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July 14, 2023



Meaning:of God’s flock

Rare and unusual, Adriel is a masculine name of Hebrew origin, meaning «of God’s flock.» Though its construct suggests one who follows unabashedly, Adriel’s uniqueness suggests otherwise. In any case, those who bare it can feel secure knowing that no matter how unconventional their character may be, they will always find acceptance. It is a great name to remind baby that they will never walk alone no matter the path they choose.

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  • Michael
  • Ahab
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1,005 Baby Boy Names That Start with A

Find Baby Names

Find Baby Names

Name Letter

Are you looking for the perfect baby boy name that starts with A? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled the ultimate list of baby boy names beginning with A to make your baby name search easy and fun.

When considering what name to give your son, A names make strong and unique names for boys. Plus, names starting with A have never been more popular!

Discover rare A names for boys, the best options for boy middle names that start with A, and more! And if you love these boy names and want to explore the other letters of the alphabet, check out our complete list of boy names from A-Z.

Popular Boy Names That Start with A 

Some «A» names have become very popular baby name picks in the last few years. Here are the most popular boy names starting with A according to the latest data from the Social Security Administration. 

  1. ​​​​​Alexander — from the personal name Alexander, classical Greek Alexandros, which probably originally meant «repulser of men (i.e. of the enemy)», from alexein «to repel» + andros, genitive of anēr «man.»
  2. Aiden — Irish, meaning «warm.» 
  3. Asher — a topographic name denoting someone dwelling by an ash tree, from Middle English asche «ash tree» + the habitational suffix -er.
  4. Andrew — Andrew is of Greek origin and means «strong, or manly.» Andrew, a variant of the Greek name Andreas.
  5. Adrian — Adrian is of Latin origin and means «son of Adria» and «dark one.» It is also of Greek origin and means «rich.» 
  6. Aaron — Aaron’s origin is debated. Some believe it is of Hebrew origin meaning «high mountain; exalted, enlightened» and others state it is of Arabic origin and means «messenger».
  7. Angel — Angel is of Spanish and English origin and means «angel.» A popular unisex name, Angel derives from the medieval Latin masculine name Angelus.
  8. Axel — Axel is of Old German origin and means «father of peace.» It is the Medieval Danish form of Absalom
  9. Austin — The name Austin is of English origin and means «great. magnificent». It’s the medieval contracted form of Augustine.
  10. Adam — The name Adam is of Hebrew origin and means «son of the red Earth.»

Unique and Rare Boy Names That Start with A 

If popular and trendy names aren’t for you, there are plenty of «A» names for boys that are uncommon and unique. Here are some of our favorite unique boy names starting with A. 

  1. Ace — Latin name that means «unity.»
  2. Acer — Latin name for a maple tree.
  3. Ackley — English name meaning «oak meadow.» 
  4. Adriel — A Navajo name meaning «symbol of skill.»
  5. Alder- Dutch name for a type of birch tree.
  6. Angus —  A Gaelic name meaning «superb or unique.» 
  7. Ansel — Old German name meaning «diety.» 
  8. Apollo — The Greek name for «manly.»
  9. Ash — Both a type of tree and a name that invokes fire. 
  10. Atticus — A Latin name meaning «from Athens.» Atticus was popularized by the book To Kill a Mockingbird.

Modern Boy Names That Start with A

These trending baby boy names are modern name options for your baby boy. 

  1. Aden — Hebrew name meaning «delicate.»
  2. Archer — Unisex name meaning «rich.» 
  3. Arlo — German name meaning «famous throughout the land.» 
  4. Asher — Hebrew for «fortunate. «
  5. Ashton — Old English name for «ash tree.»
  6. Atlas — A titan in Greek mythology who is known for supporting the weight of the earth on his back.
  7. Auggie — Latin for «magnificent.» 
  8. Axel — Old German name meaning «father of peace.» 

Cute Boy Names That Start with A 

These are some of the cutest boy names beginning with A. These boy names are perfect for an adorable baby boy. 

  1. Albert — German, meaning «noble» or «bright.» 
  2. Anders — Scandanavian, meaning «strong and manly.» 
  3. Arthur — Celtic, meaning «bear.» 
  4. Augustus — re-creation of the Latin personal name Augustus on the basis of its medieval vernacular derivatives, principally August.
  5. Avery — German, meaning «elf ruler» 

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  • How to name a boy born on July 12th.

    Men’s names starting with the letter A. Men’s names starting with the letter M

    Boys born in July are characterized by such traits as kindness, responsiveness, shyness.

    They tend to take everything to heart, are very impressionable, often worry even about minor things. July kids, even if they try not to show their feelings to others, a storm of emotions boils in their souls.

    Such boys do not like to act rashly,
    and the decisions they make are thoughtful and balanced in an adult way. Kids are quite conservative and any changes are not for them. They prefer old and familiar activities, and it is very difficult for them to switch to another type of activity.

    July crumbs will not bully other children and incite conflict. On the contrary, they try their best to avoid unpleasant moments. It is easier for them to admit they are wrong, even if they are sure of the opposite, in order to avoid the negative that has arisen. However, this does not mean that they do not know how to achieve their goals, they just do not like to go ahead.

    However, kids find such ways and methods to do what they think is right and not offend anyone. This makes them very charismatic and purposeful.

    These babies are very homely, they prefer comfort and coziness.
    And their tendency to deep feelings leads to the fact that they find support and support in the family.

    Boys born in July are very romantic, but they do not like to show their feelings, they prefer the role of a secret admirer.

    There are many collectors among these babies. This quiet hobby is very to their liking and often remains with them for life. Risky activities, as well as gambling, are contrary to their nature.

    How to call: happy Orthodox male names

    For babies born in July, melodic soft names should not be chosen. It is better to dwell on the firm and strong-willed, as it will give the crumbs the missing rigidity. Such boys are not characterized by particularly negative character traits,
    however, it will not hurt to add decisiveness to them, self-confidence. It is worth taking a closer look at the following names:

    • Peter from Greek. «stone»;
    • Gleb from scand. «beloved of the gods»;
    • Roman from Greek. «strong»;
    • Artem from Greek. «healthy»;
    • Denis from Greek. «dedicated to Dionysus»;
    • Stepan from Greek. «crown»;
    • Fedor from Greek. «God’s gift»;
    • Boris from Slavs. «glorious in the fight.»

    The baby’s zodiac sign is also important.
    If the baby was born before July 22, then he is Cancer, and if from July 23, then Leo. A Cancer boy is characterized by a developed imagination, romance, and sensitivity. He is a very caring and tactful child. However, such qualities as timidity and lack of independence may also appear. Such babies should be given courageous and firm names. Simple Russians are best, for example, these:

    Lion babies are great optimists, generous and generous,
    radiate warmth and kindness. Nevertheless, they can be a little self-confident, they like to be in the center of attention and arouse universal admiration, they do not want to obey. Sonorous and serious names are suitable for them, namely:

    • Valery from lat. «vigorous, strong»;
    • Vladislav from glory. «possessing glory»;
    • Ivan from Heb. «the grace of God»;
    • Vladimir from glory. «owning the world»;
    • Cyril from pers. «Sun».

    How to choose according to the church Orthodox calendar (saints)?

    At present, the tradition of naming babies according to the holy calendar is no less common than before. Parents believe that the baby, named after the saint, will be able to adopt spirituality and purity of thoughts from him, and that the baby will have additional protection.

    If the variety of names in the Orthodox calendar on the date of birth of the child is large, then you can choose any one you like. If the choice is small, and parents do not like them, then you can look at the next days. The Church does not recommend looking back.


    patron saint
    Leonty lion mch. Leonty of Tripoli
    Ipatiy high mch. Hypatius of Tripoli
    Nikanor seer of victory Martyr Nicanor (Morozkin)
    Vasily royal schmch. Vasily (Smirnov)
    Alexander protector of people schmch. Alexander (Krutitsky)
    Sergey venerable schmch. Sergius (Krotkov)
    Victor winner St. Viktor (Ostrovidov)
    Zosima vital mch. Zosima Apolloniades
    Paisiy children prp. Paisius the Great
    Ivan grace of God prp. John the Hermit
    Varlaam son of God prp. Varlaam Pinezhsky
    Methodius ordered schmch. Methodius of Patara
    Gleb favorite of the gods Prince Gleb Vladimirsky
    Andrew courageous Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky
    Dmitry pertaining to Demeter schmch. Dimitry Salaminsky
    Athanasius immortal mch. Athanasius of Salamis
    Levkiy white St. Leucius of Alexandria
    Nicholas victorious people righteous Nicholas Cabasilas
    Julian from the genus Julius mch. Julian of Tarsus
    Terenty rubbing Tertius, Apostle from 70
    Julius curly Presbyter Julius the Myrmidonian
    Ivan grace of God schmch. John (Budrin)
    George tiller prp. George (Lavrov)
    Alexey defender schmch. Alexy (Skvortsov)
    Pavel small schmch. Pavel (Uspensky)
    Nicholas victorious people schmch. Nikolai (Rozanov)
    Iona dove Martyr Jonah (Sankov)
    Nikita winner mch. Nikita (Sukharev)
    Maxim greatest prp. Maxim Grek
    Evsey pious schmch. Eusebius of Samosata
    Gregory awake St. Gregory
    Fedor God’s gift schmch. Theodore (Smirnov)
    Gabriel divine warrior schmch. Gabriel (Arkhangelsk)
    Mitrofan revealed by mother St. Mitrofan
    Peter stone schmch. Peter (Smorodintsev)
    Alexey defender schmch. Alexy (Vvedensky)
    Alexander protector of people schmch. Alexander (Miropolsky)
    German consanguineous St. Hermann
    Artem healthy Holy Righteous Artemy Verkolsky
    Jacob starter righteous youth Jacob Menuzhsky
    Ivan grace of God Righteous youth John Menyuzhsky
    Anton replacement purchase prp. Anthony Dymsky
    Peter stone Saint Prince Peter of Murom
    Vasily royal schmch. Vasily (Protopopov)
    Nikon winning prp. Nikon (Belyaev)
    David favorite prp. David of Thessalonica
    Ivan grace of God St. John of Goth
    Denis dedicated to Dionysus St. Dionysius
    Tikhon happiness prp. Tikhon Lukhovsky
    Nile rivers in Egypt prp. Neil Stolobensky
    George tiller schmch. George (Stepanyuk)
    George tiller prp. George Iversky
    Martin like Mars prp. Martin Turovsky
    Serapion Dedicated to Serapis prp. Serapion Kozheezersky
    Alexander protector of people schmch. Alexander (Sidorov)
    Vladimir owning the world schmch. Vladimir (Sergeev)
    Peter stone schmch. Peter (Ostroumov)
    Kir sun mch. Cyrus of Alexandria
    Ivan grace of God mch. John of Alexandria
    Sergey venerable prp. Sergius of Valaam
    German consanguineous prp. German of Valaam
    Pavel small prp. Paul the Corinthian
    Vasily royal schmch. Vasily (Sitnikov)
    Gregory awake schmch. Gregory (Samarin)
    Peter stone Apostle Peter
    Pavel small Apostle Paul
    Gregory awake St. Gregory (Kallidos)
    Paisiy children prp. Paisiy Svyatogorets
    Peter stone Apostle Peter
    Andrew courageous Apostle Andrew the First-Called
    Jacob starter Apostle James Zebedee
    Ivan grace of God Apostle and Evangelist John the Evangelist
    Philip fond of horses Philip, Apostle of the 12
    Thomas twins Apostle Thomas
    Matvey God’s gift Apostle Matthew
    Simon hearing Simon the Zealot, Apostle of the 12
    Timofey worshiper of God schmch. Timothy (Peter and Paul)
    Kuzma decoration mch. Cosmas of Rome
    Damian conqueror mch. Damian of Rome
    Alexey defender schmch. Alexy (Drozdov)
    Arkady from Arcadia schmch. Arkady (Garyaev)
    Peter stone prp. Peter of Constantinople
    light St. Photius
    Mark fading mch. Mark
    Alexander protector of people prp. Alexander of Constantinople
    Anatoly eastern St. Anatoly
    Vasily royal St. Basil
    Konstantin permanent Prince Konstantin Yaroslavsky
    Ivan grace of God prp. John of Yarengsky
    Arseniy courageous St. Arseniy
    Tikhon happiness prp. Tikhon Sokolovsky
    Nikon winning prp. Nikon Sokolovsky
    Iona dove mch. Jonah of Lipsius
    Nicodemus victorious people prp. Nicodemus Kozheezersky
    Anton replacement purchase schmch. Anthony (Bystrov)
    Sylvester forest schmch. Sylvester (Olshevsky)
    Andrew courageous Andrey Rublev
    Simen hearing prp. Simeon the Stylite
    Nicholas victorious people Emperor Nicholas II (Romanov)
    Alexey defender Tsarevich Alexy (Romanov)
    Fedot God given mch. Theodotus of Rome
    Savva wine schmch. Savva (Trlaich)
    Dmitry pertaining to Demeter schmch. Dimitri (Kazan)
    Efim complacent prp. Euthymius of Suzdal
    Fedor God’s gift schmch. Theodore
    Sergey venerable prp. Sergius of Radonezh
    Athanasius Immortal prp. Athanasius of Athos
    Gennady noble schmch. Gennady (Zdorovtsev)
    Valentine strong schmch. Valentine the Roman
    Innokenty innocent mch. Innocent of Athens
    Vasily royal mch. Basil the Athenian
    Anton replacement purchase mch. Anthony of Rome
    Efim complacent Martyr Euthymius (Lubovichev)
    Fedor God’s gift schmch. Theodore (Bogoyavlensky)
    foma twins prp. Thomas Malein
    German consanguineous mch. Germanus of Dyrrhachia
    Gerasim venerable prp. Gerasim Boldinsky
    Pavel small schmch. Pavel (Chernyshev)
    Alexander protector of people schmch. Alexander Popov)
    Fedor God’s gift schmch. Theodore (Raspolov)
    Nicholas victorious people schmch. Nikolai (Bryantsev)
    Kirill sun schmch. Kirill
    Alexander protector of people mch. Alexander of Egypt
    Fedor God’s gift St. Theodore of Edessa
    Konstantin permanent schmch. Konstantin (Lebedev)
    Leonty lion mch. Leonty Nikopolsky
    Daniel judge of God mch. Daniel Nikopolsky
    Anton replacement purchase mch. Anthony Nikopolsky
    Alexander protector of people mch. Alexander Nikopolsky
    Vasily royal schmch. Vasily (Pobedonostsev)
    Peter stone schmch. Peter (Zefirov)
    Stepan crown schmch. Stefan (Lukanin)
    George tiller schmch. George (Begma)
    Nestor returned home schmch. Nestor (Gudzovsky)
    Hilarion quiet, joyful schmch. Hilarion (Trinity)
    Michael who is like God prp. Mikhail Malein
    Ivan grace of God prp. John the Holy Mountain
    Gabriel divine warrior prp. Gabriel Svyatogorets
    Fedor God’s gift mch. Theodore Varyag
    Arseniy courageous prp. Arseniy
    Simon hearing schmch. Simon Volomsky
    Gabriel divine warrior Archangel Gabriel
    Stepan crown prp. Stefan Savvait
    Julian from the genus Julius St. Julian of Cenomania
    Serapion dedicated to Serapis mch. Serapion
    Stepan crown prp. Stefan Makhrishchsky
    Nicodemus victorious people prp. Nicodemus the Holy Mountaineer
    Ivan grace of God mch. John of Merv
    Konstantin permanent schmch. Konstantin (Bogoyavlensky)
    Nicholas victorious people schmch. Nikolai (Poretsky)
    Vladimir owning the world Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Duke Vladimir
    Peter stone schmch. Peter (Trinity)
    Pavel small mch. Paul of Caesarea
    Jacob starter schmch. Jacob (Maskaev)
    Peter stone schmch. Peter (Gavrilov)
    Ivan grace of God schmch. John (Mozhirin)
    Fedor God’s gift Martyr Theodore (Nikitin)
    Leonid is like a lion prp. Leonid Ustnedumsky
    Lazarus god helper Hieromonk Lazar of Galicia
    Emelyan owned by Emil mch. Emilian Dorostolsky
    Ivan grace of God prp. John the Long-suffering

    Thus, the choice of parents is very large and often you can get confused. However, it is important to remember that the baby gets the name for the rest of his life.
    Therefore, one should not chase fashion trends and give the baby a too original name. It is also worth choosing in combination with the surname and patronymic, because if, for example, the patronymic is “Vasilyevich”, then the name “Apollo” will look rather ridiculous.

    What is the name of a boy born in July? What names are suitable for summer children? Boys born in the summer are proud, active, courageous and persistent in achieving their goals. At the same time, such boys are impressionable and like to take risks. Due to their gentle nature, most July boys are quickly influenced.

    As a rule, in the second month of summer, modest and shy boys are born, but they are more prone to feelings and introspection. Many July boys are characterized by increased emotionality, they are romantic up to self-sacrifice, this feeling develops in their youth and remains until old age. Although boys born in July do not particularly show their feelings, they still experience everything that happens around them very much, but they will never show it, they will even pretend that everything is in order with them. For July boys, home and family play a very important role, even as they grow up, they remain very homely. And if suddenly a man born in July does not have a family life, then he will lose the meaning of life. They are extremely vulnerable, and the family for them is a powerful protection, support and comfort. For the July boy, stability and security in all areas of life play an important role. Never, boys born in July are not addicted to gambling, do not make hasty decisions. They do not like changes in life, so they do not want to change jobs, even if the new life promises wealth and comfort.

    Another character trait of the July boy, which will interfere with his career advancement, is deep spiritual experiences. At the same time, he can worry about any reason, even for an insignificant one. But, the positive qualities of the July boys make it possible for them to develop successfully in exact science, because they are distinguished by an extraordinary mind, accuracy, punctuality, diligence and non-conflict. They are easy to work with and especially easy to manage.

    To enhance these positive qualities of character, choose names for boys born in July that are sonorous, strong, preferably with the meanings strong, courageous, strong-willed. So, you can influence the character of the child, and therefore, his fate. Soft, gentle names will make your son even more vulnerable and weak.

    Names of boys born in July:











    Lucky names for boys born in July are:




    What should be the name of a baby born in the middle of summer?

    A name for a boy predetermines his future fate in many respects, speaks about the character and main features of a person, attracts good luck and positive in his life. Therefore, choosing a name for a boy in July is not an easy and very responsible step for his parents.
    When choosing a name for a boy, take into account various factors: for example, the preferences of grandparents and other relatives, as well as the season when the child was born, etc. It is believed that it is impossible to name a child by the name of one of the relatives, so that he does not inherit someone else’s difficult fate. Also, you should not associate the son’s name with any political date, popular public figures or historical figures, because. history is changeable, and the name will remain with a person for life. The name of the child should become a kind of amulet that will save, bring good luck and success in life. In addition, the male name should sound beautiful and at the same time harmoniously combine with the patronymic and surname, because the son, unlike the daughter, will carry it until the end of his life.

    The boy’s name in July is influenced by the season

    The nature of boys born in the summer is most often soft and supple. And if for girls such a characteristic is considered natural, then boys need additional “help” of their name in order to feel more confident. Therefore, summer male names should contain additional notes of rigidity, masculinity, and strength.

    How to name a boy born in July according to the holy calendar

    Many parents prefer the church calendar and call the child a name in honor of one of the saints, who will become his guardian angel. It is believed that in addition to his patronage, the saint will give the baby part of his power
    According to the teachings of the Orthodox Church, the name day is the day of memory of the saint whose name the person bears. It’s good if the birthday coincides with the name day. But often the day of the angel is the closest day of the saint after the birthday of the child. In this case, the guardian angel gives the child not only his name, but also protection. According to the calendar, the choice is quite large. One of the names suits a boy born in July: Gleb, Leonty, Guriy, Julian, Terenty, Arseny, Vasily, Galaktion, Tikhon, Artem, German, Svyatoslav, Yakov, Ivan, Anton, David, Peter, Denis, George, Samson, Sergey, Sofron, Demyan, Nikodim, Kuzma, Anatoly, Konstantin, Philip, Efim, Andrey, Athanasius, Procopius, Fedor, Pankrat, Kirill, Mikhail, Stefan, Vladimir, Pavel, Emelyan.

    Fashion names

    If parents follow fashionable names, then recently the most popular are male names: Alexander, Yaroslav, Dmitry, Maxim, Timofey, Daniel, Mikhail, Andrey, Denis, Ivan, Artem, Oles, Matvey.

    Quite often, modern parents, in anticipation of a boy, begin to sort out a lot of names, not knowing which of the listed ones is best to stop at. Choosing a name is indeed not an easy task. After all, as you know, the name itself largely determines the fate of a person.

    Naturally, every parent begins to choose a name for the baby at an early stage of pregnancy. As a rule, several names are chosen, of which later the parents stop at the one they like the most. At first, when the period is still small and the parents probably do not know what gender the baby will be born. Among the options, both female and male names are considered. Later, when ultrasound diagnostics is able to clearly determine the sex of the baby, the list of names is halved, and either female or male names remain in it.

    Those parents who are expecting a son in July are advised to pay attention to such names as Artem, Ivan, Yuri. Peter, Sergey, Vasily, Valentin, Maxim, Roman, German, Svyatoslav
    . Among the old names, it is preferable to stop at the names Demyan, Nicodemus, Demid or Sofron

    As a rule, the choice of a name is made not only based on the preference of the family and the advice of close relatives. But also focusing on the zodiac sign under which the baby should be born. According to the astrological calendar, July babies are born either under the constellation of Cancer or under the constellation of Leo.

    According to the horoscope, if the child is born before July 22
    , then it will be a quiet and calm cancer
    , and after 22, he will grow up as a purposeful, self-confident, powerful, proud and rather stubborn person.

    According to astrologers, the best names for cancer boys
    will be such names as Vyacheslav, Denis, Ilya, Andrey.

    By alexxlab

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