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The top 100 baby girl names in Ireland 2022

The top 100 baby girl names in Ireland in 2022 were surprising in a few different ways, but it’s safe to say that every name on the list is beautiful!

The most popular name given to baby girls in Ireland was Emily, which made an epic comeback after falling two places in 2021.

The most popular name that year was Fiadh, which has now dropped two places; Grace came second, and making up the top five are Sophie and Lily.

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The top twenty list features mainly non-Irish names, with only Éabha and Saoirse joining Fiadh; the next Irish name to feature is Caoimhe, which comes in at number 24. The only other Irish names (spelt in Irish) to make the top 100 are:

  • Aoife 
  • Róisín
  • Sadhbh
  • Clodagh
  • Aoibhín
  • Méabh
  • Fíadh
  • Ailbhe
  • Ciara
  • Niamh
  • Éala
  • Maeve

Other Irish names included were Erin, Cara and Alannah.

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Here is the full list of the top 100 baby girl names in Ireland 2022 (Irish names bolded).

  1. Emily
  2. Grace
  3. Fiadh
  4. Sophie
  5. Lily
  6. Éabha
  7. Ava
  8. Mia
  9. Ellie
  10. Olivia
  11. Emma
  12. Amelia
  13. Hannah
  14. Ella
  15. Freya
  16. Lucy
  17. Isla
  18. Saoirse
  19. Millie
  20. Sadie
  21. Sophia
  22. Molly
  23. Chloe
  24. Caoimhe
  25. Anna
  26. Evie
  27. Isabelle
  28. Robyn
  29. Alice
  30. Aoife
  31. Róisín
  32. Sadhbh
  33. Cara
  34. Katie
  35. Erin 
  36. Kate
  37. Willow
  38. Ruby
  39. Sofia
  40. Croía
  41. Bonnie
  42. Holly
  43. Zoe
  44. Sienna
  45. Isabella
  46. Maya
  47. Sarah
  48. Ada
  49. Rosie
  50. Leah
  51. Annie
  52. Clodagh
  53. Daisy
  54. Maria
  55. Charlotte
  56. Faye
  57. Ivy
  58. Mila
  59. Eva
  60. Layla
  61. Maisie
  62. Jessica
  63. Rose
  64. Eve
  65. Emilia
  66. Ayla
  67. Aria
  68. Harper
  69. Aoibhín
  70. Méabh
  71. Fíadh
  72. Elizabeth
  73. Ailbhe
  74. Ciara
  75. Hailey
  76. Lauren
  77. Evelyn
  78. Niamh
  79. Phoebe
  80. Hazel
  81. Bella
  82. Clara
  83. Penny
  84. Abigail
  85. Elsie
  86. Ayda
  87. Mary
  88. Zara
  89. Nina
  90. Luna
  91. Laura
  92. Indie
  93. Éala
  94. Alannah
  95. Cora
  96. Heidi
  97. Mollie
  98. Maeve
  99. Julia
  100. Georgia

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Top Baby Names for 2022

Canadians welcomed more than 360,000 bundles of joy in 2022, according to Yet, despite the thousands and thousands of babies born from coast to coast to coast, only a handful of names claim the top spots for popular names.

Canada Top 10 Girl Names:
    1. Olivia
    2. Sophia
    3. Amelia
    4. Emma
    5. Ava
    6. Charlotte
    7. Lily
    8.  Hanna
    9. Nora
    10. Isabella
Canada Top 10 Boy Names:
    1. Noah
    2. Liam
    3. Jackson
    4. Oliver
    5. Leo
    6. Lucas
    7. Luca
    8. Jack
    9. James
    10. Benjamin

According to, the most popular boy name in 2022 was Noah for another year in a row. Names that rounded out the top 10 for boy names included: Liam at number two, then Jackson, Oliver, Leo, Lucas, Luca, Jack, James and Benjamin.

For baby girl names, according to, things have drastically changed in the last year. After falling from the top spot last year, Olivia made a comeback in 2022 to become the most popular baby girl name in Canada. Olivia is followed by Sophia, Amelia, Emma, Ava, Charlotte, Lily, Hanna, Nora and Isabella.

What’s the most popular baby name in your province? Check out below.


The province’s top spots for 2022 remains Noah and Olivia. Interestingly, Olivia has been in the top spot for the province for eight years in a row in Alberta. Noah has held the top spot since 2019.

Alberta Top 10 Girl Names 2022:
    1. Olivia
    2. Sophia
    3. Emma
    4. Amelia
    5. Harper
    6. Charlotte
    7. Ava
    8. Isla
    9. Lily
    10. Chloe
Alberta Top 10 Boy Names 2022:
    1. Noah
    2. Liam
    3. Theodore
    4. Oliver
    5. Jack
    6. William
    7.  Benjamin
    8. James
    9. Henry
    10. Lucas

British Columbia

According to a press release from British Columbia, from Jan. 1 to Dec. 8, 2022, 37,801 babies were born in B.C. The number of births declined slightly compared to 2021, when 44,073 babies were born in B.C.

Noah is the most popular baby name for 2022. Noah was followed by Olivia, Oliver, Liam, Theodore, Jack, Emma, Lucas, Leo and Sofia. Olivia fell one spot from 2021, while Noah jumped from the third spot into the first. Many of the same names appear on the list from 2021, with only Charlotte and Ava following off from the top ten.

B.C. Top 10 Girl Names 2022:
    1. Olivia
    2. Emma
    3. Charlotte
    4. Ava
    5. Isla
    6. Amelia
    7. Sophia
    8. Chloe
    9. Mia
    10. Mila
B.C. Top 10 Boy Names 2022:
    1. Liam
    2. Noah
    3. Jack
    4. Theodore
    5. Benjamin
    6. Oliver
    7. Owen
    8. Leo
    9. Ethan
    10. Logan


Olivia is once again another popular name, this time taking a top spot in Manitoba. Like other provinces, Manitoba’s top five names are Liam, Noah, Oliver, Levi, Emma, Ava and Lucas.

New Brunswick

Noah jumps up one spot to claim number one as the most popular name in New Brunswick in 2022. The name was followed by Liam and William. Other popular names in the province included: Jack, Thomas, Oliver, Benjamin, Olivia, Emma, Amelia, Jacob, Theodore, Owen, Henry, Logan, Levi, James, Violet, Charlotte and Hudson.

“Congratulations to all parents who celebrated the arrival of a child. Our government is committed to building vibrant and sustainable communities throughout New Brunswick for our residents of today and generations to come,” said Service New Brunswick Minister Jill Green.


In December, Ontario released its top baby names of 2022. According to the list, Olivia claims the top spot for popular baby girl names, while Noah takes the top spot for popular baby boy names.

Ontario Top 10 Girl Names 2022:
    1. Olivia
    2. Emma
    3. Charlotte
    4. Amelia
    5. Ava
    6. Sophia
    7. Isla
    8. Evelyn
    9. Mia
    10. Ella
Ontario Top 10 Boy Names 2022:
    1. Noah
    2. Liam
    3. Oliver
    4. Jack
    5. Benjamin
    6. Theodore
    7. Lucas
    8. William
    9. Ethan
    10. Leo

“As a proud father of five children, I know firsthand how much new parents have on their plate when welcoming a child into the world. That’s why our government is making it easier than ever for parents in Ontario to register their newborns through our 5-in-1 Newborn Bundle online service,” said Kaleed Rasheed, minister of public and business service delivery. “With just a single online session, parents can apply for critical documents like their child’s birth certificate and Social Insurance Number, right from the comfort of their home, allowing them to spend more time with their newborn.”

Nova Scotia

According to the province, there were 6,828 registered births this year in Nova Scotia as of December 29, 2022. The most popular name in Nova Scotia in 2022 was Oliver. The complete list of top ten names include:

Nova Scotia Top Baby Names

1. Oliver

2. Jack

3. Charlotte

4. Violet

5. William

6. Emma

7. Owen

8. Henry

9. Olivia

10. Noah

According to a press release from the province: “The most popular names usually remain consistent over the years. There are a few new names gaining popularity, such as Grayson and Beau, with some old favourites coming back, like Emma and Charlotte.”

Prince Edward Island

Taking a departure from other Canadian provinces, according to CBC news, the most popular baby name in Prince Edward Island is Jack, followed by Charlotte. Other top ten names include Hudson, William, Evelyn, Oliver, and Amelia.


The most recent information for Quebec was for 2021. The most popular baby name for girls in 2021 was Emma, followed by Olivia, Alice, Florence and Charlie. For boys, the most popular baby name was Noah, William, Thomas, Leo and Liam.

Saskatchewan and Newfoundland did not release the top baby names in the province for 2022.

Arya, Cosmos and Olympus: the rarest names were named in 2022 in Transbaikalia




photo: pixabay. com

The most rare and popular names given by Transbaikalians this year to newborns were named in the press service of the regional registry office. Among the first — Arya, Cosmos and Olympus, among the second — Artem, Matvey, Sofia and Milan.

Artyoms are the leaders in the rating — as of December 23, 292 newborns were named. Alexandra is next — 206 of them were born and Matvei — 204. Sophia became the most popular name among girls — now 238 children wear it. A little less often, Transbaikalians called their daughters Eva — 210 and Milan — 207. Alice.

The namesake among peers will be difficult to meet born this year Dilovara, Muhammadshokha, Ustin, Radibor, Sarula, Deonis, Rastislav, Sofron, Elizara, Erofei, Mironshokha, Eremey, Vlad, Fedor, Radomira, Arsentia, Albert and Gabriel.

Let us remind you that last year the inhabitants of the region gave their children the names Dobrynya, Kai, Marseille, Rafael, Vilena, Venera, Vita and Yvette.

Look for more details, photos and videos in our Telegram channel.




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Popular female names and their meanings.

How to name a girl in 2023 with a beautiful name

A correctly chosen name has a strong positive impact on the character and fate of a person. But how do you pick the perfect name?

Sometimes parents try to choose a name before birth, but this prevents the child from forming. The name must be chosen already on the fact of birth. Extremely deeply and volumetrically analyzing the character of the girl. Astrological and numerological techniques have squandered all knowledge about the influence of a name on fate through the ages and have become nothing more than entertainment.

Yuletide calendars, without consulting a clean and seeing specialist, are also superficial knowledge. Which do not provide any real help in assessing the influence of names on the fate of the child.

And the lists of popular, happy, beautiful, melodious female names completely turn a blind eye to the individuality, energy, soul of the child and turn the selection procedure into an irresponsible game of parents into a fashion dictated by ignorance, unprofessionalism and selfishness.

>In culture there are interpretations of what women’s names mean, while in reality the influence of a name on each woman is individual.

Various characteristics — positive features of a name, negative features of a name, choice of profession by name, influence of a name on business, influence of a name on health, psychology of a name can only be considered in the context of a deep analysis of subtle plans (karma), energy structure, tasks for the life and kind of a particular child.

The topic of name compatibility in general is an absurdity, which turns on the interaction of different people the internal mechanisms of influence of a name on the state of its bearer.

And annuls the entire psyche, the unconscious, energy and behavior of people. It reduces the entire multidimensionality of communication, interaction, and human behavior to one false characteristic.

The meaning of the name has no literal effect. For example, Victoria, this does not mean that the girl will win everywhere. The name can block her heart center and she will not be able to give and receive love.

The most popular female names of 2015\2016\2017…2022 are also a delusion. Despite the fact that 95% of girls are called names that do not make life easier.

You can only focus on a specific child.

The secret of a woman’s name, like a program of the unconscious, a sound wave, vibration, is revealed by a special bouquet primarily in a person, and not in the semantic meaning and characteristics of the name. And if this name does not fit, then it would not be some beautiful, melodic, astrological, accurate, blissful one, it will still be a crooked dummy.

Below are about 500 female names. Try to choose a few, the most suitable in your opinion for the child. Then, if you are interested in the effectiveness of the influence of the name on fate, write personally.

Women’s names in alphabetical order:

Augusta / Augustina (old) — summer
Avdotya (born from Evdokia) — famous
Aurelius (new) — golden
Aurora (new) — goddess of the morning dawn
Agapia ( old) — from the Greek. agapao — love.
Agata (new) / Agafia / Agafia (old) — from the Greek. agatos — good, honest, kind.
Aglaida (old) — sparkling / daughter of beauty, charms
Aglaya (new) — brilliant
Agnes / Agnes (old) — chaste
Agnia (old) — immaculate or fiery
Agrippina / Agrefena (old) — from the Roman generic name Agrippus (Agrippa)
Ada (old) — decoration
Adele / Adelia / Adelaide (Old German) — from adal — noble and heid — state, class.
Aza (old) — first
Azalea (new) — flowering bush
Aida (new) — yielder
Akilina / Akulina (old) — eagle
Aksinya (n. from Xenia) — hospitable or vice versa alien («xenos»)
Alevtina (old) — alien to evil
Alexandra (old) — protector of people
Alena (n. from Elena) — sunny
Alina (new .) — alien
Alice (new) — charming
Alla (old) — selfish
Albina (old, cf. new Alvin) — «white»
Anastasia (old) — resurrected
Anatolia (new) — eastern
Angelina (old) — angel
Angel (new) — angel
Angelica — the value is being specified
Animaisa (old) — sincere
Anisia / Anisya (old) — sweet-smelling
Anita (new) — obstinate
Anna (old) — «grace»
Antonina / Antonida (old) — kind
Antonia ( old) — entering the battle
Anfisa / Anfusa (old) — blooming
Apollinaria (old) — goddess of the sun
Ariadne (old) — sleeping
Ariana — value to be specified
Arina (nar. from Irina) — calm
Arcadia (new) — shepherdess
Arsenia (new) — courageous
Artemia (old) — unharmed
Assol — value to be specified
Astra (new) — «flower»
Astrid (Scand.) — passionate
Asya — value to be specified
Afanasia (old) — immortal
Aphrodite (old) — emerging from sea foam
Aelita ( new. ) — from the Greek. aer — air and lithos — stone
Aella (new) — from Greek. aello — whirlwind, hurricane

Women’s names, letter B:

Bazhena (other Russian) — saint
Beata (new) — blessing
Beatrice (old) — blessing
Bela (glory) — beautiful
Bella (new) — beautiful
Bereslava — meaning to be confirmed
Berta (new) — magnificent
Bogdana (glorious) — given by God
Boleslav (glorious) — more glorious
Borislava (glorious) — fighting for glory
Bronislava (glorious) — glorious protector

Women’s names, letter B:

Valentina (old) — healthy
Valeria (old) — strong
Wanda (glorious) — hospitable
Varvara (old) — savage
Vasilina (new) — royal
Vasilisa (old) — royal
Vassa (old) — queen
Wenceslas (glory) — more glorious
Venus (old) — «love»
Vera (old) — «faith»
Veronica (old) — biblical name
Veselina (glory .) — cheerful
Vesta (old) — patroness of the hearth
Vidana (glory) — prominent
Quiz (old) — winner
Victoria (old) — «victory»
Vilena (new) — Vilena River ( France)
Viola / Violetta / Violanta (new) — «violet»
Virineya (old) — green, fresh
Vitalia / Vitalina (new) — vital
Vlad (glory) — owning
Vladimir (new) — owning the world
Vladislav (glory) — owning fame
Power (glory) — ruler
Will (new) — free
Vseslava (glory) — glorious everywhere

Women’s names, the letter G:

Gaia (new) — wife
Gali (old) — bright
Galina (old) — calm
Hanna (ukr. . from Anna) — fertile
Gayana / Gayania (old) — land
Gelena (new Polish from Elena) — bright
Helia (new) — solar (Helios)
Hell (old) — fallen into the water
Dahlia — the value is being specified
Gertrude (new) — the patroness of women
Glafira (old) — refined
Glyceria (old) — sweet
Gloria (old) — «glory»
Golub (other Russian) — gentle
Gorislava (glory) — kindling glory

Female names, letter D:

Daina (new) — a different reading of Diana
Dana (new) — goddess of the moon
Daria / Daria (old) — winner
Darina (new) — giver
Daryana (new) — winner
Dekabrina (new) — winter
Deya / Diya (new) — divine
Juliet (old) — analogue of Yulia
Diana (new) — divine
Dina / Diniya (nar. from old Digna) — «faith»
Diodora (old) — given by God
Dionisia (old) — patroness of winemaking
Dobrava (other Russian) — good
Share (Dolyana) — the value is being specified
Domna / Domina (old) — mistress, mistress of the house.
Domnica / Dominica (old) — owned. God
Dorothea / Dorothea (old) — from the Greek. doron — gift, gift and theos — god.

Women’s names, letter E:

Eva (old) — giver of life
Eugenia (old) — noble
Evangelina — meaning to be confirmed
Evdokia (old) — well-known
Eupraxia (old) — doing good deeds , virtuous
Catherine (old) — immaculate
Elena (old) — chosen
Elizabeth (old) — worshiping God
Yesenia — the value is being specified
Euphemia / Euphemia (old) — pious
Euphrosyne / Euphrosyne (old) — from the Greek. euphrosyne — joy, fun.

Women’s names, letter Z:

Zhanna (new) — «gift of God»
Zhdana (other Russian) — waiting

Women’s names, letter Z:

Zabava — the meaning is being specified
Zarina / Zorina ( new) — light
Zvenislava (glory) — spreading glory
Zinaida (old) — born of Zeus
Zinovia (old) — «Zeus’s power»
Gold (glory) — golden
Zoya (old) — » life”

Female names, letter I:

Ivanna (n. from John) – “God’s gift”
Ida (new) – mountain, “descendant”
Ilaria (old) — cheerful
Ilona — the value is being specified
Inga (new) — from other Scandinavian. Inguio is the name of the god of abundance.
Inessa (new) — serene
Inna (old) — name of Rome / stormy stream
John (old) — «God’s gift»
Jonah (old) — «dove»
Hypatia (new) — related to horses, horse (hippos)
Hippolyta (new) — from «(g) hippo» — horse and «lithos» — stone, slab
Iraida (old) — goddess of the rainbow
Iroid (old) — heroic, daughter hero
Irina (old) — «peace»
Isidora (old) — the patroness of fertility
Spark (new) — bright
Iphigenia (old) — immortal
Iya (old) — from the Greek. ia — violet

Women’s names, letter K:

Camilla — meaning to be specified
Capitolina (old) — main
Karina — meaning to be specified
Carolina (new) — brave
Katerina (n. from Ekaterina) — immaculate
Kira (old) — “Mistress”
Cyril (old) — mistress
Claudia (old) — lame or from the clan of Claudius
Clara (new) — clear
Clarice / Clarissa (new) — light
Cleopatra (old) — beauty
Concordia (old) — consonant, agreeing
Constance (old) — persistent
Christina (new) — baptized
Xenia (old) — alien

Women’s names, letter L:

Lada (other Russian) — dear
Larisa (old) — «seagull»
Leniana (new) — from Lenin
Lenin (new) — from Lenin
Leonida (old) — «descendant of a lion»
Leonila (old) — lioness
Leontia (new) — lion
Lesia (new) — courageous
Libya (old) — originally from Libya
Lydia (old) — the first
Lika — the value is being specified
Liliana (new) — blooming
Lily (new) — «flower»
Lina (new) — an independent name or a diminutive of Elina
Lyubava (other Russian) — beauty
Lyubov (old) — «love»
Lubomira (glorious) — favorite of the world
Lyudmila (old, glory) — dear to people

Female names, letter M:

Mavra (old) — dark-skinned, dark-skinned
Magda (new) — see Magdalene
Magdalene (old) — sounding / originally from Magdala, in Palestine
Madeleine (new) — see Magdalene
Maya / May (new) — goddess of spring
Malvina (Old German) — From Mal — justice and wine is a friend. mistress
Martha (old) — mentor
Matilda (other German) — from macht — strength and hild — battle.
Matryona / Matrona (old) — mistress, mother of the family, mother
Melania / Melania (old) — dark, swarthy
Milada (famous) — kind
Mila — the value is being specified
Milana / Milena / (famous) — sweet Miloslava (glor.) — glory is sweet
Mira (glor.) — peaceful
Myrrh (glor.) — fragrant, fragrant
Miroslav (glor.) — the winner
Mitrodora (gr.) — a gift from the mother.
Mlada (glorious) — young
Mstislava (glorious) — conqueror
Muse (old) — goddess of art / inspirer

Women’s names, letter N:

Nadezhda (old, Slavic) — «hope»
Nadia (nar., from Nadezhda) — «hope»
Nana (old) — nymph
Nastasya (nar., from Anastasia) — resurrected
Natalia / Natalia (old) — native
Nelly (new) — young
Neonila (old) — principled
Nika (old) — «victory»
Nina (old) — ruler
Novella (old) — new
Nonna — value to be determined
Nora (new) — cold

Female names, letter O:

Oksana (Ukrainian, from Xenia) — hospitable
Octavia (old) — eighth
Oktyabrina (new) — autumn
Olesya (Ukrainian, from Alexander) — courageous
Olympics (old) — keeping calm
Olympia (new) — named after Zeus
Olga (old, other Russian) — saint

Women’s names, letter P:

Pavla (old) — small
Pavlina (old) — beauty
Pelageya — the value is being specified
Platonida (old) — a descendant of Plato
Polyxena (old) — Trojan princess
Polina (new) — fortune-teller
Pravdina (new) — honest
Praskovya (nar. , from old Paraskeva) — «Friday»

Female names, letter R:

Rada (old, slav.) — bringing joy
Radmila (glory) — joyful
Raisa (old) — submissive
Regina (old) — queen
Renata (new) — newly born
Rimma (old) – Roman woman
Rogneda (glory) – admitted to the council of equals/council of men
Rose (new) – “flower”
Rosalia (new) — blooming
Rose (new) — a flower
Rostislava (glorious) — growing for glory
Ruslana (new) — lioness
Rufina / Ruth (old) — red, red

Women’s names , letter C:

Sabina / Savina (old) — from the Sabine family, Sabine
Salome / Solomeya (old) — …
Svetlana (other Russian) — bright
Svetozara (glorious) — bright dawn
Svetoslav (new) — glory is bright
Freedom (new) — «freedom»
Svyatoslav (glory) — glory is holy
Sevastiana (old) — …
Severina (new) — northern
Selena / Selina (new) — moon
Seraphim (old) — fiery
Glory (glory) — «glory»
Slav (glory) — Slav
Snezhana (new) — cold
Sophia / Sofia (old) — «wisdom»
Stanislav (glory) — become glorious
Stella (old) — star
Stepanida / Stefanida (old) — «wreath »
Stephanie (old) — “wreath”
Susanna / Sosanna (old) — stubborn / from the Hebrew — “shushanah” — “white lily”
Susanna (new) — stubborn

Women’s names, letter T:

Taira (new) — persistent
Taisiya (old) — «God-pleasing» and «lover of children»
Tamila / Tomila (ancient Russian) — languishing
Tatiana (old) — founder
Tomila — the value is being specified

Women’s names, the letter U:

Ulyana (nar. , from old Juliana, cf. Juliana)
Pleasure (new) — sweet-voiced
Ustinya (nar., from old Justin, compare Justin)

Women’s names, letter F:

Faina (old) — shining
Feliksana (new) — prosperous
Felicita / Felicitata (old) — happy
Felicia (old) — «happiness»
Fedor / Feodora ( old) — «God’s gift»
Theokla — value to be confirmed
Theodosia / Theodosia (old) — landowner
Philadelphia (new) — loving Delphi
Flavia (old) — from the Flavian family
Flora / Floria (new) – goddess of flowers
Florentina (new) – blooming
Florence (new) – blooming
Floriana (new) — young or blooming
Fotina (old) — according to the calendar Svetlana

Women’s names, letter X:

.) — nymph
Christina (old, cf. new. Christina) — Christova

Women’s names, letter H:

Cheslava (glory.) — honest glory

Women’s names, letter E:

Eurydice (new. ) — bitten by a snake
Eleonora (new) — complex
Elina — value to be confirmed
Ella — meaning to be confirmed
Elvira (new) — balanced
Elmira (new) — calm
Emilia — meaning to be confirmed
Elsa (new) — courageous
Emma (new) — self-critical
Erika (new) — creator temple

Women’s names, letter Yu:

Juliana (old, from Julian) — curly
Julia (old, from Julia) — fluffy
Humanita (new) — human, human
Juno (old) — patroness marriage

Women’s names, letter Y:

Yadviga (new) — rich warrior
Yana (new) — «Goddess of the sun»
Yanina (new) — bright ) — «burning glory» or similar to the male name Yaroslav

Remember! Choosing a name for a child is a huge responsibility.

By alexxlab

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