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Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter “A” | English Baby Names


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One of the hardest decisions a parent has to make during pregnancy is when they have to name the little one that is going to be with them after some time.

Luckily, you are with us.

Super Active Kids will be listing down names that start with the letter “A”, which are in English, so parents, just like you, won’t have a hard time.

Baby Boy Names That Start With The Letter “A”


Alexander Asher Anthony
Andrew Aaron Axel
Austin Adam Amir
August Adriel Archer
Arthur Atlas Antonio
Abel Alan Ace
Abraham Alejandro Arlo
Andres Adonis Anderson
Atticus Angelo Azariah
Apollo Allen Archie
Alonzo Adley Augustus
Armando Abdiel Alber
Abram Arjun Ares
Arturo Alec Allesandro
Ahmad Ander Ahmed
Alden Alberto Alvin
Amias Amos Aries
Aron Alfredo Axl
Alonso Aldo Avi
Abdullah Arian Ambrose
Alaric Allan Anders
Ameer Azrael Alvaro
Aydin Adler Akira
Alfred Arrow Alistair
Abner Amiri Azriel
Alfonso Agustin Achilles
Alwine Armoni Anson
Auden Avraham Aksel
Ansel Aurelio Anton
Aidyn Amen Akeem
Adiel Asaiah Ananya
Aydan Aleksander Antoine
Aris Austen Ayman
Aryeh Alessio Abdul
Alek Agastya Arman
Alister Atlee Avrohom
Adolfo Adolf Amar
Ammar Archibald Ames
Alton Amado Axell
Arnold Aley Atley
Amadeus Amin Arvin
Alvin Aedan Abdirahman
Asad Aharon Adnam
Aviel Aeson Armon
Arion Antwan Antony
Aurelius Aarin Amory
Aslan Alexandro Abbas
Angus Aaryn Amilcare
Aleister Allister Aage
An Aly Andrey
Abelardo Andrei Amadeo
Ansell Ammon Athan
Ameir Ad Adelmo
Amon Alpine Asaad
Alphonse Ailean Agusutin
Ainsworth Augustin Arin
Arius Abe Ayomide
Adalbert Amandus Aubert
Arvy Atherton Ameen
Ahron Adriano Alaa
Anselmi Alten Amerigo
Alphons Arthel Aramis
Abubakar Abimael Aadi
Alvert Andersen Argyle
Aloisius Antoni Alain
Avenell Anteo Algy
Alvern Amasa Ardy
Aman Arlin Ambros
Anatol Aziz Arik
Abdallah Athol Abert
Ashur Ahsan Asiel
Ashwin Adem Alexei
Ashtin Adelard Antal
Atwell Antwon Aloys
Arney Alston Alen
Aleksandr Abiel Aviv
Ananias Alakai’ Alcindor
Adil Abdel Aric
Asim Abbott Ashe
Alga Arny Amato
Arnald Arnet Algis
Avrum Armand Arpad
Arpad Audey Auron
Annsley Adolphe Allard
Aquiles Anibal Adon
Alamar Aldus Ardel
Adya Altus Adael
Able Asaya Arlow
Auggie Alexandros Akil
Abriel Anjelo Art
Alexios Arien Ary
Atlantis Alberico Augie
Aran Adalberto Alcibiades
Alfons Aeryn  Akim
Ailin Albertus Amitabh
Asael Alastor Ahmaud
Adham Arry Arty
Arun Ario Amaury
Alphonso Ajax Adrain
Adonias Avry Alexander
Avram Augusto Arron
Amer Alfonzo Akhilesh
Ayatollah Afi Alaire
Aleksi Andrick Alon


Do you think we missed out on amazing names that start with the letter “A”? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comments section below so we can add them right away!




Female names that attract successful men: what kind of women rich men love If you believe in the role of a name in the fate of a person, then the idea will respond to you that some female names, for example, can repel successful and strong men, and some, on the contrary, instantly endear them.

Our colleagues from MarieClaire studied the names, the owners of which have every chance of a very successful marriage.

It is believed that the sensibility of a name is influenced by the sequence of letters and combination of sounds. This theory says that the owners of names in which «ai», «eo», «ia» and other bundles of vowels are found are perceived by others as attractive, artistic and creative natures.

But if a woman’s name contains the letters «zh», «j», «nn», «ll», «mm» — this must be a very emotional nature. One «l», on the contrary, indicates softness. Open syllables in names that end in the letter «a» or «o» also increase the sexual charge of the name.

Specially for our colleagues , psychologist and tarot reader Zarina Shaman compiled a rating of names whose owners most often attract wealthy men.

Alexandra, Evgenia and Victoria — these names are fraught with dual energy. Yin female energy and Yang male energy. Accordingly, women with such names are easier to cope with male tasks. They make good managers. The owners of these names are able to influence the career growth of their partner, support him on a subtle energy level, instilling in him determination and confidence.

Women with the name Olesya personify one of the strongest energies — the energy of love and purity. They are able to give their man sincere and pure love. And they receive warm reciprocity in return. And as we know, when a man loves a lot, he is able to move mountains.

Alena and Alisa know how to find contact with a man and win him over. These women know their own worth, therefore they attract the wealthy and successful, who in their lives have achieved everything on their own.

Anastasia have a huge hidden potential and are able not only to deal with any difficulties and hardships, but also to overcome them. This immense energy attracts those men for whom partnership is important in a relationship. They are ready to give everything, but only to the most important person in their life — their woman, because she will lead him through any difficulties and help him achieve success.

Women who bear the name March, love and know how to be loved. They bring spring freshness, lightness and new energy into a man’s life. She always has many admirers and favorites, but it is not so easy to take Martha down the aisle. A man will have to try very hard to match such a woman. This attracts strong men to compete for Martha’s heart.

Perhaps the world’s largest study on this topic was organized by Laura Wattenberg, founder of the online platform Baby Name Wizard, which helps parents choose a name for their child. The experiment lasted as long as 5 years, during which time thousands of Internet users took part in it. According to the survey, men are most often singled out among other women with the names Scarlett, Nicolette, Natalia, Anais, Paulina, Alessandra, Chanel, Soraya, Adriana and Juliana.

Our country also has its own rating of the sexiest female names. For two and a half months, Russian sociologists asked men what names they find most attractive — in total, the answers of 50,000 people were recorded. Ranking leaders — Ekaterina , Anastasia and Victoria . The top ten sexiest female names, according to Russian men, also included: Maria , Elena , Natalia , Tatyana , Valentina , Ksenia and 900 15 Irina .

Family clinical psychologist and sexologist Inna Paustovskaya explains that people consider sexy names that have strong associations.

— Men often consider the heroines of cartoons and movies to be sexy. Sometimes a fairy-tale character seen in childhood sinks into the soul, and many project, look for the features of girls from the blue screen in real life. Since we are talking about Russian men, the well-known heroines of fairy tales are close to them: Nastenka, Alyonushki, the expert says. — We all know Elena the Beautiful, but even more men are closer to the image of Alyonushka. For a Russian person, this is a meek and tender girl, whom you want to look after, take care of her.

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