Sofia girls name: Sofia — Baby Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

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Sofia — Baby Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

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Sun Jul 09 2023By Clare

Sofia Origin and Meaning

The name Sofia is girl’s name of Greek origin meaning «wisdom».

Sofia is a variation of the Greek name Sophia, which was derived directly from sophia, the Greek word for wisdom. It was the name of a Roman saint—the mother of Faith, Hope, and Charity—and queens of Russia and Spain.

Sofia is the elegant choice of several celebs; Lisa Remini, Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy all named their daughters Sofia.

The streamlined Sofia spelling is widely used throughout Europe, in Italy, Spain, and throughout Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. The Disney Junior show Sofia The First gave Sofia an elegant, royal feel.

Variants and diminutives of the name include Sophie, Sofie, Sonia, Zosia and Vivi.



in the US

Sofia Rank in US Top 1000

Sofia Popularity

  • 13US2022
  • 137Nameberry2023
  • 10Future2028
  • 23England2021
  • 21Scotland2022
  • 39Ireland2022
  • 42Australia2022
  • 49New Zealand2022
  • 44France2022
  • 5Germany2020
  • 30Netherlands2022
  • 1Italy2021
  • 3Spain2021
  • 11Portugal2022
  • 20Brazil2021
  • 50Sweden2022
  • 9Norway2022
  • 12Denmark2021
  • 9Finland2022
  • 8Belgium2021
  • 7Switzerland2021
  • 43Austria2021
  • 73Poland2022
  • 63Estonia2022
  • 16Slovenia2022
  • 1Chile2021
  • 25Croatia2022

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Famous People Named Sofia

  • Sofía Margarita Victoria FedericaQueen consort of Juan Carlos I of Spain
  • Sofia Carmina CoppolaAmerican film director/producer
  • Sofia Margarita VergaraColombian actress
  • Sofia Black D’EliaAmerican actress
  • Sofia Vladimirovna VassilievaAmerican actress
  • Sofia Roma RubinoAmerican actress
  • Sofia Villani Scicolonebirth name of Sophia Loren, Italian actress
  • (Lena) Sofia Alexandra ArvidssonSwedish tennis player
  • Sofia MilosItalian/Greek actress
  • Sofia Carson (born Sofía Daccarett Char)American actress and singer
  • Sofia Christine HuertaMexican,American soccer player
  • Sofia BoutellaAlgerian actress and dancer
  • Sofiya «Sofia» Mykhaylivna YevdokymenkoRotaru, Russian pop singer
  • (Johanna) Sofia Blåsippa KarlssonSwedish folk singer,songwriter
  • Daniela Sofia Korn RuahPortuguese,American actress
  • Sofia Kristina HellqvistPrincess of Sweden, Duchess of Värmland
  • Sofia Vilhelmiina Mäkkylädaughter of Miss Europe 1976 Ritta Väisänen and Erik Mäkkylä
  • Sofia Richiedaughter of singer Lionel Richie
  • SofiaPrincess of Bulgaria, daughter of Prince Konstantin,Assen of Vidin; twin of brother Umberto
  • Sofia Grace Macydaughter of actors Felicity Huffman and William Macy
  • Sofia Valastrodaughter of baker and TV personality Buddy Valastro («Cake Boss»)
  • Sofia Bella Pagan (b. 2004)daughter of actress Leah Remini and Angelo Pagan
  • Sofia Nesta (b. 2006)daughter of footballer Alessandro Nesta
  • Sofía de Todos los Santos de Borbón y Ortiz (b. 2007)Infanta of Spain; daughter of Felipe VI
  • Sofia Bucur (b. 2007)daughter of singer Dana Nălbaru of HI,Q and actor Dragoş Bucur
  • Sofia Clementina Handler (b. 2007)daughter of actor Evan Handler
  • Sofia Diana Cousins (b. 2009)daughter of skaters Steven Cousins and Elena Berezhnaya
  • Sofia de Souza (b. 2009)daughter of footballer Deco
  • Sofia Kolokolnikova (b. 2011)daughter of actors Kseniya Rappoport and Yuri Kolokolnikov
  • Sofia Altaba (b. 2012)daughter of socialite Chabeli Iglesias and Christian Altaba
  • Sofia Vardy (b. 2014)daughter of footballer Jamie Vardy
  • Sofia Maria Selby (b. 2014)daughter of snooker player Mark Selby
  • Sofia Franchitti (b. 2015)daughter of racing driver Dario Franchitti
  • Sofia Crespo Leung (b. 2015)daughter of singer Gigi Leung and Sergio Crespo Gutes
  • Sofia Volya (b. 2015)daughter of actors Pavel Volya and Lyasan Utiasheva
  • Sofia Rita Fusaro (b. 2016)daughter of rugby union player Chris Fusaro
  • Sofia Steen (b. 2017)daughter of Norwegian singer JOWST
  • Sofia Mechetner (b. 2000)Israeli fashion model and face of Dior
  • Alexis Sofia Cubandaughter of businessman Mark Cuban
  • Ella Sofia Gordondaughter of racing driver Jeff Gordon
  • Lucia Sofia Pontidaughter of Edoardo Ponti and Sasha Alexander
  • Sofia Conte (b. 2001)YouTuber and younger sister of Gabriel Conte.

Sofia in Pop Culture

  • Sofia Angelica Herreramain female character in Scarlett Avery’s book “Undeniable Lust”.
  • Sofia Johnsoncharacter in Alice Walker’s «The Color Purple»
  • Sofia Robbin Sloan Torrescharacter on TV’s «Grey´s Anatomy»
  • Sofia BalthazarPrincess of Enchancia, main character on animated series «Sofia the First»
  • Sofia Constantinascharacter in Wonder Woman comics
  • Sofia «Fia» Darkecharacter in Elise Noble’s Blackwood Security series
  • Sofia Curtischaracter on TV’s «CSI: Crime Scene Investigation»
  • Sofia Duprecharacter on American soap «The Young and the Restless»
  • Sofia Lambcharacter in video game BioShock 2
  • «Sofia Petrovna» novel by Lydia Chukovskaya and its main character
  • Sofia Sartorcharacter in video game Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
  • Sofia Rikkincharacter in the film «Assassin’s Creed»
  • Sofia Serranocharacter in film «Vanilla Sky»
  • Sofia «Fifi» Garcíacharacter in «How the García Girls Lost Their Accents» by Julia Alvarez
  • Sofia Kowalskicharacter in movie «The Ex»
  • Sofia Floresmain character in Danielle Vega’s «The Merciless»
  • Sofia Bjergsencharacter in video game The Sims 4
  • Sofia Lombardi/Cristina Quadrimain character from the Argentinian film «Captive»
  • SofiaBulgaria
  • Sofia means princessroyal gem
  • Sofia Rodriguezcharacter on TV’s «Young & Hungry»

Baby Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

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July 28, 2023



Other Origin(s):Roman


Sofia is a girl’s name of Greek origin. It is a variant of Sophia, which comes directly from the Greek word σοφία, meaning “wisdom.” While both spellings are popular, Sofia is more fashionable in Italy and throughout the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds. It is also the capital of Bulgaria and the name of arthouse film director Sofia Coppola. Sofia has a touch of European elegance and Old World romance that will resonate with parents looking for something trendy yet worldly for their new baby girl.

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meaning, fate, character, origin, compatibility with other names

A fire always burns inside Sofia, she has a passionate, strong and energetic nature. For the owners of this name, it is very important not only to find the work of their life, but also to realize that it benefits other people. They can find themselves both family and professional.

The fate of the name Sophia

The nature of a person, of course, largely determines the course of his life. Since Sofia has a very emotional nature, she chooses such a person as her companion, next to whom the girl will glow with the happiness of mutual love. But this task is not easy, so Sofia can easily be free, and she is not at all oppressed by the position of an unmarried woman. She won’t stay with a man for status. Sophia understands the importance of reasonable calculation in personal relationships, but if a man, for all his success, does not fit in his inner qualities and cannot understand her, she will never connect her life with him.

If the owner of the name has found her man, she will become a wonderful wife and mother.

As for the business of life, women with the name Sophia often find themselves in creativity, science, journalism or open their own business, and they run it very successfully.

And it doesn’t matter if Sophia devotes herself to her profession or family, whether she finds a golden mean — she will never feel empty. Because, despite the excellent analytical abilities, the choice will always be at the head of what her heart tells her.

The nature of the name Sophia

Sophia is distinguished by sincerity, attentiveness and kindness. She is always ready to help. But there is a fine line here. It is thanks to her inherent sensitivity that the girl perfectly understands when her boundaries are going to be violated, and will not allow this to happen.

Sophia most often has the nature of a leader. In addition, she is hardworking and consistent, does not quit what she started halfway, and those around her know that you can always rely on her.

Rarely turns to anyone for help, partly because of her inherent pride, partly because she does not want to inconvenience other people.

Sophia lives up to her name to the fullest extent: since childhood, she has been distinguished by a sharp, quick and at the same time deep mind. Knowing this, she is often approached for advice, and she will always find a constructive and wise solution.

The owner of this name may seem shy and restrained, but this is due to the fact that with age her need to open up to people becomes less and less. But when Sophia is in the circle of close people, she becomes bright, cheerful and noisy.

It is important for Sofia to hear pleasant words and praise, she is definitely one of those women who loves with her ears. She appreciates her actions very much, but if she does not give compliments, she will feel inadequate and important.

Despite her excellent intuition, Sophia tends to make carefully considered decisions. She can nurture an idea for a long time, thinking through the strategy of action in all details, with all plans B and C, before taking on its implementation.

Actress Sofia Kashtanova. Photo: globallookpress.comFencer Sofia Pozdnyakova. Photo: Pavel Kashaev,

Origin of the name Sophia

Many people know that in ancient Greek the name Sophia means «wisdom». At the dawn of Christianity, Saint Sophia and her daughters Faith, Hope and Love became famous.

After the adoption of Orthodoxy in 988, the name Sophia came from Byzantium to Ancient Rus’.

It is curious that this name was often given to girls in the royal dynasties, so it began to be considered noble. It was rarely used in peasant families.

Sofia is abbreviated as Sonya, Sonechka, Sonyusha, Sofa, Sofochka, Sofyushka.

Sofia name compatibility with other names

Good compatibility will be with men named Arkady, Valery, Vitaly, Vladimir, Vsevolod, Grigory, Daniel, Denis, Evgeny, Fedor.

And the dialogue will not work out, most likely, with Alexander, Andrey, Anton, Boris, Kirill, Plato, Yakov.

Expert comment

Elena Danilova, teacher of astronomy, astrologer of the traditional Western school:

— Ever since antiquity, the name Sophia has been associated with mastery, knowledge and harmony of the world.

If we talk about the astrological and vibrational component of this name, then here we will see the manifestation of two contradictory energies: Venus, in its highest manifestation, and Saturn. From my point of view, the name Sophia is associated with the zodiac sign Libra, because it is this sign that means the balance and harmony of the world. It is associated with the manifestation of the great eternal femininity, but in a very strict and laconic form, which Saturn gives it. The complex energies of the name make the fate of the owner thorny and difficult. Sophia must always remember that she must adhere to the golden mean, behave exclusively as a higher human being. Understanding the harmony and justice of the world will lead the owner of this name to true harmony within herself and in her heart.

The use of abbreviations — Sofa, Sonechka, Sofyushka — is correct, as it softens the vibration of the name and brings in the energy of the planet Venus.

Since the name Sophia is associated with the zodiac sign Libra, it will be easier for girls born under this sign to transmit the energy of the name. It is quite difficult for Sofia to live if she was born under the sign of Capricorn, because then we observe a shift in the energy of the name towards Saturn, this can make the owner of the name tough and despotic. If Sophia was born under the sign of Aries, this will make her life completely unpredictable, and the owner willful, because in this case there are too many hard, masculine energies in her. If Sophia was born under the sign of Cancer, then it will be difficult for such a girl to maintain a balance between family and career. In relation to other zodiac signs, this name is quite neutral.

The name Sophia, from the point of view of numerological vibration, is associated with the sphere of stars, which refers us to the divine, cosmic principle. With this name, according to the Kabbalistic tradition, the energy of the number eight is associated. Comprehension of the harmony of our world, the study of the stars, that is, in a word, the desire for something higher for Sofia should be extremely important. Otherwise, relations with the outside world will be extremely difficult due to the fact that she will be perceived as a tough, intractable and stubborn person.

What does the name Sofia mean for a girl

Beauty is her element! And her name is Sofia

Sofia means «wise» . This name is of ancient Greek origin, quiet, gentle, a little sad, very feminine.

The popularity of this name has grown exponentially in recent years. Now newborn girls are called by this name 5 times more often than 10-15 years ago. According to the results of sociological studies that were conducted in 49 countries around the world, the name Sofia is in the top 25 most popular.

Each nationality has its own interpretation of this name: Sofia, Sophia, Sophie, Sofka, Sonya. Most often this name is given in the countries of the Slavic, Baltic and Germanic language groups. It was not possible to trace the connection between religious views and the number of children with this name, since this name is found equally often in Orthodoxy, and in Catholicism, and in Islam.

This name seriously competes with the name Maria, which has been a leader in the rankings of the most popular female names in the world for decades. The popularity of the name Maria has a religious basis, and in the case of Sophia, experts agree that this is nothing more than a tribute to fashion. 25-30 years ago, at the time when the current young parents were born, it was rare to meet a girl with this name, so the name did not have time to get bored and is rarely associated with anyone.

Sofia’s traits

Little Sophia means a real fidget. This active and positive child is always in a hurry to help his peers and elders. The girl has unlimited resources of love and kindness to everything that surrounds her. She will be happy to look after her younger brother or sister. Also, several yard dogs or cats will definitely be under her care.

Sofia loves to be at the epicenter of interesting events. It’s hard to call her a homebody. Her life is always a kaleidoscope of events. Peers are happy to call her in a company where she feels easy and at ease. Among friends, she has the glory of a generous and sympathetic person. It costs nothing for her to give her friend any thing she likes. In the team, Sofia does not strive to become a leader. She perceives interpersonal relationships as the need for a mutual exchange of positive emotions, and not self-affirmation and dominance.

Sophia Bush, actress

Patrons named after Sophia

  • Planet — Saturn
  • Zodiac — Libra
  • Color — Dark blue, green
  • Stone — Lapis lazuli, jasper
  • Color — Dark blue, green
  • Patron — Swallow, praying mantis
  • Plant — Linden, lovage, cedar

Sofia is always a diligent student. By nature, he has a good memory and has a developed intuition. Not all school subjects are easy for her, but thanks to her strong-willed character, Sofia is able to achieve excellent results in all areas of knowledge. True, Sofia is in no hurry to go beyond the school curriculum. With much more enthusiasm, she will study music or attend a drama club. From a young age, this girl will strive to be realized in the field of activity that interests her, but Sofia is not a careerist by nature. It is paramount for her to reveal her potential.

Sophia is greatly influenced by her relatives and close people. Since childhood, she is very close to her parents and tries to maintain relationships with all relatives. Family values ​​are not an empty phrase for her. She preserves many traditions and rules of her parental home by creating her own family. Elderly parents will not be left without her care.

Surrounding people love and respect Sophia for her prudence, justice and sincerity.

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