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postcards for the holiday on December 4

Day of ordering gifts and writing letters to Santa Claus — pictures for the holiday on December 4, 2022. Download for free our beautiful and funny postcards and letter templates to the winter wizard and send them to your friends, family, everyone who believes in gray-haired magician and looking forward to the New Year. After all, now is the time to make wishes and write letters to the main sorcerer. We all remember that in this winter time, a small child wakes up in each of us, who believes in miracles and fairy tales.

Picture — Santa Claus with closed eyes pulls up his hands in the desired gifts.

A grandfather with a beard and glasses reads letters from the guys very carefully.

A girl writes a message to her beloved Grandfather Frost under the Christmas tree.

Amazing surprise for Frost from the guys.

The favorite of all children with a huge bag and a list in his hands.

A beautiful card with the day of ordering gifts and writing letters to Santa Claus with a wish for a good mood.

Envelope for New Year’s letter.

Postcard with Santa Claus near the Christmas tree.

Happy letter writing day to Santa Claus — a picture for the holiday on December 4th.

The boy is passionate about writing the most important letter of the year.

Drawing — Happy Frost talking on the phone.

A picture with a riddle inscription — «He never misses children’s requests, and carefully collects his bag!» Who is it?

“Hmm, have I ordered all the presents?” thought the girl in the cool hat.

A fabulous journey begins.

The boy is fascinated by writing by the Christmas tree.

New Year’s sock of miracles.

Frost peering around the corner.

Cool picture with the day of writing letters to Santa Claus.

Postcard for children with kind Grandfather Frost and green beauty.

A letter in the hands of a gray-haired old man with an inscription.

December 4 is the Day of writing letters and ordering gifts to Santa Claus. Picture with Snowman postman.

Postcard — The Magician is waiting for your letters and is ready to fulfill all your desires, friends.

Picture — The messenger is in a hurry to deliver a letter with orders from children.

Postcard — Bag with gifts.

Postcard with a wish to dear Grandfather Frost from a bad little baby.

Postcard — Grandfather with a white beard and a red bag.

Picture — Dear friends, we remind you that you have almost a month left for Grandfather Frost to fulfill your dream. Grab your letter soon.

Animation picture — Envelope for the most fabulous character of the New Year.

Gif card with animation — Boy and letter.

Few people love winter. But who dares not to love December?!

December is when everyone begins to believe in a fairy tale a little bit.

A cool picture with a reminder that it’s time to write a letter to Santa Claus, otherwise all the gifts may be snapped up.

Postcard — A kid in a red hat lists all his wishes to the main New Year’s magician.

Let the most magical month of the year be unforgettable!

Letter stencil for the New Year magician.

Picture — Snow Maiden, she is interested in you: did you forget to send an envelope to Veliky Ustyug?

Postcard — Everyone’s favorite grandfather is waiting for the courier delivery of a huge bag of letters from his dear children.

Blank letter to Santa Claus with coloring.

Template letter to Dear Frost.

Cool inscription in the picture for Grandfather Frost.

Next holiday:

Singing Stars Day


Letter to Santa Claus printable templates.

Letter templates from Santa Claus

It is enough to pick up a beautiful envelope, paper and write a few lines on behalf of the wizard. What should these lines be so that the child does not doubt the existence of Santa Claus?

How to write a letter from Santa Claus: appeal

A letter from Santa Claus ( 2018 can be downloaded for free in word format) must necessarily begin with an appeal to the child. In order for the beginning of the letter to be successful, you should follow a few simple recommendations:

1. You should not name your child in a letter as parents usually do at home. Otherwise, the kid will immediately understand that the letter he is holding in his hands is the work of his parents, and not a real wizard, so the “cookie” or “sweet owlet” should be left for later.

2. The child should be called by his first and last name. Name and surname — the ideal address for a child in a congratulatory letter. It is best to indicate them at the beginning of your letter. And then — to call the child, if necessary, abbreviated. For example, not Andrei, but Andryusha.

3. Affectionate names should be kept to a minimum. It is not necessary to call the child “Andryushenka” or “Nastya” every two sentences. That’s what parents are for. And Santa Claus should be a little stingy with affectionate names. He’s still too serious for that.

Significance of the holiday

The fourth part of the letter from Santa Claus should be given to the significance of the holiday. For example, you can talk in a few words about traditions, celebrate the New Year in other countries. It will be very interesting for the baby to know. In addition, Santa Claus should give the child some recommendations on how to spend their New Year holidays, indicating that this is the best time to spend as much time as possible with friends outside (weather permitting) and pay attention to parents.

Templates can be downloaded from the link!

Congratulatory part

This is the most significant part of the letter from Santa Claus (template 2018 can be downloaded on the Internet for free). It is better not to use the poetic form. Otherwise, the child may doubt whether this letter was really sent by the real Santa Claus. It is much better to write, wishing the child success in school, hobbies and behavior. Do not focus too much on the last point.

Important details

You can also write that Grandfather Frost always follows all the children and knows how they behave throughout the year. In addition to the small victories of the child, he sees his defeats. However, Grandfather Frost knows that in the future the baby will be able to correct his shortcomings, which means that he will be able to become even better than before.

At the same time, you can indicate for what specific merits the child deserved his gift this year:

1. For excellent academic achievement.
2. For good behavior and helping parents.
3. For winning any competition or sports relay race.
4. For something else (of which the parents also know).

In addition, it is worth saying that Grandfather Frost will closely monitor the behavior of the child in the future. To receive a gift next year, like other children, the baby will have to try hard. After all, Grandfather Frost does not like those who want to receive a gift not deservedly — without doing anything good for this.

Be sure to give a few words to the Snow Maiden. It will be especially important for girls to receive valuable recommendations from the granddaughter of Santa Claus.

Parents, like no one else, know about the shortcomings of their baby. On behalf of the magician, it is worth writing about what must be corrected in the coming year:

1. Try to cry less over trifles.
2. Don’t fight girls.
3. Read more.
4. Less time spent at the computer.
5. Put away your toys.
6. Obey your grandparents and more.

How to choose a gift for a boy

In addition to a letter from Santa Claus 2016 (a template for a boy can be downloaded for free on the Internet), a child must be waiting for some. There are many options for what to give a boy for the New Year:

Collectible model of cars

One car can be presented for a less significant holiday. And the New Year is a time of miracles. Collectible model cars — of course, the pleasure is not cheap. But your baby will be incredibly happy with such a “new thing”. The cost of the set depends on the number of machines included in it, as well as the material of manufacture.

Sports equipment

A man must be athletic. It’s almost innate in him. In order for the process of familiarization with sports to go more actively, the task of parents is to push the child in every possible way to engage in sports clubs. To do this, you can give him a set for boxing, football or any other sport that interests him. As an alternative — several subscriptions to different circles, so that the child has the opportunity to independently choose what he wants to do, and possibly what he will connect his future with.

Art kits

Here everything depends solely on the kid’s hobbies and their parents’ knowledge of them.

Choosing a New Year’s gift for a girl

Write a letter from Santa Claus 2016 (a template for a girl can be downloaded for free on the Internet) — this is not enough for the child to be 100% satisfied with Grandfather’s attention to his person. You should also be sure to prepare a gift that the child asked for in his letter. If the baby did not indicate what she wanted to receive for the New Year, parents will have to think for themselves what their child would be delighted with. Below are top New Year’s gift ideas for girls under the age of ten.

Sweet Barbie

This is an original gift for a first-grader girl and a little older lady (under the age of ten). If a young lady loves sweets and still plays with dolls, a sweet Barbie doll is sure to please her.

Very easy to make. To do this, you need to buy a doll that the girl dreams of, and a kilogram of her favorite sweets. Next, double-sided tape is glued onto the box with the doll, on which candies are glued in turn. It is important that the silhouette of the doll is not glued (as a rule, the box should be transparent in this place). The gift is ready.

Practice suit

Dancing, sports, gymnastics — all this requires special costumes, both for performances and for ordinary everyday activities. Why not treat your little one to a brand new costume. In one fell swoop, adults will kill two birds with one stone — in the near future, the child will not have to buy clothes for classes separately, and the baby herself will certainly be satisfied with such a New Year’s gift. Especially if the gift is exactly the one she has long dreamed of.

Illuminated mirror for nursery

In addition to a letter from Santa Claus 2016 (the template can be downloaded on the Internet for free) for a girl, a mirror with light for the children’s room will be an excellent gift. This is the gift that all ladies, young and old, dream of. If now the girl will not look at him so often, then in a few years the young fashionista will not be torn off from him.

  • #1

    I «want» to be «given» to me for the «new» year «tablet» to Santa Claus.forest.

  • #2

    Santa Claus bring me two Kelly dolls one with blue hair and one with lilac hair and a yellow candy bracelet tv put on your arm new video tv channel from the tv channel of the name
    sweets in the form of a bear, which with a magic wand of a colleague and put on a bracelet called sweets tv yellow bring me in the form of a bear cub I watched this TV channel new video there are two of them
    type of bracelet two and two different yellow in the form of a teddy bear and pink in the form of a bunny

  • #3

    Hello Grandfather Frost I wish you a Happy New Year? I am now 13 years old and will be 14 in January, and I still have a sister, she is 5 years old and I want you to bring me a Vertex Impress Smartphone
    Eagle, and sister Baby Bon, Barbie Doll Rainbow Mermaid

  • #4

  • #5

    Dear Santa Claus, Happy New Year!!! I’m 6 years old, I wish for the new year lol (doll in a ball), a pearl shell and a big hachimals egg (a big egg inside the animal). I hope you
    read my wish. Happy New Year again Masha!!!

  • #6

    Hello, Frost Girl! My name is Aidamir, I’m 8 years old, I’m in the second grade, I’m studying for only fives and fours. I have a brother Amir, he’s in the sixth grade. My mother’s name is Larisa, and my father’s name is
    Alfred. We have a dog her name is Alice and a cat Gray. Grandfather Frost, we have never had a laptop, I want a laptop for the New Year.
    Happy New Year! Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden!

  • #7

    Dear Santa Claus. I’m not the most obedient, but I tried very hard this year. I don’t want any toys, as long as the loved one is there and never goes anywhere else.

  • #8

    kind grandfather frost! I am 6 years old, I help my mother and obey adults! Please give me a toy toy! I really want one!

  • #9

    Santa Claus! I’m Dasha, I’m 5.5 years old, I live in Odessa. I tried very hard to be obedient, trained well, performed at various competitions, studied. I want my whole family, my relatives and friends
    were healthy! I dream of getting a doll head as a gift, on which you can do hairstyles and a backpack for school. I hope you read my wish, dear Santa Claus. Happy New Year!

  • #10

    Hello how do you want to see Santa Claus ��� I say hello to you and I love you

  • #11

    Hello Santa Claus!!! I want to go to the Hot Country, give me a ticket…

  • #12

    I want new bedding from you (green with avocado), and a new soft down pillow. Thank you!�

  • #13

    Hello Grandfather Frost, my name is Adeline, I have been living in Artesyan-Mangita for 10 years and I want for the New Year a tablet and a phone case, and a doll with a table, a playpen, a stroller, and headphones, a smartphone and
    laptop printer. Thank you Santa Claus

  • #14

    Hello, Santa Claus. I worked hard all year, obeyed whom I had to)) I ask you, Grandfather, give me and my family a two-room apartment in an elite area of ​​the city of Cheboksary and an Audi car
    Q7 II (4M). Or, in order not to bother you, you can just have a suitcase of money, I will buy everything myself. Thank you, Santa Claus! 😉

  • #15

    Hello dear Irina and Alice!
    YOU must have been surprised by the letter from Santa Claus himself. You probably thought it was a prank. Nothing like this! After all, soon the New Year, the time of miracles comes. And one of these miracles, the smallest, is mine
    personal congratulations for you!
    I am now working tirelessly and beard: I need to prepare gifts for the children of the whole world and not forget about anyone. I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself, but my faithful assistants are next to me: reindeer and, of course,
    my granddaughter is the Snow Maiden. Very soon we will collect a huge bag of gifts, load it into a sleigh, and hit the road to bring people joy and happiness.
    I have already been told how smart you were in the past year, how much you managed to do and achieve. I know that this year you started dancing Alice, you know the letters and colors, Irina passed
    biology at 5, learned to mop floors and help mom, and of course YOU OBEYED TO MOM AND DAD. The good news is that you already have so many friends: Karina, Victoria, Ksyusha, Darina, Max. After all, friends
    this is our main wealth, which cannot be bought for any money. They will always help, advise, lend a shoulder. Cherish them. I wish you strong friendship, and even more moments of joy.
    The New Year is already very close: it will come when the clock strikes 12 and all the festive lights are lit at once. Do not forget to prepare for his arrival: make your cherished wish, and I will definitely
    I will execute.
    Happy holiday to you, Irina and Alice!
    Your kind Santa Claus.

To change the text — click on the text in the image above. By clicking on one of the four pictures on the right, change the letter template. In the second and fourth template, you can upload your photo (photo of the child). The third and fourth templates are letters of commendation. Clicking the «Save» button will download the print-ready file to your computer. «Print» — will print the form.

To work (edit, download) you need installed Adobe Flash Player (free). If you don’t see the big image above the previous paragraph, then you don’t have Flash Player installed.

Artist: Alena Garbuz.

Below on the page are the texts of letters approved by Santa Claus. Copy your favorite message, news, message and paste it into the editor in the image above.

Text of the letter from Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden «Magic Ball»

Hello Alice!

Santa Claus is writing to you from the North Pole. The Snow Maiden helps me: she finds the addresses of good children on the magic crystal globe. Today your house sparkled with silver, a magic ball showed us you, Alice. Granddaughter Snegurochka and I looked at you and did not recognize you. How you grew up for a year, became smarter, more serious! You help your loved ones, every day you learn something new. Therefore, I, Grandfather Frost, with my magical power open for you the doors to the world of discoveries and adventures that await you in the New Year! We wish you joy, health and happiness! In the New Year, your dream will surely come true!

Your friends Ded Moroz and Snegurochka.

Text of congratulations from Santa Claus «Magic letter»

Hello, Alice!

I, Grandfather Frost, hasten to congratulate you on the New Year. On New Year’s Eve, various dreams and desires come true. Do you know why? Because all people become kinder, they give each other gifts and make pleasant surprises. And the Snow Maiden and I help them with this.

Alice, my magic book told me that in the New Year you will have many new victories, and you will become even smarter, stronger, more beautiful. Remember, my letter is magical too. When you read it, your dreams will fall into our wonderful piggy bank, and in a year they will definitely come true! Dream, rejoice and do not be bored!

Alice, I wish you a happy New Year, please your mom and dad with your smile. Happy New Year!

New Year’s greetings «Crystal Ice»

Hello, Maxim!

Happy New Year! Now, when you read my letter, I look into a large crystal ice floe and see your reflection. This piece of ice is magical — it grows when you laugh. You rejoice, and I see your smile.

I know that new joyful events await you in the New Year. Don’t miss them. Rejoice every day! Remember my message in the morning, and you will see how many interesting things you will have. A smile works wonders, I know for sure!

Maxim, please help me too — prepare surprises for your loved ones and best friends. Let their crystal ice floes grow too!
Look for a gift under the Christmas tree.

With best wishes, your Santa Claus!

Congratulatory letter «Grow up smart»

Hello, dear Olechka!

I, Grandfather Frost, congratulate you on the New Year holiday! I have been watching you for a whole year and I want to say that I like you. You are mobile, do not sit idle, love noisy games and adventures. Activity is good! Just try to use it correctly — learn more and learn to do everything yourself. After all, even squirrels in my forest do not jump on the branches without work, but get their own food.

I’ll tell you a secret — you won’t be bored in the new year. You will have friends, and gifts, and surprises. Grow smart! And I will continue to follow your progress and rejoice at how beautiful and well-mannered you are.

Letter from Grandfather Frost “You are a good fellow”

Hello, dear Anechka!

I, Grandfather Frost, wish you a happy new year. I am writing this letter to compliment you. Well done. You love books and make wonderful crafts. Keep going like this. Just please don’t forget to have fun and play with the other guys. This is also helpful. Ask anyone you want — even the hares from my forest.

I know for sure that this year you will learn a lot of interesting things and learn a lot. The gifts you dream of are waiting for you. Be brave — everything will work out! And I will worry about you and rejoice at your successes. See you next year!

From a philological point of view, the most accurate name for this type of correspondence would be «rescript».

Caring parents try to develop their children from an early age. The variety of forms of such development is enormous. A lot of joy, emotions and other positive impressions will be delivered to the kids by receiving a letter from Santa Claus. Especially if it is a response to a letter to Santa Claus from a baby.

The option of contacting the Russian post office has a number of disadvantages, this and the fact that you need to apply in advance, you need to pay money, congratulations are standard and cannot contain information known only to the child and parents. It is this information that can make a lasting impression on the baby.

We bring to your attention letter templates from Santa Claus, which can be edited. Since not everyone has experience with Photoshop, we offer colorful letter templates from Santa Claus in Word Format. If your computer does not have the fonts used in the document, you can always use the ones that you have installed.

Template No. 3 for those who are familiar with Photoshop template in PSD format, Gif — a regular picture, Word — for those who are more comfortable in a text editor.

Sometimes when typing in Word background pictures are not displayed, you can turn them on in the settings of your text editor.

Examples of texts of a letter from Santa Claus:

I’m flying to you from a fairy tale,
To give gifts,
To wish good and happiness
And, of course, to praise:
For a whole year you were smart, nice,
You were a kind girl,
Helped mom and dad,
Behaved well!
You deserve gifts,
Get them in the New Year!
The cutest and most beautiful,
And grow up cheerful!

Even adults on New Year’s Eve believe in a fairy tale, what can we say about children! They look forward to the most magical holiday of the year, make wishes, write letters to Santa Claus, and firmly believe that all the wishes will come true.

Templates for letters and envelopes from Santa Claus

Click to enlarge the image. Then, right-click — select «Save Image As». Open and print the template.

The magic power of a fairy tale

Fairy tale plays a huge role in the life of every child. It develops and educates, comforts and gives hope, gives joy and helps to cope with fears, insecurities and disappointments. If you learn how to use a fairy tale correctly in interaction with children, then you can cope with many pedagogical tasks without punishment and lectures.

Parents can also use the New Year’s magician loved by all the children for educational purposes, and very effectively. To do this, about a month before the holiday, write a letter to Grandfather with your child on a beautiful letterhead. In a letter, let your son or daughter talk about their achievements and successes for the year and their plans for the future, write to the wizard about what gift they dream of and why they want to receive it for the holiday.

Approximately a week before the celebration, put a letter from Santa Claus in your mailbox. In response, let the wizard rejoice at the success of the child and express his support for the implementation of his plans for the future. Examples of what a magic letter might look like are given below. You can use the most suitable sample for you by entering the name of your child and his achievements, wishes for him and parting words. Experience shows that such letters from Santa Claus can have a very strong motivating effect on children. So, variants of letters from Santa Claus.

Text of a letter from Santa Claus for the little ones: «Funny lights»

Hello, dear Olenka!

The most important winter magician, Grandfather Frost, is writing to you. New Year’s time will come very soon, and the Snow Maiden and I are already preparing for the holiday: we wrapped the earth with a fluffy white blanket, hung garlands of icicles along the edges of the roofs, dressed the trees in fluffy dresses and collected bags with gifts for the children.

I have already wrapped your gift and put it in a bag. I learned from your letter that you are dreaming of………. Rejoicing at your success and hoping that next year you will learn how to dress yourself, swim and be able to clean up your toys yourself, I will be happy to put your desired gift under the Christmas tree on New Year’s Eve. And don’t forget to light the Christmas tree with merry lights on the holiday.

New Year’s wizard Father Frost, who loves you.

Supporting congratulations from Santa Claus: «The Power of Magic»

Hello, Dima!

Good wizard Father Frost greets you, I am sending you a letter from my magical winter residence in Veliky Ustyug. I have a lot of trouble before the holiday, but my most important thing is to read the guys’ letters and prepare New Year’s gifts.

Dima, I received your letter, thank you for it. Now I know what gift you dream of, and I will certainly fulfill your desire. And I also know that you went to school this year and it can be very difficult for you to sit in class, listen to the teacher, not be distracted, and even do your homework every day. It is really difficult, because sometimes you really want not to read and write, but to ride down the hill and play cars. But you will definitely cope with difficulties, and I will try to help you become more attentive and persistent with the power of my magic and I will rejoice at your success!

I congratulate you on the upcoming holiday, and your gift will be waiting for you under the tree on the first morning of the new year. Loving you Santa Claus.

Letter «Magic mirror of Santa Claus»

Hello, my dear Nastenka!

Grandfather Frost, the main New Year’s magician, and his granddaughter, Snegurochka, are writing to you. For a whole year we have been watching the guys in our magic mirror, we saw you too, Nastenka! You are a cheerful, friendly girl, you try to help your mother, you learn to read, you love to draw and you don’t forget to take care of your pet kitten Tishka. And we also learned that this year you started figure skating and are trying very hard in training. This is wonderful, because sport helps children grow up healthy, strong and beautiful!

The Snow Maiden and I are very happy for you and wish you to remain the same kind, diligent and active girl in the coming year.

With the help of a magic mirror, we found out what you really want to receive as a gift for the holiday ……. . We will gladly fulfill your desire, look for what you dream of under the Christmas tree on the first morning of the new year.

With love, Father Frost and Snow Maiden.

Letter — parting word: «Crystal chime»

Hello, Oleg!

I am writing to you, the mighty New Year’s wizard Santa Claus! It is I who am responsible for ensuring that there is order on Earth: winter came in due time, and nature rested under the lullaby of the wind and the crystal chime of icicles. And I am also the main manager of the most beautiful holiday of the year — the New Year’s celebration, I make sure that all the children on Earth receive the gifts they dream of on New Year’s Eve.

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