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Free Printable Multiplication Times Tables

x 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
3 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36
4 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48
5 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60
6 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72
7 7 14 21 28 35 42 49 56 63 70 77 84
8 8 16 24 32 40 48 56 64 72 80 88 96
9 9 18 27 36 45 54 63 72 81 90 99 108
10 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120
11 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 110 121 132
12 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108 120 132 144

As you move your mouse cursor over the table above, the column and row of your selected number will be highlighted and our multiplication table will give the answer of the two numbers multiplied together in the blue box.

The above multiplication table is the default 12 times table, but you can also view different sized ones below, ranging from a 3 x 3 multiplication table right up to a 32 x 32.

In the sidebar to the right, you can also find a complete list of times tables from 1 times table through to 50 times table. Each of those has printable worksheets to help students practice their times tables.

3 x 3 Multiplication Table

4 x 4 Multiplication Table

5 x 5 Multiplication Table

6 x 6 Multiplication Table

7 x 7 Multiplication Table

8 x 8 Multiplication Table

9 x 9 Multiplication Table

10 x 10 Multiplication Table

11 x 11 Multiplication Table

12 x 12 Multiplication Table

13 x 13 Multiplication Table

14 x 14 Multiplication Table

15 x 15 Multiplication Table

16 x 16 Multiplication Table

17 x 17 Multiplication Table

18 x 18 Multiplication Table

19 x 19 Multiplication Table

20 x 20 Multiplication Table

21 x 21 Multiplication Table

22 x 22 Multiplication Table

23 x 23 Multiplication Table

24 x 24 Multiplication Table

25 x 25 Multiplication Table

26 x 26 Multiplication Table

27 x 27 Multiplication Table

28 x 28 Multiplication Table

29 x 29 Multiplication Table

30 x 30 Multiplication Table

31 x 31 Multiplication Table

32 x 32 Multiplication Table

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Free Printable Math Puzzles — Mashup Math

Are you looking for some fun and engaging activities to help your kids practice and understand multiplication?

I started using multiplication table puzzles with my students every week last school year, and the results were pretty awesome, especially when it came to improving their ability to multiply and divide values without relying on memorization.

And if you’re a fan of Stanford’s Jo Boaler, then you know that she is a huge proponent of using visual math activities (like multiplication table puzzles) to improve student performance.

The following puzzles challenge students to use their math and reasoning skills to find the value of different symbols contained within a multiplication table.

They work like a bingo-table where the icon in each box represents the product of its corresponding column and row.

So go ahead and share the puzzles with your kiddos this week! They make for a great warm-up or cool-down activity for sparking mathematical discussion and creative problem-solving!

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Keep reading to access the answer key and to download your free Multiplication Table Worksheet!

1.) Candy Time!

*Keep reading to get the answer key.

2.) Sandwich Day!

*Keep reading to get the answer key.

3.) Peanut Butter Time!

*Keep reading to get the answer key.

These puzzles are samples from my best-selling workbook 101 Math Challenges for Engaging Your Students in Grades 3-8.

The book is available as a PDF download and you can also get a hard copy on Amazon (Free Amazon Prime Shipping Included; pages are in black-and-white).

And here are the solutions to today’s multiplication table puzzles:

Candy Puzzle:

Sandwich Day Puzzle:

Peanut Butter Puzzle:

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Multiplication Table Games — play online for free
basis of basic arithmetic.

They are easy to learn to count, multiply, subtract and add. By
in fact, these are math simulators adapted for computers and smartphones. The longer
play, the more numbers and examples you can learn.

  • Multiplication table

    Mathematics textbook in Russian, which will help children learn a table or check knowledge. Learn, solve, get grades.

  • Multiplication table simulator

    An effective mathematical aid for the rapid development of the table. The simulator is in Russian, suitable for all ages and has tips.

  • Learn the multiplication table online simulator

    A children’s simulator with a colorful interface in Russian will help children learn the multiplication table for 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 while playing,10.

  • Learning the multiplication table by playing

    Go to the ski resort to drive on the snowy slopes on a snowboard. To show the class of riding, click examples like seeds.

  • Learn the multiplication table

    Adventure walker invites you to comprehend mathematics in a playful way. Help the boy get back the Halloween candies stolen by the monsters.

  • Multiplication table for 2

    Do you want to turn the study of the table into interesting entertainment? Then the wise old whale invites you to his underwater kingdom.

  • 3 times table

    Study guide in Russian to learn and repeat formulas. Play with hints and memorize or practice math knowledge.

  • 4 times table

    Who said that it is impossible to learn the Pythagorean table without tedious cramming? Go explore the underwater depths as a diver in this simulator.

  • 5 times table

    A fun mix of math simulator and cafe simulator. Prove yourself as a nimble bartender: quickly solve examples and serve customers.

  • 6 multiplication table

    If you are a fan of driving and want to learn the table while playing, then try to break the speed records in the race by solving math problems.

  • Multiplication table for 7

    Help Harry Potter win a magical math battle against 4 magicians to get the title of Lord Voldemat.

  • 8 multiplication table

    Do you want to study the table in a fun way? Then hurry up to get to the medieval archery tournament! Solve examples and shoot accurately at targets.

  • 9 multiplication table

    Fish, seahorse and turtle arrange underwater races. Show off your knowledge of multiplication to get your racer up to speed.

  • Studying the multiplication table

    Mathematical trainer in html5 format for playing on mobile devices. Solve addition and multiplication problems to practice your math.

  • Children’s multiplication table

    Immerse yourself in a mathematical adventure full of adventures. Multiply correctly so that the leprechaun collects the treasure stolen by the dragon.

  • Pythagorean multiplication table

    An educational game that will turn learning multiplication into an interesting fun. Correctly disassemble the digital puzzle using the knowledge of the table.

  • Multiplication table test

    Do you want to check how well you learned the multiplication table? Then pass online testing in this game. Try to score as many points as possible.

  • Multiplication table coloring book

    Collection of interesting mathematical colorings. Spend time with your favorite hobby and train your knowledge at the same time.

  • Girls multiplication table

    Forget about boring table rote! Enjoy fashion transformations in dress up, and at the same time practice multiplication.

  • Multiplication table for boys

    Knowing the table is very important in life, and for Ben 10 it will help save the planet from monsters. Solve examples — and the superhero will be able to defeat the villains.

  • Times table: racing multiplayer

    Launch a multiplayer game and take part in international races. Solve examples correctly to reach the finish line first.

  • Multiplication table: animal puzzles

    Fascinating collection of mathematical puzzles. Solve multiplication examples to complete the puzzle and see the picture with the animal.

  • Multiplication table: penguin competition

    Have an ice jumping competition in multiplayer mode, with friends online, against PC. Solve tasks and win.

  • Snake with multiplication table

    An entertaining simulator for studying the table from 2 to 12 in a playful way. Collect balls with the numbers obtained in the solution to make the snake grow.

  • Winter coloring with multiplication table

    A collection of coloring pages depicting winter fun. Use your knowledge of multiplication to unlock colors.

  • Multiplication table: jungle fishing

    Exciting mathematical fishing. Solve the examples correctly so that the primitive man catches a lot of fish.

  • Multiplication table: jungle adventure

    Help the savage to pass the darts, fishing, drumming exams to get the mask of his tribe. Learn math and play.

  • Multiplication table: mosaic

    An extensive collection of mathematical puzzles with multiplication examples. Repeat the table for one or more numbers while playing.

  • Multiplication table: cheese hunt

    An interesting simulator in which you will help the mouse hunt for cheese by solving math problems with different numbers.

  • Multiplication table: skateboard racing

    Breathtaking extreme and math simulator in one arcade game. Show off your knowledge of the table so that the skateboarder does not get killed in the race.

  • Multiplication table: crazy math

    Are you sure that you can brilliantly count in your head and know the multiplication table well? Then try to endure this fast-paced mathematical marathon.

  • Dress up with multiplication table

    The princess’s wardrobe is bewitched and now, without knowledge of the multiplication table, the girl cannot dress up for the ball. Solve examples and disenchant things.

  • Multiplication table: dash

    An entertaining intellectual shooting range invites you to distinguish yourself not only by attentiveness, but also by knowledge of mathematics in order to knock out the target.

  • Multiplication table: soap bubbles

    Go to the flower meadow to catch flying figures in soap bubbles instead of butterflies. Practice your table knowledge by playing.

  • Multiplication puzzle for children

    Collection of developing mathematical puzzles. Solve multiplication problems and add colorful pictures by particles.

  • Spring puzzles with multiplication table

    Funny little animals invite you to play puzzles together. Show how well you know the table to complete all the puzzle pictures.

  • Multiplication Table Puzzle: Easter

    A colorful collection of puzzles with little animals celebrating Easter. Choose a number to multiply and complete puzzles by solving examples.

  • Mosaics with multiplication table

    Many colorful pictures are hidden behind the examples of this mosaic, which are just waiting for the craftsmen who will be able to assemble them using the knowledge of multiplication.

  • Multiplication table: solve puzzles

    An exciting collection of intelligent puzzles for puzzle lovers who want to learn the Pythagorean table while playing.

  • Packman with multiplication table

    An exciting combination of Pac-Man and a math simulator for anyone who wants to make learning a spreadsheet fun.

  • To quickly learn the multiplication table

    An effective mathematical simulator in Russian, with the help of a teaching method which children can easily master the table.

  • The multiplication table, also known as the Pythagorean table, appeared 4000 years ago. And now the fifth
    For a millennium in a row, children all over the world remember it in the same way — they learn it by heart.
    Only in a serrated form to the point of automatism does this material make sense.

    And here the kids are in for a challenge. Who studied at school, remembers well how to cram —
    boring job. How from the first seconds you start to want to sleep, it’s hard to concentrate, everything is around
    infuriates, and you hate others (especially the math teacher).

    Parents (most of them learn the multiplication table in elementary grades under the supervision of their parents)
    seeing that the child is distracted, they begin to get angry, the children in response are capricious and break this
    vicious circle is not easy. Multiplication Table online games will do it for you.
    Numerous studies have shown that playful learning is the most effective way to
    learn new material. Moreover, not only for children, but also for adults. For kids, whose brain is not able to focus on something longer than 30-40 minutes, they are just a godsend. funny
    plots, characters, bright graphics — no chance to get bored.

    Although, in fact, online games about the multiplication table are the same cramming, but given in
    the only digestible form.

    We recommend starting with toys dedicated to multiplying one or two numbers. The simplest
    examples with twos and threes. They, if suddenly the child does not know the answer, can quickly solve in the mind. The memorization process consists of two stages:

    During cramming, it is important not to let the baby get bored. Do not repeat examples more than 5-10
    minutes. It is enough to disassemble the tablet once, say, multiplication by 3, repeat it once or twice, and
    quickly move on to games. And then adults helping the child with arithmetic are waiting
    amazing phenomenon.

    For some reason, when the answer to 3*2 is demanded by a mother or a teacher at school, one does not want to decide anything. And when a cartoon bunny went to the same cartoon store three times and each time bought two carrots there, it was impossible to resist helping him count them. Miracles, right?

    Top 10 apps for learning multiplication tables

    As I tell my son, learn the multiplication table You only need to do this once in your life and you will remember them forever. Many parents choose YouTube to have their kids learn the multiplication table with songs — a much more fun way than on paper.

    In the Play Store we can find apps of all kinds, up to apps for learning multiplication tables. With these apps, kids can explore tables in a different and equally fun way, as these apps try to make learning fun.

    Article Subject:

    Best Math Apps for Android

    Here we will show you the top 10 apps to learn multiplication tables, apps that are free to download but Some integrate in-app purchases to remove ads and/or offer access to all the options it offers.

    If we take into account that children are distracted by something when appropriate and our economy allows it, it is preferable to choose an application that allows us to remove ads or not to include it directly.

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    • 1 Multiplication table game
    • 2 Multiply by Max.
    • 3 Multiplication Tables — Free Games
    • 4 IQ Multiplication Table
    • 5 Multiplication Tables
    • 6 Taabuu Multiplication Table
    • 7 100 Math Tables
    • 8 Tables Elementary School Multiplications
    • 9 Multiplication Tables — Free Game
    • 10 Multiplication Table

    Multiplication Table Game

    0314 explanatory animations on how to perform some types of multiplication . The multiplication table game puts us in the shoes of Kelly, who has the kids help collect pictures of creatures for the space museum while they practice multiplication tables from 1 to 12.

    This game has 76 unique game levels grouped into 11 different episodes. . The learning process is based on the technique of memorization and repetition of intervals. In addition, it includes an algorithm that adapts to each child and personalizes tasks according to their learning level.

    As the little ones progress in learning the tables, they will Unlock 30 pieces of clothing and accessories to personalize Kelly. , the protagonist of the application with which kids will learn the multiplication table.

    This app does not include ads, but to get the most out of it, you need to use an in-app purchase that includes a purchase that costs 5.49 euros.

    Spielerisches einmaleins (1×1)

    Speed ​​Mind LLC

    It’s free

    Multiply by Max.

    Other applications for which personally Recommend to pay For the little ones to learn the multiplication table while playing, is Multiply by Max.

    Multiply by Max allows the smallest in the house to explore tables quickly, fun and intuitive , with a striking user interface in which, thanks to Max, we must not only explore tables but also view them in a very interesting way.

    In addition, it also allows to learn and view multiplication with 1, 2 and up to 3 digits , so it is a versatile app to help you learn multiplication tables while learning multiplication.

    This application shows us different ways of teaching kids and repetition of multiplication. 5-minute games :

    • Max and eggs
    • Max and Bubbles
    • Max and Powers: solve powers
    • Max in Space: Mind Multiplication Math
    • Max and scrambled eggs

    Application It is available in Spanish and English. Unlike other applications, we can easily change the language to also view the English vocabulary.

    As I said above, this application is available for your to download completely free of charge with ads. In order to remove ads and access all the options offered by the game, we have to go to the checkout and buy features at 4.49 euros each.

    Multiplier with max.


    It’s free

    Times Tables — Free Games

    Times Tables for Kids is the perfect app for to motivate kids to learn tables in a very fun way as it combines auditory, verbal and kinetic learning methods to promote the acquisition of long term memory.

    App offers 5 learning modes

    • Modo Juego . The little ones accompany him on his balloon ride, learning the tables from 1 to 12.
    • Education mode . This mode is designed to get kids to drop their elbows and learn the boards.
    • Competition Mode . The mode is designed to stimulate competition with the kids so that they perform operations before the set time.
    • Learn mode . Designed for the little ones to choose the boards that need improvement the most.
    • Two player mode . Ideal to compete directly with our children’s friends.

    Tablet compatible app available for your download totally free , includes ads and with in-app purchases we can remove ads and access all content in the app.

    Einmaleins Spiel: Mate Lernin

    Multiplayer games with friends by Mobilaxy

    It’s free

    IQ Multiplication Table

    IQ Multiplication Table is another application based on algorithms that adapt to the abilities of each child , just like the first option I showed you in this collection. Thanks to this algorithm, the application gradually adapts to the progress of the child, paying special attention to where he most often makes mistakes.

    Learning progress is displayed as an asterisk so parents can check your child’s progress how you use the app. The app manages learning through a series of lessons, lessons that a parent must always choose to reinforce learning.

    The application adapts to the interface of tablets, so if we have any of these devices at home, we can use it to teach our child, even if it is old, since the minimum version required by the application is Android 4.3.

    Das Einmaleins IQ


    It’s free

    Multiplication Tables

    If our child has difficulty concentrating, it is likely that with this application it will be much easier for him to start learning multiplication tables and thus reinforce the knowledge gained in school.

    The application is divided into 3 sections: Play now, exams and tables . Each of these three sections is focused on learning while playing, testing what you’ve learned, and displaying the tables as they are, with no frills.

    The «Exams» section where we can check our child’s level is divided into Easy, Medium and Hard. This application includes tables and questions from tables 1 to 10. It is completely free to download and contains ads.

    Einmaleyns — Mathematics


    It’s free

    Taabuu Multiplication Table

    Taabuu not only teaches the multiplication table, but also they will look at addition, subtraction and division of . Offering a simple and unattractive interface, the app is ideal for children who are distracted by something.

    This application is more focused on speeding up mental calculations, not only with multiplication, but also with the rest of the basic arithmetic operations. Taabuu is available for your download completely free of and does not contain any ads or in-app purchases that unlock new features.

    Stable math multiplication


    It’s free

    100 math tables

    As the name of the application describes well, with it we have at our disposal multiplication tables from 1 to 100 . In addition, it offers us various tests so that little ones can demonstrate their knowledge of the tables that they have learned both at school and at home.

    100 math tables available for your download totally free And it doesn’t include any in-app purchases, so if you’re looking for a simple app for little ones to learn tables, this might be a free option.

    Multiply by 100

    Puzzle for children

    It’s free

    Primary School Times Tables

    0315 so that you always know which tables they should spend more time on.

    The multiplication table offers us 4 game modes : ordered, random, jumbled in 120 seconds or with 10 jumbled questions. The number of answer options for each of the questions is 4, so the probability is not taken into account. We also have the option to write a response.

    This app has statistics section to see what we need to pay more attention to. The application is translated into Spanish, it offers us tables from 1 to 10, it includes ads that we can eliminate using the in-app purchase that it includes and this is an option to consider so as not to distract the little ones with ads.

    Multiple Development Kinder

    Cool future

    It’s free

    Multiplication Tables — Free Game

    Another ad free app which unfortunately we can’t rule out is multiplication tables. This application allows the little ones in the house to gradually learn tables from 1 to 10 thanks to the various exercises they offer:

    • Quiz Mode . This mode allows us to respond at a set time and we have a limited number of lives.
    • Relaxed mode . There is no time limit for answering questions.
    • Learn mode . There are no restrictions on time and lives.

    The idea behind this app, in addition to making kids learn the multiplication table, is that each time spend less time answering to check how they are progressing in their learning.

    By alexxlab

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