect. “Pop-up toys are great for working on cognitive and fine motor skills as baby practices twisting, turning and pushing buttons,” says Marielle Marquez, pediatric occupational therapist and founder of Thrive Little. The buttons and knobs are irresistible to little ones, too.


Night Sounds

Beautifully illustrated, this book will make reading fun and engaging for babies. Don’t be afraid to just listen to the sounds and point out pictures. At this age, babies might not be ready to listen to the whole story. As they grow a bit bigger, they’ll eagerly try to push the buttons to play the various sounds and music, too.


Creative Minds 6-Piece Sensory Basket Of Babies Multicultural Plush Dress-Up Doll Set

Baby dolls are one of my favorite gifts to give babies and toddlers. They’re great for teaching life skills like brushing hair or getting dressed. Most babies tend to be drawn to playing with them as well. While they might just snuggle or even chew on them at first, eventually they’ll likely tote their favorites all over the house.


Lovevery Hide And Find Drop Box

As 9-month-olds begin to grasp object permanence, they’ll enjoy watching this ball disappear and then reappear through the door. Playing with this toy can help babies learn that when things or people go away, they come back. 

Best Wooden Toys For 9-Month-Olds


Modern Nursery

Wishbone Mini Flip

The wooden Mini Flip is part push walker and part ride-on toy for kids just finding their walking legs, so ages 9 months up to about 3 years old. They can even rock on it. It transforms from rocking to riding with an easy, non-tool, flip adjustment to the base. It’s just right for kids testing out their balance and a bit of movement. It also has two height adjustments.


Hape Pull-Along Wooden Frog

Dr. Victoria Regan, pediatrician, Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, recommends pull toys, and this is a colorful one with some fun traits. The frog’s mouth opens and closes when you pull him along. My 9-month-old twins are mesmerized by pull toys, and I like to use these toys to encourage them to crawl.


KiwiCo Atom Bead Maze

This toy comes with a bead maze, clutching toy and board book. My 9-month-old twins are currently very into bead mazes. In addition to being mesmerizing to babies, moving the beads along the maze also helps develop the pincer grasp they need for self-feeding.

Best Music Toys For 9-Month-Olds


Playskool Chase And Go Ball Popper

This ball popper plays music when the balls pop out, which is hilarious but also encourages babies to dance. “Ball drop toys like this are fun for working on baby putting things into a target (important for learning to clean up in the future!). This skill is called controlled release because they learn to open their hand on purpose with the right timing,” Marquez adds.


Baby Einstein Magic Touch Wooden Drum

Is your 9-month-old already banging his or her hands on everything in sight. Foster that developmentally appropriate desire to hit and pound with this sweet wooden drum set. Kids can choose to hear pre-recorded melodies or to tap out their own tune. The friendly and colorful animal faces that adorn the drum act as happy music ambassadors.


Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Some music featured in baby toys is quite catchy, so much so that you wish you never bought the toy. The music in this one, however, features eight Mozart masterpieces, meaning you might enjoy listening to the songs just as much as your baby. It has five instrumental sounds on each side of the cube, too, and they’re easy to tap (er, bang) for little ones. It does require batteries, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Best Sensory Toys For 9-Month-Olds


Infantino Press And Stay Sensory Blocks

Blocks are almost always guaranteed to be a hit, and they’re a toy with longevity. This particular set offers an interesting texture with the bristles, which also allow the blocks to interlock for building exploration. “Babies can learn to pick up these smaller (but not choking hazard small!) toys and then learn to pull them apart and eventually put them together. Toys that can grow with your child as they develop are always ideal,” Marquez said.


Edushape Sensory Ball

Pediatric physical therapist Kaitlin Rickerd recommends toys that move away from babies as they crawl toward them to support that developmental milestone. Marquez explained that balls also help babies work on bilateral coordination skills like moving both hands together. Most importantly, balls are fun.



Little Tikes Swing

If you’ve never heard a baby squeal with glee on a swing, take this as a sign to buy a swing for the 9-month-old in your life. Swings activate the vestibular system, which is part of the sensory system that gives babies input about where their bodies are in space. It also helps develop their balance, which is important for motor development.



Veggie Baby Finger Paints

This taste-safe paint made out of vegetables is designed for babies who just can’t keep their fingers out of their mouths. If your 9-month-old hasn’t created any works of art yet, the time is now. Let them explore these safe finger paints with the included paper.

Best Bath Toys For 9-Month-Olds

You Can Wash These Toys In The Dishwasher


Fat Brain Toys PipSquigz 6-Piece Set

Use these toys in the bath or anywhere. Stick them to the side of the tub, build a tower or keep baby occupied in their high chair or while traveling. They can even be used as a teether. An added bonus: you can throw them in the dishwasher.


Green Toys Submarine

Toys that have longevity save money and resources for parents. For example, this cleaver submarine boat will delight babies who will fidget with the propeller. As they get older, they can use it for imaginative play in the bath or out, making engine noises and playing more toys on top of it. This toy is dishwasher safe as well, making it easier to keep it clean and mold-free.


Green Sprouts Floating Boats (Set Of 4)

Often the simplest toys are the most engaging. Babies can stack these petite boats, float them or sink them in the bath. They’re just the right size for little hands to hold. I love the open container aspect, which allows for a better grip, as well as more play options, such as towing rubber ducky friends.

Best Developmental Toys For 9-Month-Olds


Fat Brain Toys InnyBin

Traditional shape sorters can be frustrating for 9-month-olds. This one is a bit easier for their little hands to manage, and it helps develop their pincer grasp and fine motor skills. Plus, kids this age tend to adore container play. It goes in, it comes out, it goes in, it comes out! Pack this toy along on your next outing to keep them engaged.


Skip Hop Follow-Me, Bee Crawl Toy

The Follow-Me Bee has been a major hit with all three of my kids. To encourage crawling, “give babies lots of opportunities to practice. Get down and play on the floor and place toys (or yourself) a little out of reach to encourage movement toward a fun object,” Dr. St. Germain says. This toy does the work for you as it meanders around the floor.


Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Pull-Back Vehicle Set

Recommended by Dr. Regan, these soft pull-back cars are fun for babies. They’re so easy to operate, even a baby can do it (literally). There are four vehicles in the set, and the wheels come off if you just want them to play with the soft car. 

How We Chose The Best Toys For 9-Month-Olds

With three kids under the age of 4, I’ve spent years using baby toys at home. I’ve also researched, tested and reviewed countless baby toys as a product review writer. To compile a list of the best toys for 9-month-olds, I used my own experience, researched the best baby toys and I reached out to four baby experts. They provided information on why it’s important for babies to play, what milestones 9-month-olds are working toward and what toys are best for 9-month-olds.

I interviewed Dr. Melissa St. Germain, vice president and medical director of Children’s Physicians and Urgent Care at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska; Dr. Victoria Regan, pediatrician, Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston; Marielle Marquez, pediatric occupational therapist and founder of Thrive Little; and pediatric physical therapist Kaitlin Rickerd, PT DPT. The experts also helped answer some of the most commonly asked questions about toys for 9-month-olds below.

The Forbes team also has reviewed hundreds of the best toys for various ages and has deep experience in gifting and shopping advice. Take a look at more of our toy guides below, or visit the holiday Gift Guide page if you’re shopping for other loved ones.

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What Kind Of Toys Should My 9-Month-Old Be Playing With?

“The best toys are the ones that engage a baby’s creativity and build the skills that they are learning: blocks and cups that can be stacked, bright colors and patterns, soft baby books with pictures of familiar items,” Dr. St. Germain said.

Further, Rickerd recommends toys that support gross motor skills, such as sitting, crawling, passing toys between hands, banging toys together and pulling to stand.

How Do You Entertain A 9-Month-Old?

Your 9-month-old baby likely adores interacting with caregivers. Even the most exciting toy can get boring quickly if babies don’t have somebody with which to play. Dr. St. Germain suggests playing peek-a-boo, reading books together, practicing waving and passing toys to practice turn taking as fun activities to do with a 9-month-old baby.

22 Gift Ideas for Kids with Special Needs

If you’re looking for unique gift ideas, you’re in the right place. Chosen to help develop skills like fine and gross motor skills, balance, socialization, and more, these gifts are fun and functional. The variety of gifts mean you can find presents for children with physical disabilities and/or intellectual disabilities. Many of the toys help children with autism meet their sensory needs too.

We’ve organized these gifts by price so you can find the perfect holiday or birthday gift to meet your child’s needs.

Take me to straight to the gift ideas!

Tips When Choosing Gifts for Children With Special Needs

If you’re looking for a gift and you aren’t the parent:

  • Talk to the child’s mom or dad
    • The child’s parents will know the most about his or her interests, likes/dislikes, and abilities
  • Consider the child’s interests
    • Do they enjoy animals? Maybe tickets to the zoo would be a hit. It might also be overwhelming, so maybe a book on animals would be better. That’s why step one is so important.
    • Do they love Thomas the Train? Elmo? All things Disney? Cups, plates, toys, and clothing with favorite characters are all possible gifts.
  • Consider the child’s abilities and special needs.
    • Is the child blind? Consider a toy with music or different textures. In contrast, if the child is deaf, toys with lights and bright colors will be a bigger hit than toys with sound. Some autistic children have sensory-seeking or sensory-avoiding behavior, ask them or their parents if there is anything they really dislike (for example, clothes with tags).
    • Think about the child’s developmental age, too. While many children who are chronologically nine can ride a bike, play video games, and read books, not all children with special needs can. Some may not have the physical abilities, some may have learning disabilities, some may just be behind their peers developmentally, and some can do all of these activities. It’s important to think about the specific child you are buying for, and not just pick any toy on the shelves.

If you’re looking for a gift and you are the parent:

    • You know your child best. You know his or her interests and abilities. You know the things she loves or the things he hates. Choose what your child will enjoy, what works for their developmental age works. The gift should meet their skill level or be slightly challenging, but not so hard that it’s frustrating.
    • Make a long list of ideas so you can share them with others who want to buy your child a gift but aren’t sure where to get started. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends will thank you. If you need some additional ideas, ask your child’s therapist or teacher.
    • Add a few fun gifts that will encourage skills that your child needs to work on. For example, glitter therapy putty is fun to play with and also helps build hand strength and fine motor skills.

22 Gifts for Children with Special Needs

Organized by price, so you can find the perfect present that fits your budget!

Under $15
Under $25
Under $40
Under $100
Under $200

Under $15

1. Sammons Preston Therapy Putty

Putty is fun to play with! Stretching, squeezing, twisting, rolling, smashing, pulling, cutting, shaping, molding, and making the possible uses are endless. And while your child plays with therapy putty, like Sammons Preston Therapy Putty, they are also strengthening their hands and improving their fine motor skills. This makes it an excellent gift for children who are visually impaired or blind or any child who needs to work on their fine motor skills.

The colorful putty comes in six different colors and resistance levels. If you’re looking for a new fun game, hide small plastic toys in the putty. Your child will enjoy working to uncover Batman, Thomas the Train, or whoever their favorite character is and will be working their hands at the same time. Putty is a fun tool that also offers the sensory input some children with autism crave.

Under $25

2. Adaptive Art Tools

All children like to be creative, but not all children have the fine motor skills for drawing or painting independently. These Adaptive Art Tools can be used left or right handed, making them a great choice for all children, including those who haven’t decided on a dominant hand.

The Universal Art Tool Holder has a cuff that goes over your child’s hand and a palmar pocket that holds the tool in place for painting or drawing. The T-Bar Brush Holder can be used for paint brushes or crayons. The large handle is easier to grasp and hold than skinny crayons.

3. TheraBand Resistance Band Beginner Kit

Less of a toy, but a bit more practical, TheraBand Resistance Bands are great tools for strengthening muscles. This set includes three bands with resistance levels from 3 lbs. to 4.6 lbs.

Perfect for physical therapy, the bands can be used for bicep curls, lateral raises, hip extension and abduction chest presses, and squats, and other upper and lower extremity exercises. Plus, they are easy to store when not in use.

4. Plastic Scooter Board

Scooters have always been a favorite toy in gym class. They are also used in physical and occupational therapy. Fun for kids, the boards help build gross motor skills and core strength. Kids can scoot while lying on their belly or sitting cross-legged on the board. They can be used for at-home therapy, if recommended by your therapist.

Scooter boards can also be used for sensory input. They give vestibular input to children who seek sensory input. The boards can also be used to work on sensory integration skills in children who are sensitive to movement.

Looking for ways to get started? Your child can get started by doing timed races on the scooter board. They can also lay on the board and scoot from one location to pick up a puzzle piece to another location to put it together as part of the puzzle. The puzzle activity works fine and gross motor skills at the same time.

Or have your child sit on the board and scoot around collecting stuffed animals placed throughout the room to deliver them to another location (like a box decorated to be the animals’ home). The boards are a great choice for children with sensory processing disorder, ADHD, autism, or physical disabilities.

5. Rolyan Energizing Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are fun to bounce or roll on while practicing motor and balance skills. The Rolyan Energizing Exercise Ball is perfect for at home play and can also be used during physical therapy. With a variety of sizes, you can choose the one that’s right for your child or teen.

6. Tactile Sensory Ball

If your child needs to improve their hand-eye coordination consider this toy. The bright yellow tactile sensory ball offers sensory input during play.

Choose the 4″ ball for a size that’s perfect for little hands to hold and roll. The larger 8.5″ ball is easier for children with poor coordination to catch.

7. Pattern Blocks & Boards

Pattern Blocks help children improve their spatial skills, and yes, as the name suggests, also helps them with pattern making. This toy includes ten pattern cards and over 100 blocks for hours of play time. The brightly colored blocks can also be used for color and shape recognition.

Your child can even create their own patterns. All you need is blank paper and a pencil. Your child can trace the shapes to create random new patterns or work on creating a specific image, building their fine motor skills and their imagination at the same time.

8. Easy Grip Pegs/Boards

Designed for developing fine motor and grasping skills, the brightly colored pegs and board captivate children. The large pegs are easier to hold when picking them up and placing them in the flexible board. The pegs can also be stacked to create towers.

For an added challenge, ask your child to place or stack the pegs in a certain color pattern. Or use plastic tweezers to place the pegs and really work their fine motor skills.

Under $40

9. Bead Sequencing Set

The large wooden beads in this bead sequencing set are easy to grasp, making them a great toy for children who struggle with fine motor skills. Your child can start by picking up the beads and sorting them into piles by color or shape. As their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination improve, the beads can be placed on the dowel rods. Your child can use the pattern cards to recreate the pattern.

Or play together by having your child complete a pattern on the dowel rod and then recreating the pattern yourself. Then your child can work to recreate a pattern you make. You can start small saying “one red” and you slide it on the dowel and waiting for your child to copy you before moving on “one orange”.

Add additional colors to increase the challenge, then move onto specific shapes, “one red square”. Eventually, create a pattern first and then hand it to your child and let them figure out how to copy it on their own (with prompting as needed).

10. TheraBand Stability Disc

This inflated disc is a great tool to use for sensory input while sitting. The wobble disc offers vestibular input and allows for seated fidgeting, which help some children focus better while doing schoolwork, eating dinner, or watching TV.

If your child needs additional input, the Senseez Pediatric Vibrating Pillow could give them the sensory input they crave. The vibration helps some children soothe and regulate their body.

Under $100

11. Tumble Forms 2 Weighted Critter

These weighted critters are designed for children with ADHD or SID (sensory integration disorder). The critters can be placed on the child’s lap or around their shoulders to offer proprioceptive input and pressure to help the child stay still and focused.

You can choose between a caterpillar, butterfly, dinosaur or whale. Each colorful critter weighs either 2 or 2.5 pounds. These critters are made from steel shot encased in stain-resistant, flame-retardant material.

12. Tumble Forms 2 Weighted Blankets

If your child prefers weight on their full body, a calming weighted blanket might be a better gift. The proprioceptive weight helps many children with autism, ADHD, SID, sensory processing disorder, and other special needs stay calm as they reduce stress, increase focus, and help your child stay grounded. Choose between a small or large blanket and then pick a weight set (sets of four weights, either ½, 1, or 2 lbs.).

If your child will be using the weighted aid during activities, like homework, a weighted vest might be a better option because it leaves their hands free.

13. Snug Hug

Some children find pressure more soothing than weight. The Snug Hug Sensory Solution combines a pressure wrap with a soft fleece blanket. You can also purchase each piece individually.

These are often a good option for children who love the sensation of being hugged or squished. The pressure may help reduce the child’s response to stimulus that is causing frustration or anxiety. The Snug Hug’s proprioceptive input means that it might be a good choice for children with autism or ADHD.

14. Chair Cube

Give your child the gift of a chair that’s just their size. The Chair Cube can be used with a 6” or 9” seat height. The cubes can also be used as tables or stacked for gross motor fun. Perfect for little ones who need their feet to reach the ground, the chairs can be used for dining, activities, or make believe play.

15. Jelly Bean Twist Adaptive Button Switch

Limited mobility or coordination can make it difficult for your child to play with their favorite toys independently. A large button switch, like the Jelly Bean Twist, lets your child control battery-operated toys or toys that plug in. It activates no matter where the switch is touched.

Your child can choose the button color they like best, thanks to the removable switch tops (red, green, yellow, and blue). Battery-operated toys require a Battery Adaptor/Interrupter while electrical devices require a Powerlink 4 for use.

Under $200

16. Mini Trampoline

If your child has a lot of energy and needs vestibular input, a Mini Trampoline could be the perfect gift. Your eager jumper can enjoy heavy work and use up some energy with this ‘nap maker’. The mini trampoline is a great outlet for energy on rainy nights, before bed, or anytime your little one would like to do some jumping.

The height adjustable handle gives your child a spot to hold onto as they work to strengthen their gross motor skills, strengthen their muscles, and improve their coordination. It has a weight capacity of 75 pounds.

Older larger children may enjoy some of our other trampoline options. This economical trampoline has a 250 pound weight limit, but lacks a handle. This makes it a great choice for children who don’t need the extra support. A pricier option, the Mono Trampoline, has a handle and a padded cushion around the jump area with a high rear edge to offer the utmost in safety. This trampoline has a 130 pound weight capacity.

17. Soft Balance Beam

A Balance Beam is perfect for perfecting balance skills in children with poor coordination. It’s also an excellent «tightrope» for circus performers during pretend play, a fun item to add to an obstacle course, and a great tool for gymnastics practice. This soft beam and wide base make it the perfect learning balance beam for young children.

18. Spin Disc

This Spin Disc is sure to be a favorite toy for children who crave movement or are sensory seeking. Your child can sit, kneel, or lie down on the large disc (26”W x 24”L) for spinning fun. The disc offers 360° rotary movement and can be used indoors or outdoors. Work on balance, coordination, or gross motor skills using this disc with your child.

This toy would make a great gift for a child with SPD (sensory processing disorder) or autism who crave movement. Just a little upper body movement/leaning will rotate the disc giving your child the vestibular input that they need. It’s a great toy that can be shared with siblings or friends, with a weight capacity of 125 pounds.

19. Special High Back Swing Seat

Adaptive swings allow children who need extra support and body positioning enjoy swinging. This high back swing can be attached to an indoor or outdoor swing frame (not included) allowing it to be used inside on rainy days or added to an existing swing set. Snap buckles hold the child in place for safety during use.

When purchasing, you can choose to buy a headrest or leg extension for the seat for extra support. Available in two sizes (children and teens), you can choose a seat with or without a pommel to fit your child’s needs. It can be used for swing therapy for children with sensory integration issues or sensory processing disorders, and those that need vestibular input.

20. Sensory Pressure Vest

This non-weighted deep pressure vest helps calm children with autism, ADD, SID and ADHD. The vest applies constant pressure to the trunk helping children cope with anxiety, prevent sensory overload, decrease restlessness, and improve concentration and focus. It can be worn at school, while doing homework, in stressful situations, or in crowded, over-stimulating environments.

21. Crash Pad

If you have a child who likes jumping on the bed or crashing onto couches, protect your child and your furniture with this Crash Pad. Packed with foam and covered in rip-stop nylon, the pad is designed to withstand jumping, bouncing, tumbling, and crashing while reducing your child’s risk of injury. It’s the perfect tool for trying new walking, motor planning and balance activities by offering a safe place to land.

The comfy pad can also be used as a large bean bag for cuddling up to read, rest, sit, relax, or cuddle. Choose between two different sizes, both of which can be wiped clean and disinfected.

22. Pop-Up Tunnel

Tunnels make working on crawling skills more fun! It builds gross motor skills and strengthens core muscles. A tunnel can also be used as a quiet hideaway for children who are sensory-sensitive. Multiple tunnels can be combined to create a longer tunnel. The collapsible tunnel is easy to store or take for on-the-go use.

Wrapping Your Gift & Opening Presents Tips

  • Make sure you have batteries for your child’s toys, if needed.
  • Assemble the toy beforehand so your child doesn’t need to wait.
  • If your child struggles to unwrap gifts, put them in gift bags with a couple pieces of tissue paper instead.
  • If it is too stressful or overwhelming for your child to open all of their gifts in one day, spread out the gift opening time (do some on Christmas Eve, throughout Christmas Day, and even the following days if needed or let your child open one gift on each night of Hanukkah)

Play Ball. (2019). What to expect. Retrieved from

Medical Disclaimer: The information provided on this site, including text, graphics, images and other material, are for informational purposes only and are not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other healthcare professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition.

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What to give a girl 9, 10, 11, 12 years old for the New Year 2022: 97 gift ideas for a girl years for the New Year 2022 more consciously. Since I want to bring such joy to the baby on this day, so that her eyes are filled with sincere happiness, and not disappointment. In the article, we tried to collect interesting gift ideas for a girl of 9–12 years old for the New Year, they all have a different price category so that everyone can find a suitable surprise.

How to choose the right gift for the New Year 2022 for a girl of 9, 10, 11, 12 years old

Thinking over different ideas, a good question arises, but how to choose the right gift for a girl of 9, 10, 11, 12 years old for the New Year 2022, so that not make a mistake and accidentally upset her. Indeed, at this age, beautiful princesses are quite vulnerable, and their desires are unstable and often change. We have prepared various tips to help you choose a New Year’s gift for a girl.

  • Initially, it is worth narrowing down the general range of possible options, namely, highlighting the beauty’s main hobbies. Maybe she is a sports girl and completely gives herself to this hobby, or a sophisticated and creative person who tries to do something with her hands, or already at a young age she is a fashionista and a coquette. Such an analysis will help cut off unnecessary and unnecessary things.
  • At this age, children most likely have already revealed a big secret about the existence of Santa Claus, but this does not mean that dreams cease to come true on New Year’s Eve. Write a letter with your child and let her list all her desires from the smallest to the most incredible options. And you just have to choose a surprise that fits your budget perfectly.
  • Consider the baby’s age, because at the age of 9 she can still use toys with pleasure, but at 12 she is unlikely to be happy with the doll, as priorities change quite quickly.
  • You should definitely present a prepared surprise in a beautiful way. It can be put in a gift bag or wrapped in paper. Colors are recommended to choose those that will delight the Black Water Tiger, namely black, blue, blue.
  • If you want to cheer up the princess, then organize the arrival of Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden to present gifts. Even if she does not believe in them, she will still laugh, have fun and receive a long-awaited surprise. Or, in the old fashioned way, put the box under the Christmas tree.

What gifts should not be given for the New Year to a girl of 9, 10, 11, 12 years old

If you buy, in your opinion, a chic present that is expensive and looks spectacular, this does not mean at all that the child will like it. There is a whole list in which it is clearly stated what gifts should not be given for the New Year 2022 to a girl of 9, 10, 11, 12 years old and things unwanted by children got into it, because they can upset them or simply do not cause any emotions.

  • Casual clothes – parents will buy them for their child on weekdays as well, so they are not perceived as a surprise, rather they are commonplace and necessary. However, there are exceptions, for example, if a girl dreamed of some special thing and could not get it, then you may well fulfill a small wish.
  • Toys for older children difficult to understand or, conversely, for toddlers. Respect the age group when choosing a surprise.
  • Soft toys — they should be treated with caution at this age, of course, at first she will be delighted with surprise, but later this thing will turn out to be an unnecessary dust collector in the corner of a child’s room. However, if a girl collects a certain type, then feel free to purchase it.
  • Stationery for school is not the best choice, although it is quite practical for parents, because they do not have to buy them for the second half of the school year, but this surprise will not cause positive emotions in the child. Rather, she will perceive it with a negative, as an extra reminder of working days at school.
  • Toys for boys , try to avoid any such items. By the age of nine, girls become more picky and vulnerable. If it seems to them that the thing is for a guy, then they will not use it.

Fashionable and stylish New Year’s gifts

At this age, a schoolgirl is trying with might and main to look not only beautiful, but also fashionable. The first hints of their own style appear, although girls often tend to choose what their mother or sister likes to choose. Ideal as a fashionable New Year’s surprise:

  1. Handbag. When choosing a children’s bag, pay attention not only to the design and quality of the product, but also to its dimensions. It is advisable not to buy large items for young fashionistas. It is still too early for them to go to school with a bag, and it is unlikely to be useful for other things. It is better to put a small or medium model with a minimalist decor under the Christmas tree. The color can be absolutely anything, but it is important that the product does not look boring, so it is better to present a colored handbag.
  2. Watch. It should be a bright watch of medium size. It is better to buy watches online, because as a gift to a child you are unlikely to buy a model from the luxury segment, and ordinary watches that are in every online or offline store differ only in price.
  3. Fashionable jacket. We advise you to buy a jacket under the order. Find an experienced needlewoman and ask to recreate an idea that you came up with on your own or found on the Internet.

Important! It can take from a week to a month to make a sweater, so make an order in advance.

Universal gifts for a girl 9, 10, 11, 12 years old for the New Year 2022

Princesses may have completely different interests, but there is a list of universal gifts for the New Year 2022 for girls 9, 10, 11, 12 years old, which included the most popular ideas, and they will definitely be appreciated.

  • Jumping trampoline If you live in a private house, then this thing will be a great surprise. The child will be able to train and just have fun on it. If funds allow, it is better to purchase at least 3 meters in diameter.
  • The dance mat will delight you indescribably. It connects to a TV or computer and a picture is displayed on the screen, after which it is necessary to repeat the movements correctly. So the girl will be able to arrange a real dance battle among her friends, and the parents will not mind dancing either.
  • Wireless karaoke microphone will help develop vocal ability, it is also a good memory training, because you need to memorize the words of songs, and to increase reading speed, as you need to keep up with the running line.
  • Face painting set will appeal to the child, because every girl wants to create a picture on her face, and the main thing for parents is that the paints are completely safe.
  • Kigurumi costume is a stylish and interesting gift, you can choose it in the form of a unicorn, sloth, dragon and many other different variations.
  • Books — if she loves to read, then, of course, it is worth choosing an interesting and fascinating work for her age so that it is read easily and in one breath.

Thinking about what to give a girl of 9, 10, 11 or 12 years old for the New Year 2022, you can add the following surprises to the above:

  • silver jewelry: ring, earrings or bracelet;
  • costume jewelry, classic, not too flashy;
  • notepad with Black Water Tiger;
  • e-book;
  • ceramic figurines of dolls.

How to choose a universal gift for girls aged 9-12?

  • Trampoline . This item is perfect for those who live in nature. Install such a device in the yard or under the roof from your daughter’s friends there will be no end. Children love this attraction. You just need to take care of safety.
  • Dance mat . Music plays on the TV and the squares flash. You need to hit the foot on the same color that lights up. At any party, this rug will be used. Even the boys will not refuse to dance. And when the guests leave, parents will also want to jump.
  • Microphone. This thing connects to your phone and that’s it, your kid is a superstar. It improves memory well. You need to know all the words of the songs, or be able to read well. After all, the text on the screen runs very fast. If a girl is fond of singing, then she simply needs such a microphone.
  • Face painting. If such a gift is in a box, then on the same evening all guests will be presented with someone unusual. And at the Halloween party, all the vampires and witches will look like themselves.
  • Kigurumi pajamas. This pajama is a favorite item for both boys and girls. In such pajamas, it’s not even a shame to go out to the guests. It can be any animal or fairy-tale character.
  • Book . It has always been a universal gift, if you do not know what to choose, then the children’s encyclopedia is a good choice.

You can also give any piece of jewelry, you just need to know the size. Earrings, bracelet are perfect as a gift. If the budget is limited, then good jewelry can help out. A diary or notebook with the image of the Tiger as a symbol of the year, an e-book or New Year’s souvenirs, all this is suitable for a gift for a girl.

What to give a 9-year-old girl for the New Year 2022

At this age, babies have not yet moved away from toys, of course, their interests have changed and they have become “mature”. Therefore, when thinking about what to give a 9-year-old girl for the New Year 2022, focus on modern toys, and also do not forget about the stylish little things that a little fashionista will need. Our list includes the most interesting gift options for a girl for the New Year, such surprises will definitely turn out to be one of the best for a baby.

  • Weaving baubles from rubber bands with the machine , you can make not only bracelets, but also toys or even a phone case on it.
  • Chemical experiment kit will lure the young lady, for her every reaction will be something new and surprising.
  • Ant farm filled with helium , these may be her first low maintenance pets. It is also very interesting to watch them, sometimes you can stay up for more than one hour, looking at how quickly and well they are collectively digging a new passage.
  • Collectible Barbie doll or from the Monster High series , girls often take care of them for many years, even if over time they will just stand on the shelf.
  • If a girl likes to sew clothes for dolls, then hand over a small sewing machine with which she can easily and quickly create a new look for them. This skill can be useful in later life.
  • Mannequin head 1:1 with long hair , elastic bands and combs. So it will be possible to train in creating stylish hairstyles.

Here are some more Christmas gift ideas for girls aged 9, 10, 11 and 12:

  • henna painting set;
  • wave projector in the room;
  • 3D puzzle;
  • interactive toy;
  • wrist watch for girls.

Advice: if your baby still believes in miracles, then try to follow all the traditions of the holiday. It’s good if the surprise is in the morning under the tree along with the rest of the boxes.

Gifts for fun activities

Creative kits

Young ladies love to experiment, creating original creative products. Unusual gifts for creativity for girls will be special sets that will allow you to make exclusive perfumes, fashion jewelry, fancy-shaped soaps or candles, your own chocolates, a picture or a panel of crystals, a plaster sculpture and other interesting things that can become souvenirs or gifts. for close people.

Sets for experiments

Good educational gifts for the New Year for girls are sets of physical and chemical experiments. This is a higher level of creativity associated with science. If a girl is interested in studying exact disciplines, she will be pleased with the opportunity to experiment with various phenomena.

3D pen

3D pen — what could be more interesting for today’s creative person? To extend the pleasure of modeling and creating three-dimensional paintings, give a pen with an additional set of plastic as a gift.

Board games and puzzles

These games are suitable for both family and friends. They can be divided into several categories: walking games, strategic and economic games, fun games for ingenuity and quick reaction, various puzzles, etc.


Ten-year-old girls still play with dolls and other toys, so feel free to give her something that is in her circle of interests — for example, a house or a set of furniture for a Barbie doll, favorite cartoon characters, themed sets with a designer LEGO. New Year’s gifts for girls in the form of toys are often associated with collecting — a hobby of many children and adolescents.

Sports gifts

If a girl likes outdoor activities, pay attention to roller skates, skateboard, badminton and other equipment for sports entertainment. One of the most popular modern entertainments is the gyroscooter, an intelligent vehicle. An indispensable thing for everyday use will be a stylish backpack for walking and sports.


The list of useful gifts for a girl may include a book of an artistic or educational nature. If a schoolgirl loves to read, present her with a series of books by her favorite author.

But it is also important to teach the girl to use different reference books. She may be interested in books about home economics and self-care, collections of simple recipes for original dishes, psychological tests and methods for studying one’s personality.

To make the celebration unforgettable, think about decorating a children’s party with your own hands, the child will appreciate it.

Gift ideas for the New Year 2022 for a girl of 10 years old

It is necessary to think carefully about different gift ideas for a girl of 10 years old for the New Year 2022. At this age, babies are experiencing a turning point, because they have to cross the line when all toys, except for their favorite ones, recede into the background. Many people develop an interest in various hobbies or strengthen existing ones. So you can analyze and choose a gift for a girl for a hobby for the New Year.

  • For a little girl who loves to draw , buy a graphics tablet, it’s easy to create incredible pictures and learn how to edit them. You can buy a 106-piece painting set, professional brushes and acrylic paint, a painting by numbers, an easel, A3 paper, a stylish notepad in a bright color. You can also pay for a training course in sand painting, an era technique or a master class «Magic of Color» for your child.
  • Sports girl , who attends gymnastics, dancing, swimming pool or any other club with great pleasure, she will be pleased with sports paraphernalia, a new uniform or swimsuit with special decals, a yoga hammock, a stylish bag for clothes with sequins or famous cartoon characters, children’s fitness -bracelet.
  • If a child devotes a lot of time to self-development , learning new things and loves to attend school, then you can give her a collection of children’s encyclopedias with bright pictures to make it easier to study each topic. Chess, checkers, puzzles, puzzles with 500 or 1000 pieces will also be good ideas.
  • For fashionista , you can choose stylish and bright clothes in which it is easy to stand out from the crowd, for example: a baseball cap or panama hat with a large flower, a backpack with sequins or a dress with a LoL doll with luminous eyes, illuminated sneakers.
  • If she likes to get together with her friends and spend time playing various games , then give a 10-year-old girl for the New Year 2022 their desktop options, such as jenga, business lady, crocodile, pie in the face or twister.
  • A girl engaged in needlework can buy a beautiful basket for storing threads or various small items, as well as a hoop on a leg to comfortably sit on the surface of the table and leave her hands free, flexible knitting needles and stoppers for them in the form of a panda or other animal, knitting or embroidery patterns and a set of threads. If a girl creates postcards, bracelets, handmade boxes, then give her beads, unusual buttons, artificial flowers, ribbons and braid of various types, such a set will cause indescribable delight.
  • A little computer genius can choose convenient and necessary things as a gift, for example: a wireless mouse, a cooling pad for a laptop, a stylish rug with a family photo, a cape on a chair or a working orthopedic chair for children.

Tip: be sure to consider the preferences of the young lady, so you will contribute to the development of her talent, as well as get the thing she needs.

Paint by numbers

Continuing the theme of creativity, one cannot fail to mention the paint by numbers. The essence of this gift is that a child without drawing skills can draw what he wants, but it works as follows, a drawing with numbered fragments is shown on the canvas, each must be filled with paint with the same number. Of course, this way of drawing is not real painting, but it can teach children how to draw.

Stylish gifts for an 11-year-old girl for the New Year 2022

By the age of eleven, children consider themselves quite adults, they try to find their own image. You can help her, for this it is worth considering the category of stylish gifts for a girl of 11 years old for the New Year 2022. We have included newfangled trends in it, as well as interesting items to create a special image, the purchase of which parents are trying in every possible way to delay.

  • Transfer tattoos are now quite popular among teenagers, with the help of them children can express themselves and stand out among friends, and most importantly, they are safe.
  • Colored hair crayons , they are easy to wash off, but manage to give the child a lot of emotions. After all, it can be bright and unique every day.
  • Children’s cosmetics , it is recommended to choose it only from trusted companies, do not risk buying any dubious products, even if their price is quite attractive.
  • Handbag , which is worn over the shoulder, the choice in stores is quite large. Both classic options and in the form of animals, with voluminous flowers or bows.
  • Set of elastic bands and hair clips to create a hairstyle, it can be a strict bun, ponytail or any other interesting options.
  • Corrugated iron with different attachments will become an integral part of the image of a little fashionista. Every day she will be able to create a new style for herself and be, as always, irresistible.
  • Sneakers with different lighting modes , they are easily recharged from the outlet, so they will last a long time.

Tip: buy only high-quality products, the health of the child comes first, so it’s not worth the risk. Buy things in trusted places or where there are certificates of product quality.

What an inexpensive gift to give a girl for 11 years

Friends, as well as younger and older relatives of the girl, and sometimes mom and dad themselves do not have the opportunity to give an expensive present. There are many budget, but no less interesting options.

Interesting to know: What to give a girl for 6 years: 99 gift ideas and surprises + tips for choosing

Hair chalk set . Every girl is a fashionista, and with the help of special colored crayons for hair, she will be able to make fashionable and creative images. For example, make yourself pink or light green curls. It is very fashionable and emphasizes a special style.

Children’s Encyclopedia . It should have colorful illustrations. The topics of the encyclopedia are chosen depending on the girl’s hobbies. Maybe she likes wild animals, cooking, ancient history, dinosaurs.

Thermal mug . It is advisable to choose a birthday model with the name of the hero of the occasion. She will have her own personal mug in which hot drinks do not get cold.

Heated lunch box . A girl can always have breakfast or a snack at school with hot sandwiches or other homemade food. It’s healthier than the chips and candy that kids can buy near school.

Favorite author’s book . An inexpensive but very interesting gift, especially if the birthday girl loves to read. It is better to choose exactly the author that the girl likes to read. A universal option is a girl’s encyclopedia or another colorful encyclopedia, for example, plants, dinosaurs and wildlife.

Sweets set . It is sold in almost every pastry shop, although you can make it yourself. Every girl loves sweets. It is better to include both chocolate and sucking sweets, small cakes, as well as chewing gums and kinder surprises in the set.

Notebook with lock . In such a book, a girl will be able to write her poems, secrets, keep a diary, store photographs, fill out a questionnaire for each friend. And the lock is a guarantee of the safety of all the girl’s secrets.

Interesting gift options for a 12-year-old girl for the New Year 2022

At twelve, many people change their interest in gadgets. Of course, not everyone can choose expensive surprises, but we have compiled a list of interesting gift options for the New Year 2022 for a girl of 12 years old, in which you will find both budget and more expensive items. They will definitely cause delight, and nothing can be better than the sincere joy of a child.

  • Phone stand with integrated speaker , you can choose both a classic and a more unusual option, for example, made of wood in the form of an elephant or a gramophone.
  • The action camera with flat surface mount kit is useful for teenagers to record video in any conditions.
  • Wireless headphones are very convenient, because there is no need to think about where to put the wire, so as not to accidentally hook it again.
  • Webcam in the form of a cat or a bunny.
  • Smart watch , it’s good if they are equipped with GPS navigation so that you know where your baby is.
  • MP3 player is useful for every girl, at this time they often use phones to listen to music, which drains the battery very quickly and, as a result, it is impossible to get through to the child at the right time. So the player is a great way out of the situation.

You can also give a girl 12 years old for the New Year 2022 the following surprises from more expensive options:

  • tablet;
  • notebook;
  • smartphone;
  • star projector;
  • music center.

List of inexpensive gifts for the New Year 2022 for a girl

If you have a fairly rigid framework for each present, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of inexpensive gifts for a girl 9-12 years old for the New Year 2022. We have included various items in it, their price is low, but at the same time they will always be necessary for the child.

  • Interesting mug , for example: a chameleon, with a hole for a cookie, with an unusual inscription or in the form of a Lego constructor.
  • Case for phone , personalized or with a photo of its owner, models made of wood are very popular now.
  • Snowball Maker , a great winter gift idea.
  • Anti-stress toy Black Water Tiger, needed when you need to quickly calm down.
  • Glove socks in the form of beautiful deer will be useful for a young and charming princess so that her legs are always warm.
  • Children’s lunch box will be useful for those who take food with them to school or extracurricular activities. It is better to purchase them with several levels so that the food lies separately from each other.

Thinking about what to give an inexpensive gift to a girl? Here are some more surprises for the young lady:

  • selfie stick and remote control;
  • ice cap;
  • flash card;
  • voluminous slippers for the house;
  • 3D pen;
  • Christmas patterned plaid.

Original gifts for a girl of 9, 10, 11, 12 years old

If you plan to surprise a child, then we recommend considering original gifts for the New Year 2022 for a girl of 9, 10, 11, 12 years old. Such things will help her stand out among friends and, of course, they will simply look impressive, unlike classic presents. We have put together a selection that includes only worthy options for original New Year’s gifts for a girl.

  • The glow-in-ear stereo headphones are eye-catching with their unique look, excellent sound reproduction and perfect for use with a smartphone or MP3 player.
  • Home popcorn or cotton candy maker . Every child dreams of such a gift, now they can be purchased in miniature.
  • Give a certificate for riding lessons or courses of similar interest.
  • Alarm clock , which will wake the girl up with her favorite music, and if she wakes up very hard, then the running option is more suitable. So you need to get out of bed to turn it off.
  • Decorative pillow in the form of ice cream, a log or a sad cat will complement her room and bring a special zest.
  • Wall composition family tree where she herself will hang interesting pictures of the family.
  • Items with LED light eg laces, belt, glasses or cap.
  • Certificate for visiting the quest room , such entertainment is now very popular among children and adults, you can go there with a group of friends.

If you still don’t know what to give a girl 9, 10, 11, 12 years old for the New Year 2022, then we offer a few more ideas:

  • a hat with a bluetooth headset;
  • sensor gloves;
  • photo blanket;
  • attending a master class on interesting topics;
  • set to create your own perfume water.

List of the 30 best gifts for the New Year 2022 for a girl aged 9, 10, 11, 12 years for the New Year 2022:

  1. sports corner;
  2. lace bracelets;
  3. pottery painting set;
  4. personal wallet;
  5. earmuffs;
  6. sand painting table;
  7. 3D night light in the form of a bear, balloons or animals;
  8. macrame;
  9. bean bag;
  10. wood burning;
  11. jewelry box;
  12. polymer clay;
  13. several cinema or concert tickets;
  14. organize a day trip to the indoor water park for her and a friend;
  15. set for drawing on the water «Ebru»;
  16. rollers or skates;
  17. wireless speaker;
  18. puerbank with mirror;
  19. electronic money box;
  20. animal hat;
  21. tubing;
  22. pendant with girl’s name;
  23. stylish backpack;
  24. camera;
  25. certificate for a clothing store;
  26. children’s globe;
  27. Unicorn terry dressing gown and slippers;
  28. aquarium;
  29. hoverboard;
  30. soap making set.

We hope that after reading the article, you were able to find the very gift for a girl 9, 10, 11, 12 years old for the New Year 2022, which she will definitely like. Try to listen to your heart in choosing, and also take into account the temper, character and habits of the young lady. After all, the most important thing is when the eyes of those children shine with sincere joy from the gift received.

Gift for a girl for 6 years


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At the age of 6, girls are already smart enough, and most importantly, flirtatious. They want to imitate their mothers and beautiful heroines from fairy tales and films in everything. During this period, they begin to tearfully beg their parents for children’s cosmetics, try on their mother’s shoes and hats and feel confident and serious. At the age of six, girls do not just believe in princesses, but believe that they are one of them, they are attracted by the mystery of the magical world with fairies, elves and gnomes. It is sometimes not easy to choose a gift for such a princess, especially if the girl already has everything.


  1. Traditional gifts
  2. Original gifts
  3. Gifts — impressions

Traditional gifts

Traditional gifts can also be interesting and fascinating, choosing a present for a birthday girl, be sure to be guided by her taste.

  1. Doll . Doll doll strife. For some little beauties, parents lose count of such toys, it’s good that in our time there is such a variety of dolls. You can give Barbie, a Bratz doll, an interactive baby doll or a mermaid doll.
  2. Dollhouse . Every girl dreams of a pink house or castle for her favorite dolls. You will make her happy by choosing such a gift.
  3. Soft toy . Most likely, the child already has a lot of soft toys of different sizes, but you can always choose a toy with a twist that your little princess will definitely like.
  4. Board game . A board game will be a useful gift if it has a developing inclination. At this age, children can already be given games such as «Exchange» or «Monopoly», of course, if the child shows similar abilities and interest.
  5. 5. Large teddy bear. The child will be very happy with the toy, much larger than his own size.
  6. Handicraft kit . Nice gift for girls. Accuracy and fine motor skills will develop, while the child will plunge into an interesting activity.
  7. Children’s cosmetics . What is a princess without makeup? Modern girls just love such things: lip glosses, nail polishes, eye shadows.
  8. Earrings . If the girl has pierced ears, then you can give cute earrings made of silver or gold.
  9. Jewelry . You can present a child with children’s jewelry: various pendants, bracelets, rings, hair ornaments.
  10. Constructor . Many girls love to collect designers no less than boys. It can be Lego or other constructors.
  11. Pet . Kitten, puppy, hamster, parrot — if you have the desire and opportunity to keep a pet, be sure to give it to your child. He will not only be happy, but also learn to love and take care of our smaller brothers.
  12. Aquarium . This option is suitable if you do not want to keep a furry animal.
  13. Ball . If the birthday is in the summer, give the birthday girl a ball, let her have an interesting summer before school.
  14. Bicycle . A good gift for an active child.
  15. Skates or rollers . Stop choosing a gift depending on the time of year in which the child’s birthday takes place.
  16. Puzzles . Girls are much more diligent than boys, so many of them like to collect puzzles, especially if the picture shows princesses or animals.
  17. Canvas and paints . Do you see a child’s talent for drawing? Then let him feel like a real artist.
  18. Markers . A set of high-quality magic felt-tip pens will also be a great gift.
  19. Watch . Girls at this age consider themselves very serious, so they will definitely need a watch.
  20. Backpack . You can give a beautiful high-quality backpack for school.
  21. Dress . Most likely, at this age, the girl herself will be delighted that she was presented with a dress.
  22. Music box . A good gift for a romantic person.
  23. Diary with lock . It is at this age that the first secrets begin to appear in little princesses, so such a gift will be very useful.

Original gifts

If the girl really has everything, perhaps the options presented below will surprise the child.

  1. Dance mat . For those who like to «light up» such a gift will be a real find. A dance mat or track is connected to the TV and prompts the baby to move.
  2. Disco microphone . Maybe your daughter is a future singer? Please her with such a gift, she will be delighted.
  3. Princess Castle Tent . House — a tent, made in the style of a castle for a princess, will occupy the attention of a child for at least a month.
  4. Children’s kitchen . A wonderful gift for a future hostess, this also includes sets of children’s dishes.
  5. Synthesizer . For a musician and just a music lover.
  6. Home planetarium or projector . A beautiful and bewitching gift that can recreate the starry sky right in the room.
  7. Interactive toy . Such toys are now very popular among children. It can be a learning robot, a baby doll or a soft toy that reacts not to the child’s actions.
  8. Focus set . Magic is a wonderful world that every child believes in. With the focus set, the birthday girl will be able to touch this world and be a sorceress.
  9. Children’s laptop . A good gift for both games and development.
  10. Children’s perfume . Girls love perfumes, but if you don’t want to give your child real ones, dilute the fragrant essential oil in water and pour it into a beautiful bottle.
  11. Puppet theater . A gift that will greatly interest the little one.
  12. Hair model . A lover of braiding pigtails and other hairstyles for these purposes, you can give a doll — a model with long hair.
  13. Children’s Telescope . An interesting and educational toy.
  14. Cotton candy maker . What child does not want to eat cotton candy right at home? A wonderful gift that will make a child happy.
  15. Game console . Game consoles are interesting not only for boys, but also for girls.
  16. Cake . A cake in the shape of a Barbie, a fairy or a pet will be a good birthday present.

Gifts — impressions

Gifts — impressions are new bright emotions. Compared to toys, they cannot be broken, forgotten or not rejoiced at, because for a child it is always a holiday.

  1. Going to the circus . The emotions received in the circus are always very vivid, because the child sees his favorite animals that perform unimaginable tricks, becoming even nicer in the eyes of the baby.
  2. Hike to the indoor ice rink . A great gift if the girl’s birthday is in the summer. In winter, there will be no such effect, because you can go to the skating rink on weekends, but giving a child winter in the summer will definitely give him a joyful mood.

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