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An open letter to my Daughter in law – East Coast Keto

Dear Kayla,

There are a couple of things that I’ve been meaning to talk to you about. One that I’m pretty sure you’ve already figured out and another that may come as a surprise to you …because it goes against what tradition would have you expect.

The part you have already figured out, is how much I love that young man by your side. As much as you chose to love him as you spent time with him and got to know him. For me the love was different arriving; I had nine months of anticipation before I saw his tiny face. I knew I would love my child, but this love knocked me for a loop.

Alex and Kayla at Lake Louise

It was different from that fierce momma bear love that I feel for him now, that grew over time. This was more of an instantaneous adoration and was bigger and different than any love I’ve felt before.

As the years passed and that baby grew, my love for this wee person grew to heights that I had never known before. This brand of love hit me like a ton of bricks on day one and has been walloping me ever since. This kind of love- Mommy love…is one that I’m hoping you will feel for yourself, one day when you are ready.

Representing my art brand

All this, I suspect that you already know. ?

The part that you may not have figured out yet, is that YOU are an extension of that love. You are his chosen one. You are his person and his choice for partner-in-life and because of that you are my choice as well.
The relationship that I have with him, is extended in the one that I have with you. To me, it matters just as much.

Delighted to have Kayla by my side and representing my brand

I will say, that over the years, as I have gotten to know you, I have developed a love and respect for you as well. I admire the person you are. I admire Your mind for your drive and your strength, and I admire your heart for your compassion and joy. I am proud of you.

As I have grown to love you as your very own person, I also love how good you are to him. The way you make him smile and the way you two have joined together to create a life of adventure and love. This too has endeared me to you.

Now we may at times disagree and we may even fall out, but don’t worry or fuss over this in any way- it will always be short lived. These things are normal in any relationship, and I’m sure we will have our fair share as well. Feel confident that I will want to make up with you. I will always work towards getting along with you.

So proud of these two

That young man that we have in common is the one who we both try to make very happy. His contentment matters to us both. The only way for us to be to 100% successful at that, is as a team. His heart cannot be content if he’s at odds with his old mudder…and I know for sure, this is likewise with you.

My vow to you, dear Daughter in law, is to always do my part to ensure that you and I get along. That I always will work towards having a very good relationship with him and also with you.

My Calgarians

Always count on me to be on your team and your cheerleader. Have confidence in that.

With love,
Your Mom in law.,


A Love Letter to My Daughter Before She Falls in Love for the First Time Chandra Sparks Splond – CHANDRA SPARKS SPLOND

by Chandra Sparks Splond

My Sweet Girl:

People told me when I was pregnant with you that the years would fly by, and now that you’re knocking on the door of 13, I see that more and more every day. You’re becoming a young woman right before my eyes, and since I’m being honest, while I love seeing you grow and change, there are days where I wonder what happened to my baby. Before I know it, you’ll be 30, and I will be sending you off on your first date. (Maybe I’m exaggerating a little with the age thing, but not by much.)

One of the rites of passage for a lot of teenagers is dating and falling in love for the first time. I remember those teenaged years all too well and how they can shape the rest of your life. It’s probably one of the reasons I ended up writing stories for teenagers, to help them deal with what can often be a confusing time, especially when it comes to relationships. As your mommy, it’s my job to help you navigate this season of life. Sooner than I’d like to acknowledge, you’ll fall in love for the first time, and before you do, there are a few things I need for you to know:

  1. Let God lead you, especially when it comes to love. Yes, I talk about God and having a relationship with Him a lot. Yes, I strive to raise you so that you will love Him and know Him for yourself. I do this because you will save yourself so much trouble if you let God lead your life now. Ask Him to direct you to the right boys to date. Remember, anyone you date has the potential of being your future husband. There is nothing wrong with praying for your future husband and your marriage before you meet “the one. ” There is nothing wrong with wanting to be loved. Don’t be embarrassed about having crushes or thinking boys are cute. All of that is a normal part of growing up. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, so is heartache. You may date several frogs before you find a prince. Ask God to direct you to the right one. Don’t rely on your feelings because they will lie to you.
  2. You can’t genuinely love anyone until you love yourself. This is an ongoing conversation we keep having and for good reason. If you don’t love yourself and know who you are, how can you possibly love someone else? You’ll leave yourself vulnerable to falling for the first funky-tailed boy who comes sniffing around. Spend time getting to know you and figuring out who you are. Love yourself.
  3. Actions do speak louder than words. Anyone can say they love you. As you get older, you learn that for some people the words just come easy. I’ve had boys tell me they loved me, and because they said the words, I believed them. The problem is their actions told a different story. Someone who truly loves and values you is going to respect you. They are not going to intentionally do anything that hurts you. You won’t have to guess about their feelings or try and find hidden meaning in their actions. They won’t make excuses about why they can’t bring you around their family or friends (in fact they will be proud to show you off), they are not going to have multiple girlfriends, they are not going to disrespect others or belittle you, and they absolutely are not going to but their hands on you. If they are doing things like this, it is a sure sign that person does not love you. Do yourself a favor and move on—quickly. I’m telling you from personal experience that the longer you stay, the harder it is to leave. If you are spending more time crying or trying to figure out what the guy is feeling, it is not love, baby. As much as it might hurt, even though you may question whether you will ever love again, although it may seem like the tears will never end, let go.
  4. You are worthy of love. You are perfect just the way you are. At your age, I just felt ugly and awkward, and I was so insecure. I saw my friends in “relationships,” and I wanted to be in one too. It seemed they all had guys flocking around them, yet I couldn’t seem to get one to acknowledge my presence. I spent so much time wondering what was wrong with me. The truth was, there wasn’t anything wrong. I was perfect just the way I was, and so are you. Your worth is not determined by the number of boys you have around you or whether you are in a relationship.
  5. Don’t compromise who and whose you are in the name of love. I’ve seen it too often, girls posted up on social media showing off their body in skintight jeans and barely there tops or bragging about the number of guys they’ve been with. You are more than your body. You are a beautiful, smart girl. Yes, these girls get lots of attention, but is your body and the fact that you have had sex with every guy in your school really what you want to be known for? Is that really the kind of attention you want? Don’t get so caught up in wanting love that you are willing to do anything to get it.
  6. Keep your standards high. Don’t settle, especially when it comes to love. Don’t get into a relationship with someone just so you can say you have a boyfriend, especially when you know you don’t care about that person. It’s not fair to them or to you. Also, please know this: Sex will not make a guy stay with you. It won’t. Not for the long haul anyway. If a guy really loves you, he will respect you and your body. I’ve heard it said that a woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man has to seek Him just to find her. If a guy isn’t following Christ, don’t even entertain the thought of a relationship with him, let alone falling in love with him. Contrary to popular belief, you can control who you love and you can’t change a person. Bad boys seem cool in theory, but that is a mess in the making. Trust me, it’s just not going to work.

You may question if you will ever find love and get married. You will. Even if years go by and you start to wonder if love will ever find you, don’t lower your standards. Use that time to continue getting to know yourself. Go on trips, get another degree, try something new. When the time is right, love will find you, and when it does, you will realize it was absolutely worth the wait.

I love you more than anything. I am never going to tell you anything to hurt you. I want you to find love. I want to one day—in the very distant future—see a guy’s eyes light up when you enter a room and to see him love God and you. Right now, it is my job to protect your heart. So know this, if I see that a guy doesn’t mean you any good, if you don’t shut it down, I will, and I’m warning you in advance that I won’t apologize for it.

Your Mommy

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Letters from the confessor. Part 1. Correspondence between a priest and his spiritual daughter

Hello, father!

You probably don’t have time to answer my last letter, but I decided to take a chance and write another one. You can also not answer it, but in any case, read it.

I turned 19 today. The four of us celebrated it: mom, me and my stepfather’s parents. He himself was not; he was at work. This is how I’ve been celebrating my birthday for three years — only close relatives and no friends. But it’s not about that. I do not even know where to start.

This summer I didn’t have a close friend, I mean a man. I didn’t kiss or snuggle against a strong chest, although now it has become necessary for me. I felt like I was always late. That’s what’s happening to me. I already wrote in the last letter that I can not find my love. Now I’m thinking maybe I’m just too late. While trading in the market, I met many people, including Igor. I didn’t pay much attention to him, except as a coquette woman. It seems he does too. But over time, I began to notice that he sometimes looks at me for a long time. We never spoke, only «hello» if we got close. But they didn’t really want to. But you must understand me as a person, I suddenly began to pull. I look forward to the next day to see him, I miss him if he is not there, I am jealous if another is next to him. I want to dress up, make up and walk beside him. I feel like he’s watching. I want it and I want it again. All this in a dream, but no one notices, and he is unlikely. And yesterday he took me by surprise. Of course it’s funny. He bought beer from me (only I had it) and said: «So this is my love’s beer, my beloved wife.» And when I almost broke my fingernail, he said: «I will kiss him.» I looked into his eyes and said: «You started something a bit late.» Then I saw no one around me except him. Usually, if I’m just joking with young people, I watch the people around them how they look. And then … He himself, without suspecting it, rebelled a woman who wanted him. I didn’t sleep for a minute at night. It seemed to me that he was near, I kissed him, loved him …

And on my birthday I wanted him to congratulate me, but it was too late. He must have gone to get some merchandise. His last words were: «Well, goodbye.» When I was indignant, he said: «No, then see you.»

In one of your letters you called yourself a sinner. Then you probably know what love is. You were in a relationship with a woman. I don’t want you to be embarrassed. I am a woman so far only inside, in my soul. I pray to the Most Holy Theotokos to help me.

But what I wrote to you is a continuation of an older story. The first was Sasha. We also met at the market. Everything, as with Igor, only Sasha was married. Mom knew this, and did not want to understand any friendship between a girl and a married man. She kept talking to him about it. He joked and always tried to come up to me, otherwise he could just shout my name loudly. When he was leaving, then, saying goodbye, he squeezed my hand very, very strongly, and I realized that he would hold it forever, if allowed. I quickly released my hand so that there was no compromising situation. He called the number of his house and all the time said: «Let’s go together.» Of course, it’s funny, because he didn’t fit all my standards, but my heart remembers him constantly. I kept hoping to see him. Did he suddenly leave? He might still be trading. Maybe Igor is Sasha, maybe not. Maybe they were both just joking. I don’t take offense at all. On the contrary, I am glad: these are the only men who aroused a woman in me. They gave me the opportunity to be their property. I will never see Sasha, Igor — maybe I will see him again. But I think all the time: maybe Sasha is my first and last, only love.

Well, that’s it.

Thank you for letting me experience that feeling again.



———————————————— ———————————

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us. Amen.

Hello, dear Olenka!

I really am a very sinful person. But by His amazing mercy, one might say, in a miraculous way, the Lord saved me at your age from frivolous relationships with women, despite my youthful stupidity and ardor, strong amorousness and the situation in which I was then (hostel, student company, feasts with friends, etc. ).

Thanks be to God, the late mother Maria was my first and only woman. Thanks be to God that we began to fully belong to each other only after the Holy Sacrament of the Wedding. And then I was 29 years old. And yet, it soon became clear how little I was prepared for a real family life, how much childish egoism, selfishness, and frivolity still remained in me. At the age of 30, I realized that I was still far from deserving the right to be called a man. Here you are, my joy, you really want to be called a woman.

Becoming a woman is not just about being intimate with a man. To become a woman means to take responsibility for the children you will give birth to, for the strength of your family, for the warmth of the hearth and even, to a greater extent, for your life partner, no matter how strong and independent he may be. The same applies to men as well.

I understand that the most important component in love is responsibility for each other. For us Christians, this responsibility is especially high. You know what Holy Scripture calls us: «Children of God, chosen, holy and beloved.» Saints means those called to holiness, consecrated to God. We are consecrated to God in holy Baptism, this must always be remembered. And you, please, don’t present it as a dull and boring duty that interferes with supposedly your freedom. Just the opposite.

Do you remember that you wrote about the deep impression that your grandfather’s death made on you. You understand that we all have to die. But I am sure that you would freely and without any coercion agree to give anything you want, so long as your mother never dies. You love her and don’t want to part with her. Olya, God is our Heavenly Father, who created us, our parents, and the whole world in which we live. You, mother, grandfather are all infinitely small compared to God; but at the same time, how dear we are to each other! This means that our love for dear people is a small part of the love with which we should love our Creator.

After all, it was God who gave you the beginning of love – for your mother, for your husband, for children, for other people, for nature, and so on. It is given to you to love and be loved only because there is a God and because He created you. Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, you were already in His mind: and look what a pretty girl He brought into the world.

So, love for the Creator is our most important natural feeling, which we simply do not always recognize in ourselves. And this does not prevent you from loving one of the people at all. On the contrary, without this condition, your love for your mother, for your husband, for your children will be incomplete, fragile, devoid of its main inner content.

You are writing your letter and rejoice at the opportunity to once again experience the burning of love. Do you want love to never die? The Lord is immortal, and your soul is immortal: He can teach her immortal love. You just love with God, like Him.

The sensual, carnal side of love beckons you now. But it is precisely the passions and infirmities of our body that darken and burden our earthly love most of all. The sweet fire of feelings that a person experiences once in his youth is the most fleeting and deceptive state in our life. One moment — and it is lost. And so, Olya, the flesh enslaves a person from all sides, but where does love go? Most often, people lose it even in their youth and then even doubt: was it even there?

All this happens because the main law is violated: the beginning was not laid for the glory of God.

How can this be started? First, pray together with your loved one, asking God if our union is pleasing to Him, if we are made for each other. If the Lord puts peace in our hearts, and we are convinced that it is God’s will, then we will ask our parents to bless us in the name of the Lord, and the spiritual father-priest to unite us with the Holy Sacrament of Marriage. And we will live, knowing that our earthly life is only a preparation for eternal life, and that here we only have to sow and cultivate crops, and the harvest will have to be harvested already in the next century.

It’s good, Olenka, with God — at least to live, even to die.

Olya, when I think that we will meet the late Masha there, with the Lord, and that we will not be the same as we were on earth — with many sins, shortcomings, delusions, illnesses — but completely different, then I have despondency and fatigue pass, strength appears. I am absolutely sure that the Lord took her to the best, that her sins were forgiven and her soul was saved: therefore, I myself really want to be worthy of salvation.

Be, little girl, and you are always with God, in all your deeds, thoughts and feelings. Believe me, you will not regret, you will not make a mistake and you will not be lost. And love so that your love glorifies God, and brings you closer to God, and not away from Him. So that in love you become better, smarter, stronger. And do not be the work of anyone — neither some kind of passion, nor a person — but only God alone. And even then, not a worker, but a beloved and loving, faithful and grateful daughter.

Now, Olga, closer to your affairs described in the letter. If you, Olenka, write to me not only to speak out, but also to get some kind of support, then please be a humble and obedient clever girl, listen to what I will tell you.

The love you write about is experienced by all or almost all people from 14 to 20 years old — some earlier, some later. A young, open, not yet hardened heart wants to love, and a maturing body, filled with vital juices, blooms and agitates. This is a natural human condition at a certain time in life. A person blooms like a flower — tender, sensitive to every breeze. But you yourself know how it happens: the flowers on the apple tree were frostbitten, they crumbled ahead of time, and don’t wait for apples. An apple tree in bloom is very beautiful, but only for a few days, and its fruits are really important for a person. So your flowers would not be beaten by frost. The apple tree, if not this year, then it will bear fruit the next, and you bloom once, there will be no other. You say you’re always late. No, it’s just that the Lord keeps you for the best. He will arrange everything in due time as it is necessary for your salvation. Just don’t try to decide your fate by insolence or caprice.

Olenka, you wrote that you and your mother are forced to trade in the market in order to somehow have enough to live on. The trouble is that in one you gain, and in the other you rob yourself. I think I already wrote that it is risky for your health as a future mother. I can imagine how you stand all day long in the Siberian frost in some kind of leggings and a bologna jacket. Look, you can’t buy health for any amount of money. But here’s what’s even worse. It is useful for a young person (both a young man and a girl) to be closely engaged in physical (and preferably mental) work. The excess of strength inherent in youth usually «pulls into dope.» You are probably busy well: after all, you study at the institute. But around you in the market crowds a great number of strong and healthy young people, not bothered either physically or mentally, and moreover, they despise all work. Smoking, drinking «to warm up», «to relieve stress», exciting rhythms constantly sound in the ears; why not «hang out», not have fun with a girl! But be sure that they do not need your open heart, and you as a person are of no interest to them at all.

Maybe there are exceptions, but the general way of life is exactly this: if a girl, while selling in a tent, also provides «leisure» for the owner and his friends, she gets much more than just a saleswoman. All these topics are frankly and cynically discussed in the conversations that you hear. The same magazines — here they are on neighboring trays; it looks like you look at them sometimes. Pictures, voluptuous songs, flirtations, examples of others — all this presses from all sides, on all your senses. So you begin to languish, whose «property» (that’s your word) would become…

Olya, how many trampled, ruined women’s destinies I have before my eyes! Each of these unfortunates once felt and thought just like you, wanted to be the only one for someone, to make someone happy. But in that environment, something completely different was needed from her. At first there was severe disappointment, shock, grief. Then, over and over again, the woman suppressed the resistance of shame and conscience in herself, entered into a «new role.» Finally, it has become a way of life. A life worse than death. Yes, there is not far from death: read the criminal chronicle in any newspaper …

I am not saying that Sasha or Igor are scoundrels. They are, presumably, just like everyone else in their circle. There, by the way, it does not matter much whether a man is married or not. A married person all the more wants variety and a sense of freedom. But for you, I don’t see any romance here. You first put yourself, at least for a minute, in the place of Sasha’s wife, and then evaluate him and your behavior. If you don’t want to think about it now, then you’ll have to think about it when you’re being used and spit out like chewed gum.

Olenka, I’m sure this shame will end soon. Russia will be cleansed and sober up. And life will have to be restored from the very foundation. Then people-ascetics will come forward, spiritually exalted, faithful, patient, capable of painstaking creative work. And I really wish you and your future chosen one to be among such people.

Last time you wrote to me about a believing, serious young man who is «too afraid of sin.» What a wonderful quality it is to be afraid of sin. Look, Olya, are you also afraid of upsetting your mother with some bad word or deed? Because you love her and pity her. Holy Scripture says: «The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.» This fear does not humiliate a person, does not testify to his weakness, but elevates him above the circumstances of life, above sins, above evil people. Fear God and trust in Him, and you will not fear any evil.

You also specifically noted in your letter that this believing young man met twice on your life path, after you fervently prayed to the Most Holy Theotokos. Perhaps this was the answer to your prayer, and to my unworthy prayers for you? Listen to your heart — not the passionate, unaccountable impulses of the flesh that confuse the mind — but the depth of your heart, your believing conscience. And so that the conscience can testify to the will of God, let it always be open to God in prayer, in the knowledge of His commandments.

Congratulations, Olenka, on your nineteenth birthday. I also congratulate you on the beginning of the new academic year, and instead of a hotel, in addition to the institute assignments, I give you a small assignment from myself. If you have not yet learned, then please learn the prayers: «King of heaven», «Our Father», «It is worthy to eat» and «Virgin Mother of God, rejoice.» You will find them in any prayer book or church calendar. If something seems unclear, do not be too lazy to ask — I will explain to you.

Every morning, after you get out of bed and wash your face, be sure to read these prayers. Everywhere you go, before you start studying, working, at every meeting and conversation, mentally say: «Lord, bless.» Before eating, do not hesitate to cross yourself and also mentally ask God for blessings. And after eating, say: «Glory to you, Lord.»

Eat without laughing or talking. For food is God’s gift; in order for it to go in favor, it is necessary to accept it to the glory of God, modestly and with gratitude. In the evening, before going to bed, repeat the same prayers as in the morning. Then, bending down to the ground, ask God for forgiveness for all the sins of your life and the past day, even mental ones; ask the Lord to keep you from repeating these sins, to give you the strength to improve and be better.

Kiss your cross that you wear on your chest: just remember that the Cross is a symbol of Christ crucified for our sins. It is necessary to kiss him with repentance, faith, love and the fear of God.

Avoid seductive talk. And if something like this comes to mind, then say a prayer from the bottom of your heart, but remember me and also mentally ask me to pray for you. Do not pick up these exciting books and magazines: they are not printed with a good purpose. And you read, if possible, every day and always have with you the best book in the world: «The New Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ.» Read it with full confidence in the Word of God and know that Christ is your Savior, that He is near you, and is just as close to you as to those people whom He delivered from grave sorrows and illnesses, freed from evil spirits, raised from the coffin.

Lord Jesus Christ, all-merciful God! Deliver my child from death in the flames of hellish passions! Save it for many, many years for good and holy deeds, to the glory of Your name. Let it, like a bright unquenchable candle, shine before Your Face in the darkness of our last times. I know that You hear me, Lord. I thank you and praise you for everything, amen.

Olya, I protect you with the Holy and Life-Giving Cross of the Lord.

Your unworthy spiritual father

Priest A-y.

Continued in No. 2, 1999

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After allegations of violent acts against the daughter of Alexander Kalymov, they were taken into custody


ISO mathematics teacher Alexander Kalymov (not his real name), who was accused by his ex-wife of sexually harassing their five-year-old daughter. Now he faces a 20-year sentence in a strict regime colony.

Alexander’s relatives are sure that the real cause of the criminal case is the conflict between the former spouses, who could not share their daughter. The Yekaterinburg mathematician insisted that he should raise the child on an equal footing with his mother.

In addition, by the time of the divorce, an elderly divorced businessman from the United States, Roger Cosgrove, reappeared in the life of a woman, who called Alexander Kalymov’s wife to him. She met an American while studying in the States in 1995. Now the woman plans to go to live with him, but the ex-husband does not want to let go of their common daughter.

A few days before today’s meeting, Alexander Kalymov wrote a candid letter to one of his friends, in which he described in detail his version of the family drama. With his consent, we publish fragments of the letter (available to the editors):

“In the 1995-1996 academic year, both Sasha (my ex-wife) and I went to the USA for a year, lived with host families and studied at an American school . So Sasha and I, in fact, met in August 1995. It would be better not to get acquainted 🙂 Sasha ended up in the rich town of San Bernardino in California; Roger was then a 40-year-old business partner of a woman with whom Sasha lived all year (at the time of departure, Sasha was 15 years old, and on October 2, 1995 years old she turned 16 years old).

And Roger was literally blown away by 15-16-year-old Sasha! I’m not the only one who fell in love with her then! She was charming, flirtatious and innocent-looking, and several other Americans of all ages fell in love with her, from her peers to other grown men.

At that time, Roger was a millionaire (then he went bankrupt, then got rich again, but not so much). And with all his might he began to look after the 16-year-old Sasha. He rode her on a convertible and a motorcycle, sailed with her on his yacht, and so on. Sasha’s relationship with Roger has continued since 1995 years, somewhere before 2001-2002.

Extract from a handwritten letter


It also follows from Kalymov’s letter that he met the American in Yekaterinburg. In 1999, he came to his future wife. Kalymov in the same year began to look after Sasha. But everyone knew about the relationship between the spouse and the American: relatives, friends and acquaintances. They didn’t make a secret of it.

“At the same time, at the time of meeting Sasha, Roger had a wife of “normal” age (that is, about 40 years old) and, in my opinion, two children older than Sasha. This wife found out about Roger’s passion for a young Russian girl and divorced him, taking half of his millions and his business (largely because of this, he later went bankrupt).

I don’t remember the exact year when it was — Sasha told me all this in the early 2000s, and I didn’t know then that some details could be useful to me to defend against accusations of pedophilia (!) almost 20 years later!. .”

Excerpt from a letter written by the accused in pre-trial detention


Relations between the American and Kalymov’s future wife did not work out. Roger did not at first ask her to marry him. He was ready to pay for college, rent her an apartment in the States. That is, he offered her to be a kept mistress. In a letter, Kalymov writes that the girl refused such a role, she did not go to the USA. The relationship went on and on for a while.

“By this time, I had been courting Sasha for two or three years. In general, Roger is “a fool himself” that he missed Sasha then! Sasha’s mother, on the other hand, hated me fiercely, deciding that with my courtship I “confuse Sasha” and prevented Sasha (and after her, as her mother hoped, and her whole family) to move to America.

This is completely absurd, if only because what kind of “competition” can I, a 19-year-old third-year student, with my “six” Zhiguli, 45-year-old American millionaire from California in full bloom of strength?! Nevertheless, Sasha’s mother has been hating me for this for twenty years now and has in every possible way interfered with our relationship with Sasha.

Another quote from the letter of the accused


In 2019, the American showed himself again. In August, at the entrance of the house where the Kalymovs lived, the mother of the subsequently accused mathematician found a letter from Roger from the USA. The envelope contained postcards for Alexander’s wife and their daughter. The message for his wife featured a hand-cut, pasted-on pink heart with the words Rodger adores Sashenka. In the letter, the American confessed his love for the addressee.

The same love card from Roger


The mother of the accused mathematician Alexander Kalymov:

who Roger Cosgrove from California. Our son knew about him from the words of his wife. Then I met him personally when the American came to Yekaterinburg to see A. V. Recently, she let slip several times that she wanted to go to California, where it is always warm, there is a sea and you can swim.

And then I found an envelope with a separate letter for [their] daughter and a postcard with dinosaurs with the joking inscription «California in an embrace with Sverdlovsk.» I gave the envelope to my son, thinking that it was intended for A.V. The son introduced us to the contents of the letter: A.V.’s American friend wrote: «I want you to come to visit America, but we must be patient.» And inside the postcard with dinosaurs there was a love letter to AV herself. Our son was going to impose a ban on the export of his daughter abroad, as well as to seek joint custody of his daughter through the courts, which would have ruined A.V.’s plans to leave with his daughter in the USA to visit his friend. The easiest way is to slander him, accuse him of the most serious crime, deprive him of parental rights, take the apartment and leave for the USA. Alexander prevents A. V. from starting a new life in America, which means that Alexander must be trampled on.

Letter from the USA, mentioned in the testimony of Alexander’s mother


After the divorce, Alexander came to the meeting with his daughter with a dictaphone. Investigators confiscated the parents’ computer, but have not yet returned it. And, apparently, these records were not attached to the case file. The main evidence in the accusation, Alexander’s acquaintances, is called a video recording made by his ex-wife. On it, supposedly, the father comes out of the bathroom with one towel, and the daughter runs around the room without clothes.

In the evening it became known that the Kirovsky District Court released Alexander Kalymov under house arrest.


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    “They don’t get that much for murder.” Yekaterinburg residents stood up for a mathematician convicted of pedophilia

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