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Aztec (Nahuatl) Girl Names — Mama Natural

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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender


Spring, fountain

Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)


Loved one

Aztec (Nahuatl)


Precious Flower, Queen

Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)


Feather, precious thing

Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)


Raising Star, the first female Aztec warrior, is in Nahuatl the language of the Aztecs.

Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)


Forever, Always

Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)


Flower that bloomed

Aztec (Nahuatl)


You will always be loved

Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)


Precious Flower, Queen

Aztec (Nahuatl)



Aztec (Nahuatl)

Original Nahuatl names for boys and girls

If you’re Mexican, this has happened to you for sure: You listen to the Huapango, from José Pablo Moncayo, and you raise goosebumps, you can´t resist dancing at the beat of the mariachi and can’t avoid telling the world the love legend between the Iztaccihuatl and the Popocatepetl Mexican volcanoes. Long live Mexico!

Our culture is extraordinarily rich and the Prehispanic original names are so sweet and with such deep meanings that definitively we should consider them when deciding how we will name our child.

This list was taken from the book Nombres indígenas (Indigenous names), written by Crescencio García Ramos, academic investigator from the ‘Academia Veracruzana de las Lenguas Indígenas’ (Veracruzan Academy of Indigenous Languages). They are gorgeous!

But how do we pronounce original Nahuatl names?

According to Crescencio García, letter /x/ sounds as “sh”. Letter /h/ as soft “j” when it goes first, but when it’s between vowels it’s a little stronger and you have to aspire when it goes next to the other consonants or at the end of the word.

Double l /ll/ (doble ele) is pronounced literally double “ele” and a little separated, not like the Spanish Greek “y”.

On the other hand, Launye, M., academic from the UNAM and author of Introducción a la lengua y la literatura náhuatl (Introduction to Nahuatl Language and Literature), makes us notice that, in general, “Nahuatl names have no gender, they can be used by women or men”.

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List of Nahuatl names for boy or girl:

Nahuatl names with letter “A”

Acolmiztli: It means “Strong feline arm” or “Puma arm”.  It was represented as an enormous black puma with a cadaveric aspect, with a supernatural roar and it was in charge to guard that the alive could not get into the kingdom of the dead.

Ameli, Ameyalli, Ayulía: It means “Spring of water”. It’s reverential way is: Ameyaltzin.

Atleinemik: It means “Without pair”, “Has no equal”, “Unique”, “Singular”, “Exceptional” or “Strange”.

Atzin: From Nahuatl A (tl) “Water” and Tzin, “Little water”. Its most common meaning is “Tiny water”.

Axayácatl: It means “Mask of water”. Axayácatl, son of Tezozomoc, was the Mexica Tlatoani who ordered to make the Stone of the Sun. He was succeeded to the throne by his older brother, Tízoc Chalchiuhtlatona.

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Nahuatl names with letter “C”

Centli, Sintli, Sinti: It means “Corn” or “Corn cob”. Another meaning is: “Material from our own flesh” or “Our Flesh”.

Chalchiunenetl: It means “Jade doll”. Aztec princess daughter of Axayácatl.

Chamani: It means “Plant sapling”. Chicome Cóatl: Goddess of the tough corn harvest, lady in the fullness of her maturity. It means “Always snakes”.

Cihuacoatl, Siwakoatl: Lady goddess of the Earth. Besides being mother of gods and creator of humans, Cihuacóatl is related to Earth’s fertility, that´s why she was part of the most important deities, since she gave to our ancestors the food that they enjoyed every day. It means “Female snake”

Citlalli: It means “Star” or “The woman with the Starlight”.

Citlalmina: It means “Arrowing of the stars” or “Metheorites”.

Cuahtli, Koahtli, Kuahtli: It means “The Eagle”, “Owner of the immensities, the heights and freedom.” Maybe it derivates from the same etymology of Cuauhtémoc´s name.

Nahuatl names with letter “E”

Ehékatl, Ejecatl: It means “God of the wind that sweeps the fields before the rain”. It is usually interpreted as one of the Quetzalcóatl´s manifestations, “The Feathered Serpent”. It is one of the main gods of creation.

Elía, Eli: It means “The plant is sprouting”. Esquía, Eskía: It means “The plant has already sprouted”.

Nahuatl names with letters “H” and “I”

Huitzitzillin, Witzitzillin: It means “The Hummingbird or the ‘Chuparrosa’”.

Icniuhtli: It means “Friend/Brother”.

Ilhuicamina: It means “The irate lord” or “Sky Arrowhead”. As son of tlatoani Huitzilíhuitl, he assumed the head of the army as long as the reigns of his half-brother, Chimalpopoca, and his uncle, Itzcóatl, lasted.

Istaksiwatl, Istaccihuat, Iztaccíhuatl: It means “White woman”. According to Aztec Mythology, she was a princess, only daughter of Tízoc, seventh tlatoani King and successor of Axayácatl, his brother.

Itzmin: It means “Thunder”.

Itztlishochitl or Ixtlixochit: It means “Flower face” or “Obsidian flower”. He was prince of Texcoco, Son of the sovereign Netzahualpilli.

Izel: It means “Unique”.

Iztli: It means “Obsidian”.

Nahuatl names with letter “M”

Metstona, Metztona: It means “Moonlight”.

Metztli, Meztli: It means “Moon” or “Black Moon”. In the Aztec mythology it is the name given to the god who became goddess of the moon.

Mickail Huitontli: It means “Corn at full maturity”.

Mixtli (Mishtli): It means “Cloud”.

Miztli: It means “Cat”.

Nahuatl names with letter “N”

Neli: It means “Truth”. Nenet: It means “Doll”.

Nezahualcoyotl: It means “Strong Lion” or “Hungry Coyote”. Nezahualcóyotl is also known as the warrior and poet King. He was remarkable for his courage and intelligence; he governed his native Texcoco when he was barely 28 years old.

Nochipa: It means “Always/Everlasting”. NOCHIPA IPAN NOYOLTSIN is one of the most beautiful Náhuatl phrases, it means “Always in my hearth”.

Noquetzal, Noketzal: It means “My beautiful daughter”.

Noxochih: It means “My flower”.

Nahuatl names with letters “O” and “Q”

Ollin Tonatiuh: It means “The movement Sun, from the fifth creation from Teotihuacan”.

Quetzal, Quetzali, Ketzalli: “Beautiful feather”, it also means treasure, jewel, daughter or son.

Quetzalcóatl: God creator of the man from the fifth sun. Also known as “Feathered Serpent”.

Quetzalteuh, Ketzaltew: “Like a beautiful feather”.

Nahuatl names with letter “S”

Seltik Xochitl: It means “Tender flower”.

Sinti, Sintli: It means “The corn”, it was related to the deity that protects corn.

Sintiopil: It means “Tiny owner of the corn” or “Little corn”.

Siwapil, Sihuapilli: It means “Girl”, “Little daughter”.

Sochiyok, Xochiyok: It means “Flowered”, flower ornament.

Nahuatl names with letter “T”

Tametzona: It means “Moonlight”.

Tecuichpo: It means “Cotton flower”. Mexica princess that was born at the end of the 1500 decade. She was the favorite daughter of Moctezuma II, México-Tenochtitlan emperor.

Tenampi: It means “Son/daughter of god”.

Teosintli, Teocintle: It means “Corn god”.

Tequihua, Tekiwa: It means “Community authority” (boss).

Tlacaélel: It means “The one who cheers the spirit”.

Tlali, Tlalli: “Earth, Mother Earth, The world”.

Tláloc, Tlálok: “God of the rain”.

Tlanesi, Tlaneci: “Dawn, Sunrise, The light arrives”.

Tlanextic: “Light of the Dawn”.

Tlapaltic: It means “Brave”.

Tonantzin: It means “The Virgin”, “Our Mother”. Sometimes, Tonantzin is recognized as Quetzalcóatl’s mother, other times, as his wife and part of his duality, especially in his form of Cihuacóatl. She is the goddess of health, lady of the maternity and medicine herbs. With the conquerors’ arrival, some began to identify her as the Guadalupe Virgin.

Tonatiúh: It means “Our Father Sun, The sun, The day”. The Aztec people considered him as the leader of the sky. He was also known as the fifth Sun because the Aztecs thought that he assumed control when the fourth Sun was expelled from heaven, so, according to their cosmogony, each Sun was a god with its own cosmic era and, for the Aztecs, they still were in the era where Tonatiuh reigned.

Totahtze, Totajtse: It means “Our father”.

Toxayak: It means “Our face”.

Tzalanti o Tlalantik: It means “As clear as water, pure, clear”.

Tzotzo Catzin: “Remarkable Beauty”.

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Nahuatl names with letter “X”

Xaly (Shaly): It means “Sand”.

Xayakatl: It means “Face”.

Xilonen: It means “Goddess of the new and tender corn”. She was the goddess of subsistence for the Aztecs, especially of corn, the main patron of vegetation and, by extension, also goddess of fertility.

Xinaxtli, Xinachtli: It means “The seed”.

Xiutecuhtli, Xiwtekuhtli: It means “Lord of the herbs” or “God of the fire”. In Aztec mythology, the fire and heat spirit.

Xochihua, Xochiwa, Xochiyowa: “That blooms, sprouts, owns the flower”. Xochikoskatl: “Marigold (Cempasúchil) flower necklace”.

Xochikuskat, Xochihuaskatl: “Symbol of the floral offering in the ritual”.

Xochimanali: “Ceremonial of Xochitlalli”.

Xochipayanali: “Disintegrated flower”.

Xochipili, Xochipilli, Makuilxochitl: “Good of the flowers”.

Xochiquen, Xochiken: “Thirteenth governor of Tenochtitlan”.

Xochiquetzali: “Women who populated Mexico after the flood, Goddess of water, Beautiful flower”.

Xochisiwatl: It means “Rose petal”.

Xochiswatl, Xuchizhuatl, Xochitl: “Flower, symbol of the good creation, of the intellectual and emotional flourishing, The Love”.

Xochitl Nolía: “Princess, daughter of a cacique in the Huatusco, Ver., region. The one who gave her love to a young warrior”.

Xochitlali, Xochitlalli: Ceremonial celebration to the gods and natural elements (Zongolica region).

Xochiyoh: “The one who is decorated with flowers; flowered”.

Xocotzin, Xocotzin, Xokotzin: “The last one”, in traditional and Aztec mythology, she is the personification of passion and sexual transgressions. She belongs to the group known as Ixcuiname, the five goddesses of sex, daughters/sisters of Tlazoltéotl (lust) goddess. As her peers, she was commonly considered a goddess capable of helping or punishing human beings.

Xuchal, Suchatl: “Petal rose”.

Nahuatl names with letter “Y”

Yali: It means “Joy”.

Yetlanetzi: It means “Dawn”.

Yeyetzi, Yehyektsih, yehyektzih: “Pretty, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Good-looking”.

Yohualli: It means “Night”.

Yolotl: It means “Heart”.

Yolotzin, Yoltzin: “Soul, Heart, Tiny Heart”.

Yoltic: “The one who lives”.

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Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver

Spanish version

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Aztec female names — List of Aztec girl names and their meanings alphabetically



The names of girls among the Aztecs have been modified over the years, changed in the forms of sound, pronunciation, meaning. From time to time, different Aztec female names become very popular, as they are tied to fashion. Today, for example, among the popular names, it is worth highlighting rare options. They arise as a result of the reduction of the names of cities, the names of famous people, historical places. Below is a list of names for women, which contains all the options that exist today, including rare ones.

Aztec names for girls

Starting with the letter A

Amoxtli — a book
Atl — water
Ahuiliztli — joy
Achkokhtli — leader

Starting with the letter Z

Zeltsin — thin
Zyanya — always, forever

Starting with the letter I

Izel — unique
Iknoyotl — friendship
Ixkatzin — like cotton
Ixtli — face
Ixchel — goddess of the earth, moon, and medicine, means the lady of the rainbow
Ilhuitl — day
Yolihuani — source of life
Ioloxochitl — flower of the heart
Iolotli — heart
Ioltsin — small heart
Iolyamanitsin — attentive person
Itothia — dance
Ihuitl — feather
Ihuikatl — sky
Ichtaka — secret

Starting with the letter K

Quetzalxochitl — a precious flower, queen
Kitlali — a star
Kitlalmina — a comet, a meteorite, the greatest of female heroes
Quihuaton — a small woman
Koaksok — a colorful snake
Cosamalotl — a rainbow
Koszkatl — gem
Xyloxoc — flower of the calyandra
Xipil — great fire
Xiuhcoatl — fiery snake or weapon of destruction, precious light
Xihuitl — year or comet
Xoko — the youngest sister
Xokoyotl — the youngest child
Xochioth l — the heart of a delicate flower
Xochiketzal — the goddess of love , flowers and songs, flower feather
Xochikotsin — a small necklace of flowers
Xochitl — a flower
Quikatl — a song
Qually — good

Starting with the letter M

Malinalkxochitl — herbaceous flower
Manoia — protector
Mahuizoch — magnificent person
Meztli — lunar
Mecatl — rope
Mizquixoal — face painted with mesquite
Miyaoaxochitl — pale 90 002 Moyolehuani — charming
Momoztli — altarpiece

Starting with the letter H

Nahuatl language — four waters
Necahual — survivor
Nelly — truth
Nenetl — doll
Noxochikoztli — necklace of flowers
Nochtli — prickly pear fruit

Starting with the letter O

Ohtli — Road

Starting with the letter P

Papan — flag
Patli — medicine

Starting with the letter C

Sucknight — female white flower
Sintehua — single

Starting with the letter T

Teikuih — female younger sister
Tenok — Mexican cactus
Teoksihuitl — turquoise or precious and divine
Tepin — baby
Teuikui — younger sister
Teyakapan — firstborn
Tlazochzin — beloved
Tlaco — middle
Tlacoehua — middle
Tlacotl — willow twigs
Tlachinolli — fire
Tleinxtli — radiance, brilliance, majesty
Tlexictli — center of fire
Tlloli — earthly
Toltecatl — artist
Tonalnan — mother of light

Starting with the letter H

Chikahua — strong
Chipahua — pure
Cholkhiuitl — emerald
Cholkhiuhtiku — goddess of water and rivers, witch

Letter E

Eztli — blood
Eleuia — desired
Eloxochitl — magnolia
Etalpolli — Wing

Starting with the letter I

Yaotl — war, militant
Yayahkui — black smoking mirror

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The meaning of the name Nadalia for a person, the origin of the name, the fate and character of a person named Nadalia.
Nationality, translation and correct spelling of the name Nadalia. What colors, amulets, patron planets and zodiac signs fit the name Nadalia?
You can read a detailed analysis and description of the name Nadalia in this article absolutely free.


There are 7 letters in the name Nadalia. These are people who adhere to the canons. They live with the rules inspired during their upbringing, they try never to break them, for them this is the only path that leads to happiness. Because of this, they are often stubborn and intolerant, even when it is completely inappropriate. The hidden meaning and meaning of the name Nadalia can be found out after analyzing each letter.

Formula for calculating the number of the name: Nadalia

  • Nadalia. N + A + D + A + L + I + Z
  • 6 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 6
  • Sum — 24 Next 2 + 4 = 6 physical health. They show diligence in any work, but if they are not interested in the occupation, they treat it with dislike. One of the main features is the rejection of routine activities and the presence of a critical mindset. They do not know how to relax in the environment, they are tense all the time and are in constant doubt.
  • A — this letter is the strongest and brightest letter in the Latin alphabet. The carriers of this letter in their name strive to be leaders, often fight with themselves, love change. Strive to be at the top of comfort spiritually and physically.
  • D — think over the sequence of actions, starting any work. The main focus is the family. Quite capricious, they find themselves in charity. They have hidden extrasensory abilities, do not want to develop internally, people with this letter make the main emphasis on short-term positive impressions from others or close people.
  • A — this letter is the strongest and brightest letter in the Latin alphabet. The carriers of this letter in their name strive to be leaders, often fight with themselves, love change. Strive to be at the top of comfort spiritually and physically.
  • L — they have a subtle perception of beauty, a gentle nature, at the right time they can pick up the key to any person. Artistic and open, endowed with a creative mindset. Willing to share knowledge and experience. All the time in search of their true purpose, do not live life meaninglessly. They can be narcissistic, dissatisfied with other people.
  • and — people with this letter in their name are often sensual, romantic and sophisticated natures. Strive to find harmony with the outside world, good. They can be prone to asceticism and loneliness, in difficult situations they become practical. They do not know how to obey and are indifferent to gaining power.
  • I am — achieve goals, endowed with a sense of dignity and good mental abilities, tend to seek a loved one and recognition of others. They can turn what is happening in a different direction, beneficial to themselves. They are also prone to leadership and activity.

General information about the name Nadalia

The origin of the name is usually associated with the cultural characteristics of its people, and living conditions. Names appeared among certain peoples in connection with historical conditions, and as a rule they had practical application and meaning. In the past, people used to have 2 personal names, but in the modern world this is not accepted now.

History is silent when the names got their separate group. If we delve into the history of mankind, we learn that already in the 2-3 century BC. e. a certain philosopher Chrysippus in his writings mentioned names as a separate phenomenon. For a long time, people gave each other names and these names usually meant the type of activity of people, or emphasized their characteristic features.

Today people can come up with a name for themselves and wear it with pride. There are cultures in which there are two names of a person, one of which is secret, because, knowing the true name of a person, you can damage him, jinx him, etc. The ancients always believed that the name directly affects the fate of a person, as in the well-known saying “As you call a ship, so it will sail”, the name is of great importance in the fate of a person, in this article we will try to figure out which one.

Taurus is the sign of the zodiac. Taurus are by nature silent, keep a lot in themselves, can soberly reason and assess the situation, are intuitive, have great willpower. In a state of calm, they demonstrate gentleness and patience. Very quick-tempered if hurt to the quick. They do not like external pressure and are very touchy. They are sure that they are special, they know everything better than others and consider it their duty to explain to the interlocutor what is wrong. They differ from Aries in the ability to accept their wrong. After that, they will even thank him for opening his eyes to obvious things. Has a strong trust, monogamous, often mistaken and disappointed in people.

Numerology named after Nadalia will help you find out the character and distinctive qualities of a person with that name.
You can also learn about fate, success in your personal life and career, decipher the signs of fate and try to predict the future.
In numerology, the name Nadalia is assigned the number — 6.
The motto of the sixes and this name in life is: «Positive thoughts lead to positive results.»

Influence on career and profession. What role does the six play in choosing a life’s work? To realize themselves in the profession, such people have many opportunities. A job that is closely related to the law, the judiciary, or charity will do.

The role of the name Nadalia in his personal life. This number indicates that a person is ready for a long and stable relationship in marriage. But this does not mean that personal life will turn out well. The first experience of relationships with the opposite sex in four cases out of five will be unsuccessful and painful. This is due to the fact that many people see the benefits and are not averse to taking advantage of a kind and naive person. Sixes value harmony, calmness, they know how to support their neighbors, and this helps them get along with almost any person. The same sixes are ideal for such people (this union will turn out to be really strong), triples, ones, nines and fours.

Nadalia patron planet Venus. Representatives of this type are characterized by sensuality and love of love, since similar qualities are also attributed to their patron planet. Their charm helps them in difficult situations where you need to show resourcefulness of mind and firmness of character (these qualities do not apply to people of this type). They are sensitive to everything sublime and beautiful, often find themselves in the creative fields or art. They do not need finances, as they are often married to a wealthy partner, they have attractiveness and exquisite taste, they love everything beautiful, but they are arrogant. They try to keep up with trends in order to learn new things and learn, show diligence if you need to achieve your goal. Their weakness is the rest of the soul and body, the character is accommodating and peaceful. They will find a common language with a person of any type.

In Russian, this name is correct to write like this: Nadaliya
If we try to translate this name into English (transliteration), we get — nadaliya

Illegibility when compiling your style and image is about you. You value convenience and quality more than fashion trends for a given period. The most basic rule for you when choosing clothes is that the outfit or suit makes the right impression on others and presents you as a person who can definitely be trusted. After all, this status in the company is very important for you.

You try in every possible way to realize your abilities and have a bright personality. This desire often determines what choice you make. You often have to choose what is more important and priority for you. It’s good if you can focus on one thing and follow a specific goal, devoting maximum time and effort to it. It is also very bad when you are trying to keep up with several hares and do not want to give in even with a small chance of success. In this case, you risk losing everything and being left with nothing. Follow your heart, it does not take into account the external attractiveness and temptation with which the life of artistic personalities is adorned.

You are extremely charming, romantic, you can convey your feelings in such a way that they are sure to evoke a response. You feel the full taste of life and continuous euphoria when you experience true love. You always find wonderful features in each partner, and this always delights and amazes. But as soon as the relationship loses its sense of novelty, becomes obligatory and mundane, you immediately burn out and lose interest. You endure the gap quite easily, but the memories of it remain with you for a long time, as you like to analyze every little thing and detail, compare the past and the present.

You have affection and intense love. In family life and love, you are always faithful to your soulmate, often you sacrifice yourself and your own interests for the sake of your loved one for a long time. You show the same attitude towards close friends and relatives. Others do not pay attention to your shortcomings, because attractiveness, charm and passion for life cross out all the disadvantages. Do not focus on the shortcomings and weaknesses of your own children. Try to praise them as often as possible, encourage them and help them develop their imagination. Serious and respectable people can appreciate you as an egotistical and eccentric person due to the fact that you are sometimes too talkative, especially since finding a topic for conversation is not a problem for you.

Origin of the name Nadalia

What does the name Nadalia mean?

The name Nadalia is primarily a female name of Portuguese origin, which means «Born on Christmas Day». Names that sound like Nadalia:

Natala, Natalia, Natale, Nahuatl, Nenetl, Natal, Nantala.

Case Case question Name
Nominative Who? Nadalia
Genitive No Who? Nadalia
Dative Glad To whom? Nadalia
Accusative See Whom? Nadalia
Creative Satisfied Whom? Nadalia
Prepositional Who am I thinking about? Nadalia

Share your opinion about the meaning of this name, if you have any information about the name that is not listed in the article — write about it in the comments below, and together with you we will supplement the history of this wonderful name ,
thank you for your contribution to the development of our project!

If you like the meaning and description of the name Nadalia? or you have friends with that name, describe in the comments — what is their fate, nationality and character.

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