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I have a few surnames I enjoy as first names (Truman, Flynn, Lincoln, etc.) but not many. However, in my two years on this sub I become more and more and more mystified by how much this sub in general hates surname-names. Here is why:

  1. Surnames have been used as first names for centuries. Lincoln, Jefferson, and Truman both became popular names around the presidency of those people. Author Washington Irving was born in 1793 and Meriwether Lewis in 1774. Darwin has been in the U.S. top 1000 since the late 1800s. In 1880, the U.S. top 1000 included the names Haywood, Burr, Wellington, Maynard, Hamilton, Webster, Johnson, Eldridge, Parker, Wyatt, Wilburn, Houston, Clement, Mason, Elwood, Fletcher, Jefferson, Millard, Lewis, Herman, and many, many more names that are more common as surnames. This is not a new trend, but an established tradition. Here is a list of babies born in Salem, MA, between 1600-1850 and you can see many surnames. This is not just an American thing either. In Asia, many people have and continue to pick surnames as their English names.. It was difficult to find data on historical U.K. statistics, but surnames are most certainly used as first names there fairly often. I remember reading Sherlock Holmes stories, written in Britain in the late 1800s/early 1900s and seeing characters named Reginald, Sherlock, Hilton, Hall, Hill, Willoughby, Hosmer, Grimesby, Thorneycraft, Jefferson, Jephro, Wilson, etc. so the concept could not have been unfamiliar to the UK at the time.

  2. When used as a first name, a surname honors someone. Many people are given their mother’s maiden name as their name, a very old tradition (one example, Ulysses S. Grant’s brother was named Simpson after his mother’s maiden name). Or they are given another family surname to honor their family.

Also, surnames are often used to honor people. It’s very obvious that Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy etc. are/were common names in honor of presidents. Other times, people just like the sound of a surname and use it because of that, but who should stop them?

3) Surnames take on a new context when used as a given name. I once heard someone say naming your baby Lincoln is appropriative, taking a family name from someone else and assuming their family history. First of all, this is untrue. A given name is meant for one person, while a surname is the family name that passes on history. If I met a boy named Lincoln I would not assume he was related to Abraham Lincoln but if I met a Robert Lincoln I might wonder (just an example, as Abraham Lincoln has no living descendants). A given name communicates something entirely different from a surname—a child named Lincoln does not immediately become a member of the Lincoln family.

In the end, I may not be a fan of many surname-names, but I’m not going to pretend as if this is a new trend that popped up five years ago. The Graysons, Coltons, Lincolns, Jacksons, etc. of today were preceeded by the Trumans, Washingtons, Simpsons, Darwins, etc. of the past.

So what are your opinions about surname names?

30 Cute Last Names For Girls

You might think that surnames are rather buttoned-up and boring, but believe us, there are many cute last names for girls that make excellent first names. Fifty years ago, it would have been unthinkable to name a baby girl a random surname. Sure, surnames were kept in the family but today, parents are turning to attractive last names with no immediate family connection. Why? We think this trend is happening for a couple of reasons. Firstly, surnames are often gender-neutral and will sound smart on both boys and girls. Secondly, last names are rarely frilly or over-the-top. Simply put, these names mean business.

We wanted to discover cute last names for girls so we turned to the Social Security Administration’s list of popular baby names. As we surveyed the top 1000 names for girls in the most recent data, we found so many surnames used instead of traditional given names. For instance, Madison is 100 spots ahead of good old-fashioned Mary. We saw this again and again which lets us know that this is one serious trend. For the purposes of this list, we will include some popular surnames that are being used as given names and some new possibilities just waiting to be discovered. Okay, let’s talk baby names!


A perfect name for parents who love English literature, Austen is an English surname that is a form of the Latin, Augustus, meaning “venerable” It’s one of the cute last names for girls that looms large thanks to the literary great!


A very popular name in the US today, Bailey spelled with an E is a smart choice. We love the more traditional English variant without it! Baily is an occupational surname that means “bailiff”


A fresh Italian choice that you’re likely somewhat familiar with. Capri means “island” and “fanciful” both meanings seem lovely to us. Capri feels like one of the sunkissed cute last names for girls that will only continue to grow in popularity. It was in the top 700 names for girls last year and we expect it to make big gains in the coming years.


A Spanish surname that’s started to trend as a given option for both girls and boys, Cruz means “cross.” The Z-ending helps keep this one sounding young and a touch edgy.


Dillon is an Irish surname of Breton origin derived from Diolun. Do not confuse this one with a Welsh name that sounds the same, Dylan. Dillon means “loyal.”


Another Welsh surname that seems like a natural fit to us, is Dew. The name is a result of a Norman conquest and refers to someone from Eu in Seine-Maritime, France. However, some argue that the Celtic meaning of this name is “dark complexion.”


An all-encompassing name, Every is the English name related to a Norman family who settled in Southern England, it’s a place-name referring to Évreux in Normandy. Every has potential as it’s not too far from Avery but offers a touch more variety. It’s one of the cute last names for girls on this list that has yet to be discovered by American parents.


An Italian name from the Latin, Aeneas, a Trojan hero credited with the formation of Rome, Enea means “in-dweller.” It’s another one of the cute last names for girls that has potential but has yet to be discovered.


One of the Celtic last names you are likely familiar with, Flannery was popularized as a given name for girls in the US by author Flannery O’Connor. Flannery comes from the Irish surname Ó Flannghaile, meaning “descendant of Flannghal.” That name can be further translated to “red eyebrows” or “red warrior.”


A name that’s likely familiar to you thanks to the mononymous singer Halsey. It’s an English occupational surname, meaning “hallowed island.” Although you might know it, Halsey has yet to take off as a given name for girls today. You can help change that!


For our purposes, we are talking about the Italian surname Inga, which is an occupational surname that means scribe as Inga’s root means “ink. ” Inga has a vintage appeal to it that we think will speak to modern parents.


Isley can be defined in a couple of different ways. First, the name is an English surname from a Germanic occupational name, Eisele, meaning “blacksmith.” Second, the name can be described as a surname from the Old English root hesli, meaning “hazel grove.”


Contrary to popular belief, Jacklin is an English habitational name related to a village in Cambridgeshire, brought to Britain by the Normans. Jacklin feels like a cool form of Jaqueline. It’s one of the cute last names for girls that offers cute nicknames like Jack or Jackie just waiting for you to use.


An English surname from Hebrew, Jessop is related to Joseph and means “Jehovah increases” Jessop feels like it could be an energetic name for an adventurous girl. It comes with the adorable nickname Jess baked in. It’s one of the cute last names for girls that’s practically unused in the US.

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Kennedy is a storied Gaelic name that can be found in both Irish and Scottish traditions. For the Irish, this name came mainly from Ó Cinnéide which means “helmet-headed.” However, in Scotland Kennedy is associated with Scottish Gaelic surnames: Ceanadach, Ceannaideach, MacCnusachainn, MacRusachainn, and MacUalraig. Thus, it can also mean “misshapen head.”


Leamhanach and Leamhnach are the primary Scottish surnames that give us the Anglicized Lennox. Of all the cute last names for girls on this list, Lennox feels most distinct as a given name for girls. It is a habitational surname that means “from many elm trees.”


An amazing alternative to Lyla, Lilla comes from Italian as a feminine form of Lillo which means “letters.” However, this is disputed. Some argue that the name means “lilac” or “lily.” It’s your baby, so you get to make that call!


One of our favorite cute last names for girls on this list, Marris is an English name that was brought by the Normans, from Old French marais, meaning “from the marsh. ” This is another name with disputed meaning, it can also be considered a habitational name in Normandy associated with Marais in Calvados


No, this Italian surname is not pronounced “mart.” Marte is pronounced MAHR-teh. The name comes from Greek, meaning “March” or from the Calabrian dialect as a name meaning “Tuesday.” This would be a unique option in the US as it’s one of the cute last names for girls that’s gone widely unused. It’s the perfect name for a Tuesday baby!


We know that Odell is a pretty unique option but we urge you to consider it as an alternative to Adele. It’s an English name that reached Ireland in the 17th century and stuck as Odell. The name means “hill” or “of the valley.” It can also be considered a habitational name associated with  Odell, Bedfordshire


Pace is a popular Italian surname today but it comes from Latin and means “peace.” The name is not pronounced like the speed you walk but instead like PAH-cheh. It’s one of the cute last names for girls that has a very special meaning but is not being used often in the US.


Paget Brewster makes this appellation a distinct possibility! Paget is an occupational name from English, meaning “page boy.”


Quinn is a versatile name that comes from Irish Gaelic Ó Cuinn. This appellation means “wisdom” and “chief.” It was associated with a clan in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland. In Scotland, you will find it associated with the name MacCuinn or MacQueen. It’s one of the cute last names for girls that ranks in the top 100 most popular names for girls in the US.


Raia is a topographic surname in some cases, referring to a “climbing shrub.” Conversely, it can be from Sicilian tradition and refer to “a fisherman.”


We love the name Regan for a baby girl. It comes from the Irish surname  Ó Riagáin, meaning “little king.” The name has been a mildly popular choice in the US off and on since the 1970s.


This name remains mostly intact and unchanged like many of the Anglicized forms of the names on this list, at least that’s true for the Irish surname, which means “red hair” or “ruddy complexion.” For the Scots, however, this name evolved from many surnames including MacIlleRuaidh, Roid, Roideach, Ruadh, and Mac’IlleRuaidh.


Sheeran would make for a fabulous alternative to Sharon! This is another one of the cute last names for girls that is of Irish origin. It is related to Ó Síoráin or Ó Sírín or Mac Searthuin. It means “descendant of Sírín/Síorán/Searthuin” or “eternal.”


One of the most popular and cute last names for girls comes from English as an occupational name for a “tailor.” Taylor is a huge success for baby girls today but also boys enjoy this name.


A Latinate name that lives in Italy today, Verna  is a habitational last name from any of the many places called Verna, meaning “spring green.” That makes this one feel perfect as a name for a spring baby!

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Zeal is a name with a lot of zest that might be offputting for some but we think it has a ton of potential as a given name for baby girls. It comes from English as an occupational name that means “seal maker.” It’s also a habitational name that means “willow.”

There you go! We hope you discovered some cute last names for girls that work extremely well as first names. These storied, ancient, and treasured appellations carry with them gravitas and dignity. That’s what makes them so special as given names, especially for girls. If you like names with heft and plenty of character consider naming your baby a surname!

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Andrew is an Assistant Editor for Mamas Uncut with over ten years of experience as a writer in the creative, marketing, and blogging spaces. After studying Film and Art History, he developed a passion for telling stories in a variety of mediums. Obsessively making lists, reporting celebrity news, and diving into emerging pop cultural topics are a few of his interests.


  • 1 Take a Look at These Cute Last Names for Girls That Work Perfectly As Given Names!
    • 1. 1 Austen
    • 1.2 Baily
    • 1.3 Capri
    • 1.4 Cruz
    • 1.5 Dillon
    • 1.6 Dew
    • 1.7 Every
    • 1.8 Enea
    • 1.9 Flannery
    • 1.10 Halsey
    • 1.11 Inga
    • 1.12 Isley
    • 1.13 Jacklin
    • 1.14 Jessop
    • 1.15 Kennedy
    • 1.16 Lennox
    • 1.17 Lilla
    • 1.18 Marris
    • 1.19 Marte
    • 1.20 Odell
    • 1.21 Pace
    • 1.22 Paget
    • 1.23 Quinn
    • 1.24 Raia
    • 1.25 Regan
    • 1.26 Reid
    • 1.27 Sheeran
    • 1.28 Taylor
    • 1.29 Verna
    • 1.30 Zeal

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How to choose a name for a girl by her patronymic and last name


one of the most hackneyed and hackneyed truisms in the world: «A woman loves with her ears.» If you ask a man what this means, he will probably speak in the sense that words are important to a woman. That signs of attention that speak about the feelings of a man, she takes for granted, but she is looking forward to the words that clearly and unambiguously confirm these feelings. And that being «beautifully designed» when voiced, these glory will become the «key to the heart», and any «noodles on the ears» that follow them will be received favorably.

Well, the answer is exhaustive. And rarely does it occur to anyone to ask the following: why? Why is it so? Why were serenades under a window and sonnets in a secluded corner once more valued than jewels and titles? Why do compliments, from the most sophisticated to the most rude, still «work» flawlessly? Maybe because a woman, due to the peculiarities of physiology, perceives sounds differently than a man. And a man will never be able to understand exactly how a woman hears , and a woman, of course, will never be able to explain this to him.

The first thing any child hears, regardless of gender, is their own name. But if a boy in the first 10-15 years of life just a name or any derivative of it is more than enough, then with girls the situation is completely different. She loves her name like a doll, she plays with it, tastes it, redraws it in different ways. And — listens. What for a boy is an identification code and nothing more, for a girl is a cake, a dress, and a “cherished” word. When it turns out that she also has a patronymic with a surname, the cake turns into a multi-layered cake, everyday clothes into a festive outfit, the word into a hymn. She pronounces her full name with all the imaginable intonations, savoring it, trying not to miss the slightest taste.

Who and when saw a third-grader developing his signature, a monogram? But his peers spend a lot of effort trying to graphically reproduce the full name in the most effective way. For them, this is important!

Therefore, when choosing a daughter’s name, parents must first of all take care of the harmony of the full version. But at the same time, do not forget about other qualitative characteristics by which the “holiday outfit” is evaluated, namely, fashion, grace and, most importantly, that the name suits the girl in all respects. With fashion and elegance, everything is quite simple — you just need to know the measure and try not to cross the line that separates originality from vulgarity, sophistication from pretentiousness. But with the correspondence to the rest of the components of the full name, you will have to «tinker». But — quite a bit. It is enough to choose the “suitable” for the main vowels and consonants and for the main number. Then you can rightfully claim that, at least in this regard, you have done everything possible for your girl.

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January 2022 Surnames as ideal names for boys and girls: current school news

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by TMLT Editions
December 29, 2021

— Surnames as given names —

The use of surnames as given names has been a lot of innovation in our children’s naming patterns in modern times. The use of surnames as given names is very interesting. The use of their dome really surprises many people. Many parents love to use their children as a memorial to some special person in their life who is old or passed away.

Thus, as a means of remembering, the use of family names as given names has become a widespread practice in many cultures. Many people have adopted this naming system and it is becoming very popular. Surnames are so cute and distinguished.

Surprisingly, the practice of using surnames as given names is very cool. These surnames are sometimes so perfect for the bearer. View some of the last names as the first names listed below. By the way, you might fall in love with one or two because they are quite cute.

Surnames are naturally masculine. However, there are a few surnames as boy names that are very suitable and acceptable. Below I have given examples of these surnames as names for boys.

1. Anderson — This name is becoming quite popular. Anderson means «son of Andrew». Based on records, Anderson is now used more as a first name than a surname. And we think it would be a great variation on the common and even slightly common name Andrew.

2. Beckett — This name has been used by some notable people. We, like spices, love the sound of this name. It’s fresh, modern, and even today sounds stylish. Beckett, meaning «flow», has been steadily climbing the charts since 1998 and is currently at number 244 on the Social Security Administration’s list.

3. Brady — This is one name that has become so widely used lately. It has high acceptability and usability.

4. Carson — Carson, a Scottish name meaning ‘son of ‘, started as a family name but is now more popular as a given name. Although Carson is an androgynous name, it has yet to catch on with girls.

5. Carter — This soft name meaning «cart driver» will make your son’s name winning. This name made the top 25 list last year, leaving behind several other high-profile surnames.

6. Coleman — We think Coleman is a great variant of the widely used Cole name. This nickname was one of the top 19 1000 names60s and 1970s, but has remained unchanged since then. So now is the time to choose this name for your son. Kolman means «son of Nicholas».

7. Cooper — It would be wrong to say that of all the surnames that have passed, names have become Cooper is one of the most attractive. This friendly and playful name, meaning «barrel maker», is currently at number 77.

8. Davis — This common surname sounds more unique when used as a given name. In fact, he is starting to be used as an alternative to David. Davis means «beloved».

9. Dixon — The Scottish surname Dixon, which means «son of Dick», has a tough-guy personality that we really like.

10. Duncan — It’s a pity they don’t use Duncan as much as they did now decades ago. He is confident, fun, Scottish, filled with folk charm. Duncan means «dark warrior».

11. Gibbs — Few can agree, but we find Gibbs incredibly cool as a Name. One of the famous bearers of this name is the footballer Corey Gibbs. Gibbs means «son of Gibb».

12. Griffin — This Celtic surname Griffin, meaning «strong lord», is also the name of a mythological creature, half lion and half eagle, which makes this nickname even more mysterious and attractive. And it’s been climbing the charts since 1983.

13. Hendrix — Hendrix means «manor ruler».

14. Jones — We agree that Jones reminds us of one of the most common boy names — John, but it contains much more impressions than the first. And contrary to what most people think, Jones is not John’s version, but Jonah, which means «dove.»

15. Lennon — If you’re an avid Beatles fan, using the last name of one of the band members would be a good choice for a baby name. Lennon is an Irish surname meaning «cloak or cloak».

16. Lincoln — You can never go wrong with one of your favorite last names as your son’s first name. Lincoln means «pool city».

17. Marshall — This English professional surname has nothing to do with either the military or the military. Instead, it comes from the Norman French name for «a person who cares for horses».

18. Mason — Mason, another professional surname turned baby name, owes its popularity to American pop culture in the 60s and 70s. Even today, he holds a high third place. Mason means «mason».

19. Melnik — This is one of the most obvious surnames as a variant of a given name. This stylish English occupational name is currently the 7th most common surname in America. Miller means «grain grinder».

20. Parker — Parker is also one of those surnames that can easily turn into a given name due to his boyish and carefree charm. Parker means «park ranger».

21. Show — If you want something special other than Sean, try Shaw, an English surname meaning «inhabitant of the forest. » It does not sound like an ordinary, ordinary name, but a memorable and original one.

22. Smith — Smith, one of the most common American surnames, will look and sound fresh when used as a first name for your little one. This exquisite English surname means «blacksmith».

23. Sullivan — There are countless distinguished bearers of this name such as Sir Arthur Sullivan and Annie Sullivan. And you get Sulli’s nickname option

24. Thompson — If you’re still trying to figure out how to use the last name Tom for your son, feel free to choose Thompson. Thompson’s meaning is «son of Tom».

25. Walker — This particular name has been used quite often as given names. Walker is used as a first name. This name was extremely popular around the turn of the 20th century, ranking at #296.

26. Wilson — Here is another possible surname as a first name. Wilson, apparently, became more popular than his variation of William. He also has the benefit of a friendly nickname, Will. Wilson means «son of William».

27. Adler — This German surname, meaning «eagle», is at the top of the list of surnames used as given names. One of the most significant bearers of this name is David Abraham Adler, an American writer known for his «Kam Jansen» series.

28. Channing — Thanks to the Hollywood actor, the British surname Channing, meaning «young wolf», has now entered the list of the 1000 best baby names. The Asian surname Chan is also an attractive option to use as a given name.

29. Cohen — This short and sweet Hebrew last name, meaning «priest,» sounds sweet and will suit your child well. The name Cohen gained popularity in the 2000s with Seth Cohen in «OC» being referred to by his last name.

30. Copeland — This must be a unique last name included in the given name list. Copeland is an Old Norse surname and means «bought land».

31. Easton — Featuring directed names Having taken off in recent years (all thanks to Kim Kardashian), Easton would be a great name for your son. Easton means «a place facing east». It’s a unisex name, but sounds better to boys than girls.

32. Finley — The Scottish surname Finley, meaning «fair-haired hero», has a playfulness that makes it a great candidate for a given name. You can also shorten it to the popular and trendy name Fin.

33. Hutton — This attractive Scottish and Northern English surname meaning «enclosure» or «settlement» is the surname of several actors and models. And we think it will also make a great name.

34. Jennings — Jennings may seem a little too odd to some of our readers, but could be a potential name for parents who like the name John but want something more unique. Jennings means «Little John».

35. Lennox — Lennox means «elm grove».

36. Nash — Basketball star Steve Nash’s last name is a great choice for parents looking for a strong one-syllable name for their boy. This English surname means «by the ash tree».

37. Penn — This simple and elegant English surname meaning «enclosure» will appeal to everyone from history buffs to writers and photographers. And he also has some famous carriers like Penn Badgley and Penn Gillette.

38. Sawyer — Sawyer, derived from the surname «lumberjacks», is also a good choice for a given name. This nickname is considered unisex but is still used more for boys. It is currently the 110th most popular boy name in the US.

39. Stone — Referring to both an object and a color, this surname would be a great option for people who love the gray color in , both the name or the color, but want something out of the ordinary. Its famous carrier is TV presenter Stone Phillips.

40. Wiley — Wiley is a modern choice for parents who want an alternative to the ever-popular William. The «y» ending makes him look rather boyish, in contrast to William’s tense and serious image. Wylie means «resolute defender».


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Sweet surnames are suitable as names for girls

Even though most surnames and surnames usually belong to men, someone may use some of these names as girls’ names. Interestingly, some surnames as names for girls are quite beautiful and cute. Some even add a special class and splendor to the wearer. Let’s take a look at some wonderful last names for girls below.

1. Ashley is an old surname meaning «resident of a nearby town». ‘, started out as a boy’s name but soon moved into girl territory, some obvious factors could have led to this.

2. Bailey — Bailey, a professional surname meaning «bailiff» or «law enforcement officer»,

3. Bellamy — Bellamy, meaning «good friends», becomes the first name for girls.

4. Cameron — Cameron means «crooked nose».

5. Campbell — Campbell, a Scottish surname meaning «crooked mouth», has now officially switched to the female side.

6. Cassidy — This Irish name means «curly». In recent years, I have come to love this for women.

7. — Delaney is an unusual option when you search for last names as first names. This Irish surname, meaning «dark aspirant», has a femininity and cheerful enthusiasm about it.

8. Emerson — It can be used for any gender, but we chose it for girls as it is a great alternative to the super popular and common names Emily and Emma. This German surname means «son of Emery».

9. Garcia — This Spanish surname meaning «bear» can also be used as a girl’s name. It’s classy, ​​cool, and has the perfect «ia» ending for a girl’s name.

10. Kennedy — The surname Kennedy, meaning «deformed head», remains fashionable and classic at the same time. They were commonly associated with this Irish nickname with the late President John F. Kennedy, but it is now the 54th most popular name for girls.

11. Langley — Langley common English surname but much rarer as a given name. Langley means «long meadow».

12. Monroe — Most of us know the character of Marilyn Monroe, who is the most notable bearer of this name. This unique-sounding female name is currently at number 787 on the list of most popular baby girl names. Monroe means «mouth of the River Row».

13. Peyton — Should who had this name, it became commonplace. But today the name of women is higher. Peyton means «Royal or Paegi Farm».

14. Quinn — A name with a characteristic Irish meaning. Quinn sounds like a smart name in many ways. Quinn for girls grew in popularity in the mid-1990s. Quinn means «wise».

15. Riley — This cheerful and friendly Irish surname/first name, meaning «masculine», is very popular among girls in all spellings. And it is also used for boys.

16. Rose — Yes, even Rose is used as a first and last name for girls. As a name, Rose reached its peak of popularity from 1896 to 1921. But as a surname, it has been used for centuries.

17. Rowan — Parents who love nature will love rowan, a derivative of rowan. Meaning «little redhead» Rowan comes from an Irish surname.

18. Taylor — As one of the top 10 names in the 20th century, Taylor has a sense of 90’s, which makes it even more charming. And for the nickname, you can choose any of the many options for the name.

19. West — This is a directed surname, with the rise in the number of directed names, people won’t even raise their eyebrows when they hear this name.

20. Adair — This beautiful but unknown English and Scottish family has a lot of talent. It was first used as a girl’s name in the 1980s drama Search for Tomorrow. Adair means «shallow water in the river near the oaks.»

21. addison — Although this surname means «son of Adam», Addison is now used as a girl name. As a nickname, you can choose the cute and charming Addie.

22. Arden — The English surname Arden, meaning «valley of the eagle», is expected to join the list of names with its reliable and straightforward portrayal.

23. Avery — The English surname Avery, meaning «ruler of the elves», has been around for decades for both sexes, but is growing rapidly for women.

24. Bardot — Bardot, the surname of the glamorous French movie star Brigitte Bardot, would become popular. is an adorable name for your sweet little girl. But the meaning of the name, «hinny,» may have worried some parents.

25. Blaine — This is the Irish surname Blaine which means «slender», sounds like Blair’s cousin. And we feel that in the coming years he will rise through the ranks.

26. Ellis — Ellis is a popular Welsh surname that is usually used for boys, but we think it will sound better for girls, especially if moms are looking for a name that is not too feminine. He also appears in Grey’s Anatomy as the name of Dr. Meredith Grey’s mother. Ellis means «benevolent».

27. Everly — What do you get when you mix some Eva, a pinch of Emily and a spoonful of Beverly? English surname Everly. Everly, meaning Meadow Ever, sounds classic and timeless.

28. Harlow — The English surname Harlow, meaning «army», will always be associated with Jean Harlow, queen of 1930s glamor. And we believe Joel Madden, Patricia Arquette and Nicole Richie had the same in mind when they named their daughters. Harlow means «army».

30. Harper — It seems to be a trend to give girl names are surnames that are usually used for boys. Harper means, yes, you guessed it, «harper».

31. Hepburn — We’ve been utterly fascinated by this name, ever since we heard it on Audrey Hepburn. So if you are also a fan of this name, using this last name for your little girl would make sense. Hepburn means «high».

32. Kim — The coolest name of the 60s was popularized by Kim Novak and today supported by rapper Lil Kim. Kim means «brave family»: short, sweet and impressive.

33. Moon — What is even more surprising is that this bright and strong name is popular more as a surname than as a given name.

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