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100+ One Syllable Girl Names – Short, Sweet & Beautiful

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Yay! It’s that time…Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most exciting parts of being pregnant! Everyone has their different preferences and ideas of what they want their baby’s name to be, where they want it to originate from, what kind of meaning they want it to have, how long they want it to be, etc. This list is full of one syllable girl names for the parents out there looking for something short and sweet! 

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100+ Beautiful One Syllable Girl Names You Can Fall In Love With

Girl names that start with A:



Girl names that start with B:




Bev – short for Beverly






Brenn – short for Brenna

Brinn/Brynn – short for Brinlee

Britt – short for Brittney

Brooke – short for Brooklyn

Girl names that start with C:

Cait – short for Caitlin

Cam – short for Cameron

Cass – short for Cassie, Cassandra

Cat – short for Catherine


Chris – short for Christina



Girl names that start with D:


Deb – short for Deborah, Debbie


Des – short for Desirae

Don – short for Donna


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Girl names that start with E:

Elle – short for Ella, Ellen



Girl names that start with F:



Fay – short for Fayette




Frey – short for Freya

Girl names that start with G:


Gem – short for Gemma




Girl names that start with H:


Girl names that start with I:

Iz – short for Iza, Izabelle, Izzie

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Girl names that start with J:


Jae – short for Jaelynn






Jenn – short for Jenny, Jennifer

Jess  short for Jessica



Joss, Joce – short for Jocelyn






Girl names that start with K:

Kai – short for Kailani


Kate – short for Katelyn


Kim – short for Kimberly

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Girl names that start with L:


Lee – short for Leah, 

Lex – short for Lexie, Alexandra

Lil – short for Lily, Liliana

Liv – short for Olivia

Lou – short for LouAnne


Girl names that start with M:





Marsh – short for Marsha

Meg – short for Megan


Girl names that start with N:





Girl names that start with O:

Oak – short for Oakley

Girl names that start with P:


Pam – short for Pamela

Pax – short for Paxton


Peg – short for Peggy

Prim- short for Primrose

Girl names that start with Q:



Girl names that start with R:

Rae – short for Raelynn



Rem – short for Remi

Rose – short for Rosalyn



Girl names that start with S:


Sam – short for Sammy, Samantha


Sky – short for Skyla, Skyanna

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Girl names that start with T:


Tay – short for Taylor

Tess – short for Tessa

Trix – short for Trixie


Girl names that start with U:



Girl names that start with V:

Val – short for Valerie

Vi – short for Violet

Viv – short for Viviana

Girl names that start with W:

Whitt – short for Whitney


Wynn/Winn – short for Winnie

Girl names that start with X:

Xen – short for Xena

Girl names that start with Y:



Girl names that start with Z:


Zen – short for Zena

Zo – short for Zoey

We hope this article gave you some ideas for one syllable girl names for your new bundle of joy! 

If you’re interested in seeing a more detailed list of baby names that includes ideas for both boys and girls, we have an article for that too! Check out our 400+ baby name ideas for boys and girls! 

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Ride along the Neva and along the canals. We listened to an audio guide about the history of St. Petersburg and the canals. We saw the building of bridges. Some were cool, but this is not the fault of the organizers, on the contrary, they even gave out blankets. In general, go boldly, just dress warmer because the night and the water is much colder.

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The catalog contains day and night excursions along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg with descriptions, prices and reviews of tourists. The cost of children, adults and discount tickets for guided walks in St. Petersburg is from 850 ₽. Read about the main attractions of Russian cities, choose the best sightseeing tour route, see the schedule for June-July 2023 and buy tickets online!

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During the cruise you can see:

  • Kronstadt
  • Entertainment show
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  • Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Nevsky Prospekt
  • St. Isaac’s Cathedral
  • Lakhta center
  • Famous white nights
  • Front facades of the city against which you can take a photo

Popular routes:

  • Venice of the North — along the Moika and Fontanka with access to the Gulf of Finland
  • Golden Triangle — along the Moika and the Griboyedov Canal
  • Sightseeing tour on a single-deck motor ship
  • Drawbridges — along the Neva, Bolshaya and Malaya Neva
  • Along the Northern Islands
  • Boat excursion «Night saxophone»

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You can see the schedule of the nearest flights on the page of the corresponding water excursion.

Tips for tourists

  • If you want an exciting journey, buy a ticket on a double-deck motor ship and go for a walk through the waters of St. Petersburg.
  • For connoisseurs of history, we recommend using the services of an excursion in a group and learning a lot of interesting facts about the history of St. Petersburg, the option of such a trip is also convenient for children.
  • Day trips on a musical boat are unforgettable events for all residents and guests of the city, during which you can get acquainted with the architecture and history of old St. Petersburg.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to visit Sevkabel Port, a place where picturesque panoramas await you at every turn.
  • An evening boat trip along the Paradnaya Neva gives a unique experience, especially when the bridges are drawn.
  • Plan the date of your holiday and choose different routes, for example, visiting the Summer Garden or Trinity Bridge.
  • Go for a walk at night — this is another interesting format of water trips, allowing you to enjoy the view of the buildings and palaces of St. Petersburg with illumination.
  • Bus and walking tours through the streets and courtyards of St. Petersburg allow you to get to know the life of the city more fully.
  • Visiting historical museums and unique forts is another way to deepen your knowledge about the city on the Neva.
  • Try to find time to visit Vasilyevsky Island or Yelagin Island for relaxation in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.
  • Take a mini trip on an old tram — this is another way to see the famous sights of the city from the water.
  • The Oreshek Fortress is one of the most significant historical sights in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. The excursion program includes many interesting places to stop and take pictures.
  • Spend an evening with friends or colleagues in the famous fountain park in Peterhof.
  • A group tour of the forts of Kronstadt will be a real adventure.
  • Arrange a romantic dinner against the backdrop of the beautiful feeds of the city, accompanied by jazz music.
  • In cold weather, all passengers can use warm blankets that are on board.

Popular questions

Why buy a ticket online?

— In high season, tickets for popular times run out very quickly
— You do not have to stand in line and arrive early
— Often the prices at the box office are higher than on the website

What places can I visit during the tour?

During a boat trip you can see many sights of the Northern capital, including famous bridges, embankments, monuments and cathedrals. The route may include passing the Admiralty, the Peter and Paul Fortress, visiting the Gulf of Finland and other iconic places.

How can I book a boat trip?

You can book a boat trip in St. Petersburg on our website sputnik8.com. You will need to select the date and time of departure, as well as specify the number of tickets. Payment is made online.

What additional services are offered on board?

There may be a cafe or bar on board, and a program is offered, including stories from the guide about the history and sights of the city. Some tours also offer audio guides.

What are the reviews about water walks in St. Petersburg?

Reviews are mostly positive. Tourists note the beauty of Venice of the North, visible from the water, interesting stories of guides and the convenience of booking through the site.

Are there discounts?

Yes, the Sputnik8 website regularly holds promotions and offers discounts. For more information, it is recommended to check the site or contact the manager by phone.

What are the cancellation conditions?

Cancellation conditions may vary depending on the selected tour. Details are listed in the description of each tour on the Sputnik8 website.

How long is the boat ride?

The duration may vary. Some tours last around 1-2 hours, while others can take the whole day.

Can I organize a private boat trip for my company?

Yes, some tour operators offer private boat trips. You can discuss details and special requests with the manager.

What security measures are in place?

All tour operators follow strict security measures.

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