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25 Best Magazines for Teenagers and Tweens (2022)

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I remember spending hours in my room as a teenager both with friends and alone reading Teen Magazine and Seventeen.

Tearing out pages of Kirk Cameron and Rob Lowe to hang on the wall. Reading about first kisses, the latest trends, and the best lip gloss.

In recent years, most magazines for teenagers have gone digital like everything else to stay current with the way teens are always on their phones.

I put together a list of the best teen magazines. I’ve included not just the usual fashion and celebrity magazines but also sports, science, global interests, and more. Some even have writers that are exclusively teens themselves.

Some teen magazines are geared towards the interests of teenage girls, some lean towards boys. Others are the best magazines for tweens.

Some have a significant web presence with thousands of articles available online for free in addition to their subscriptions.

I have included the advertised recommended ages for each magazine, however, I would advise you to check out the tween and teen magazines for yourself as many include mature themes regardless of marketing magazines for teenagers and tweens.

I have put the magazines in order of “age-appropriate” guidelines. Teenagers may love the ones further down, it just means the ones closer to the beginning aren’t suitable for all ages.

This post contains affiliate links. I will earn a commission at no additional charge to you if you make a purchase using my links. Click here to see my full disclosure policy.

Best Magazines for Teenagers

Thrasher Magazine

The Bible of teen culture with coverage of skateboarding, snowboarding, modern music, and alternative activities for the youth of today.

For teenagers interested in any kind of boarding, Thrasher is the perfect magazine. The only skate magazine to give a near equal showing to female boarders. Featuring skaters of all levels, interests, and styles.

Written by boarders for boarders.

After over 40 years and 500 issues, it is one of the holdouts in print. Still going strong, especially with a surge in celebrities wearing their merch.

The online site features skateboarding news videos photos clothing skateparks events music and more.

  • Recommended for mature audiences
  • 12 Issues per year
  • Print

Subscribe to Thrasher

Glitter Magazine

Glitter is a lifestyle magazine for college-bound late teens and 20-somethings, which was founded on the principles of diversity and empowerment. Each issue features informative editorial, entertainment, fashion, beauty news, and celebrity interviews. Their motto is Be inspired, not influenced!

Whether it is photography, music, dance, writing, spoken word, acting, or painting: whatever it is you do.

Subscribe to Glitter

  • Ages 17+
  • 4 Issues per year
  • Online magazine only

Affinity Magazine

Aimed at educating teens on the importance of journalism. It deals with subjects such as sex, feminism / gay rights, race & political issues, mental health.

Written exclusively for teens by teens.

Showcasing the voices of aspiring teen journalists. Mixing pop culture with social justice and politics, Affinity amplifies the voices of teens — regardless of age, gender, race, and sexual orientation.

Affinity is the first social justice platform that directly caters to teens while also addressing many significant issues that are often overlooked.

After considerable searching, I could not find any current information regarding a subscription. All of the content appears to be free online.

Go to Affinity

  • Ages 14-19
  • Online only

Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue is one of the most known fashion magazines for teenagers. It labels itself “the destination for the next generation of influencers.”

Teen Vogue covers the latest in celebrity news, politics, fashion and beauty advice, wellness, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Subscribe to Teen Vogue

  • Ages 13-19
  • Online only

Teen Ink

A national teen magazine devoted entirely to teenage writing, art, photos, and forums.

For over 33 years, Teen Ink has offered teens the opportunity to publish their creative work and opinions on issues that affect their lives – everything from love and family to school, current events, and self-esteem.

Hundreds of thousands of students, aged 13-19, have submitted their work and Teen Ink has published more than 55,000 teens since 1989.

Teen Ink offers some of the most thoughtful and creative work generated by teens today. depend completely on submissions from teenagers around the world for our content.

It is devoted to helping teens share their own voices while developing reading, writing, creative and critical-thinking skills.  

Subscribe to Teen Ink

  • Age 13-19
  • Bi-monthly, 6 Issues per year
  • Digital subscription

The Teen Mag

The Teen Magazine’s writer team is made up of hundreds of college and high school writers from around the world who are passionate about improving their writing skills and are excited to connect with other like-minded writers.

Student life, wellness, beauty and style, culture, relationships, and lifestyle topics.

They publish artworks, photographs, and other works by adolescents.

Subscribe to The Teen Mag

  • Recommended age 14-19
  • Online magazine PDF version

Justice League Comic

When a force from beyond threatens the Earth, it’s up to the heroes of the DC Universe to band together as the greatest super-team the world has ever seen!

  • Ages 12+ Rated Teen
  • 12 Issue per year
  • Print
  • Eisner Award-winner!

Subscribe to Justice League

Batman Comics

Batman comics are perfect for any Gotham fan. From his multiple names – “Dark Knight”, ” Caped Crusader “, and ” The Worlds Greatest Detective – he’s among the biggest superheroes.

Become an explorer of Gotham City. Batman shows that a superpower is not necessary for a heroic character.

Subscribe to Batman

  • Rated T for Teen
  • 12 Issues per year
  • Print


J14 Magazine means Just for Teenage.

Readers get information about their favorite celebrity shows, including gossip, interviews, and photos! There’s relationship and fashion and beauty advice. This magazine will satisfy your teenage girl’s love for stars!

Subscribe to J-14

  • Girls ages 11-19
  • Bi-monthly, 6 issues per year
  • Print magazine

Girls’ Life Magazine

Girls’ Life features expert advice on all the important stuff (friendship, family, and crushes) plus fashion inspo, skincare and beauty tips, hair ideas, body + wellness info, first-person short stories, and exclusive special issues that have informed and inspired young women for more than 25 years.

  • Ages 10-15
  • Bi-Monthly, 6 issues per year
  • Print and Digital

Subcribe to Girls’ Life


Muse magazine is geared towards teenagers who learn, challenge, and entertain. Endorsed by the Smithsonian Institution and includes bestselling authors and covers sciences, history, and arts topics.

Throughout the magazine, the reader will learn critical thinking skills and explore the world with quality photography.

Subscribe to Muse

  • Kids ages 9 to 14
  • Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner in 2020
  • Published 9 times per year
  • Digital or Print
  • 100% ad-free


FACES magazine takes young readers around the world and back to get an honest and unbiased view of how children in other countries and world regions live.

Learn about the important inventions and ideas from other cultures through articles, folk tales, recipes, and hands-on projects.  

Subcribe to Faces

  • Kids ages 9 to 14
  • Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner in 2020
  • Published 9 times per year
  • Digital or print
  • 100% ad-free


Since the 1980s OWL magazine has been a popular magazine aimed at children who are interested in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

OWL is loaded with quizzes, comics, cool tech news, expert interviews, ground-breaking discoveries and innovations, futuristic inventions and hands-on-building, book and movie reviews, reader advice, contests, and more fun stuff.

  • OWLconnected eMag, is a bi-weekly, current affairs eMag featuring news of the week, feature stories, sports, entertainment, quizzes, and more sent right to your inbox.

Subscribe to Owl

  • Children 9-13
  • 2016 Parents Choice Awards
  • 10 print issues

Teen Breathe Magazine

The magazine features topics including mindfulness, wellbeing, creativity, and health.

From their site: “From social media to sports and making friends to making flowers, we’ll have tips, exercises, and ideas to help you explore how paying attention to everything you do, being curious, and staying positive can bring out the very best of You – a person who’s comfortable and proud in their own skin, is open to ideas and follows their dreams. And when we’re not doing that? Teen Breathe will be in pamper mode – big time.”

  • Ages 8-14 
  • Bi-monthly, 6 Issues per year  
  • U.S. Digital Only; UK Print and online

Subscribe to Teen Breathe

Young Rider

Young Rider is the only of its kind specifically for and about horse-crazy tweens and tweens. For over 20 years, it has delivered a fun-filled mixture of English and Western riding instruction, horse care tips, contests, beautiful color posters, and stories about real kids.

Young Rider continues to encourage and inspire kids to pursue their passion for better riding and horsemanship.

Subscribe to Young Rider

  • Ages 8-15
  • Bi-monthly, 6 issues per year
  • Digital and print

New Moon Girls

For every girl who wants her voice heard and her dreams taken seriously.

New Moon Girls is the unique, ad-free, global magazine and fully-moderated social network for learning and creative self-expression. Girls can be a contributor and submit writing online without being a subscriber

  • For and by girls 8-14
  • Golden Lamp winner
  • 4 issues per year
  • Print

Subscribe to New Moon Girls

Sports Illustrated Kids

Share sports with your teenager through Sports Illustrated Kids. SI Kids provides a comprehensive collection of sports news.

The articles about the favorite athletes have amazing photographs and of course – illustrations. Get help from athletes and experts from their fields on nutrition, performance, morals, and more.

Subscribe to SI Kids

  • Children ages 8-16
  • 12 issues
  • Publications in digital and print

The Week Junior

Packed with fun activities and information on the latest news updates—providing young people with all they need to know in an educational and engaging way.

This magazine will help your child know and understand, in a kid-appropriate way, what is going on in the world.

News and politics, arts and entertainment, arts and crafts. This publication also features a photography spotlight of readers’ work.

Subscribe to The Week Jr.

  • Recommended age: 8-14
  • Weekly issues
  • Print


How does learning happen online and offline? Brainspace presents a multi-sensory journey fusing digital and print media in a dynamic and compelling way. From math and science to language, art, and geography.

The publication strives to present the most inspirational stories and articles – positive role models that can inspire young audiences with an eagerness to learn.

With augmented reality, Brainspace produces a fun magazine for kids, with memorable editorial productions that cross over from the printed page to the digital environment with cutting-edge films, documentary shorts, and behind-the-scenes videos.

  • Children 8-12
  • Quarterly
  • Interactive print magazine using your phone

Subscribe to Brainspace

Girls’ World

Aimed at pre-teen young women. Each magazine offers age-appropriate fun, including crafts, recipes, and quizzes! A number of young celebrities have been interviewed in the past in star interviews or find stories that can be an inspiration to your young child.

Subscribe to Girls’ World

  • For children 7-11
  • Bi-monthly, 6 issues per year
  • print subscription

National Geographic Kids

Are teens a little bit curious and want to travel? Are they interested in animals? National Geographic Kids magazines will suit all of those! Learn all about the natural world and the planet that we live on today. Explore amazing stories of nature and adventure!

Subscribe to NatGeo Kids

  • Kids 6-18
  • 10 Issues per year
  • Publications available in digital or print

Scout Life

Formerly known as Boys’ Life, from the Boy Scouts of America, now includes the entire scouting population!

Outdoor tips and tools for a successful hunting and hiking adventure, lifestyle advice, and comics.

The magazine encourages children to spend time outdoors while learning and engaging with nature. Great stories from real scouts. Issues include personal recognition for Eagle scouts.

Subscribe to Scout Life

  • Ages 6-14
  • 10 Issues per year, with free digital access
  • Publications in digital and print

Little Player

Safe, fun, advertising-free reading experience aimed at young video gamers. They only cover and review video games that are rated EC, E, and E10+ to ensure young readers are not exposed to content meant for teens or mature audiences. Great magazine for the whole family.

Subscribe to Little Player

  • Children 5-12
  • Bi-monthly, 6 Issues per year
  • Print


Does your teenager love decorating?

HGTV magazine will suit them perfectly. Learn everything they need to know to find accent walls, update furniture, tackle their own DIY projects, and place artwork where it needs it most to go.

Get expert advice with exclusive interviews with HTGV stars!

Subscribe to HGTV

  • Appropriate for all ages
  • 8 Issues per year (some are double month issues)
  • Publications available in digital and print


The magazine inspires and educates readers of all skill levels. Dance styles covered in the magazine range from ballet to contemporary/lyrical, musical theater, hip-hop, jazz, modern, and tap. Get health, fitness, and beauty tips; learn the secrets of success from expert dancers.

Read about famous professional dancers, aspiring dancers, dance schools, and more following a wide range of dance styles, including ballet, contemporary/lyrical, musical theater, hip-hop, jazz, modern, and tap.

Learn about the lifestyles of some of the world’s leading professional dancers, from training to performance.

Additional regular content includes study, audition, and jobs guides; injury prevention tools; a dance directory; a college guide; a training and scholarship guide; and a reader’s choice edition.

Subscribe to Dance

  • All ages
  • 12 Issues per year
  • Print

I hope this list of the best magazines for teenagers helps you find a magazine subscription that works for your tween or teen.


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15 Best Free Magazines for Kids

Aimed at children aged 8 to 12, National Geographic Kids is designed to get kids reading and excited about the world around them. It features many different types of stories, articles, and general information that you as parents can learn a lot from. 

It’s packed with wildlife, history and geography facts and beautiful photography, and the bite-sized, bright presentation is perfect for non-fiction enthusiasts. This magazine will provide you with tons of facts and interesting articles to keep your children in mind and on the go. The advice and helpful hints found here can greatly benefit kids.

Frequency: published 13 times a year

Cost: £3.99 per issue; buy single issues at newsstands nationwide.

Subscription offer: An annual subscription is £45 (UK) and $20 (US).

2. Brilliant Brainz

Bright, colourful and packed with creative activities, Brilliant Brainz is a multi-subject interactive magazine for 6 to 12 year old girls and boys. Brilliant Brainz is a gender-neutral magazine that does not come with any extra ads or toys and is suitable for all children.

From art history to healthy eating, music to S.T.E.A.M-based learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths), mental health and wellbeing to environmental matters, it covers all the important and real-world issues facing the kids of today. Plus, each featured activity or craft challenges kids to think for themselves about big concepts such as friendship or communication and encourages them to think outside of the box. 

Frequency: monthly

Brilliant Brainz is only available by postal subscription.

Subscription offer: an annual subscription is £39.99.

3. The Phoenix Comic

The Phoenix Comic is a weekly comic magazine for children aged 7 – 14 years. The Phoenix Comic is a great way to encourage children to read, explore, learn new words and enjoy reading every week. 

Endorsed by both schools and libraries as a great way to expand learning and explore new and different stories and non-fiction, The Phoenix Comic magazine subscription is a weekly essential to get kids reading all year round! The serialised stories will keep readers guessing week after week, the vibrant colours and super storylines will attract even the most reluctant readers and the artwork detail deserves to be examined with a magnifying glass.  

Frequency: published weekly

Cost: £2.99 per issue; buy single issues at newsagents nationwide, selected branches of Waitrose and some independent bookshops. Also available as a digital magazine to read on an iPad.

Subscription offer: prices start at £59.99 for a six-month subscription with a Direct Debit subscription.

4. First News

First News is the only award-winning weekly newspaper for young people (aged 7-14) dedicated to delivering interesting and engaging thought pieces from today’s news, plus plenty of fun features from around the world. Hugely popular with primary schools, First News also offers online headlines for newshounds who want to keep up-to-date every day. 

Packed with news, photographs interesting stories from the UK and around the word, your child will get a real understanding of current affairs, explained clearly and concisely in age-appropriate language. It’s not all serious news, either – there are puzzles, competitions, crazy but true stories, celebrity interviews, sport articles and more to browse to read. 

Frequency: published weekly

Cost: £1.50 per issue; buy single issues at newsagents nationwide. Also available as a digital edition to read on a tablet (24 issues for £26.99).

Subscription offer: £1 for three issues then £16.49 every three months with a Direct Debit subscription.


Designed for children aged 3 to 8, with a focus on science and arts, OKIDO is incredibly colourful and packed with hands-on making activities, as well as informative. Okido is full of charming characters and illustrations that capture kids imaginations.

Okido magazine is highly entertaining and simultaneously thought-provoking romp, featuring (among other things) the adventures of Messy Monster and his friends as they have adventures and seek answers to questions about the world and the way it works. The magazine is full of stories, activities and games, as well as the odd recipe and poem.

Frequency: published six times a year

Cost: £4 per issue; buy single issues at selected bookstores and shops.

Subscription offer: a six-month subscription starts at £35, including free delivery.

6. Cocoa Girl and Cocoa Boy

Filled with inspiring and empowering content for girls aged 7-14 years old, Cocoa Girl is the first UK’s Black Girls’ magazine. Their mission is to celebrate black culture and history and build a community for young Black Girls, as well as supporting parents and carers.

Cocoa Boy is also available and published six times a year.

Frequency: published bimonthly

Cost: £3.99 per issue or subscribe to Cocoa Girl for £25 for six issues

7. Storytime

No adverts and no plastic toys – Storytime is just a collection of fairy tales, folk tales, fables, myths, legends, poetry and book extracts to read with your child, complemented by full-colour illustrations and story-time game and activity suggestions. Perfect for reading with younger children, and a very light and portable way to carry hours of entertainment in your handbag! Download free Storytime activities and recipes from the website.

Frequency: published 12 times a year

Cost: £3.99 per issue; buy single issues at WH Smiths, supermarkets and newsagents nationwide.

Subscription offer: get 12 issues of Storytime for £36.99 with a Direct Debit subscription.


With factual articles, puzzles and fun activities to expand general knowledge, AQUILA is aimed at inquisitive, independent readers aged 8-12. A new topic is presented every month, as well as articles about our world, historical figures, science, ethical issues, original fiction and a very absorbing readers’ letters page. There’s tons to read (and think about) in every issue, and it’s all clearly and beautifully presented, with no advertising. Get a feel for AQUILA’s content by looking through the sample content online.

Frequency: published 12 times a year (July-August is a summer double issue)

AQUILA is only available on subscription.

Subscription offer: an annual subscription is £55.

9. Junior Puzzles

A mix of puzzles, games and fun designed to suit a broad age range. Familiar puzzles include crosswords, Kriss Kross, riddles, wordsearches, Brick Trick, Hidden Words, Spot The Difference, Sudoku and more; 100 puzzles are included in each Junior Puzzles issue.

Frequency: published six times a year

Cost: £2.99 per issue; buy single issues at WH Smith.

Subscription offer: £35 every 10 issues.

10. Story Box, Adventure Box, Adventure Box Max! and Discovery Box

Each of the Box magazines has been designed to appeal to different ages: Story Box is for 3-6 year olds (to be read with a parent), Adventure Box is for 6-9 year olds (you can choose to receive a CD with each issue, so your child can listen to the stories as they read along), Adventure Box Max! is for children from 9 and Discovery Box is for children aged 9 to 12.

With a variety of writing styles and a mixture of fun facts, riddles, cartoons, experiments and games, each magazine offers a great monthly mix for a specific age and stage of development.

Frequency: published ten times a year

Story Box, Adventure Box, Adventure Box Max! and Discovery Box are only available on subscription.

Subscription offer: an annual subscription to each magazine is £67.

11. Whizz Pop Bang!

A kids’ science magazine aimed at making science fun and engaging for 6-11 year old children (and their parents!), Whizz Pop Bang! is aligned to the UK national curriculum and packed with fantastic facts, hands-on experiments, bite-sized information, puzzles and eye-catching illustrations. Completely ad-free, it’s fun as well as very informative.

Frequency: monthly

Whizz Pop Bang! is only available by postal subscription.

Subscription offer: annual subscriptions start at £39. 99.

12. The Week Junior

Aimed at 8 to 14 year olds, The Week Junior explains news and events from a child’s perspective. From news to nature, science to geography, and film to coding, it covers a huge range of topics and keeps kids in the loop about what’s happening in the world in an engaging, age-appropriate way. See sample pages from The Week Junior online.

Frequency: weekly

Cost: £1.99 per issue; The Week Junior is available in major retailers and by subscription.

Subscription offer: From £21.50 for 13 issues.


A new print magazine for girls aged 8-12, KOOKIE champions female role models, celebrates diversity, encourages creativity and curiosity and challenges girls to question and debate. There’s no advertising, just lots of interesting, bite-sized content – interviews, quizzes, comic strips, stories, art projects and more (see what’s inside and order back issues on the KOOKIE website). A great read for pre-teen girls (and their brothers!).

Frequency: four issues a year

Available in selected retailers and from the KOOKIE website (you can subscribe and buy individual issues for £6.50).

Subscription offer: an annual subscription is £24.


Anorak Magazine, the ‘happy mag for kids’ is aimed at boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old (there’s loads to read in each issue, so proficient readers will get the most out of it). A variety of subjects are covered, with beautiful, full-colour contemporary illustrations, board games, puzzles and drawing suggestions and projects included. Definitely not a five-minute read destined for the recycling, this is a magazine kids will keep and refer back to.

Frequency: published four times a year

Cost: £6.50 per issue; buy single issues at newsstands, bookshops and in museum shops.

Subscription offer: get four issues and home delivery for £25 with a Direct Debit subscription.

15. Dekko Comics

Packed with educational material but presented in a zany, colourful, must-read comic-book format, we loved every page of Dekko Comics. Modal verbs, adverbials, Victorians, addition and subtraction methods and more – it all comes to life in a funny, fact-filled package (and there are subject posters to summarise the main points – a brilliant idea). A fantastic choice for primary-school children who prefer their information bite-sized and entertaining, Dekko Comics could be especially helpful to students with dyslexia and other additional learning needs.

Frequency: quarterly

Dekko Comics is available only by post (you can buy individual issues for £6.99 or a catch-up set of four past issues for £20).

16. Science+Nature

From the award-winning team behind The Week Junior, Science+Nature is focused on the world around us and how it works. It’s packed with scientific information, fascinating stories, astonishing facts, awe-inspiring photography and fun activities – designed to spark curiosity, challenge bright minds and ignite kids’ passion for discovery.

Frequency: monthly

Six-month subscriptions start at £19.99.

17. My Mini Garden

Fantastic magazine encouraging children (and adults!) to try their hand at gardening and grow some wonderful things in their own garden. The first edition comes with a free seed growing kit so you can start immediately with your new pastime and use the step-by-step instructions for growing a pea plant. Encourage a love of the outdoors and an interest in nature, as well as reading. Complete with quizzes and fun animal friends, this kids’ gardening magazine is a great screen-free way to engage with the natural world.

Frequency: published quarterly

Cost: Single issue for £4. 99,

Subscription offer: 4 issues for £18

18. Britannica Magazine

Help children (age 6+) become experts in pretty much anything with this jam-packed, fact-filled magazine. Learn the weird, the wonderful and the surprisingly true facts about space, animals, inventions and plenty of other fascinating topics. When will humans travel to Mars? How many kilogrammes of poo are pooped by people every second? These are the important things children need to know and will have lots of fun discovering. You can also keep the kids busy with puzzles, jokes and recipes.

Frequency: once a month but with a double issue in July and December

Subscription offer: monthly £5.99, 6 months £29.99, 12 month £59.99

If your child is an avid magazine reader it’s worth considering magazine-reading apps which allow you to read issues on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Some local libraries allow you to borrow magazines for free using apps.

Children’s Magazines | Library Lady

Brilliant Children’s Magazines, Newspapers and Comics

Magazines, newspapers and comics can be key to encouraging children to read for pleasure. Here are some that have been tried and tested and worked.

Adventure Box

Adventure Box is aimed at children aged six to nine years (younger version of Discovery Box – see below). This magazine includes a story broken into manageable chapters for newly independent readers, photos and information about the natural world, a comic strip and games and puzzles. There are ten issues each year and information about subscription rates are available on the website.


Anorak Magazine, published quarterly and known as  the ‘happy mag for kids’ is aimed at boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old. Published on recycled paper this has a subtly different look to other magazines for this age group. I think this is a refreshing change and children appeared to think so too.

Each issue has a theme (inspired by the British National Curriculum) to inspire and encourage children to tap into their natural creativity and learn while having fun. Every edition has plenty of beautifully illustrated stories, games and activities to inspire and encourage. A one year subscription costs £25. If you would like to find out more visit the website.


This long standing  monthly magazine needs no introduction. Described as “the ultimate intelligent read for inquisitive kids” it is full of interesting articles and challenging puzzles that will get the whole family involved, every issue covers science, history and general knowledge. AQUILA is beautifully illustrated throughout with contemporary artwork.

Despite the increase in competitors Aquila remains a valuable addition to the primary school library or classroom. The content complements what children are being taught and can inspire them to discover more. The topics covered can link together what children are learning in maths, science, history and English. The magazine was originally conceived with the aim of challenging the gifted and more able child and it continues to do so.  Details of subscriptions and multi-buy savings are available on the website.

Discovery Box 

First published in 1996 this educational magazine for children aged 9-12 includes a wide range of subjects including nature, science and history. Animal topics are presented through spectacular photos and informative facts. Important historical events are retold in story format and in a lively and engaging way and science articles present the great innovations and inventions using clear explanations and captioned pictures.  There are comic-strips, DIY activities, games, quizzes, recipes, pet care, and competitions to attract and engage. I think this is more suitable for young readers who may be put off by a lot of dense text.

Ten issues a year cost £50 and can be ordered via the website.

Eco Kids Planet

Eco Kids Planet introduces children to the wonders of nature and encourages them to protect their planet. An award winning nature magazine that aims to be fun, educational and inspiring. Completely plastic and advert free. For more details and subscription rates please visit their website.

Scoop – announcement August 2021 that this magazine is no longer being published 

Scoop is a bi-monthly literary magazine for children aged 7 plus. It contains original fiction, poetry, articles, puzzles and games. Children are encouraged to contribute their own work and to enter competitions. The magazine also features guest editors such as children’s illustrator David Roberts. The official website contains more information and subscription details.


This monthly magazine is fabulous for younger children. Each month, Storytime magazine is packed with wonderful stories for children including fairy tales, myths, fables, stories from different cultures and tales from new authors. Accompanied by bright and cheerful illustrations and puzzles, games and activities this is a very appealing package. Perfect for reading aloud sessions in KS1 and lower KS2 this is a useful resource for teachers and the publishers have now created a range of teaching resources to accompany the magazine. There are more details of these and the various subscriptions available to schools on the website.

Whizz Pop Bang!

Whizz Pop Bang is a 36 page children’s magazine launched in 2015. Each month’s issue focuses on a new and interesting subject, with broad ranging content to appeal to all budding scientists aged between six and twelve.

Written by expert science writers, each magazine is full of facts, puzzles, news and simple hands-on experiments that can easily be done at home or in school, giving parents, teachers and child the tools to become scientists in their kitchens and classroom. Find out how to subscribe and view a virtual copy of the magazine in their website. An automatically renewing annual subscription costs £39.99

WRD Magazine

WRD is a magazine all about books for children between 8 and 14 years old. Originally known as tBkmag, but rebranded as WRD in 2013, it is wonderful for keeping up to date with children’s books. It is full of extracts from the latest books, author Q&As plus loads of assorted features and activities. I used this in the library frequently to help give pupils a taste of books or authors that may be new to them. A couple of extracts read aloud often encouraged children to be more adventurous in their reading choices and it is extremely helpful for librarians and teachers alike. Sometimes it provided reading material for those who had left their reading book at home too!

From 2018 WRD will be published three times each year in March, July and October. It is available singly (from£45 per year)  or in packs of four for schools (from £49.50)  so can be distributed around classrooms if required. I would highly recommend this. More details are available on their website here.


First News

Hugely popular and widely used in schools this award winning weekly newspaper for children is aimed at 7 to 14-year-olds and encourages them to read about the news in an easy to understand and non-threatening way.

It cover issues which are relevant to children and which specifically affect them. There is  a mix of world news and UK news, but also loads of fun stuff, such as entertainment, games, animals, sport and puzzles. The editorial team try to provide a balance of happy, positive stories together with the more hard hitting items in the international news.

There are a range of subscriptions available for schools on the website.

The Week Junior 

The Week Junior Magazine was launched in 2015 and is aimed at children aged between 8 and 14. This is designed to help children to understand current affairs and the world around them.

It is packed with news on a wide range of diverse topics covering everything from nature, the environment and  science to politics, sport and technology. It also includes reviews of books, films, video games and apps. The information is presented in a very child friendly way but provides valuable information too. The weekly debate page is invaluable for sparking class discussion and I loved sharing this with children in the library.

Weekly issues cost £1.20 in the shops but special subscriptions for schools are available from £53.33 for one issue per week. More information is on the official website.


The Phoenix Comic

Last but not least is this brilliant weekly comic. As soon as the first copy arrived in the school library I knew I was on to a winner. The Phoenix is a weekly comic with high quality content and no 3rd party adverts that is suitable for girls and boys aged 6-12.

I have a soft spot for this great magazine as I have on several occasions spotted children, who are normally reluctant to read, curled up in the library engrossed in this. It engages through a mixture of stories, information and humour all conveyed with wonderful illustrations. This is a valuable addition to every primary school library and would be useful in the classroom too. It has also inspired children I have worked with to create their own comics too. It is fabulous.

To find out more visit their official website.

Perhaps one of these magazines will encourage your children to read for pleasure. I do hope so.


Like this:

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Top 10 ㋡ magazines for teenagers in English


1. Teen Vogue

2. Seventeen

3. J-14

4. Glitter

5. Teenage

6. Justine

7. Girl Power

8. Sassy Couture

9. Gold Crown

10. Girlfriend

Youth magazines in English (optional)

  1. Teen Vogue

    Teenage girls

  2. Magazine was founded in 2003 as an offshoot of its big brother. Vogue beauty director Amy Astley was appointed editor-in-chief. At the start, she stated that the magazine would focus on what we do well, namely fashion, beauty and style ( New York Times article ).

    The topics of the magazine are distributed according to the basic hobbies of teenagers, although it shows more than glossy content , which is part of the Vogue presentation template.

    Young and famous girls usually appear on the cover of the magazine. Also, Teen Vogue always publishes an article in the magazine about who is on the cover. Sometimes there are also guys, namely Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, Daniel Radcliffe (together with Emma Watson) and the Jonas Brothers.

    In November 2017, it was announced that Teen Vogue would discontinue its print edition and continue as an online publication. The last issue with Hillary Clinton on the cover was on sale at the end of 2017.

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  3. Seventeen

    Girls aged 13 to 19

  4. The first issue of the magazine was published in September 1944. At the moment it is the oldest teenage periodical ! And still Seventeen remains one of the most popular teen magazines in English !

    On its pages you will find answers to questions about health, love and fashion trends . Seventeen teaches girls to be confident and helps them grow into amazing young women.

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  5. J-14

    For girls and boys aged 13-17

  6. J-14 is consistently ranked among the top teen periodicals. This is one of the first magazines aimed at a youth audience, whose articles are mainly devoted to current celebrity news.

    In each issue you will find posters, fun horoscopes, quizzes, true stories, TV and music news and more! So if you want to keep up to date with what’s up, how Selena Gomez, One Direction and other young stars are dressing, the J-14 is the perfect choice for you!

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  7. Glitter

    Girls under 20

  8. Like most teen magazines in English , in Glitter you will find information about celebrities, their fashion achievements and failures. But if you’re looking for something more than just gossip, then you’re in luck! This edition has an excellent column that discusses book bestsellers ! Glitter is also distinguished by the heading «Real People». It features inspirational stories from ordinary people .

    All in all, if you’re looking for a practical magazine that maintains a teenage vibe, Glitter might be the one for you!

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  9. Teen girls and boys

  10. Established in 1988, Teenage is Singapore’s first and most popular youth magazine. The publication is notable for its deeply thought-out content and may well prepare children for adulthood, becoming an ideal guide for them through the world of entertainment, beauty, fashion, music . The magazine contains answers to any questions related to teenage life.

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  11. Justine


  12. Justine is a teen lifestyle magazine in English. The publication, filled with affordable and high-quality content about modern realities, fashion and beauty, will teach you to think positively, increase self-esteem, will help make life easier for a girl in high school and college . Justine has more teen book reviews than any other magazine.

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  13. Girl Power

    Girls 7-13 years old

  14. In this Australian periodical you will find current celebrity gossip, fashion trends, music, movies, games, the world around you . In general, everything that is usually interested in teenage girls. Girl Power will educate, excite the imagination, inspire creative expression and teach a young girl to be friends.

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  15. Sassy Couture

    Boys and girls aged 3 to 17

  16. The magazine, developed by admirers of southern fashion and style, will inspire the young mind to self-expression through creativity, modeling, and the art of composition. The publication is filled with a lot of gorgeous photos, contains biographies of 9 photographers0008, and also offers themed workshops for aspiring talented photographers.

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  17. Gold Crwn

    For teenagers under 19

  18. The readers saw the first issue of Gold Crwn in 2013. According to its founder, journalist and web designer Ella Audrey Ray, started with a small idea to change the relationship between media and celebrities. The media has always done nothing but «tear celebrities apart» for the public. Gold Crwn same focuses on the big things that fans want to know, while celebrities want to talk about . Our magazine is a kind of platform for demonstrating the talent of famous people ( From the description on the site ).

    At Gold Crwn, young people can read inspiring articles, take part in quizzes and contests, and learn the latest celebrity and fashion news.

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  19. Girlfriend

    Aimed at girls aged 14-17

  20. Last but not least, Girlfriend is Australia’s number one informational print product for teenage girls. Every month you can find in the new issue of the best advice about boys, fashion, beauty and life . It’s jam-packed with celebrity gossip and interviews, exciting real-life stories, plus easy-to-follow beauty and beauty tips.

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English magazines for young people (optional)

You may also be interested in the following journals, whose names are in the table below.

Journal titles in English

Category Magazine titles

Sports Illustrated

Dive Training Magazine



Baseball America



New Moon Girls

American Girl Magazine


Maelle Kids








Useful links

Largest Online English School

English via Skype

Publication date: 2020-01-20

Popular teen magazines.

News digest for children

You can read English magazines for teenagers with at least an intermediate level of English. If so far it seems inaccessible to you, you can flip through magazines. In any case, interesting information about the life of your peers abroad is a great incentive to improve your English.

Magazines worth checking out:

Girls’ Life

The very name of the magazine defines the target audience. The publication is intended for the fair sex from 10 to 15 years. The magazine has been published since 1994 and does not lose its popularity among young readers. Each issue contains information about the school and learning secrets, tips on how to better communicate with peers, psychological advice on ways to increase self-esteem, as well as interesting materials on fashion, beauty, music, literature, celebrities and entertainment. The magazine also has a special section called Guys.

Teens magazine

The name of this magazine also tells us the target audience — teenagers of both sexes. The magazine contains a lot of information about famous people, life stories, tips for creating an image. The magazine has a whole section «Competitions» in which you may be interested in participating.


The magazine is more for girls, as it contains a lot of information about style, beauty, face and hair care, advice on choosing the right cosmetics, health, college life and much more. The magazine also provides female readers with the opportunity to submit ideas to the editors and even take internships on the basis of the publication. True, for this you already need to be a college student, the leadership of which will allow you to write articles for Seventeen for some time during the educational process.


Bright magazine for girls from 13 years old, although it can be interesting for boys too. Lots of information about stars, popular actresses and actors, celebrity interviews, tips and tricks. The headings of the magazine are diverse: star style, interesting little things, news, quizzes. there is even a fanfiction section where readers can create their own creations based on their favorite movies or books.

Teen Vogue

Beauty and fashion magazine for teenagers. The headings of the magazine are mainly devoted to the topic of style and the latest fashion trends: fashion, style of famous people, beauty, life, contests. In the magazine you can find a lot of useful advice about beauty, face care, hair, the right choice of clothes, applying makeup, choosing cosmetics.

You can plunge into the world of fashion with your head on the official website of the magazine.


The magazine is intended for purposeful and confident young people. If you are looking for information on how to successfully finish school, go to college, start building a career, you have found what you need. On the pages of the publication you will be given practical advice and recommendations on the distribution of value priorities and the creation of life plans.

We wish you a pleasant reading!

Oops! was my favorite magazine at 12-16 years old. I tried to read Yes, and Elle, and Cool Girl, and Lisa, and even Cosmopolitan, but only in this magazine I was really interested in almost every page.

Oops is made for teenage girls!
— in the «Stars» section they write about Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, the heroes of «Twilight» and other teen idols. All articles, tests and horoscopes are designed for schoolgirls or students, because they talk about relationships with parents and guys, grades, tests and choosing a profession. There are no tips on housekeeping, proper care of clothes and other household items. There were no recipes before. In the section «Fashion» it is youth fashion, and in the section with make-up and hairstyles — cheerful youth make-ups. By the way, earlier in Oops! they advertised clothes and cosmetics with fairly affordable prices, it has recently begun to appear some expensive things by student standards.

Yes, there are different bows, there are quite decent ones, and there are those that are more suitable for non-formals. Well, this is what is called, for every taste =)

And even now, when I want to be a little nostalgic, I can read this magazine (however, now not in paper, but in electronic form). Of course, I don’t feel the same euphoria from it, most of the pages I quickly flip through, but something remains interesting to this day.

Oops! changes, and some sections are no longer in it. I remember that I really liked the humorous column «Hard Case», in which the girls talked about the incidental situations they got into.

Oops! what made it different from the rest was that it contained many psychological tests and articles. And I loved the tests very much =) Yes, even if these are common truths, but as a teenager I really liked it and it seemed that everything was right and written to the point. I don’t remember the magazine giving any «bad» advice. Here is one of the articles. It seems nothing harmful, the usual tips:

And the fact that they write about sex — as if the modern child has nowhere else to learn about sex, as from this magazine. We are not in the USSR, where there was no sex. Early pregnancies are provoked not by an article in a magazine (it will just tell you how to avoid this pregnancy), but by sexual ignorance and lack of brains.

Students, graduate students, young scientists who use the knowledge base in their studies and work will be very grateful to you.

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Posted on







By discipline:

Children’s literature

«Modern Russian periodicals for children and teenagers»

Completed by:

2nd year student

3 semester

Akinfeeva Lyubov Vasilievna




Variety of periodicals for children and teenagers

2. Analysis of periodicals subscribed to the State Agrarian Institution of the Tyumen Regional Scientific Library. D. I. Mendeleev»



Moral education of children and adolescents, their socialization and inculturation in modern conditions are of particular importance. Periodicals intended for children and youth can play an important role in shaping the value orientations of the younger generation.

Traditionally, the main functions of periodicals for children and youth were cultural, educational and educational functions. These traditions were laid down already in the first edition for children and youth — «Children’s Reading for the Heart and Mind» by N.I. Novikov. The emergence of these functions of children’s journalism was closely connected with the formation of a special status of childhood at the end of the 18th century.

: Study of periodicals for children and teenagers.

For a wider disclosure of this topic, we need to solve the following tasks:

— consider the variety of periodicals produced for children and adolescents in Russia;

— to analyze periodicals for children and adolescents, which are in the fund of the State Agrarian Institution «Tyumen Regional Scientific Library. D. I. Mendeleev.

The following methods

— analysis of literature identified on the topic;

— synthesis of the received information;

— bibliographic method.

Source base
Identification of literature for work was carried out from the funds of the Tyumen Regional Scientific Library named after D.I. Mendeleev, information and library center of Tyumen State University, several sources are taken from the Internet.

Variety of periodicals for children and teenagers

The revolutionary changes that took place in Russia at the end of the 20th century changed social life and caused negative consequences: an increase in crime, the destruction of moral guidelines, traditions, family values, and an increase in destructiveness and immorality in society. All this affected the state of periodicals for children: the educational impact of the media has sharply decreased, representatives of show business and the so-called «glamour» have become role models. Periodicals stopped promoting the best examples of Russian art, concentrated their attention on Western cultural traditions, and began to advertise a way of thinking and life alien to our culture. .

The first decade of the XXI century is characterized by a desire for qualitative changes in the system of periodicals for children and youth. Firstly, new literary, artistic and specialized publications are being revived and published: for younger children (“Merry Pictures”, “Murzilka”, “GEOLenok”, etc.) and older ones (“Pioneer”, “Bonfire”, “Undergrowth” and etc.).

Specialized magazines published under the patronage of the Orthodox Church (for example, God’s World) play an important role in the spiritual upbringing of children.

At the end of the 20th century, environmental problems became topical, environmental periodicals (Lazur, Filya, Svirel, Svirelka, etc. ) were actively published. .

In recent years, a new type of children’s press has begun to develop rapidly — Internet media. Currently, there are more than 20 Russian-language online publications for children on the Web. It is impossible to give an exact figure, due to the fact that a number of publications appear and quickly disappear from the Web, others are regularly updated. Scientific publications consider children’s online press as a broad concept that includes: “adult or youth online press that has fallen into the area of ​​interest of children and adolescents; online publications for children, independent or created as a page of a site for adults; «actually children’s» online publications, with the prevailing share of participation in their preparation of children and adolescents. In the scientific literature, a typology has yet to be developed, the main genre varieties to be identified, and the content of the children’s online press to be analyzed.

Thus, despite the active development of modern periodicals for children and youth, the main problem is the lack of romance, a common idea, goodies. It is necessary to revive cultural traditions in the field of spiritual, moral, family, patriotic education of the younger generations; a skillful combination of pedagogical and aesthetic should contribute to an effective impact on the minds and hearts of young readers.

. Analysis of periodicals subscribed to the State Agrarian Institution of the Tyumen Regional Scientific Library. D. I. Mendeleev»

Tyumen Regional Scientific Library named after D.I. Mendeleev (GAUK TONB) is the largest regional research center, organizer and coordinator of the entire library system of the Tyumen region.

The library subscribes to about 1000 newspapers and magazines, including those aimed at children and teenagers.

The analysis of completed periodicals was compiled on the basis of the Consolidated catalog of periodicals and publications of the NTI bodies received by the libraries of the city of Tyumen.

The greatest demand among young readers is caused by periodicals about animals: «GEOLenok», «Drug».

Magazines “Drug. Magazine for cat lovers” and “Friend. A Magazine for Those Who Love Dogs is the oldest and most popular publication that professionally covers a wide range of issues about dogs and cats: care, breeding, training, etc.

The Soviet-Russian magazine Rovesnik will tell about music, cinema, and education. The magazine is designed for young people aged 14-28.

The library offers for older readers the popular science magazine «Young local historian», which publishes interesting articles about history, nature and geographical discoveries.

Journal «Young Naturalist» is a popular science magazine for children and youth about nature, natural history, biology and ecology. Published since July 1928. In some years, the circulation of the magazine reached almost 4 million copies. The magazine acquaints children with the diversity of life of the animal and plant world, fosters love for nature, teaches them to take care of its riches, promotes the development of a materialistic understanding of natural phenomena in schoolchildren, and tells about the latest discoveries of biological science in a popular form.

The library also subscribes to the world famous nature magazine for children «Young Traveler». Pictures of the best photographers in the world; the latest information on biology and geography; stories of real travelers; unique corners of the planet; unusual records on the verge of human capabilities — all this can be found in this magazine.

For library users who are interested in Orthodoxy, the SAUK TONB is equipped with the Orthodox youth magazine Naslednik. Naslednik is a unique Orthodox magazine that makes youth for youth! The magazine is funny and serious at the same time. We create articles, reports, interviews, stories in it in order to tell you in an interesting way about what we have seen and learned.

The newspaper “Tyumen fidgets”, a newspaper about children and for children, is represented in the fund of the GAUK TONB. The regional children’s newspaper «Tyumen fidgets» is published once a month. Distributed to schools in all districts of the south of the region and the city of Tyumen. Published with the financial support of the administration of the Tyumen region. Its publisher is Tyumen Publishing House. library periodicals child

The newspaper is made with the participation of children, with the active support of journalists from regional newspapers, teachers, psychologists, employees of creative and sports centers, as well as the public movement «Tyuments — for a healthy lifestyle.»

Thus, in the Tyumen Regional Scientific Library. D. I. Mendeleev ”is issued only a small part of the periodicals for children and adolescents. A wider list of titles, complete with periodicals, is presented in the State Agrarian Institution of the Tyumen Regional Children’s Scientific Library named after I.I. K. Ya. Lagunov «and in city libraries (City Youth Library, Library of Family Reading named after A. S. Pushkin, Central City Library).


Magazines for children and teenagers in an accessible form explain to the child where he lives, what is around him, open his eyes to the beauty of nature, help to know good and evil, seek to satisfy children’s curiosity. Periodicals serve the purpose of practical exploration of the world (independently or together with adults): to read in order to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. Therefore, on the pages of magazines you can find many educational games, contests, tasks and exercises (quizzes, tests, riddles, mathematical problems).

It should be noted that, unfortunately, the culture of reading periodicals in families has been lost, although parents should instill an interest in printed matter, cultivate love and respect for it. And few parents know about the existence of a mass of magazines and newspapers for children. Meanwhile, the variety of printed children’s publications on the Russian market has recently been so great that it is simply impossible to cover them all in one short review. .

Commercialization has a huge impact on publishers today. In this case, the ability to sell your product becomes more important than the quality of the publication. In recent years, the subject of publications for children has significantly expanded, while such literature does not always meet quality standards and moral requirements. Children are attracted to bright pages, but neither they nor their parents realize how negative the influence of low-quality mass periodicals is. As unfortunate as it may sound, but raising profits has become more important than providing children with good, kind and high-quality periodicals. .

Unfortunately, the problems of children’s publications for preschoolers are not subject to scientific research. Attention is paid to children’s periodicals in general, despite the fact that, from a theoretical point of view, within the framework of publications for children, it is relevant for an audience aged 0 to 18 years, that is, until the child becomes an adult. .

used literature

1. PRO children’s reading: a collection of teaching materials /

Muni. ob-tion b-k; ch. ed. L. A. Glinskikh. — Yekaterinburg:, 2010. — 68 p.

2. Belousova V. Tyumen fidgets / V. Belousova // Tyumen region today. — 06/28/2012

3. Gaidamanova, E. V. Periodicals for children and youth: cultural and historical experience and development trends / E. V. Gaidamanova. / Electron. Dan. — Access mode:

4. National program for the support and development of reading and guidelines for its implementation: / . — Moscow: Interregional Center for Library Cooperation, 2009. — 479 p. : tab. ; 22 cm — (Homo sapiens, Homo legens). — Bibliographer. in subline note — 1000 copies. — ISBN 978-5-

-027-0 (in translation)

5. About us, Friend magazine // Wikipedia. — Electron. Dan. — Access mode: — (Date of treatment 11/12/2014).

6. About the project //Heir. — Electron. Dan. — Access mode:

7. A peer, magazine // Wikipedia. — Electron. Dan. — Access mode: — (Date of treatment 11/12/2014).

8. Consolidated catalog of periodicals and publications of the NTI bodies received by the libraries of Tyumen / SAUK TONB. . — Tyumen: GAUK TONB, 2013. — 102 p.

9. Tsymbalenko, SB Teenager in the information world: the practice of social design / SB Tsymbalenko. — Moscow: Research Institute of School Technologies, 2010. — 252, p. : ill., tab. — (School technologies. Praktika).

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Teen magazines
— Magazines aimed at underage female readers. They usually consist of gossip, news, fashion tips and interviews and may include posters, labels, small selections of cosmetics or other products and inserts. There should yet be any magazines specifically designed for teenagers.


In the United States, teen magazines were conceived during the 1940s.


UK Honey
Fleetway (1960–1986) is regarded as having established the sector. Teen magazines are produced in many countries around the world and are widely popular in Australia, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Seventeen Magazines
began publication in the US in September 1944 and was the first magazine dedicated to the needs and loves of teenagers.

While some teen magazines focus almost exclusively on music and movie stars, others feature more extensive coverage of lifestyle issues and are actually junior versions of magazines such as Cosmopolitan
or Cleo

Famous American teen magazines include Seventeen
and Teen Vogue
. Popular now defunct magazines were Sassy
, YM
, Teen
and Teen People. Large scale Canadian teen magazines include Faze Magazine
. Since 1972, teen magazines in the United States have addressed the African American market with publications such as Straight On!
(manufactured by Sterling-McFadden, who also makes the Tiger Bit
), and Word Up

Like other mainstream magazines, teen magazines can be found every month in supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores and newsstands. In recent years, teen magazines have also appeared on the World Wide Web. Examples of these include , Disturb
in Canada, which is published both online and in print.

In the UK, changes in the way teenagers spend their money (and the fact that there were fewer of them even though they had more cash) led to many casualties in the 1990s because titles were unable to compete with mobile, digital and online media. The magazine publishers lowered the age range with names for «tweenagers» (aged 9 — 13) gaining popularity such as, hot

Teen magazines tend to be categorized as lifestyle (e.g. Sugar
), entertainment (often based on music), or comics.


In the UK, sales in the teen magazine sector peaked in 1998. Teens had many more attractions competing for their cash and their attention, such as media delivered on the web and on mobile phones. In addition, booming celebrity weeklies have attracted more teenagers from even younger ages (led by the celebrity TV series). In response to this, in April 2007, National Journals — publisher Cosmopolitan
and Cosmo Girl!
— Launched digital weekly teen magazine, Jellyfish
, in trial. This was the second attempt in the UK to establish a new online business model, the first being Monkey
from Dennis, who aims to sell to men aged 18 to 34. In both cases, readers sign up to be emailed to «eMag». Each issue shows interactive elements and «pages» that can be «turned». However, the National Journals closed Cosmo Girl!
in June and experiment on Medusa
was nearing its end in August.

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  • Medusa’s first cover can be seen in
  • «Jellyfish shutdown is another blow to the teen sector», Guardian, August 14, 2007 media.

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Magazines Category:Teens»
Ralph Macchio
Bravo (Romanian magazine)

Children’s cognitive magazine «Shishkin Les» — an interesting, kind and instructive publication for children of preschool and primary school age.
The magazine won the sympathy of small and large readers.
On the pages of the magazine you will meet a cute mouse Shunya, a good-natured wolf cub Zubok and a restless kitten Koksik. Do you need wise advice? Contact Raccoon Enotych and smart owl Matilda Leonardovna and you will learn a lot of new and interesting things!
Together with the heroes of the magazine you will go on exciting journeys, make amazing little things, get acquainted with Christian virtues.

TV show and magazine website:

«Magic» — in the first days of January the magazine turned nine years old! To everyone who has chosen a “Magic” friend as a travel companion, Congratulations! You will not be bored with inquisitive, positive, caring, modern, romantic peers! Real sorceresses!

Interesting sections are waiting for you: «Fashionable Sentence»; «Star guest»; «Guess!»; «Laughter Therapy»; «Chat on the Fence»…

Meet at Magic!

For the youngest readers — educational magazine «Disney for kids»

— bright and colorful, with characters from the most famous and beloved cartoons around the world.

Exciting adventures await children here — in the jungle where Mowgli and his friends live, in the ocean where Nemo swims, and also games with Dalmatian puppies, funny stories and entertaining puzzles prepared by Aladdin, Simba the lion cub, monsters from « Monsters Corporation, characters from the cartoon The Incredibles, and even Bambi the deer. And, of course, funny and instructive stories that develop riddles,
coloring pages,
crafts, games for friends!

And all the readers are waiting for an additional special issue of the magazine «Disney for kids» in a beautiful and bright cover, which will be published 6 times a year.

«Disney for kids» — children’s fun magazine!

Literary and entertainment magazine «Murzilka».

Murzilka Magazine

turned 85 in May 2009. It is still alive and thriving to this day.
Modern «Murzilka» is full of interesting, informative materials — history, achievements of science and technology, sports, the most important events of today. Materials on such topics attract not only young readers, but also their parents.
The magazine publishes fairy tales, fairy tales, stories, plays, poems.

In addition to wonderful texts written by famous children’s authors, among which there are literary works, cognitive and educational materials, the magazine has very high-quality bright illustrations in the form of drawings and photographs. And in the middle of each issue — amazing engravings of paintings by the greatest artists «Murzilka Art Gallery», an adapted text about the author and his creations. As well as permanent comics, advice from Murzilka, puzzles, puzzles and riddles, contests with prizes. And, of course, letters and drawings from the readers themselves. «Murzilka» is addressed to children from 7 to 12 years old.

Journal website:

«Svirel» —

children’s environmental magazine for family and school reading, magazine about nature, for readers from 7 to 12 years old. It contains popular educational materials on various aspects of natural science and ecology, focused on school curricula, as well as literary and artistic works — stories, novels.

In each room — acquaintance with the reserve or the national natural park. The texts in it are written in a popular science style adapted for schoolchildren. Photographs as illustrations. The journal covers not only environmental and biological problems, but also other topics of interest to children and adolescents: stories about interesting and exciting professions, materials about Orthodox ascetics, geographical discoveries, expeditions of modern travelers, works of art are published.

The publication contributes to the formation of the foundations of environmental awareness among schoolchildren.

«Toshka and company»

is a «fun animal magazine» for kids aged 5-8. Toshka, a cheerful and inquisitive puppy, will be a true friend for all animal lovers. On the pages of the magazine, he talks about wild animals, about the secrets of raising and caring for pets.

There are a lot of illustrations in it, and not only drawn ones, there are also photographs in Toshka.

In each issue, Nikolay Drozdov holds an exciting contest «In the World of Animals», and the winners are waiting for wonderful prizes — books, CDs, cassettes. And Toshka also makes riddles, offers crosswords and puzzles, tells and shows photo stories. The central spread of the magazine is a poster — unique author’s photographs of animals.

Mickey Mouse

is the iconic WEEKLY for kids and teens. Published in more than 50 countries around the world!

In each issue you will find new exciting comics about the world’s most popular cartoon and comic book characters — Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other famous residents of Disney’s Duxburgh!

Also: jokes and funny pranks, tricks and pranks, riddles and crossword puzzles, contests with prizes!

Reviews of movies and videos, computer games and Internet sites, dossiers on «stars», news and reports on the most interesting events in the country and in the world!

MICKEY MOUSE magazine is read by schoolchildren of any age, as well as their brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents!

Cognitive almanac «Klepa».

Designed for ages 9 to 12.
The constant heroine, the girl Klepa, “travels” through different times and countries together with her readers.

Dear friends! Magazine for cheerful, inquisitive and not indifferent! Children and adults, schoolchildren and adults, teachers and parents… Everyone who loves: learning is fun! Have fun! Travel through time and space! And, of course, communicate! Our motto: together — more interesting!

Since Klepa is a sociable girl, she has a lot of friends. This is the wise, thorough dog Filippych, and the coquettish fashionista canary Kapi-Kapi, the little hero Yegorka, and of course, many, many klepamans — boys and girls who communicate with each other in klep clubs.

Travel, riddles and discoveries await you in every issue of Klepa magazine.

And also:

The most interesting facts in «Klep-gazeta»

Invaluable advice under the headings «Girls» and «Boys»

Fun games, puzzles, comics and more!

Why and Why magazine.

Modern «why» want to know about everything. Learning about the world around them, they often ask adults questions that are not at all easy to give a clear answer … Why are there seven days in a week? What are clouds made of? How many bones does a person have? Why do kings need a crown? Why don’t penguins fly? Why do trees need leaves?

Answers to these and many other questions you will find on the pages of this colorful educational magazine for children. Also for you fairy tales, stories, crossword puzzles, games, crafts. The magazine aims to teach children to think logically, be able to make friends, instill feelings of mutual respect, discover the beauty of their native word, lead children to the land of knowledge. To help teachers — scripts for matinees and performances. Golden Fund of the Russian Press.

Playing with Barbie Magazine

is a luxury magazine for girls who want to be like the beautiful and clever Barbie! In each issue: photo stories about Barbie and her friends, fashion, coloring pages, wonderful crafts, riddles, puzzles, as well as a contest in which you can win a real Barbie doll! All girls love to read and play with Barbie!

And all the girls are waiting for an additional special issue of the magazine in a shiny cover “Playing with Barbie. Princesses”, which will be published 6 times a year.


Riddles and tasks: looking for treasures, building logic chains, dressing up Barbie on the beach, solving drawings in the sand!

Games: cut chips, coins from a magazine and play.

Culinary recipes.

«Play with Barbie» — the best magazine for young fashionistas!

Funny stories;

Reading poems and fairy tales;

Gallery of literary heroes.

As you can see from the review, the magazine contains versatile material for children from 7 to 14 years old. Each of them can choose a page to his liking, and someone, perhaps, will discover something new that he had not previously been interested in.

Monthly magazine «Young Erudite»

is addressed to children and young adolescents aged 10-13 years. In an entertaining way, the magazine will tell inquisitive readers about the history and present day of science and technology, outstanding scientists and discoverers. The guys will learn how machines and mechanisms are arranged, what causes tornadoes and cyclones, what causes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Special sections are devoted to modern computer and aerospace technologies, the mysteries of wildlife, forecasting the future, and the history of weapons.

«Young Erudite» invites its readers to conduct simple, but funny and instructive physical experiments, solve puzzles, and participate in various competitions. The publication is also expected to include pages of comics and short fantastic stories and novellas.

The magazine is full of high-quality color illustrations.


— popular science illustrated magazine about fishing. Permanent headings will tell about the technique and tactics of fishing, about gear and equipment, give practical recommendations to those who are going to combine a holiday on the seaside with their favorite hobby.

Material from the section «Places to know» will certainly attract the attention of anglers-travelers.

In a word, if you are a true angler — this
magazine is for you!

«Marusya» — a magazine for teenage girls


Here any girl will find everything that interests her. The magazine has six sections: «Fashion», «Mirror», «Show», «Style», «Feelings», «Home». Different headings talk about beauty, health, celebrity life, new cosmetics, travel, professions. Also in each issue you will find a horoscope, culinary recipes, 2-3 celebrity posters, an unusual hit parade, a photo gallery of readers, answers to questions regarding love experiences, professional psychologists’ advice, interior design tips, a scanword and much, much more.

Website of the magazine «Marusya»:

Boomerang is a magazine for teenagers.

All boys and girls will find here much of what interests them. The magazine has four main sections: «Cinema», «Music», «Sport», «Man». «Boomerang» magazine — these are stories about stars and «anti-stars», about events in the world of alternative, indie and extreme in cinema, music, sports and in our life; stories about travels and wonders of the world, historical reenactment clubs, unusual hobbies and passions; regular reviews of new movies, music, books; comics and crossword puzzles, celebrity posters and mini-posters, photo galleries of wonders of the world!
It will help the reader to keep abreast of the most interesting things happening on the planet!

Romeo and Juliet —

romantic, enthusiastic, sociable, very musical, affectionate and gentle, amorous and naive, funny and happy youth magazine wants to meet the same readers. First love, music, money, fashion, a lot of advice, training and work (including abroad).

Regular headings await you:

Dating club «Privet»;

Super contests;


All this and much more you will find on the pages of your favorite magazine.

World of technology for children magazine

Cognitive almanac «Children’s Encyclopedia».

Children’s magazine about nature for family reading «Anthill».

Magazine “Why?”.

Editions of the Russian Children’s Fund

«Guiding star. School reading»

A beautifully illustrated humanitarian educational magazine addressed by the Russian Children’s Fund to modern youth (until January 2000 the magazine was published under the name «School novel-newspaper»).

The magazine publishes the best works of domestic and foreign fiction and aims at highly moral education of the younger generation.

«Guiding Star» is recommended by the Ministry of Education of Russia for program and extracurricular reading of students in grades 6-11. Inside the edition is a magazine within a magazine — «Big Change» — funny and informative materials about the life of modern youth, the creativity of the readers themselves. The magazine has been published since 1996 and has become popular with schoolchildren, teachers, librarians, and parents. The Organizing Committee of the All-Russian exhibition «Press-2002» awarded the journal with a diploma «For consistency and loyalty to the reader».

Magazine «Child of Man»

This educational and pedagogical illustrated magazine by the Russian Children’s Fund is addressed to adults — those who are called upon to take care of children who have lost their parents, who find themselves in a difficult life situation: directors of orphanages, parents-educators of family orphanages, heads of boarding schools, law enforcement officers authorities, teachers, doctors, parents — to everyone who cares about children and childhood. The magazine publishes materials about the situation of children in Russia, about children’s rights, about the programs of the Russian Children’s Fund, about working with children in the regional branches of the RDF, tells about enthusiasts — the knights of childhood. It comes out once every two months.

Magazine «God’s World»

Brightly illustrated magazine for children and youth. Published with the blessing of His Holiness, His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia. Its goal is Orthodox education and enlightenment. In a fascinating way, the magazine tells about the thousand-year history of the Russian Orthodox Church, about our fatherland — its spiritual basis, culture and art. The materials of «God’s World» can be used in classes in Orthodox gymnasiums, in schools — Sunday and general education, for reading in the family circle. Coming January 1997 years old, 6 times a year.

Parents about children

Nanny Magazine

«Nanny» — the first publication on the Russian market of parent and child topics. The main task of the publication is to be useful to parents, to become a real kind «Nanny» for them, an assistant who will quickly, intelligibly and competently give an answer to any question related to the upbringing of the younger generation. The publication is well illustrated, strict scientific basis of materials, good literary language in the publications of the journal make it accessible, understandable and interesting for a wide range of readers.

Magazine «My Baby and Me»

Moi Krokha i Ya magazine is one of the most popular publications for parents in Russia. The main topics of the publication: pregnancy and childbirth, baby care, baby food, development and upbringing of the baby, the health of the child and the family as a whole, the psychology of family relationships, charm and beauty, children’s fashion, interior.

The magazine will be of interest to young mothers and fathers, pregnant women, families planning to have children, grandparents, methodologists of preschool and school institutions — men and women of different ages and different professions, who are united by love for children.

Family Reading magazine

Magazines for leaders of children’s reading



In each issue you will find information on:

About the 100 most interesting book releases of the current month;

About the news of the book world in Russia and abroad;

About the life and work of famous writers;

About the history of famous books and quotes;

And much more.

Reading Together magazine will become your navigator in the vast expanses of modern literature!


Reading, Learning, Playing

The magazine will be useful and interesting for you, dear teachers and librarians.

The magazine «READING, LEARNING, PLAYING» contains columns that collect scenarios on history, local history, Russian and foreign literature, ethics, legal education, art history, librarianship, as well as games and materials dedicated to the holidays.

Please note that scenarios dedicated to significant dates arrive two or three months ahead of time, which gives you time to think through the events. And, of course, there are many «eternal» topics and names that we constantly refer to on the pages of the magazine. The magazine «Read, learn, play» will be a good helper in everyday work.

Scientific and methodical

Education magazine

«Education of schoolchildren» for decades has been the leader in terms of the number of subscribers among pedagogical journals. It is the most widely read pedagogical journal.

Traditional headings:

— «Principal of the school and his deputy»,

— «For the class teacher»,

— «Teacher of additional education»,

— «For conversations with parents»,

— «Preparation for family life»,

— «Our moral values», etc.

The journal «Education of schoolchildren» pays great attention to the publication of materials on the use of the educational opportunities of folk holidays, games, rituals, as well as works of oral folk art, on the development of specific pedagogical activities using elements of folk culture.

Readers of the magazine will learn about the current state of the system of patriotic education from a series of publications about the work of not only schools, but also children’s and youth military sports clubs, search centers, specialized children’s camps.

Leaders of the largest children’s social movements in Russia and neighboring countries speak on the pages of the magazine.

Scientific and educational journal

«Spiritual and moral education»

Cultural-historical and modern experience of Orthodox education and training, the spiritual essence of the disciplines studied in the school curriculum, the educational role of sacred rites and symbols, the cultural and spiritual traditions of the peoples of Russia.

Conversations with children: about love for the Motherland and its shrines, about the traditions of Russian history, about holidays, rituals and customs of the Orthodox Church, about church and faith, about sin and prayer, about a virtuous life, etc.

To help teachers, educators, parents.

[ Kids/Teens ]
— Monthly newspaper for children from 7 to 13 years old. Stories, puzzles, anagrams, articles about animals, mazes, quizzes, jokes, tasty recipes, addresses of pen pals. Melodies and pictures for mobile phones.

  • [Children]
    — A magazine for the little ones. Children’s poems and stories, songs and counting rhymes.
  • — The latest issue and archive of issues of the children’s magazine. Stories about nature and the city of St. Petersburg, poetry, humor, game library. Children’s cinema and literature, fashion and etiquette. Forum.
  • [ Children/Teens ]
    — Literary illustrated magazine for children 9-13 years old. The authors are wonderful children’s writers and artists.
  • [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
    — Monthly magazine for girls only. Fashion, beauty, love, psychological problems. Needlework, cooking. Communication on the forum.
  • [Children]
    — Children’s literary and art magazine. Aimed at children from 6 to 12 years old. Fairy tales, fairy tales, stories, plays, poems. Art Gallery. Puzzles, games, inventions. Archive of numbers.
  • [ Children/Teens ]
    — Magazine for children. Articles, fairy tales and short stories published in the magazine are available on the site. Journal archive. News and useful tips. Security School. Subscription information.
  • [ Children/Teens ]
    — A magazine written and drawn by children for children. Stories, drawings, poems and fairy tales. Archive of numbers.
  • [Children/Teens]
    — All-Russian newspaper for children and adolescents «Pionerskaya Pravda». News of children’s life in Russia. Archive of numbers. Thematic applications.
  • [Children]
    — Children’s fabulous illustrated magazine. Fairy tales, riddles, curiosities, oddities, stories, poems, charades, puzzles, facts from the life of scientists and great storytellers.
  • [ Teens/Mature Teens ]
    — An electronic version of the monthly St. Petersburg magazine-newspaper about the life, problems, interests of adolescents and youth.
  • [Teens]
    — Online magazine for children. Interesting and informative information. Library. Online entertainment.
  • [ Children/Teens ]
    — Children’s entertainment online magazine. Games, riddles, stories, fairy tales. Personal pages of readers.
  • [ Children/Teens ]
    — Electronic version of literary and artistic children’s magazine. News, fresh issue, contests.
  • [Children]
    — Children’s entertaining and educational monthly magazine. Collections of funny rhymes and riddles, alphabets, songs, ditties, lessons in good manners, crossword puzzles, puzzles, coloring books, answers to children’s questions, humor in short pants, Povareshkin’s advice, creativity of young readers. Archival materials sorted by headings and numbers.
  • [Mature teens]
    — Youth online newspaper. News of youth life, interactive charts and music reviews. Opinion polls on a variety of issues, an unusual look at some of the problems of youth. Forum.
  • Editions for children


    Aigolek : balalar magazines. — Almaty. Cognitive and developing magazine for children of the XXI century. In Kazakh. Journals. — Almaty

    Alaqay, balakay : balalarga arnalgan republican journal of Almaty

    Balalar shygarmashylygy: b — Astana

    Balbulak . — Almaty. Information and educational magazine for children and teenagers. In Kazakh.

    Baldyrgan . — Almaty. Magazine for children of preschool and primary school age. In Kazakh.

    Friendly guys : republican newspaper for children of Kazakhstan. — Almaty.

    El erteni-kz : magazine for senior school age. — Oskemen.

    Yerke : illustrated, informative magazine for children. — Almaty. In Kazakh.

    Ertegiler aleminde = In the world of fairy tales . – Almaty

    Zhyl-on ekі ai : literary, artistic and cognitive magazine for children and adults. — Almaty. In Kazakh.

    Parents’ club «» : magazine for parents. — Almaty

    Moldir bulaq . — Almaty. In Kazakh.

    Rostishka : upbringing, education, health and creative development of children. – Almaty


    Geolenok . — M. Children’s, scientific and educational magazine about everything in the world.

    Why? : for secondary school age. — M. Magazine for boys, girls and their parents about science, technology, nature, travel and more. Sports, games, puzzles.

    ABVGD — fairy tales, games and lessons : children’s monthly magazine. — M. Children’s funny useful magazine.

    Antoshka : newspaper for children. — Dimitrovgrad

    Funny Lessons : educational magazine for children of middle school age. — M.

    Winnie and his friends : your nature magazine. — M. Entertainment and educational edition. For children of primary school age.

    Sparrow . — M. Didactics: from 2 to 5 years. Systematic, but inconspicuous learning in a playful way in the main areas of development.

    Boys and girls: crafts school. — M. Needlework, cooking, home science, interior design, fashion, advice from psychologists and cosmetologists for boys and girls.

    Children’s Reading for Heart and Mind . — M. Children’s classical literature for home reading.

    Preschooler Methods and practice of upbringing and education: program «Happy child». — M.

    Game and children : a magazine for parents and teachers. — M.

    Wings : magazine for teenagers. — M. The world of a modern teenager understanding and consciousness of himself in life and society, the development of a creative personality.

    Craftsman : children’s art. — M. Child development 5-12 years old. Magazine for the whole family.

    The world of technology for children : educational magazine for children of middle and senior school age. — M.

    Murzilka : a monthly literary and artistic magazine for children of primary school age. — M.

    Our Filipok : an illustrated magazine for preschoolers, schoolchildren and their parents. — M.

    The Smurfs. Comic books, quick wits, riddles and coloring books: for children of middle school age. — M.

    Umnyashka : monthly magazine for children. — M.

    Chitaika : a monthly magazine for children of primary school age.

    Young Naturalist : popular science illustrated magazine for children of middle school age. — M.

    Junior technician . — M. Cognitive magazine for children and adolescents.

    Young artist : a monthly fine arts magazine for children and youth. — M.

    Young erudite : a magazine for the curious. — M.

    I explore the world : educational magazine for children and teenagers. — M

    EDITIONS FOR CHILDREN Aigolek: balalar magazines. – AlmatyXXI ғasyr balalarynyң oy-sana, қyzyғushylyқ talap-talpynysy tolyқ eskeriletin basylym. Balalar әdebieti = Children’s literature. — AlmatyBalbulak. – AlmatyBalalar men zhasөspіrіmderdіn tabigі kabіletіn oyatyp, talabyn shyndauғa bagyttalғan aқparattyқ tanymdyқ magazine. Baldyrғan. – AlmatyMektep zhasyna deyingі zhane bastauysh synyp okushylaryna arnalғan қazaқ tilіndegі magazine Friendly guys: republican newspaper for children of Kazakhstan. — AlmatyYerke: korkem suretti, tanymdyk-akparattyk magazine. — Almaty Ertegiler aleminde = In the world of fairy tales. — AlmatyZhyl — on ekі ai: bastauysh synyp okushylary men ata — analarga zhane tarbieshі, ұstazdarga arnalgan adebi-tanymdyk kүnparaқ. Young and daring: informative and entertaining interactive magazine for teenagers. — Almaty RUSSIAN PUBLICATIONS why? : for middle school age. — M. Magazine for boys, girls and their parents about science, technology, nature, travel and much more. Sports, games, puzzles. ABVGD — fairy tales, games and lessons: a children’s monthly magazine. — M. Children’s cheerful useful magazine. Antoshka: a newspaper for children. — Dimitrovgrad Fun lessons: an educational magazine for children of secondary school age. — M.Vinnie and his friends: your journal about nature. — M. Entertainment and educational edition. For children of primary school age.Children’s reading for the heart and mind. — M. Children’s classical literature for home reading. Wings: a magazine for teenagers.

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